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Gin Rummy Plus

Gin Rummy Plus for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Zynga located at 699 8th Street, San Francisco. CA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game has been my favorite for a long time....until recently, now the game freezes or glitches during the game...very annoying, losing my money and my game status..
Great game, only downside is lately it keeps freezing just as you get close to collecting the bonus coins. tend to lose a turn or so. Its quite frustrating, because you can't pick up or put down a card, and it could be one you need.
I just played 200000 coins lost due to connection disruption when I knock during the game. My internet connection is strong during the incident n I ve sent support email n waiting for respond.
the game itself is fun. trying to play with friends is a horrible and frustrating experience. My wife is sitting next to me and it takes forever to solve the riddle of being able to play a game together online. it either just says she is online or says she is already playing a game. there has to be an easier way to connect with friends.
Fun game! Ads aren't too bad. I take it back....After a couple months of playing realized it's a scam. You get on a winning streak and then an even bigger losing streak. When you're on the losing streak, about every other game, an add pops up wanting you to pay for private rooms so you can set it to gin only. It's a joke and I deleted the app.
I'm beginning to get sick of the scam in this game. When I play normal people, I generally win. The system does not want a person winning to often so it sets you with a fruithead which is computer generated an probably knows what cards I have and I tend to loose more. More of this and I will be uninstalling this game coz its not fair.
This app is ok. I dont like the "knock" option i prefer straight gin. It doesnt let you chat or even message your opponent which sux. And it wont let you set a private table unless you pay.
Keeps changing method you use to input bet amount. So that you have to keep buying coins just to play. Also, every week or so it puts you the worst loving streak. No matter what you do and how well you play you just your opponent gets rummy or the card you need.
This is the game that I hate for ever. 1. They suspended me for ever. I send 50 coin for a friend but they said don't send coins. I was very angry about that. Then few hours ago.. They suspended my game ID for ever. Now l am playing guest ID . Then I promised I will never repeat it again here after. But they were not accepting it. Now I am not playing the game. NOTE :- THIS IS TRUE. DONT ASK ME AGAIN... MORAL:- Allways WORRIYING ABOUT THE GAME THEN OTHERS ALSO HATE.
If I could have given this game a -1000 stars I would. Once you buy tokens it sets you up to lose so you can spend more money. This game is a rip off. UPDATE: I have spent over $150 on this game and every time after purchasing coins or the diamonds I begin to lose. Once I bet the last of my coins immediately when the game first begin it always say "PLEASE DON'T LET IT END THIS WAY Boost your bankroll now and afford your next bet". My thoughts to this is how do the game know I'm about to lose???
Used to really love this game but the changes made to the playing of ads is starting to piss me off. Seriously considering uninstalling.
I have been playing this game for years. While on vacation, using my Samsung Tablet my game keep freezing and and I timed out. I lost over 40 ,ooo points taking me down to 2,000. A good time to change games because I stopped playing with a guest because I NEVER won. Had fun while it lasted. .
ok played for a while, this game like any other was no different. you pay to win with diamonds or you lose and still have to pay for coins to games that if you dont pay you dont win. DOESNT SURPRISE ME. DISGUESTED ACTUALLY
Didn't get winning prize due to server error. No point of wasting time if money is not awarded when you win. Now I feel that I have wasted my 10 months in this game.
finally fixed!! thank you!I can't get in to the app to play. I'm not interested in the 'lucky Heist' but I cant get past it as there is no decline button. Please help. thanks for yiur response but if i cant open the app, how do I contact you within the app???
this game of yours sucks it constantly freezes up it will not let me draw cards I'm having constant problems every day with this crummy game explain to me why the game freezes up and yours game is the only one that does that explain to me why it will not let me draw a card and ask her a few seconds tells me I missed three turns and now I'm taking out of the game I've lost I've lost almost a hundred thousand points because your game malfunctions please upgrade this game as soon as possible thank y
Like it. One problem, its rare that I can collect jewel. Constantly getting message "No videos available at the moment." By the time a video is available, the time limit to collect is over. Then start all over collecting bonuses
great game but i tried to get my face book friends it don't message them. That sucks," most games give bonuses to invite friends. This says u can add friends but don't message them. i tried 7 times. I'd give 5 star had i been able to do that.
Unsure how the behind the scenes mechanics of this game work. Constantly beaten quickly due to poorly dealt hands. Does the system favour pay to play players i wonder? wont be playing anymore as i have deleted as mechanics clearly rigged.
I can't get in to the app to play. I'm not interested in the 'lucky Heist' but I cant get past it as there is no decline button. Please help. thanks for yiur response but if i cant open the app, how do I contact you within the app???
my cards got jumbled up once wifi at your end is SO DARN LOW. And its pure cheating, when you force players to play a stupid game which resulted in us being punished and losing the blue gems. You guys are totally a rip off.
they refused me to log in. when I was able to log back in all of my coins were gone. I spent at least $ 25 to $30 on this game already. before this the game is very addictive, awesome game until they performed this foolery.
because you dont buy coins you get a bad run in the game.How do others get 100.000 + coins (unless your buying them..) you can"t even keep a hold of your 1000+ or more. set up. good cards get dealt out and they wipe you out can" t even have a true honest qqqqgame Deal me decent cards instead of trying to make me buy coins from you.
