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Genies & Gems - Match 3 Game

Genies & Gems - Match 3 Game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Jam City, Inc. located at 3562 Eastham Drive Culver City, CA 90232 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the theme and the music, but the game itself is really hard and no fun. I have played countless matching games, but this one by far really just sets you up to fail. I just played level 9 and the no more matches spinner came up 7 times. I don't play a game for a challenge honestly, I play it to relax. And this isn't to relax
I love this game BUT now that I have exceeded level 4600, it is trying to FORCE ME to accept Google terms to continue. ๐Ÿคฌ. It forces me to close the app before it actually opens. I'm very disappointed. This game is/was very relaxing to me. I hoping this is something that can be resolved SOON.
Not bad... wish you could use the boosters the way I'm used to (like fishdom or Meow match) instead of having to make another match with that booster. Also that daily prize spinner is worthless the only thing you ever get is infinity lives. Day after day that's all I get
Love ๐Ÿ’—... Been playing Genies and Gems for a long time now but lately if I don't spend money it's harder to pass the levels. I mean I've spent weeks trying to pass just one level! I do recommend game tho!! It's fun and for some reason I still play it lol even if I delete it I ALWAYS come back ๐Ÿคฃ.. it's so annoying
I like the game itself, but the rewards need to be updated. Spin the wheel and get only 5 coins?! Only one booster? Not cool. I don't need more hours. Running out of moves will cost 25 coins, which costs real money. It's 2021. Please update your incentives.
Great game but it freezes often, right in the middle of a game. Requiring a restart of the phone. I thought an update would solve this issue but it has not. Very frustrating.
Game cheats, hit gems don't explode, spaces so you can't move. Sometimes slow and boring. Wants you to play to win, but I like that the rainbow gem can't be destroyed and the cool explosive sounds.
Ive been playing this game for the past 2 hours and reached the top level where I earned the maximum amout of boosters. Then all of a sudden the game kicked me out and is forcing me to start all over! I know its just a game but this is very frustrating. Please please fix!
Love this game but i have a couple issues. One is game freezing after trying to watch an ad for rewards and it take a life away and the next issue is my husband has a rewards panel under his events panel and i do not have that i have all the updates and have spent a lot of money on this game so why dont i have the rewards panel? Im upset about this! And when i win a booster for watching a video i shouldnt be forced to use it right away on a level if i watch an ad for its should be my choice..๐Ÿ˜ซ
Aside from a few glitches that I've contacted support about. I really like this game. Your support responses have been excellent. Be Well. Stay well. Oh yeh, can you go back to giving gifts on the weekends. Thanks ๐Ÿ’ž
I luv this game as It does not have any advertising In It and you can just enjoy the game like when games 1st came out. You only used to get a couple. Now It Is ridiculous. Because Its after every level and every 2 to 3 minutes and they are getting worse. It lovely just to play the game and really, really get In to It and enjoy It.
Back to square one! I had reached 84 and was enjoying this game. Today I opened it and was shocked to find I was back to the beginning, having to start as if I was new to the game. I'm seriously p*ssed off!!!
It keeps freezing and it makes it hard to enjoy the game it's a five-star when you're playing it but it's no stars when it freezes it is so aggravating help me I think this is the best game I've seen of all games ever come on guys I know you can fix the pre freezing problem what is it that it's too many people playing that at one time which is causing the freeze if that's the case you know you need to add more Superior components it's worth it trust me you will double your billions and you know
Fun. challenging. cute. fabulous. UPDATE IN RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER OF THIS APP: I would mark this 5 stars IF I could earn real money playing this fun and addictive game. Let's say... for easy levels start at $0.05 cents and up to a $1, medium levels from $1.50 and up to $5, hard levels from 5.50 to $10.00. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ I know, I know.... you're thinking I must be INSANE because that would be too much $ for you to pay out to who knows how many users that plays this game.
I love this game......after the last update however i can't get into it....i have cleared the cache and uninstalled then installed again. Turned off and on my tablet a couple of times... nothing has worked....p,ease help
Game continues to freeze regardless of how many times I force stop. Worst freezing issues of any game I've ever played.
Why are all my coins going to a stupid piggy bank? I need those sometimes to continue on a level. I enjoy the game, but this is very frustrating. I should be able to use the coins I collect.
I can only play one session and ap is shut down and you have to wait for it to download again then click play. Whenever I get a booster it never comes up on the screen. Then, the ap makes you go back to games that were completed. This game is all messed up. Can you fix so I can enjoy playing.
