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Gladiator Glory

Gladiator Glory for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Progress Games located at Russia, Novosibirsk, Timiryazeva 95. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Worst game ever ! The game kept crashing and do to a recent bug they erased all of my progress . I was level 11 and a half when they did this . It was the fault of the company but I'm paying the price for their error . I've been playing day and night since mid JANUARY until now April first and I'm extremely pissed off!!!!!!!!! It's not worth playing anymore . I wouldn't waste my time with this trash game if I were you ! These people are thieves and deserve to be removed from Google store! I wasted so much time trying my hardest to get higher in level to lose it all because they couldn't fix the app ! Thor , if your reading this I'm sure they did the same to you and everyone else who poured their heart and soul into this game , I'm sure you all feel as I do and that this company progress games is garbage and should be dropped from Google play store. It's now may 5th and the problem was never fixed , not only that the problem was never fixed , they erased my second go at the game... Last night I got back to level 10 and today they erased my progress again!!! They are forcing me to start from 1 all over again ! The website doesn't exist unless I can't access it from my area and there is no way to reach these morons so I'm not trying a third time , I'm here to give the most honest views on this game and as I said before it's not worth your time or your money!!!
Lots of potential, new updates suck. Made it take way longer to advance, when they needed to make it quicker and just add more stuff. Lazy. Might delete the app. Put it back the way it was...
Awesome game love that just awesome and i proud of this game cuz this game is a best gladiator combat game so i rate this 5 stars
this game is one of the best gladiator games I have played it has great dodges that you could in game along with action packed story mode and arena mode
This new update really sux,I used to really enjoy playing this game with my son but now it's not really worth it, archer mode is a waste of time,& you never get enough coin's come on guys supposed to go forward not back, supposed to make things better not worse🤤
I was a fan of this game. But last two updates were awful. Everything become a trash. From controls, to archery rewards. I can't give more than one star. Hope you fix these issues.
Most of the game is good.your championship has a few hackers but the rest is good.but the archer part is so dumb.they don't fight them selves they just go after you and they have tracking arrows.i saw the little stream that goes behind the arrows and it turned right to hit me
Pls developers this was my favorate game when it was 2018 and offline and now why did you make it online lots off players are just using There Mobile data pls make it just offline like it was 2018 pls i beg you developers pls pls make this offline and like all of the updates and now theres a bow but im dissapointed why its now online it was offline when the older version pls offline offline pls ill give this a five star if its now offline and i support you if its offline pls make it offline!!!!
Fun game, very easy to hack despite all their efforts (i've unlocked basically everything.). Im bored of it now though.
Edit:Okay I played the game more and I am HOOKED, like a fish getting dragged up from a fishing hook. The game runs better than I thought, though the control joystick needs a bit more optimization as sometimes it jitters left to right causing me to take a huge loss it only happens occasionally though. Honestly speaking, I like the game, but it still needs more optimizations to be a full game.
Sweet.. but i can't afford the level 9 sword i love to use ..Is annoying me seriously...Do something about it so that one can afford What he or she wants from store....
I used to play this game every day, but the latest update has made me lose interest. The rewards are so small that it makes progress through the game too slow.
Great game, fun to fight as a gladiator, the flighting physics are amazing ... but to develop your gladiator is slowly unless you pay a lot, also no much variety in characters
I like this game a lot whoever made this I like it I'll give it a five-star okay I like the details and just everything about this game
Ive spent 2+ hours trying to get better stuff, and guess what? I couldn't. no matter how long i a wait, nor open chests I will NEVER what so EVER get ANYTHING. My armor is from league 1, ive been opening crates for 2 hours plus, this game whants me to buy gems so i can open more chests. Do not download this game. Im leage THREE and I have NOT gotten any armor from luege 2 to 3 from chests. AND YOU BETTER REPLY.
