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Glory Ages - Samurais

Glory Ages - Samurais for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by NoTriple-A Games located at Russia. Chudovo. Soldatova. Postcode - 174211. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The background is good, dodging sometimes dosent work as he just rolls and don't move. I would recommend it thou it needs more updates
Great game, great graphics, extremely fun. The controls are a tiny bit clunky, and I hope there will be the addition of throwing weapons such as shurikens
I changed my reviews and downvoted to 1 star on this game. Because this game has less to offer in terms of enjoyment. I mean how could you survive long enough in any mode especially in endless mode with no recovery items spawned huh? My character also have limited movements while bosses and ninjas could slit your throat easily by single handedly parries all of your lame attacks. Of course the devs don't gives two fk about this review because it's been 1 year since the latest update. Terrible๐Ÿ‘Ž
It is good. Kinda wish there was a story mode tho. Anyway the combat system is very pleasing and the overall aesthetic is amazing. It would be cool if there was a story mode.
graphics are surprisingly good... what it needs is a bit more control for the movement of the player because it feels like its a second slower. but game is actually pretty good. i dont mind an add at the end. graphics look decent. however controls and skills are a bit boring. camera angle is ok but not great. so does need improvements. but it has great potential.
I really liked it really enjoy it going to recommend the game to others maybe try adding a muliplayer so i could play with my friends that would be amazing and buy able skill abilitys like a forward dash or shield bash mace spin or spear quick jabs nothing fancy
I love the game, mechanics are super smooth and easy to the hand, I've been playing this game more and for longer then any other game otp, only thing I would consider is more characters and types of samurai swords even though there's alot as it is, but I would like to see some characters with samurai armor to buy, could be the same model just switch up the colors, great game though and the scenery is on point every stage I love it!
I suggest that you add more levels, difficulties, weapons, and characters. And add more battlegrounds. I think it will be greater if you also add armors. This game needs a storyline. And I wish I could change the sizes of the buttons cause it was too small for me. BTW My problem is the ads. Everytime I finish the level there's ad. REMOVE THAT!! It's pissing me off. The gameplay is so boring.
It's amazing fighting game The only prob is that it has ad every level which is kinda annyoning.. other than that please add more elements like armours and stuff, shurikens online etc.. then it will be a blast!!!!!!!!!!
Love the graphics 60 fps smooth... I like how challenging this game.. and i hope you can add a more button to make a lot combo skill and make multiplayer
As a student in martial arts it hard to practice now others, but playing this game is so addictive and engaging. I love the realistic samurai's movement; its strategic and patient. The only flaw are the ads, however compared to some game, it's less of a time wait. I wish there were a ninja character though ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿคฏ
I keep glitching out of the arena and getting stuck there, unable to get back and continue the fight and unable to restart the match either.
It's one of the best games , I have ever played but it's just the same as ur other games! No new improvements? Also graphics & controls can be improved. If the gameplay was easier, we got more resources and if we got some new updates then it would be nice!! Also add new skins and armours, helmets etc. And keep developing....๐Ÿ˜
In terms of enjoyment, I enjoyed it for like 4 hours and after that it's just boring, it's the same thing over and over, atleast add some varieties with different enemy's. "A boring game covered by good arts"
Does not even load up and I have the new Samsung s20. Please fix this issue! The game looks good from the outside though. Thanks!
This game has great visual and controls, needs lot of grinding to earn coins but that is not necessary if you're into only enjoy playing
As soon as you have automatic ads in your game I'm going to give you 1 star. You already have ads to gain temporary power-ups. Forced ads at the end of levels seriously impedes my enjoyment. I will be uninstalling.
Very cool game, plus I'm able to play it smoothly on my bad device as well with great graphics, really recommend
Great games, however not quite well constructed. The gameplay itself is simple satisfying and can provide quite a challenge for average person. However there are several problems easily improved. The game requires more easily obtainable swords and heros. The game itself isn't well optimised as it runs hot on even latest flagship (might be due to refreshrate), there are plenty of annoying bugs where during the fight you are teleported on the other side or even outside the map. Remaster this game
The game sucks in general, on the second level of part one they never run out of stamina, which means I can't even attack or move. The game may work for some people, but for me it sucks. I would not download it
Good fighting-slashing samurai game. The graphics amazing. But there is no story... And the ads a bit annoying, could have been an option to watch ads and earn coins.
