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Get Rich! 3D

Get Rich! 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Tenet Games Ltd located at Buyukdere mh. Sariyer Istanbul. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Amazing game. It's a new concept that I've never seen before. You can also invest in stuff. Overall great game.
Way to many ads, also when I try doing the wheel spin ad it doesn't give it to me, no ad pops up, so I always have to skip it
Fun game but don't waste your timewatching ads to spin the wheel because you will never win anything worthwhile.
Play in airplane mode since they only want ad revenue. Maybe if we as the players atleast got something for the game progression but no you game devs wanna be greedy.
This game is unplayable because of the amounts of the ads the ad time needs to be lowered and there should not be a ad after every level up because u level ip so easy
It could be worse, the overall gameplay it's kinda boring but they mix it up a little bit. There's no real drive to the game, like so I guess it's my goal to have the best computer, car and house ect. Throw in some goals and it's a 3 star make the game itself more fun like the stock exchange make it a side thing, allow us to play with it how we want instead of making a million dollars in two seconds, the game is way too easy and then I'd give 4 and the ads are also another star
Horrible game. Very unorganized and even paid to play game without the horrible ads, and the ads don't go away lol. STEER CLEAR OF THIS GAME!!!!
It is a fun game for a little while its kinda fun but there are a lot of adds and some art is not to good like the bling section but its its an ok game.
This game could be good but you can't tell because you are too busy watching ads. Seriously stop with the ads. I've played the game for a total of 6 minutes and have had to deal with 13 ads. That is insane. Stop being money hungry slugs. 100% DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
really fun you just need to add more stuff to buy like investments and items because i have already completed the game
THERE ARE SOOO MANY ADS that the gameplay just isnt worth it for every 2 games which both of them are like 1 min you get an ad and its very very annoying
Even after removing ads, they still show ads in a little photograph looking thing. On top of that, it's buggy.
90%Ads, 9%waiting, 1% playing the actual game impossible to continuously play for 5 mins without seeing ads
Horrible game, 3 ads just to get to the next day! It's borrrriiiinnnggg, u just sit there and hit next day and get 3 ads which makes you get more ad time than actual gameplay. Why can't people actually try to make a good game, not just make a bad game to make profit?
Oh. My. God...... WAYYYYYYYYYY too many ads I would rather watch paint dry at 0.000000000001 speed. That a TRILLIONtTH of a second it will take house to even reach half a second.
Not to be like everyone else but there are way to many ads, maybe 2-5 seconds of gameplay for a 5-15 second ad
Seemed like a good concept at first but it has way too many ads even when you turn off your Wi-Fi .and it is not fun at all.
After playing for 13 minutes I figured out that it was super easy to play and win every time. The game developers apparently never figured out that if people just have a little bit of patience and wait like 5 seconds you can win pretty easy on any of the game modes making it boring and not challenging at all. Another problem is that the ads don't help making it any more exciting except if you like playing a different game. After every level of this game they just give you and ad.
The ads are ALOT longer than the gameplay itself. Like I know the company wants to make money but it has made it unplayable
Im an optimistic gameplayer and reviewer, and this game, even for me, has many more ads than nessasary or needed. I suggest cutting back how many you have to maybe 1 every 5 games
Ok I'm not even gonna play this game... the add on tiktok is horrendous. Come on you buy LOW sell HIGH that add makes me cringe every time I see it. What is up with mobile ads these days they seem to never get it right.
Not only was the game so average, but there were too many ads. After every mission was an ad, and the missions were not even a minute. Not only that but the game had trouble saving. after you would spin the wheel for a prize, the game had a chance of freezing, then having you loose the prize. But to spin the wheel, you needed to watch an ad. Overall a very bad game and would recommend to nobody.
so many ads and plus the game play is boring. SO MANY ADS literally an ad after almost everything u do. this is just a cash grab not even worth it. Not only that but the game is really poorly designed a 5 year old couldve coded this game.
Not a game...just an advertisement vehicle. Looked like it could be good...if there was gameplay to balance ads. Straight trash.
This game just simply has way to many ads. Ads are okay but they shouldn't equal to the same amount of gameplay time you get. If ads were after like every 5 days (levels) you'd gain a lot bigger fan base and make a lot more money
So bad, got it because of tiktok and there is a add every 10 seconds, you spend more time on ads than playing the game.
Game is fun but wheel is broken does not give you the bitcoins, when you land on them as well as not stacking rewards. Please fix this bug
Listen, At first I thought this game is cool but there are SO many issues that the developers don't even care. 1. WAY TOO MANY ads. Can't you do less?! 2. I was buying an avatar and a boat but when I selected the "eyebrow man" avatar, it literally showed me an avater that I didn't even buy. And when I selected a boat and entered again.. it unselected the boat by itself, even when I did it again and again! So... fix this problems and I will download it again and change the review.
I Saw this game on tiktok and decided ot give it a try and let me tell you I played this stupid game for over an hour to get the maximum intertainment out of it. First off you start bidding on stocks and its the easiest damn thing and its so boring because the bar almost always reaches the top. So you basically need to buy it when its really low and wait. Next, taxes who tf wants to do damn taxes in a game. Lastly, To many ads, boring, just another game that brings nothing new to the table
This game is ight I wouldn't play it again to many ads and their is no sound and stuff in this game is really expensive its just not for me.
Let's put this simply in math, ads before and after you play a "game." The ad can go anywhere from 10s to 30s and the games are an average of 4-10 seconds. You potentially can have 8 minutes of gameplay per hour of ad time. I'm taking the extremes but you get the picture.
I know it's only fun but bugs. Or glitches make you're stuff disappear, like bitcoin you have/had if you spin the bonus wheel it's all gone 😂 😂
Way too many ads. It asks you if you want to watch an ad and when you say no it just shows you one anyway.
it's too much ads and you have to pay to remove that you're basically stealing people's money it's a waste of time
After a day 5 it gets boring. The rounds are the same. It's rigged too. I won't ever touch this game EVER again