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Gentle Sniper

Gentle Sniper for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by MondayOFF located at 604, 6th floor, 180, Gunja-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love your cause it inspires me of different things that are action and action games are my favorite game and what I want you to put in the next game is someone trying to shoot a person and all the levels you have is hard enough and fun and funny and your best level is so good for a reason and all the levels are cool and my name is Cileah Campbell and I love your creative style and your style of gaming and your style of game play and your own game that you have created is a great game and never
It is an okay game. I do not put my phone on airplane mode because I need to be reachable. Therefore when you put the long ads on that cannot be clicked off I simply stop playing and therefore see no other ads. This is bad marketing. If you want people to see your ads, make them clickoffable.
Great game. Don't mind abt the ads just skip em and miss em :) I would lovr to hit glass(and it breaks it like idk make cars, or a custom gun(like what u did with the burger). But um, what about going back to past stages(4 stars bc of that), am u missing something?
Non-stop ads. Unplayable. One ad even auto-opened the Play store. It looks like a fun game but uninstalled immediately. I see they paid a company to artificially inflate their reviews though. Shame on the developers.
The gameplay is really simple and the ads are plentiful. This means that in maybe a minute of not-very-interesting gameplay (it's just shooting objects that don't even move after being hit) I've watched two minutes of ads. That's too much, at least make the game interesting with some physics model for example.
It's an alright game. There are way too many ads for it to be playable though. Every so often my game will crash and I'll have to do the level all over again. You get 10 shots and then you have to wait one minute or watch and ad for 10 more shots, I get that it's to help pay the publishers but its abit excessive.
I would like to shoot an ice cream cone and when you shoot it, chocolate chips come out. You also need to do way more texting and responding shoots. I also love this game sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a great game!!! you NEED to get this game right now!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its a great game, especially if you like spending more time watching ads than anything else. If youre on android, you can turn on airplane mode and delete the ads folder for this game to play without them.
The game in general is great but I have a few suggestions, first there should be a in game currency/ gems that the players can get from completing levels. These gems can be use to buy guns and zooms. Zooms allow you to get closer to the target
i would like to shoot a rainbow or something like that! i think you could also make levels where you make a lot of faces for many things such as animals, humans, and other objects!
I just started playing this game,so I read 2 reveiws one review said most critical review,and said like if you get a C- there is no restart button OR main menu. For example one of the first levels is the gingerbread man,if u wanna restart on the face,you cant unless it's WAY off. i accidentally put the buttons on the ankle i cant fix it cuz it still made it on the body.i think the highest score is S++,the lowest score i ever got was a,B maybe? so,for all i know the lowest score is "missed".
not only is this game great and fun to play, it is so creative and funny. they let you shoot advertisements of themselves. you can subscribe to them just by shooting something. very creative, funny, challenging, and just a great game in general. I reccomend this to everyone here. Download this great game.
the constant adds make the game unplayable, and it sad cause it would be a 5 star game without them. after every "misson" an ad comes on and wastes 1 whole minute of your time. if u shoot the gun 5 times an ad shows up and interupts the gameplay. the game is good but after a while the ads start to really annoy you.
this game sucks I saw an ad which gave me OCD so i tried it out since i was bored and it was nothing like the ad and how many ads does this game need jeez. 1 star deleting immediately, also i got this game literally 2-4 minutes ago and i found out it sucks that fast and how do people give this more than 2 stars?!
It's a very fun game. the only issue I have is when I tap the screen the shot is slightly delayed. other then that it's fun. I really want to see certain things added like more build you own foods or choose your own options
I like this game a lot but it doesn't let you play it. It does the classic staple of having few ads in early levels and then bombarding you with ads after that. There are plenty of times where I'd get a c or a b and I would want to retry the level because I know I could get a higher score, but I don't because I know that EVERY TIME I PRESS THE RETRY BUTTON it plays a 15-30 second ad some of which automatically open the app store. UNPLAYABLE IN CURRENT STATE. AVOID.
I got fed up of this game after approx 3 mins because of the incessant ads! You get about 10 secs of gameplay and then 30 secs of ads which you cant cut short. Understand the need for ads but the amount is over the top. Would be great if you could actually play the game for a reasonable amount of time!
