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Girls X Battle:GXB_Global

Girls X Battle:GXB_Global for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Carolgames located at 28 MAXWELL ROAD, #03-05, REDDOT TRAFFIC, SINGAPORE (069120). The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really do love this game. It's just not the one for me, I've seen other complaints about the same matter. And yes I am refering to the fact that this game is a LEECH! A gold digging app and i guarantee you won't enjoy it unless you pay huge amount of money for something you won't be sure to get in the fist place. You won't even enjoy the events if you won't spend money on it which makes it trashy. thumbs down
Your game doesn't make sense. how come you give freebies so little but level up so quick???? do you know this imbalance the whole when you want to level up the 50+ battle girls on the same level but the bottle juices i have was like so little i barely had any money for a VIP0. i know this is a strategy to get player PAYS you more dias and coins but u kno what this is just discouraging at this point how you guys manipulate everything
This game only about donate. You can't get anything good without real money. 60% of content available only for money. And you haven't chance to get it even you grind the game 2 years. F2p girls are garbage , none use most of them. Absolutely pay to win.
only thing I don't like is how hard it is to do the seven day enrollment for Aquaris elf skin which is impossible to do without recharging a bunch of times, I was so close 30 out of 35 but I needed a five star and to be Lvl 50
Everything wiped just like your Girls X battle 2. Really don't like what yous do. Make people invest in your game then you wipe their progress.
battles are a bit laggy, levelling up is OK but still a bit time consuming, the levelling up should be better, I mean level 1-100 is great, just evolving them to red star and beyond takes material that you don't have and it takes awhile to get it, only downside
I really love the gameplay it very interesting game for that guys I would like to give you five star 🌟 the for creating such a great game
Update: 25/09/2018 - Writing a new review to reflect the changes in my gaming experience with Girls X Battle since I began playing it in 2016. I've enjoyed how the game has expanded over the years in terms of adding more content and improving the gameplay features. However, there are certain changes that have not been for the better that has tempered my experiences somewhat. So here's a list of my concerns as a spending player of Girls X Battle. 1) An increase in the frequency of recharging events. Compared to 2016-2017 I noticed that as of Summer 2018 recharging events such as Katie's Poker Game, Puzzle, etc. have been released with increasing frequency. I used to remember a time when puzzle/mystic capsule events used to be like once every 2-3 months, but now they're happening almost on a monthly basis; such as the Vivian puzzle happening barely a month after the Liklis puzzle. And in between these two puzzle events we've had the BBQ Party and Cosy Garden events. 2) While I do not protest the frequency of these recharging events, I certainly wish they could at least be a bit more lenient/generous on those participating. Like, it's a good thing that for luck-based events such as poker games (both Katie's and Eva's) there is a "misfortune compensation" award that automatically grants the rare prize after a set number of failed draws - I'd suggest lowering the requirement for triggering a compensation award; i.e. say from the current 60 to 50. I believe that not only will this make things easier on the current paying playerbase, which would give them more incentive to continue financially supporting the game - it will also make it more enticing to the current F2P gamers and give them an incentive to decide to recharge diamonds themselves. Hope you see a point, thanks.
it's a very good game and it's strategy is quite amazing about how it is set up so I'm very happy to find this type of game
I enjoy the game but I have recently factory reset my phone and have lost my account that I have had for over 2 years now and all the money and there doesn't seem to be any customer support at all for the game I have emailed and got no response for that I give it 2 stars. I hope any one can help me with this issue.
like the game it's mechanics are good it's storyline in campaign is good as well and it's possible to win without the pay to win stuff other games like this use during gameplay but downside the loot box stuff is there plus many items in the store and vendors are by diamonds which is mostly where the lot boxes come into play as the other way is one time only on each campaign mission or if your grinding them through the long way of workplace or PvP on the top floor after 24 hours each day.
Game was good. When I try to reopen with my facebook account, my progress was gone. How can I fix this? This is a joke after I login everything restarts. My username is Jotaro by the way lvl 46.
in the beginning, i can feel enjoyable about this game. but in the end, it just like another "pay2win game" because free player never got a powerfull heroine same as player who did top up. my advice, make the free player can get the same powerfull heroine BUT, with grinding the scroll for heroine. and the top up player can buy it with their money. so we can have a fair gameplay.
I don't know why I just didn't like the game .....it is so so so damn boring and stupid it is waste of time ...I being a 8 year old girl didn't even play it for a second .....when I played it for the first time ...I uninstalled it the same moment 😡😡😤😤😠😠☹🤢🤢I can't even believe someone can give this game 4.4 or 5 reviews 😵😵😵
I hate it when other companies and other nations try to mimic and copy Japanese artwork and their game play because the Japanese are fair they're not greedy and they make good games Singapore anytime you see that it's a Cutthroat business people everything is carefully calculated and hard to try to get the money from you non-ending pop ups advertisement trying to get your money I'm filled with this company before I 1 don't take your money but when it comes to help you it doesn't exist STAYAWYQ🚫☢
The game is very fun and good, but I have a constant problem that whenever I try to open the vending machine to summon it freezes and then removes all the UI, and I have to restart the game over and over without the possibility to "summon" other girls. If it gets fixed I'll probably give 5 star
i think its kinda addictive and i got addicted into playing it even though i just saw its opening story. the graphics satisfying and the heroes are socute and powerful in different ways. id say its the best rpg game ive played in my life.
