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Girl Group Inc: Love Kpop Idol

Girl Group Inc: Love Kpop Idol for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Sunbeesoft Co., Ltd. located at 22, Bongeunsa-ro 26-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Just got started, very smooth, good music and a decent translation, which is better than most games like this.
The game is totally addictive! The only thing I would change is some graphics in the game (the bar that shows your money, fans and such is to confusing; fhe text on award ceremonies is kinda weird... just small details but they would make the game look much better and it would be easier to get used to the game if the bar was a little less confusing because there is a lot to learn in the beginning - the game is full of action). I find the dates confusing tho, they are hard to read. Still love it!
It's very fun to play when your feeling bored,this game gave me some kpop vibes,anyways I would recommend you to play this game if you listen to kpop music :)
This game is pretty good. I haven't had any problems or your so-called "bugs" with it (except for 1 or 2 very tiny UI glitches that can easily be worked around by just changing screens, but either way, please fix those, because as a programmer that's very embarassing, leaving bugs around, no matter how tiny or few), and I'm a computer scientist. Just, use your brains when playing and USE the CLOUD SAVE!! *facepalm*
Overall the game is nice very addictive..i hope there will be new update soon as few bug here and there and wish the training center keep going even when u exit it to see other mission or just out at the yard no need to stay inside training for gaining skill and hope when u lvlup trainer at some point they will auto power up the training no need click one by one if u have many idol will give 5 star if all that fix
I love this app but...the awards of my idols suddenly disappeared and sometimes, it's lagging. I just want you to fix it immediately because honestly, I love playing this game.
I like this game so much, I've been playing like 4 hours non stop and already get 3 idols. And then I exit and save the game. I was shocked when I open the game again, my third idol skill back to level 1, and not only that, her name also lost and described as noname. It is not funny, I'm really pissed. I unistall the game after that. Doesn't matter how much fun the game is, no one like to redo their effort in such game.
Amazing game that I ever see.It has a cutest anime in the world😁.I play it daily because it make me addicted on the character😍 and the story goes well and one of the beautiful things that in this game have is you can give name on the character/s 𝑮𝒐𝒐𝒅 𝑱𝒐𝒃 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐞🤗for now that what I can say. And ᗪOᑎ'T ᖴOᖇᘜᗴT TO ᗪOᗯᑎᒪOᗩᗪ TᕼIՏ ᘜᗩᗰᗴ b̆̈ĕ̈c̆̈ă̈ŭ̈s̆̈ĕ̈ ĭ̈t̆̈ c̆̈ă̈n̆̈ r̆̈ĕ̈l̆̈ĕ̈ă̈s̆̈ĕ̈ y̆̈ŏ̈ŭ̈r̆̈ s̆̈t̆̈r̆̈ĕ̈s̆̈s̆̈ ĭ̈n̆̈ ĕ̈v̆̈ĕ̈r̆̈y̆̈d̆̈ă̈y̆̈ l̆̈ĭ̈f̆̈ĕ̈. 💯%💓❤️👍
It's a good game. But I suggest you also make boy groups. And make BOY clothes. The guy trainee I have was wearing girl's clothes to enhance his capabilities. I'll be waiting for the good news.
Two Stars. It was fun but there are so many glitches happening on the game. First is that the Coupon codes, whenever i try to input codes theres already written there. Second, is whenever i try to click the next icon of the idol it doesnt function well and Lastly is the save option it doesnt function at all. Please reach us out.
Its an awesome game its so easy yet wonderful my concerns i hope the dresses were't expensive though and the money could have been higher and the star coins i wish were they were not pay to win but overall its an amazing girl group app love it!!!!
This game is a lot of fun! It is slightly difficult to catch the hang of it, but once you understand all of the options, it's super simple. Every so often my game progress gets lost, but that's typically if I forget to save before exiting. Another thing I really like is that when I email the developer, he typically responds super fast. S/he fixed another issue I had within a few hours, I really appreciated that. Suggestion: an easier way to look at ALL the girls' stats at one time.
Overall the game is fun, but I can't wrap head over how the whole fund's that were ment to come in after the month were taken, especially when it specifically said 10% and even when I clicked no it still was taken, is that a bug or are those shareholders just a bunch of scumbags
I really love this game, its fun ! but its lacking some kind of guide or tips or tutorial in game. i dont know some of the opt / button / stats do. the game doesnt explain it. for example like the acting stat, unlike sing, joke/show, dance stat, theyre usefull for the team. but what is acting stat for? and what makes me really annoyed is, the world tour quest (vs). how can i raise the spectator from world tour in china? please give us some tips / tutorial and it will be perfect. sorry for my eng
This game used to be very fun but then it's starting to act up I deleted it because I wanted to reset the game then I put it back on and I was going through the thing and when you go to the first territorial in froze and then it kicked me out and then it said no progress was saved so I had to go through that again and again please fix this
Amazing! I really love this app. If you train your idols more, then your reviews will actually get very much better! Also one thing I find really FUNNY is that in the interview section, this one question always comes up if you restart or have started a new group, it asks you if you knew about the date section on the top to see the expense list and then when you answer it, it asks you again the same question but DIFFERENT words..😂😂
I like it. It can feel grindy at times tho. The graphics are pretty. Some of the stories are quite interesting. And it's actually pretty F2P friendly (well unless you are aiming to get into the global rankings). There is a lack of a more coherent/in depth tutorial though and there are no new events and such so it can get a bit boring.