Not much ands and plus they didn't lie about ads people who rate 1 star kinda did that for no reason and pls shout out
The game is nice but weapons and armor are so expensive to buy and in Halloween it takes too much time to repair the thing and this new update doesn't have offers as it is in the old one please collect that and the game would be great
surprisingly fun. best game I've played all year so far. good mindless slaughter. are you not entertained?! and ads optional huge plus for me
Good game but can we register with an email or phone number that we can sign in in other mobile phone when we change the phone
It's a good nice graphics easy to play I wish you clan vs clan battle and more activity like house or castle to rest when not on battlefield
I needed the offline gladiator game so please degrade this to the recent gladiator glory progress game.
great game.no lag no adds my favourite mode is story and I've always liked ancient history I definitely reccomend this
Its pretty fun but the enemies get super tough like super and it should be easier to level up also secondary weapons would be nice like if you dont want a sheild you could have a secondairy weapon. I have to say another thing the enemies are so strong that when you get to level up you HAVE to use all points in strength to stand a chance this problem will be helped by leveling up more in the new update so come but you should also consider nerfing the enimies
This game is incredible. Very good graphics and it is very entertaining. It has lots of modes you can play and even customize your character! This is a really good game. Go check it out. I would give it more stars if possible.
Previous rating is 2 because of controls.. And it seems controls have gotten better. Still not satisfied tho!
I really enjoy this game it is really fun to play just one thing could you add new weapons like a mace.could you also make the controls a bit easier because on chromebook it is quite hard to move :)
I used to really love this game but with how the devs have made it with having to wait for a chest i loved how this game wasnt a money grab and now its starting to become one ill give it 5 stars once they change it back
I couldn't even play the game. I downloaded it and I tried opening it multiple times but nothing. The game just kept crashing.
Thanx so much to the developers for sorting my problem out great team. Gladiator glory is really one of the BEST games ive played spent alot of time on it and will spend even more. If you looking for a real gladiator type feeling of gameplay download this game now!!!!!
This game is an interesting one to me . But there lies a problem. I upgrade so many weapons and kill so many opponents but I do never receive skill points . So I am unable to make great damage. It's my earnest request to the developers to deal with this issue . Also this game always shows server error and no internet connection though I have a highly stable internet connection whenever I play the game.
Used to really love playing this but since the new update, my thoughts changed. Getting chests costs 3x the gems and archery mini game is no longer worth bothering with. Time to find a new game to play.
Your I'ds are way too frickin long that's your problem and give me the following all emp gear all dark champ gear venus great axe sword of a lion heroic shield of a lion secutors sword and shield and destroyer gear all of it and first champ shield and first champ axe one handed and as a bonus at least 200 gems oh cut the I'd down 95%
The game is extremely good and fun. Definitely a game that outshines all others on Google play. I absolutely love it.
Tell me how is it fair for a 1v2 and a 1v3? Like at least let us have a team, want me to stop bickering? Let me have a team.
I think this is a very fun game but it froze on me a lot and a bit of lag but I love the game as I said
It will not allow me to play offline anymore I keep getting "try again no internet" when I play story. I guess the game is no longer offline
This game is good but a little bit of a problem like when you shoot arrows its hard to shoot it because the arrow button is on the same button as the joystick so it is kinda hard put a little improvement in game a bit but overall it is pretty cool because it has a lot of weapons and armor and you can also do tournaments to i love this game and you kinda have to work on the glitches a tiny bit 2 and a half stars with the glitches of 3 and also the joystick is also kinda hard the control give 4
Its says no internet connection 3 to 4 times in month. My other games work properly but this has internet problem.. Plz do something about this problem.