I'm not sure what it says about a game when I can look at the profile picture, flag, and name of the player opposite me and determine ahead of playing them 95% of the if I'm going to win or lose based on that info, regardless of their or my skill level.
I KEEP COMING BACK but. Its called GIN Rummy, I prefer NOT to play "knock" games & it doesn't make any sense to me to play games for a 10 point score, but that IS an option.. Sometimes the jackpot doesn't release even when the game score requirement HAS been met (SUPER FRUSTRATING!) because you pay in to play & get nothing when the game ends. Would like an option to NEVER receive invites to Knock games. Still I play daily.
The game appears to be rigged at times in an effort to make you buy more coins to play the game. Now I would give it -5 stars if allowed. On the Lucky Spin game the amount of coins on the wedges of the wheel somehow got reduced after I finished all 6 requirements. I even have screenshots of the wheel showing before and after. Hmm.... something is fishy and dishonest.
during the spin challenge game which I like one challenge that is clearly unwinnable in most people's cases is to place in the TOP 25 in the daily high score.With limited coins that is impossible for us. Should be dropped as a challenge permanently.
Great game but now fundamentally ruined. None skipable adds, which funnel you to their store page. Gameplay where final card played is the exact one(s) you needed, who thinks anyone enjoys this ****; no value, random pack would allow skill not this. I cannot recommend and will uninstall if changes not reverted next update. Shame really.
This game is BS. Supposedly it is real person play. I just played a 10 pt game for 20,000 coins. My "opponent" picked up 2 Qs during his last few draws. He then layed down to win, but surprisingly, he did not lay down a single Q! I have also noticed that when you are on a "winning streak", you can just keep winning as long as you do not have space for any new safes. As soon as you open up a space, you of course lose your winning steak unless you want to pay to continue.
Possibly the MOST rigged game ever. I just lost all of my 100k coins in about 30 minutes playing in low amount rooms. Every opponent got gin within just a few cards. Don't bother telling us it's random. It really isn't. We aren't all as stupid as you think we are.
Been playing this game for nearly 2 years and love it BUT since the last couple of updates it crashes at least every third game. I lose my stake and...worse...my winning streak. It's so frustrating as I can never get enough safes. It's not my WiFi because I play lots of games regularly where this does not happen. Very disappointing.
thought I would give this game a second chance but I have to agree with the other comments this is the most one sided game I've ever played ,I've played Rummy for many years and have never seen so many Gin's from a second or third draw unbelievable.
i love love love this game only downfall is the vegas and hiest extra games they Γ re so so hard i can win like crazy in reg games but u get into the bonus games and cant get beyond level 3 , if u do get to 3 a guest player mysteriously appears and u will not win , guest players or bots should not be allowed to play make a profile or dont play ,,, guest player wins 7\10 games always ,,
you win some, you lose more. lol just the way it works. I'm addicted though. Lately I've noticed that when it's time for me to watch the ad to get the one free gem, it disappears and it takes me back to 250 coins. That's messed up! Fix that. And for anyone saying if your opponent is guest then you'll lose because its rigged. That's not true. I'm guest because I dont have facebook. Yall Should change that too. I would like to edit my picture and my name but cannot because I dont have Facebook. 😬
I love this game and have played for several years. But i am dissatisfied with the fact that i wanted to purchase lifetime auto correct and accidentally purchased lifetime chat. I reached out to customer support and was told that it can not be switched. I will not make anymore purchases to this app!!!πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
Not happy with this game anymore. I think the cards are fixed. Used to buy things from from time to time on here now they mess with your scores as if the cards are rigged.....
it a good game. the only thing I hate is that you have to use coins or diamonds to open the chat for so many days and use emojis. other games don't make you use them so why does this one? I don't have the money to be spending in an app that is rigged anyways.
Apparently I have to communicate this way as I cannot even get past the new ad/ play this game splash screen, since the update. Complete trash. And, please don't give me your curt little canned reply of 'contact me within the app'. Friend, if I could get INTO the app, I must definitely would contact you in that manner. **UPDATE - thanks for the canned response. See ya!
Absolute garbage. You can tell that there's nothing random about the cards that you draw after playing for 10 mins ie; if you split the highest pair in your hand by throwing one out, next time you pick up it'll be the card previously needed to complete the set 100% of the time. etc, etc. Would be a great game if they changed the rigged 'money grab' programming to a proper random draw card deck, and I think that they'd find that more people would come back and wouldn't mind spending a few $.
Love this game. I grew up playing cards with family and my grandma. We made wonderful memories playing cards. We still travel, visit and play cards. Get this game.
Bullshi#! Gotta buy coins if you gonna play! Never get diamonds so give that thought up! Not even sure how to get diamonds except to buy them! Nd never has videos for free coins!! It is fun as long as you have $$$ to spend!!!!
