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Go Escape!

Go Escape! for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by tastypill located at 1880 W Oak Pkwy #216 Marietta, GA 30062 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I can not get past the first level! The game goes to fast and I'm not able to click! Even when I do tap the ball does not bounce it just keeps rolling until I hit a spike. It will make you even watch an ad after three tries! I personally do not recommend this game if you get easily frustrated and do not have much patients.
Loved all the levels. Fantastic game to spend time. Can be a little addictive, though.. I rarely play games to its end..
I enjoyed well.. Need more levels..expecting soon.. Graphics are awesome.. I like all the skins...the reason why I gave 4 stars is that, sometimes.. Ball doesn't jump when I touch the screen.. That is the only problem.. And everything is fine..
10/10, ads are only at the bottom of the screen and don't annoyingly pop up every 2 seconds, hence the game stays enjoyable. Hundreds of unique awesome levels. I finished all the levels relatively fast but I hope they'll make more in the future.
I'm here after finishing the game. It's pretty cool, but levels with the trampoline can get you stuck after bouncing or if you land on the circles at the ends of the trampoline. The launchers are pretty cool tho. Would be cool if we had moving launchers and trampolines but it'd probably be a pain to make a level like that for the developers. It's a pretty good game to just chill and there aren't any ads that they just shove into your face from what I've seen.
Their are so many random glitches like your ball stopping or going backwards or not jumping at all it mostly good but the glitches really make it horrible to play some times
This game is amazing. I just played through the whole game in 3-4 days and loved it. I read some other reviews about how there are lots of and and the controls don't work but I had no problems. There were very little ads too. But when you watch an ad for more coins it didn't give me my coins but other than that 5 stars easily.
Overall very good game. The only issue is that there is a few bugs where your ball will just stop moving and I have to restart the game. Also the game is a bit too easy, i beat the entire game in one day it would be nice to have more difficulty.
Honestly at first I got alot of ads but after the first level section I stopped getting ads and I beat the game. First mobile game I've ever completed at it was very fun. Thank you.
Interactive and make me frustrated some time. It's really fun and challenge. Just there a little bit bugs like your ball move so slowly and not move sometimes, but when you restart a stage, it's bug gone suddenly.
Honestly I love the game but, It just doesn't work well, It's hard to explain. The tapping reaction for the game is so slow and some levels just make no sense. 1star for the game makes me happy, WOW AND SUDDENLY I STARTED TO GET ADS NO 2. 3 star for letting us skip, 4 star for no trouble, No 5 star for the errors, I can't support with the money rn so I'll give you a five, I live the game, idk how many times I've edited this review lmao
A very enjoyable game, not to difficult but there were parts that were a struggle so it wasn't a breeze to finish, which I liked. A solid game to pass the time. There were some bugs that need to be fixed tho. Sometimes I would be stuck in a random object or the ball will suddenly jump the wrong way. But overall a great game!
The game was super fun and challenging. I let my dad play and his frustration and enjoyment was so entertaining to watch. I had a great time battling this game and hopping over spikes, so if you like that I highly recommend the game!
Superb game and I can't wait for the new levels to be released! Really good if you want to become more patient and calm, it really trains your brain. Really worth downloading! Trust me!
The game is very addictive, barely any ads, it's one of the best games I have played in a long time, looking forward for the new levels!
This is a fun and definitely a challenging game you get to challenge your brain a lot because it plays tricks on you and always has surprises to it but I'm so happy that this was a good game because I needed something to challenge me so I downloaded this game it is really good like I said it's challenging and also it's makes me want to sink harder to see the angle from a different perspective.
Good game but it contains lots of ads and sometime balls glitches and the direction of ball jumping gets random sometimes please fix this glitches and add more levels its an awesome game to play in free time
It is a really good game and very fun I just wish there were more balls to coldest or you could change the background or something along those lines. Not many ads. I only got ads when I wanted to skip the level.
It was great for passing the time and it was the first mobile game I enjoyed ps: there's not that many ads because I didn't lose or restart once and plus it's like a penalty and it was a bit too easy so make them harder
Amazing app! Played this game for a few months now since I don't play it all the time but when I do it is really fun and addicting! It is really good, you get NO ADS WHATSOEVER, you don't have to pay you just install and play! It is really addicting and keeps you focused, it doesn't stress you out, it just keeps you calm and all your attention comes to this. Really fun and it makes you use your brain so your fully focused. I was seriously so amazed when there was no ads at all! Pls install it!!
Every time I see this game on my phone I'd say time to play the irritating game it's because it irritated me so much when I couldn't win the levels and I honestly hope that they make more so I can continue to play it and call the irritating game I really hope you guys make more levels I love this game
Fun game and all but when I press to jump it doesn't work half the time, and sometimes it lag jumps. When I press I don't jump right away it lets me jump half a second later.
