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GeoTap Game

GeoTap Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Lucre Games located at 5331 6th Avenue Sacramento CA, 95820. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I don't like it when i have to watch 30 seconds of advertisement to revive the same level. Other than that nice game.
This app is just wonderful. The graphics just tell you right when you start playing. I personally love the designs. They're just so unique. I highly recommended giving this game a try. Thank you for a least trying to creating such beautiful and creative designs! Good bye.πŸ’–
Love the concept of the game, it kinda takes your mind off of life for a little bit. Soothing music is also a great feature and the colors are a great blend.
Its an ok game but I don't think you will make lots of money off of it i think it will be great for people with 80hd.to me its sorta relaxing its ok
Quite relaxing. My idea of relaxing aesthetics. I would love if you made the gradients in the background less tacky, and please add a mode where you can spin the shapes yourself.
Overall a great game. The colors are really nice and blend with each other. The music fits the theme of the game. The 3-D shapes always move in an unpredictable but easy to see way, and the graphics are absolutely amazing.
Oh! Nice game lucre game i have never play like this game it's nice and keep it up and pls stop the ads
A few things... I love the graphics,the game is very relaxing especially when you get stressed but right now it is not loading but I am sure it is just my phone... I love this game you should make more like it❀
In all due honesty, I downloaded it by accident. My phone had failed to lock so, my butt downloaded, but I gave it a go and Hey! My butt picked a good one haha!!
A very simplistic and sleek design in terms of graphics, sound and gameplay. A really good time killer. And honestly this is first of a kind game that I feel barely has any flaws. Loved it!
The tranquill mode is not that good. I will vote for focus. Overall its a good game and will keep us engaging
I can see the appeal but not for me. I like that you respond to reviews which is why I tried it. I wish more devs would do this. Thank you.
I downloaded this for the tranquil mode. It was not relaxing, I couldn't control the shape, it was spinning super fast, when I switched to tranquil mode the screen got brighter for some reason and I actually died repeatedly for what I seem to realise was for clicking a part of the shape I had already coloured ???? Lol what? How can I relax playing this if the shape is spinning like a top and I can actually fail? How is that tranquil?
I like this game alot! It is very relaxing. Its nice eye candy. The ads are not bad, typical like most games. It will definitly be a keeper of a game for me.
Ill rate it five stars because its fun. But right now when i tried playing the game right now it wouldn't let me, it just says ERROR and it said a bunch of numbers I'm just gonna uninstall it, until you guys fix it ill install it again because it is fun and relaxing. Thank you
This game has soothing music but the tapping shapes while they spin angers me so that is when I realized that this game isn't for me.
I think it's brilliant the only thing is the tranquil mode isn't relaxing but it's still brilliant 😍😘
Great game and its lots of fun plus it is very calming and chill but maybe there should a game mode where two players can race and see who can fill the shape first it would also be nice if you can add daily challenges and power-ups to make the game even more fun! thank you!
I'm not sure how to play it. It has good graphics and the colorsare good but other than that I'm not sure how to say or explain how I am feeling
I seen your comment about it being your first mobile release! It's not my kinda thing , but it's challenging in the quicker mode and the motion seems like it would lull a person into a sleepy state! Pretty cool! Well done!
I hate the ads, but would purchase ad-free version. Game is for tranquility but ads create stress. Go figure.
This game is from another universe πŸ’Ž It creates an enviroment of tranquility and peace combined with the heavenly background music. Definately worth the 5 rating !! πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
Simple and clean. Could use more user options and settings. Like picking colors and backgrounds? Also maybe a way after u unlock a shape to block it again?
I couldn't any difference between the classic and tranquil modes whatsoever, and the purest mode can get quite boring after just taping the six sides of a square.
Really relaxing game I have played for five minutes and already it is so calming. I'd like a mode where you don't ever need revives. This is such a simple, cool game! πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„
Such a beautifully simple and fun game, teaching me patience every step of the way. The alternate game modes make great playing options depending on what mood I'm in. Plus my completionist senses are tingling with the achievement hunting this game has. A+mazing!
Very enjoyable game. Nice way to pass the time. Would love a way to save progress in a game. Bugs me when I get far in a game and i have to stop for one reason or another. Would love to pause a game so I can start it back up instead of having to start a new game.
A couple things. ● The art is beautiful, simple style make it pleasing to the eyes, softer colors was a great fit. ●Gameplay wise, I got going for about half an hour before putting it down. Good for a quick time kill but not much else. ●Music, was amazing. Loved it. ●Coin rewarding is pretty fair. Can normally get a new shape within 5-10 minutes of play.
Well done, please add more shapes, I have unlocked them all, also you should have difficulty categories for shapes and you should have varying costs based on # of sides and also possibly add a precentage below your shape that says how many times you have successfully completed it out of the times attempted. πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€ Thanks!
What an awesome game it is! Its great what you have done with so less. Just tapping with fingers make the whole game but yet it is simply art. I am a regular casual gamer but these type of games are a rare find. You can't delete the game just like that. Kudos to the developer. Keeping making such games.
Love this game but please make a mode where tapping the same side doesnt end the game and it just changes the color that would be great
its good but need some things like the shapes should spin slow and graphics should be update and music should be clear.
Really enjoyed this game I play it right before I go to bed and I wake up really relaxed. I recommend this game to anyone who has a lot of stress right now.
I love this game 5 star definitely there is a little but but it doesn't affect gameplay it could get a little distracting In the top left hand corner there's this annoying black square that shows up and if you click on it it crashes the game but it's hard to click it, please fix it or do something about other wise great dang game.