I love this app and it is nice but I need some more thing in this game .....I love this app other than that any thing else there need to develope so itwould be good...I love the graphics in this game I think this game need to develops more and this would be rate more in share market..than any other game and I love this game than any other game...I need 2021 new version of this game I will wait for this game and it will be the best girls game in the market and the company can earn biggest share
Y do my idols keep disappearing?! I even scouted one and even signed their contract and they disappeared! I know for a fact I saved because the game said I had a save file from it, and that was the first time I saved. The idol I'm talking about has red hair and red eyes, the one u meet by the lockers. And I'm missing the idol I found in the street who was interested in dancing.
My game resets' on its own. Spellings and grammar are incorrect. Glitch occurs every now and then. I really enjoyed the game but I had enough of the continuous reset of its own accord. If the bugs are fixed, I would love to play this again.
Okay let me explain, the game overall are awesome but 1. The game glitch a lot. My idol made a really horrible song so I refuse to make it the title track, but the next month, it became the title track witout my knowing. It happens so many times that I got a bad sales rate! 2. My idol's outfit kept changing by itself. Let's say i wear this outfit, but once I train them, the will wear something different and they will only wear the one I bought when they finish a training. Please fix this :(
To be honest this is the first anime game that I have gotten very interested and had fun with. It's very fun and relaxing to play with. I recommend 100% to play. It also teaches you on some of the stuff people need to do to become a famous idol and how hard people work just to make them famous.
the app is great itself but i can't claim rewards in the attendance, i tried clearing cache but nothing happened, and then itried clearing the app's data but still after opening it i can't still claim rewards. Its such a bummer, some rewards in the attendance are good and helpful but i can't even claim it. There's no sign of like stamping the day1 or somethin like that smh. Please fix this problem!!
Its such a good app and very addictive in a good way though. I love it so much. I love how you can really experience how a CEO would really feel. Its just great. Its really great and I really recommend the app. Though, you sure need to spend real money in here but I think with hard work in the game... Maybe just maybe you can get a lot of money. Though, can I suggest that every daily you can get like a money reward?? Caus sometimes its really hard to earn some. But other than that its awesome👍.
It's disappointing that the game is very unstable, it is interesting though. I kept on losing idol's progress and awards lol very annoying. One of my idol lost her name and ALL her skills after crashing, it is very annoying!!!
Well this app is good, but there are alot of bugs. The one that bothers me the most is when the progress doesn't save. Like when I get my 4th/5th idol, It didn't save the names, and all my idols were renamed to ' noname'. Please fix this.
its a good game though i really really like this game but when i start to play and i already save the game then play again the game that i save is gone then it will start all over again can you plsss fix the save/load game 😞 so that it will never go back to the start again and plss fix the rest thank you very much 💞Hope you'll fix this game 😊
Very nice app and I keep playing 1 year and 3 months now. But, I have some recommendations, can you add a options like #1-skip tutorial #2-change hair color/hairstyle #3-more items on beauty shop #4-the buildings construction can you make it shorter #5-tutorial on world tour #6-change the name or gender of the CEO #7-change the name of idols #8-dating rumors #9-more events #10-more girl group #11-sub-unit And please fix the issue about not retrieving the account because that was my biggest prob
I'm sorry, but I'm gonna need to make it 3 star or maybe low-I don't know, I really enjoyed this game so much, but the saving feature really didn't work at all. I lost my progress that I've been spent my time, it's just upsetting-now I'm afraid to quit from the app, because it maybe won't be save anymore so-yeah, please fix it🙏🏻
The game should have outfits for boys, I unlocked a male character but, there are only female clothes and also how do you unlock the options "learning" and "invest". And I really think that there should be more slots for different groups because there are a lot of characters and I find it annoying to having to put all of them into a group when sometimes I just wanna create a few small groups of about 4 or 5 not 8 or 9. Please consider these.
I really enjoyed this game! It's very difficult to start out and you get a lot of negative feedback in the beggining, but it takes talent to make a star! It isn't the best app I've played by any means. The tiny sprites aren't very visualy appealing and they don't really look like the characters. It's a nice way to waste time.
I played the male idol version first and find them very similar, so its good to play. Just wish I could have skipped the tutorial.
Not optimized for newer devices, graphics and font makes it feel dull, gets boring if you have a poor attention span. Personally, I think it would have been a success if it relied less on RNG. Luck means opportunity, but if every action in the game is based on opportunity, then it no longer is a game but rather a RNG simulator. You can increase stats through training and improve its efficiency through the use of "Game Money". At least name your currency? Seems like development was cut short.
Good but many problems It wont load videos to watch and get rewards. Money is extremely hard to earn and upgrading level take a lot of money even hiring trainee is costly while you earn extremely low. Plus upgrading office staff keeps getting failed after spending huge amount. Same goes for recruiting. Now stuck from around 2027 to 32 with no competition update and no battle left to fight. Slow updates... its going to be a year since its last updated
Love this game so much. I played the boy version and I realized something. The fact that you changed the gender of the mc to a girl just because the idols are boys. In this one, I understand because a lot of ceos are male. But the other game? Damn, saying I'm disappointed is an understatement. Its as if you have a problem with male interacting with a male.