This game is all mess up its nothing on it at all not even the right stuff please fix your game is lagging really bad thats everyday so please fix that
Biggest waste of time and money. Game shamelessly bombard you with purchases that cost at least 10x what the content is worth and if you don't buy anything you will not make significant progress for at least a year. Find a different game that respects its players.
Compared to its second iteration, Girls X Battle does not stack up. Its UI is a mess, the combat is alright at best but nothing too interesting and the girls are pretty much the same in the sequel but worse, somehow. I truly love this series, but if you're looking for something similar to Girls x battle 2, this isn't it.
This is gonna be a fun game when I try it and people need to say good stuff about all the games not mean things
if i can rate it 0 stars i would probably do so. ive used this have for a long time i got a high level and i had a lot of stamina amd stuff but when the next day i came in the app it went back from the beggining this is THE WORST APP IN THE WHOLE APP STORE i waste all my money for it and it just went from the start UGHHHH
At first I was sceptical about the game but it's actually is pretty good. My only complaint is the advertisement for the game, I would like to see them show gameplay rather than what they show now because if they had I've would of played it from the get go (waited about 4 months before giving it a try).
Good game made bad by lousy GMs who 1. Do not understand the problems reported by user, or pretend not to understand. 2. Do not understand the game features. 3. Lowering rewards. Leaving a 1 star rating because of bad GMs and devs who seemingly only care about squeezing money out of players than delivering a good game, and frequent server downtime. Dev you want me to "improve" my review? Improve game first! GM attitude went from bad to worse. No longer worth investing in.
All the ads on this are FAKE! I was super excited when I first saw the ads for this game on youtube, but they were just LYING! This game isn't about an anime love story or anything where you have choices to follow along the story. This is a game where you have to gacha for anime characters and fight With them. I really would NOT recommend this game.
This is the best game ever it has every thing I wanted.the girls are very cute.!! also there is a small problem the problem is that I need a lot of time to get the cutest girls!instead of playing on my computer every day I play this game my family was realy surprised that I didn't play with my computer just for this amazing game!♥♥♥now am never board ♡♥ !thanks for this best game!?!♥♡ uptadethis game to be cool!!keep going!make this game top 1! this game came to life to be top 1 the best ever !!
pay to win wall meaning no 5 star girls for you. over spending stamina system with high usage to no rewards for ftp peoples. pear to pear system meaning you get to have a better team than the other guy to advance anywhere in game.
It wont let me login anymore but this game i have played for a long time i hope it keeps growing more ppl to play anyway it was rrl fun bye :3
I love this game but i see only the players i cant see potion i cant see skins i cant see the tipe of force for upgrade. I see only players and nothing more. What can i do ?
I'm having problems with the vending machine. Have reinstalled and lost gem purchases. Contacting the website only gives me a response in Chinese which I don't read. I like this game, but getting a little irked and would appreciate some help and compensation for the money I've lost
im not quite sure whats going on, the intro needs more adding to it, the wording needs some work too, to help understand the point of the game. It didn't sell it for me, uninstalling.
Its a really good game im enjoying it alot however I have more than enough scrolls to get 3 different girls now and its saying they are available to get but I cant summon them or anything so why give me the scrolls if I cant summon the battle girls.
well looks nice only whenever i play it gets stuck and im not able to play further long story short im stuck in the begining fix this and youll get 5 stars or ive no problem giving you 1 stars since ive lost the burning passion i had when i first played it after that however ... well , i guess im out of words anyway , you know the problem so fix it or at least respond to me if you r not blind!!!
It isn't anything like the ads. I was sad when I started playing it, since I was expecting what the add showed but it disappointed me.
There's a bug for the electives, when studying is unfinished it takes eight new hours, it does not continue where it left.
The last update made several events,once you tap on them crash the game.I've been playing this game for like 3 years (Not sure? there is no way to know exactly this) and i've never experienced such bugs.GMs are literaly there to laugh at you and just put the blame at you for whatever reason and do nothing to solve anything.
I like the game very much.. I enjoyed it.. but to be honest I'd definitely give this a 5 star if the events doesn't require recharge in order to get sx girls or meta, actually forget this two cause you won't even get rare bg.. if ever, you'd at least need 20k+ diamonds just to get them.. I won't believe if you say that this only happens to me.. I mean I have multiple accounts in the game trying to get meta girls and no result.. but well I at least enjoy your game thanks for creating this game..
Been playing this game for a really really long time. Playing free to play is hard like legit. (End game) takes a month for you to awaken one girl and thats not even the end of it, events are more on the p2w side as they benefit more from it. Well if you mind grinding one girl for a long time this game is for you. Gave 2 stars cause I liked it from the beginning but realized it wasnt worth the time investing into it as p2w players are like miles ahead of you
It looks great but it keeps crashing on the loading screen so I haven't played the game yet :( it keeps saying loading error please help!!
