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Go Plane

Go Plane for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
it's a great game but when I die from crashing into enemy's it shows me if I want to continue and then when I dont on the second time I'm gonna play it asks me if I want to continue again until my third time it doesnt ask me anything. please fix this
Every game made by VOODOO is filled to the brim with adds, once you X one out, there is another just around the corner. Otherwise it is a cool game with interesting looking graphics. It will get 5 stars once the add situation changes, until then, my review stands
First is gameplay i give it 4 stars, second is crontrols, i like it wait no, i love it because its so easy to control, last is graphics , i really love it because its so good no bugs i dont even need to delete the game for a other one, it takes up a lot of space but i dont care, well thats it, this is a fun game to play i πŸ’–LOVEπŸ’– THIS GAME I GOT A GIRLFRIEND TO WIFE AFTER GOT THE GAME IT WAS FIVE YEARS AGO, THANK YOU, ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY I GOT A GIRLFRIEND TO WIFE, I LOVE YOU MAKE MOREπŸ˜€πŸ˜†β˜Ί
Its a pretty hard game, but when you start gettimg better its starts be a lot of fun because you start dogging missiles left and right and you start tense up because you don't want to get hit. so it a pretty good game i just hope they updated it more cuz it use some fixing
Great game used to play this game back when it first came out its pretty good just the adds r annoying but I understand y they r there and I would do the same if I put so much effort and hard work into a game so over all pretty gd game
Dont judge graphics it os the best game in low mb but it looks simple but it is the difgicult game the game has the new concept
Won't deny that the mechanics seem fun. However, the app constantly wants me to allow my data to be shared, during gameplay, with a big banner blocking 1/5 of the screen.
Fun, simple and addictive - all a mobile game needs to be. Has several modes to keep things interesting. Frequent ads.
This game is awesome ive never died of a missile they just keep on going and gets harder and harder but i survived but thanks voodoo for this game
It is very entertaining. I can tell u one trick. At the beginning wait until the missle hit you then you will have super charge, try it out!!!
i wish they would add stats to the plane to make it faster and it had more lvl the more waves u clear the crazyer it will get i really do hope they make a update like that or at least the stats this game is awsome oh and more power ups
There is just a little problem when playing challenges, when I press play it'll crash instantly, I guess it's a position randomness thing. Other than that, a well designed game !
Dodging missiles in a Spitfire is fun! The game is very fun. The amount of ads is ridiculously high though. After a game you get the option to tap to watch an ad, the thing is that you usually get an ad whether you tap or not. There are a lot of ads that kind of interrupt the game including the banner ad at the bottom. Good game, too many ads.
Great game overall, except the ads of course but it is good and quite easy to play, it is also addictive as I just play it all the time now.
Such a good concept but I just wish it wasn't made by Voodoo. As soon as I saw that it was made by voodoo I just knew that there was going to be very little effort very little updates and barrels full of ads. Honestly just an awful coincidence.
Good game but the missiles are to overpowered if we could like upgrade our planes to be faster it would be better overall great games with some ads
It's an amazing game, but the ads really screw up the experience. Like I get it, you want us to buy "no ads", but torturing is with a dozen ads doesn't motivate us to make that purchase.
The game is great. Developers, you have made a game that is simple, yet exciting. I always start panicking whenever I see a missile steadily approaching my plane. My heart even begins to pound in my chest. However, although this game is wonderful, there is always room for improvement. I think that if you added sound effects, such as the sound of the plane's engine and the sound of the missiles travelling though the air and exploding, the game would be even better. Thank you
This is another gem from Voodoo, but, because it's a Voodo game, it's infested with ads. if you can tolorate that, or if you play offline, then this game is extremely fun.
Having to watch an ad after EVERY time I die or between missions or games does NOT make me want to purchase it to get rid of the ads! It just pisses me off even more and I will just delete it!
Problems with the game is that certain ads are intrusive, the fact that the missiles that come in are wild cards you dont know where they come from and they just appear, like theres this super fast missile that you basically cant avoid. maybe an indicator when they are just outside of screen like a small red one. Everything else is fine its the supercharge mechanic if you get a missle to go off near you is amazing.
"Its Addictive" I love this game. It ceases to amaze me and is just soo time-consuming. I cant believe how fun this game is. I cant stop playin even if I tried!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This game is so awesome and addicting I like it when the fever happens and then you go fast and it sometimes scary for me
The gameplay is good but it crashes every 30 minutes or so. I would like to see if this is fixable but if not it's still a good game.