Its okay so far. I wish I could control the music level. I will improve rating once I've played a bit more past the tutorial and not forced to review before playing the game myself. Edit: changed to a one star because I keep getting kicked from the app and starting over from the beginning. Not worth the headache
Its Fun with abit of challenges to be honest but i really love the art work but the graphics im abit disappointed about it but still specially the story of every idol that i get i really like the story and I really appreciate this game and to the developers and i thank yiu for making this game 😍😍
theres not much to it actually. its more a basic game although it doesn't say everything thats actually on the game. i had to figure out most of it on my own it gets boring pretty quickly all i am able to do is train the girls 90 percent of the time
the game is super addictive and fun, there are a few bugs and misspellings, but with a few fixes and updates, I would give it 5 stars! there is such an entertaining variety of things to do with a good combination of the story and gameplay!
The game has some bugs which were kinda annoying. Artsyle is inconsistent as the other idols look uglier than the others. You can only make one idol group which is annoying and doesn't make sense since they keep adding idols. There is no proper tutorials for other stuff like the VAPP and Global Tour. The game concept is cool and fun but hope they make it better.
The game is terrible as it has got soo many bugs.I cant believe that there is no update for this game yet because i used to love it and it used to work well,but the main bug is that if we improve a recuited idol and when we leave the game for a while and play it once again,the idols still at the biggning stage and it is very annoying to give it training again......So for now i can only kiss goodbye to the damn game if they dont fix the stupid bug.
Although a bit confused at first, I loved the game. But I just don't like that for a sort of strategic game, it has slow pace. It was fun at first day but gets boring in the middle. You could probably fasten the space or maintain the space, but that's involve monetary transaction which is a no for me -espdcially with its price.
At first it's very good game, amazing indeed. I like, how the story of this game turns out to be very high and interesting... However, after playing this for 1 month now. The game sudden said about (Suspected Hacking) and I didn't get the chance to continue my game and it suddenly shuts down and cane replay my current. I tried contacting the email the game provide but I did not get any respond or some text telling that the has CRUSHED! Honestly, please just fix it's problem.
This game has a really bad bug that needs to be fixed. This is the second time my progress has been erased. The first time I didnt know about the save feature. This second and last time, I made sure I saved before sleeping. Woke up and turned on the game. Loaded up my game and a window pops up telling me, the game will restart for stability reasons only for the game to reset my progress. My 3rd idol is missing, the clothes I bought is missing, and idols I trained reset to lvl 1.
(See past Reviews for more Context) This Game has many issues/bugs mainly around saving data etc. I am coming back to play after several months because my game save messed up and i lost 7 days of IRL progress which led to the deletion but I'm back to give the game another shot. I have learned many things to get around the bugs so hopefully I will be more smart and careful. Started new game 09/30 I will update this if I encounter any problems or delete the game again!
I like this game I really do but the saving process is such a pain. The 1st time the save data failed me was when I got my 3rd idol I left the game with all lvl 5s but when I got back the 3rd idol is all back to all lvl 1s, then 2nd time on the 4th idol it happened again. I did manually save before I closed the program but still all my hard work gone 😑 its so frustrating!!!
It was a great game... But it always kick me out and if I left the game while my idols are sleeping.. It didn't change and I have to wait them until they wake up...And my idols easily exhausted... This makes me sad.. I love this game but I can't stand it anymore... Also my phone went crazy after I installed this game..... I don't like the bugs but I love this game
Crashing right after I hire the 2nd idol and try to make a group. Doesn't save my data so make we do the beginning story all over again. I really hope it get fixed so I can try again "has crashed in the same spot 3x and all times made me start the story line all over again 🤦😭🤦" 4x now lol
Please made the idols wear gowns or dresses whenever there's an awarding event. Thank you! And so far, I really love the game! It was so fun! But sometimes I want the idols to have more activities to do like vacations, or how they interact with the fans. Plus, during their auditions, I find it tiring in doing the "click click click" part several times especially when my idols are many hahaha! I suggest you make that part easier Devs😘 However you do it, I trust in you Developers! Thank you!😁💛
It's a really good concept, but it's very glitchy and I struggle trying to write anything when I have to use my keyboard because it barely pops up. It also sometimes crashes and loses some progress which is very annoying. I also think it'd be nice to have more instructions (maybe optional) because I often didn't realize what to do and had to figure it out on my own. It's a good game though, very addicting.
This game is absolutely great. I was about to give 5 stars but the text are to small, the graphics is not that good but it's still appealing, and also the instructions/ guides are confusing. I wish in the next update you'll add musics- example ( kill this love ) - in the album mking area. The sounds in the current game is kind of boring. Hoping for a satisfaction in the next update. Hola! I thought their is a new costumes? Or dresses? But couldn't fin dit😩
It was a really good game except for some bugs and glitchs. There is something you could really improve on, is that you should let us create a sub-unit/mixed group and people will sure to enjoy it more.
The game is pretty good but the graphics aren't exact as I expect and i don't know how to make star coin. games is so much good
When I tried it first, it was kinda refreshing as a start of new games for me. So I kinda emjoyed the experience. I hope you continue to improve and make fun games in the future!
i love this game at first, but when i quit the game, my idols' awards were not saved.. as well as the other level ups.. i am sure i saved it before quitting but why?????