Your game is actually decent. But 100% unplayable. It's a bad look to force your players to sit through 30 second ads without the option of skipping against their will in order to play a mediocre game. *UNINSTALLED* EDIT: If you read your app's comments you would know what needs fixing. You'd just rather gain forced ad revenue than listen to your existing, yet oddly disappearing, customer base...
The graphics are fine the controls are fine and the gameplay is fine okay what im trying to say is the game is Perfect for me and also im here to say what I wanted to be able to shoot in this game in the future if you do see this rating oh and I almost forgot to say that I even also subscribed because why not but what I was trying to say was that I want to be able to shoot choosing either Fortnite or PUBG and also Minecraft or Roblox .
Super fun and challenging. All the levels have different things to shoot at and some of them are extremely difficult but so much fun! I jave only been playing this game since yesterday and I'm already addicted. I definitely recommend this game for you! It also doesn't have lots of ads! πŸ˜„
I love this game! I just got it and I'm already at level 45! It's super entertaining and the things you shoot are soo creative. I just wish you could redo the shoot (even when you already shoot it) do try and get a better grade. But overall I tottaly love this game and would tottaly recommend!
its a cool concept and has a lot of potential but the levels are to easy and im at a point in the game where i dont know if its the end or a glitch if its a glitch plz fix if its the end add an ending I have had this game for a while so since they havent fixed the problem i think its the end and the developers dont care enough yo make it a real ending
I love this game,it's random and addicting. There's one problem, once you get far into the game it runs out of funny and cool targets. A few things I want to shoot are Fruits,more glass and more food
I dont normally write a review for any games I download but I hae to say, this game is definitely worth to write about! I love how it drives my friends and family crazy when I dont get it spot on, but I gotta say it even drives me a bit crazy! if there was something I wish I could shoot I would say probably another object where you have to place something there instead of just bullets. for example, when you are trying to place the pit in the avocado stuff like that. anyways in summary I love it!
There are a lot of (legitimate) complaints about the incessant ads in this game. After 30 levels I can tell you that you average 18.4 seconds of gameplay between ads. That's just ridiculous! And while it's a fun enough concept, it's very simple in execution and not worth the $4 the developers demand to lose the ads. I'd probably have happily paid 99 cents to keep playing, but this is not a $4 app when you consider what else that much money can get you in the app store. Give this game a pass.
This should not even be called a sniper game because all you do is try to match up the horizontal and vertical line to the Target which is all done on a Time system because they're constantly moving and once you click the screen they stop. I was disappointed cuz I was looking for some unique take on the sniper genre.
I πŸ’– this game it's so fun. I am going to play this game everyday.The objects are cool but some are funny.I love the different types of guns.This game is going to help me focus on the things that I need to focus on like my homework and I never usually write reviews on games or apps but I had to for this game because it was amazing.
I love this game!!! it's a bit rage inducing, but it's fun ^^. I want to be able to shoot a star in the game and then see an animation of ot after you shoot it where is bursts into a bunch of tiny stars
There are WAY too many adds for such a simple game (pretty easy to play & easy to develop I think). Don't get me wrong the game is really fun, but can't go without shooting 4 or 5 rounds without seeing an add. I just downloaded the game today, but sadly I'll have to delete it.
Ads are just too aggressive. Every five shots or so, you're shown an unskippable 30 second ad. I get that games like this need to have ads, but some play sessions wind up consisting more of watching ads than actually playing. Pretty fun game, otherwise.
Quite a few ads that dont even load so I have to leave the game. Other than that this game is excellent and is very well made. Overall a great time killer and fun game in general!
