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Genius Shooter: Monster Killer

Genius Shooter: Monster Killer for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by @well made games located at Room 1001, Building 1, Optics Valley Wisdom Park, Optics Valley Avenue, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a great game. However, this is the only game that I have ever seen that will not load ads that give rewards. I know this is a weird complaint. I also have tried emailing the support address that was given in a reply to a reveiw below this one, and no response so far. Its been 24 hours.
This game has a lot of potential and it is a fun game but I uninstalled it and installed it again and I'm still having the same problem with the store it's a real bummer but I have to get rid of this game you guys did absolutely nothing to help fix the problem doesn't give me an option to update I want to give this a five star game but because of this problem it is a 1 star
Pay to advance...starts out great then you soon realize there is little to no advancement without paying.
I moved to this game on a whim from Archero. It's leagues better! If you're looking for an Archero alternative, this is the one!
I love the game. Except for one very big issue I have. PLEASE get rid of the timed chests from levels.I don't want to have to wait for loot that I have earned. Also If I have the pizza(stamina) to play again, I want to play again. These chests are actively keeping me from playing.This is seriously my most hated thing about mobile games (even more than pay to win). I delete games for this all the time and I don't want to do it to this one. Please please please fix this.
Game's not too bad, except for the dungeon button which doesn't seem to work at all on my phone. Tried reinstalling but still doesn't want to work. Even tried writing to dev but they said to check my internet which I did but still a blank screen. There's that and the fact that it takes so much coin to upgrade everything and it takes forever to earn it.
Wow this gane is amzing.New weapon.A variety of style heroes, a variety of firearms, Gatling, AK-47,RPG, pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, waiting for you to play.Exciting game levels.Each chapter is a different game scene, different game monsters, different attack methods! Control your favorite heroes.
Best rouge-lite shooter game I've found (similar to Archero). The gameplay is fun, and you unlock new levels, and skills, as you progress. The in app purchases are reasonable and not required to progress naturally through the game. I did spend about $25 for a few things to support the developer.
I like it overall. Love the option to perma remove ads, every game needs this. However, not a fan of how when you get a continue with a different Hero in Arena, they don't get benefits of all the buffs you've gathered so far so it's pointless cuz you're not gonna get through a lvl20+ stage with a fresh Hero with 0 buffs.
The game is great, and been playing it for some time. Though most bugs were fixed, one still remained, the shop tabs. I could go as far as buying a few random stuff but the chests are unreachable. The game just freezes. Ive got a bunch of keys just waiting to be used as well as opening chests for artifacts, so im stuck with what i could use right now. The event for Holloween is good too until you use the tabs for crafting stuff, the graphics freezes. Also ads dont work anymore.
Awesome game! The sounds effects, the graphics, the upgrade system, etc ... All masterfully done. What a great game. That being said, this is only my first day of play so take this review with a grain of salt. Only time will tell how good this game actually is.
Massive lag that completely ruins the framerate to the point where you can't see the character moving at all
Absolutely love this game. The mechanics, the controls. The only issue I have is their doesn't seem much in the way of rewards for those that have paid money into the game
Mostly good archero like game, but the ads rarely work, which in turn means you're missing out your free chests regularly
you guys keep rolling out updates these past few weeks. i hope they're really for the bugs and not messing with the game flow i got going on 😎
Best game of this kind out there. Zombero is cool aswell. Id like a dismantle option for gears. Daily quests for gems. Give skill trees instead of random skills each level.
Game sits on the loading screen at and does nothing. I updated the game, and same thing. I'm on a galaxy note 8. I want to try the game, but cant. Will change rating if I ever get to play it...
Came here from Archero. The game surprised me by a pretty fair monetization scheme (you can buy a one time purchase to disable ads and the price is totally reasonable). Dropped some money straight away because it seemed fair (never pair Habby a cent the prices were too outrageous). Some heroes are still very pricey. The game has very good visibility thanks to attacks being clearly telegraphed (including before digging out of the ground). Talents are great, with some new ones I didn't see in other games. Some are still pretty meh though. But even they can be good conditionally with combos. Game has a lot of content (standart levels, hero levels, dungeons, some kind of daily ladder). My only concern so far is that the menus could use some better response timings but it's very minor and I'm just being picky. Overall very good first impressions. Keep it up devs!
nice game but too difficult to get hero upgrade and the lvl is too hard cus the hero stuck in the lvl.... hope you can make the wish have a double or better.... tq
the game crashes since I paid. It doesn't work no more and the support won't give my money back even if I can't really enjoy the game since I paid for it. I want your team to refund my money. I don't care about any new updates I couldn't enjoy the game since I paid for it and I honestly don't want to enjoy it anymore. This game is nothing more than a faulty construction. I wouldn't have paid into it if I would have known it.
