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Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Coffee Stain Publishing located at LΓΆgegatan 11, 54130 SkΓΆvde, Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Soooooooooooooooooo funny and fun a goat destroying a town never gets old love it Personally i like ripped goat because headbutting people to space is soooooooooooooooooo funny but I also like anti gravity goat hex goat jetpack goat spider goat and robot goat thanks for making this great game i definitely recommend it soooooooooooooooooo fun and funny
I got this game in 2015 it was super fun and i also got Wast Of Space an other game made by the same people as this game but now their is a gray screen that says content downloader. So if you can fix this it would be the best thank you.
Fun little game but never got too into is, the controls are fine and the graphics I won't even touch since it's SUPPOSED to look like that (and hits the mark extremely well), this is a little bit of a biased review because I just can't get into these "meme games" but if you want something to play on the toilet or at a family gathering to show cousins or nephew/neice it might be fun lil game. Use a controller for a more enjoyable experience tho.
It's worth owning just to show others, and watch them laugh. Nice amusing sandbox style comical game, with plenty of amusing moments, secrets, and unlockables. Has good touchscreen controls too for phone users like myself. (Though, I kinda prefer a stable always-screen control pad like Minecraft and the Sonic games have. As opposed to the slide anywhere option, so more custom controls would be nice.) Being a goat is great.
OMG! This is the BEST GAME EVER! I've always wanted to be a goat. Also, I found this Really, REALLY crazy glitch, and it make you fly and your limbs flap all over the place. Overall this game is πŸ˜†πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜–πŸ₯΄πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ΌπŸ‘πŸπŸ¦—πŸŽ‰! (Why is it so fun to brake the game?)
One word to describe this game: chaos, you can explode cars, headbutt people of cliffs and skyscrapers, become a devil and a Boulder, definitely should buy if you want to have a month or so of pure chaos, sure ya run out of stuff to do fast, but, you can still mess around, not sure for the dlcs, because I haven't gotten them, still a amazing game that you should play 8f you have a spare 6 dollars or something!
Hey I love your Games. But can you please fix the lagging bugs because I don't like that I want to have a clean game play. Please get back to me soon. Same with Goat Simulator Payday and please fix. Edit I learned that it also supports Bluetooth controller
This Is a great game,but It Is not as simple and good as goat simulator on Xbox, other then that it's a great game warning If You Hate How You move And How It Looks! Then Don't Play okay.
Excellent port with some exclusive content! Would be perfect if the controls were customizable... It seems weird to be locked in to the default scheme.
Well in my opinion this game is the best it's just funny like how you hit one person and all the other people get away it's just so good and also if you go on the music goat I don't know how to pronounce it's not called that but like you can just hit a person they just spread a little bit and not like be like ahhhh they just continue dancing and it's all the best sometimes it crashes but that's when I play it long enough and that tells me time to play a different game so like time like it helps.
Really fun game, but it crashes for me occasionally. The last time it crashed was randomly, when I was trying to complete a quest. Normally I wouldn't mind this, but when I got back in, all the quests I had already done, I needed to do again. But besides that, it's a really funny game and I definitely recommend this if your bored or if you need a good laugh.
I really love this game because it's super funny, and you unlock new goats by completing simple tasks. I let my friends play this game because they also think this is hilarious! Great job on making the game, it's awesome!
I have a dlc idea so the idea is jurassic age So like a trigoat (triceratops) long neck goat (maybe a brachiosaurus or apatosaurus) sickle goat ( a velociraptor) armored goat ( stegosaurus or ankylosaurus maybe both?) Then a flying goat (a Quetzalcoatlus or pteranodon) woolly goat (mammoth) a saber tooth goat (a smilodon aka saber tooth tiger) sail backed goat ( spinosaurus) ive had this idea for a long time and you could make alot of money. People love dinosaurs Y'know? Please and thank you.
I literally have all goat simulators except goatZ (the zombie one) and all of them are really good but the payday map needs to be bigger! Other than that it's amazing.
Can you guys update the game more? All 5 games are really nice, and has the potential to become really fun addictive if you add more content. More maps with more easter eggs, common, rare, and legendary goats to unlock or buy, etc. Just and idea.
It is so emotional it brings a tear to my eye when I see it and has AMAZING graphics and has no glitches and it has a little something for everyone!
I only gave it a 4/5 cause its harder to get the goats and trophies and when I try and cheat on yt to get stuff on here the graphics look better try and fix this and add more goats to the game I see lots of people on yt wearing goats what I can't unlock and what aren't in the game fix it
This is awesome! Ive played it in like. 2019! Im glad to play my used to be fave game in 2020 now!😊
I played Goat Simulator before, but started again. It says "goat simulator content downloader" now. I can't get the game to work. The game was amazing but PLEASE fix this bug.