Great game missed out on 5th star only because there are a few intermittent glitches which when you're near the end of a level can destroy you. It's not all the time and I love the game and have played several times over just to keep my eye in for new levels hopefully ๐Ÿ‘
Fun and challenging. I like how the obstacle change within a level and even changr speed. The ball gets stuck on certain levels when going up an elevator. Went through all levels in a short period if time. Good game gor your reflexes.
Im giving it 4 stars because there are many glitches during gameplay. Otherwise its best. Also those who are new there is one suggestion that go offline and play it. So that there will be no ads and also the skip level button can be used without seeing any ads๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. It will be invisible but locate it while connected to internet.
A difficult but entertaining game and the most advantage of this game is if u can't solve a level u can just skip it by watching an ad
This game is one of the worst on the market. Their levels cannot be played in order as it randomly gives you a level when you die. This means that it fails as a rage game as their is no clear progression, and it fails as a skill based platformer as you can't learn the levels. Some inputs are ignored, the jump direction is random, the trampolines have no logical direction, what's deadly is completely random, and you have no idea which portals lead to which. It fails at every aspect of game design
There are so many ads after every try and the controls are worst. They don't give trials also and simply tell to play. While playing one level at least takes 5 minutes to complete. Why? Due to controls, graphics which are worst from all apps ever downloaded by me and ads. I am really tired of ads and the game. It even demotivates many times. I don't want to give it a single star. Please make this app better.
This game is very challenging and very much fun to play The best part was that when I failed a level (and you WILL fail many levels) the game wasn't forcing me to watch ads, only kept it as a possibility. It gave me some sort of old-school gaming experience where it is only skill involved and I think many games today miss that
It's a fun game with 2 major problems. The first is simple. The "oops" screen is unnecessary and takes up too much time. Just reset the ball when immediately. The other is that there are some levels where the jumps are set improperly making it hard or impossible. Also, the scoring isn't particularly logical. It's fun overall though.
Absolutely love this game. Really time consuming when you are bored. I deffiently recommend it to anyone if they have free time. Just one thing. Can you make the restart level animation a little bit faster? It is just so annoying that you have to wait everytime you die for the animation to play. Thanks again for creating this amazing game! (Can't wait for the new levels ๐Ÿ˜œ)
Entertaining the whole way through. All levels are unique unlike some of the other games that continue increasing the level number but reuse the same puzzle/course. Ads are also extremely minimal which I appreciated so much. Even after completing everything I kept it on my phone to go back to from time to time and replay over the years.
I have really liked this game. I think some levels are a bit too similar; however, they were very fun. I was addicted to this game and I look forward to more levels. I only have 4 stars because of the similar and the farther levels where quite hard enough. Thank you for this fun game!
its pretty easy but not too easy that its boring. it can also be really difficult and some levels more than others make you want to throw your phone lol. but i love it and i finished it!!
Great! This game is fun and really challenging with loads of levels. You collect diamonds and can use them to unlock all the balls but it would be nice to be able to use them for something else because I unlocked all the balls pretty quickly. Update: I can't get the ball to jump. Please fix this because I love the game & don't want to have to uninstall it!
Only played 2 levels and already bombarded by ads (8 to be exact). I know ads are somewhat necessary, and yes, there is a "No ads" purchase option, but this is ridiculous.
Quite good very fun. My only complaint is that in some levels it lags. And also not enough levels but u did say there are more coming so that's fine. Most ads are skipable after like a couple seconds which is great. I love this game and def recommend
Good game but some of the levels are a little glichy, and sometimes it lags a bit. Both of these have contributed to some of my losses but other than that overall good and addicting game.
Played it in my random free time. Some people say too many ads, but I haven't had any ads unless you want to skip a level. It's a little short, but more levels will be added in time. The levels sometimes have weird setups. That does happen too much.
This game is very frustrating and level 3. LEVEL 3. Was so hard. That level is like, beginners level! Also, the annoyance of ads after almost every round just make me want to die. The skins need better colouring too. But other than that, its a but fun and entertaining, and the skins (other than the bland colours) are pretty good.
This game is frustrating, it's hard, it has way to many ads, and went I was playing it wouldn't always jump. Overall it's a terrible game if you want to be mad play this game 1/5
I thought it was going to be one of the games that had lots of adds but this game had like almost no adds. This game is amazing. There are a total of 200 levels I think or 202 but you should really get this game if you like a challenge.
It's food but a lot of ads I just beat the game and it was fun and I would recommend this game to my friend if there vored or on the road
Really enjoyed this game. Finished all the levels. Difficulty increased a little but would love to see some much harder levels come, the game mechanics introduced as the levels progressed was exciting. Everytime I lost I would gain 2 diamonds so have unlocked all the balls so to speak
The game is well made kt's really fun and agreabla to play, there isn't really that much add witch made the game more interesting. I finished all level who were all excellent.