I would like to shoot a cotton candy blaster with cotton candy stages. You could make a level where it has a cotton candy cone and you have to shoot the cotton candy right onto the cone. That is what I would like to shoot . On the other hand your game is amazing.I love getting on and trying to hit the bullseye.( sorry if I spelled that wrong) This game will help kids with learning if you think about it (well except for the shooting part lol) I think it is an AMAZING game!!!! Thank you so much!!!
this game is fun and simple, but a small recommendation is that, since the shooter is several hundred meters away, science says that if the shooter is more then 200m away from the target, the bullet should hit first, then the shot should be heard... Other then that its a great game
I want to shoot other foods like maybe making chocolate or A CAKE! you should do the different ingredients and shoot them into a bowl and mix them together then shoot the icing on top!! overall love this app 😁 I just have 1 thing... i finished all the levels in less than an hour and it took me back to the beginning, please make some more levels so I can continue playing this game😊
I want to be able to shoot pennywise in the game because he is bad and you should put a scene from 2017's It if you defeat him when he dies. He should be extra hard to beat. And he should be able to take you back to level one if you miss him the first time. I also think we should be able to draw something and you animate it in the game and we can shoot it. That would make the game way better. Every time a popular movie comes out, something representing the movie should be in your game.
just a fun simple app that you can play whenever you want. I also think the levels are either fun, unique, or funny. Clear gameplay isnt laggy either. I will say that there are a lot of ads and some of them you are able to skip but the ones you don't are 15-30 seconds long which doesnt bother me since im a pretty patient person but I feel like it would annoy a lot of players. I know that it is your source of income becausr ads give the developers money but I feel like there are just too much.
i wanted it to be fun, unfortunately it falls flat theres a delay from when you select to when it registers. and it goes from slight to pretty significant on each target. also, the targets are boring. You shoot balloons and they dont even pop! Really should get some basic animations
I think it would be HILARIOUS* if you made a level a clip of someone playing a video game but RAGEING at the controller then he pulls out a gun and you have to shoot it then it says #relateble also I really liked how you did the pewdiepie vs d series I laughed so much playing the at level I am just so happy I found this game and it's the best game I own on my phone!! I think it's really funny and I'm always waiting for a great level thank you so much I LOOOOVVVEEE THIS GAME YYAAAYYAAYAYAYAYAAYA
you asked me what i want to shoot... poop in a toilet XD anyways... now that i answered the game.. this is a really fun game. very simple and basic but its really fun. one of the best parts (in my opinion) is how you shoot your choices and they put them together in the end for example everything you want in a burger. try it out i give 5 stars.
It was such a great game, they even had a funny rip off version of t-series vs pewdiepie but they just ruined it for me with the ads. First day I got it, it just wouldn't stop giving me these constant 30 second ads I couldn't even enjoy the game.
very fun but watch out for merge planes as they stole content from your game but changed the object into a box with a plane symbol on it for and used it for an ad. they didn't even get rid of the menu and the sniper menu from the top left. apart from that the game is fun to play and sometimes satisfying with what you shoot.
I think Gentle Sniper is fun... BUT... The moving things are so hard for example: TRYING TO GET SUNGLASSES ON A MOVING SPIDER!! I got it on the arm finally! If youcan make it a LITTLE easier that woild be GREAT 😠 PLUS the tiny things?!?! FEELS SO IMPOSSIBLE. Stop the madness!!
The fact that its delayed when you tap makes it so much harder to play, and i hate it. It genuinely annoys me.
It's a cute game, but the unreasonable lag on this, a timing game, makes it very difficult to play, let alone enjoy. I hope to see an improvement sometime in the future, but until then this will be given only two stars for the gameplay.
I think that this app is really fun. you get to do so much fun stuff. but the only thing that I think that should be changed, is that the game should be harder. and I think that they should also include moving stuff so it's harder to shoot. But other than that, it's a really fun game!
I really enjoy the game very simple but far too many ads. Every 3 shots is an ad. It says new stages added weekly but it's been 3 weeks since I downloaded and there hasn't been a single update. A bit disappointing since I finished all the stages in 3 days.
The game itself is okay. The amount of ads is sad. Literally an ad after every other shot. Just another excuse for a company to make money off of something that you will most likely only play for about 5 minutes and then delete.
ugh i hit the object right in the middle and I still got a "C"πŸ™„ also, for tiny objects, even though I hit so close to it, I got "C"... why are the expectations so high... just stop... Do not recommend. in the beginning it's rlly easy but it honestly gets impossible sometimes. also, so many ads