The only thing that can improve this game to the top if you make a game where you can be a person in outer space first one and others.
hi developors I love this game and can you make it so you can churn into a bird that can fly that would be great there is nothing wrong about it i love it thank you for making this game and can you make it so you can travel around the world thanks
It's pretty fun, it sometimes lags though. Also, about 2 days ago, it just stopped working. It's just a grey screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, but it did nothing. I just reinstalled it yesterday and it finally worked again
Please fix this glitch there a bug that freeze and dosn't let me play and get in.thank you for trying to fix it! :)
When I started playing this game it was absolutely fine the graphics were brilliant it was hilarious and had no lag!But now whenever I go on I just gives me a blank grey screen and I don't know what to do and I'm worried that if I delete it I'll have to actually correction my DAD will have to pay for it and I doubt he's going to do it a second time πŸ˜’πŸ˜©. So if u have any advice or anything I'll be rlly gratefull cause I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!😭😭😭😭😭. Or u could do an update on de game?Bye!
It's really fun! It's silly and just a game to take your mind off of things! My only problem is that it costs money! For this type of game, I don't think it should. That's the only reason I gave it 4 stars. If it was free, it would have a definite 5 stars. But, if you don't mind spending a little money I really suggest it!
A simple, fun, wacky yet very engaging game. You're a goat causing all types of mayhem! Some people have said the game is superficial: after 5 minutes, it's boring & repetitive. Not so! The game has tons of things to do & many things to explore. I played the game 5-6 days/week, for 20-30 minutes/day, and I was entertained & engaged for roughly 1.5 months. That's a great ROI on my $5 spent! After a month and a half, I had seen, explored, & completed everything; I had partaken of everything the game had to offer and consequently lost interest in the game. But it was well worth the $5. Going to a movie costs twice that, and if it's a good movie, you're entertained for only 2 hours. Goat Simulator is a better deal by far!
Fun game! My kids love it, I like the new missions they put in. I just wish they would make more games.
It's really fun the ragdolls. The ways to unlock new goats. (I just want want new maps and more stuff to do)
It's still funny and fun, but the mobile version took away the Easter eggs, but some are still there like the pentagram for example, but it's less scary like the graveyard. But when they added that new level it's the exact same quality.
This is a really fun game. The graphics are great and the choice of unlockable characters is big. Overall this is one of my favourite games
Pretty fun game overall, but only 2 complaints. First of all, I 100% extremly fast, at least within 10 or 15 hours (Admittidly, I did use Youtube for the last secret achievement, since I did get the goat related to that one already, and could not figure it out.), and wish that there was more content in this game. Also, the "More Goats" section is not present anymore, which is saddening. Other than that, the game is pretty fun, even if I'm just messing around with funny glitches.
Please fix this glitch there a bug that freeze and dosn't let me play and get in.thank you for trying to fix it! :) Also it dosn't let me download,:((
Still a really fun game to this day. I love how it embraces the bugs and doesn't try to correct them. That's the fun of this game. It's great. I put 4 stars because some features are missing from pc but that's a given. Phones are more limited than pcs and consoles great fun.
This game is very fun as a pass timer! I would reccomend you download this highly! It's great for long road trips and stuff :)
My grandson showed me this game on Christmas... I purchased it on New Years eve and my first sesh, was 10 hours! This is what I love about video games. Between this and Call Of Duty I can stay entertained, engaged, and focused! I haven't played anything but the original Goat Sim yet... Plenty too look forward to. One of my favorite video games of all time!
I think goat simulator is hilarious because it is a ragdoll game and the way you can just knock people over is funny.
Pretty fun game!totally worth it but I'll give it s four cuz the game doesn't have that mutch maps and they need to put them in.another thing that bugs me is people,they never walk around and always stay where they are.arpart from these this game is SICK!!!.the game is like GTA V but as a goat and the graphics..AWSOME and of you have money and you are looking for a fun and realistic game?this is the one for you cya
It's fun and funny to laugh at and alot of Easter eggs in each map and I wish there's a map when there's cavemen and more dinosaurs it would be fun if you can make more maps.
I play it. But Coffee stain studios, Please Remove the grey screen. It says it the "content downloader". It does not work. I do like it,just remove the issue. That's why I gave it a 4 star's
Awesome game but it takes so long ro downloud and its a little pricy but other than that its a good game!
Good, but the controls are, at best, poor. The game loves trying to turn when I do not want to turn, leading to a difficult to control game. Other than that, this game is absolute gold. Another issue is extreme battery consumption.
The game is fun but once you collect all the goats it kinda gets boring there is really nothing to so except o collect trophies and do mini quests the controls are good and the graphics are good to I'm weird
Awesome and so hilarious, there is nothing bad about this game, It makes no sense at all and goats are just crazy, i would rate this game 10 or 100 stars or something if I could
The graphics are bad, the controls are annoying, the mature content is censored, the maps lack polish, but it's still Goat Simulator. It's still wacky and humorous, it just needs more polish.
