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Go Quest Online (Baduk/Weiqi)

Go Quest Online (Baduk/Weiqi) for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by nase. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Horror) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The app is great but unfortunately buggy! It happens on a regular basis, that i get disconnected and reconnected repeatedly during games and everytime i get reconnected it subtracts a significant amount of time from my counter, unavoidably leading to my "defeat through time". This is just plain ftustrating! Even in games where i'd have won them, my counter just reaches 0 and i lose...it's no fun like this! Also i got full mobile internet connection and full wifi connection - happens nonetheless!
Lightweight and does what it says. Great way to play 9x9 blitz for any skill level, has good teaching boys for beginners and at the top pro players duke it out
I would rate this as 4-5 stars except that there is a bug in the game where you can't see how much time is on your clock until after you make your move. I've lost several games on time or felt rushes because I didn't know how much time is left. Please fix.
There's a lot of bugs that are persistent and will cause you to lose games. The timer will just drop to zero.
Great app with loads of potential, an option to mute sounds would be much appreciated also a bit of information about how many points you win by or a view of terratory
One of the worst nightmare app by frequent ads with too big sound. Ads avoids to be stopped by button. Loud ads surprised me each time. Can't stealt sound mode. As a Goquest lover, painfully upset. How many people will let down this app by so agressive ads attack ?
Audio on ads is really annoying. Especially when your volume is very low or even off the ad comes on full volume. Serious flaw
its a good challenge, you'll have to learn how to win with the conditions provided. scoring methods can be nerve-wracking, but still a good learning tool under pressure
The problem with this is app is in the matchmaking. You can't even play 19x19 unless you first establish a rank of 1250 in 13x13 games. Only problem is: the matchmaking is horribly unbalanced and there is no handicap. If the system designates you to be around 28k, it will shamelessly pair you with a dan player and ask you to take white. And even if you manage to win, you get almost no points. The grind to even unlock 19x19 is just stupid. Don't bother unless you enjoy one-sided games.
Simply perfect. Very streamlined. Whenever you have a minute and are in need of concentration there it is :)
The simple design of this app is worth praising: UI, matchmaking and time settings. Overall GoQuest functions better than most go apps out there. In my opinion only 2nd to Pandanet for iOS. I would give 5/5 but the popup ads are too annoying for this app to be usable without an adblocker.
Its pretty good. Its easy to find a game, their ranking system is totally borkers. But still a nice good casual go app.
Good app. Easy 5 stars IF it had lobies, chat and proper tournaments. It needs developers that understand how to create a community..
Great app. Exactly what I was looking for to play games and get experience quickly. You never have to wait longer than a minute to jump into a new game.
Like the game , started playing after watching a YouTube video annd now seem to be addicted , just a few suggestions , enable an optional chat between players and add a variety of time controls like bullet(1+0 1+1 2+1) and stuff , make this app for go like lichess is for cheas
This is my favourite go app, however i have had a few minor qualms with this particular app. 1) On other similar apps you can drag the stones across the board with lines to help you aim where you put the stones, this system would help the app as i have lost games by putting the stone in the wrong place. 2) The bots are much easier than the human players, i almost always win over the bots of my particular difficulty settings but the human players tend to be much more difficult.
For playing, it's decent. For matchmaking, it's quite horrible. Overwhelmingly, the weaker player will take white against usually a significantly stronger player. Once you've naturally lost a few of these games, the algorithm gives you black... against a significantly weaker player. Eventually, you may have a proper pairing, but it's much less common than you'd expect, and that really takes away from the overall experience.
Please add option to get rid of ads, also i think insted of plus n seconds time short byo yomi would be better.
Simple and easy to use. Enough players and bots with different strategies for continuous play. I would personally like to have rematch button available after game. Im not sure that I understand how kyu can be so different among players with same rating?
When I first started I thought poorly of the app because the matchmaking has you play a wide range of opponent skill tiers to estimate your rank. This means you won't be properly ranked for about 40 or so matches. I find this is a great app for studying the game since you can watch high tankers on the watch page. That's mostly what i use the app for. The ranks work pretty well, but they rank you higher than a site like OGS would, it's off by 10 or so ranks.
Go ist simply a really nice game and the app is doing a fine job. The sound adjusting isnt anywhere to be found. The game satings are the most basic it gets. But its generally fine.
It's decent overall, i mean It's not that bad UI; i've seen worse, but pairing is bad, sometimes you only pairing with either bot or higher ranks player, It's disadvantages for a newbie and sometimes higher rank player will underestimated you because of your in-game ranks and makes silly moves, as for time increment its only supports for blitz (for slow pacing players good luck), so please supports other time increment and fix the pairing and make option for choosing your actual ranks. thanks
An option to turn sound off is needed, but apart from that it's a solid app. EDIT: Turns out you can turn off sound. You can't do it from settings menu for some odd reason, but you can after a played game in the review screen. Thanks for letting me know, dev :)
The game is great, works well and has enough players for good matches. would give 5 starts but the amount and intrusiveness of adds has been steadily going up. I wish i could pay 5 eur or so to just get rid of them.
I enjoy this app very much. I can customize the weiqi board and pieces to my preference, and the AI always beat me. 😁
Timer feels a little fast sometimes, and chinese scoring is a mystery to me but doesn't change outcomes. Otherwise totally awesome, so glad I found it!
Can be played by any level, from beginner to advances. Matchmaking is great, I didn't find any bugs. Enemy (bot or human) preference is available. Maybe you can link this not only to twitter, but also to Instagram as well. Might engage new players from there.
This was a good app once but when I was trying to play with my friend a bug appeared and it could hardly clear!!! This was annoying and finally after connection playing moves again was buggy. My goodness....
GoQuest is so fun! Just playing rapid-fire go. The ratings are not super sensical but it's ebough fun that I don't really mind 😀
Rediculous algorithm match up. The game won't let you play 19x19 until a certain rank. However, it matches some random algorithm. Constantly playing against opponents with 400-600 higher ranking, often without handicap or as white? Completely illogical program.
best online 9x9 client but has some bugs on Android. also no IAP available to disable the annoying ads
I like this game I dislike the snapping sound of the stones. I would turn that off and still keep the warnings.
Games and matchmaking are quick. Ads and some questionable menu graphics diminish the experience. I would pay for an ad free experience if that were an option.
i play it every day - and the format 9×9 suits me well - but soon i wll also play the 13×13 - and every other day one 19×19 pleasure ...i would like to know how the choice of opponents is generated
Can play a game any time with other players. Wait time for a match is very little. Really enjoy this app.
Very nice app for anonymous quick Go playing. Its biggest strength is for sure the large player pool. Could have some improvements on the UI and there could be an editor.