Very good game, until I'm stuck in tournament rewards stage. The game restarts every few seconds to podium of winners and after I recieve rewards starts to load to play then restarts all over again.
this is cool because you have to fight in a arena i sugest you play this game and try it out you can also play in vr
This game is fun. Easy controls, competitive and fun. What would be nice is if we could create teams and have team battles
Great game. I do wish that you can select multiple chest to open. So like when one chest is done opening, the next chest will automatically start opening. Also graphics on Max looks like low graphics to me
Has alot of potential but not enough to do Gets boring and repetitive Weapons are boring, armor is boring, pvp is boring after just a few weeks of playing Would give it more stars if there were more and better pvp options, skins or atleast way better armor options and needs armor to be pieces not always one unalterable set, needs more weapon options such as spanish sword or danish sword or bulgarian sword instead of just sword as an example. If you want me to spend more money i need options.
It's very good you can customize old Gladiator it's super fun you can be an awful Gladiator I think you can do with one's too
This game is very good probably the best graphics I have ever seen in this video game, there is just some things you need to add, a finisher move, now you should really google this ps4 game called: for honor get some details out and here you go, don't worry about copiying cause it's a ps4 game it's not on android.
i like this game, but every new update is worse... what happened with the chest? the daily rewards? the rewards in archer mode? everything is gone i dont feel any improvements with the controls despite "they have been worked out" picking up new weapons or sheilds takes so long sometimes and i'm a sitting duck waiting to be killed, i have died to that too many times i want to give a good review, but you give me no reasons to at this point the only solution i see is go back 3 updates At Least!!
The buttons hardly work, dodging is crucial. So why would it be good, the buttons are un-responsive and you get stunned everytime you get hit, making dodging useless
Im sorry but its the controlls and the way you earn cards is a problem its so hard to attack and its takes hours to open a single chest and its so hard to get gems.
It is fun, but bad business practice. The game REALLY WANTS YOU TO SPEND MONEY. It is paid to win. It has long cooldowns on the units of currency used for fighting online, I only got two scrolls in a two hour span of time(Max scrolls is 5). The only way to get more is you guessed it, buy more, with either, gold coins, or real money. And speaking of gold coins, it takes forever for you to get gold coins I never got pass 2000 coins, and the chest's take an hour to open, EACH. Doesn't give a lot.
The game used to be really good. Then they combined two different tournaments into one tournament. Which really brought this to one star game. They still have not created a way for you to login on a different phone. So basically if I lose my phone it will take jumping through hoops to get the account back. And there still is no player versus player
i think its cool but need more upgrades like finishing moves and everytime I fight back the attack buttom dont wrok for little while also and more gear and weapons
Game is good. Controls are garbage. Game starts easy with dumb AI then gets infinitely harder . Expereince isn't as good as it could be without paying
Was a really decent game before latest update now its buggy as hell, keeps locking on to dead people which is always helpful, get shot threw solid terrain with bows people walking through walls and 3 out of 5 tournament tickets It loads me in late so I'm a ball hair away from being killed before it's even loaded, also can't move forward on the daily archer thing as it only allows me to play the first level over and over again no matter how many times I complete it.
it's a pretty good game although the camera could be a bit better like you only move with the joystick but you can look around by swiping the right side of the screen without actually moving your avatar that would be pretty good food also increase someone survivability is there a new or Pro. the only problem I really have is just with the camera also I would like dismemberment dismemberment would be big like a big change
The gameplay is amazing because it feels real smooth and it is kinda hard to learn the control but in a hour you should be good. This game is really good.
You became a pay to win game shame on you your halloween mode is ass and your "multiplayer" selection is horrible your halloween mode gives the enemy either higher damage or higher health and you fight them all at once thats retarted i once liked yoir game but now its garbage like really chest this isnt clash royale why do we have to wait to get stuff instead of buying it for shame fix or lose a faithful player pay to win cowards for shamw i had hopes too
I'm a little disappointed, as I had to buy another phone, and then I had the app downloaded to my new phone, and my old game was no longer available. I put some money into the game and I was happy with my character, but now I can't retrieve him because I changed my phone?