Really appreciate the moody and dreamy feel of the graphics, and the animations and the sword fight mechanics is just fantastic.
To be honest, I really enjoy this game. I be smacking them ninjas around like nothing, but I think if possible a online pvp. With either player having to win 3 rounds or even a multi-player competition.
Its absolutely beautiful, the maps are phenomenal, the graphics are good, but add more maps, add online pvp, add a mini open world, such things will make the game 100% more Fantastic
This game is extremely fun and has amazing graphics but the biggest downside is the game is extremely hard. I'm only on level 6 and I haven't passed it in 20 min. It's still a fun game just really hard.
The game is pretty cool and challenging, big groups, sometimes bosses in those big groups, even two bosses in one wave. But when I reached Part 4, the enemies just took too long to kill, and the bosses take like 1/4 of my health away with one hit. Plus I don't get enough coins to get better characters or weapons. So it's like I have to spend money to progress. I would recommend adding a different way to earn coins or lower their health and damage.
The character somehow teleport outside the boundary and can't get back in. Everything was fine but I can't play the game because it keeps happening.
It is very good samurai fps fighting games i have seen all the reviews before downloading most have said for more development but according to me it should have more harder levells and more easy controlls but still very nice game
Great game. wonderful . Ads do get annoying. You should create a .99 cent version with no ads. But other than that it's amazing. Graphics and controls are smooth. Great job
Slice and dice Try this game you wont regret it The controls and fighting mechanics are very good The game runs well and enemies ai is pretty good they try to suround you and they will oftenly counter attack if you just spam attacks. Thats why i love this game it rewards people who dont spam Ps: please add like a parry button That you can press before a strike hits you to do a parry instant kill like ghost of tsushima
The gameplay was truly a wonderful experience and the graphics were beautiful :) however i would like to suggest that you keep a more peaceful menu music, and increase the volume for the background music during battles, keeping that a calming music too, reminding a samurai that patience is everything :D
I dont know if i missed something but is the combat really just try hit your enemies and try not getting hit? Is there no timed counter attack or anything like it? Also is that lightning symbol stamina or shield? If it is stamina why can the enemies attack without it depleting?
I love the game, really enjoyable and satisfying. I would also be awesome if the devs can put some sort of story for the game and to add some things that would set as certain goals for players like more weapons, equipments, rewards, achievements, etc. Anything that would push us to play more to earn. But so far I really like this game overall ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
+2 Graphics +1 Controls(attacking and roll) +2 gameplay +2 mechanics -2 pay to win -1 roll and kick are the same, no different method of attacking( stances for quick or heavy or stab) Total 4/5: Ways to improve: 1) Make katanas and character unlock after each part but still use coins to buy 2) Make punch and kick button. Stances like lighting for quick combos are iron mail for heavy strikes. Different attacks can be done by hold or tapping them in a combination. 3) Parry button, Good luck devs
This game is extremely difficult, but that is a huge part of the experience. The combat system can be slightly unresponsive at times, but otherwise, the controls are excellent. The only issue I really have, don't know if it's intentional or not, is the fact that enemies seem to have unlimited stamina while attacking. Makes it really difficult to attack any of them, but still a fun experience nonetheless. 100% would recommend :D
Great game, requires patience, planning and timing. Give it a try and trust me, you wont be disappointed,
The ads. The game is good but the ads. Even if u can buy to remove the ads bra I don't want to waste my money that. Just remove the ads if u can
Decent. It's a swashbuckling game so it gets repetitive without a story line and objectives. Good graphics.
It was ok until you start dodging 2 on 1's and it just glitched me to an open field with no one to fight. Ran around and no one showed up. I guess I was too much for them. Also the skill upgrades doesn't seem to do anything ๐Ÿ˜‚. All in all if it didn't have boundaries or borders where you can circle freely it would've been more versatile while having a side step instead of rolling.