I actually enjoy playing this game. you win some, you lose some. of course when you pluck 8 cards and none seems to help you out is a little weird but whatever. I do find it strange that when you accidentally pull out from the table early, u lose your winning streak but when your opponent leaves the table for whatever reason it doesn't add to your winning streak then. please fix!!
NOT WORKING! Have been trying to get on for over an hour and all I get is "oh no something has gone wrong" aside from this I love this game. have played for years! please get it fixed soon!
Tells me to update, then brings me here and there's no update 😡 and no it isn't designed with an algorithm, that's horse poo as has been said before you cannot get a gold safe as you'll lose when opponent picks 2nd or 3rd card everytime, everytime πŸ‘Ž
First, I am contacting you as the above nameds wife and not the above named. We would give it a 5 because I have this on my own iso devise and I am addicted to it, but my husband wanted me to put it on his Xoom so we could play eachother. I had it on there when it was my tablet, but reset the tablet before I gave it to him so I know it always worked before. Every time I try to open it, it wont so I sent a report. It kept doing that so I uninstalled and tries again. Still wont work. Help?
It will not let me play a game. It keeps taking me to buy coins and does not let me play free, plus it does not Auto sort. The first few days were fun, but now it never advances to a game.
When it works, it is a great fun game. Too bad it keeps making me loose connection. Only app on my phone that does this. Sorry had to delete. I will next time take these reviews seriously.
I usually love this game, but after this last updatr, im pretty unhappy. i purchased coins with the sole purpose of completing the Lucky Spin challenges. i completed all (even the boosters), but one: knock with each suit. I only had the Hearts left and I knocked (and won) with a heart multiple times, multiple games, with non-friend players. I attempted to clear the cache, uninstall, and reinstall to no avail. And now I missed potential rewards. Please fix.
cheesy contests that no one wins. too loud music. poor graphics. expensive simple addons. stay away from this game. far away.
PLEASE.. I dont understand why you cant make your OWN PERSONAL ACCOUNT without Facebook. those guest fruits look so bloody ugly. I would like to be able to personalize my own name and put my own picture...
seems funny you can get so far then never win a game, few times now the first round i get all kings queens jacks tens, etc and the other player goes straight out, it seems impossible at times to make a set uplet alone go out, been studying these cards a lot and find this happens a lot when you get to a certain score then cant win nothing because your hand is full of high cards, i suppose its getting you to buy more coins bit of a fix if im honest. but thats only my opinion.
I would give it a 5 but you could never win big money whenever you complete the curtain chanllenge...its rigged u can only win little money on the spin wheel..if it looks as if you finna win big money it rolls back to little money
The last 2 updates have been absolutely terrible. All they did was add ads and make it more difficult to find a person to match and play. They do nothing but respond with a copy and paste response asking you to reach out to them on the game but never fix anything or even respond once you do what they ask. They do nothing but steal the gems, throw ads in your face and make it impossible to win anything but the lowest award possible.
It seems to always send you on losing streaks after you purchase coins. Almost like it is doing it on purpose. Other then that it is actually a fun game. After further playing I van only come to one conclusion the game is built to get peoples money extremely disappointing.
Fun but the challenges are BS. I always play for the spin challenges and there are huge prizes while your trying to complete the challenges then once the challenge is over and you actually spin they lower the prize amounts dramatically. Never won more than 1,500 coins. Not sure why they would care if I won a lot of coins considering its not real money...kinda shammy.
the lucky spin doesn't seem to payout the bigger prizes as you can't tell by other comments and reviews, I've won 30 times and never a million coin prize or more and when I contact you in help/ message you never respond and I can also tell by your replies on the reviews that you really don't care as all your responses are generic, so you get 1 star
Players cannot simply take cards from the next player if the player doesnt have any idea what to do with.it.player cannot throw back the card which player have taken from.and so many things shouldnt happen it happens..pls make it more reallistic game..thank you
the addition of prize boxes adds to the game but also delays play. All a tactic to get you to buy diamonds to open the boxes.
It is fun to play, but freezes at the post crucial time. I have tried updating and it still does it, I have lost many hands be a use of this. As of Aug 7th, 2019..... I cannot get in to the game to contact you. The game has been down for 2 days now, it says you are working on the problem, does this mean you are doing updates or something?
I love this app, the dynamics are great. But can not get it on my pc even using BlueStacks. I don't like just playing it on my phone, want to relax on my overstuffed chair and play on my pc. Best Gin Rummy app out there though.
Can't log into FB so havent been able to play for a few days. Been playing for years and never had this problem before. Sort this out !! Also cards that I've thrown out and have not been picked up by rival end up back in the pack. Hmm Also.let us block players.
fun game. my father just died after home care for about 2 yrs. have not felt like concentrating on more thoughtful games at present n.same as neborre. At the moment
I have been playing for quite a while now and there are a few things I get upset about. On occasion I have gotten jiped out of point I should have gotten. Jackpots in the late night when I play most are hard to come by. The game says the pot is rolling over to the next game and it just keeps building. I have run out of coin to play with waiting for the jackpot.