The game is great. Very exciting with levels that feel handcrafted. However, there are too many glitches and problems in the game mechanics. For eg, if you choose a different skin for the ball you notice that the "ball" doesnt roll at all but slides. Sometime the ball moves faster or slower and as someone else mentioned the scoring system doesnt make sense. The jumps dont make sense either.
like the game, a few small bugs but not a big problem, finished it anyway. if u wanna work on them ill give a 5 stars but again it's not a big issue
I would give it a 5 but some of the levels are hard and stressing and the skip level ad doesn't even work pls try to fix this bug, others wise great game ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ˜€ recommend getting
The game is fine but I spent more time watching ads then playing the game so it was a mostly annoying experience. I'd suggest playing offline but if I have to find a workaround to make a game more enjoyable then something is wrong.
I finished the game quickly, because of its addictive nature. I delete most games in a few minutes from download, but this one is staying on my phone.
I LOVE this game it is so fun and i like the music and note it gives at the end. When i finished the game i got so sad because i had to find a different game to play. Cant wait for the new levels!๐Ÿ˜
I just finished the game and was it an experience for me. Best game ever. Please download. Makers of this game please hurry on the new levels as I am currently waiting on the new levels. This game has minor bugs like when I pressed my screen to jump it didn't work. This game is so much fun and hard. Took me about 3-4 weeks to finish. Best game ever. Please everybody reading this review support the makers by downloading this game.if your looking for a fun game then stop scrolling and download now
I really like this app. It is really fun. The only problem is,sometimes when I touch the screen,the ball doesn't jump and it irritated me. Also there are to many ads.But for some reason after the 29th level,there aren't any ads. I didnt pay for them. They just went away. For each level i could just press next level without any ads.The game is great. ๐Ÿ˜
I liked the game not much wrong with it but ive been stuck on a level for abt 5 months now i even removed the game and restarted it and when i get to the SAME EXACT level when i jump it jumps the oppisit way i need it to go so when i try to jump to avoid something i go the oppisit way and die by going outside of the screen
I do like the game but some of the reasons I died wasn't my fault it is a good game but there are a few glitches. I do want to give it a 4.5 tho not just a 4. One thing I did like was that there were barely any ads as well.
I love it! It might be a simple parkour game but I for one enjoy it and often use it to pass time on the tablet ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ
Good way to burn time! It doesn't have a lot of adds and has a very clean feel to the game. It works offline and has hundreds of DIFFERENT levels unlike a lot of game where it repeats. Overall great game I would really suggest it!
This game changed how I played other games, this game is about hard skill,medium skill,easy skilled people,if u played this you would be more faster and more focused in real life even if u had this game on ur mind so you should play. Reminder:This game has 202 levels and still coming is new levels.
The game is really addictive and it only game me 5 ads throughout the WHOLE ENTIRE game until I had finished all of the levels. Would 100% recommend ๐Ÿ˜€
It is a great game and I have finished it twice, but I don't think they have come out with new levels in a long time. And there is rarely any ads!
This is a really fun game and it is extremely addicting. I recommend it, it is a lot of fun to play when you're bored. I finished it fast so i just wich it had more levels, but other than that it's a great game!๐Ÿ˜Š
It is so much fun and there is no adds (unless you skip a level) and the levels do get harder bit a lot of people like challenges.
I legit played this and that make it the perfect amount of fun and difficult 202 levels were well worth my time. Perfect for spare time or boredom
Great! This game is fun and really challenging with loads of levels. You collect diamonds and can use them to unlock all the balls but it would be nice to be able to use them for something else because I unlocked all the balls pretty quickly.
Pretty cool game,i recommend it but there's a thing were when I am playing I jump and sometimes it goes were it should go but sometimes it doesn't (the ball) so please fix it and also when I watch an ad to win diamonds (30!) I don't get anything! Why?!
I hate this game. It's so addictive and every time I die I scream and try again because I'm addicted. It's fun when you win but when you lose its anger inducing. But you can't help but try again and again and again. I hate this game but I love it. I love and hate this game. It's like the one game I play any more. If you have lots of free time get this game.
Loved this game. The ads were a bit much at first but they dwindled down after a while. Can't wait for new levels.
I really enjoy this game, however, at times the ball won't jump. You can tap your screen and it won't do anything. Other than that it's a great game it's challenging but not frustrating.
Its a really fun game and really addictive when I saw the ad of this game at first I thought it was boring but then I started playing and then the harder levels were fun and new new things came as you went on I have finished this game in 3 days its really so I recommend you to use this app
Useless and the worst game, it's actually not even a game it's Useless,shameless,too much time taking to complete and the gameplay and graphics are the worst and they have made the game like redball game the redball has better gameplay, graphics and levels this game is worst and useless game it's also not the real game it's a copy of go escape and when saw the other game which was the real go escape it was also same like this. Don't download this and the real game. The world's worst game.
I really liked this game. I expected it to be stupid and full of ads but it wasn't and it was actually really fun with just the right amount of challenge.
I just downloaded this game one week ago and I'm still at level 1.the first level is so hard please fix it.very bad ๐Ÿ‘Ž game level 3 is horrible guys whoever reading my review do not download this game for if you do you'll regret it.
