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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by miHoYo Limited located at MiHoYo Limited 6F, BLK C4, Shanghai Putian Inf Idel Park, 700 Yishan Rd, Xuhui Dist, Shanghai, China. The game is suitable for Teen (Alcohol Reference, Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Genshin is a great game if you take the time to be smart with your resources and plan correctly. A lot of people complaining probably aren't doing that and are spreading their resources thin between every character they have. I stuck with my core 4 characters from AR 1-40 and I haven't had any issues with gameplay difficulty. Graphics are great! I love that it's a cross platform game that I can play on my PC or phone when I'm on the go. I'm looking forward to future content updates. :)
love it. but there's one thing that doesn't seem right. No controller support? this is a crossplay game and already have supported gamepad for different platforms. It should have. I wouldn't play it without a gamepad. I loved it cause the gameplay and graphics feels like a console game. but not without gamepad. so please add controller support for this game. im sure that im not the only one who feels the same way. other than that its a great game. Thanks!
So I'm just going to say it.. this is probably the best open world rpg I have ever played on a phone. The moment I realized it might be is when I started playing and saw there was no stupid "auto" button for combat and questing.. I'm immediately out when I see that option. There are a few things that could be improved like the controls can be a little frustrating at times especially the right thumb controls and the world could use more random enemy npcs. Other then that it's a must play!
I love Genshin Impact. It's become one of my favorite games to play. ♡ It's very fun, both exciting and soothing. Some parts are easy, whereas others are actually pleasantly challenging. It doesn't get boring, not in my opinion. Whether battling monsters or exploring the open world — it's a great way to pass the time. It's also FTP (free-to-play) friendly. You just have to be responsible with your resources if you don't plan on spending any money in-game.
For me, its the first time playing this kinds of anime games. Not gonna lie, in all my life playing mobile games and experience most of the new release games, this game is particularly one of the best for me right now personally. The graphics, the character designs, the smooth movement of the game, the music background and an open world. First time seeing a mobile app that can render an open world. Im very impressed by it, keep up the good work, i will keep supporting the game.
Incredible production value game that will suck you in for hours. Slightly annoying to play on phone, but you get used to it. You can also get your wanted characters guaranteed as long as you learn to save up, since the "pity" guarantees the rate-up. The only current concerns are all very long-term, so I won't even mention them. Nothing but good things to say so far.
It's absolutely phenomenal. The storyline is well written, and it's incredibly enjoyable to play and get to know the characters. Interaction with the environment is weaved into both the game play and the story progression (NPC dialogues change) which maximizes immersion into this beautiful world. Artstyle and character design is just fantastic. I don't really have enough words for all of it. You guys deserve all the support you can get, kudos to the developing team for such a wonderful game. ♥
This game is great! The gameplay, the characters, the voice dubbing, and especially the music, the music in this game is a masterpiece. The only issue is the Original Resins, the one used to claim rewards on domains and open Ley line Blossoms. The recharge of this is insanely long, takes at least 16 hours to fully recharge from 0 to 120, but overall the game is good, it really doesn't require you to actually purchase to become stronger. Looking forward for more updates. Good updates I hope
This game has lots of pros, but a couple cons as well. Cons 1. The game takes up like 6 GB of storage. It's a beautiful game, so it makes sense, but I wish the size was condensed a bit. 2. This game feels like a Botw knockoff in terms of story, but that's ok 1. The game is very beautiful and expansive. Honestly, it looks like something you would play on a high-end PC rather than on your smartphone. 2. The voice acting is incredible and flawless.
I've never kept a game for long and have no plans of removing it. It is incredible, from the open world exploration to the NPC's own dialogues and the secrets in the game. I have very little patience and have been quite pessimistic about applications and/or games but this hit it off the park. This is amazing I totally recommend it to everyone who wants a good story, action, exploration, fantastic art and graphics and just over all fun. I love it, thank you so muchp
Not at all what I was expecting, pleasantly surprised! The graphics are fantastic, as is the soundtrack. I love the ability to switch between characters as this gives you more variety in play. The gliding and free running aspects are second to none, there aren't any mobile games out there that achieve what Genshin has achieved. Not money hungry game, just hours of fun, what's not to like!
This is, by far, the best Mobil RPG I've ever played. The story and voice acting are fun and engaging. There is a true variety of things you can do in game (not just using the same game mechanic 3 different ways). The puzzles are awesome, you actually have to calculate your actions in combat, and you choose how hard you want the game to be through your own decisions and not some arbitrary game mechanics.
Okay so uh it's a great game, like a really great game. The only problem might be the game and/or my device, but sometimes it freezes and I gotta wait like 30 seconds. But it might be my Phone I don't know. Anyways great game! Edit: I have a new Problem and uhh This game was a great game. But because of quests and slow leveling up for my adventure rank. I have to bump my 5 star to a 4 star. Plus I don't feel like I wanna play it anymore. Mostly because I like finding new characters and I can't.
I need to say this, I H A T E how the camera rotates when you are in the middle of a fight. You lose sight, you are not able to see where the enemy is, it's super uncomfortable to change the view while fighting, trying not to die. I'm mad at this!!!! Please, make the camera fixed or make it so you it doesn't change to a ground level because you are "bellow" an enemy in a hill like scenario. I swear that I can't take this any longer.