Ok, I love the game, but the last three days 30 games, I've just lost no wins, seems they want me to buy, that's not gonna happen, but it is perfectly well put game, when my coins run out, delete
For the past 2-3 weeks, this app causes a shutdown of my android tablet when in the middle of a game. This causes an immediate loss in the game; I will stop using the app when out of coins.
i have a huge problem and need help !! i have 5 messages and dont know how to get them !!! help help send a phone number some how !!! im guessing these messages are important !!!!!! so please help me !!!
Bit of a scam really! Win a few times! then just before getting a gold safe, the other player wins on second card! then they ask you to pay to not loose your streak! it's ok though because apparently it's the algorithm that does it. erm an algorithm that is always making you loose and then you pay money to get it back, sounds like a money making scam to me.
Locked out for DAYS now. Ive been playing for years & suddenly got bounced to a FB login screen that wouldnt let me log in. I uninstalled/reinstalled Gin Rummy & log in says "you previously logged into gin rummy with facebook". i dont use my facebook page & dont log in thru it unless I have no other choice. Im irritated because I have a lot of points accumulated & feel like this is a trick to get me to re-register & give up more info as well as pay more $
I have had this game on my computer and my phone. You somehow took it off the computer and keep telling me to load on my phone. I want to play on my computer. It has a bigger screen. Please fix your problem
Ads are annoying. Was a great, highly enjoyable game until the ads came a few days ago. 30 second ads after almost every round are annoying.
I don't know what is going on with the connection problem I have perfect internet service all my bars on my internet other things are connected I can play other games well but three times this week I was kicked out of the game because I didn't wasn't able to play three times after I spent my money I spent it was a $2,500 bet for one one was $3,600 bet and one was $750 and I just lost all of that
I purchased 3 more lives in lucky vegas at 4 gems for 3 and it took all 19 of my gems, I have been savings my gems for a while now. please fix this.. was offered assistance but was blamed instead because apparently I had purchased live chat with my gems which of course I did not,I mean why would I waste all my gems on that feature.. but hey I could always delete the app so no big deal.. I have friends who also play and have many issues but nothing is done to assist
What is leveI up? a quest and the quest was to go gin with any jack and I did . my opponent there a jack out and there was no match for a jack on their hand. but the game did not allow me to gin and I had 3 jacks as a match??? this game is not operating correctly??? there is no way to contact the creators of this game during or after the game unless you go back to the app store!!!! can this be fixed??how do I contact you within the app? I have not as of yet received a reasonable response.
my favorite Update: what happened to the betting feature? When I create my own game I have to delete the "bet" to enter my own amount instead of it deleting automatically. I thought this was fixed long ago. It's a hassle now, darn it! new: I continue to try and contact you through the app but the messages I keep writing do not appear to actually be sent.
I love this game but very disappointed that EVERY time I get the bonus spin it ALWAYS gives me the lowest possible option. They say its a computer algorithm but it needs to be adjusted. If this is a common complaint fix it!!! Stop using the its a computer algorithm response and make your customers happy and not feel cheated.
I like this game... but I haven't been able to access it for two days now. I have done a force-stop, reinstall, restarted my phone, everything that I can think of to get it working again. Wish it worked, but oh well...
excellent graphics and action but... too many cards show up in consistant repeatable sequences demonstrating that the deck is not dealt in a proper random order. while the game play is interesting, don't get sucked into spending too much to add to the pot. If they would get an external certification that they deal cards randomly it would go a long way to building trust.
This game lets you win just to get you engrossed then you lose just so they give you the chance to buy coins to carry on playing it is a good game but please give players who dont buy coins the same chance as those who do
I absolutly LOVE this game! Ive seen others complaign about it "Not being truly random, blah, blah, blah" Its a GAME on your PHONE/TABLET! omg! Grow up! Its meant to be fun, pass time, NOT make money on! Its NOT your job! Its a lot of fun, the only app that dont cut off! Finding players are easy! I love it! Great job!
i love this game so much fun πŸ˜€ i play it every chance i get, if your a gin rummey player you will be amaized at the strategy,it s a real brain teaser so what are you waiting for πŸ€” you can even play it with your friends game it really keeps your brain going
I swear, app is rigged. Don't buy any packages. Once you do you lose more than win. Tries to make you buy to keep playing. Don't fall for it.
Love this gameπŸ€—. Will there be another one like this ?okay so i have been trying to play but it keeps saying something went wrong is there a problem with the game. i was really enjoying it. i hope i won't have to delete it
One of the worst game ever, if you playing in wifi connection. usually wifi signal sometime reconnected with in a sec, during that time I'm losing my point. It makes me mad and I'm going Crazy. I strongly recommend you guys please don't download this worst game if you are going to play in wifi it's give you very bat experience.
great game ! this is suitable for all ages and fun too. well made :) I've read multiple comments saying it is a scam and the cards are a fix ..... all I can say to the people spouting such nonsense is GIVE YOUR HEAD A WOBBLE !
love the game, but since latest update I can no longer get into game. It pops up oops something's gone wrong please refresh. Uninstalled, reinstalled and still the same, over and over again.
