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Giblins: Fantasy Builder

Giblins: Fantasy Builder for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Behaviour Interactive located at 6666 Saint-Urbain, Suite 500 Montreal, QC H2S 3H1 CANADA. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love playing this game until now. When it trys to load the game it cuts off and goes back to my phone screen. This has been doing it for last 3 days. I have uninstall the game and downloaded it again but still the same. Not happy bunny 😒
I do like the game, but the content needs to be expanded. I think there should be guilds (& the ability to see the last time your friends were on) & contests w other players. Like Fallout Shelter I think it would be cool to go on mini quests to get items. It would be cool to be able to change the clothes of your Giblins. Crashes A LOT. The ratio of items that are useless to useful in the trading carts is so off, like your inventory gets full of them Overall fun for an idle game & has potential.
A bit buggy now and then, but I absolutely love the Giblins guys 😍 the movement of the background in the caves when you move the screen around is genius! I love the quirky ways the characters move when they do a task (like when one fans the flames and makes a whistling sound when he blows on the flames). The break room is an awesome idea for when you have more than enough workers doing things. I freaked when I saw the scrambler!! 🤣🤣 greatest idea!! I'm stoked to see what else is in store!!
This game is a lot of fun and I would give 5 stars BBUUTTTT; when ever I try to move my Giblins, it tends to freeze. And I can't move them or do literally any thing else til I force close and restart the game... If I try to play for a couple hours straight I have to force close at least 3 to 4 times.. other than that, beautiful game, really fun premise. And I love hatching and mixing goblins
Very nice graphics and gameplay. Just too many bugs. Keeps freezing when loading after updates. When able to load, game often freezes when you view a giblin's profile and also closes right after inventory full message. Game has potential but still needs some way to go to fix inherent bugs.
Fun, but lacking options. There isn't really any sense of customizing your game, other than room placement. No decorations, themes, etc. It feels like there just isn't enough stuff to do. The art style is gorgeous and I love the character design, and I genuinely feel like this game has potential to be amazing, it just needs some more stuff to actually do.
Was originally 4 stars, but the game is broken. It won't get past the beginning load screen and Ive done everything the fix it, even completely uninstalled it. It would work but if I closed app, the next time I would open it, it would do the same thing by not getting past the beginning load screen.
At first, it is an awesome game! It's fun, involving, creative, and has a good blend of videos and game play. There is a store to trade with players, I absolutely loved it..... But then you level up. Like all other games of this kind, everything takes longer at triple the price. So you loose interest waiting for things to get done, the the poor little Gibblins are not so much fun anymore. And while waiting for the task to complete, you find another game that is playable now, without waiting. Sad
The Giblins are so cute and the graphics are awesome. The game is set in medieval times which is more fun! I enjoy hearing the giblins snoring in the break room while napping and waiting for their next task. The little creative gems make it especially fun to play (i.e.- when the Giblins are loaded onto the "Scrambler" and think they are getting on for a fun ride....lol) Lots of fun and very entertaining!
Great but slow. I love this quirky little game but the cool down timers are horrendously long and some items you can only get from the trading post (or buying for a lot of money from fellow gamers) and you have to wait hours and hours to be able to refresh. Also a daily task is to dig out the lair but 3 levels away from unlocking the next bit of lair so I can't complete that every day. Also hard to get more eggs and another long timer before I can even watch a video to speed it up!
The game is fun to play, but the cost for diamonds and gold are seriously ridiculous! Takes 5000 diamonds to get 14000 gold. 14,000 gold doesnt even buy one item (ex: 1 mine.) It actually makes no sense what-so-ever. Not to mention that customer support is TERRIBLE! they literally told me that fixing an element of the game was never going to be fixed. I sent them 5 different issues with the game and even in the last update it wasnt addressed and is actually worse now. pretty weak!
There is something wrong with this game, i have downloaded it and played for 15 minutes. Closed it, then cant open it again till i deleted it and re installed, again played for around 2 hrs closed it and cannot re open the gamen it gets stuck when loading the game and once i touch the screen the game closes. I like this game please find me a solution
I've been playing for a couple of weeks now and I'm loving it ,in fact its hard to put down , the giblins are so cute and quite entertaining while they go about their work and they really make me smile, the graphics are really good to .all in all a really fun game and worth downloading and giving it a go . The only problem I've come across is that I can't seem to find away to change my profile pic that I chose when first starting so just incase you can't chose wisely .