I loved this game so much, that i actually completed it in 3 hours, this is fun, and enjoyable, i dont recommend this game if you have anger manigment issues, anxiody, or any other disorders or things that make you stressed, Go Escape is also good for all ages, but preferable 9+ for intellagence, its a challenging game, it would also be fun challenging friends or family to play along, and theres barley any adds, Have Fun!
I have not come across such irritating and third class game ever in my life.i'm a fan of mobile games & always play them.but this game just doesnt let u play.it'll make u play each & every level atleast 100 times.however much and whatever u do, u'll burst out before u reach the bucket every time.& when u've played 100 times, the ball will roll into the bucket of its own volition.weird & very irritating!i just dont have the patience to play every level 100 times, so i am uninstalling this game!!
This is an amazing game , it makes me angry but it's still fabulous, but if you could change the graphics that would be killing it , I like it a lot and l recommend you to down load this game , 5 gazillion stars, woooo
Its pretty fun but there are moments where the game just doesn't work correctly. There were 2 levels I had to skip, not because they were hard, but because the game would not make the ball jump the way it was supposed to. I still recommend it as a fun but clunky game.
I had alot of fun finishing this game and only finished in 2 days!! It was frustrating (modt likely my phone lagging) and some levels were harder than others but it was still really enjoyable to finish it!
Game was amazing and I loved it so much this is a game for people who like puzzle and action and it is a great BORDEM BUSTER this is one of my go to games but the reason I gave it 4 star is because there is lot of ads
This is an amazing game. It is so much fun and it has barely any ads. Although, some levels are pretty hard to pass but I don't mind. I really recommend this game because I am sure you will enjoy it too.
It's really fun but some of them are impossible like when we go on a bounce thing on to the surface you do not have time to jump it does not let u jump but overall its a good game
A great chill out game and very satisfying when you finish a level. I'm not sure if it is a bug in the game or just my phone, but on the parts where you have to jump in zig-zags upwards, sometimes it doesn't let me jump. Overall a great game.
Im genuinely surprised at the quality of this game. It stays interesting and fresh over the 250+ levels that are in the game (as of finishing). There are ads but they are spread out and dont get annoying at all. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ to the devs.
I loved this game, especially the graphics, and at the same time, I learnt a few tricky tricks in the game which were most probably not thought about. Anyways I just love this game and I am so addicted to this that I play it once every day. For sure, this game deserves 5 stars.
Very good game, i have seen pthers asking for more levels which would be great, some of the levels can be difficult, and the ball designs are quite cool.
Best game ever. Literally no ads and so addictive 100% reccomend. Only this is once you have completed all the levels there is not much you can do
An interesting game with levels increasing in difficulty. The best thing is that there isnt an add after every win/loss. Rather the adds are spaced out quiet a bit. Where sometimes i can play and leave the gane without experiencing a single add.
It was an EXTREMELY good game, but I finished all the levels and had nothing to do, please update the levels, and add preferebly 50-100 levels please. I know that this is not reasonable to ask, but if you want to you can
When I press the screen, the ball stays the same position not jumping at all and the adds for skip don't actually works. Other than that I had a lot of fun with it.
Well ! I got a good game ! I am going to make video on this on ny channel RjMac Gamer. But one thing I need to clarify this game should have more ball options otherwise its a a lovely game to pass your time. Please subscribe my channel and get entertained every sunday. Thanks developers !
It's quit an easy game but also entertaining. It can have like an infinite mode where new obstacles are generated as you progress. It'd be so cool that way
A good, easy, but challenging time killer and offline so you can play anywhere. But sometimes you will get cheated in a level or two but nothing you can't get past
I Loved this game a lot since it has many advantages like in other games if you try once again you don't get any money or gem. But here, the more you try you get +2 gems. And also it is easy to be played. Many adventures also. I give it a 5star.๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’œ
Usually I don't like try die repeat games but this game is simple, satisfying, and no ads every other death. I Kno they're probs not making much money off this but games without ads are heavensent
This is the 3rd time I've completed the game. It is fun and challenging, I really hope the new levels come soon. Anyways the only thing that could be improved are the glitches. I've experienced many glitches where I have to kill myself or exit the game because it will get stuck and won't jump the right way. But besides that AMAZING game.
Whoever said that there were hardly any ads is full of BS fake review. Spent more time watching ads than actually playing. Deleted. 15 ads with about a total of 2 minutes of gameplay.๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž
LOVED IT!!! Some levels are hard and others not, but the most important thing is to jump at the perfect time. There are multiple balls that you can choose, and just over 200 levels. But with games these days, you can expect a few ads
My experience was tremendous ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘Œ it was really fun and addicting to play โ–ถ๏ธ 100 stars you really should get this game, the only reason I have put 4 stars is because you get through the leval so quick so there is nothing you can carry on doing, In my opinion the creators should add more leval, overall its ama ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜„
I love this game so much. It has many challenging and interesting levels. Some levels are so hard too. It has so many levels you will never get bore of this game.l
all u have to do is press anything just to jump... its amazing but do jump in time or your dead and have to start again. i am on the 4th pack of levels!!its hard when you pass the 1th pack of levels.
