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Go Game - BadukPop for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by CorePlane Inc. located at 650 Castro St Suite 120-436 Mountain View, CA 94041. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good app. But save your money. Find a go discord. Watch a go YouTube channel. Google for lessons. There is hundreds of ways to learn and play go without being charged monthly or yearly. If this app was 5 or 10 bucks for pro then sure. But there are cheaper and free options.
good way to practice fighting and reading. faster matchmaking than pandanet or tygem. fair system for puzzles without ads
Love the app and the game. I'm happy with what the free version offers. But it drains my battery. I have to force stop the app every time I'm finished playing else my battery only lasts a couple of hours, instead of the normal days. But then I miss notifications for when my opponent has played a move in games with 24hr per move. Edited my rating from 5 stars to 3 stars because it uses so much battery power.
Good go game. Wish there was a larger player base for faster match making. Player base skill level is high (imo but im not good). This would be really awesome for a new player because of the puzzles and little learning modules. The AIs are different, fun and can be challenging too. The menu interface isn't great. There are micro transactions but you can still play for free without any handicap.It all seems good and fair so far
You can make it a lot better by showing ehat the impact of every move you make will be and also the possibility to go back, playing with ai and losing again and again as a beginer throws me away, you tease people with puzzles and ask for money that has no purpose, chinese companies, no connection with the user,just his pocket
Solid app, great features and some interesting innovation on the usual Go game you will find nowhere else. Definitely say hi to "Bobby" if you download this.
very enjoyable. good introduction. wish the cost for premium was not so expensive, or that there was an option for a lower tier
love this game. sp informative. almost tempted to buy the paid version for the lessons. probably gona do it next month
Interesting and really helpful in the learning of the fundamentals of Go. The music needs changing! Big time. Feels I am playing Mario. You need sedate and interesting music, or if you must jazz it up, ragtime or zydeco, anything but Mario! Anyway, thanks and stay safe!
Misogynistic - why would you give each difficulty a persona?! I uninstalled when I had to choose to play against a 'child' or 'pretty girl' in easy mode, or a series of men for a harder challenge. Grow up.
Great app! Super smooth and I've been learning a lot with the lessons and puzzles. AI and match making are great! My only issue is the price to get access to some lessons and to analyze puzzles, it's way to high and there's no cheap option to get the content or support the developers. When I'm more invested in the game it will be worth it, but not right now.
Teaches you some basics but after that to learn more indepth you'll be hit with a upgrade to pro paywall to learn further. That i struggle with even the basics at the moment still it's not for me, try it for yourself though if interested in the game as overall it's not that bad and there's much worse go/baduk apps than this.
Great way to learn the game, it explains concepts with easy to follow lessons and problem sets. I docked it one star because it's pretty full of the standard microtransactions you'd usually see in a mobile game. I understand they have to pay both for the AI server and the tsumego library, but it would be nice to be able to pay for the tsumego 'pro' content (reviewing solutions to problems, maybe with a regular supply of 'keys') without paying for pro AI access (tickets, AIs unlocked).
a very thorough go app with a fair amount of free content. didn't got to check if it has the different go/baduk/weiqi rules' options but is worth max stars regardless.
i love this app. you have a good system for me who start study Baduk/Go. but you need to improve some feature. - i hope you can make a better UI. its okay, this is good for now. but you need to improve again. like more modern and minimalist maybe. or add dark theme. because i play it in the night sometimes - i dont feel disturb with bgm.i can turn it off. thanks. i give you 5 star because you free app and i hope i can subscribe to support your app.
Seems like a nice app, subscription is expensive but might be worth it. Free might me enough for you but I wanted to play slower games with the AIs which is only in the pro plan. Also, I'm not a big fan of some graphics. Let's see how the free trial goes.
A great all-around go app with tutorials, lessons, puzzles and games against humans and AI, but the animations are stuttery on my phone. I thought about buying pro, but I dislike paying repeatedly.
Time gating is frustrating. A single 19x19 game against AI means you are locked out for 45m unless you pay. Too much content is locked behind expensive monthly subscription, with no buyout option. The strongest AI is maybe 3-4D.