I like the game but when you finish the game it gets boring. When you finish the game I think it will be better if you can get more skins. But you have to do changes.
I get a very emotional effect from this game, this game changed my whole life. Ever since I found out about it I downloaded it and immediately had an internal connection. The way that the goat terrorizes other people and gets him/herself thrown across the map is extreme amazement to my eyes. I love it.
I used to play this a long time ago and now I'm coming back to embrace the full crack head vibe!! I loved playing this with my friends and it's a great laugh for every one 100% want to be a goat now
The developers are never working on this game ever again which means they won't fix bugs or glitches at all because that's the point of the game. Embrace the glitches.
I liked it alot. But I wish that on the roller coaster you should have a button to stay in it, not fly into the air into another universeπŸŒ•β­. And also... could you have people chase you if you are very annoying? And when you're the queen and when you call your servants, can you please not make them plop on you 🐦? But I do like the stretchy tongue. Ohhh..and also...can you make more animals and a farm too?
Its great but my phone says goat sim has to update and i come here and it says no updates needed! Fix it please!
I bought the game and had TONS of fun, but one day the "content downloader" popped up and I can play anymore. I loved the game but... Yeah😒
I rate 4 stars because there needs to be more goats and more cool goats and like 1 boss battle cause there's not much to fight but the beast and ninja turtles so there's not much to do so maybe you could fix that?
Honestly just disapointed. Got maybe a couple hours of fun between learning the game and completeling the objective lists. I dont know how this got such a cult following. I dont feel like i got my 1.50$ worth, i would of been upset paying 5 bucks for this.
It's funny amazing and fun! Can't stop playing btw love the evil goat! Good game (If you don't like weird things this ain't for you) but yeah I rate it 4 cause it has not updated on mobile for a long time.
Absolutely hilarious, works perfectly fine on my device, and unlike what some of the reviews say, does not crash- I find it a little overpriced, but not so much I wouldn't buy it xD
This game is fun but everytime I try to get the goat Queen in their building but turn sensitivity is so hard to get up there
It's kind of fun just it should have much more free levels that are much fun if you could do that that would be apologizing good luck on making some more games one more question does this game save my progress if I reinstall it
Great, funny game! One problem though, for some reason a big black square is on the left side of my screen when i play it. It moves the screen more to the right and gets on my nerves. It's happening in some of the other versions too.
I wish, We could have the old Goat simulator again. It doesnt seem so fun anymore how we cant put more than one goat, And we don't have our old goats anymore. If this nerver happened, I would give you five stars, I play on the Xbox1 That doesnt upgrade Goat simulator. We've been having goat simulator ever sence we got our Xbox1 (2018) And I wanted to tell you how i felt. I love the Xbox version but the mobile, Is hard to control. And you cant multiplayer like on the Xbox. Please edit this game!
USING ON A CHROMEBOOK: I loved how smooth it is and everything but when I press forward (W) the goat moves backwards and backward (S) is forward. Another issue I had was that I i could move the camera but could not change the direction of the goat, but that may just be user error. If you can inform me on what I was doing wrong or if you can inform me of fixes to these issues I would 100%, gladly buy the game again.
Constantly crashes Every time I try to switch goats my game crashes. Super annoyed. Also I finish the quests, close the game and when I return half the quests are unfinished again. Too many bugs and from the other reviews here it's obvious the developer has no interest in fixing any actual issues. Just raking in more money from those that didn't read the reviews
The first time i played this game i was very bored until they added different goats than the xbox cuz i have this game on my xbox but this game is really entertaining and causing mayhem really cool game. When i started getting more goat simulators i was really entertained my dad got me Payday, MMO, and Waste Of Space but not Goatz. Anyways really fun game add more goats and more maps.
Great game, but I dont understand why all of the goat games have a price. It's like an ordinary game and nothing really to special. So maybe cut on the price, but other than that, I do recommend!!
Best game ever never ever uninstall it! Its probably your favorite game hopefully you like it I do enjoy the games hope you like he made 5 games or something 6 or 4 maybe I can't wait until you believe that you like it alot!
It was a good game! It is a GREAT game to kill time! I dont really like the graphics. I think that u guys should add 1 or 2 more worlds for the free version. Good job! I think u guys should make more games! :)
The game works really well for me. The only problem is the goat constantly moves to the left after loading the game, it did not do this the first and second time I did this. I would love some help, please. Otherwise, the framerate and graphics are excellent.
I love the way how it went to money to free i give it all the stars please add better graphics so it looks better
At first I really loved it. It was very fun to play during these quarantine times. But then it started to glitch out really bad to the point I couldn't play it. So I uninstalled it and I requested a refund. Then it said something went wrong so I tried again then It wasn't there. And I know it wasnt my phone because I've done the same thing dozens of times before and I always get the refund back. 1 star rating.