Love this app controls good,but still please set up weapon upgradement to a higher level because storymode still stronger as we go higher .Thank u developer
I have been playing this game for abt 2 years now and its really a great gladiator game. Just over time its got extremely money grabbing pls go back to when we could buy our tourn tickets with gold to no more have this option is kind of ridiculous as gold is a valuble currency as well stop using every single way to make money by doin this you guys are spoiling what was once the best gladiator multi player game.
Good game but please gives us the choice that our locked target have the light around or not. It is difficult to see. It is not real.
Honestly, A bit too hard. Im on the last league and I just have to dodge as 1 hit amd im dead. The solution to this is to not have to wait to open chest. I also dont think that you should get 1 legendary in the 2 top chest. You should actually get five, as im am not grinding for good chest and then wait 12/24 hours for one legendary. Change it back to when you open the chest when you finish the battle. I know you want people to go through the story slowly, but do the battles have to be so hard?
hey i played this game years ago. And the story was great. But i played it now but the story was gone..also why do you have to be online to play arena? I played it before and its okay to be offline while playing arena. And now its online! Pls make the game offline again to bring its potential again or make offline mode
Please make a way to reset or start a new save game, I couldn't return to this game because my old save was still active, and I was thrown into the deep end immediately.
Hey progress games I would like to point out that your doing horrible with chestes I loved spending gold to get weapons
Cool but I can't play it much its realistic but when it's about like 86% loaded then it just turns off and on archer mode 2 victory its so hard to atleast kill 1 enemy without dieing
Broken game won't load. And it's 100% not my new galaxy s20+ as I have 100's of games with zero problems and still 300gb of space.
Fun game. Nice way to kill time. My main problem however is movement. is it possible for you to split camera controls and movement controls because it's really hard to control the character movements and camera being on the same joystick. This is mainly for when I'm not locked onto an enemy. Otherwise this game has lots of potential and I look forward to seeing how it grows later on
Thanks my friends. I ,m happy to wait and still playing regardless. The games too good not to! Just wanted to let you know
The game is great, but the pvp arena matchmaking needs a lot of work. The pvp is useless if you aren't overpowered because it is always a few low levels and one rediculous person who gets all the kills. Otherwise it's a good game.
Great game but the pay to play factor is unrealistic. The amount of gems you can earn compared to the amount of gems that is needed to even spend is so unvalanced that its sad.
cool game it has a lot of action and it actually is realistic and you can have so many weapons in there and the game is cool but you don't get to unequip your weapons or hats so I'm kind of mad about that but other than that the game is pretty cool
The game is good but, In some of the problem of the game is while you are entering the fight and the door is opening it suddenly freeze for a 15 sec and as well as in when your attacking the opponent and for the movement sometimes it delays to dodge the attack of the enemy that's why it hits you before you dodge it please do something to fix it. thank you over all the game is well fun
This game is really impressive for a mobile game I love it. My only complaint is that they should make the ranking system level base. But other then that good job developers keep it up
It's pretty fun, you can upgrade, you can get new armor, you can get new weapons, you get chests like every round which is pretty nice, and if anybody isn't a violent fan this game does not have lots of violents, one wack a little blood that's it. it's fun being a gladiator fighting poeple, not a lot of ads, I've played five rounds and no ads! It's great, and that's about all I've got to say, good job progress games!.
Dont download it this game costed me a mobile it says 82 mb its a lie he downloads at least 1gb without even telling you and dosnet show u sth is downloading It makes you play will it loads secretly my mobile was full spaced so its sudden death it can never open again plus the gameplay is bad
Fun... until you understand that chests are meant to be opened with gems so trash chests don't stack and you are being prevented of getting the enough amount of gold for upgrades and, hell, even for the arena. Ofc you can pay. The chest system is supposed to frustrate you and make you pay, even the one you get every 3 wins is limited to 2, before it needs to recharge (8h). For Archer mode you need to wait a total time of 5.5 hours per day to play every stage... Yeah f off. Even more can be said.