Wonderful! But half fun is behind very expensive paywall (easily 1000s of dollars). Game could have easily been on subscriptions basis and level system could have been designed better. But this is classic example of how gacha ruins the fun. The world is beautiful beyond any doubt. Exploration and quests are very well planned . You can easily enjoy 60+ hours of gameplay without paying a cent. But as you reach endgame, the free chars worsen over time and game becomes progressively harder. Then pay
I really enjoy this game so far! Graphics are amazing and the world exploring makes it hard to ever get bored. The only issues I've had so far is that it heavily lags --especially during battles-- and it will quit on me, even when I've just started it up. I've invested a lot of time in it but I find it hard to continue if it'll just shut down on me like this, so hopefully that gets fixed soon.
Love exploring the world in this game. The Anime illustration is beautiful. The storyline keeps you hooked and will be playing for quite sometime. The music is also superb. I enjoy the orchestra and the asian instruments in it. Unfortunately, ever since I updated the game, there is a distort on the sound. And sometimes a lag that slows me down. I hope this can be fixed cause I am a fan!
amazing game with great graphics. i found myself playing for 3 hours straight. although there are in-app purchases the game does not feel like a pay to win game where you have to put insane amounts of time to catch up to people who chose to pay to skip ahead. if your phone or tablet can run the game smoothly i extremely recommend giving it a try. also the 60 fps setting is very well optimized.
Worth playing the game. Definitely worth the wait. Also the new Samsung Galaxy update makes the game full of static in the audio files for both the sign in screen and the rest of the game itself. It never has done this since the release of the game. Please fix this issue because it makes it impossible to play the game without hearing constant static from audio being cut out.
It's a very good game, with a pretty cool story and a good amount of side quests when you have to grind etc. However, when the cutscenes come - it lags a lot. It wasn't only my problem since my friends had said the same. The WiFi is fine, there is enough space, the settings put on lowest but it still lags so much you can barely understand it. I like this game, it's a very good past time, and since it was released only 2 days ago I'll cut it some slack. Except that, I'm glad I downloaded it!
A game that plays as if you paid for it but it's free! Incredible graphics, storytelling, voice acting, and gameplay. Getting new characters, items, and exploring the world is addictive and fun. 100% worth a try if you're a fan of games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, anime, or just exploring and getting better at killing monsters.
It's a fantastic game! Really well done y'all The graphics, physics and everything is just perfect! But the thing is I've been experiencing lag from the start. Although it wasn't too much of a big deal back then, it's now becoming a pain as it's getting worse. At certain points the game completely freezes and even crashes. Hope this gets fixed!
Amazing graphics good story and of course big props for voice actors. BUT the wish (aka summoning mechanics) of this game are awful and so damn expensive!!! If your free to play great but you will be grinding and have a much slower progression because of it. You can $100 on this game in packs or whatever and still have nothing to show for its not even funny. I know that want to make money and they should its a great game but the prices and summoning rates need to be fixed.
They added lower graphic to run the game in 60 FPS on mobile, that's cool. But now the real hassle of playing in mobile is the camera that is too cumbersome to control. I don't know how they can resolve that, but I hope for the best. Regardless it's now an incredible game ! You'll enjoy it, I think, if you're used to gacha, the game rates are FGO like lmao.
So far this game is wonderful. Evokes strong breath of the wild vibes but still feels very distinct from it. Characters feel different and have some fun nuance. All the voice acting really adds to the experience too. Feels like it could have easily been a $60 console game for the quality. Definitely recommend to at least try it. (Also it's on PC too and has cross-save and cross-play. Not to mention it has 4-player co-op!)
Such a beautiful game, at first didn't have high hopes on the graphics but the graphics actually blew me away as this is on mobile, even on low settings it's still really good, been playing for a whole month now, only a major setback, maybe add a little bit more of the rarity percentage for the wish system as it's really hard to get good characters for us free to play players but other than that, everything is top notched
The only thing that this game needs to be perfect is controller support. The story is not that bad (is actually pretty entertaining), the gameplay is really good with the elements mechanic, and the art style well we all know that it's inspired on another amazing game. The music is pretty good as well. All in all this game brings a familiar atmosphere, but makes it a whole new experience. Please add controller support so I can play more comfortable, I really don't know why it released without it.
I've been through a lot of Gacha Games and Grinding Games, but so far Genshin Impact is the most friendly game in my opinion. You don't need to spend any $$ to get what you want, just spend the Primogems (in-game currency) on the correct places and time and you'll get what you want. Not to mention Ascend Materials are so easy to get. Aside from that, I really love the stories and gameplay. Some are hilarious, some are lovely, many more. I really love this game 😊☺️
I love the game very much, I was finding a game similar to a game in a manga I was reading and someone recommended me this. It's great and all but I wanted the voice-over to be in Japanese or something and the text as English. Also, When I started ( Which was yesterday ), the intro or backstory loading time was long, at first it is fast but then it gets slow, but it might be just my internet connection. Please consider adding an option for voice-over or character voices language change thing. <3
The gacha system is downright predatory and the sheer amount of grinding necessary in this game makes it nigh unplayable. The game looks beautiful and it's fun to unlock the regions and such but once you've done that it's just not fun anymore. The growth rate slows so quickly it's disgusting. This game has a very long way to go before being remotely worth spending the amount of time it demands from its players.