I always wanted to learn to play Go and never found a time for it. Then after watching the documentary AlphaGo, I went searching and found this great app. The lessons and puzzles were exactly what I was hoping to find. This app has turned out to be exactly what I needed to help start my journey in Go. Thank you
The free version let's you play a few 9x9 games at a time, but you will still want to use other apps while you wait for your games to refresh. There are some excellent beginner-friendly tsumego, but after 2 attempts they hide the puzzle so you have to pay a subscription fee to even study the problem.
this game uses tickets for play turn (you will have 3 after a fresh app installation). You will lose each ticket each time you lose. Each free ticket will be restored after one hour. This is quite a nice game and design actually otherwise.
Conflicted on this review because I've always wanted to learn Go, and this is great at having the basics. Outside the basics of does a terrible job teaching why/how groups become dead or alive based on what you played. Lesson will say "make a move to take white" and say good job, but not explain why what you did was the right move.
Definitely great to get you started... I just think it's such a complicated game that there needs to be a beginner mode with AI walking you through a game, explaining it along the way. Overall I think they do a great job explaining moves and things... I just think it needs to be done during a game to truly understand them. I also only have the free version so maybe it's in the paid.
I feel some info is missing from the "how to play" section. I don't fully understand liberties. I think more examples of illegal moves would be useful, especially for understanding the concept of strings.
Really nice app! This is probably the most user-friendly and appealing go app I've used so far. One thing I would like would be the option to turn on coordinates on the board.
fun game! I enjoy lessons and playing it against the AI. Wish there was a mode to get hints or have a warning that a move i am about to make is a bad one and why. would help learn how to play faster.
biased game. You never Win the game truly, because the AI will withdraw from the game the second you get a fair chance to win the game.
You have to pay to use all the features, but the ones available in the free version are genuinely useful too.
Great app, however i've got into tricky situation. Ocasionaly your app asks for reloginand so happened i forgot which account i used previously with subscription. i cant see any option to force relogin with another account, how can i do it to return my account with subscription?
This application would be quite decent if it didn't, by default, pester you with notifications. I know I can block them but THEY SHOULD NOT BE ON BY DEFAULT, without active consent. Update following developer response: I am obviously talking about the notifications that are just telling me to use the app more. This is is NOT standard practice,and even if it were it is certainly not an excuse. You are correct though in that you are not alone with this malpractice.
Always Loved this Game! I had a strong desire to learn and master it fully! The Game app seems to have the best tools to achieve ones Progress. Little to no nonsense in the app. Thank you for making this!
I was happy to learn how to play this popular game but in the practise I would have preferred to have time to think not be pressured by a clock and also without distracting background music which I was unable to disable. Too annoying for me.
Cool features, like the AI have specific strategies and its easy to learn with them. Biggest issue is that a full sized match takes all of your tickets and you have to wait for them to regenerate before you can do anything else, unless you pay $7/month. The microtransactions are also ridiculous if you're someone who buys ingame items. Some of the avatars are $20!! Hints and things will run you a couple dollars. I don't buy that stuff, and the app works well, it just all feels like a cash grab.
I take back my previous comment. This app doesn't explain at all why and how large amounts of places are taken. It want you to play to learn what you did wrong.
the game teach me how to play baduk. now I know how to play it. I hope they will add more like suggestions or strategy.
I'm very much a beginner, but I already feel like this has taught me the basics of the game. great tutorial
Can't do turn back and overall developer wants to much money for each in-game movent. If you want to learn go - better select other simulator
Really good app if you pay for premium, not a lot of long term value otherwise. Especially if you're a beginner. You're forced into a time limit that doesn't give you much time to think about moves and have to pay to increase the time. You're also unable to play against an AI more than a few times per day unless you pay, again the exact opposite of what beginners need.
if your a new player and interested in the phenomenon worth a download. costs money to unlock full version.
Fantastic app, but what they're asking to unlock it is outrageous. 10 bucks...A MONTH. Or 70 dollars a year. This is not an mmo. They are out of their damn minds with that. GTFO with that. Great app, though.
very good for learning the game as well as fun to play would be good if they introduced them offline play mode and the use of tickets to limit games use off-putting
Very unresponsive, whatever I tap, it takes ages for something to happen. It also takes ages for the game to load and my phone's CPU is far from slow.
great for learning go. I wish there was a way to unlock all the lessons by viewing ads or something. Monthly fee for pro account is a bit steep.
Not good for learning or new players unless you pay for pro. Base you get 2 tries and can't review afterwords.