I love this game so much, It is very addictive.But there are just few things i noticed and i hate it. 1. In awarding ceremonies, The text are just.... nahh... 2. They should put an option wherein like when you want to buy something there will be a pop-up like "Are you sure to buy this item with starcoins?" Because b*tch it is really useful, One time, when buying at store, I accidentally touched the "Use starcoin" button, like btch I'm going to use that starcoin for something else. iwanttosaymore
Although this game is kinda boring because of lack in events, i still make it to my 38th year of my company. I really love this game and I'm really hoping for the developers to update this game.
Good but many problems It wont load videos to watch and get rewards. Money is extremely hard to earn and upgrading level take a lot of money even hiring trainee is costly while you earn extremely low. Plus upgrading office staff keeps getting failed after spending huge amount. Same goes for recruiting. Now stuck from around 2027 to 32 with no competition update and no battle left to fight.
I love this game!!.. I played it almost 5 months and i still love to play this game!!. Except for the fact that i have to connect to the internet to get my daily reward. But i still im happy to play this.. keep it up!!.
I love this game! But I'm stil bit disappointed bcos there are some bugs that are still not fixed, awards you've received are kept losing even you have saved the last time you played and once you get back its gone same when you scout and then suddenly disappear. Hope you'll be able to fix this I really enjoy playing this. Thank you!
this game is the absolute best. but i just have one problem, my idol's global fans keep on disappearing whenever i quit the game. and when i quit and play it again, i see that all my idol's global fans are back to 0. why is that? it annoys me. i hope there is a solution to this.
This is a great and fun game to pass time! However like many others say, the main problem is saving/loading. I saved and closed the game with my Google account just before I went to sleep. When I woke up all my money, date, etc. was still there, however all my newly recruited idols went back to level one on all skills, and their names became 'noname'... :'( Please fix this I really want to continue playing but just having this bug makes me want to give up..
The user interface in this game is utter trash and feels like something that came out when the iPhone 3 was still selling. They need to be more crisp and clearer. Use more sharp edges, higher resolutions, less colour, more translucenct boxes etc. Gameplay is confusing but I like how you can name pretty much everything.
i really enjoyed it and i also can played this game if i offline . Besides that , the idol was beautiful and very interesting to play . But , sometimes i cant understand what this game want for example in competition i lose and i dont know why .Still fall in love with this game ♥
I really enjoyed this app to the point that after I installed it i haven't stop playing with it until i sleep. Then, after i woke up, all the progress i've made is all gone!! Why is that?! I tried to to save it by clicking "save/load" but ending? Nah, nothing is saved. So disappointing 😔☹️
Got far into the game, decided to save for a change, came back on...and everything went back to the beginning, even if i try to load up the saved progress. Mess up game. Great but can't even save your progress properly. Was going to try again by saving it up on a dif account, like fb etc. etc. But none, only google and why does it have to be manually save up?
Interesting, I am planning to install this again and see if the bugs are fixed because last time I played this my screen froze on the game and then I couldn't tap anything besides going from room to room.
The game got rid of my progress. I loved this game, but when I exited the game and came back all my idols except for 1 were reset to 0 and I lost all the fans and clothes and all my game but it doesn't make sense because I got idols that you need high fame to get but now I got 1000 fame and after 7 days of playing for about 5 hours a day, all the progress is gone. Would recommend but be prepared in case a heartbreak happens. Could I pls get back my data
I can't say more! It's good but it crashes on me when I'm playing it and when I'm in the middle of my success the game resets. What's wrong with that? I give all my efforts just to make the agency and my idols so popular but it resets, I hope you will fix that. It's annoying but I want to play it again, it's just addicting
Ok so I started playing 2 days ago and I loved it but then yesterday is lost TWO of my idols they just disappeared. I had 3 but now I have 1. I lost the first one you get and the second one with brown hair. I'm left with the third one with short red hair. How did this happen. I worked so hard. I'm quite upset about this please fix it. Untill then, I'm giving 2 stars... and I'm deleting the app
A slow build game, but none the worse for that. I find it a fascinating experience to develope my group (The Gems) from the ground up. I have a lot left to do but am enjoying the experience. Nice graphics and storyline, well worth playing.
I love everything except the When you go to the parlor or beauty salon...When you change the idols Costume You Will See The Idols Close-up but the definition of the idols + Costumes are so blurry...It makes the game not interesting.but then i love everything!!Please add another slot to make another domestic group.
This game is quite hard to advance; you need alot of patient. The dialogues are misogynistic and i feel uncomfortable. I am now stuck as i am unable to unlock new idols from college street. Clothing choice is limited. However, there r many scenarios that seem to be almost unlimited; it makes me curious which got me going.
Okay will you fix the bugs I paid for trainers of all of my subjects and every time I go off and go back in ALL my trainers are gone. I love the game but this bug is making me not want to play anymore I put so much effort into it and if it continues I will be lowering my review, and yes I tried to save the game but even when I go into save, my trainers are gone and I'm about to find a similar game and play THAT instead. Fix or I'll rate 1 star. 🙄
At first it was really fun and exciting but my problem is after a week when I open the app it shows the 'there is no save data' asdfghjkl like what the hell? That's the worst don't download this app! Your effort would be gone after a week. Worst app.