It's good, but too many adds. Also, on Android it cuts off the bottom of the screen so I can't see the requirements to unlock planes
The planes have the same speed so having a lot of planes is pointless fix that cuz there's some very fast rockets
Used to have this game a while ago, and had a lot of fun with it. Unlocked most planes and such. Only an ad every now and again, and I'd watch unskippable ads to keep my streak going, no harm. Downloaded again today - whole different story. They've added one new missile (not bad), but trashed the rest by turning this into an adpocolypse. Ads at the bottom always, ads after almost every regular run (yknow, every good run) and unskippable ads I didn't ask for. I'm fine with ads. This is too much.
The game is pretty fun, the ad issue is resolved by turning off your data. However sometimes when missiles are shot on screen there is no way to react to them. In a future update a small indicator showing where new missiles are going to be shot from could easily fix this problem.
The game is a chaotic mess, as soon as the game starts you have around 30 missiles coming at you which lags the game out so bad that it becomes impossible to play. The controls are simple yet sensitive which makes it difficult to dodge the incredibley fast missiles which come out of nowhere making meaning you have to have an insanely fast reatcion time. I would'nt reccommend.
Man this game is addicting. Dodging the misslies makes me feel like im in a movie and im the protaganist being attack by tye antaganist's goons. I probably just have an over active imagination but the games still much fun. I definitly recommend.
Sensitivity could be better. I think Score should be based off time instead of rockets destroyed. Would be more fun to beat a time record. And ads are ridiculous. Always can count on a VOODOO game to have too many ads tho.
It's an entertaining game up until Voodoo hits you with an ad every chance they can get. Simple controls, cool design very basic but difficult to master.
I think this game is great. However, I only give it four stars because there are no sound effects what's so ever in the game. As a gamer the sounds of a game help you focus better and makes the game more thrilling. PLEASE ADD SOUND!!
Wayyy too many ads, go ahead and download it if you like watching ads more than playing a stupid game, its a front for you to watch ads hiding behind a pointless game of keep a way
Missiles can enter the screen and kill you in a fraction of a second without any warning. If your reaction time is not better than average (like down in the 0.1 of-a-second range) this game is not for you
Great time killer. The ads can sometimes be annoying, but besides those it is really quite enjoyable.
Ads every single time you die is ridiculous. The game itself is fun but unless you pay to avoid the ads it's really really annoying. No joke after every hit I get an ad.
Would be an amazing game, just the inane amount of ads killed the whole experience. And it was made by voodoo, so my expectations weren't exactly very high.
Game is good and all and it's fun and I like it I was addicted for a while I still like it a bit and it's a good game but let's get to other stuff... so here's this you always get a good run at first after the fever and stuff but then it gets insanely ridiculously fast and you dont know what you're doing and there is so many ads it's crazy and the ways to get some of the planes are pretty tough I dont like the helicopter vehicle because you cant PLAY ANYTHING ElSE it is so annoying!
Garbage, it says it collects data with players consent but blocks you from playing the game until you 'consent', and if you exit the app after turning off data collection it punishes you after opening it again with three conditions that have to agree to to play, and it bombards you with a forced ad every time you lose.
This game was satisfying to me. I would suggest that you must put random button in the airplane,background and combo customization.
This is one of my most addicted games ever. I played it years ago and i downloaded it again. I havent really seen a lot of ads since i just off the wifi. Its really challenging and when you dodge the missiles it makes you feel good. Overall nice gameπŸ‘
1. too many ads. 2. it has a very similar concept with the game - Missiles! 3. bad control. Overall, bad experience.
TRASH! a lot of ads! And if you chose to continue end the game without ads, an unskippable ad will appear!!
Need work on the Advertisment placement, for instance when i click game over, an ad play even did not click continue. Other wise great game
It is a good gameπŸ‘. But the problem is there are too many ads it is making me annoyed. So if you fix this bug or whatever I will give it 5 STARS.
The game has potential to be great but there are some issues they should fix. The Controls are wack. Should Definitely add some background music. Really expected a lot more from a company like Vodoo.
It is a great fun game to play when you are board. but there is a glitch in the enamies challenge where if you hit a blimp than you die and the next game you die imedeatly.
This game is quite fun, I would rate 5 if it wasnt for the ads every 2 games. I do really enjoy playing this but the ads are quite annoying
This is a cool game but it would be more fun if you could have pets that's can protect you and really wish that there was a two-player that would be fun thanks for listening developer 😁.