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Gin Rummy Free

Gin Rummy Free for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by AI Factory Limited located at 23 The Avenue, Hatch End, Middlesex HA5 4EN United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The ads are super long. Like the one for the jigsaw puzzle. Only thing I hate about this game is the long ads I can't skip.
when you get continuously slammed with instant wins of the other player, the computer is cheating. what's the fun of playing when there's no way to win against the computer-not the other player. it's Especially frustrating when you NEVER get an instant win hand.
Good app, only problem I've had is the fact that a previously declined or discarded card will sometimes pop up again in the flip in the same round. For example, if I discard a 9 of hearts, it'll come up three cards later of the same round. Definitely a problem, but still a fun app. Edit: Also, why can the A.I. knock with half a hand of deadwood but I'm not allowed to knock until I have basically a full hand? That seems a little disadvantageous to the player having less opportunities to knock.
I love this game but your new ad length is just too long. pt.2 your response is a lie. the length of time before you can "x out" has more than tripled.
I love this game. The variety of opponents and levels of skill for each one makes the game very realistic.
Terrible and no way to find this "knocking" feature. No tutorial. No direction as to any obvious way to lay down a hand. The only buttons i see are Sort and Undo and the cards only can be placed on your side of the board.
Just started playing and so far think it's great. Plenty of opponent's with different skill sets to choose from and not too many adds so overall enjoying it.
The game design is a simple set up. I love that it's a pick up and play kind of game. If you need to step away for a moment you can and then you can continue right where you left off. No stress.
I just want a simple card game against the computer to play while I pass time. This game has too much going on, plus the draw and discard piles are reversed from how they should be.
Literally the only gin game I have found worth playing. All the others are either buggy or stacked against those who don't want to pay to play. It may be basic but at least you are playing against real odds and when you have a winning hand the program is actually aware of it.
It lets you win too much. At the end of the game you see the cards of the opponent and you understand that normally that person would have not discarded the cards that he did
Best one in the playstore, which isn't saying much. I've heard that it's (currently) impossible to write a program that generates true random numbers, and that may be what all the gin rummy games are up against. The lower settings favor the player too much, and the higher settings skew in the computer's favor; both are extremely obvious. We'll just have to be happy with this, or chose online games where you play against other people.
Easy to play, unlike other competitors. Will actually let you leave the game easily, unlike the other gin rummy games which let you have to turn off the devive.
So the AI goes, on average at least twice a hand, out after the second or third card sometimes with full blown gin. I get that it's a game, but c'mon. I've played gin for real for a couple decades and that's only happened a handful of times. Deleting this game, its frustrating.
Preposterously long ads between games. I have now uninstalled you. The between game ads grow progressively more intrusive and now they are almost never skippable. Your app is an abomination.
I love this game BUT it doesn't stop going from light to dark as I play. THIS is very uncomfertable on my eyes. I have tried to fix it as I was instructed but it keeps doing it.
I have had this game on Every cell ,Tablet, and pc I have owned. ?????? "What's your thinking".?( - :
This game is a mess in a half The computer is set up where the players gets all the Aces 2s 3s 4s 5s 6s An it also takes every small card you throw out and bet you Its like the cards are set exactly for the computers players to get all the Aces and small cards When its your turn to pull the first card its always a Face card But when its their turn it be good cards like 1s aces and 2s and 3s The computer is set only for the players to win This game needs to be idle down some or iWill delete it
I just started playing at this site and this is a fun and easy game! I have played Gin Rummy for years and really love it! You have made my day!
Fun game to play while you have some time to kill. Different AI players to choose from with random difficulty setting. Recommended.
Pretty good game. I like the different level of players and it's the only rummy game I've played that plays fairly. It'relaxing because I can play at my level.
Yeah, good. The cards are nice and big, easy to see on a small screen. I like the well-thumbed look, too.
This used to be favorite game. What ever changes you made took all the fun and skill out-of the game. I wound like to have you go back to the original game plan.
When I first downloaded this app...it was great...BUT when I changed my way of playing and won much more than average... next update showed it knew how I played and adapted...NOW app slams me constantly, allowing much lower than "law of average" wins!!! NOT COOL!!!!