You guys promised an open world RPG, and from what I've seen, you delivered. The game is amazing, the graphics are breathtaking, and you even made the environmental hazards fairly realistic. Downside, though, is the slow connection at times. I'll be running or walking and then suddenly, I'm not anymore. Or I'll be attacking something and go to use a heavy attack...only to have it not happen at all because of the lag. You guys just need to streamline the connection a bit more.
The resin system sucks. There should be a plethora of ways to gain resin other than primogems. Either that, or raise the refresh rate and increase the cap to 200-300. So far the resin system is the worst aspect of the game. The co op mode can be improved too! Also, I saw someone playing in Samsung A70 in the comments. I'm using A70 as well, so if you experience any lag, please set the graphics to the lowest settings! It improves the playability tremendously..
I love this game! Every aspect of the story and gameplay is amazing! I do have one minor concern though: I play with the male character, and when Paimon and other characters use pronouns for my character, they use "she/her" instead, as if I'm the female twin. In the story section under "Profile" in the character menu, it also refers to my twin (sister) as a he when describing her reflection on Dvalin's eyes. Could this be fixed please? I know it's not intentional, but I do feel a bit misgendered
Art style is definitely close to breath of the wild but make no mistake, this game is completely different. Unique gacha style which doesn't force you to have the latest OP character. An open world full of random puzzles and monsters. It will get repetitive but not in a you'll get bored kinda way. Combat is straight forward with a few tactic elements thrown in for more hardcore gamers. Story so far is pretty good and it leaves room for players to make up the missing parts. A great game so far.
Very nice with beautiful visuals and an interesting storyline. It can get boring at times, but I'm lucky to be quite patient with my time. Nice and fun characters with fun puzzles to solve to claim hidden chests. There are quite a few bugs. I've mostly seen visual bugs, but there are videos of people seeing weirder stuff. Most of them don't affect your gameplay/experience. They're just plain weird. Overall, it's the best game I've ever played. I hope I'll get to play the other regions soon! 🥰
Beautiful and breath taking. You will absolutely love it. Everything starting from story, characters, music, graphics, lighting and gameplay mechanics is well thought and designed. You will get used to it in no time and feel like home. Yes, like all gacha games spending money is the key but even as a F2P(free to play) player myself it can completely played and enjoyed without investing a single penny. All characters are OP if built correctly. Just need more resin and faster recharge rate.
Absolutely love the game, however once you complete the available story you end up in limbo with nothing to do but grind for resources. Be wary of the microtransactions, they do not give details or terms before purchase. The $5 daily moon gift one especially. Supposed to give you 90 primogens every day for 30 days, but you only receive them if you log in, if you don't log you don't get the reward and they don't tell you that. The season can give you a ton of stuff, but demands a lot of play
I feel like this game was just made for me. No auto battle, no overly flashy op skills, good voice acting (love paimon), and easy to follow story. One thing that blew my mind is how much detail they put into everything, and how they finally manage to nail the "open world" feel that I've been searching for in a mobile mmorpg. Honestly nothing but praise, and I'm proud to say in the future that I was here from the beginning.
The game is great so far! Unique story lines, weapons, and characters! I just wish there are easier ways to get more characters instead of trails. I dont want to be stuck on just the four characters from the start. Also THE LAGGG! It freezes to hell to the point where its next to unplayable. FIX THIS PLEASE. The lag frustrates me and keeping me from having a good experience with a good potential game. The lag is pretty much the only thing between you and a five star review from me
I've played a lot of RPG games but this guys just got me so hooked. I've installed this both on my PC and mobile so that I can play it anywhere I want.If you ask about the graphics, its just gorgeous!!. The controls are pretty good and easy to get if you play on a regular basis. So if you love RPG games, give this game a try and i'm sure u will love it. :)
Its a solid Game even by console and pc standards. 4 stars, because either the drop rates should go up to 3 percent or they need to add more budget options like selling low priced bundles with various items. I would like to see weekly events. maybe a banner that cycles through old 5 stars units and weapons. Or maybe just change up banners weekly. Just don't be cheap, you made plenty off this game already, get some help if you need it.
It's really awesome to play this game, but the only problem for me is.... I purchase a budget phone so.... We know what will if this goes on. I rated it 5 star because I've experienced the game a little bit (I can only play it in laptop but it's the same in my phone so it's okay). So yeah, I love it, so I'm gonna have to say goodbye to 8gb download from genshin UwU. Thank you for creating this game even though I didn't play the whole story line, so yeah. Thank You!
I. Love. This. Game! Super fun to play although it takes a bit of loading to get from one place to the next. I started playing last night and couldn't put it down for 4 hours. It is very addictive and time consuming. I love the effects and graphics to the game too. I disconnected twice but I have pretty bad internet anyway. This was a great idea! Make more games in the future please :)
Absolutely gorgeous. Although my phone is quite old and isn't able to support the cutscenes (it lags quite a bit) I am still very happy with this game. It takes up a lot of space but the graphics make up for it. The game plays beautifully on your phone for main (Archon) quests. Of course, some boss quests and challenges are better played on PC, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun on mobile. All in all, a breath-taking experience that I still love.