So far I haven't encountered any issues and I am enjoying the game thus far.. It's a very cute game and I like the fact that the narrator actually speaks to you (in full sentences) and that you don't always have to read the conversation. Graphics are cute and detailed. It's also not difficult to navigate or understand the game.
I would give 5 stars if there wasn't so much waiting and storage was bigger. Apart from that the graphics are brilliant. Each little workspace is funny to watch. The noises are funny too. Hilarous is the hammering gets quieter the further you move away. The different characters are funny. It has potential for so much more. I will keep playing casually because it's just amusing and you can play without having to spend real money if you don't want to.
Giblins hits a really weird spot between active play and idle play. You can make a queue in most of the production rooms which helps make it more idle but there is no form of queue or foreman or automation for the mining so you end up with a game where it only meaningfully idles for like 5 mins without you. And there isn't enough to do to keep you actively involved either so the only way to really play is half-active where you do one or two things every 5 mins. I guess while you watch a movie?
Good game; but like most it falls short in that things take too long to do very quickly after you start to play, and to actually actively play and enjoy the games you would need to go through a paywall and use enough gems to start a mortgage.
Loved this game to begin with but it glitches ALL the time and is getting frustrating. Also the daily tasks are the same every day and I've gotten to the point they are impossible to complete as I have no where left to dig and can only get one egg a day. It's a great idea and I love the characters but the glitches are just too annoying, unfortunately I'm going to uninstall this game for now.
Frustrated with all the glitches. The more levels you gain (in my case at level 29), the more glitching the game. Most notorious is General Nissa when you deny her a purchase, the game almost kicks you out and you need to reboot. I also get booted out in other areas as well (mostly in dening purchases). Also wondering what is the point of the game after I reach levels with nothing else to buy ... is there a point to the game. 3 stars for now, could be down graded later.
I really do like this game. The fact that Giblins have their 'dream job' of sorts and that you can mush them together to upgrade them is a good aspect to me. Unfortunately, the game crashes a lot of the time when the inventory gets full (every time if just loaded the game). Also, the fact that you cannot increase the storage (I haven't found a way if you can) is a bummer for me. It gets frustrating to have to craft things you don't want to, or have to sell stuff in the marketplace.
Still a bit glitchy, but still super fun and a cute design! Still worth playing despite glitches, though the amount of crashes and errors it encounters is a lot, hence 3 stars. The errors seem to be increasing unfortunately.
(Update) Since the 1st day I installed this game, whenever the inventory fills up an error message pops up, the game crashes, and I have to restart the game. Every single time. Idk why this is still occurring. I see no reason to maintain 3 stars. (Rating Edit:) from 3 stars to 1. Good game and it's real fun to play. However, it still has the same bugs & crashing issues, since I began playing this game. I'm not contacting support just to get the same result. No thanks.
Not often that I run into a game that entertains as much as this one. The humor, creativity and fun factor are off the charts. My only complaints are annoying but not a deal breaker. One is the universal supposition that everybody uses facebook, and if you don't, forget saving your game progress. The other is a glitch that prevents game from opening resulting in a need to reload. It is rare that it does not load on the second try. Neither stops me from looking forward to a chuckle or three :)
Was looking for a new game to play that didn't remind me of candy crush or bejeweled. This game is so delightful! The graphics are smooth, clean and great, the goblins are adorable, even the story and game play is great. I recommend this game for anyone wanting something relaxing and doesn't have to complete everything within a day. It does still have bugs which I have to reset the install sometimes, but the customer service is wonderful to. Great communication
Inventory inventory inventory.... now down to 1 Star cause it needs to be updated, 150 to 300 cause the more stuff miners makes the more people and trading post needs which it is impossible to increase more. I am stuck right now. I will keep repeating inventory till this is fixed. I REALLLLLLY like this game... I see people posting about inventory!
Super fun game. I love the type of builders this game is. This game is super buggy tho, and won't open a lot. I'm afraid to spend RL money because of that. Game doesn't load half the time until I try it 10 times. I would be so mad if I spent RL money at this point. I'm glad I held out.
