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Go! Go! Pogo Cat

Go! Go! Pogo Cat for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by PONOS Corporation located at Nittochi Kyoto Bldg., 12-1 Tachiurihigashi-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8005 Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
5 stars because it might be simple but it's fun seeing all the cats that i unlock and how the look on a pogo and i got the free cat food ☺
The game is pretty good, the missions are challenging but fun. And the only problem is the missions where you can collect things in pogo to battel cats. It won't le me get some of the things. I've been trying to collect my rare tickets and it won't give them to me when I go to the battel cats app. Pls fix this.
You can get a high score of playing. I like it that you can get a rare ticket for Battelle cats. Even cat food.
i really like this game! the reasons why i gave it 4 stars though is two things : first that for the battle cats rewards you get in this game if you go into the mission log is says collect again even though you can't and that's super annoying. also i wish that you could turn off the leafs blowing around during the pogo runs because it's annoying to hear the swoosh and also it's destracting. otherwise a really nice game and i like it even more than battle cats!! enjoy it everyone !!
I would give this game a five star if they had added more collab missions cause after a while you can get bored and not want to play
Pretty good time killer but I personally got bored of the game because no matter how much you play everything you do only changes cosmetics.
It's good I love the fact that you can get supplies for battle cats but I can't because when it asks for my age I try typing it but the game crashes when I press any buttons. So I can get in the game but I can't play. Please fix this PONOS CORP.
This game is very well made for a spin-off, I play it while I wait for my energy in The Battle Cats to recharge. And the fact you can earn some catfood in this is a great touch. 5 out of 5 its lots of fun.
The game is pretty easy I am going to keep it downloaded but there is a problem where every once in a while the game will kick me out mid play
I rated it three stars because I did a hard mission for 30 cat food and when I collected it it didnt load and I didnt get my cat food I hope ponos fixes this glitch. enjoy the game!
This game is really good! Im actually surprised a simple mobile game was actually more addicting than the supercell games i used to play. I have a suggestion though, and that is if you can add a mode where you can play against other online players. The goal can be to reach the end or be the last one on the course with people spectating when they die. Thank you for providing entertainment!
It helps get power-ups in battle cats that's why i play it. But actually its fun, offline. So its a best pass time rewarding game. I got many things in battle cats through this, even catfood. Btw i m testing hacked Battle Cats so i dont need cat food now but in my real account i need it.
I really like this game but I could change one thing it would be that you can skip missions for about 10000 gems but apart from that I really like it
It was AMAZING when i played it on my tablet but didn't work with my chrome book so PONOS may you fix that please I think its just not compatible with the chrome book i guess?
Its fun and all but you should be able to claim rewards if you re install and battle cats is fun just make sir Nemoy bore in itf 2 a little weaker. I whales on him for 5 minutes with ubers and anti alien. Lowest Hp 59 PERCENT WITH UBERS AND ANTI ALIENS CHANGE IT PLEASE oh and same with cyber horn he has 2 much hp and there's like 1000 in F.C itf 2 change his hp a bit lower he's so hard. Thanks.
I love that you can get cat food rewards and I already have moneko Casa jizo and nekoluga (in go go pogo cat not battle cats lol)
Awsome when I saw that I get rewards for battle cats all this made me do is get even more addict I have played this for only one day and it rules keep up the great work
This game is enjoyable, while yet very raging if you lose just before your goal. In my opinion this is a great game I'd love for you all to get
Very fun unfortunately there are a few bugs like the game crashing and clipping through platforms but over all ot is fun.
It always just kept not letting me do a jump even though I touched the ground and once my character went I visible and I have to rejoin the game it's OK but not the best
Honestly, i play it to get cat food and other stuff. Otherwise i play it on power outages! Great game, i hope they come out with a new game like this one tho... i realy enjoy it! I think you should play if your a starter to battle cats.
The game is good. Kinda gets boring after like 30 min but fun to play when your in the car etc. Much like the battle cats but without fighting.
i like the cats and i love the game because it get's free cat food in battle cat's and it dose not woke it keep's kicking me out from the game :(
This game is great and I would recommend it because it connects to other games and you can get prizes from just jumping around and if you don't believe this comment, go check out who created this game and who created battle cats (the game that you get prizes from this game). But one complaint, I just got a new high score of 223967 but I crashed so I lost it. I got really upset and now I keep dying and im getting horrible scores.
I think it's amazing and fun because the design and texture all the cats have and pixeys (sorry if I spelled it wrong) art work. I think there's nothing bad about the game. I just have one question what do you do with the fruit?
Fun game! I love being able to get, play as, and upgrade different cats. Only problem is the game crashes
This game is pretty good. It is really fun even without battle cats! Pretty tricky but not too much. The only thing I would change is making cats a little cheaper.
Amazing game but it still feels like just another way to get items for battle cats, maybe you could find ways to make this better than battle cats itself? Idk, PvP maybe, Friends, team challenges??