I have played gin rummy in the past but not like this. Gin Rummy Plus is a very exciting and thought provoking game with opponents that are equally witty and decieving in how they play. If you like other card games you will enjoy gin rummy plus from ZYNGA!
Can you guys please ur check ur algorithm again and fix it as it is clearly showing the one sided game and saying error and Connection error in middle of game even I am using the largest and fastest network of the world .. Thanks
I so enjoy playing this game gin is one of my favorit games to play always played the actual card game with my money all the time of course she would beat me at it but it was always fun to play
cant open the game, keeps telling me to refresh. seems I'm not the only person with this problem. I know that if you guys reply to this review, you're going to tell me to contact you through the app. problem is, we cant open the app, so we cant contact you through the app...please fix.
ok, so algorithm.....I've read other reviews saying the same about your algorithm. Now I don't think it's you guy, reason being a player popped up saying things in the chat bubble to, cussing me out and the like, then said he added me to some kind of cheat list or some of the sort. After that the card algorithm seemed to coincidental. I've tried reinstalling but it didn't work, so....as much fun as the game use, I will no longer be playing. The game was really fun up to that point.
this game used to be a lot of fun, but ever since the last update or two i was logged out and i cant even get to the main screen, its just the guest or fb login screen. i cant ecen get far enough into the game to contact anyone to help. total BS.
I do not play any game that the only option to play is by signing up with crook Facebook. I dont even have a Facebook account anymore. Should be able to login and create an account with my Google. Another app trying to steal all my information with ties to Facebook. delete
Love the game but requested for them to delete all my data so I can start again but now the app won't work no matter how much I press "continue as guest". It has been days now. It needs to be easier to start again
Used to love playing this game but now it's changed. Used to be able to play upto 100 points can't now and the bets have increased so can't seem to play for less then 10k. come on people change it back stakes are far too high getting very very boring now. #### STILL NO RESPONSE ABOUT MY REVIEW. THEY KNOW I'M RIGHT####
This game was brilliant until I contacted support only to have a sarcastic reply each time trying to prove me wrong. Do not spend money on this game. Not the most helpful support. I will be deleting the game now!! rude!
as a child i always loved this game. iv played so many times on this app and was really happy but now while im in the middle of a game it will glitch and ill lose everything. it happens everytime im in a high prize game. yet when im on a low bet it works fine. Having mixed thoughts about this game now
They cheat on this game and scam you out of your money. I purchased 25 gems and was only awarded 10. They lied and said I used 15 gems towards a chat feature, which is a lie because I don't ever chat on this game. I play with random people where I have no need to chat. I don't recommend using your money to play this game. There are plenty of other GinRummy games, which I am going to try. I played this game for over a year and won't come back.
I'm wondering why there's so many, 'no videos are available at this time'. I haven't collected the Daily Reward (that's 100% more coins) for about a week now! But other than that - I LOVE this game!!
i dont like how you have to use gems to create a private table. There should be levels for Gin only that you dont have to use gems for (just bets like normal) bc this game is NOT fun when everyone "knocks". im very close to uninstalling it and being done.
Fun...but totally rigged. This game is set up to try and force you to buy chips and gems. Nope not gonna happen. Avoid the Vegas side game in it to. You give 20,000 chips for a chance to win two million chips. Just to see I played about 7 times. You are given 3 lifestyle but of course can buy more! ALL but game I lost all 3 lives before even hitting the 4th of 12 rounds (straight gin). The first bought life is 1 gem for 1 life or 11 for all three. 33 gem/1 & 132 for all 2nd time. RIP off!!!
The game is rigged to make you lose so you will buy more chips. But they make sure you win a lot when you first play. You think I don't notice when 5 Jack's turn up in one game? Your algorithm is rigged and trash. Too many bots playing.
You say in the update that it's now free to play with friends - that's not true though is it? When i attempt to play with a friend rather than just a randomly assigned opponent, it costs diamonds, which of course cost money. Scam.
All the new upgrades make it so much better and I've been playing since early 2017 late 2016 and it's like a whole new game now...i love it...im addicted and i play like 6hrs a dah sometimes more...lol
it's fun. wish the time limit wasn't a thing but i understand why it's needed. Therrs way too much "extra stuff" happening. I open the game and have to close out of tournaments, challenges, and whatever else just to play. It be cool if it was one thing, or if i had the option to not participate in any of that.
This game is retarded!! I had $60000 in jackpot, won 8 games in a rowand had to wait 30 minutes and still didn'tfind a competitor. I had to finally leave. Not the first time it happened. Doesn't do any good to build up the jackpot cause this keeps happening!!!
This kind of good game. I don't like that the only way to play the Gin option, is with payment. I don't like the players that playing the Knock, this is so frustrating playing this way. So... by the moment that I will have the option to choose between Gin or Knock off, I will change my rating πŸ˜‰
i was suspended permanently from the game, i was told for breaking 1 or more rules of the game. i dont know that i broke any rules. when i sent the email they didnt even bother to tell me what rules i broke and that the decision is final. and they can not tell me what rules i broke. i am very disappointed because i never break rules in my life, let alone rules of a game. thanks alot guys.