I've never really been interested in mobile games until I found this one. Love relaxing fun games, especially when an RPG is involved. Fantastic work developers. Looking forward to what more you might have coming,especially more character /or weapon/gameplay ! Keep up the awesome work! Thanks.
Update. 5 stars. Good clean game. Great graphics. Responds well no glitches or hicups sofar. Generous with the gifts and powerups. And above all the dev team fixed it so it will work on my phone. They stayed in touch with me. Kudos to the dev team. Please keep the good work coming.
Perfect Archero-type game. I have tried 50 archero clones and all are greedy. This is IAP done right. It has variety, responsive controls, and actual progression. Not enough space to give it the credit it deserves. You can see projectiles easy and plenty of skills that are almost all useful. The upgrade system is far superior to any other roguelike. The heroes are very diversified but all are viable and they dont cost 20 bucks. If you like archero, play this game and you wont regret it.
Update adds super lame Halloween event. Multiple annoying gameplay issues. Laggy UI that has caused numerous accidental expenditures of gems. Customer Service that doesn't respond. Tedious grind. Can be fun in short bursts but I recommend not spending. After my last negative review their CS contacted me, finally refunded some gems and asked for more stars in review score. Disgusting way of doing business, so NO!
The game had potential, but it's ruined by insane difficulty. It's time to uninstall after no updates for months. I spent $10 here and fully regret it. Rewards were repeated when spending premium currency. No dev, I'm not going to email or Facebook message you.
Saved up gems to get a new character and accidentally pushed a button wjich took 2800 of my gems with no warning. Im done!
Update: Took me a while to get there, but damn me if you ever tested what you have done here especially two last dungeons and ridiculous boss fights with totally random match from "easy just run away for 5 minutes with no single mistake or die" to just impossible like this pig that jumps over you every 5 sec with scientists that spread venom all over the field. Played with paid characters too. Die even faster :/
1 star. Lag has STILL not been fixed! And the "temporal displacement" is ridiculous! No surprise that if you don't spend money you won't get anywhere. Haven't played in WEEKS, lost all interest when it became so unbalanced as to be near unplayable for free players. Am finally Uninstalling.
Personally I love this game genius shooter easy to play and really interesting game good graphics and character
It's a great game I'm loving it. But In almost a week I've reached the last arena. Maybe you can improve, fix the lag, add more characters and arenas, in the shop should have those itens we win with chests to make it easier to level up your books, sometimes your character shoots the target far away instead of those next to him, pets would be nice too, maybe 2x2 co-op mode, global event challenge. So many things you can do please otherwise gets boring but still love this game keep it up 👍
Ok game better potential if you didn't have to buy everything.... i mean not an original by any means.... but dang cant even unlock a simple second character with out buying... more stars if they would ease up on loot.... if you have the time by all means but like any other hero game out there smhhhhhhhhh
The game looked awesome but the game randomly starts bugging out visually so I don't know about the gameplay because I can't even get to play the game due to this it's in the base game and in the beta
Non stop fun action Game isn't a cash grab, They give you everything you need to upgrade, Even though a little cash does go a long way, All in the Palm of your hands,I can't stop playing Already in the top 10
1 star. Lag has STILL not been fixed! And the "temporal displacement" is ridiculous! Can't even get past the 1st STAGE! No surprise that if you don't spend money you won't get anywhere.
after each update we must playing from beginning then what useful in sync button under option section? That's for decor?
The game is great. Works flawless, cute and fun. Minor issues that will hopefully be fixed. 1. I collected so many shards for another character but still says not enough. There is no way to check how much I have. 2. It would be nice to actually see the new outfits on the character when equipped.
Pretty good game, not into the spending real money on imaginary stuff though, so its a little slow building my toons up.
If you like the gameplay of Archero but hate the design decisions around it then this is the game to play. Smaller item pool, more item drops, better skills, free skill rerolls, and it doesn't feel like the game wants to beat you and steal your wallet. Oh, and being able to pay to remove all ads is totally worth it.
I will say if the developers thought that this game was going to get really good ratings then they were right. This game is absolutely satisfying and extremely addictive. Right up there with the "Archero" category. Keep the awesome games like, "Genius Shooter", coming.