Very pay to win, microtransactions everywhere. The devs don't care about the game at all or the players they just want money. They just respond to every comment the same way, it's like they don't care about feedback.
Great game with so many cute girls, I'm addicted! The story is good, the characters are likeable, and the art is brilliant.
I've been playing for a bit now, got to lv 90, most of these reviews are correct though. In the beginning you start as a f2p player, but eventually you get to a point where everything starts to get very grindy and difficult to continue on, you will have to put a lot of money just to stand a chance and get anything good. Overall this game is alright, but I will say that this game is not very f2p friendly.
A bad game in my opinion it cost money for many things and the start is just annoying I spent 30 minutes on the start while pressing skip I wish I could rate it 0 stars REMEMBER THIS IS MY OPINION I dont want to be hated for it.
it's amazing and thanks developers for responding to my comment in your other app girlsxbattle 2....Thanks
Really good game but the thing is, it's way too similar to ya game ninja girls. Also, I had to register once for each game which was a pain and sprites + functions and maybe a little story was too similar for my liking ;(
I really like the game but the only issue is like the game keep crashing and if I do like one battle I crash I can't even play for like 5 minutes please fix this bug Edit:Bug is gone and the game keeps getting better yay
I like the ui. The game is colorful and its sooo cuteee and there is also a lot of girls to collect.. I just wish there is a dating option..
im a player from 2016, i last played at 2017 december, and i muts say,, this game is a total p2w, i mean srsly instead of adding good BG, u always add BG on SX Vending Machine and im f2p, and whats with the layouting?! its so confusing, this is totally different as in totally different from back then, i dunno where to click, i dunno where to battle, i like the old style better, i like the old music, its more simple, im planing on playing this game again but eh, Uninstalled AGAIN
I am still playing it but after recent update, I lagging like mad. uninstall game then reinstalled, even worse! do something about this please.
i really like the game im just upset that i lost all my save data. i would like to have my account restored. (update) i had my profile linked to my fb but when i signed in it created a new account. i havent played in a year so the game was different. i was just sad that when i decided to install on my new tablet it deleted all my save data. it still had my server and world (nightingale 84) but the profile was lvl 1 and i had to retry the tutorial.
Got RIPPED OFF buying jewels, They took my Google card for $19 , I would not recommend purchasing anything from carolgames until this is fixed. Changing my opinion, they helped resolve my issues, Thanks for the assistance
Finally a game that i can make my own choices and that never make me bored. because the game is full of cute characters that you can obtain easily and the art style, and also the animations for the characters is absolutely amazing. the size of the game was a suprise but it's wort it to download the game. keep moving forward and update the game more sometimes because you just made a game that is perfect for me.
this game is fun and enjoyable same as ninja girls reborn. sadly I stopped playing this since it became more and more ripoff. let's say: you got rarest ninja girls, SX ninja girls, event ninja girls, no matter how you spend, 75% of them are useless and weak. Also i am pretty sure players use 3rd party to help them boost on pvp. I have seen all my ninja girls comes in already lost 25% of their HP, within 10 seconds 3 ninja girls lost 50% of HP or dead.
on my other phone i have vip8 and want my stuff back but there is no way to get it back because even though you log in with an account it doesnt save the info.
I can not use this app on my Amazon device it says to proceed to the new program but when I go to Google play the website it doesn't work and will only get installed on my phone Could you fix this problem so it can be played on other devices?
I already play this game 2 or 3 years ago, and i have a lots of fun when playing this game and right now the game cant be open, hope its not a close server but just a maintenance
Only will give it 3 stars for now because this game eats so much internet data, like in a day i get to use 2gb+ just to play such a simple game like this. I have already downloaded the files necessary for gameplay but the data usage still isn't as efficient as i expected it should be. Other than that the gameplay is nice and i love that you can run everything on queue so you don't have to stress farming stuff necessary to progress later on. Please recommend optimizing data usage to the dev team.
there are sooo many errors! when I first installed it the game was normal but then the next day, it didn't show me the girl when I went to the battle, all I saw is just a ''?'' and then the game stopped working. There are thousands more errors like you can't open the events, all the things disappeared on the game's screen,... it's a good game btw, but I can't stand the errors here ( sorry if my English annoyed you)
I like that you added the feature to save favorite 5 team girl and the option to acces them. Also the ☆ is a good option since I have almost 200 girls and use only a part of them now I can choose them from that pool. One thing I would like to see in the future for this game is some help with the new items that girls get. For example I would like to know what Hocrux fits each bg better. Anyways keep up the good work the art for the bg is gorgeous!