Overall a good game but I detest developers who create games where the CPU has success that the human player never experiences. I am ahead 87 to 18 and the CPU gets 5 hands in a row where it only has to draw 1 or 2 cards to win the hand and it wins the game. If you are going to program a game to be that way then make "luck of the cards" equitable.
The style of the game makes it harder to view. The sort and ending shift the cards slightly but still make it hard to follow.
Appears. That certain characters are programed to win at a higher percentage . Thanks for verifying what I said but in different words. One person on the team explained the percentages and probabilities which made more sense than another person implied that I accused the program as"rigged." Don't read between the lines but comprehend what was said. My observation and statement was based on those at the beginning of the character list APPEARED to lose more easily than those at the end.
Liked the game, but 30 second ad after every hand now is to much. From the other comments i am not the only one who has recently noticed this. Will be deleting it. I understand generating revenue, but this is ridiculous.
Good game BUT the long ads are annoying. You have to sit through all of it after every game, you can't skip them.
Wait a minute, I'm playing a game, the opponent picks and discards a card extremely extremely fast then wins? Are you telling me I'm playing against a real person? Absolute bollocks. No human is that fast. I'm playing against a computer. You cheating people. DELETED. GOODBYE
So my updated review is as follows the AI seems suspiciously similar from character to character. Im not sure what real life gin.players might play like but i swear all the AI players are basically the same. I have no issue with the RNG. What I do not like and what takes the element of fun or perhaps skill out of gameplay is how quickly the AI players take your discards. I find myself really struggling to recall if the card on the discard was just put there by the AI or not they move so fast.
quick she wins sometimes. but I more often .. sharpens my skills. opponents are realistic. c ards are clear I'm old and sight impaired . but I don't have trouble seeing them. wish cards were less sensitive to touch. I have lost often as I meant to move it not discard.
I would deeply enjoy the app if the AI doesn't always get dealt gin or something that allows him to go out within one hand. Funny how it never deals me that same hand. It can be quite frustrating that the game can literally be over in under a minute because he deals himself amazing hands over and over and over. I've owned this game for years and I come back to it every so often just to realize why I quit playing it.
Great game! But there's a glitch with the ace,king and queen of spades not getting counted in your hand. And you lose the game, because the game won't count them as your points, but it instead penalizes you instead, and there's no way to correct the game! No checks, and balances in the game. Other than that glitch it's a great game. It's only happened with the ace, king, queen of spades. Three times so far...πŸ₯΄
This game is very challenging as a card game. No problems with ads, continuous play. It's worth downloading!!
Simple and easy, no ads, no junk reward pretend treasures. Just simple cards for plain enjoyment. Thanks
Love this game. Been a while since I played, but picking it back up and relearning it is exciting. Great app
I like to sit back for a few minute break to play a game. I am increasingly annoyed with all the ads.
Absolutely the best Gin Rummy game! Not many ads, easy instructions for first timers, more than one game mode, and difficulty many difficulty settings for supper easy to really hard.
When I uninstalled, then reinstalled the game, the issue with the start button was gone. Thanks! 😊
Eh, it's sub par at best. Of the 12 games I played, I won 2! Opponents were dealt some awesome hands & really quickly they went out, so it was definitely not randomly dealt. Will be deleting
I have to edit my initial review since i can't add a new one. I like this game and i don't mind having ads, but i do NOT like deceptive ones. An ad came up today that asked me to update my app to the newer version and took me to completely new Gin Rummy app to download, ZGA Gin Rummy. Luckily I didn't fall for it, but you need to do more vetting on the ads that come up.
Graphics and UI are excellent. Sad that the way you implement AI levels is to have rigged card in favor as the star level increases. I will play this at 2 or 3 star AI only because of your rigged system. E: Instead of a reply bot with BS answers, may be employ a proper dev to actually fix the AI advanced levels instead of rigging the cards.
Warning! This game is a real time waster! Seriously, the interface is excellent. You get ads, but they come between games when you might want a quick breather anyway. I've deleted more games for my phone than I've kept, but this one is a keeper for sure.
much better than it was. i was going to opt out because the computer players, at a challenging level, could rarely be beaten. much less frustrating and more enjoyable. thanks for listening.