This game is amazing. I was immediately met by OP graphics with a beautiful soundtrack (and sfs), along with clear instructions on how to play and graceful animations. Every movement is beautifully animated. Unlike other mobile rpgs, this one has an EXTREMELY engaging storyline that makes you feel like you're really in the game. All characters have their own charismatic personalities that are hard to forget. You really have to take your time to complete the stories. 5/5
I'm really impressed by this game. Thank you for the game. But I've got some problems after the latest update. My phone is overheating and draining battery too fast even if my chipset is good enough. (Snapdragon 855) I set the graphics settings for medium. But it still lags sometimes. I'd be grateful if you could fix this issue. Thanks in advance!
Fantastic! Super fun, lots to do, collect, build and upgrade. Gameplay is fun! A unique meta that I really like! If you like BotW as well as collection games, this is up your alley. I love getting and upgrading a new character or weapon. Lots of customization. The gatcha aspect add to the game rather than make it worse, honestly. They give you plenty of characters out of the gate to keep the game interesting, and you get new ones pretty regularly. Me and my partner have been hooked since launch
Its a wonderful game. I have spent hours already exploring and not even caring for the story. I love that I can gather and craft, which adds to more of the experience of this game. The gamely, the sole, and even how it runs, is amazing. I have played a lot of mobile games, but they can hardly compare to this one. Its just a beautiful creation, and one I dont see getting bored of any time soon.
I am absolutely in love with game, it's been my top priority ever since it came out. It's been a while since I've had so much fun playing a game. Insane graphics, amazing story, and 10/10 character designs. Best thing about it? The fact that you don't have to be a whale to progress the game The game has some issues like resin, but I'm sure the devs are working on it. I'd like to have a multiplayer Spiral Abyss.
Great. High end device required as well as lots of free storage, but enjoyable game so far. However one issue for iOS devices i would like to report is the crash issue - my friend who owns an iPad Pro (9.7) 2018 installed the game and tried opening it. He was met with a white screen - no further progress could be made. Moreover, he tried reinstalling the game. This did not fix the issue. He is simply met with a white screen which progresses no further. I would love for this to be fixed.
This is by far, the best open world game I have ever played! The heroes are very likeable and battle mechanics are quite understandable. The storyline is very admirable, and the voiceover of the hero is beautiful. Even the graphics is pretty, I played many games like this but so far it's graphics is among the most beautiful. I only have one problem, the lag is unbearable. I have to exit the game and reconnect again because it causes lag after some dialogue. But anyway 5 stars for you devs.
I was skeptical at first, but I fell in love with this game right away. But I'm a mobile player and the controls and camera are just not as friendly for us. I currently don't have any archer characters in my party ever because it is too easy to die while aiming due to having to adjust the camera constantly with no fine movement controls. Also, the audio is crackling and sounds really distorted following the latest Android/Samsung software update. Please fix this. I love it overall.
I love this game. It has everything a game needs. It is what anyone can play all the time without getting tired. But lately in my device there is some annoying noises in game which is not in ios platforms. Please fix this problem to have a better experience of gaming. It could've been better we could play the game offline. Thank you Mihoyo.
This game is such a wonderful experience. Both visually and audio are just perfection. I'm so excited to see the next updates. Co-op is a joy, just exploring the world with my friends doing dumb stuff. But even then the solo play is astounding. The story is so beautifully put together and the voice acting is just the best. I really have to commend the game devs on this one
I have the lg velvet and for some reason the ground is black and patchy. Everything else is fine. I love the game it makes time pass by beautifully especially with the ambient music in the background. The fight mechanics are simple so are the flight controls. Ill be honest i DID have to look up some guides and stuff because the game doesnt exactly give you a step by step guide. But its entertaining enough to keep playing even with half assed graphics for some reason. Please help me out devs.
One of the best games I have ever played. Its an all in one game. Role playing, strategy, action and adventurous. Magical visuals. The world is marvelous. I just love it. I am spending all my gaming time in this game alone haha. Well it's worth it. Amazing story and cute voice over. Its just great. The best so far. <3 This game's developers and designers yall should be proud for creating such game.
Im a little disappointed with the latest update. A lot of bugs emerged... Specially the one with the aimed shot. Dont get me wrong... I love this game, like a lot, I have spent so much time in it... Which made the matter more infuriating. Hope you fix these bugs soon, specifically the aim bug it ruins the game. I'll just leave the review like this till the matters are resolved. - Dan
Amazing, it's almsot absurd to think that this is a mobile game. Game is very generous, and you don't really need to pay to have access and thrive in end-game content. There are some flaws here and there, such as the graphics optimization for Exynos-powered devices (my personal gripe, as much as any Exynos users out there who play this as well), but it's otherwise near perfect.
This game is amazing. I personally LOVE the art style, not to mention the backstory of the characters is fairly interesting. Not to mention the attention to detail. From the trees moving when you run through them to (what I've seen so far) all the NPCs having some form of dialoge about themselves or their situation. My only issue is that their seems to be no way to remap controls. I haven't ran into a bug or error so can't point that out. In short: AMAZING game
I haven't had this game for a long time, but I can still say that it's simply amazing. Animation, backgrounds, music, character designs. Everything about it is authentic and aesthetic. I would recommend this to weebs, it's their jam. 😌👌 Only thing I can say that is a little problematic is the wish system. F2p players will probably have a hard time accepting how hard the system works. I think the company should make the system a bit easier, to please the gamers. Apart from that, great game.
