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Gin Rummy Online - Multiplayer Card Game

Gin Rummy Online - Multiplayer Card Game for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Artoon Games located at C-301, Diamond World, Mini Bazar, Varachha, Surat-395006. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Too many bugs and after reading some of the other reviews, some have been around for awhile. I'm personnally not a fan of the UI. Compared with other, similar gin games, it feels cluttered and in manual mode, a bit of a pain to arrange my hand. I understand the need to make money but when it feels like too much attention is paid to that aspect and not game play, the enjoyment playing suffers.
this has potential to be a good app if the developers weren't liars and understood math 1. They offered free chips for referring a friend.....neither me or my friend received any chips 2. once i played down to 190 chips the game would not allow me to play on a 100 chip table unless i purchased chips im uninstalling
People do not waste ur time dwnlding this game. It is rigged and ur playing bots most of the time. The developers even admit to it being rigged saying "they designed the game to have natural ups and downs" um.. im not sure whyd they do that when there should be no ups or downs in the design. All they should do is deal random cards and u win based on skills and luck that u get the cards u want. U will lose b/c they set u up to. Dont waste ur time.
Game is good but facing problem for quite a time, can't see the face up card, it's like hiding somewhere while the game is still on. Fix the problem or else i would have to delete this game
Can't even play. Keeps saying no internet. Would not be able to access Google play store if no internet. Problem OBVIOUSLY at your end
Addicting and fun. The only negative are the commercials in between playing hands. Sometimes they don't close in time to catch the next game when it starts
This was my favorite Gin Rummy game of all time. But now it won't load. Says no internet connection. Tried re-installing but still the same problem. Don't bother downloading this game! It DOESN'T WORK!!!!!
app sometimes freezes and will not allow sorting or which card to discard, so it discards a card I didn't want to discard. very frustrating, fix this problem. I don't have this problem with other game apps.
I have enjoyed playing the game. I find I lose connection sometime but may be my tablet. I would like more info on how to use settings.
RIGGED! and they say the game is designed to have natural ups and downs... umm. Thats called rigged. Because we should be dealt random cards to randomly do what we choose with them. Not a preselected set of cards and stacked deck so that the game goes a certain way. If im playing real people and not bots... i should be getting random cards as well as my opponent and whoever wins does so based on skill & luck/chance of getting the right cards. Why do u stack ur decks? This is GARBAGE. UNINSTALL!
I can't tell I'm ever playing with anybody but the computer. Random pictures of nothing to pretend we are playing someone. Very sketchy!!!!!
Very addictive game and i totally enjoy its user friendly interface of how it enables to interact and play live games with people around the world. Also the admin support is very prompt. Cheers! :)
This is the worst game and algorithm I've ever in my life seen and or played. I've played lots of card games on here. If i could give a negative 5 stars i would.
This game is rigged. Played like 6 hands as soon as I installed and the player I played against won in a matter of minutes each hand. Total waste of time. Don't download if you want to get stressed out.
If you like playing bots with a stacked deck where you lose the majority of the time, to the point where u get so frustrated you actually curse at your phone then this is the phony gin game for you! Click on your opponents info and see crazy statistics that arent even possible.. level 64 but only played 50 games... etc.. why cant anyone just make a app to deal random cards to u and thats all. So simple! Yet everyone of these apps mess it up. Waste of time.
Gin rummy+ is better & clearer,feels like playing against a computer instead of a real person due to the profile pictures & possible fake level of player,one player was level 18 after 2 days, impossible to do even playing 24/7
I like it but it doesn't really give a good challenge. Because the game for the other opponent is always winning no matter what. Why do you have to stick a 62 level person with a sixth level person. It doesn't make any sense but it does keep me busy
It's a good game. The only thing it lack is we can't play with our friends..you know where we can send the link or code and they can join us on our own private table. Can you guys please fix it and upgrade it. Although i like it but I want to play with my friends via WhatsApp.
The only reason I wanted this game was to play online with specific friends. But it just puts you on tables with strangers. You can invite friends but if they dont accept fast enough, strangers keep getting on table.
