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Glamm'd - Style & Fashion Game

Glamm'd - Style & Fashion Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by sugarfree located at Studentu g. 3A-11 Kaunas, LT-50232 Lithuania. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game was absolutely amazing and very addicting until the new update. all the prices are way to high now and it's a lot harder then before, the game isn't as fun anymore. But it's still amazing and it's one of my favorite games, I just think it was a lot better before the update.
Its an amazing game! Just you will have to wait a lot when you end a competition. So bc of that i give 4 starts, over all its cool gams
I am really enjoying this game. Unlike similar games, voting in this one seems to be real. Since the update, I have had a huge problem losing clothes that I had already bought. Frustrating when deciding a particular skirt would be perfect for this next competition and you can't find it anywhere. Go into voting and another stylist has used it!! I would have rated this game 5 out of 5 if not for this issue 😥
Omg, i love this app so much and thats why its on the top of my list named favorites! I love all the make up and dresses and tops, along with all sugar free games! However i feel like since i have been playing it, i always win the competition. And i dont want to win every time, and also for me since i have been playing wich was 2 days ago, there are always on 1 or 2 likes for my person i designed and 0 for the other person. But overall i absolutely love the game so much. Thankyou Sugarfree!!!!
Best fashion app out there - lots of great, stylish outfit options, accessories and hairstyles. Lots of fun and addictive to play. Sure, there's ads in exchange for currency but that's the ONLY time you see ads in the game. Love this game.
Its a (overall, most things) great game, but I think, that its WAY to expensive to enter some of the competitions!! Like it goes up to 500 coins! WAY to much, its also not fair bc* (*because) ppl just wanna play. Then u need to earn money which to get alot it hard to! Like i won 900coins and didn't want to waist it JUST to enter a competition! I wanted new clothes too. Also how we get blue tickets? We get 1 ticket per comp not even so its really hard pls make something to fix that!
How can I change the profile pic? And, I would suggest to add a feature that will archive all the outfits being used for competing.
Edit: the new update is awful. Prices are raised and makes it so much harder to enter into competitons. And didn't seem to add any new content like new levels, clothes or hairstyles. Guess they got money hungry. Too bad :( Old review: this game is great! The artwork is so cute and the customisation options are awesome. It's nice that the clothes don't cost too much to buy as well. Having a lot of fun with this one, great alternative to Covet Fashion!
I'm torn on how to rate this game. Overall, it's the best dress up game I found in a long time BUT with the new update this game is no longer fun! The prices of clothes have unreasonably gone up, you have to use the blue cash to buy makeup, and now using cherries to enter competitions! On top of all that, clothes I bought are no longer in my wardrobe! I want to rate you higher but this last update was the worst! Hopefully with the next one you listen to the reviews.
I really love this game! The only thing I really don't like is the fact that you have to wait hours for the voting results to come in. I just really don't think you should have to wait that long or even wait at all. Other than that, the currency of the game is alright and I love everything else about it! Please think about fixing the wait time and keep up the good work! I have now finished all of the places on the map and i don't know what to do. Please make competitions soon!
This game used to be fun but i cant play it because i need facebook but i don't have facebook anymore please FIX THIS
It is a good game but i donot know that what happend with it ....after wining so many compitions so many levels one day i opned the game and i saw it has started from level 1 all my dresses were not there ...how please answer me Ok after that it was ok like everything wad normal but today it also happend what is this i am angery now
Love the new update and additions! I just can't seem to figure out how to change the skin tone? I've already chnaged it once but can't seem to do it again. ‐------- UPDATE: I bought the premium, it's fun at first but some of the clothes I already purchased were missing. Also, I've won few challenges but how come I didnt get the prizes/clothes offered in that city?? I spent money, time and effort trying to collect cherries and this happens 😫
I love this game!! But I hate the new update. If you can hear me sugar free, please make sure we can change our avatar and I don't like how there is a big black circle on the place that you are in. But overall it is a great game and I recommend it to anyone who loves fashion and fashion competitions!!!
This is the best fashion game out of all the ones I've come across. Even the timing of the ads and use of them is done very well. But I am done playing the game already! There are SO many cities in the world and SO many challenges to create, and in such a simple format. PLEASE make more. I don't want to be done playing. 😭 EDIT: Thank you again for the response, and good news!! ❤️
I am a premier member. Happy with the update. But this is too bad, most of the dresses are missing. I played hard to earn them. What to do now??