Don't even know what the heck happened as to why I had to start again from my last saved data. I didn't delete the cache nor the app, just closed it for a few minutes after it crashed, and now almost all the progress I've managed to build up for the last few days is gone. (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ) Please fix whatever the problem is as soon as possible.
Infuriating! I really liked the game so i decided to spend the 15 dollars on the premium starter package thing. I went to save the game but it turns out if you touch the saved game it auto loads it to whenever you first saved. No prompts, no warning just a statement of the game will restart. I lost EVERYTHING. All of my progress, the rewards I spent real money on are all gone. I basically donated 15 bucks to this company. So so mad.
IT SUCKS!! It happens everytime I employ a new Idol. There name changes to noname and all of their potential drops to 1!! Fix this bug!! Its a waste of my time and it is not the problem of my phone since my phone is a new model with a huge ram performance.. And also I can't recruit any idol anymore, all of the chances dropped to 0 and I only finished the First 1 worth of 500.. And I lost all of my awards like the hell my hardwork went to!?
I really like the idea of this game. The graphics is very good. This game taught me to always SAVE your game whatever happens. If you forget to save the game you will just go back to the start, your game will be useless. Just like what happened to me. My phone suddenly turn off while playing. So technically, my game is not saved. When I open my phone, I just go back to start. Everything became useless because there's no data saved. This happened to me 5x already. I always go back to the start.
Progress Resetting is an awful bug that needs to be fixed ASAP! This game is such a waste just because of that one but big problem. I can't even train my 3rd Idol properly because of it like Idol's progress is the only thing that resets because the date didn't go back. Even if I bear with that it gets boring overtime because of the lack of events or casting
Got my 3rd idol on visual lvl 7 and another skills leveled up, then i logout. When i come back, my 3rd idol resetting into basic lvl 1 again and with no-name stances. Pretty frustrating to do leveling up her again from basic just like i got her for fist tine. Please fix this bug.
I used to play this when it was only available in korean even though I can't understand it and have to use translator most of the time so I was happy to finally have the english version. Aside from some texts overlaps it is still great! Worth installing!! 게임 너무 짱!!!
It was cool game!!🥰🥰 First you don't know what to do, but they'll teach you how to play🤭 but sometimes I've been thinking 🤔, they'll ask you 🤨 what song title do you want, what group name you want! That's all hahaha🥰🥰🥰
I love it😁 The characters were cute and the stuffs inside the game. I gave five stars because I really like the game, but I also wish for an update of this game, such as when making an album, how about making a sound of it so that players can be guided when making an album?
AWSOME GAME! you can make your own kpop group, produce music and more things although it did take a while to get used to where everything is but that's prob bc I'm dumb at remembering🤣. If you love kpop and want to make your own (virtual) kpop company then I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND Here are some things I'd love you to add 1: Choose name for fandom 2: Choose rules for idols like If they can smoke, drink, go clubbing, get tattoos,get a drivers licence ect.
The idols training of various talents ... but when I look for idol's profile that shows a tab that named 'Sub'... those skills lvl on that part all keep lvl 0 ..I don't get it how to Improve those .. And office staff not looking so active .. they don't having any stories until I played ..they can request company CEO some changes as needed .. All over its fully well prepared k idol's game Looking forward to some good chances that makes more fun .. ~A K drama fan
There's a bug where when I save and close the game, my last recruited idols will have their names changed to 'noname' and their stats will all be erased. This bug has been around since 2019 and I'm not sure if it's my fault or the app's fault, but either way I lost hours of progress. Would rate 5 stars if this were fixed. :(
It is a great game. I do not experience any trouble at the moment. But one thing, can you change the save option because it seems that many of your reviews here are confused on how to save. Thanks, that is my only concern
I've played this game on and off for some time, and I really love it now. The concept and general gameplay is great, and the save system has improved immensely. I'm very glad that the issue I was having with lost idols seems to have been addressed as well.
It is a captivating game. I really like it. I feel thrilled when thinking this is how I will take care my favourite idol. But it takes a long time to casting a new member. I felt a bit disappointed.
Everything is perfect.. I love this game and I play it everyday.... But I used 25 star coins to unlock the oversea unit ...It's still locked and my star coins are gone... Moreover it deleted my idols progress...... It was really annoying.... I am on the verge of deleting it.... Fix it and I will come back and give 5 stars
Everything is perfect!!!!. But there is something missing 1. They can enjoy social life they can have Instagram, Facebook, Messenger etc. 2. They have their own schedules not just staying all year in their practice room. 3. Also they can change their clothes regularly. 4. We can decide whether the producer is male or female. 5. They can have a collaboration with other artists. 6. They can also meet with other artists , singers , etc. 7. They can also date with the producers permission.
Good game, but grindy. Terrible save function. This game not only forces you to save manually but it's also horrible at that, forcing to delete your previous save before you make a new one. Else the save will simply not be saved and you love your progress. it's 2019 yet this save system feels like it's made in early 2000's
Right off the bat the main character invades the trainees privacy. There's enough sexual harassment in the actual industry that it's not funny and left a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the game. I really wish I could pick my gender as the CEO. Also I wish I wasn't just dressing Chibis, it could be a good game if it was more fleshed out, and get rid of the "haha sexual harassment is sexy".