The first couple of levels had a lot of ads and I was considering uninstalling, but after playing through them the ads slowed down a lot and rarely saw them. The game is really fun and addicting, beat the whole 200 levels in just a few days. Very nice and simple game.
I love this app! Every time I complete it, I reinstall it again and again! There are very few adds and the gameplay is awesom! Sometimes it glitches, but but it hasn't done that in a while. I enjoy every level, some are easy and others take alot. Sometimes I jump and I accidently skip half of a level, though. It's one of the best games I have ever played! However, I do have some suggestions. When there are adds, they can be long. And sometimes the game doesn't respond to my tapping. Good game
I love this game! I played this game practically non-stop till I completed all almost 200 levels. I can't wait for more content to come out. The levels are fun and challenging but not impossible. The game does a really good job of building up your skills every level. The skins are fun and a really nice aspect of the game. My favorite skin is the rainbow one. Honestly there is no reason not to download this game. I know I should like Iโ€™m being paid to say good things but I'm not I just love a it.
I had fun playing, I gave it 4 stars becuz l found a glitch, if u tap to fast on the skip button it may take you to the next level with no adds, but over all it is a great game and you should play it. GOOD LUCK.
I gave it a 4 because its a really fun game but the only problem is when you get to the higher stages they make me mad because there so hard and sometimes when I push my screen so I can jump it doesn't work the I die because I couldn't jump but besides that its a great game
Very smooth and fun to play. This is very much a game that can take many hours out of your day without you realizing it. I finished this in about three days, and am waiting for new stages, but it's very fun to replay too! I recommend installing this if you're bored.
basic mobile game, skins are cool but nothing special. not that any of this is bad, its actually a solid game to pass the time.
It's a good game but a ha e a few complaints it takes like 30 minutes to get through all the levels and after u watch a add to skip a level if u try and do the level again you have to watch the add again witch can get annoying over than that it's a good game (keep up the good work devs)
Honestly, I had a very good time playing this game. I thought it was going to be an add farm but there's no adds what so ever. What's also good about this game is that I can play it peacefully while listening to music videos etc. It's challenging enough that I can play it all day while being entertained. Over all one of the best game I've played.
Too many ads. I never begrudge anyone from making money from their work but this game is just unplayable. Which is a shame because I really enjoyed it. Win a level - ad. Lose a level 3 times - ad. And the ads are really long.
Good Need to improve difficulty level It's not much difficult so... Work on difficulty level That's it.. Thank you for creating this type of app..
I'm not sure what all this 'I can't get past level 3' 'I'm stuck on level 4' is all about because I found those levels extremely easy, I'm on level 30 and the app is really fun. Five stars and yes, there's ads, but we all get our games that way, right? If the ads are pissing you off then just turn data off and Wi-Fi.
Fantastic game ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ they are challenging which is a really nice thing. Extremely fascinated by this game. I do have some problems; sometimes when i am playing there are Glitchs in the level so then i have to skip the level ๐Ÿ˜”. But Please make more levels i cant wait. Keep up the good work!!! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜ Bravo bravo. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
This is so frustrating although I'm probably 1 quarter through the game I don't know why people give it over 1 star. The good thing is I'm going to keep it so I can keep getting along with the game. The controls are not really working I keep taping every single time but guess what... it just makes me lose! I hope I can give it a 5 star soon๐Ÿ˜ข
GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK! This game has an unholy amount of ads so I decided to get the ad free version which stated THAT IT WILL GET RID OF THE ADS AND THE BOTTOM AD BANNER. So why do I still see the banner at the bottom of my screen while I play. And that only happens when I actually start playing like they assumed I wouldn't notice. So please fix this issue or give me my money back
This game is very fun it has 202 levels and some are challenging but i like challenges because it is so fun i definitly recommend
Game was great. Loved it. It was just the right amount of challenging. Although when I got to level 199, I went to the home page to check my progress and when I tried to go back into level 199, it brought me to a different level entirely. The only way to get back was to play the previous level again. I was then able to progress and beat the game after that though. I'm guessing its just a bug though. Other than that, it was a great game. Keep up the good work.
This game is so fun!! I totally recommend ๐Ÿ‘Œ Its sort of ad heavy in the first few levels, but later in the game there is like zero. The 'oops try again' page is uneccesary and takes up to much time, but otherwise great game
Sometime the levels can be hard but most of the time the levels are somewhat easy and if I cant pass a level I just watch an add and skip the level. When I downloaded the app it was free, and there is a VIP version but I did not get that one but instead the non VIP. I do love this game and I finished the whole thing. And now I want to play even more new leves. I do highly recomend this game to everyone.โค๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’ž
nice game, not too many ads, and really balanced levels. the only reason im raring 4/5 is because sometimes the ball glitches and jumps the opposite way, making me restart the level. other than that, its an amazing game
The physics issue seems to have been fixed. Ads are so rare they're practically nonexistent. If I had cash I'd definitely support this group. *old comment* wow, this game's physics are super inconsistent. nice concept, i love games like this. but this has some levels with a low jump and some with a high one.