Garbage the controls r tiny i press attack oh woops you pressed role u lose stam for every swing the enemies pin you in a corner and swing and never lose stamina so you cant dodge and u can only block with no reward and you cant escape they just swing forever its bery unfair the endless mode is way to hard even if you upgrade a ton you get a very little amount of coins and half the equipment you need to buy anyways its a garbage game they just pin me in a corner and way to many ads put less ads
The enimies are repetative and there is no story. The combat and graphics are good, so if you're into that kinda thing, this is the game for you. However, your avatar is uncusomizable, meaning you can't channge your equiptment(which is just a sword, and your outfit), outfit(which looks bad-ass), gender(which is male, sorry for any girls out there reading this), your ugly beard (and yes your avatar has an ugly goatee that you can't change). Story 0/5, Combat 5/5, Enjoyment 4/5, Overall 3/5.
Please describe to me how a 4 on 1 battle is fair especially when your character strikes as slow as a tortoise.This game is totally unfair and the fact that there is an invisible barrier that only makes you stand there while watching your enemies kill you makes matters worse.The environment looks good and that's the only good thing I can say about this game.I wouldn't recommend it to my friends.If you would make improvements to the combat system I would actually play it
It's like a half conceived idea. You fight. But there's no goal, no story, and no reason to continue playing. Bad tutorial, bad movement and controls...lots of ads- and watching the ads is not worth the 3 minutes of gameplay it buys you. Bad game.
It is a great game but 1. Point please remove the ads 2. Enemy's always keep atacking you so if you even block you cant do anything if you unblock to hit you wont get a chance pls remove these all
The game itself is magnificent , tge endless mode is broken. Enemies are too tough with too much hp and damage. Should be proportionate to the level of the player. The controls are great, a bit quanky but great.
This game has a lot of bloody ads!!! Are you trying to become billionaires overnight? The game itself is fun it has a lot of possibilities like and adventure mode in a mini open world would be awesome also would be great if it had the option to play with friends plus a voice chat would be great. There are just a lot of things you could do and I'd really love to see it be done. I'll rate it 5 stars after that. Please reduce the amount of ads displayed.
I admit I was rusty when I started out, soon after found my feat. Love the mechanics as they reward good timing and positioning is key (don't get surrounded). The element of challenge comes into play after a while but for a fair price you can make it easier for yourself later on.
Graphics are very nice, game is just like the pictures and the game runs really well no lag and overall game play is very good. There are no bug or anything. But if you could customise your character and and controls it would have a different but better feel, but overall a good game
So far so good. Just downloaded maybe an hour ago and I'm still playing (with this brief pause to voluntarily leave this review). The graphics are pretty cool as long as you have a phone that can handle them. Me personally, I prefer to spend the extra five or six bucks on gold/cash during a game just to get a leg up and it was totally worth it to make it all that a bit more fun. I only wish that the game was controller compatible because it has the perfect amount of buttons to be but it is not.
The fighting, moves and all that are cool, but, it has a flaw, there is no counter attack for which we have to tap the block button a specific time, and also, if we press and hold the block, the hero won't take any penalties, nothing, he can hold for indefinitely which is wrong. The hero should lose energy for each block
I really enjoyed my experience playing this game as it was loads of fun. The combat, blood effects and graphics were all amazing. Although, it would be pretty cool if you guys added a pause button and ranged weapons such as shuriken, throwing knives and whatnot. Overall, a pretty awesome game!
Sir, your invented game is so good. But there are some problems (according to me). So I want to say you to do them. Sir, please make some different moves of each weapons but same some moves of one of the weapon which is taken by the character. Show the health and stamina in mathematical letters (1-2-3). And show the fury in percentage. Show the particular ground (in wide) with lines (two directions). Make the buttons more bigger. I am just a gamer.I have told you to the improve this game.