This game should be renamed: "Something went wrong, try again later" -.- There's many things not working properly. Cash grab and bad gamme cesign all around... Stay away! EDIT: 1) I opened a ticket already before Easter, you guys might start with that. 2) I've uninstalled the game already, so you guys are on your own... 3) I don't have FB and couldn't find any way to sync the game with Google Play -.-
Love the artstyle, animations. But that's it. Full of bugs, crashes. Lack of customisation. Don't bother playing it until they fix the bugs and add more things to do. I will give 5 stars back when it is updated. Playing on Google pixel 5.
I see real potential in this game if it where to take constructive feedback from the player's as well as keeping new updates frequent with bugs/issues and add to what they have gameplay wise. The charm is unique and fun, very inspiring in the aspect of fantasy. I will be waiting to see future updates and maybe it will be 5 star worthy.
Enormously cute, but ENDLESS daily interface glitches, crashes and server disconnections (which then crash the game most of the time). 5 stars for cute, 1 star for stability. Sorry guys, I really wanted to like this game more.
Such a fun game. Just a shame the diamonds are SO expensive. Its extortionate. £20 for 6 rare Giblins... Thats a complete rip off! You need dozens of Giblins to make the game work. (after the dev comment I'd like to add) The ad he mentions, that you can watch awards 3 gems. (enough to remove 5 mins ish from 1 room) For a realistic amount of gold to gem ratio that actually helps you have to watch 417 Ads or £24
Constant errors. Game loads slow then stops. Soooooooo many glitches. Very nice game just a hassle to get the game going and the Constant error in game makes this a game to rather delete and not bother with. Very sad..... Just tried downloading it again. Errors again. My advice would be get your tech team to fix this. My phone is a Samsung A80 handles all games. Problem with developing team. Deleted and will not try again. Complete time wasting 😒
IF YOUR OK WITH SOMETHING TAKING DAYS JUST TO UNLOCK THE NEXT ROOM THEN THIS GAME IS GOOD FOR YOU.ITS ABOUT TO BE AN UNINSTALL FOR ME. The amount of coins to how much you have to produce , and wait is annoying , I find I have to shut off the game cause I'm literally just sitting there waiting, it's not fun and it sucks cause I would rather not have to shut the game down . Because it is in. Just wish it was possible to always have something to do.
Game is okay if you're just looking for something slow. It glitches and freezes A LOT. Takes a long time to make any progress. I've already dig up all my tiles and new ones won't open for three more levels.
Love the game! the designs are great very addicting, and funny as well! I took away one star because there are still impvoments that can be made. 1. I wish there was a static resource hud, something simple to show what resources I have now. there are so many time I got to smelt something or brew just to find out that I don't have enough ore. 2. sometimes when I click a Gblin to see their stats I get their info stuck on the screen and can't back out. Then I have to restart the game.
Cute! Nice animations, great atmosphere! Really like it! BUT!!! Unstable, crashes every 3 minutes and its unplayable. Customer support knows the issue but not wants to patch the crashes! Unprofessional. -> I already sent message where you mentioned that it will be fixed sometimes and you don't know when...
This game has massive potential... if they maybe stop it being quite so slow... get rid of the limitations on how many versions of buildings you can have and make eggs more prolific and it won't feel so microtransaction hungry... Because the art and mechanics are great! Those giblins are adorable and the catch em all aspect is great! Maybe have a 'send giblins scavenging' option?
It's buggy a lot, specially with trades carts, I am very liking the art style and giblins themselves it has details , The animation giblins is bit of boring. Adding friends is useless, I can't go to friends to see what are selling or anything. Overall is fun to play for short time c:
It's a fun little time-waster that allows you to excavate and design. I would like an option to turn off the press to move Giblins/buildings, it happens on accident all the time, and I'd like to see more mines earlier in the game. It's hard to keep up.
Game is fun but sooo buggy. Crashes randomly, which restarts all the crafting I was waiting to finish. Nothing like waiting the 30 minutes for something to finish only to have it crash and start over on the crafting. Game is still fun but I don't imagine I'll play it much longer because of the frustrating issues.