This is fun but when you touch the platform with a spike, you die. I can't pass the stages only because of that! I DON'T EVEN TOUCH THE SPINES, EXCUSE ME
I enjoyed the game and cleared all the levels without any ads and am looking forward to when there are more levels however there are times where it glitches and the ball doesn't move or when I'm playing it accidentally ends up in the basket without me doing the full circuit but I would recommend
I love this app. It is cool and fun! But there's 1 problem. There's this stage that you need to jump one time and do it emidiatly afte, you may be wondering why this is bad, it's thet you can't jump twice. Maybey I'm just not good but I know it's not my phone.
Loved it! Thus game was so much fun and I really enjoyed playing it. I loved the different levels and components. I only wish that you got more gems when you finish a level since it was a little annoying to get gems to buy skins. I also think it would be a fun addition to add a way to make your own skins. For a price of course. Other than that the mechanisms were great and I'm looking forward to new levels. Keep it up!
It's an OK game to pass time when someone is talking about something you don't care about, but the ads are annoying.
Very nice, lots of levels, orecision, timing and patience!!!!!!!! That's what you need for this game ๐Ÿ˜€
Really fun and it is a challenge, but its not too hard. Might have to replay some levels more that a few times, but it is a great time killer and can be played offline. Good job! Beat all 202 levels.
I had absolutely no adds and it had so many levels! This game was challenging and that is why I like it!!!
This game is amazing. I love the challenges that this game gives. In most of the games that I have, there are ads every time you play a level, but this game has barely any ads at all.
Best time pass game, few minor level issues are there, which cause the level to get clear up quickly and unexpectedly, apart from that everything is very well ans smooth
Overall a fun and great game, literally spent hours on it without getting tired of it. There are some bugs... The ball gets stuck sometimes but not a big deal, you are still gonna have fun. Really reccomend it
The game is well made but simple at the same time, every level unique and challenging. The levels are short and so addicting I love the game <3
This game has good potential, but it's too hard to even get it to work! I was really excited to try this, but half of the time the ball doesn't jump when you tap the screen, (as to how it's supposed to in gameplay) I would really like this fixed, and until then I'll only give it 2 stars.
A fun time but there's some bugs that lessen the experience. Watching an ad never gives you the rewards promised and sometimes the ball will jump in the opposite direction of where you want it to go
I had no problems the levels were easy actually. And to be honest I have beat this game before and unlocked all the balls. But since I started over I have to rack up on points. I love the challenge of some of them especially with the time jumps its really fun I recommend this game if you wanna kill time or if you like games like this. :)
It's very time consuming and addictive . It can cause stress but also helps relieve it. Awesome game overall , cannot wait for the next set of levels.
This game was the best! Although it may be fustrating, that doesn't take over the fact of how incredible and fun this game was! The fact that this game was so challenging, which as a result, made it fustrating, made this game absolutely goated. Everytime, I would get bored, this game was it. I hope they will continue making games like this, but with less ads, less glitches and more fun and exciting to play! Overall, this game was the best! To the developers of this game, thank you very much! ๐Ÿคฉ
Loved it a lot. Good mind training. On top of that no ads made it less irritating. This is the first time I am even reviewing any game in my life. Thank you again and keep brining similar kind of games in future. Cheers.
This is so much fun there is an ad every 15 times you die or just no ads sometimes you can go days with out any ads on this game. You never get bored and there is so much levels but I want more more more and more ๐Ÿ˜œ plz can you make more level 220 are not enough oh and plz get this game ๐ŸŽฎ or do t and live your life sad and terrible but with this game ๐ŸŽฎ you can be me and have a life
I would of given it a five star review, because at first unlike other mobile games, it did not force ads on to you in order to unlock skins and stuff but then eventually they updated it to where you have to watch ads to get stuff that at first you would not. But the gameplay is addicting and smooth. It also has a ton of levels but not to many. Also the creators made sure to add new mechanics every now and then.
Really satisfying game.๐Ÿ˜ƒ But I must recommend to turn ur data or wi- fi off, otherwise you will gonna be bored by the flood of ads.๐Ÿ˜ & also make sure to take a break in between cause sometimes the levels can be a little bit hard๐Ÿ˜„
The only reason I rated the game a 4 and not 5 is because it has some glitches and sometimes when you go to skip level and you watch the add it just keeps you on the same level but that could just be me. anyway please fix the glitches and I will rate this game a 5 star โœจ
Super fun, challenging and doesn't take too long, don't need WiFi๐Ÿ˜ Only thing is the balls don't 'roll' they slide, the pattern doesn't move on the balls, and occasionally the ball just stops moving. But I do recommend, install now!!!!