This is literally the BEST anime game that was 100% worth to download. The animations are so smooth, the art style is stunning, the gameplay is cool, collecting all the battle girls are SUPER fun!! And there are 100% NO ADS! SUPER awesome game; HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
I played this game for many years , yet got hit with Pay Wall on lv 80 . It a good game from the beginning but you have to grind a lot just to get good enough girls . But in the end you have to spend A lot just to get into VIP 9 or else get ready to get stuck forever . Hope you guys make it more enjoyable for Free Player too
loading is a little bit of a pain but it could just be my Wi-Fi. the screens are kinda cluttered but that could also just be me steady getting used to them XD my only real complain would be about how the game is basicly on auto even when you're not playing auto. the difference between the two modes really is negligible and it feels like you don't have alot of control over the active battle. apart from that it's does the job XD
a good game but i notice that in pvp other player level is 14 but battle power is like 2k plus while my level is 31 but my battle power is same as same as the other player. is this difference between paid and unpaid players? what a letdown.....
great game but.. event timelines are all wrong if your in north America.... dont understand why they made a "sequel" to this game when this one is not perfect.... I have thought on most days the game developers are just money hungry. every quest requires to pay and so does every event... there are several games out there just like this(but with half as many characters) but you can grow your characters more efficiently. when it's all said and done. I give this game a 4/5 cuz it's fun 2play
Almost brilliant ! The only thing I would change I'd I was you is to buff Joan's shield to be able to block the ai's special attacks. I LOVE this game. The dustbin guy is super annoying tho Edit: Carolgames pls stop copy and pasting your response on every review, It could help other people like me
scammer? took my 40 bucks of diamonds and gave me a skin that DIDNT WORK. this was a skin directly bought. took my money. NO SKIN. and NO REPSONSE. I seriously lost FORTY bucks on a faulty item.. DID message and no response.. AVOID AT ALL COSTS
It's so hard to level up in here the only thing to get exp is using raid in campaign and the stamina cost in a stage is a lot but good game
My iPhone 4 keeps crashing can you please fix it ASAP I really love playing this game but it crashes when I play 😭 can u guys fix thus issue on iPhone 4
Good game made bad by lousy GMs who 1. Do not understand the problems reported by user, or pretend not to understand. 2. Do not understand the game features. 3. Lowering rewards. I am at VIP lvl 11, which means I have spent more than twohundred dollars on this game. I am leaving a 1 star rating because of bad GMs and devs who seemingly only care about squeezing more money out of players than delivering a good game. As such I will no longer spend until problems are fixed.
Absolutely p2w game. And my server is lagging, a lot of bugs and unresponsive gm. Well the only way for me to play this game without seeing the loading screen whenever i click anything, is to use vpn just to play it smoothly.
I like the game but I'll give the same warning I've seen in other reviews. This game wants your money and free to play is impossible if you want anything decent.
Well... Unfortunately when I got this game it keeps on showing errors while loading it's unfortunate I can not play the game
hi there i there i was wondering if u could not put a skip tertorial i don't know how to play the game properly
The game won't give me my account I'm been playing this game in my tablet about three years ago and later in June my tablet is gone forever and I got a new one and I'm trying to give my account back it's says it already exists and I hate starting over again back to 0 and so please give me my account back
I much prefer girls x battle 2 to this. Because in my opinion, the graphics in GXB2 are better and so is gameplay.. however this lacks in it. I know it's an older game but everything just seems cramped and confusing. Most people will disagree with me but this just isn't as good ☹ carolgames, I still love your stuff though!
Good game but a few kinks 1. The battles feel lame sometimes. A nice way to make it more aesthetically pleasing is to make the attacks more flashy or constant. Instead of having a girl say, do 45 damage every 2 seconds, have them do less damage (like 9 times every 2 seconds for 5 damage) but faster. Basically just multi/combo attacks. 2. It would be awesome to have things going on in the background while you fight. From a mild conversation between random characters, to weird or wacky stuff you'll only notice if you were to look away from the main battle. Get creative with it. 3. The other thing I can think of right now is translation. Although it can be amusing to read broken English, it would still be nice to see the English lexicon not jumbled up in a mess on the dialogue box, which leads to the last thing. 4. The Dialogue is boring. Its pretty generic and not very in depth. I realize that the character dialogue or story doesn't have to be a masterpiece but it would be nice to spice it up. Thats all for now. Hope you read it!
Do NOT play this game! They are a rip off. There was a glitch where I pushed a button ONE TIME and in the glitch, it showed the button being pushed three times in half a second, blowing through $20 instantly. And when I informed the GM of this, they refuse to do anything about it, Even though they can see the button being pushed multiple times within a split second. You can't even do that intentionally. Just do not play this game!
I would love this game a lot more if my attack power actually meant anything. It makes zero sense for me to be 10,000 stronger than the team I'm attacking and still lose. At this point, I'm wasting my time trying to level up because unless you spend money, you're screwed.
I wanted to play but my account vanished, support answered with asking about proof of playing, I showed email with payments in-game what I made and silent since then... It's been half a year and no answer, terrible support service... NOT RECOMMEND
Good game, love the gameplay but I run into issues when some characters use special abilities. It may just be a bug that is being fixed already, but right now, I crash every time an ability is used. If this gets fixed, near perfect.