It's is one of the best games I've played so far..I really like stimulation games and before there's just a certain point in the game that I will reach and then it will restart all over again saying that there is no saved data but I already found out the secret.. you're phone just needs to have a lot of storage for you to have the best experience🤩🤩🤩
This game is so fun to play. You get to create your own K-pop group and be the the CEO. I love naming the characters and training them. Though I wish I had more star coins but overall its i good game and I recommend it.👍
THIS is an perfect game for me I played for many time , and it's not getting bored to me I loved it vry much thnko for making this game . But I wont to tell u that plz update the game and fix the Dance styles dance steps are getting me to much bored ☝️ plz otherwise , it's an amazing game and graphics , controls are good. Thnko ❣
I updated the game, but I still can't save my progress on cloud. I wonder what happened because my last overwrite was aug 12. After that it doesn't work anymore. Hope my game won't reset suddenly because I already used some money on it.
I've been playing this game on and off since February and at some point had to stop. It basically became pay to play to progress at all. Super sad changed from 4 stars to one, because of how sudden and drastic the change was
At first it was great but then it get worst. It would suddenly shut down on it's own and then i will lose all the progress. I tried to save but the result is still the same. I also lose character that i pour a lot of time but after the shut down that character will be gone. I hate it. but other than that the game is ok. If it's a bug please fix it. If it's only me i will apologize.
I love this game a lot!! I can't stop playing. And I like that fact that you can play offline. There isn't (as far as I know) a lot of games that are like this and you can play offline. I also I love how you can name songs on our own and you can name the characters yourself instead of having them named already❤
1. It's always kick me out from the games when i received the mnet competition letter, and when i get into the games back, the competition is gone. If this continued to be, how would i get global fans? It's already 4th time, it kick me out. 2. Please, just please, please let us save the games data so we won lose it if we change our device. 3. The competition required is so hard to complete, 5M sales to unlocked sounds crazy for me. Reduces it.
I love playing this game. I don't have a lot of the issues people are having but there's still awhile until perfection. The graphics aren't the best and I the idols don't really match their picture but that's minor. A major problem I have with it is going global, nothing is explained about it. Nothing is also explained when your idol wants to write a song (like what music goes to what genre). However I overall have love for this game thank you for making this game ❤️❤️
This game was great, the only problem is only with the save data. Once I played it and I got like 7 idols. Then I accidantly select load game from a week ago. I lost All the progres tho since it only has one slot for saving. Another day I try to play it in PC with android emulator with the saving in my playstore but the game should start from the beginning again, but still I tried the tutorial since it cannot be skipped. PLEASE FIX THE SAVING AND TUTORIAL PROBLEM.
Nice Game, I love it, It looks like real because the game is really perfect and it shows most of K-pop idols pass through before they success in Life, I love it💞
I like this game when i first saw this i like ignored it but i said to myself that i should try it and so i try'd it at first i was like this is confusing but when i played all the time i actually understand it and got more interested in it almost i stayed all night playing it and my mom knew and she got mad at it..haha😅😫😖😨😭
Honestly, it's a great game so far although it does have some bugs. One of my problems is that whenever I'll try to type a coupon code, there's like a link or a text that I can't erase, it won't let me type anything. Another one of my problems is that like the others, sometimes my progress will reset. Also, the lack of events. Since there is barely any events, more and more people will get bored of this game. I hope that you'll understand and improve your game even more!
Its terrible. When I quit the game and return the skills were reset, back to level 1 and the clothes that I bought were all gone but the money were the same so Its just like i bought a bubble that pops into thin air. Its so frustrating. I spent so much on this game. I think of uninstalling it. . Fix the bug.
Updated: Lots of potential, but a lot of problems. I HATE the perverted male protagonist cliche. The tutorial doesn't help and I still can't figure out how some stats work. No volume control options, you can only mute it. Inconsistent art styles. There's a lot to improve, but this could be a great game. But the 'not so bad' perverted older guy preying on younger girls thing is really gross the more I play, so I went down from 3 stars to 2. I've had stalkers and it's NOT CUTE.
This game is so fun to play. You get to create your own K-pop group and be the the CEO. I love naming the characters and training them. Though I wish I had more star coins and more chances to recruit idoks but overall its i good game and I recommend it.👍
i bought an outfit for two of my idols, also a hat, and a bracelet but the next time i sign in the game i couldnt find it, whats the point of me buying then? also, this game is inconsistent. the new art sucks, bring back the old art.
I'm leaving it at three stars for neutral. For beginners advice, always build the library and gym asap. Get each idol to lvl 5 intelligence for auto training & get each idol to lvl 5 so they don't tire too soon. Save your star coins for if you go bankrupt or want the overseas unit sooner. Keep checking your monthly report so you can avoid bankruptcy. AND ALWAYS SAVE YOUR PROGRESS!!! Edit: For a better guide, see (the-tiny-spaceman) on Tumblr or (r/GirlGroupInc) on Reddit.
I tried reinstalling and rebooting the game because my third idol keeps on vanishing as if she never existed. Please fix this bug asap. I'm tried of restarting every single time this happens.
The Game is Great... its also addicting... But i have one problem about and that is, its have tap some of the buttons specially the "new look" button on their Profiles... even i restart the game... I Hope that you guys update and fix that problem cause i love the game...