(updated review and star rating to 5) I was able to get my account back with ease. The game is great. Worth the time playing. This mmo is definitely not like any other phone game. You can tell it's on the phone but computer worthy (Old review) I went to play again after a few weeks. After a long update I log into the game and my account is gone. I even out money into it. Everytime I log in it goes to the beginning where I have to select a girl or a boy
So far so good, doesn't seem like they're forcing any in-game purchases, let's see how it feels in the long run. The touch screen controls feel comfortable. Although this doesn't support controllers (yet?) I have triggers on my phone that help me so it doesn't bother me much. It definitely has this (Breath of the wild) feeling. I love how there's no auto. I love to take my time and explore around. Cooking, gliding, foraging, slaying, leveling, all feels pretty good.
I really enjoy this game so far. I'm usually not into games like this on a phone just because I think the controls are tricky, but this game does it really well for the mobile devices. It's really easy to understand, visually appealing, easy to get into, the soundtrack and voice acting are both done really well, the controls are easy. 100% recommend.
It has great graphics! The storyline is cool and the voice acting too. I love everything about it, lmao. I play this and HI3 which takes a lot of space in my phone but it's alright! The gameplay is really smooth, too. And also, I like that I can go wherever I want lmao I climb on top of buildings HAHAHAHAHA! Anyways, great game! I recommend playing it. I would rate it 10/10.
The game was fun at first. The graphics are really good from the landscape to the characters. There's a lot to do, but the only thing I didn't like was the gacha summon rates. 0.6% for any 5* characters means I didn't pull any of them. A YouTuber spend $5k and he doesn't even have all of the characters yet either. If you're F2P, just be happy with 4*.
Fantastic game so far. Controls are great, graphics are even better, some glitches here and there but they are getting fixed as the game progresses and new content comes in quite frequently. There are ways to quickly farm in-game currency (primogems), so that even if you are not willing to spend money on it you'll still be able to obtain good characters. Only gotcha: it's difficult to be really effective with this combat system, so be prepared to study and experiment a bit!
I like the game and I truly want to get into it, but from what I've read about the recent update and from what I have experienced, the lag is unbearably high to the point where it becomes completely unplayable. I tried closing the app and opening it back up, bit it just doesn't work. It heats up my phone and ruins my wifi, so until there's a patch or something, I don't think I'll be able to play this. I'd give the game 1 stars, but I actually like the game.
Truly incredible! Gameplay is buttery smooth even on the phone (which I find rare), character and world design is amazing, story is entertaining, seems like there's plenty to do in the gorgeous open world. F2P friendly and no overbearing pressure to spend, but if you're so inclined $5 will set you up nicely. I've been looking forward to this release and I'm not disappointed in the slightest! They did a fantastic job, can't wait to explore more of the content, and gotta love best bud Paimon!
So far, I'm loving the story, the open world aspect, the gameplay--almost everything. If I have to nit-pick something, it would be the lack of control customization. I need to move that analog stick a bit higher since it feels a bit too low. Also, I think some optimization might be needed since my phone is currently cooking Tenderloin Steak since it heats up so much. But overall, this game is really amazing and worth recommending to others; keep it up!
I can't believe a game that is so awesome and cool can be free! 😍 the graphics, storyline (I love the ones with plot twists!!), voice actors, grammar, characters, and game controls are soooo lit! ❤❤ It's a real game, I'm so glad it doesn't have pvp (meaning there is no competition) I get to play at my own pace 😊 thank you Mihoyo! I look forward to future updates 🥰
Something happened in the audio, it happened last month(October) where whenever I play the game, there's this crackling/static sound. It happens even if I remove my headset, it might be a hardware/software issue. But this never happened to me before when Im playing the game. Btw I'm using samsung A51, hope this info could help, and be fixed in the future
The game is good and very amazing I really love it! Its just so beautiful and fun to play, the characters are great, the graphics are great, the music is just beautiful. However, I don't know if its just my phone but I could barely see through the glitches. All I see is either void or green marshes. I also can't see most monsters making it super hard to right them.
I love this game, the graphics are beautiful, the combat is fun, the story is wonderful. Only 2 problems, 1. It's a gacha hell, don't expect any of the good characters if you don't pay for them I spent about 100 bucks on the game and only got 2 5 stars. 2. Lots of grinding and you only get a small amount of energy which is required to get loot from bosses and dungeons, and this energy recharges super slow. Besides from that everything else is wonderful.
My experience in the game so far has been great. The map is big for a mobile game and there are lots of places to explore and discover. (Updated Review) CO-OP is not the best since you did most of everything before reaching lvl 16 requirement. Gacha system is ok. Few characters but more are being created. Controls are lacking space and can be irritating throughout the whole game. Ratings for my experience so far - Mobile 4/10. PC 10/10. Console 9/10. Great game all in all.
Great, I love it. I love how intuitive the element system is, the great artstyle and music, and the exploration is perfect. I did have some gripes about the preformance, there are some issues during cutscenes, and frames can drop during fights. I also have a lot of connection issues, as I reconnect often, (although I don't know if that is simply an issue on my end, or with the game.) My last issue is the game is it is limited in platform choice, as I am unable to get this game on my tablet. 4/5.
Exceptional gameplay. It would be great if the coop mode could be enhanced by integrating the host world to the teammate's world as well. For example, our teammate could also open the chest for us and gain the same reward. Besides, it would also be lovely if the we could play story mode and side missions with our teammates. Regardless of the suggestions, the game is exceptionally great.
