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Global War

Global War for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Icebear Studio located at GCCD0628 RM B 14/F WAH HEN COMM CTR 383 HENNESSY RD WANCHAI HK . The game is suitable for PEGI 16 (Strong Language) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
play this game if you want to see ton of bugs. all dead servers.some servers have 6 or 7 players per server and suck boring and farmville game. pay to win no chance for f2p. people play this game about 1 or 2 weeks then quit. no fun.
Great game so far I am a fps multiplayer but like to try new games out and so far I like what I see in this game and the graphics are pretty cool and the controls are perfect
Relies on the usual build, train, recruit cycle, but quirky and fun approach - makes a nice change to have a war strategy game that doesn't take itself soooo seriously. Give it a whirl! Edit: been playing for a couple of months now, and far and away my favourite game of this kind
Right now it's absolutely PATHETIC, the game is full of bugs and I can't even LOG ON now. Thinking seriously about uninstalling. TERRIBLE
I would give this game zero star rating if i could, too cartoonish, very poor interface, extremely hard to upgrade buildings lots of bugs. And from what i hear, terrible customer support. They have no respect for players, only the money they spend. This game should be removed from play store!! Goes to the top of my trash heap of deleted gamess!
Game is very smooth, every now and then there is a bug but not very often. Very different from the original global war but its easy to get use to.
Pretty good game but the controls are kind of all over. Progression is fairly sluggish but not so slow you dont enjoy it.
This is an amazing game and reminds me of pre-smart-phone era of game concept. Sure, its an empire game, but it has so much potential unlike the massive plethora of empire games out right now. Originally gave a 5 star, but recently it seems like they are going after a money grab system rather than a game that could last a very long time. I will update rating if game developers and managers can keep this game balanced. To many KvK events against servers way older and far more powerfull.
Very enjoyable game. Graphics are charming and the sound is wonderful. The style is charming. This stands apart from many city building war games which is hard to do.
GAME NOT BALANCED,ITS "BUG WAR",1)Dont get in trap of spending and speed,Once you spend you see dead servers 2)You will not get kills even for events3) infantry/tank and troop are costliest, but weakest don use,no option against artellery., basic rule infantry>artellery >tank>infantry donn work,you get more losses 4)your server will be discriminated ,as you grow older from main events,your money will be wasted, citadale25(max),#server8,stay away from cheats,Game I'd "No Name",devs unfair,cheat
Needs to respond to inquires and issues sent to support email in a quick and timely fashion along with fixing bugs and issues in the same manner but besides that game is great and I'll be around in the game for awhile to come love it!
Wow. Can't believe I fell for it. "this game says no to pay to win". Ha. Load of bull. I'll be honest. Great game, and would rate 4 stars if they didn't lie in their advertising. I was drawn into the game by their advertising saying no pay to win. Week three in the server, and my guild which is all active is at 10 million might. The lead guild. 300 million might. Yeah. No pay to win my ass. Also don't believe the 5 star reviews. They give you free currency in game for a good rating.
This is definitely a game that will suck you in and drain your life. It will become your only mobile game, possibly even only game in general. I've been playing for a month and a half roughly, and I've logged in and committed at least two hours a day every day since then.
Devs, to keep players happy make shields easier to get. To many people get discouraged from constant attacks and are quitting.
Really bad at first I had hope but as soon as i downloaded the game it just turned into a knockoff wannabe game. It seemed that it would be kinda like clash of clans but unfortunately it turned into a knockoff wannabe game like world of z.
The biggest surprise was their translate feature. Their translate feature is astonishingly simple, accurate and easy. Blown away honestly
Good game so far just started playing simple to play graphics are good and game play takes a bit of getting use to but all good so far
Great Game, very addictive. Yeah you can spend lots to lvl but if you take your time and play well then you can grow just the same
Great new game. My only issue is the chat. The keyboard covers up what your typing so you cant see your message until you hit send. Which makes for a lot of typos. Please fix the chat so we can see our messages before sending :)
So far its a fun game, but very heavily pay to win i can barley stay in top 100 players cause of this and ive been on non stop.
The game sets up unfair kill events.....don't line up like events together. You will have 4 different build events on 4 different days same for research and troop events none of them line up. DONT GET ME STARTED ON THE GLITCHES AND NONSTOP BUGS! .....DONT SPEND A DIME ON THE GAME HUGE WASTE OF TIME!