I saw this game in an ad and thought it was cool, so I wrote it down and a few minutes later I downloaded it. It started of with a decent amount of difficulty and then it got harder, which is fine. It's fun AND challenging, so I like it and that's why I gave it 5 star's * * * * *
Ok this game is soooo addicting and absolutely amazing! The overall game is pretty creative and challenging and I love that about the game. But for some reason, after the 29 level the ads just kinda left even though I was connected to internet and didnt pay for removing ads. So I pretty much enjoyed the game a lot! I completed it and cant wait for more levels! Keep up the good work! These developers are amazing!
One of the most hassle free game I've ever played. There's hardly any ads, you don't have to see ad unless you want to. Also the game is quite relaxing and fun to play. Loved it
This game is amazing! My sister and i are obsessed with it. There are so many fun levels and cool skins. It can be frustrating and a bit glitchy at times but there are countless fun obstacles including portals and spikes and so many more. I am officially addicted ๐Ÿ˜‚I would totally reccomended this game. There aren't many ads but a few on the first few levels. You earn gems to unlock mystery skins. I love this game so much and you should get it!!
The games are very fun and challenging, it has so much to offer and you would love it if you, like me, love skill games. I highly recommend and the only reason I am not giving full stars is that when I watch an add to get more diamond things, I can't figure out how or why no diamonds get added. But to be fair, you get diamonds even after you fail a round so that's good. Overall a great app!
This is a relaxing game but I don't like like it. Cause Sometimes when I get get out the will be like 30+ 8f u watch 1 adcoins I click it but the first time I when I saw i wasn't sure i got 30 +coins but when it came again I nfirst saw how much coins I had and then I clicked it and when I saw my coins they were still the same number of coins as I had before so I am giving it only 3 stars
Such a good game exactly as advertised. I finally finished all of the levels and was happy with the little message at the end (they're working on new levels). One of the best games I've played, moderately addicting and an all round great game. I dont know how but this game has literally NO ADS so that a huge plus. Give the game a download, you won't regret it โฃ
Really fun game would recommend the only bad thing about it is when you get all the prizes you can't use the gems anymore
I rarely see a good mobile game, but this truly is one - it didn't spam me with ads, it kept my attention, it wasn't repetitive and forced you to think about your moves, and it kept me entertained. Honestly, the worst thing about this game is that it ended so soon, and I can't wait for the new levels.
It was okay. Quite entertaining. My only criticism is when your have finished and accidently jump and then lose. Also when you skip and watch an ad then have one last try at the level its like it cancelled out your skip video or something. But all in all, Its fun.
I love this game a lot since it has many advantage like in other games if you try once again you don't get any money or gem.
This game is great! Its fun and and colorful, the graphics are non-distracting. Even though it is fun, it is quite challenging but that is part of the charm.
Very fun A lot of people just say it glitches and stuff. I'm on an old phone and I haven't had it glitch once I suggest it. It's very fun sometimes it's frustrating but that just makes it a good game. I wish there were more levels though
I HATE THIS GAME I CAN'T PASS LEVEL 5Il IT'S HARD CORE CAN'T PASS IT DEFINITELY not for kids and everyone but kids and kids are going on here and using needles and popping balls do not support me anymore don't play this game especially if you are under 7
Its an easy game if it decides to work. Level 4 wouldn't let me jump. I was tapping the screen but nothing. I decided to skip the level but after the ad finished it didn't skip but sent me back to the start of level 4.
Good game, but every second time it puts me an ad and I can't normally pass JUST ONE LEVEL. But okay, I wouldn't complain about ads if the game had good mechanics. 90% I die on a spike inside wheel, because it's too slow to do a normal jump, so every 2nd ad makes me angry!
The game is fine until later levels which bug out like crazy, levels act unpredictably and some are obviously not play tested, with some levels being not hard, but fully impossible, purely because of the design of the course. Forcing the user to use ad skips to play the game.
This game is really frustrating for a good number of reasons. Sometimes you'll glitch and be stuck and then when you try to get unstuck you'll die or sometimes you won't hit a spike and die.. its kinda fun but not enough to give it more than 2 stars.
Really good game, there was only ads in the first few levels. Completed all the levels with about 5 ads. Although, it needs more levels as I completed it in 2 hours
This is a really good game and very fun to play, plus it really help your brain get stonger. Sure there are some levels that are difficult, but thats just life right? I love this game, 5 ๐ŸŒŸ review. Please be coming out with more levels and games like this. Thank you. Also, I finished this in 3 days.
This game is awesome, should try this. If you are reading this then you should install this game. It just awesome. All the levels are very interesting. Iyself have have done all the levels and waiting for some new ones.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Its realy fun and challenging the more you go on theres alout of balls you can collect and even rare balls and you only need one thinger to play and i have not come across any bugs or gliches and theres a good amount of levels so i will prefer geting this game and also theres more and more gimicks as you go on and in my opinion this is one of the most innocent game on the app store.
Every few levels there were ads and some levels seemed hard but other than that everything is fine, besides the occasional lag and getting stuck. Overall it's a good game. 10/10 would recommend.
Great game to spend time or do in the background. The change the latter levels bring great satisfaction when you beat a level you've been stuck on.