AWSOME GAME! you can make your own kpop group and fandom, produce music and more things although it did take a while to get used to where everything is but that's prob bc I'm dumb at remembering🤣. If you love kpop and want to make your own (virtual) kpop company then I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND
It is a very fun game, it took me a while to realise how to collect my monthly attendance but then I realized that the reason was that I was playing offline. The game can be played offline very well and I play this game offline but turn my WiFi on only to collect my monthly attendance. It's a great time killer especially if you like K/J-pop Idols.
The game is really fun and I enjoyed it, the girls are cute too but one of my idols just resetted, I lost all the progress on her and even her name. :( i hope this can be fixed
I like this game. I started playing about a week ago. It is fun but sometimes it gets a bit boring due to the lack of events and stuff. Also theres no options to change the name of the company and your own character CEO. And also sometimes theres Korean alphabets appearing at the stories and settings, when I press UNIT MANAGE, and press the units name, theres some kind of Korean writings and I really dont understand Korean. Please fix it... Anyway, its a good game👍
I spend some bucks for this game because the game play is really good, very addicting and boredom killer. However, after I got some new girls, lvl them up and I turned off my phone to get some sleep, they were back to lvl 1. It's so frustrating and annoying, i worked hard for it.
Okay, so overall it is a very well rounded and fun idol game. It is quite a slow but is a fun process to level up your idols and buy them cute clothes. I only gave the game 4 stars due to some complaints. Sometimes I will refuse one of the members to write an album, log out of the game, but she will show up as the songwriter anyway. Also the game seems somewhat incomplete(?) There are still some things that were not added in that clearly were supposed to be. Please continue updating the game!
I love this game! I was sucked right in immediately. There are always things going on and it never gets boring. I have no problems with this game, there are cute graphics, fun game play, I really like the interviews and fulfilling opportunities. AMAZING! There are so many things to do, it's really cool!
I do love this game. Its one of the better idol management games. However, it would be better if you would make it easier to gain star coins. And if you were to label each trait clearly so you know what your idol needs to focus on. And how do you level their visual? It does not explain this so I often fail the visual leveling requests.
A great game so far (F2P, Grindy) but it does have some annoying bugs. One of my problems is that whenever I'll try to type a coupon code, there's like a link or a text that I can't erase, it won't let me type anything. Another one of my problems is that like the others, sometimes my progress will reset. Also, the lack of events. Since there is barely any events, more and more people will get bored of this game. Honestly this game has a lot of potentials so I hope that you'll improve it.
I really like this game but i think it has a long way to go yet. My recommendations: 1. Fix bugs: i found that there is a bug that doesnt allow you to volume up or down from inside of the game. (And music and sound should be two separated things so i can turn per example music off without the others sounds gone); another bug is the bright levels they sometimea are not the same as my phone's, so it consumes a lot of battery. 2. Graphics could be a little better. I get the idea of the game but stil
Nope no new updates this sucks. Well my opinion I guess, it's getting boring like I have like a lot of fans and I like unlocked everything there's no new things coming aka. updates, it'll get old. Well it already is.
I like this game. It is fun but sometimes it gets a bit boring due to the lack of events and stuff. *EDIT* Also the controls is a bit laggy and sometimes the game doesnt saves the progress that I made. One time I upranked one of my character from D to B and all of the skills had been upgraded to level 20, but then when I came back, all of those progress that I made is gone... Please update and fix it, it has been 10 months since the last updates... Anyway, its a good game👍
Hye...been 3 days since i play this game...so loving it...but have few queries... 1. Can u please make the sound that we can choose the level since it was so loud but no fun playing it without the music. 2. Can u please make the characters looked more big and we are able to clearly see them while choosing their outfit.
Quite good at first. It gets boring after a day tho. It lacks events and will ALWAYS make you wait for a long period of time. ☹️
The game is fun once you really get lost into it, it's not too complicated and you can easily spend hours on just trying to get your idols on a higher level. My main problem with this game is that EVERY SINGLE TIME I QUIT THEN COME BACK, IT RESETS MY WHOLE PROGRESS. Somehow my idols lost their gained levels in their respective fields, and I have to do them over and over again. It's so frustrating because the save function itself doesn't even work.
It's a fun game but it would like to know how to save when it's doing the introduction thing because I've had to close the game or get off my phone while I'm doing it and I've had to do that introduction at least 15 times otherwise I'm good
Ok so a lot has happened since last post. Ive encountered no issues since then but. I logged out after save and an idol has broken my game, i placed (idol) in a Unit, logged off, came back, i didnt have the idol but its still in my unit. And i cant scout the idol neither because i technically have the idol in my unit, but nowhere else. And when i move the idol out of unit, it Crashes the game. Big problem and would appreciate it be fixed.
This game is great but there are many glitches in it. When I save and exit it and again reopen it the name of recently recruited idol shows noname. Pls solve this problem....
I loved this game so much.but now i'm fedup . I only played for about a month.but had to restart the game after 10 days . .then i did it again..then after 14 days same thing happend .and even though its saved ,it cant be loaded? ? We play a game to relax our mind .but this makes me mad .I'm sorry for this kind of review.but i had to tell this. :/
i really love this game.. well, there is a bug.. it is a mission where the character should train her visual until level 10 but my character's visual is already level 13..when the training period end, my realibility - 2.. hmm.. one more thing, why i can't save my progress to my cloud? it happen after the update.. please help me.. fix it please.. thank you so much
This is way better than the pervious idol games i've played the graphic and the decider mode is so awesome, but can you guys work on those coins, why are they so hard to get, anywho, i wish their hair could be a little wavy and shaky, so it'll look cooler, you know girls and hair.