I was looking for controller enabled games and this came up in the list so I decided to try it, you can move your character around until you start the actual levels then the controller is useless, I didnt play it and graphics aren't all that either...sort the controller option out or take it of the controller enabled list ...
Most of the people don't know when we rate an app , there should be specific needs . People do what they like. Not only for fun, but some of circumstances the developer is taking. Code of implement, in-home skill Personalized ads, etc whatever a Creator knows . When a community is Is acquiring feedback from public which should be mean . In my view this game is best and good sounds feature. Whenever we rate a app please rate Carefully. For a suggest Make a zoom when the samurai Kills critical
This game is genuinely with thee shii !!! So simple but challenging , i can play this for hours . Its so satisfying.. it fills that void for samurai lovers .. we want a true katana fighting samurai game this is it boys !!!
I like the game. It's great, has nice graphics and a very nice scenery. But can you add stances please?
good game too just f*#*# ppl up in. i lik it. Needs more levels and Different backgrounds. A burning house would be koo to see. Or u know whatever else, too many field or valley or whatever it is backgrounds. also bought the no ads. Its Koo but to get up fury or strength u still have too.
Game is great but to earn skill I guess is by mission so upgrading takes a while during endless sometimes you send two bosses or 5 troops so it's not like waves when trying to earn coins you cant redo the mission so if your stuck then you'll have to pay for a bater weapon although it's a samurai game I wished to use a samurai armor but theres nun tinted of that the graphics are the best I seen and the finishing moves I notice that the last update was last year but if you could improve things plz
It's a fun game, easily one of the best samurai games I've ever played. Good graphics and I'm actually surprised that it's 3D because I thought it was 2D like the other samurai games I played before. My only request is that please increase the coins and skill points you get after each round or give some free at the start of the game, it would really help thank you.
Well I think is an all-around game it's well rounded graphics are spectacular and the game mechanics are fine, however the controller compatibity within game has a lot of issues in the game. For instance when moving the character is a problem and sometimes when you pause the game and go back with the controller it's doesn't want to work
Played it at almost 5 mins and I'm already satisfied. I don't know if there was a way to make your own character but I wish there was. If there wasn't please add it to the game, it would make this game much more enjoyable. I rated it 5 star because I'm a big fan of samurais and my expectations were right. I love this app.
Pretty game. Falls short on game mechanics and fighting style. Controls are also a bit awkward. The way to win is to carefully kite groups of enemies and pick them off one by one. At some point this gets old. Good idea, add something more to it.
The movements aren't great, the choreography is wacky, but other than that it graphics are good and I love brutal aspects.
Really awsome and addictive game. The graphic of this game is not much batter I thinks Maker of this game will make more batter but anyway nice game.
I have to say for a mobile game this is amazing. I'm a huge fan of Japanese culture and I really love the aesthetic and the art, really nice to look at. Overall I really enjoy playing the game, and if you like samurai and killing than this is for you.
An amazing game with stylized visual and realistic japanese fighting style. But i hope there's a cloud save data so i can backup my progress that i left. Edit : this is my personal opinion but that icon is not represented well to the actual game (the icon seems like a fighting game with realistic graphics. In reality, it's a japanese styled visual level fighting game)
A good concept brought down by horrible controls, unfair difficulty spikes and a serious lack of meaningful content.
Very cool. Liked the gameplay. Takes time to master. I hope the devs include a story and multiplayer next time. It stands on it's own two feet tho. Good game.
I adore the visuals and the fights and controls are fun too. I just wish the was an actual fleshed out story mode and different levels. Overall the game is good
I like the game but its boring ,i think u should add a story line and more controls and also i will like to be in charge of the combos i want to use . when all is done then, i will give a five stars
This game is amazing!!! This is the best samurai game ever the graphics are fantastic, I dont think there is any better samurai game than this. Why didnt I find this earlier
This is a amazing game. But there is alot that can be better. The game fills empty. Sad but no updates in over a year! Once I see that the developers are working on the game or even a second one then I will change the score.