This game is so amazing. The first thing that i like about this game is there is no auto-quest / auto-finder. You need to walk to the quest by yourself and that's really good for me because it's an open world game, so you MUST explore the world and find a lot of chest, quest. The graphics is perfect even with lowest. But i think it's a little bit too heavy when a cutscene is occur. Anything beside that is perfect! Anyway, can you add a feature to pet a dog please? That will make this game perfek
Now this is a pretty awesome game! The graphics are amazing, the story is decent, and the only real complaint I have is the ease at which you can accidentally attack while trying to turn the screen. With no auto-functions, it's a gane that allows you to explore and actually play the game and rewards you for going off the beaten path. That is amazing in this era of autoplay cuckery. I can't really say much else. Excellent job, Devs!
...wow. This game is absolutely phenomenal. I only just arrived at the first city, however the world and character design is captivatingly beautiful. This is a game that looks like a AAA game which should be on a console. It runs and handles beautifully. I'm not sure if it is available, but controller compatibility would be fantastic. So far, this game is very reminiscent of BoTW. I highly recommend anyone who comes across this to download it immediately!
This game is beautiful work of art😍Its like an experience in itself! I don't like these kinda games but this is an exception for sure. You don't need to spend to win or continue, can beat the game with what it offers. Story makes you wanna play more and more. Dialogues and characters are fun too. I just started yesterday and I can't wait to unlock multiplayer🤩I don't like how the loading takes so long, but a game like this with amazing graphics needs that time. Sound is amazing, use earphones.
I love everything in this game. The story, the graphics, the battle mechanics and the voice acting (even the dub). The aspect I love the most is the freedom to experiment with various elementals and their effects on enemies and surroundings. This opens up a vast possibility of puzzles and challenges. The game being free is an absolute steal. Every fan of action adventure rpg games must download this.
Ive only started playing Genshin probably like a couple weeks or so, and I absolutely love it! The storyline, side quests, open world exploring, the characters etc. its just all amazing, but I'm having a bit of trouble with the audio. And it seems like I'm not the only one experiencing it. The music seems to lag and its static-y but when use the menu ( when you click on Piamon next to map) the audio seems fine! Hopefully the issue is resolved and I would love to give you guys the five stars!
The game is great and addictive, but it burn out battery so fast. And when switching between wifi and 4G, it reloads again, which is a little bit frustrating, especially when fighting bosses or ruins. Keep up working! Update: Ok now when I passed lv 36, I found out that I need more quests or the income/experiences from killing mobs should be increased. It's mora-consuming to ascend heroes, weapons and antiques, so please make some adjust. And it would be nice if I can establish my own base/camp!
I'm really amazed how you created a game like this. Really. I'll give 4 stars because I want some improvement. There are some minor problems. The grass and trees blocking the view when fighting in forest. The moment when I was cornered while fighting a mini-boss, my character suddenly climbed the wall. And this is merely a suggestion. As someone who also plays Honkai Impact (in mobile), the buttons are confusing. I wish there will be a control mode that is a little bit similar to Honkai's.
This is a stellar game that can be played without spending a dime. With that being said, if you did find yourself wanting to spend, I suggest the blessings pack that gets you daily in-game currency. You can get tons of currency just by exploring and quests, so take in the sights. I'd say most of the map can be explored even before you are high level, but take care to avoid strong enemies. Finding the elemental oculi takes a while but is well worth the boost to stamina and rewards earlier on.
5 star of course! This is my first day of this game and so far it did not disappoint! The open world is HUGE and so many things you can do with it! If I have to nitpick, they need to work on the camera a bit, when the character is jumping, the camera should be following with a delay to make it feel like jumping instead of looking like the world is moved to the player. Other than that, pretty good game, and chill, which is what I like than that competitive Honkai. Recommended
5 stars gameplay. -5 star shop. The graphics and gameplay are fantastic, if you play this and never spend any money it's great. You can be very lucky with your purchases and be happy, but the rates are so low at times. It cost 30 dollars for enough gems for a ten wish and there is a strong chance you end up with nothing useful. Overall the game is 5 star, but if you spend money on it you are taking a huge risk based on price/reward
This game is phenomenal. Graphics are incredible, gameplay is nicely packed, and the story is intriguing. However, this is just me, but I would like more abilities. Not like more classes like Air and Water, but more ways to use them. Each character does have their own set of abilities, but adding more would make this game so much for strategy intense and fun. Some powers can be weaker than others at some points, and some may just give a small boost.
Best game for mobile! It has gacha, open world and overall great lore and story. You can basically explore all the places they implemented and it'll feel endless. The sky box, music and the views are all amazing. It kind of crazy that this game is FREE! You don't have to spend any amount of money to enjoy this game. Can't wait for the rest of the hug map map to be implemented!
This game is phenomenal everything is excellent, except for several thing. Grinding is very awful with a very limited amount of resin, thus leveling new characters is pretty difficult. The experience resources are also very limited, it took me two weeks or more just to make 1 character playable on my level. Please fix this problem, I mean what's the point in getting new character if we can't use them.
I'm really enjoying the game. The storyline is superb. I love how the game is open world and I take it in my own pace. I like that every hero except Amber can find their place in team building. You can literally build any team even with 4-star heroes! There are some bugs but nothing noteworthy that impedes my progress so far. I wish you can improve the gacha rates and improve some heroes like Amber.