It's a total BS that you have to pay to get the good stuff. Also I'm checking if they're still copying and pasting the same lame answer to every review. Plus, when will you optimize the game? UX is T E R R I B L E CHUPAME LA PORONGA
The developers are very unfair and extreme. I spent literally one thousand on this game since i started playing for two.straight years only to have my account restricted. the developers do not even try to offer assistance even after emailing them directly. No help.no assistance no information on how to get help or policy agreements I personally know that the developers can retrieve my account and lift the restriction or help.recover my account. And are refusing to do so.
This is a nice Anime game and cute Anime Girls, Fun to play, this game is never lag on my phone, To be honest This Game is better than Genshin Impact
I like this game. I enjoy it a lot The art style is really nice. I am downloading it again cause I had to delete it back then. But it seems I couldn't figure out the password I used. Is there a way to retrieve it back?
I really, really adore this game! The graphics are flawless, the animation is otherworldly, the illustrations are to die for! But, whenever I go to round 2 in Familiar Back (Normal mode) Chapter Two, it pauses and blacks out, then logs me off. Can you fix this, please? Other than that, the game is wonderful! Keep up the great work!
This game is fantastic, although it takes quite a long time to grind. I've been playing it for a year, now, and it never ceases to make me bored. I do think that adding a way to grind for simple rewards would be nice, though. And I can't seem to find how to use my password on the mobile version? If there is anything you can do about the password issue, that would be nice. Thanks!
It's ok to pass the time when waiting for timers on other games. Biggest issue that bothers me is the grammar and sentence structure. So bad that I dont understand what the characters are talking about. Alot of the encounters make no sense, let alone how the girls have their abilities and skills....
Big fan of girl collector games. This one was hard to review. The cards are perfect, the gameplay is unique, and you can f2p. But almost all content is only reachable if you are hourly contributing money or "recharging". Beyond P2W makes this not a game, but an actual money grab and requires a clear warning label. Even after spending a fair amount of money to play, I received no benefit because I did not reach the hourly contribution requirements.
Great game. Cute characters. A bit too many characters though which shows my phone. Hopefully they can speed up the interface because it is slow on my pixel *Edit 8/28* AMAZING update. They fixed the lag on the phone. It runs much smoother (interface, battle animations, etc). Great job.
Got connection problem, started in couple weeks ago until now, always have failed connection whenever i used my wifi, but i can play other game, download,and watch video without having any issues, it used to be a great game where i always play this game at home, but now its so hard to play cause of connection issue,so can you please fix this issue?
The game is not bad design wise it's just that recharging diamonds is very expensive and the VIPs that you get is nice but still very expensive, the game experience is rather limited if you don't invest money in this game without being able to get a lot of sx girls, that fact makes the game very reliant on the quote pay to win, I actually love this game I just wish it was more kind on it's player base that's all.
Its really fun to collect your favourite bgs. But trust me if you're not gonna spend money on the game you're gonna be behind in the meta no matter how much hours you spend on the game.
Nice but it's better with a chat bar to say to things to others about their feelings and how they felt in the battle against boy x girls like yeah and when did you not put a chat bar exactly I it would be better with one 🌸 and I would like to say, Carol games that if you put a chat bar in please tell and update the game and please I don't like app purchases I don't have money to spend but I do like anime but I just oh never mind I didn't know what to say.
its a very awesome game and theyhave cute girls to hoping for more eciting events..but i can only play it in a few minutes and it will forcefully go on my home menu i hope could you fix it..thanks great job
for people considering to play this money grabbing game dont bother its pvp rigged and pay 2win they are only interested in keeping the big spenders from first servers happy.refuse to spend any more $$ on a rigged pay to win and alt abusers farmers.
this game company and devs are money hungry , $99.99 for just a skin, are you sane ? , and they keep copy paste this game to another game , if you play this game you can notice such money abusing event , well the GM always respond to your problem BUT THEY DONT SOLVER OUR PROBLEMS AT ALL, they just answer "thank you for your feedback blablabla.." its like our feedback is just a spam message , they just keep answering like that to our problems.
So I posted yesterday about how I lost my old account from data and whatever and i think I can't contact you guys but is their any other way I can have it back because I really love this game and I don't want to delete it because of it so plz if you guys could do it and get my old account back by not having to contact you guys I would be so happy :) T^T
Are you guys trying mimic Princess Connect game? (For the readers, search Princess Connect! in google, you'll understand what I trying to say here) Seriously? Even the damage details look retarded(The number font style used is like in Clash of Clan and it doesn't fit the game, sheesh it's ugly!)... You guys should atleast leave an option where we can still use the old textures because right, the new is so crummy, dumb and no originality as usual!
I just downloaded the other one and i downloaded this now! This game is so fun! I love it! Looking for more updates and hope more freebies <3
Half-Dead game where they're opening new servers and the old ones are forgotten empty. My server has around 10 players only Server in 100nds. Now they have up to 300 servers. If you pay to play know that after 6months the server will be Dead. Enjoy your wasted time
this is a copy of ``ninja girls" if you don't have ninja girls, get it but if you do, don't get it but I've got ninja girls so yeah, bye!!!