Well its a great and interesting game. I started playing two weeks ago, it was fine and interesting but now it sometimes freezes or closes unexpectedly so i try to save it often but when i open it again it tells me that there is no saved data so i have to start over even though i was able to save it succesfully before closing. Is there something wrong or am i doing it wrongly?
I really enjoy the game but at some point today I think it crushed or something. Can't stop accepting request to auditions and can't play the game normally. Need to fix it soon cause I/We can't play the game til then
I have to say this thing is kind of challenging at first glance you don't really see it when start diving into it it's like you become obsessed that you want to not the game but the other players. After a while gets harder
This game seems poorly translated to English, but not so badly that it's unplayable. It's just unintentionally funny sometimes. The real problem, to me at least, is that everything clickable is way too small to reliably work on a phone screen. And I've got a decently large phone screen, too! I also messed up my save data by accident and it disheartened me enough to stop playing, but that's my fault.
.... GIVE!!! ME!!! BACK!!! MY!!!! SAVED DAATAAAAA!!!!!! WHY DID IT RESET AGAAAAIN??!!!! ... SORRY... im just really mad now... it is still one of the best game.. its just.. WILL SOMMEBODDYY!! HEELLPPP MEE!! AND MY PAAAIIINNNN!!!!! T^T i think the one at fault is when the battery died... while im playing.. i will just start over again. heres your desevered stars back. ^-^
I love this game, it's very addicted but It would be better if we can add another girl group to debut and boy groups also. And hope we can change their hair colors too. Yeah. I hope it will part of the update. Hihi
very chilled game but the way to increase fame and earn money is a bit slow. other that that it a pretty good game. for those scrolling down the feedback section if you like to grind that is game is for you. all u got to do is train them while waiting for the casting to pop up
This is amazing! Although I don't know how to find the entertainment center and for some reason an Idol had gone from 40% to 5% when trying to recruit them in the street😥😧🙅😢 I would like there to be more interraction, especially early on in the game, for there to be a little story or "pictures" of when and idol is casted . Also improve grammar💜💜
My recent data was removed because it's not "manually" saved. Then what does the app say whenever I want to quit? "Quit and Save?" Then it should be automatically saved. Right? I even bought starcoins that I wasn't able to use it yet. Can I get it back?
I like the content so much. But the annoying thing is, the idols are so rude on speaking. It's not like real life, where people respect their manager. For example, when you forgot their birthday they're gonna go like: "you forgot my birthday, you're such a dumb manager!". Like....what even is that?😐
I really love this game but when I created a save file it kept going back to a certain point in the game. When I tried to save my new progress it just kept taking me back. Please fix this issue
Pretty well great game. First thing first is that the game are fully offline and the data could be saved, the storyline is very interesting but it will become more harder and harder and will also be grindy at times but its worth it, alright i got no words, overall it is good and you just need to take alok yourself.
Broken Engrish, the gameplay seems not smooth as other modern games, the design seems out of place with the interface and such. But, the game has the google play achievements which I can grinding to get it.
Really fun app and i do like the whole idea of the game. It could do with more options on the game itself, with controls to lower the audio on music and a control to lower the sound effects. So you dont have to listen to the sound track over and over. The problem with it being you can only turn the music off and on, is that you cant hear the demo tracks the idols make when producing songs. And for the idols to continue to train while the app is not in use. But I like it overall. Much love Shani
Please fix the Bug . i just exit the game and enter the game back, my characters skill reset back to lvl 0(all the skill) include their name (to noname) except the 1st and 2nd character . Sigh... The save file is useless too cuz it wont recover it ...
Best game ever--although I didn't know how to get the gold coins. Last time I played this was February, but I uninstalled it because my phone's a bit error. But when I installed it again now, it was really disappointing. I've played for days but then it said that the game stopped and as I entered the game again, it said thet there's no data saved and I have to played at the beginning again! Fix it pleaseeee
Oh wow, where to start... 1. Dialogue too long and not entertaining 2. Once you start the game, you'll be trapped! Can't do anything else but forcedly following the lengthy tutorial. I was trying to tap "Settings" button to mute the BGM, but can't! I was forced to follow the tutorial, no other action allowed! 3. I wanted the idol to train properly before debut, yet the game wouldn't allow it! Again, forced me to release album with zero training and talent.
I like the way the story is playing out for this game it is challanging and entertaining . So as the game progresses I can make another observation on how I like the game, since it just began like two minutes ago. The graphics are good and the gameplay looks awesome, like it so far!
This game is absolutely great. I was about to give 5 stars but the text are to small, the graphics is not that good but it's still appealing, and also the instructions/ guides are confusing. I wish in the next update you'll add musics- example ( kill this love ) - in the album mking area. The sounds in the current game is kind of boring. Hoping for a satisfaction in the next update. Hola!
It's awesome but really confusing but I love it really. And is the game has male character? If they don't, I was looking for a male version like this game. So please can you update us if you have, because i really want a boy group version pleaseeeee