Not a very honest game there is adjustment for winning on the apps side for some players u don't get cards only .one sided game keeps going on ..on their side ..its a cheat game
Obviously rigged in favour of virtual player. Knocks on first or second card way too often, I played gin rummy for many years and never saw the incidence of knocks experienced with this game. Ok, so played some more and now I can say this game is horrible, uninstalling now!
The difference between the skill of one computer level & the next one up are too high. Fed up of the computer winning every hand within three moves. Bored of constantly losing against one player & always winning against the next level down.
Play against game built in characters, but still challenging and there is still wins on both sides, if you know your game. Good learning tool also, I think.
The game is beautiful . It is a great learning tool. In my original comments i complained that the hands were much better for the computer, but that problem appears to have been corrected. I am amazed how well the computer is programed!! It is hard to beat the computer when playing one of the best player personalities. This is my favorite game. I am hooked on it!!!!!
Nice simple format. I have never played before but easy to pick up how to play through this app. Some of the harder AI are really good , but I am sure that as per the developer , that the cards are indeed random . It's great to have quality of AI to work up to .
Easy to understand instructions. No option to play friends but broad range of AI to challenge. I've tried others but keep coming back to this version. Their other apps are worth a look also.
One of your competitors ads shows up with a similar design to your game with "free upgrade" when it's actually to download their app. ZGA - Zen garden apps. Thought you'd want to know
Its a good game because i like gin rummy but its really about who "knocks" first because there isn't much gin in the rummy !
Hand played by app gets all the winni g hands. I am not only player with this issue. Maybe you should check your random number generator, Game would not be fun if I got all good cards. Another issue even worse is that when I knock with less than 10 points, the program slides my discard to other pile, thus allowing program opportunity to knock and win hand, I am also not the only person experiencing this, My sister and other friends have the same problem. We like a challenge but get frustr
Can't win. After the second hand other player wins. Don't mind losing a lot but would be nice to win once in a while. No it is not random. Computer wins which is al
If you enjoy gin rummy you have got to get this app. Absolutely THE BEST gin app Play against different skill levels. Play someone bettrr than yourself to improve your own skills. The game doesn't cheat and the adds aren't insane; that is, there are not too many of them. There is also a premium game available without advertising if you're a communist. LOL
Good quick fun game. A range of experience to play against. Clear screen. Some ads but not too intrusive
Good game, but uses the worst pop-up ads. They are impossible to dismiss without "clicking" on them, which probably maximizes their ad revenue, but is completely dishonest to the user and the advertisers Google should investigate and ban these practices. EDIT: Blaming advertisers for your app's user experience feels like a cop out. You own your app, you own your ads. While I have no problem with ad-driven apps, missing close buttons and subverted back button just feels like click fraud to me.
Love this game! If you don't understand how to play, just go into menu and find all the rules and how to play instruction instead of leaving a low rating for the developers. They did a great job!
I would have gave this game a 5. I'm a decent player at this game so I decided to play a harder person. The first time I played it against that player it Gin on Me after 2 moves. Then I got whooped the next 2 games. I'll play it till the computer starts cheating.
Good for free. Not a bunch of ads. Graphics ok, could be easier to see but I dont really care about the score against myself. Make the numbers Darker and BIGGER.
Recently I have been having a hard time playing the game. When I press play, it exits the app. I enjoy playing, but this is really frustrating. HELP
Love this game - I enjoy many of the games from AI Factory. Recently, I have noticed a change in the graphics - they are very dark, especially the score cards between rounds. Was there an update that changed something?
I used to enjoy this game more, but now it seems to be rigged. The opponent wins the game in 1, 2, or 3 plays fairly often...
Gameplay has been nice for a while but something has changed with the ads. They go full screen and you have no option to skip. Very irritating.
how ever many times you say it, the AI is programmed to play a certain way therefore it's never truly random. as others have said, AI knocks too often after only one or two cards. it may not be rigged, but neither is it realistic. also too often, the card i was waiting for comes out as soon as i break up the pair or run i was going for. it got to the point that I was even calling the next card many times.
Really good game. I like that I can pick who to play. I would like more players to chose from. Games can be saved and scores are saved.