Great game, when you finally get to a table to play. Just wish it was easier to find the right table. I only like to play for 100 points, but have to go thru 15, 20 tables or more to find one with right points a bid. Should make it easier to find tables.
:( i cant connect toFacebook, and finally a msg appeared saying not available in my region! how come? before i can play! PLS answer
game is a scam for money. its geared to make you lose. you cant play your friends unless you pay. record the game and watch the cards played. I have seen cards that dropped picked up and not in others hand. some have stated we are all playing CPU using our profile. nobody is playing each other unless they are friends and one again you have to pay. I will be looking for another rummy to play I get buying coins when broke but not paying to play when I have plenty.
This game is a complete scam. The win/lose ratio is completely ridiculous. Half these players are completely made up people and it's really the robot your playing. You go on a 25 game losing streak and win 1 and then they want you to pay an absurd amount of money to buy coins. Eat a dick gin rummy plus
I am locked out again. How can I contact you via the app if I cant open the app? Your help screens give unhelpful canned answers. Locked out for DAYS now. Ive been playing for years & suddenly got bounced to a FB login screen that wouldnt let me log in. I uninstalled/reinstalle.....
Ive always loved playing rummy as a child. The only problem I have is too much at ONCE. People make up different rules as they go along like for example our president you can only hold your breath for so long until you have to stop and smell the roses not the fertilizer that grows them thanx for keeping my home state beautiful. Have a pleasant day. cuz Times a wasting. ENJOY
i find this game gets very expensive with ongoing costs and you dont get to choose how much you bet. I've gone 10 times tapping the 50 000 to 250,000 and every time it came up 250 000 in 10 points. if you want a free game this is not for you. what are the XPs for, no idea
It feels as if, the modes are set to kick your ass no matter if it's rookie, shark, etc. You wait forever to get a decent amount of coins and the dealing absolutely sucks. This was one of my favorite games....
I have enjoyed this game for several years now. You have absolutely RUINED it with the recent additions of ads when opening, finishing a game or closing the game. I will certainly play it a LOT less now... Bad move.
I like the game.. I really do.. but why won't this game let me play at tables with smaller bets?! It's frustrating.. if the developers fix that, I'll give a 5.. just let those who want to play small bets play at the respective tables!
Game 4.5⭐, Game play 2⭐.. Overall 3⭐ for me. I have 2 gripes with this game 1) Seems the game is rigged some times... I have encountered the same card played twice as it was discarded by my opponent which i received again... There should only be one deck of cards?? 2) Although its part of the game, there are sooo many people who are knockers... Even worse there are alot that knock after two moves... Drags the game out and just takes the joy out.
Drops whenever they want. Set you up with computer playing you not really people most of the time fake sats on players and they don't help when there is an issue. Already tried customer service seems if you complane then you be on a losing streak seems like they only give the winds to people who spend the money I really like this game but your customer service is extremely poor never resolves any issues. Dissapointed love playing zynga games but if this continues I'm out to find new gin game!
I have spent tons of money on chips and jems supporting this app so can play with friends and family, in middle of game with family member they kick me out and say account permanently suspended. lesson learn dont support this game, having family and friends as friends get your account suspended. They want you to play their rigged bots instead of friends and family. Znga company needs be investigated. look their reply contact within application, you cant. Just reply you steal players money.
Awful interface. So much annoying flashing stuff. Not easy to just start playing with an opponent. Constant pop ups that you have to tell to go away.
Played a game where it stated jackpot to be payed on next round, took 3-4 more rounds for payout that went to the rival. Rival kept getting gin over & over & over again on 1st card pulling. Very unfair, I'm disgusted. No explanation needed because I experienced it 🀨
i have sent 2 emails for customer support. how ling do i have to wait. this isnt what i expected. spent so much to beat levels . and at the end i was permanently suspended. spending so much money. at the end this was the reply ,,, didnt even bother fixing the problem. just money stealing and fraud."Thank you for getting in touch with us. Our system detected that you've broken one or more of our game rules. Therefore you are suspended from the game. You can see our official game rules..."
Gin rummy plus is a interseting game I ever played but my gin rummy account was suspended, I bought a packages but I don't know why my account was suspended. Sad, can you please tell me what is the actual problem or why your suspending my accounts. If there is any problem or any other issue please tell me I want to know, I want to play the game but there is no guarentee to play the game beacouse after few days the account will be suspending!