The game is great and gives a challenge but there is a bug that delays a jump anywhere between .25 seconds - 3 seconds and it happens VERY often. This needs to fixed, I've lost more times to this bug than to my own losses.
The game freezes after like 15 minutes ( freezes after an ad ). o yeah btw pls add more collab missions.
the only reason i rated 5 stars is because of the animatoin of the cat when you spam tap, it looks so funny. it just goes up and down rapidly. and also i cant get the rewards probebly because i already got them but i uninstaled it to try and get more rewards. and to all the people who play this game i think you should use cat meshine if you get him because if you have a coin mission then you can get more combos cause it is literly a huge mishenie. and dont care how i spell im only 8.
Really great game and I love that I can get rewards on "The Battle Cats" on it :D also it's very addictive and it makes me rage and then I look back a laugh of how stupid it was to rage over being to the milestone to get my reward. LOL
awesome game but it takes SO LONG to exit out of ads. Pls fix this PONOS CORP. Beside the annoying exit out of ads thing, this is a really great game! I already love your game, The Battle Cats, and this game has so much cats from the Battle Cats! Awesome game! You also get free cat food for certain quests, which is really helpful, since getting cat food in the battle cats takes forever. ( wud ya mind giving me sum cat food? I'm running low on some. Thanks! keep up the events and awesome cats!By!
There's not much to this game. I suppose it's a good time waster, but it isn't really fledged out or too engaging. The only perk is collaboration rewards for The Battle Cats until you get the x3 rare tickets, which is the last. Afterwards there's no reason to continue playing besides your own enjoyment. NOTE: You can't reinstall to receive the rewards again.
It's a very peaceful game although it does have very difficult challenges and it has the same cats from the battle cats it's very fun if you just wanna pass time or if you're waiting for a game to download. The prizes for completing the challenges are very fare my favorite rewards are the crossover ones. It doesn't have lag and it doesn't even kick me out of the game. I just hope the dev's can make more games just like this one.
I didn't get my prizes when i entered battle cats to claim them it didn't show a message that i got my prize i tried 3 times already. None of the times did it work pls fix it.
I love the character especially sumo cat honestly it's a good game but it's hard to jump sometimes but I'm still gonna rate 5 stars
Love this game but it needs more rewards for battle cats like a platimun ticket for getting 100 coins in one play 2 times
The game is okay. I just finished the game theoretically (upgraded all the cats to Max level) and it was a fun for a time waster, but nothing more. I wish more things would be added like different backgrounds, different maps, more cats, prestige cats, true form cats, etc. There's a lot that could be improved, but overall simplistic and entertaining.
Gives you rewards on battle cats. The game is so addicting. Their are lots of skins you can unlock. Sorry if this is a bad review. I'm not good at these
This game is bugged, you can barely see the gems sometimes, you can just go past them, they are in the sky above the screen and you cannot see them. i think you should be able to expand the screen a little, and also you can die on the slightest part of the hill, like if you hit the tiny corner of it you die, that is stupid can you fix it, or else i will get everyone to boycott this game and this game will be abandoned
This game is amazing, there are these little missions that you can do and you can get some gems or coins for this game, you can even win some cat food for the battle cats! If you're a fan of the battle cats, I can't recommend this game enough.
Good game to play for a while and to progress a little more in battle cats but i have to say that this game cannot be played for much longer because 1. It has some bugs that affect the gameplay.(lag,sometimes passing by the gems,crash mid-game 2. only some collab rewards there are only 5 of them making everyone not so interested to play afterwarss 3. Sometimes becoming too frustrating 4.Collecting pixie missions are too weird it should count the total pixies collected. (Ran out of maximum words)
This is a great game but the missions are so hard (I'm so bad at games) like one of them is get a 20 jump combo which I can't even get over 12 jump combo which is so annoying. Other than that then this game is super addictive. Have fun playing the game!
Nice standalone game, but to get the biggest bang for your time, try using the collab missions to help on your main battle cats account
Well,its good yes but,there are some problems with the game,for example,the music and sound options are fused together,which is bad because if I wanted to listen to the music,I would want to turn off the sound effects,but I can't or else the music will turn off too,another problem is the stage layout,though I like the layout,it can get repeatitve at times,and my final complaint,the lack of stages,I mean maybe there are stages,but I would like to see some stages added,overall,this is a good game,
I have a few complaints. Sometimes, during those "platform" areas, you will jump onto one of them but instead clip through the platform. It gets excruciatingly annoying at times. Also, I'm kind of disappointed that the collab missions for The Battle Cats end at collab mission 5. I was determined to find more collab missions, and still went to normal mission 30. I wish that you will add more collab missions. Thank you for reading.
Great game and smart move from ponos to make the game's goal to get rewards to use in battle cats but after a while it takes a lot of milestones to get a milestone where the reward is something to use in battle cats.
great game, I love the challanges. The controls are great and the graphics are fun. The game does lag sometimes and can be fustrating when your going for a good combo
I liked it alot, And because you have given us a free rare tickets from battle cats when we defeat a stage, thank you and Nice and addicting game to have!