Best gin rummy game on the web, I think. I have tried most of the others but keep coming back to this one.
Ridiculous. When I play the 5 star players they win the game within a few moves, playing with easier players is boring though. The developers only response to people (instead of fixing the app) is that their game is based on real world cards and it's random.🀣
it's kind of slow at first but when you start too think a little and you win a few games it gets better thanks
Decided to learn Gin Rummy, picked this game at random. Help section very clear concise and clear. Picked it up pretty quick. Opponents have different skills, game play is quick and easy. Ads not too intrusive, Pleasant diversion.
I like this game and all but what I don't like is it won't let you call big gin if you have it like it makes you discard a card and only lets you get gin so please fix this to where big gin is acceptable and if anyone don't know its the 11th card you draw that goes with your other 10 cards.
Whilst I continue to play the game and appreciate that a lucky streak can happen, when playing against the higher ranked AI, it's amazing how many times I can lose a round/game without even getting chance to draw one card!! This frequency is quite astonishing.
Love Gin Rummy, but not this app. The computer generated game makes sure my opponent wins, by dealing a fantastic hand to my opponent which normally knocks me out in 2 moves.
Love this card game. Compet with others to finish your hand before they do so you don't get stuck with all the points.
Why have an option to turn sound off if it doesn't apply to ads? It's a well designed app but no ability to mute ads is a dealbreaker.
Love this game. Thanks so much for writing it. Trouble is...I'm seriously hooked! Yes there adverts as it's free but they only come up at the end of matches so I can live with that. 1 problem discovered: A used card turns up again later in the same game. This should not happen. PS how do you get a screenshot of that?! (as suggested to another user).
Very easy to learn and very fun to master. The leveling system is very accurate and particular for all types of players and skill sets. Perfect game for those who want a challenge, but still want to win!
60 second ads? Are you kidding? I've played your game for years. Full minute ads?? I'm uninstalling. Since I last posted I found out that I am not as bright as my parents told me I am. The developer was correct about cutting the ads short. I did not realize.
Of all the Gin rummy apps found, I found this to be very organized in terms of algorithm used and relative difficulty of players. However noticed one serious flaw. Some instances, the opponents wincards are settled already, even before player can put his first card down or pick one up. Also once a game ends, there seems to be no card shuffling to get uniform cards. same sets repeat. we need to allow shuffling of sets. also algorithmust be tuned to allow atleast 5 or 6 plays before win happens.
Good but ads all the time. Like every new game and unless you guys have another " do you want to upgrade to the paid app?" I may end up deleting it
Best Gin Rummy game! I really, really like the fact that you can play this game on different levels. It has helped increase my skills and it really feels competitive.
The computer cheats. How can the computer complete gin rummy in 2-4 rounds consistently???? Also poor mixing of cards.
This is the crappiest and stupidest game. It is so horrible and nothing like a REAL game of Gin Rummy with a real human opponent. Some examples: new game, opponent draws card... Gin, new game, you discard card then every card useful suddenly appears. New game, you discard card which is picked up by opponent... Gin. AI is pathetic and just rigged to win. No thanks
Much better apps available compared to this one. It doesn't sort the cards into groups and runs, so the user must examine the cards closely to avoid missing sets, which makes the game go much slower. The graphics are good, but not much else. Move on.
This game is one of my favorite . I have it on my Kindle, tablet and phone. You can pick who you want to play with. Each player is more chalienging.
This is my favorite game but for some reason the cards are everywhere not where their support to be and I can't fix it please do something on your end, thank you.
I have enjoyed this app until recently. Yes, I have the free version, but did not mind the ads in between games. However, the ads are MUCH LONGER now . No longer going to play this app. It was the best I had found. but not worth paying for. Will not recommend.
Great while passing time wait anywhere because the game goes fast and you can pick up where you left off.
It is fun to play, easy to learn and addicting .I don't usually play games on my phone but I really like this one.
Good game. I like it. At first I didn't understand the scoring. Kept on playing. Now I understand and really like it.
Excellent game! You can choose the skill level that you want to play against. So you can play an equal or play a higher skill level and learn from them. One ad between games that you can end immediately. No commercials! Five stars well deserved!