Id finish the parts event,. And nothing to play only endless,. Its you have another game modes And add a lot more character and skins,. And the weapon had slash effect thats will be more fun
I love this game. Is very chill, good-looking and beautiful. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is bc of the poor quantity of gold earned in every challenge and the lack of some combos.
Awesome game. In giving it a four because I feel it should also have a 6 limit offline multiplayer as well so one can play with friends and maybe they could add a 3 limit shuriaken with some elemental abilities and some missions. With those in place this game would be legendary. What they've got is still pretty awesome๐ŸŒŸ
Two stars, not because it's bad but because it could be better. Could use a story, and maybe some counterattacking for the character? Great game, would love to learn how to make one like it.
It's a good game could use a lil bit of optimization,also some of the animations of the excusions need to be remade
This game is great but I have suggestions for future: More maps(like different maps where we can look around and climb mountain and houses More perspective first person and manage to move screen) Modes: multiplayer raid etc That's all and the reason my rate was dumb before cause I was a little kid ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
It's a beautiful game with a simple objective: kill all enemies. The controls are great, the short slow motion kills are very well developed, the motions of your swordsman and of the enemies is very fluent as well, even on my old phone it has a very smooth flow which isn't something I come by often. Its simplistic gameplay makes it enjoyable and satisfying for anyone to play.
The game needs a story line. We don't know why the samurai is defending himself against other samurais. Definitely would like to have a parrying system that would make the game fun since you can just block through enemy attacks.
This game could be something but not only it has bad graphics the movement of your character needs polish. Besides those the game gives almost nothing to make you stronger niether gold nor skill points. At first you think this is a game that lets you play the previous levels but nah you can play them but there's no reward whatsoever
Graphics are good, grinding is good. The only gripe I have is the dodging system. The character does not dodge in the direction that I specify, this leads to me getting cornered by 4 opponents with no way out.
this game is awesome though can you make the price of swords or characters a bit lower pls, anyways, its a five star game with great gameplay and graphics, and if you can, could you make a version where there is first person view so you can be the samurai.
Need a lot of developments. Also add taunt to the main character, tips has a lot of grammatical errors, add many options in settings especially the movement keys, add more stages and difficulties, also need storyline. Overall the graphics impressed me, music was ok and the designs of characters. Why not make some of the weapons and character free rather than we need to purchase it. Nice game, i hope it will be better soon
Could do with being able to move button position and switch off slo-mo finishes as I died once thinking I won and I should have been evading. Also more enemy types. Apart from that, excellent Samurai action and time killer.
Great game. Love the setting and controls. Gameplay is smooth, simplistic but still takes skill and grind to win games. Lovely Graphics. I just wish there was a bit more the player could do, maybe like a simple combo just to save our souls cuz sometimes the fury attack ain't loaded and earning coins is a bit too hard, like getting the best weapons and characters are near impossible. But still its a great game as it is
Great game! I paid for the full version. Great game play! One thing that that is annoying is that you have to watch ads to get full fury and extra power. If you buy a full version, you shouldn't have to deal with ads at all. What's up with the skill points? I only had one upgrade at the beginning of level 1. I'm at the end of level 2 and yet to get upgrade on skill points.
Great game, thank you creators. Stunning graphics and awesome gameplay. I would like to appeal creators to add multiplayer mode and good idea to have multiplayer via wife hotspot. Looking forward to receiving a response for my request. Thank you one more time.
Amazing, but can't get to fighting more than 5 at once.. however not an issue.. I would suggest a storyline, if this game gets a storyline and more game modes that would earn better coins I promise you a great deal of fame. Also make more skins, maybe some skins with samurai clothes (kimono with them wide wide swordsman pants)
This game is an amazing game good game play and so much fun I am on part 8 and excited to go on and beat part 10, there are some problems first the edge of the maps I need to know before I get to wge of the map so I can plan ahead plz fix put boarder around it so i know when it's coming, The enemies when the corner you they never stop attacking you simply fix the to, but ya that's it great game
Its a good game and everything the graphics the attack system my problem is i encountered a bug where whenever i meet a boss i cant hit him even in part 1 the boss always doges my attacks its annoying cuz i cant progress pls help