AI resignation makes learning a lot harder. Launch loading times are awful. AI difficulty is very rigid, with no customization between levels (and some levels are paylocked). No local multiplayer. The puzzles are fine, but that's about it- not a super worthwhile app in my opinion.
Great for learning, probably good for more serious or experienced players, but too many restrictions for a beginner, which you can't change in the free version. Time limit vs AI is way too short, only two attempts on problems, and AI stops responding on practice mode problems as soon as it thinks you've made a mistake. So can't even play through to see why it was a mistake. But especially the time limit really killed my motivation. This is how you lose players - taking it too seriously too soon.
It's not the easiest to get into but it's definitely helping me learn. making the players go through more and more randomized different situations will help them get used to the game.
I thought it was going to be a fun app, but when I went from a 9x9 to a 13x13 board the display kept shifting and getting bigger and smaller. It was hard to place pieces. I out them in wrong places and lost in time. I shut the game off and on and the same thing.
Seem nice with some basic tutorial. Maybe can consider for players to view some ads to get some free tickets.
Great for learning how to play Go, if you're a beginner. I've never played before and didn't realise how hard it is to win.
I tend to dislike apps that have an overbearing reward system and are trying to push you to buy stuff. this tends not to be the case with this api. you can honestly learn a lot and enjoy the app without dumping money into it. It's a great place to start learning go.
Really great tool for learning about Go. Personally I think the monthly fee is a little high for what is currently available, but as they develop content I can see it being worth it.
Could be a good app for learning Go. But it is not! - If you purchase PRO, you still do not get full funktionalityl!!! If you want in lesson hints you have to make ridiculously expensive in app purchases even though you already purchased PRO!!! I will most definitely not renew my subscription!
Good lessons. Not a fan of the cute aesthetic. The premium version is a little pricy, but you can get by on the free version.
I live a long way from Go clubs. During COVID times, I am also finding myself horribly bored at times. The puzzles and learning aspect of this is a fantastic resource and I'm really enjoying it. Excellent job on this app. I would give it ten stars if I could!
I'm a beginner trying to learn Go. This app functions well, but fails to teach some very basic concepts like how to count territory (still trying to figure this out) and many of its better learning functions are locked behind a pay wall.
the game is great and really amazing to learn. it would be really great if I get access to the games I played in the past to learn back the moves I made and the mistakes I missed to see
Very nice app. I really feel like I'm learning. There could be more explaining. Specially in puzzles sometimes I'm not so sure why I won or why I lost so showing why the puzzle has reached a dead or alive state (maybe the possible moves from that point) would help a lot
Addictive. But found there are wrong answers for some puzzles. Like e60128477a where the solution if followed to the end is wrong. Next move white and a stone at 3‐1 will kill black
I'm totally new to Go and I found the lessons and puzzles really helpful. This is actually really fun.
Is there a major bug? I have downloaded and played this. However on running the beginners tutorial I find that none of the lessons actually have any pieces on them.....just the board. So each of the lessons make no sense. Confused!
a nice training and practice app. scaled AI for playing. you can also play with random people or friends. you can play free with tickets that you get over time but you can max have three at a time. the paid version has unlimited play but it is a subscription and it is WAY too expensive (closer to 100 dollars a year). the developers would make way more money in the US if it was a one time $5 cost.
Good way to learn/refresh how to play Go. I played many years ago and much of what I learned then has been forgotten. This app is serving as a refresher for me. Enjoying the experience.
The tsumego part of the app is great. It does a good job of selecting the correct level of problems. The playing part has many problems though. Playing 9x9 with 2 stones doesn't make much sense. A player doesn't have to be very strong to be invincible with 2 stones. You should use reverse komi instead. Also, using fisher time with a small increment is much better than byoyomi. Frustrated players can't make you wait for 20 periods of 30 seconds.
Good way to learn. Thanks for the reply on how to check your answers. Allows you to see the moves one at a time which is helpful in understanding how to play.
I wish I had an app like this when I first started playing. I look forward to having them introduce advanced instructions.
Great way to learn the game, it explains concepts with easy to follow lessons and problem sets. I docked it one star because it's pretty full of the standard microtransactions you'd usually see in a mobile game. If it were just a flat price for the game itself without coins and subscriptions and unlockable cosmetic items, I'd happily buy it, but I'm not spending money on all that other junk.
too much paywall. the puzzles and AI are great, if not a little too challenging for beginners. just wish I could do more, for less money.