Voice and animation clips are great. A good non auto rpg that players can explore the world and gain good items. My only issue is that when you aim a target with a bow, it is somewhat hard to center a target. Takes time to aim due to difficulty to control even if I set up the sensitivity option. Same as to run and walk. I hope their is a mini shortcut that enables to run/walk without overdoing the controls. Other than that,it is a great game. Thanks for bringing it up.
Good game good graphic and pretty neat gameplay. The problem is the lag. I understand this game is pretty heavy for mobile but the problem is, i use a good phone but the game stuck at loading screen after i update it. I don't understand, i have a good signal, there's still so much spec left but it still stuck at loading screen. Can you guys fix that?
AMAZING I love the game so far, the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is smooth and the sound and everything is good. The only problem that I really had with the game was in the beginning when stormterror attacked monstat, the game glitched and the screen went black but after that everything was fine and I don't have any problems. And a little tip to people if they want to level up faster, just do your daily commissions and try to clear out some domains, even try to fight elite level monsters
Awesome game! However, some stuff I would prefer! Maybe add a character customization for the main character so it seems more personal to us. The attributes we add can automatically go to the twin. I don't really like how the connection is. Maybe because it's such a big download and the device can only handle so much? Other than those two, this is really a magical game. I love it a lot! :)
Honeymoon period is over and now Genshin is just another money grab. At first, tons of fun, tons to do. Now? Repetitive grinding for absurd amounts of stuff to level up with and no end in sight. My 2nd biggest issue is the wish system. I'm not spending more money on this to pray for a character I want and the cost to wish just by playing is so high you're lucky to get a dozen rolls in the time period before an event character disappears. Klee was available, I did not get her due to this.
As the saying goes "High hope, low expectations". But the moment I loaded into the game the quality of the cut scene matched the graphics in play. "Okay, okay" but then I started to explore and that was enough to blow me out of the water! So much detail, care and literally a huge open world with plenty to do! Great story so far and a little messy yet intuitive interface in the menus. That aside, the game looks amazing! Mihoyo. You out did yourselves. ALL OF YOU! Amazing work!
Runs smoothly on my Flagship phone(12/256). Graphic are stunning as expected. Gameplay takes time as the map is ridiculously wide. You will have a lot of things/quests/exploration to do. If you wanna enjoy vast fantasy world with a lot of things to do, definitely recommend this game! There is only one thing I hate, the gacha system. It depends on luck,but I don't blame the developer. They gotta make money, dude!
First, it's cross platformed. It has a great way in letting people play with eachother because of the adaptability of it being able to support other devices. The graphics are really great and so was the gameplay. I like the storyline and voice acting . It has many different playstyles you can do not just hunting down enemies so people can choose what they want to do. Lastly, I really like how it's open world. Even though the mob difficulty spikes, but just roaming around and exploring is great.
No matter how good the graphics and contents of GI, at the end of the day, it's a gacha game. There are good gacha games out there but this one forces you to spend or the rest of the characters will be forever locked. You might get lucky but at 1% rates, better bet your life you get the 5* you wish for. Some gacha games thrive without putting paywall unlocking heroes, this one doesn't; especially because it keeps rubbing to your face those 4* heroes without ever evolving. Meh.
Yes, the Primogens are expensive and it's hard to get a 5 star characters for most people and farming for materials is really hard. But can you just take a moment to appreciate the graphic quality, world details, the variety of characters, the beautiful music? Almost all characters can be OP if you build them correctly, not just the 5 stars. Keep in mind this is a cross-platform game you can play in PC and PS4, this game took so much effort and it's free to play! You're not required to spend!
Game is amazing. Unfortunately my phone is slightly dated so i get frame drops. I was really looking forward to the crossplatform, so i could play on the go and at home, but Shadows are not supported. I sort of struck out when it comes to the game. However if your on the fence to get this game. Do yourself a favor and try it. 100% recommend even tho i cant play it well. Still 5 stars all around. Please support shadow. TY 🙏✌
Really love this game. Kinda sceptical for a while because it's on mobile. But when I try it, it's become one of my favorite game. The graphics is beautiful, the characters so cute and adorable and the story is easy to understand. The gameplay is top notch. Everything so smooth except the cutscenes. Sometimes it's stuttering, even though everything in this game run perfectly. I wonder what's the problem? If it's from the software, I wish you guys will fix this soon in the future updates. Thanks!
Overall awesome game! Let's get it out of the way first though..... It is a BOTW clone, knock off, whatever you want to call it. I will not complain about that. It's amazing to think of what you can play on your phone now. It runs ok on my Pixel 3a, it looks amazing on PC though. 1.1 update has been a bit buggy but the seem to be fixing the issues quickly. The game is great when you first start out but once you hit AR40 it starts to become a grind. I hope they keep expanding the map!
Absolutely amazing game! Switching between PC and mobile is seamless, characters are fun, varied, and all have unique personalities and dialogue. Combat is exceptionally fun, and the open world is one of the most fun, vast, and beautiful I've ever seen, and that includes Breath of the Wild. If you are a fan of any kind of RPG, this game is for you.