Game crashes on opening screen. I have installed and Uninstalled several times but that doesn't fix the problem waste of time.
ill give this game a 5 star. and pls kindly fix the looting or gaining hero fragments. thanks and i love this game really so much!
Bugs fixed this game has a lot of good stuff going for it. If you like rouge likes download now you'll be happy you did
Ever since the last update I am not able to get any ads. (Never thought I would be looking/asking for ads lol). What going on with that? Do I have to get to a specific level? 3/2/21: It wrks great ty.
I'm giving this game three stars for the fact that I can't watch AD's for rewards. Everytime I try to watch an AD for a free chest or for an ability in-game, no AD spears and I'm forced to X out and continue without. Perhaps she that's fixed I'll up to five stars.
It may be a great game, but after the last update the game won't even start so I can't play it at all, thank you for the crash (ironically speaking), and yes I edited my review from 5 stars to 1, and if the game isn't patched soon I shall uninstall it, cause it takes up screen space for nothing
As a free player, who has beaten map 5 and is working on map 6, you can advance for free, but it will take longer. Maps 1-3 are a joke when it comes to difficulty, and the game doesn't start getting hard until map 4. Controls are smooth, and enemy attacks are telegraphed making them easy to dodge. Boss fights offer some challenge, but there are quite a few that are just to easy.
New update has turned this game in to complete garbage. Two new added dungeons are completely unplayable. Way too hard. You can no longer get a random upgrade before entering a level. It's either free health or you have to pay for other stuff with gems. New upgrades include Plus 2% attack per level. Garbage.Some weird growth upgrades that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. And they've made it almost impossible to get the upgrades you want for your character.
Great game , but I wish the targeting was a bit better . It aims where your looking , but it should aim at the closest enemy. And theres 22 videos you have to watch if you want your daily chests and energy. But still a great game
I had rated 5* but dropped it to 1*. The game stopped letting me watch ads and then started to glitch and kick me back to my home screen. I really liked this game at first. I have already sent an email about the problem 3 days ago and have heard nothing back. UNINSTALLING
I really liked this game and I nearly bought the piggy bank from the game but then I synchronized the game with my play games account and lost all my progress with one click and had to start over from the beginning. I'm really angry because I spent so much time on farming gems and I watched like 5000 ads to get this far and everything got lost without giving me a warning that I have to start over if I synchronize the game with my play games. I want my progress back or I will uninstall the game
Great game. Got me away from archero. I like the fact that u upgrade slots instead of gear so u r free to change gear out without wasting resources leveling up a bad item.
Was 5 stars for it was an awesome game but sense the last update no ads so you cannot play right. They say there is an update to fix but there is not. Changed to 1 star until the developers can fix problems quickly. Was my favorite game until this happened. No urgency to fix and keep loyal players playing. Will check in a week and if not fixed will delete for the games is useless without the ads.
Many original skills selection is a good thing. Weapon tied to a character is alright as long free player may unlock several characters. The difficulty is quite chalenging. Overall the game have potential, just please adjust the difficulty of chapter 1. Either reduce it, or increase the difficulty of the next chapter
Game not fun anymore when u clear 5,6 stage. New talent very weak and rate to show up of att talent seem to never happent. U have to watch ads every time u lvup to get good talents.
I shared it with 3 freind and did not get my reward. Also the chaper 4 bosses are I bit buggy they hit me when I'm not even near there projectiles
Update now that games working. I do enjoy the gameplay and characters are cute. Music is a little repetitive and also the rounds are extremely too long but its a fun game :) Game wont load past the 1st screen Reply to devs Hiw can i possibly give you more stars? There was no attempt to help me and since i have never been able to even load the game i cant say abything about it.... My review will stay at 1 star
Late game notes: Stage 8 is a wall you need good gear. Tiger hero and stun grenade Best heroes so far are not $ based. You can easily achieve 100% crti and all crit after that is useless. Overpowering combos exist that allow you to clear the maps while being completely invulnerable. (5sec each stage start) The build and synergies of powers is insanely good. You can lose a map on farm basis if you choose weak synergies. Buy the ad remove. Its cheap and totally worth it. No multi-player yet
Like the game... Best archer type game so far but disappointed that I can't get the new character nor get anything in the invite shop after I invited a friend to the game... The invite button is just literally the same as the share button...
Its a great game with each character you have different power ups and that's kinda awesome to be honest, but I finished every level so if the next upgrade can include a few more levels than one and come faster than later its much apreciated, I want to keep on playing 😁