GxB is pretty much the only daily quest driven game I play. I've been playing now for years. Best thing about it is that it doesn't shove micro transactions in your face. They are there, but they aren't interrupting game play.
it's so fun but the only thing wrong with it is you can't put it down! it's just so addicting, I've just downloaded it this morning and I've already been playing on it for at least 10 hours straight! I love to see the different enemy bosses and how the girls evolve too! great game and i really recommend you download it! I also love anime so it's the perfect game for all you anime lovers out there!
Great game but hard to play if you're only a f2p. And recently, the events are being ridiculously dumb like some of the events are being a scam now including the sakura event (stamina event) which is hard to get some sakuras. Hope you'll fix/change that so that it would be more enjoyable to play.... so as of now I'll going to rate it for 4☆
Its the best anime games I played for too long,all I said is its very good game I played and I recommend it to you.
They discontinued the Kindle version with no notice. Now I have to play on a google tablet. The characters aren't fully loading. Several of my character cards and their sprites are question marks. Pressing on the plus sign for stamina is supposed to bring up your stamina supplies. It doesn't in this supposedly new, "improved" version. I can't summon the newest vows girls because of the characters not fully loading. It just shows Thor's picture for the next 3 vows girls after her.
This game is pretty fun I like it BUT THE THING IS.... there's a bug is like the screen will pause and the loading is so slow that's all I gotta say I like it.
absolutely adore this game, have played it almost everyday for the past 10 months, now that's saying something!! Yes the game has micro transaction and they can be a bit expencive.. however that doesn't matter. for the first 6 months i was completely f2p and still mamaged to fully compete with the whales, rank 15+ top floor of my server and rank 3k on global 1v1 leaderboard.. all it takes is to put time into the game and learn which girls to use for each fight! hope to battle you someday!! :D
Great game, and wonderful kawaii girls. The only downside is the cash sink. You have to pay for the really good stuff or be very lucky.
this is actually a really good game I especially enjoy that im always entertained although I would suggest you change all the daily things cus its quite hard to keep up
The game has pretty good graphics and lovely characters even though the story and the dialogues are poorly translated. It does need a lot of time and patience to awaken a character which is kind of dreary but overall it's worth a shot.
Not too bad, better than the second one, cuz the second isn't compatible for my version, android, Lenovo Tab 10...
I used to play this game all the time and loved it. But now the game is so buggy and glitchy I can't. Such a shame its a really good game. Update: I contacted them and they gave me instructions on what to do and it worked! Now I can't stop playing the game and all is well, thanks gxb!
My game files don't load, and it says ""unable to connect to server"" So please get my stuff back to normal, thanks!!!!
its really painful to pay for sx girls and good stuffs? do you think we earn money just to pay that in games?? try ti remove money of sx girls at least
Introduction tutorial is way too damn long I want to do what I want not what the game wants for 10 minutes straight. Extremely boring and your ads are nothing like the game.
It's very heavy on p2w side, I'm a spender too and I regret because you need to constantly pay to manage your rank and it's look like they have a player that they give free resources too compete with you in the server so you keep spending. I noticed that after few weeks not spending any. And also you need to throw more than $100 in an event to keep up with the meta, because new units is always overpowered. I barely spend 120 per week before I stopped. Just get other game that worth to spend
Addicting so far. But this is not a free game. Not by any means. Free resources are very scarce, except skill points. But you'll run out of currency applying those anyway. Every event without exception has demands of extreme purchasing. This is the prime example of a pay to win game. If you try to stay free, at some point the pvp will be impossible to compete in. And the majority of content is pvp.
Okay first of all I have to say I changed the five star to a four star because the game keeps glitching,freezing, everything disappears when I press a button, overall I think the game is messed up maybe it's because you guys keep updating it I don't know
Well i last played this game in 2016 its actually a pretty fun game and its not pay to win and for those who do P2W it sucks the fun right out of the game ,all you need to know is how the game works. and the anime characters are so cute as well and some advice for the other people who played this game just learn how the game works and you'll do just fine overall its still a fun game to this day if 2020
The game is rather fun, but I have one complaint which is the game becomes unresponsive at random points during gameplay. It's frustrating as it prevents me from closing/selecting windows etc in the game.
This was a 5 star great game but after 1 girl ( Likis ) got added to the mix, it has ruined the game, she was in a special event that is now over but is way over powered, I'm level 70 but have no chance of beating a level 54 who has Likis. I'm getting close to giving up on the game despite the money I've spent.
Terrible Connectivity Issues. Cant believe, wasted so much time and money. The app wont open up. As suggested I cleared the app memory and reloaded with my gmail account(saved progress). But my old account is gone
This game is aw some I love it so much, but my library keeps on sincking, but anyways, I totally reccomand this game to anybody, and I want more game like this... keep up the good work.
I have been an active user for over a year now. on both accounts I'm a VIP level 4. The game is fun and challenging at the same time. I hace not gotten bored or fustrated with the game. The Admins are very helpful and are quick to answer any emails I send them. I look forward to many more adventures.
i love it!!! even though i havent played it yet i love it!! anything thats anime, download!! anything that is a love story,download!!!