Great game, really addictive. Just needs to get progressively harder. The levels seem to reach a point and then plateau so finishing the game ends up a bit too easy. I'd love to see another set of levels brought out with some more complex challenges! All in all, great game though!
I shouldn't have to put my phone on airplane mode to spend more time playing a game than watching ads for it. Win or lose, there's a 30 second ad waiting for you, and given the length of each level, the numbers don't play well.
I dont know why people say its a bad game i mean there aren't many ads yeah it gets annoying but its addictive i just completed it so ima try again cant wait for more levels
There is one substantial thing bringing down my rating of this game, and it's the detection of when I actually press the screen to jump. Perhaps I'm just a fool, maybe my screen is iffy, but sometimes the little balk simply will not jump whenever I try to. Other than that, this game is absolutely fantastic from the unique, dynamic levels, the skill that it develops for reaction time, hand/eye coordination, and timing. Fantastic game, it comes highly recommended to any and all.
In my opinion this is a very fun game. I have seen some people saying that its to hard at they cant get past the first levels. So I guess there just bad at games because it really was not to hard to beat the game. I beat it in one day. Anyways good game and I cant wait for some more levels!
Have now completed the game. It was great casual game to pass the time that was challenging but not impossible. Hopefully it doesn't take too long for them to bring out more levels.
Overall so far, this game if great fun and quite simple. You can just tap to jump! But, the reason I selected 3 stars is because on level four I'm having issues. This may just be me but it is difficult. I made a mistake and decided to skip the level, but when the ad is finished it takes me where I was two seconds ago. Please explain to me.
This is a really fun mobile game. Especially for those that have adhd/add like me. I will say that there are a few bugs here and there like the ball getting stuck or when i tap it will jump the opposite way than its supposed to. Other than that its fine.
This game is so cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜ but l just gave it 4 stars ๐ŸŒŸ because it has so much ads for games ๐ŸŽฎ like some games are on my phone ๐Ÿ“ฑ but this is not the point it is just so amazing and it so relaxing ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜‰ and you just do some moves and each level you get so much money ๐Ÿ˜‰ and so much better balls and if you don't believe me try it
I love this game it does not have many ads well maybe after 2 or 3 trys of losing but it's a good game
Ok so, many people said there are BARELY any ads, but with my experience there was an ad ever time I passed a level, the reason I'm not giving it a 2 or 1 star is bcus some of the ads were skippable so it wasant all that bad. Other than that, cool game, hope there's a second one!!!
It's very very cool game, and you can't put the mobile down, off course, I played it while my internet data was off, so i didn't see any add. The game is very enjoyable and exciting. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
I love this game, I love how tricky it is on most levels and it really gives you a challenge. This game is very addictive even if you get upset at it, you'll still go back to try it again. Recommended!
Had a lot of fun blasting through the levels... It gets a lot easier as you play, which is why I gave four stars instead of five. The level design is extremely basic which is a good thing, but it begs the question, why are there no more levels? I could still have fun replaying the levels, but it is still a little disappointing. The greatest part is how there are basically no ads ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸคŸ
I mean, it's a great game and all, but I do recommend turning your internet off to play it. Other wise you might get bombarded with ads non stop. I love the game, yes, but the levels can be extremely stressful so be sure to take breaks! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ’‹
I love it. It helped clear my mind when anxious and it's very satisfying, it makes me lose track of time sometimes and I like that. Waiting for new levels! :)
This game is just as great as the first time downloaded it on my other device. It's simple enough that you dont have to struggle, yet, fun enough to be a challenge. If you're looking for a good time waster, this is it, if you're looking for a good game, this is it, and if you're looking for a challenge, this is it.
The game is very good and it functions well but the reason why I gave it 4 stars cause there are some levels where I cant see where to do so I'm forced to skip it but over all the things work well but maybe sometime I'll change it to 5 stars
How can you have a bug that prevents you from jumping, in a game where all you can do is jump! Also, the game physics is messed up too! Sometimes the ball jumps up a slope without sliding down first. Either fix these bugs, or take this cash grab of a game off the play store.
I say this is a really good game and very addicting but the reason why I only give it 3 stars us because when I click the skip button so I watch a video and when it's done I'm on the same level. And when i try to jump it doesn't jump.
This game is really good there is no ads but there is one problem it only goes up to 202 lvls but the game people are working on new lvls so i have to wait and thats why i gave it 4 stars and not 5
It was very nice but mabey if you didn't include skip game it would be a 5 star game for me . It also would have been more challenging.
The cane was really fun, the ads were non-intrusive, and I can play it over and over again just so that my brain has something to do. The only issue I have is that sometimes the jump would go the opposite way that it was supposed to go but that was the only issue. Solid 5/5
It's a fun little game. Tricky, but fun. I just wish it didn't show the game over screen every time you died and just reset instead with maybe a little option at the bottom to skip. Other than that, neat game.
Its nice bt its too easy please bring some new difficulty in this game and graphics is very slow . The ball can be more decorated and addd some power in the ball so that it will be more intresting for playing