Developer is unprofessional towards customer care. If you contact him for refund, he will not relpy you. As my younger brother (9 yrs old) bought this game without my permission and he was not understanding how to play, so he uninstalled it. So i contacted google on the next day of purchase for refund they said funds have transferred to developer. He will provide refund. So i contacted developer for refund, but no reply from him till this date (24-9-20). I want refund.
This is super fun! But i just want you to add a few stuff Can you add an achivement for unlocking all of the goats????? Also can you fix the Tornado goat and repulsive goat and evil goat??? They push you away when you ragdoll Also can you let us have 4-player and Mix Mutators Please? Also add mobile connections for 2-player 3-player 4-player also Please add a chat! And add More goats Please! I will be happy! ;) And i will change this review 5-Star also add POW To the egg goat Please!!!!! ;)
Well when I download the game it it's like the game crashes basically and I hope you all could fix that I love the game but a long time ago I deleted it but I am only giving it a one star because it's not working but if it was working I would give it a five star
VERY FUN it takes up all the boring time that I want to use and its sooooooo fun like buying it will change your life not really boring AT ALL I love this game and goats so this is the game for me its art style is amazing :) 10/10 recomend for me it's super fun.
PLEASE FIX!!! THE GAME DOESN'T WORK WITH THE NEW ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM! I loved this game and purchased all 5 of them, but I can't play them on my new phone... I'll change my rating when I can play the game on my phone...
I played 1 game, I restarted because the music was staying on from the music goat and my game crashed, no problem. Then when I try to go back my game crashes. I try all 3 areas, my game freezes. Please fix this because i cant play the game!
Okay, There was one time where I got hit by a car and it was just glitching everywhere and it made me go outside of the barriers. And it was so funny as well. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Omg I have been playing this game for years. It's so amazing and I love it. The graphics and intentional glitches are anazing.
The game is very fun but one request to make it five stars would be to allow friends. I really want to play with my cousin/bestie but we can't play together because it's off-line!
Can you guys please add the online mode so the players can create a server to play with freinds to have more fun! And can we be able to costumise the lay out of the HUD and the graphics PLEASE!!! It would be way fun, and I will rate this game a five star game, if you add those things pretty please!!!!!?
It's kind of fun just it should have much more free levels that are much fun if you could do that that would be apologizing good luck on making some more games
I love this game but when you go to the sewer and when you get out you are glichy can you plz fix its PLZZZZZZZ
I give this a 10/10 for pc. But on phone, it said " this app needs permission from storage to run." I accepted the permission, and still, it said "this app needs permission from storage to run." I checked, it said it was accepted. I am on android 10.
I love this game it has so many secrets and puzzles! It's the best love the game! Thank you creators. πŸ‘πŸ˜ πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜”
Little overpriced good game. I experience sometimes crashes and big amounts of lag. But otherwise it is quite fun.
I love this game but I glitched with the jetpack goat I wasn't able to respawn I flew out of the map and actually got into the sewer and got the achievement I actually just deleted and reinstalled the game because I wanted to work for that achievement!!
When I was a five-year-old I loved this game to death I just would play it for hours and then never get bored just jumping straight in front of a car as a goat it's weird but I love it and thank God Google has not thrown this in the trash yet like Netflix does with its great shows and movies 😊
Maybe not worth $5.34 but an enjoyable game, and the glitches are on purpose so its pretty funny. This game is life changing, let me tell you! My Quarintine 2020 self loves it. Oodles and oodles of fun.
Its a really good game. Theres always stuff to keep you occupied and so much to do and collect. I rate this 5 stars beacuse you can do almost anything. Good game.
Hey I love your Games. But can you please fix the lagging bugs because I don't like that I want to have a clean game play. Please get back to me soon. Same with Goat Simulator Payday and please fix
I love this game and I reviewed only to ask an question! I love goat sim I have goatz and goat simulater and I wanted to buy goat simulater mmo but it says payment unsuccessful still I searched but nothing helped so please tell what's going on?!
It's pretty fun, it sometimes lags though. Also, about 2 days ago, it just stopped working. It's just a grey screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled it, but it did nothing
Probably the only game in the world where you enjoy the glitches. No regrets purchasing. Controls are a little bit too sensitive though.
Its a good game butthe fact that you dont have all the goats right when you start playing i dont like but overall its a very good game no lag no bugs but i couldnt get on the zipline
When I try starting goat simulator it just gives me a gray screen with the words "Goat Simulator Content Downloader" and I can't play it anymore, the download would never seem to finish.
The game is too easy i found everything in 2 days and i got every other version and the same thing happend. I would like to refund because this game is not worth the money. Pls let me refund.