It doesn't allow to go to next game have to reopen game.scottcampbell358. The ad ends up being oversized and pixelated and locks the screen up. Plus you cant see or get to the skip button.
What the heck you do to the game? It keeps freezing up my phone. It's probably that stupid game you keep advertising and jamming down our throats. I have enjoyed this game for over two years and now you screwed it up. Thanks. Now I will look for another Gin Rummy game.
Awesome love playing the original game to come on line! Looking for original Solitaire with a green background and green cards on the icon any chance you could find it for me? Sue
Slightly different rules than how I play and it's annoying how the other player has all matching sets after only two cards are played.
One of your competitors ads shows up with a similar design to your game with "free upgrade" when it's actually to download their app. ZGA - Zen garden apps. Thought you'd want to know. 2nd one same thing. You should make Google play aware so you're not getting scammed.
Of the ones I've tried, it's the most realistic to the game I grew up playing. However, I couldn't grade higher because the game GUI changed and the screen keeps changing colors throughout the game. And no, it's not my device because it doesn't do that with other games I play. Their release in March fixed the bug that affected the visual display and I've since revised the rating to 5-star. Very pleased with the game.
The game works well. I wish there was a bit more customization of the game setup. I like the different characters you can play, but they never actually play the way description says
No area to contact. Had rated highest. Now getting ads locking system up. Any i deas? Gonna delete app.. no other solution since no contact provided.
I like This game. It is fast paced and easy to understand. It is a nice filler when you just have a little time to play a full game.
I've never played gin rummy before and I find it is great especially being able to play for free. this is a great app and I recommend that you try it now. I know I am looking forward 2 playing other card games and having as much fun with them 😁 as I have had playing Gin Rummy Free.
Sometimes I like a game that is easy to play yet intertaining. The different levels is nice. The avatars are cute. This game is just plain fun.
Originally I had this at 5 stars but then dropped it down to 2 because I realized the deals were not random. If you're winning more hands than your opponent they'll suddenly start getting amazing cards and knocking within 2 draws, repeatedly.
It'll ruin you for real gin rummy. When using real cards, the "random" is real. These cards are not random. If you discard a king, a face card will turn up. You can use that to your advantage, but it's not real.
A great game that I play often. I don't find the ads too intrusive. My previous review was based on some other app that must have hijacked my phone.
Fun game! Takes some getting used to if u never BBB played but it's fun. I do love playing spades too.
Every time you get 20 plus games ahead of the expert player you go on an inprobable consecutive losing streak. This has happened on 3 occasions
Sure has a lot of ads... and when I ask you to not play a sound during a game, why do you play them on the ads?
It has some good featured. But, I know you're saying you're using a random generator. We'l it doesn't seem so random. Every hand especially the opponent's seems to be 3-4 plays away from a gin! I don't think in reality this could be the case.
Some reviewers indicated the deals seem to frequently be in favor of the opponent. I experience this way too frequently with this game....the opponent wins in 2-3 draws far too often. Changing opponents doesn't solve the issue. The game is fine but the random generator controlling the deals needs some work, IMHO. Otherwise a good game.
App runs great! Excellent time killer and practice at gin rummy! ads are fairly scattered, it's nice that they aren't interrupting your game. Some of the ads are tricky to exit, but those don't happen too often.
Latest update makes table go dark making it hard to see scores. Also goes back and forth light to dark during game play. Please fix this and I will change rating to 5 stars.
Apparently I'm not smarter than my phone. Fun, challenging, but the computer makes odd choices. It draws my discard only to throw it down unused as it knocks.
absolutely brilliant, I didn't have a clue about gin rummy and this is a great game to learn as you play, because you play against virtual players of different abilities you don't feel any pressure to hurry or to win for that matter , can't recommend it enough, great fun!!!!!😊😊😊
The cards drawn from the deck are not random, they are always determined by what you just discarded. Sometimes you see the same card over & over again being drawn from the deck. In the higher levels, sometimes the opponent wins after only 1 or 2 draws. No fun, not real play.
I have been playing this game for quite some time and then last nite it asked if I wanted to pay a small fee for no ads. I said yes and paid $3.19 and tonite I still have ads. So be careful if you pay because it could be for nothing. Not happy. Otherwise the game is good when the computer lets you win.