It was my fav pass time game, until recently ads began to play after EVERY SINGLE GAME and it became so unpleasant. Won't be playing since it doesn't sparkle joy no more.
When I play the game and and lose and try to play again, at least once a day it freezes at the start. I have to get out by losing a life and go back in again. Then it will play. I'm on level 1483.
WAY TOO MANY POPUPS. Every level there's a bunch of info popups that are just way too annoying to click through to get to the next level. Game play is fine, but I want to play, don't need all the popups.
Fun game. It has a twist as I thought it was another Candy Crush type of game. Different levels have different challenges and that keeps you entertained. My only feedback is that it takes a bit of a strong thumb on index finger power to push the buttons. At the begining I thought the game was not working and then I realized I have to push a tad harder or longer to ensure the phone picks up.
I use to play often but not anymore there are way too many ads. I understand if the ad is for more moves or a booster but shouldn't be bc I'm moving to the next level. I don't even accept the booster most times bc I don't want to wait through the ad. I clearly don't want to see them just bc. ๐Ÿ‘Ž to the change
I love that it's a 3 in a row game without timers adding stress. It makes for a relaxing challenging search. I like that there's a free daily way to get rewards that help pass levels, plus I buy something now and then because I feel I should pay back for something that gives me hours of relaxation and works my brain.
Mistplay helped me discover this puzzel game. I really enjoy the matching and the cute fox! Its easy to play and to understand. The levels change up and there are competitions to participate in. Only thing is that progression is super quick. And to me personally, the difficulty of the levels dont change much. But I love the concept!
It's ok.. regular candy crush type game but they put SO MANY screens to click through to the next level and some you can't even click through.. you just have to wait for the graphic to end. It's frustrating and makes me quit the game often. It's like you're just pressing "continue" 30 times before you play the next level. Please put all the info on one or two click through pages instead of one sentence per page.
I've ot noticed this game before. Don't know if it's a new game. I really enjoy the platform, along with the graphics/colors too. So far for my 1st day, I'm dang near addicted ... LOL ๐Ÿ˜
On level 15. So far, so good. Unique & fun, interesting challenges, daily. No begging for money or$$$ required to play.
When I started to play your game I couldn't press anything it a big problem for me so can you fix it?
Really fun game no need for pay to play love this game . Helped me through many hours of pain taking my mind of it without having to deplete my bank account. Well done developers for making a game you can have fun on thank you.
Love the game ,but i guess it just crashed on me, it won't let me move on. I took it off and put it back on but I'm still stuck.
This is one of the first games I downloaded when I started playing games on my phone. Playing on and off for years I really like this game but whenever I get any kind of reward either from playing or spinning it's extra lives no boosters no nothing only extra lives. I'm not sure why but it is annoying and also why I uninstall periodically. I wish that could change
Super fun! I'm really into the game now! Problem is, the game freezes at least 2xs a day if not more. Its not my phone. I have to restart the phone though and it's starting to aggravate me ๐Ÿฅด any suggestions?
Very Very angry! I played for a very long time and was well over level 2 or 3 thousand and better, went to play the one I had been playing to beat it and MY GAME WAS GONE! It made me start over..literally START OVER! What happened!! I highly enjoyed this games for quite a few YEARS..Gone! I was on the level where you cleared out the game by busting squares with color cannons! 3 blues shot out the middle and you had to pick enough blue and purple to shoot cannon and clear the board!!
Loving this game so far! A little bit hard for me to see the orange and yellow because I have macular degeneration and I'm 71 years old. But I'm managing so far! It's exciting and colourful! I love it! Thank you, Developers!
Very addictive... Wish they gave more lives and more time to play. Seems a bit unfair. Otherwise, very good game. ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“ (Can't figure out how to update! ๐Ÿ˜ฐ)
I've been able to continue playing this game and not have to buy anything. I like playing this game, it calms me down when I'm stressed. The one thing I wish they'd fix is when you only have a couple moves left and the stupid butterflies go where you DON'T need them to go.
[UPDATE: after emailing support, I received no help. There is no way for game progress to be wiped. This is not a good game for devices that are shared between people. My rating remains unchanged]. Very unhappy. The game is very buggy. I finished all levels on the first try, yet several levels only gave me 2 stars not the three it was suppose to. Also there is no way to wipe game progress to start fresh if more than one user wants to play on a tablet, even on an uninstall and reinstall.