For some days it is not responding,I have been playing for quite some time all in suddenly when I open it displays come but game does not appear now its working smoothly thx love the game
Why don't you say that most of the players in here are robots with "special skills"? You should at least change their profile photos and names to make them look more "human"...
This game says "get 2X the points" on the daily rewards but half the time it doesn't work. For a week a couldn't even claim half of the rewards it said I had. Very frustrating frankly.
I can no longer find my friends to play. Downloaded because it allowed me to play with my friends. Error code: "The unique ID doesn't exist". Uninstalled and reinstalled and no change. Please fix!
The game is great, but my reason for writing this review is their amazing responsiveness to complaints. When I first started, I wasn't able to see when my opponent picked up my discard. I complained, and I was seeing discards the very next day. Recently I was getting sound with the ads although I had the sound turned off. I complained, and the sound was gone THE NEXT DAY! I've never encountered such service in a game before.
For the last week I have not been able to play on tables. There is constantly someone loading but never appears on my table to play. What's the point in having this game if we can not play?
The game is not loading again I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it worked the first time but now it is not working it won't me off the loading screen it spins and spins. Any ideas on how i can get past this??
It's a fun game but it seems obvious to me that I'm playing against a computer rather then an actual person... that's a bit disappointing!!
9/2/20 updated review. I have Uninstalled & installed this game 3 times per your instructions & to no avail. Still tells me no internet which is ridiculous - I certainly wouldn't be able to install a game if I had no internet! I play this game daily. Tried all morning to play and it tells me I have no internet connection. Ridiculous. I am online. I even uninstalled and reinstalled... I get the same message "no internet connection ". Fix my game please and you will get a much much better rating.
Why waste your time on a game that u have nothing to do with the actual outcome? This game is stacked so that it ends the way they want it to EVERY TIME. if you are not paying the app tons of money then u will lose the majority of the time. People that are a higher gem level than me win the majority of the time. If i play someone lower gem level i will win the majority of the time. This is garbage. Not real gameplay. Boo!
Number one... why do I have to pay to get one of the black and brown avatars and white the 5 free ones are white men and women? And two, who starts a game requiring a player to buy coins to play. It's not a real casino where I can win real money. Buying stuff inside of an app should be a choice, not a requirement. Nope. Uninstalled immediately.
Uninstalled..The game keeps freezing and the cards all shift to the left. Then it flashes until you time out. Then it does it again so you automatically lose the game. Everything seems fine after I close the app and re-enter the game. It goes great for a while then you get to the point where you are about to get the 1800+ points and it does it again. It did this to me at least 8 times today. When I used it for about the 1st month or so it was great. I play to relax. This = not relaxing.
First off this game freezes alot. Second, this game is rigged. The cards are preselected so the outcome is set. And it favors the higher gem member/player 99percent of the time. They dont even try to hide the fact the cards are stacked. Its so blatantly obvious. Dont waste ur time. Play a game that is fair where u win by skill & chance by getting RANDOM cards dealt. If ur not @least a diamond member u will lose 90% of the time here. The slots will rip u off 99% of the time as well. Dont bother!
Al of a sudden there is no one to play thought the game needed a upgrade but it seems not. I've played for long time but am now disappointed
I love this game and all day and night when I try to log in it tells me no internet connection. Which is not true. If I didn't have internet how could I Uninstalle and install over and over and not rate this?
Was enjoying the game now i cant even log in, i have deleted and reinstalled and still just shows the sign for game and wont open, very disappointed
Like paying but sometimes don't receive bonuses, otherwise pretty good. 4th July 2020 Recently there has been a change, as I can only play with limited people, so definitely not as good.
Great gin game. Opponents are tough. Frustrates me when the game freezes and then discards one of your melded cards causing a loss of the game
Sometimes it is too slow and it breaks up too often and doesn't get good reception. I like it be able to chat once in awhile. Otherwise I would really enjoy the game much more.
I thought i would be playing with regular players like myself not bots! I can tell when i get a real player. When its a bot my cards will freeze when trying to select them and cause my time to run out. I lose EVERY game. Sucks!
Slow pace, not exciting to play like some, I don't need hand signals to tell me what to do next even the music is sad.