I play to take away my boredom, while I wait for the doctor, and any other time I have free! Great time filler!!
do you like being pelted with useless advertisements and tutorials on pay to play services? this is the game for you!....game would be 5 star if it wasn't so blatant and annoying with ads and add-on garbage
I think it is a shame when a game that I have bought coin on can take over 100 m coin from me as a player because I shared my coin that I paid for with my wife
Game is great. Recently they added loud annoying ads that you can't back out of forcing you to watch the entire ad or back out of the game completely. Very frustrating!!
i really want to give this app a 5 however the way your penny picked for every single thing is rediculous. Explain how do you expect to keep your audience coming back if they have to pay to use basic features of the game i.e auto sort, creating private tables, and to sum it all up, a charge I've never ever ever seen an app do... CHARGE TO SEND CHIPS TO FB FRIENDS AS A GROUO. Not to mention never receiving the earned chips for new users I've invited or the chips im supposed to get back in retur
I ENJOY THIS GAME TREMENDOUSLY but I'd really like to receive a reply regarding my progress not being on my account I was on level 87 with 55-60 gems and a million points now I'm on level 8 I'm really disappointed and if I don't receive a response soon I'm just going to uninstall and move on
Well, first of all, the cards should be a little more mixed, you almost know what's going to be picked up after seeing the previous card. The big wheel has all of these millions, but so far I have always just hit the lowest amount Every time. I understand you want us to spend money, but I'm not going to.
Always suspends my account without any problems. I don't know why you do this but every time its getting suspended. Why is this happening. Your game is good but the service is poor because you are suspending the account without any reason
Overall a nice time killer but if you actually enjoy playing it becomes a disappointment. Conveniently "looses connection" or just freeze altogether and not let me pick up a card or pull a new card then after my time has run out it would work again. Also it would be nice if it would pause when a player gets a call. I can understand no pausing during the game but it's a huge disappointment to have to ignore a call or lose. Lastly what happen to the 100 score now it's only 10 or 50. Disappointing
I'm suspect this game rig the cards update: in response to the developers HR response, Algorithms are known today to have a bias based on how it's set ex Facebook, and Twitter. there is no way when I play multiple people the same exact cards I've been holding on to all of a sudden appear right after I break my hand. it's happened playing different players many different times. your algorithm needs another look.
Terrible.... It wants you to buy coins by simply letting the "Fake" opponents win. Two draws from the deck and they have Gin immediately. Update: How many times are you going to reply with the same BS statement on the algorithm?? Games still TRASH!!!
Absolutely ultimately love this game!!! No ifs, ands or buts!!!! Best ever. Especially when all in the house are asleep and you have insomnia or just not ready for bed!!! Highly addictive for me!!! I love this game!!!!
Love Love LOVE this game. so much fun to play and increase my ranking. I am addicted to this game. Collections are fun to collect and tournaments......I cannot stop playing.
I had fun playing this game. spent a lot of money and time building my profile. i got my daughter to play and won all her coins... so i started letting her win her coin back and it blocked me permanently with no refund for the things i purchased..
Fun game but DON'T CONNECT TO FACEBOOK if you've already been playing a while! I didn't really want to have my Facebook profile picture as my pic on the game but decided I wanted to see if I had any friends playing, so I decided to connect it. It restarted all my progress, all my money and started me back at level 1! I also wish you could change your user name instead of your actual name and keep the fruit avatars you automatically have before instead of forcing you to use your Facebook pic.
Trash game. Glitched where opponents win without reaching limit. Contacted dev's to fix and they said there is no record of my game where that happened. I've sent screenshots with no reply. Will not be playing any further Zynga games.
Ive never seen a game more rigged then this. Gin in 2 draws yeah right. Side games forget it win nothing. Coin taker is what this game is. If you have coins your going to win if you have only a few forget it here comes the pop-ups to buy more.
Only 2 on the fact that game keeps ending n blacks out and takes it back to login and all ive earned are gone its so annoying i keep uninstalling the appconstantly just to reinstaling I love the game the way to.play the whole setup its the best one yet 2 stars for having to wait longtime to re login after waiting longtime for an opponent then winning and blacking out and back waiting to login is annoying and this is august 2019 people! Get it together I JUST WANA PLAY GIN RUMMY!!!!
This game is rigged. There is no way the amount of times that it opponent gets gin without me even getting a turn happens that many times. Also why can't i play whatever table i want to play? There are never tables in the minimum range nor are there tables open in the beginner level. I just want to play whatever table i feel like playing at any given time. Fix the "randomness"of cards so opponents can't get gin without you even getting a turn. It's happened at least 100 times. It's nonsense.
How is the wheel going to show all these high dollar prizes, until it's time to spin, then it changes to 1,13 K (should be 1.13K), which I hit every time I spin?
I love this game but every since I've been playing it freezes up during the game and when i try and get on the game i have a very hard time getting on. thanks
I just wanted to play Gin Rummy I didn't even want to play with other people that's not a deal breaker though.What i don't want is to be forced into a story mode where I'm a spy and forced to play various mode of gin rummy that and all the microtransactions they try to force on you. I can only handle so much BS and there is starting to be more BS than Gin Rummy.
I've enjoyed the game, but lately it's been locking up my tablet, rebooting it, & then I have to start over again. It's only this ap. I've uninstalled & installed it again, but it doesn't change it. Frustrating!
ok, nice to play it. but too many animation, useless , boring. i have no time or patience for all those stories with Vegas Heist ... c'mon. And what a great "non answer" for this review! well guys, I just shared my opinion here, i will not do it again "from in" the game.