I paid $1.99 for ad-free version and still get banner ads on bottom of screen and pop-ups for more games. Updated: the play store payment went through but the ad-free app didn't install. The app developer support helped me and now I love it.
Great game!!! Been playing it for years . Started having a minore glitch. I think the ads are causing the background to darken and lighten. It goes on and off. I enable airplane mode and it fixes the issue. Just happens when ads are displayed at bottom.
Seems like a really good way to learn the game. A few of the fine points could be better explained; e.g., whether you have to discard before you knock. It seems not, as though it's too late then, and play proceeds. Knocking first seems to be OK; the game would then discard your highest-point card.
Learned game quickly. Would be nice if we could use our own backgrounds like hearts and spades. Won't purchase pro without that option. Also dislike my cards being sorted as they are dealt to me before I even have a chance to look at them. I never use the sort option. Doesn't seem to be be an option to change this. Being able to chose how long match is would also be great. 100 goes by really fast. But all in all solid game.
The game is winnable which is why I continue to play. The issue is how often the AI finishes a hand in 1, 2, or 3 plays. It usually takes me 10 or more plays. I was shut out in about 3 hands and about 8 plays! I know you claim deal is random, but your AI wins quickly too often. After years of playing I could count on one hand how many times my hand was one[play] and done. If I play 5 hands the AI will finish hand in less than 5 plays about 30% of the time. Random; yes! Fixed random; yes!
A game designer friend has fully investigated this game and said his company would never release this game as the "better" the computer player is the more the games are designed against the average punter. Says most of your claims of randomness are either disingenuous or (and i quote) "garbage". No reply needed as i have uninstalled it for the 6th and final time. It's play design is very good and smooth.
Would have gotten a 5 star rating, but there seems to be one minor bug. Either the game is played with more than one deck, or else the shuffling algorithm is flawed. More than once I have discarded a card only to see it later drawn from the stock. There should be no way for a card to get back to the draw pilefrom the discard pile.
I don't know how often other players win or lose, (s.times lose repeatedly) i win quite frequently, and believe the cards dealt are randomly chosen. Good game!
Of the ones I've tried, it's the most realistic to the game I grew up playing. However, I couldn't grade higher because the game GUI changed and the screen keeps changing colors throughout the game. And no, it's not my device because it doesn't do that with other games I play.
Great time passer. I enjoy playing cards and occasionally the friends won't play so I get online and play the game. It's different but I enjoy it occasionally.
I have noticed, with some regularity, that the 'opponent', Jane, will pick up my discard and go out, seemingly using my discard card in some manner. When I look at her laid down cards and her final discard card, My last discard card, which she picked up, isn't in either the discard pile or her laid down cards. Almost like she 'lost' it on purpose. It's annoying enough to leave this review and take away one star. I can't say whether it happens with any other opponents. I only play against Jane.
Doh! Used to love this game. Now it's nearly impossible to beat the CPU. Pump the brakes there Devzilla. ***Just now scrolled the comments, and it's CRYSTAL CLEAR that players are having a problem with the unfair advantage the CPU gets. Say what you want, but if this many players are having the same reaction, AND taking time out of their day to review, I think the devs could do a little better than responding, "We're not cheating, we promise! Wink wink!"
Been playing awhile now and going good (5 stars worth) but now when i try to place my card in the knock place it just slides over to the discard pile.
I like gin rummy and this one is okay but the game cheats. I threw away 2 Jack's which computer picked up. Then he went out discarding one jack and the other nowhere to be seen.
This game is a total rip off. Your opponent will be dealt gin in 0, 1 or 2 cards 5 times to your never getting a single gin. This has happened 6 times in the last 2 weeks. What a tip off! Don't waist your time! Unless you want to see that what I say is true.
veryfun card game that you can pick your opponents by degree of strength. Can be as challenging as you want.
Love it,never played cards for years but this is bringing all those great memories of playing cards with my friends😎
Basic gin, NO timer! Take time to think. Good instructions, competitive levels. Do not have to be on line to play.
Trying to out-think the game player keeps the brain active & interesting as a game player wanting more...so it's a no-brainer as a great activity to out do the game. Great work game builder...make more!!