I have to admit that this is the best game but when I opened the game after playing for 3 freaking years I was on level 1 please fix it or I am going to rate it one star again
ther's a bug.. i've got a card robin.. and whenever i open it... the app will automatically close... and it starts to have an error in loading other resousrces like events... when i click some events... it forced close the app i hate it but i love the game... pls fix this error
Tried reaching out to their customer service at their email they provide. Don't bother. They are horrible and do not want to help you. Trust the rep from the internet, Carolgames will do nothing and be happy to steal your money. They will literally steal it folks! Edit: tried reaching out to the email they provided below again and got terrible customer service. Insulting and condescending and basically admitted to stealing items. They say they're sorry...but they truly don't care at all.
I would give 0 star if I could. Developer of this game can only blame the player's fault, eventhough player's reason for performing acts due to misleading information / bug inside the game. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. More and more players quit this game already. Time for me to play Genshin Impact, way better.
If you dont wanna spend money. It's a pretty boring game. And if you do. Be "VERY VERY CAREFUL" The creators faulty programming will "ROB" you of your diamonds without warning of any kind. The GMs who are the only help. Refuse to help or rectify there mistakes Right when it started to get fun (got some extra cash for my birthday, though hey, I cant do anything in this game. Everything is super expensive. I'll spend some money) Bought 2K D. Had 2450 D after. 3 mins later. 2K D gone. Only 450.
cool game but unfortunately i get lots of stutters, fps drops, and freezes. shouldn't happen. phone: xiaomi mi a2. if this issue was fixed i'd rate 5 stars. I experienced this with all games from dev.
This game is purrfect for me,because I was looking at games that is exactly like this game,in the past I was sweating searching for this type of games a long time ago,people asking me if im 👌 well I say IDK and IDC.and if you are a fan if THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS!! you should kinda love this game too!! And don't forget to TRY and play FORTNITE.
Great Game but this game is auto exit because I am playing this game it was exit from my app now I am going to uninstall this game
This game is a good game however a 'few' spelling mistakes were found and its a bit too...horny? But overall it's a good game, it just needs a few corrections. I hope my comment helped you with future creations.
This game is a ripoff , I've spent over 700 dollars and got vip11 and still couldnt get a good BG the chance to get one from events and vending is too small that you need to spend a lot more money on them. There are setups everywhere for you to spend money and after you do so you will find yourself basically getting nothing significant or useful espacially for pvp. Its quite unfair to players so please don't waste your time and money on this game.
If update fails, try to clear app data, then open the app, the game files will be loaded (open the app when your internet speed is ok, if your connection can play youtube at least 480p, then you can open the app to automatically receive update.) Then check your bgs, have a good time, thanks
I will never understand why this game requires so much bandwidth to load and play. Sometimes I'll have enough signal to seamlessly stream video, yet this game says I can't connect, or have lost my connection. The graphics and game play aren't that demanding to need such super speed internet connections. It makes no sense.
I cant get my account back when the first time i played the game i used guest login and the game is fun by the way i played the game for three months
I am enjoying the game, however I am experiencig a glitch. The things I am getting from my daily rewards don't match up to what I am receiving despite it telling me it is in my inventory (lile the Loki girls Vow pack or whatever its called, Im supposes to have two of them but they are nowhere to be found) and I was given 800 guild coins in the mail (the silver ones) but didnt receive them. If you could rectify this I should be happy to give the game five stars.
the game are awesome but when in chapter 2 on my 5 fight the game suddenly stopped.please fix it...it is my first time playing anime game😔😔😔
I've been playing this game for about 2-3 years across multiple devices and it's a beautiful game but it annoys me that I still haven't gotten the Kratos card (basic quest) fixed after all this time. And yes, I have paid money into the game to advance myself but it's utter BS that the game is a Pay to Win. Ntm, whenever someone rates the app w 1 star, they get a generic response asking for suggestions. Does the dev expect ppl to come back after a generic response?
I bought a 100+100 Diamonds Pack because Theres a Promotion That says "Topup for any gems and get 1 might hero of the 3" But I could not get amy one of those characters.... Plz Help OR Can i have refund?
Game is cute and easy to play, love the graphics and all the different character designs and I enjoy the story and battles
Nice game also may you please Please add Karaxes in moth form to battle x girls 2 thank you for wonderful games 🌹🌹🌹
I'm a VIP 4, been playing it for a year. The game and its events have become very tedious, monotonous (boring), and it keeps on crashing every 10 - 60 minutes. The girls can't be turned around to see their complete outfit, but the girls are cute and sexy. Playing this feels like a chore instead of entertainment now. I'm sad, but I need a break.
okay well I love playing the game soo much.I find it very addictive!But the reason I didn't give it is because I'm only on my first ever boss fight and when they enemies and myself used the best attacks we could I got kicked of the game!Please tell me why this may be!Thank you for reading xx
aaaah before this there's literally the same game called "sexy academy" i've played for 2 years and it suddenly got closed... lost my account and all but then i see this, literally the same. i played this for the sake of nostalgia and yeah... still a guilty pleasure to me 10/10 would collect waifu again
this game is such a ripoff! there's a setting to restore data, and I logged in. I had to restart the entire game!
