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Goat Simulator GoatZ

Goat Simulator GoatZ for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Coffee Stain Publishing located at Lögegatan 11, 54130 Skövde, Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a nice game I love all the skin's it's kid approit and very hard when you play survival mode I highly recommend this game thx for making this game
It's a really fun game and I came back to the mobile version for nostalgia since I bought all 4 goat simulators. Years ago. Also to all the people saying it won't load, it's because you are using an Amazon device or you have an OUTDATED device. Stop blaming the developers.
It would be good if it would let me play. It keeps saying "connecting to play games..." and it keeps stopping me. I reinstalled, restarted my device, and forced stopped it. Please fix it! I really want to enjoy this game! I will keep it installed for now so if you fix it I will immediately play it
When I bought the game I thought it's was going to be fun like it was years ago but instead it was boring and I couldn't refund it so my money was taken away
It's a really good game and it's my favorite game I have ever played and it's really funny I have 3 more goats to get and I play it every day after school
This is one of the hardest of the series not only because you can die but because of the controls eating to keep health is super hard.
I like all of goat simulator games! I have install the goat simulator waste of space and its so cool! I like this game more than all mobile games!
Well if its stuck at 0% for 20 mins it just means that u have bad wifi not that the game is bad. Since i like GS games i give it 5 stars. GS stands for Goat Simulator.
This game is super fun. I'll let you get different goats spider go and no one has a hard time loading, but it's worth the money. Don't listen to the other negative thoughts. Think about the positive thoughts. Usually don't be angry won't load. You just got to wait a while
Waste of money. I paid for it and I can't even play. It wont load. This is by far the worst experience for a game I've had. Not only did I have to delete things to download it. Now that it's downloaded it wont even start. Straight up want my money back.
Very fun game I got a refund from it since it isn't my favourite but I am going to try the space one out see if I like that one!!! Very nice game
I couldn't get into the game at first but the developers fixed it I think. This is the funnest mobile game I have ever played. Thank you for making this wonderful game!
This game makes me want to play hours on end because of its unrealistic physics and the fun it puts on my face but the game runs slow and crashes whilst doing hard challenges, but despite that I would recommend this game to a close friend of mine.
It took me 3 hours to download this I to stand in a corner outside Wells really cold and then when it was downloading it stopped and there was an extra file that it download and that took about an extra hour so when's it downloaded it it didn't show up on my app selection and I wasn't even able to get a refund I know how to hack but I don't know how to remove the game if I did I would hack it and remove it worst game in the galaxy I wasted a good time my life.🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😵
OMG best game ever lol and there so many things to do but the only thing Im going to say is that it takes a while to download but that's just because it's quite a big game with lots of stuff and the download time dosent affect the
I bought this game and whenever I start it and it goes into the game, it just loads and I cant do anything, this was a WASTE OF MONEY!!!!
Game won't load. Tried all the usual (delete cache, data, reinstall). Same issue with Goatz MMO. Total waste.
This game is so good!I love goat simulator and have the whole collection!I hope another one comes out soon!I'm rating this spesific one because there is something that needs improvement.THESE ZOMBIES ARE NOT ATTACKING THE HUMANS AT ALL!!!This is quite strange,as zombies are supposed to be hungry for human flesh,not goat flesh!Why do they attack humans on the ps4,but not on handheld?
I like the mode where you be zombie goat can you can infect people but the thing where you hit Windows me in the window shop and you get blue screen and that scream it horrified me so much I would never do that but I haven't did that yet but I have played the game.😄
Funny game but have also dark secret in it but still it's the funniest and fun game also there are dark secrets in M. O and the free goat simulator
I still can't get on to the game. I bought it and couldn't get on to the game cuz everytime I loaded it it said it kept loading and would go from a black screen to a game screen and so on.
I love this game so much, so many charecters and weapons.but can you add some more craftable weapons and make it so you can use the goats you have in goat sim
I enjoy the game especially that i bought it for 1$ i did get bored at times but i always found new things to try out or find i give this game a 10/10
okay the first other few goat simulators where okay but goat Z was bad not saying it's trash but a lot of ads and so many hard side mission that don't make sense 3 stars could do better
Everyone who is saying their games won't load this has never happened to me so it something to do with their devices not the game. In my opinion this is way to much game for the price not complaining I have played every single boat simulator they are all amazing and fun there's so much to do so you never get bored I would give it 10 stars!
Sooo good the music so good no ads and the 2 beat parts are 1 no ads and th er es no glitches and 2 its ONLY 5 DOLLARS WOW FOR A GAME LIKE TIS WOW
i like how you have to collect stuff to make weapons and also there are supply crates and different unlockable characters
SOOOOOOO FUN i like the mall that's cool and the big big big dinosaur that's in the water don't know waht it is but cool you should really like make a zombie part 2. like this is cool and I got it from my Google play thing I'm lukey that I got the Google play store dollar gift card so I got this game cuz it's fun I love it even more. other goat simulator I like it just keep doing it and have a nice day all of you who's reading this yeah please make a respond that's what I want you to do⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Paid for it. Had to delete all my games to use the app. I was only left with 2 games. Then, I install it, comes up saying i can't get it and try again later and i do try later and it does not work at all. Waste of money.
Really funny and entertaining game a great way to spend time however I've noticed a little lag on my device in particular its not often but it's there.
Won't let me play, it just keeps pretending to connect to Google Play Games. It won't even work when I turn my wifi off.
This was a good goat simulator! Just one thing, my friend has it on PC and it has WAYYYY more stuff! Other than that, highly recommended and worth the money! :-)
Its a really good game but it did not load for me i really want to play the app but it dose not let me i wish it had more npcs either then the person crying for a goat i have all the goats expext 1 the sky goat its good for roplaying but i wish yoy could invite your friends to goat z that would be cool if they made a 2021app of this i want new goats bye have a nice day
My funniest game ever played it since I was 6 and amazing better than the first. You can die from zombies and starvation and you can do tutorials and classic where you are zombie goat and make people zombies
It's good I like the zombies the only bad thing that it took me a day to download this but it's really really good and fun to play c:
I love this game! It is a great time killer and to me it could be a little better, but it is a wonderful game!
It just keeps saying connecting to Google play and then shows me a loading screen and sience It keeps saying that i cant play I'll rate it 2 stars because i haven't played it but please fix it.
really fun! i love how quirky and funny this game is and i love the references! if you're a fan of nonsensical humor than you're gonna love this!
Heads Up! Uninstall google play games to play this! Its googles fault not the games! You can clearly see it working in the background,so dont hate this its amazing! Remember Though: DELETE GOOGLE PLAY GAMES AND DENY EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!
I think it is a pretty good game but the fact that it takes foreber to download is annoying all the easter eggs are pretty cool thats all i gotta say
This game was really fun and really hard but what's the point of being a zombie if you cant infect people there is not alot of people please add more npcs
I only have one problem with this game is that it always when I go into change goat it goes back to normal goat not zombie goat!! Please fix it its so annoying!😠😠😠