I would give this game a higher rating but game keeps glitching and making me lose in the tournament because people become indestructible and walking in circles... Its already closed the app 4 times on me taking a little over 4 thousand coins 🤦🤦 i love this game but its getting bad
I give it to 4stars beacouse is marvelous game but I recommend to make the game like online friends battle by these our friends can play gladiator with me in online
Gladiator glory is a good game with a brilliant concept, but deserves 1 star reason: tournaments are rigged been in one single battle and did okay then right after that first fight your then thrown against whales who can 1 hit kill everyone in the arena.
I came back to this game after 2 years and now it has ranged weapons upgraded accesibility as well as interface has been smoothed much more game options i am bloddy well impressed by the constant work dine by the devs of this game mad props
It's a nice game but still need more improvements from time to time and the chest kinda long to wait, if you can reduce it, i would glad to play it for long time. It really nice game and keep the good work for Gladiator Game
Blood on the sands! A fun gladiator game very surprised with it. A fun hack an slash give it a whirl.
All I get is a cannot connect to server message. I got 4g here! No prbs with any other games or apps juuuuuust THIS ONE!
Good game with a good concept, the fights start very predictable and get more challenging as you go. The game would be far more enjoyable if weapons/armor/sheilds were purchasable for gold in the shop.
Good game needs some work couple glitches stop you from advancing rhe quests section the gems and money value are to expensive and have no ryme or reason i have allot i can report for this but impossable to do through google play but good game to pass time would not apend money on the ingame purchases or the subscription way to expensive for what the game is so far and some of the prices for any game ever
I want a complaint you can be friends on this game but you can't play with them so whats the point??? Please fix that.
Soo worst game.. full of bugs .. full of mistakes.. it will be bored after one day playing.. DON'T DOWNLOAD IT, GUYS.. why my all body skills removed?? How i can reset my account??Reset my account or give my skill points back!!😡🤬
The concept and the game is great. They need to invest heavily in the art and graphics, make the attacks smoother and more dynamic and add more customization, amor and weapons
the game is good but u need some fixing here why in the fights qhy do u have to pick up weapons why cant u have ur own weapons so that we can fight thats my question
The game froze after weekly turn will not play any more has a glitch that want let me do anything at all
this game would be great if you didn't have to buy gems to do anything at all you get chest after every fight but you can't open them without gems so you get no armor no changes it really sucks cuz this would be a great game if the dev wasn't so greedy
I really love it but i wish you could add 1v1 so you can 1v1 your friends and see whos the best and see who can get better i think it would encourage people to try harder to get better to beat there friends then there friends try harder to beat them then it goes on and on that would be fun and interesting. Could you add tradeing and make it a little easier to get higher level chest. Really great love this game thanks for makeing this game hopefully you can add this stuff i told youu guys thanks
this is cool because you have to fight in a arena i sugest you play this game and try it out you can also play in vr thats what i think
graphics are amazing; controls are easy to manage. Instructions are clear to "understand" Thanks to the designers!!!!!!
I love this but the past update just spoilt it. First of all, why retract the rewards for Archery?? You're supposed to make it better not worse. Second, It's an all online game now?? It was better as an online/offline game. Third, daily rewards are gone. Forth, I can't pick up items in 'Tournament of Champions' except unused shields but other players can pick up anything, what's up with that?? Fix all this, and I'll gladly restore my 5* rating.
The game keeps crashing for no reason, sometimes works fine and sometimes just crashes when you enter a fight...
Awesome!!! No glitches, no lagging. It is a very versatile, highly compacted, far more user-friendly version of "I, Gladiator"(it literally beats the 1.9 gigabyte iteration of the game in every way except that it lacks the cinematic story aspect, but what more could someone hunting for a mobile gladiator game ask for? If you're looking to become a mobile gladiator, this is THE game to do it with) REALLY, don't hesitate, this game is AMAZE-BALLS compared to anything else gladiator on android