Great app!, the only problem i have is that text bubbles contain no text. It would also be fun to make friends in game by having a chatroom. Now I still have no friends to chat about Go with :,C
Without a zoom function trying to place a stone on the edge of the board is ABSOLUTELY INFURIATING! With a timer ticking down and approximate attempt number 50 sliding the cursor, or taping, or using a different finger, etc. Using the program to do a super simple action should not be this problematic!
Horrible at teaching, and rarely has accurate matching for playing levels. Half the time your playing pro/1 Dan level Go players. Good luck have fun, it's like playing a pickup game of basketball @ your local court only to realize your opponents are NBA players. Takes the fun out of Go.
3 tickets per day or a fee of 60 usd per year for more. I would gladly pay 5 dollars one time for premium access but not 7 per month.
This OKay apps but I advice for very beginners just go find a good tsumego or go sites or go find discord go channels (pun intended) Many good features are behind paywall… which is sucks. I mean you couldn't even saw what your fails tsumego answers if you aren't vip, then how come one could improves… To play 19x19 boards you need to use all of your tickets. This like saying if you wanna playing full board you has to be Vip. It's bad for beginners. sorry i had to said it.
Fun so far but the ticket system I see in place foreshadows a bad experience as one goes further. I will update the rating if I find it to be true.
This game is awesome. There is enough people on here that I get matched up within seconds. It is a quality game that I can play against other people, it isn't pay to win, it isn't Gatcha or whatever it is called, and it isn't a waste of time because it expands my brain.
this is a great app. I only wish instead of a monthly subscription the paid content was a one time fee, but I understand it cost money to keep things running
I'm a new player but I can't get past the basics because there isn't any explanations if you miss a problem.
Really fun, a great way to play, but AI games can take an extremely long time waiting on the computer and the connection can be shoddy. Needs a pause button for AI games.
This OKay apps but I advice for really beginners just go find good tsumego or go sites or go find discord go channels (pun intended) Many good features are behind paywall… which is sucks. I mean you couldn't even saw what tsumego mistakes if you aren't vip, then how one could improves… To play 19x19 boards you need to used up all of ticket, this like saying if you wanna playing full board you has to be Vip No to mentioned vip is kind of overpriced. It's bad for beginners. sorry i had to
im new to this game, ive been playing now for about 3 weeks. its very difficult at first. tonight,against the 2nd level AI i got my first win. the game does teach you how to play and it is very informative but i recommend going online and finding real players to explain opening moves as well. its very very fun though. if you enjoy extreme strategy with a bit of luck (making your opponent hey confused and forget what your doing) your all good.this is a great app. but its the only one ive tried so
tutorial and ability to play Go in one app. Sometimes bit lagging and the in app purchases nagging bothers me a bit but overall I'm still using the app. :)
The lessons are great.the puzzles help to hone the lesson! It is both a fun and challenging way to learn the game!!
There's no way for me to add people I play in random online matches as a friend so I can play them again. This would be a 5 star app if I could do that.
Great app for those who wants to learn this game. It explains each move and shows the learner how the game works with puzzle solving.
I am enjoying learning Go by playing against this app's AI characters. I also enjoy slow games with other beginners. Thanks!
I've never played go before, only Go Moku. I never even realized there was a difference thus game us much harder than you think
the lessons really help a beginner become a moderate player. at this point I can't speak to helping a moderate player become an expert since I'm still getting started
Is there a better way to learn Go? If so I haven't found one. This app is fantastic. Can't think of a way to improve it right now, the lessons and puzzles are super helpful, the AI player is quick and challenging. An invaluable resource.
More detail would be useful, as would the ability to roll back turns against the AI given that this seems to be targeted at beginners. I made it to the first AI practice stage and wasn't actually sure how the game ended or was scored until I looked it up outside of the app. The ability to roll back turns vs the AI would be useful for beginners to explore how the different moves would impact the game or correct a misplay you didn't catch earlier.
Online match ups are horrible. Lots of Korean Go players that actively study Go play this and are ranked super low to noob stomp you. If you're looking for casual play just download another app.
Well i think this game would help me to improve from playing go.because the other app i installed, the ai was really hard to beat and when I'm not playing for some long time it didn't make me play hope this app was good
Way too laggy. It's not that fun to play on such an app where you don't feel you are fully interacting with the board. It also has a ton of flashy stuff, cartoony characters and a short time you can play the game for free. It's basically a laggy demo.