Well I'm trying to upgrade the ship yard next to the lighthouse and it keeps on freezing on me,every time I log off and go back on the game it stays frozen,what should I do.well I just went back on and it won't let me collect anything.
This strategy game that looks stupid and actually enchanted, the style of the painting feels very comfortable, the heroes are very exquisitely painted, and the mid-term melee is particularly powerful.
Love the game, people need to be aware you need a decent phone to play. Its an addictive game. The only complaint I have would be is to be compensated for a certain glitch. Iam waiting on that. 😊
Hate it but they bribed me to give 5 undeserved stars to a stupid waste of time game. Really, not a game... More of a joke that ain't funny.
It's a good game but the hero upgrade is a bit to get used to, there is alot the game has to offer as far as free play, 4 stars as the game is older as many think it's new, it was only (updated) fyi..
Strong strategic, it needs teamwork. High playability, it will kill your time, suitable for players who like strategy development.
It's a good game to play but u need to fix a lil bit better cuz every time I press to upgrade or get the resources it won't let have to press it like 5 time to get it plz fix
Please make this game in landscape mode, landscape is much better than portrait. i also gave suggestion in game. Nice game, realistic look.
There are a lot of benefits for novices, real troop assistance, super assembly swept the Quartet (• ̀ω • ́) ✧ also a language translation function, and accessibility for foreigners ... huh? Come on (˘ • ω • ˘)
This is the strategy i was looking for! Usually i dont leave comments but this game deserves it .Freedom of building and there is no waiting time that big .And so much to do ! And its great alliance can lower ur building time .I love it !
If you ever find a bug, don't let the developers know because they will ban your account. I was a level 61 with 24M power and they banned my account after I alerted them to a flaw that allows other players to cheat by using bots and mods to hack resources. Way too many players from the developers who have been beta testing for ages. These dev-players are artificial Giants who decide the direction of the games development.
This game is a joke dont spend any money like my dummy self did waste of money keep changing stuff to cost more all about money really should change their advertising for this game to most expensive game out here only reason I still play cause I put to much into DONT SPEND DONT SPEND DONT SPEND WILL REGRET IT TRUST ME
The game is very good. Even if you don't have any money, you will get many gems, speed-ups, etc. After joining the alliance, your allies can help you accelerate. This game is still quite attractive
Great game love the different types of infantry little to big of a game it takes me about 5 to 10 minutes to get in.
Awesome action! But very, very time consuming!! Update looks great, more organized. Come on guys! This is a great game! Dont ruin it!
I just started playing a few minutes ago but from what I have seen, it has fairly good guidelines to help beginners get started. I have yet to check everything out. I will try to remember to update my review as I get further along in the game. [UPDATE]You can create up to 3 cities and log in to either one without restarting the game, each can be chosen from the in-game settings.
Just started. FTP. Game gives alot starting off. Packs seem decent and not too greedy. Will write a new review soon after a few events which there is plenty of. Hero drops are decent.
Things wrong with your game, 1st off the events where you can get a 3 day or perminant base skin is too difficult to get, you litterally set that up so people would spend more money, its obvious and everybody calls it out in game. Second, who in your company had the brilliant idea of setting up the backpack system? You go to get resources and it starts you out at max count, then if you miss click which happens alot, you end up with some pussed of people, like mysef. And fix error7 bug!!!!
Currently nearing 24 hours with the game under maintenance without even playing for the first time. Kinda discouraging to see their maintenance schedule.
All states 1-22 are dead. They make you battle states a year old when yours is less than 90 days. The devs steal from you. I have played these games for years. Dont waste your time or money on this BETA death trap where all states have died in 60 days. Literally one alliance left on each planet. Wish i could share messages with support and Empresd Wu. This game is Fraud
I have been playing for 5 days. I am concerned about the support though, I ran into a glitch and I have been trying to contact support, so far no response at all. The glitch occurs when you do a rally attack, sometimes it doesnt release your troops from the rally. It happened to several of us in our clan, the previous time it happened to me I had to spend 500 gems for a rally recall. This time I decided to reboot thUPDATE. NO RESPONCE IN ANY WAY FROM DEVS. 30HRS NEVER GOT RESP GAME DELETED