This game is good, But I tried to complete a mission, Then it kicked me out right when I was about to complete it. I would like you to PLEASE FIX IT!
This game definitely lives up to the original game. It's nice and cute, and you get to play as a CAT ON A POGO STICK, WHAT MORE IS THERE TO LOVE?!?!
Hi i like this game but i cant get the rewards it gives me. It didnt give me my cat food or the cat jobs and im not happy about it. I dont know if its because its a glitch or maybe there is something wrong with it. Please fix it so i can give it a five star. For now your only going to get a 2 stars until u fix the problem.
OMG I hate this game!!! Battle cats is better than this one. First this game is very hard when I played it. Second I think this game is still under development because battle cats has more things in it. So I HATE this game
Its an ok game but my main complaint is the fact it wont give me the collab items for some reason it wont let me collect my catfood, rich cats, treasure radars, and my rare ticket so can you guys fix that
love it! I have battle cats and this helps me get cat food and other things I need in it! it's fun by itself too! my game had sound in it up now doesn't but that doesn't bother me too much. would recommend 5/5 it's good to install The Battle Cats with it. both games are amazing!
I played this game about a year ago and I had no problems with it. When I reinstalled it and the new age pop-up came up and I tried to put in anything, the game crashed. I can't play the game anymore with this new pop-up. I've tried clearing data and cache and even re-installing it but it still isn't working. Please try and fix this. Thanks
It's quite a fun and addictive game. This game should also be played with The Battle Cats as the rewards that this game gives is linked to it. I've seen comments that say the game kept crashing but it did not happen to me once at all. I would recommend this game to anyone.
This game is bad since first of all the battle cats rewards don't even work and I haven't even used this game on my current battle cats game there is no point of doing them since that happens
pretty good game and also able to receive rewards in battle cats. the quality is wonderful and it is super addictive and so fun to play.
I thought it was just a game to like spend some time to complete it,but when I saw that I get rewards by completing quests,I was shocked! Best game ever.
Ticket prizes dont really workhalf the time, i got 2 ubers and 1 super rares from a pirze of 3 gold tickets witch i thought was really lucky but the ubers and super rares didnt apear
If you want a game that can keep you entertained this is the the right game!i love the cats that you can get! Very cute I dont know why this game has 3.9 reveiw though.
Very Good! I Reccomend Downloading With The Battle Cats To Get More Catfood. Very Usefull. But It Gets A Bit Boring Afterwords. 4/5 I Reccomend
I like the game. It's fun to see who can get further. There is one moderately big problem, I can't get my rewards in the battle cats! I'm not sure if it's because I transferred my account to a new device or what, but I'm not getting any of the rewards! If you fix this problem, you get 5 stars.
Good game nice to see familiar cats but there are only 5 battle cats rewards at the beginning and not very many cats to collect add more battle cats rewards as well as more cats
well the game is great but most people only play the game for the in game battle cats rewards and then after all the rewards are done you just get bored and just delete the game
I will change my rating when you guys are able to fix the bug I found were when I tap the button that lets my put my age, I like that to be fixed so I can actually play the game
It's a pretty good game for a few hours maybe, but it could be better if cats have special abilities. Maybe make a head-start option so you can start at a later distance since starting over is slow and can get repetitive.
This game is a rlly fun time killer and is seriously beneficial for those who play battle cats. You can earn cat food in battle cats through completing quests in this game and is just a good alternate game to play when you are waiting for your energy to recharge. Srsly recommend those who play battle cats to check this out
Thanks to this one game I could get free stuff on battle cats .The only reason I have this game is because of MattShea give him a reward again. Thank you the battle cats. Thanks to The Battle Cats and Pogo Cat this changed my life. Battle cats forever!!!!
This game is hilarious!!! I laughed so much, the animation is adorable and you get funny sound effects. Here you play a cat on a pogo stick and navigate through landscapes to win. The controls take a while to get used to and the game does become very difficult. But it's absolutely delightful and charming. Thank you for creating such a funny and fun game!!
GREAT APP 100% I LOVE IT!!! maybe add some more crossover missions with the battle cats and i will be over the moon :) otherwise, probably the best concepts with the crossover rewards with another game, hope some other games did this ;) thank you ponos!!! (Btw when are you going to put on the 30/750 1st time rare capsule draw on again?)
When i did thd tasks in pogo cats, the ones that were conneced to battle cats, it didnt give me the reward that i was SUPPOSED to get. This happened three times already. I tried un installing and refreshing but i still didnt get my reward.1
Please make the speeding up to where you can do a jump but you're not super duper fast but you're not super duper slow either and I make it to where the pixie thing we have to have eight pixies out of time that you have as you're playing like not already used or something make it to where you can just use it and it still counts it please make every single quest a lot more easy and make it to where you can collect quests unlimited times so you don't just have to do new quests make it's more easy