Please don't insult people's intelligence by telling us you algorithm is RANDOM. This game is so fixed its actually shocking you can get away with it. As a matter of fact....SOMEONE should be looking into this. And DON'T delete my review this time! πŸ˜’
I connected my Facebook and lost my progress and coins - i was on level 11 with over 8'000 coins and now im back to level 1 with only 5'000. The "gifts" and things you put on the table have also vanished too. Just a warning to others if you've been playing beforr connecting your account I would have rated higher if it hadnt ben for that with no warning that it would happen
been using this app for years now. game has improved by allowing you to win features that were previously only for paid users. HOWEVER. after winning a game, and carrying over a jackpot - the game will not find me a single match to continue forward. makes it impossible to accumulate and win large jackpots.
It's so much fun have hard time leaving to do other things I like how big the cards are fun to play against friends wish they gave more coins and you could make 100 points tables or bigger
Gin Rummy plus is quite addictive game my type of card game fun and exciting use to support by using cash to purchase coins I feel quite frustrating and unfair why I keep losing distribute to me all those suck cards as you guys playing out there should know card is generate to player by computer (Gin Rummy plus) my personally point of feel in order to make me keep losing so I have to pay to purchase for their coin
Majority of these app games are either boring, or you get stuck behind a paywall. This Gin Rummy card game is actually pretty cool, even as a regular player, without all the bells and whistles. You don't need to spend actual money to play and enjoy it, and you're not bombarded with ads as much as most of the casino games.
The only thing I have a problem with is when the private table comes up you have to hit create table then cancel to get out of it. There should be an x to just exit out.
had a million points and because i havent recently spent money to buy more points im losing 95% of games played. been playing this game for over a year. ive spent plenty of money during that time. how much money do you need? after reading reviews there are alot of unhappy players. everyone should uninstall this app!
Originally gavethis a 4 star but I'm changing to a 1 because of the pay wall thats clearly in use. Just to add, I've seen the developers generic response saying its an algorithm and therefore the cards are randomly dealt, clearly they dont understand what an algorithm is!
Great game, really is tons of fun. I love that you play real people in real time. I like that the ads are optional to view and if you do watch them you get coins for it, genius. Overall, awesome game.
a fun, fast paced version of Gin Rummy... a very enjoyable app. Thanks for your kind response! Would be really nice if you came up with a way to notify us of a challenge without us being mugged by them with only 10 seconds to respond. God forbid I should take a sip from my drink only to look back and discover that I have now lost 50,000 coins and am in a game that I would not have chosen to join!
this is the worst game. They skew the game towards their paying customers despite the non paying customers being part of their customer count and getting them advertising dollars. Case in point I went from $900,000 to under 100k just losing by night being dealt abby cards that will build my hand. Furthermore, the others are winning within 1 or 2 cards played. They also debuted me 100k yesterday for no apparent reason.
They seems to choose when you win,choose a small bet and you stand a good chance of winning, larger bet wins are very infrequent. If you make a purchase you suddenly become very lucky. If you gave a hand full if pairs as soon as you throw one of the cards that will be the next one you pick off the stack, which seems strange.
Somehow the game keeps loosing the internet connection when all other apps and internet is working well. Its the game! I have rebooted several times just in case. I have lost several games in the middle of my winning streak close to rummy, when it freezes then takes my melds apart saying I am going to get kicked off if I keep missing my turn. Three is a row today, before I finally gave up on playing. Fix the bugs, please, it would be more fun!
Fun game with extra games to make it more interesting . Like the challenge of competing against other. Can add to coins by watching an ad which is not to bad.
Like being able to play real life players, however this has its drawbacks when u need to pause or connection is interrupted as u can end up loosing lots of money. Also the algorythem of the cards can become a little predictable at times
This app sucks. I have been playing it & so many glitches. It is after taking coins as it freezes up all the time. I bought coins & have really not enjoyed this game. When I play it on my laptop I can't even change the tables to higher or lower tables. Maybe if you fix this app I might enjoy it.
I absolutely love playing! I only wish we had the ability to block certain players. I have had some very rude ones I don't want to play against again. also we should be able to set up playing options so it doesn't waste my time or those playing and waiting for opponents. For example... I prefer to play 50 points and up. I dont like 10 point games. If I could set choices like that up in my preference then I wouldn't be offered 10 point games.
This app keeps freezing up causing hands to be lost, starting I missed my turn when actually the app froze. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail.
Love the game but like others I can't get logged in. It keeps refreshing and telling me to relog in to my account after I log in. I had just won a game and it crashes and this log in thing started happening. And your response to this issue is "please contact us within the app"? How can we do that when we cant even get logged in to the app??
keeps crashing 1 out of 3 times I try to open the app I recieved a message that something has gone wrong and tells me to refresh. no amount of refreshing brings the game up. have to force stop the app to use my phone for anything else. when I can use it, its loads of fun.