It's a very greedy games, seeing as I don't have extra money to spend on games . It hard to get sx girls or good characters. However if you grind on the game and do events then you get decent characters. I personally don't like how most things it based on money but I guess that what got me hooked. When I get a "rare" or decent characters it fill be with the feeling like I beat the system. And it hard to find a game like that. But the reason I put 4 stars is because the amount of fan service.
Some of the features I unlock later in the game kick me out and do not load properly. Otherwise pretty fun game. I suggest a update for bugs or problems like this. Counting I believe they haven't been fixed yet. Specifically the "gods tiral" area and one of the others or more.
I hate the fact that the game is now paid to win. Used to be really fun except once you get to chapter 17 and above you need to put money into it to even stand a chance to get 3 stars in all areas. You need to have new characters in order to stand a chance in PvP. Gems are hard to obtain and pricing for summons are high. You get 30 for clearing the main area and to do a 10 summon it cost almost 2600. Hate that you let the money get into all your heads instead of balancing the game out.
Honestly at first i really enjoyed it,so much that an f2p player like me decided to spend a lot of money to it. But after a while it became boring because of it being overly monotonous. I decided to delete this app after 2 years and what i can say is that I felt as though i wasted quite a bit of my time. It's still a good game though but you should probably only spend 5 months of your time here at most.
Entertaining game, but do require patience to grind and level up. Not able to get more good stuff or other battle girls without paying and becoming higher rank vip. Would be nice to reward on achievements rather that paying money to buy rewards and battle girls. Not a fan of paying
Long time player here.Been playing for 3 and 1/2 years.Gonna make this short and sweet.This is my favorite game in play store.I wont talk about why its my favorite but I want to let yall know Its pay2win If you wanna be in the top ranks.Though if you have alot patients though you can still make it.Some tips are dont spend your diamonds so wildly on there .Just save up and only spend for stuff that will benifit you and plz dont do every event.Overall this game will always have a place in my heart
this game is really fun and addicting I completely love and tell you to get this game immediately! so after a while i had to delete the game i so i redownloaded the game but when i signed back into my account but i had to start all over again. is there any way i can fix that and go back to where i was?
How bad is this game? Well...... P2w, bad plot, toxic community and updates only to extract money. Pretty self-explanatory on how bad this game is :) Go try other RPGs/Gacha if you want, don't waste time on this trash can of a game.
used to love this game. now the paywall has gotten even bigger and you can't even see the art for the girls in library anymore. cash grabbing af.
game is fun if you are patient. saving up can let you get a lot of the different girls, or you can pay money to get more girls and get them faster. a lot to do in the game and many ways to progress your girls to make them better
There should be a solid game here... Sadly it is locked behind absurdly abusive audience milking practices. The Pay to Win feature is so central, so core to the whole game that you can LEVEL it up by spending directly. The game itself uses three different resources to gate your progress (as usual: money, energy and gems)an while getting any of thrm ingame is relatively easy you run our of any rather quickly. Skins for the girls have skills linked to them so yes, you can throw money at the developers to get more powerful teams. Mechanics are decent for an idle game and the art is superb if you are into the anime aesthetic but sadly their monetary practices are beyond predatory. Stay away unless you have ludicrous amounts of money to spare.
i like this game you can do anything here but my problem is that if its downloading it is kinda slow even if i try doing it again and again but its okay i just have to wait thanks for making this game!😁😃☺
I've played GxB since 2018 and I love it. The game itself kinda p2w for most people, but its still f2p friendly though. Even you need much more time to grinding. As for f2p all you need is grind and spend on correct time and event. But, i must give 4* cause i got an error last update (64 bit support) which I can't hear any voice characters, also some SFX kinda weird as I'm playing with earphone most of time. Hope you fix it soon.
It got rid of all my data, i clicked log in through gmail, thrn BOOM! Account back to level 1, at the beginning, all my characters were there, then after a cut scene, im back to level 1 with nothing. Otherwise fun game.
The ads are very different from the actual gameplay. The ads seem like a choice game which got me interested... There is no choice anything. The ads are tricks to pull in players. None of the ads I've seen relate in the slightest bit to the gameplay. This game is honestly extremely boring. I have seen and played better games where THE ADS ACTUALLY SHOW THE GAMEPLAY NOT A FAKE TO SUCK IN PLAYERS. I honestly really dislike this game. It's boring and overly time consuming.
Older servers are dead noting done to fix this, and new UI honestly looks terrible and messy. Plus instead of content and interesting modes they just added more equipment and items to farm...
The game is a lot of fun, the characters are really cute and moving through the menus is very fast, which I love. Two points of criticism, first, the english translation is really really bad. And second, there is a game mechanic where you improve your "intimacy" with the characters through some interactions that can be described as erotic, and some of the characters look like they're 10 years old. This is seriously awkward.
Love the game but i downloaded this game like a year ago or two i saved my progress but i downloaded it yesterday again and i lost everything i spent money on it too i would of give it 5 stars but i lost everything please fix 😢😭
I used to love the game but every couple of minutes the game would crash and I would have to restart all over and i am not dealing with this anymore. To me it is annoying and pretty sure it's annoying others.