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Girls & Guys - Idle Game

Girls & Guys - Idle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Amrita Studio located at Kritis, 32 PAPACHRISTOFOROU BUILD., 4th floor 3087, Limassol, Cyprus. The game is suitable for Teen (Suggestive Themes, Partial Nudity) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would give a 5,but it freezes, and I have to restart the game but it doesn't help, it will freeze again. Can you please fix this problem?
Almost a typical tap and collect game, except almost every action costs gems and watching ads, and the gems you can get a very small amount for free, but the odds are stacked against you and if you lose, you lose everything you collected on the event. Paying gems to play is still stacked against you but also it'll cost more gems than you can possibly make during the event. Not worth the time or the money.
On the whole ok but big couple of issues, 1st the while you have been away coin video button for watch add to get double coins DOES NOT WORK i have signal and the other add buttons in the game work, 2nd the zeroing to get hearts button is completely pointless basicly wipes all your progress and even steals the money from your wallet you havent spent (way out of line in my opinion & if it left it alone it would be the only way that this option would make any sense)despretly needs an update.
Very ad based game. Want to do anything? Watch an ad! Want to click something? Watch an ad! Want to play a game? Watch an ad! Want to watch an ad? Nope. Its an interesting twist on clicker games... way too much "hinting" at prizes without any results. Skip!
Not worth playing i spent a few bucks and it reset the rooms after i used most of the gems bought. I want my money back im uninstalling
The game makes I lose on purpose to try pay for more goes . And it's always at the ext same time the stage before you win so it game play is rigged
Got my money rolling super high making it happen and the game forced me to reset and undo everything. Waste of life worthless
So I looked in the games' config files (Specifically the card game) and I'm disappointed. The game is literally rigged. I'd understand if it was brought to our attention that it would be nigh impossible to to win. The last stage has a 90% fail chance. Other than that, I have no issues with it so far
Only really like it cause of the sexy drawings of girls it has. I still haven't managed to get any to remove all there clothing in the mini games
I have only one Word on my tongue: this game is amazing. I don't know the name of the creator but it is just amazing. All these flirting dialogs, all the animations. It is so amazing. I learn stuff about girls, how to talk and also not to masturbate when become horny.
Lousy game that just cheats on advertisements. The same excuse of having advertisments so as to keep the game free. Its design not to let the players go higher in the stages. Silly choose a card gambles and you get busted at the 3rd card. Let's u earn money dollar per dollar but expects billions back. Lousy game design. Just pure cheaters. If I can give - 5 stars, I would. This game should be deleted before even installing it. Terrible experience. I am uninstalling it now.
Its get you into it but takes long to do thing don't understand the game play buttons much but once u have it for a couple of days its boaring
Where is the Exit button and also when we get heart our amount which was earned should by atleast 2 times or almost 10 times. But mainly work on exit button other this game will be worst.
I hate this game because all activities are run only on advertisement basis. I had uninstalled this game. Don't Download this and don't waste your data & time.
Completely stupid. You click your brains out for some coins and you loose everything on the next click
Awsome very hot game but the loading creen should hve more hot pics of girls like in the first part of this game "idle girls" and there should be more hot topics to discuss and more sexy girls and their dresses kindly . Kindly cooperate thats why i rated tstar awsome job🔥🔥😍😍
I am not sure that I understand the concept. This is the second time I've tried to accomplish whatever. Sometimes I find it slow.
Well, built up lots of money only to have all my rooms permanently lock up with the price of each room at $123.4.. what happened? And there is no support. No one answers questions. Guess I am going to uninstall this time waste.. all that potential turns into a big nothing burger...
Game is rigged. You can never finish when u play the card games in the game. U always get busted, trying to force u to buy the diamond.
Was really enjoying until a glitch reset everything. Now I have to start as if I've never played. Played for a couple of weeks and noticed signs that the problem was still there. Tried doing things differently but to no avail. I've given up, uninstalled and dropped my rating.
You don't do anything very poor interaction. Very lame no direction or story mode. I tried it and not worth the time to download go play a pick or match 3 game way more interesting
Typical time killer game, that requires watching ads or actual money to speed up progress. Broken English prevents you from "flirting" correctly, so you tend to loose rewards. If they would fix the broken English and require less ads, it would be worth spending a few min a day playing.
Not worth it the ads the need for diamonds to save your progress just a waste of time and the whole 0 out for another hotel is pointless it's like starting the game all over theres just no point to play
To many instant fails and not really free to play. While you can "date" the people if you fail you are only allowed 2 dates in 12 hour time span. You get asked a question with three answers and guess the wrong one instant fail. There is one "strip poker" game and it follows the same rules but you can play as often as you want after viewing an add every time. It consists of multiple rounds but if you lose you lose everything you won. You do have the option of taking your items and leaving.
I thought I wanna review this game on my YouTube channel Jaeger Supreme. I think I will pass. Already unlock 6 room. At least make them pose or move around.
There is no point to this game. You collect coins to earn more coins that you can do nothing more with. Same with the hearts. Gems can unlock guests that you can "learn" about? Completely lame and a waste of time.
Awesome little idle game Im slowly becoming very addicted to it. Hope more hotel rooms get added to keep it going. Still have yet to unlock room 9 on first hotel.
Who of us would not like a little dream become part of a fantasy prestige hotel. Who of us would not like a little dream and at least for a day become part of a fantasy prestige hotel. Features of the free “Girls&Guys” Our game “Girls&Guys” is perfect for fans of virtual world, dynamic, bright, but at the same time simple and understandable clicker games. All actions take place in a virtual hotel in city, where you
Seems fun and light hearted. Can never get past 3 selections in the "game" before getting busted. Tried 15 times now and all 15... all. Are busted within 3 cards picked. Seems little too set for force gems. But still a good time killer
Could be a good game but theres WAY too much need to spend premium currency or watch tons of ads. The "flirt" minigame feels fixed.. you'll always Bust Out on round 4, if you make it that far. I chose card 1 six times while in round 4 and busted each time. Odds are SO low of that happening 6 times in a row for a "random" game so now I'm uninstalling and will never try this garbage game again
Game is rigged, you cannot advance without spending money, and quite frankly its not worth spending a penny on. Trust me, download something else....
Fun game but to advance through ads it freezes up when they are playable ads. Didn't always have that problem it's just in the last 2 or 3 weeks I believe.
This game was a good time killer for a few weeks. Then i realized it had no purpose, was going no where, and had no competition. Not worth the time anymore. I have like 2 billion hearts. (Literally)
Its a tease you show just enough keep playing you keep losing what you collected never going get any where just excuse make us rewatch same commercials don't waste your time with it
While a semi decent idle game it's ruined by it's games of 'chance' which are rigged. I tested this out extensively on their 'Busted' card game always pulling a 'busted' card every single 3rd flip. Out of 20 games this happened. They do this to make you buy gems to continue these games. My advice? Avoid.