I absolutely love it! The graphics are nice, there's a wide variety of characters, and the developers are very generous. It's close to a dream RPG that I always wanted. There seems to be an issue though.. I tried to screen record, but the time I press the record button, the game just completely mutes. It's not my phone's problem because it supports internal sound (Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro) but the game mutes itself when I record. I'd be delighted if it's a bug that can be fixed!
Probably one of the most visually impressive mobile games I've come across. The music in this game is also very soothing and meshes very well with the "Breath of the Wild" art style. For a mobile game, the quality they deliver is impressive. My only criticism so far is the the rather stingy drop rate of the 5* heroes - 0.6٪ drop rate. However the 4* heroes are pretty much guaranteed, and a good number of them are capable of carrying you through the game.
Amazing. For a free-to-play game it has loads of content in it. The voice acting is great, the combat is fun and the map is massive. I love being able to travel to the next location in any way I would like. You can follow the road, or take a shorter route by climbing, swiming or gliding. The story has some deep lore and really makes you interested in the story, and being able to switch characters mixes up the gameplay to keep the combat interesting. I would love to write more but there's a limit
Though I enjoy the game in it's length myself, it's hard to keep my friends involved. Even the guy that recommended the game to me quit because I've gotten five five-stars before him now. It'd be nice if people were guaranteed a five-star earlier on, so for an early adventure rank reward. As it stands, my friends can't get into the game because they don't know who to dump all their time and resources into since they still haven't gotten their first five-stars.
I love the game so far. The graphic is so satisfying. So far I think it's not a pay to win game. However, there's this bug that doesn't allow me to use headset when I play the game. Even though I got my headset connected to my Redmi Note 9 Pro, the sound of the game still came out from the speaker phone which is weird. And when I screenrecord the game, the screenrecorder can't catch any sound from the game. Hopefully this will get fixed soon. Overall, the game is very addicting. Great job, devs!
Amazing game! Gameplay is awesome, controls and even the graphics! Everything is so awesome especially the way we can explore also to make combos using 2 different elements. Problem is sometimes it lags even though I followed the recommended space, other than that, there's not much problem in using mobile to play it. I very much recommend this game to my friends, family, and everyone who loves story and adventure. Thank you guys for making this game and doing your best! We really love it!
Loving the game so far. Not a pay to win game! No ads! Feels like Skyrim or Breath of the Wild with an anime twist. Some thoughts, would love the option to adjust the control placement on the screen to more comfortably suit my hands, plus the option to trade or gift consumables and non storyline items with friends. All my siblings play the game and we'd love more co-op options. Also, please bring back Venti as a hero you can summon! Thanks for the fun and major kudos to the developers.
Very fun game so far 20+ hours $0 spent so far but will be investing heavily into this game. It's an actual game on mobile not just one of them crappy copy and paste auto complete games that are a waste of time and money. Graphics are amazing controls are good but could use a minor tweak. The only real issue I have is that playing on my phone it tends to get rather hot. Other than that I love this game.
This is a great gacha game. With the ability to play it on both PC and Mobile, I end up playing it a ton! While the controls are way easier on the PC, mobile is doable. Some of my friends may have mixed experiences on mobile but they all like PC. Just doing free to play, I have been able to get a pretty good team and don't feel like I NEED to buy anything to advance. Game does get super grindy at higher levels but that is most games like this. Characters and world are really well done!
I really love this game, but be warned! This game is huge. Im lucky I have space. The characters aren't bad and some are even charming in their own ways and the graphics are great. I recommend turning them down a bit if your phone isn't a beast though. My only problem is the audio glitch I've been experiencing. I have a note 9 and it was running fine till the update. The audio often will be distorted at random and it made me sad that I couldn't understand characters sometimes.
So far, the game is incredible. The gameplay, graphics, story, and characters are all so good and unique. The main thing that I love in this game is how the elements work. There is no 'elemental disadvantage' like for example using fire for water. Water doesn't beat fire, water WORKS with fire. It's amazing and unique. The only issue I have is the gacha with a .6% of unlocking a 5 star character. Overall, this game is too good to be free.
Please optimize the game because I experience lags and stutters sometimes freezing and crashing. But this is the best game I have ever played it's just so good I recommend playing this game it's a 10/10. Update: Yes, the lag is now gone, I get 60 fps. But the stutter is crazy! I can't even move in the game because of the stutter! Oh well, it's not your fault, just gonna get a new phone. 😃
Gorgeous, fun and thrilling. I enjoyed every aspect of the game, from the graphics, the incredible soundtrack to the combat system. 'Genshin Impact' ticks all the right boxes. I'm amazed by the world it presents along with its intriguing lore. A diverse group of playable characters makes things more interesting, especially during battles when team composition plays an important role. All in all, an astonishing adventure that will take your breath away. If your device can run it, get it!
I love the graphics and quality of the whole game!! But can you pls add the stop quest button so we can open the co-op mode. Because when I play the trails of tianquan, and I wanted to play co-op, I won't open. Also close co-op button, because it seems that if we told the other players to go out, it seems rude. Thank you very much mihoyo! Your games lighten up my day!
Probably the best mobile game I've seen! I would enjoy if you could play from the beginning with friends, but the fact you have to grind to adventurer rank 16 just steers people away from the game. I can understand an endgame could just join a adventurer rank and power them through the game, but you could make it so World level 0's can only play with other world level 0's. If you would do this, this game would be perfect! Though, it's probably too late to change this.