First .your game could be fun. But the prices you want for clothes is ridiculously high..you get 10000 to start. You buy 3 items money is gone, I've played other games similar, but none are as high as yours. My advice lower the price on items, seriously 8550 for over the knee socks, and a little lower for shorts! Lower prices you'll get more people..
.. the new Update is not good 🥺 that's very costly there is much use of cherry 🍒 and by seeing adds we can get cherry's and currency but the problem is per add only 1 cherry 🍒 or one currency so by watching adds I am getting bored the I felt no need to play hese game yaah and there are lots of problems I found after the new update ..... A request to suger free studio is to take back these new update 😃 please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🥺 it will be better .. before the new update the game was fantasti
It is the best game i have ever played if ur new it might be confuseing but you'll a get a hang of it I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!! but it sometimes freezes on the screen so it might need more updates
What is happening???? I restarted tha game because whenever i click update its being redirected to playstore and the options are UNINSTALL or OPEN. And now on level 1 doesn't have the ✔️ option to submit... So frustrating
Since the new update I've been getting alot of mixed feeling about it. I hate that you need to use "cherries" to compete in different locations, since it is very rare to gain them. I'm annoyed that i am missing alot of clothing items i have gotten inthe old version and the pricing of everything is overly charged. I prefer the old version so much better you can tell they updated everything to get more money of it it
I used to love it but the new update is awful. I can't add random friends due to a stalking issue therefore I can't compete. I spend real money on this game, and have been at the top of the leaderboad for almost a month. Please fix this or you lost me. Thank you. Candy Payne
Really enjoy this game but not enough levels. Its getting boring doing the same levels over and over. Put more countries on the map please!
I'm updating my review because the game is constantly "forgetting" designs and competitions I've already entered and will go back to 0revious competitions that gave already ended. This happens over and over again and I have submitted complaints that have never been addressed. The app has been down all day and I cant even get into it anymore. This sucks
The game is great. But now it's not responding. After I press the play button, the screen goes blank and closes. Please help.
I LOVE IT AND I CAN MAKE MY OWN STYLE!!! i just was they update the server because , it be running real slow most of the time and it be freezing my phone up
I absolutely love this game. The options for customization are incredible and I simply can't stop playing. Downsides are that I've already unlocked everything in the game and updates could be more frequent. Also I've had to reinstall the app several times as it freezes on the opening screen. Still totally addictive and gets my creative juices flowing.
Why do you have to ruin a perfect game with the new update? Before, I play this game for hours and enjoy every minute. But now we can't enter a game for free, cherries ruined it.
One of my absolute favourite games, its super fun. I can literally play this for hours. It's a top game, I would definitely recommend this game to everyone!
Best fashion game i could ever find........i also learn the coordination of clothes 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
I really like designing people and starting to like the style in real life and where it how I can rate other people.Once I got to rate my sister.but i think u should make the times a little more shorter
After update: the game was very grate Before update,but now it's not. We r getting less money and the prices r more ,entering a competition is so hard ,especially I'm not getting more bucks to style a new look . Before update : it's an amazing game i like all styles in this ,new dresses ,new makeup, etc and ect...
I previously gave this game 4 stars. It's so addictive, with minimal pop ups, and has cute, fun graphics. However, I've reached a point where the next area, Oaxaca, wont open. Im wondering if I've reached the games full capacity or if I have to sign in with Google or FB, (which I prefer not to do) to get to the next level. If so, will I lose things I've purchased like Premium and items in my wardrobe collection? From very happy to frustrated player.
I really like the game. It's so much fun, only a few ads and no bugs for me. Fun game play, but the voting is off. You could have the most monochrome outfit for the monochrome section and Some one else wins, but there outfit didn't fit the theme at all. Recommend this game.
Really enjoying GLAMM'D so far and it's definitely the best fashion design game I've played in a long time so I'm rating this app 5 stars. Great outfits to choose from along with accessories and make-up. I do wish for more of a variety of make-up and hair but overall this is a really enjoyable game I've been playing every day for a month now. Excellent being able to chat with other players and send fashion competitions. I would recommend this app to anyone who likes being a fashionista!