Fun game but it crashes constantly then takes away all the items you built up and you have to start all over with nothing. Super frustrating, reported it and it happens almost everytime I play. May uninstall if they don't fix it. UPDATE: 5/1/21 Played game for 1 hour and it froze twice. Had to close and lost turns and gems I had gained. Still sucks on Android.
I am VERY UPSET that my GOLD LEVEL was not carried over from my old phone to my new phone! I tried to Uninstaller, then reinstall the game again, but to no avail...and i just don't understand what next to do, per your directions on the app site. I am VERY ANNOYED, which is why I gave the 3 stars.
Laggy, butterflies unhelpful as they dont actually go towards whatever is needed, and if you don't get 3 stars on a level, tough luck, you can't replay it for three stars. You'll only get what you got at the time you beat it the first time.
I have been playing this game for a while now and loved it and never had any major issues until recently. The biggest one being that the game won't advance even though I have passed the level. It keeps making me play the same two levels over and over again. Pretty annoying. Here's hoping the glitch gets fixed so that I can update to 5 stars!
I really love this game but it freezes a lot. I even paid for extra moves beat the level finally and it froze.I had to play the level again and lost. If they could stop the freezing it would be perfect.
Excellent graphics and minimal ads. However sometimes if I have 30 moves the game fails me way before that.
I am so tired of this game freezing up. Level4643 done. Froze up. Reinstalled froze up again. Really like the game. But now I'm done goodbye.
I enjoy the game I'm on level 3728 and the daily card scratcher not sure what it is called will not show up on my galaxy A20. I can't use my points for the free hour or buy specials. Also this link you sent I can not select it to submit a ticket. Well now at level 3850 I feel like some free items should be given more often
It seems like I'm playing the same games I've played in a different level..now that's annoying and also I can't even get to my gems to convert gems into a hour to play sometimes it's there but mostly it's not!!! That's what really annoying to me because if I need a hour to play I can't convert my earnings... Fix that asap
my game keeps jamming towards the end, nothing will move no matter what I do, then I have to quit, losing everything I just earned for the evening. After I quit, I went into Play Store to see if there was an update I had missed, but no, it just jammed to be nasty! It happens quite often, I'm getting so annoyed. Now I play and win the game and it says 2nd try but it's only my 1st try. I've dumped everything and when I go to the play store it gives me the option of choosing the update but just
Ok until you start to level up then the game will cheat you out of wins. The butterflies will start to remove non important pieces so uninstalling. The way to get us to spend is to make it enjoyable not cheat to stop us progressing
This game gets ridiculously hard, as I have bad cataracts & using a small phone now. And those annoying bubbles! & they miscounted at times! Now, I'm having to play a game with snakes I just won! I'm not doing this again!
Really good match 3 game. Enough moves to complete even the harder levels. You have time instead of lives and so easy to add more and more during the levels. Non intrusive ads is especially welcome.
After a bit of trying it out before adding my fb I was doing great. On the tournament, when I added my FB I got bumped back to the beginning where I have it even harder to get to where I am. I prefer to try games before I recommend them to my family and friends. Now I have to start all over. If it wasn't for that than I'd rate it a five because it's fun to play
Great game. I had this game for years and I finally beat all the levels. Its very addictive. I like the weekly competitions. I tend to play offline because the game freezes a lot when Im online.
Loved the game but the now its constantly crashing or freezes halfway through a level. Update i had to uninstall to reinstall i could only retrieve my levels through Google but no coins or boosters back which was alot I hope the developer can fix the issues as its a good game a part from whats happening the now UPDATE: Customer service was great helped with all the items that was missing they did know about the game freezing and crashing and the team are working hard to fix the problem Thanks
It is hard and instead of getting coin rewards or boosters, they keep flooding you with unlimited play for an hour or two. Boosters are rare. I rather get boosters, or coin to buy them as a reward, so I don't have to replay the later stages over and over. Unlimited play is useless and if you got boosters, it wouldn't be necessary. Who wants to spend days on one stage? Game steals paws, the wheel doesn' t light up, The butterflies are useless. Boosters don't do the job correctly.
I like the game. It has typical match-three style with fun visuals; and to me, that it is entertaining enough. It's cool that we can play this either in portrait and landscape orientation. I love seeing the characters in the game. I just wish the music would be a bit louder (it sounds nice!). Right now, only the sound effect is loud. --edit: the game no longer crashes at around level 18, I'm at level 50 now and everything is working well. Thanks!
Not to happy with game right now. Due freezing up for 24 hours I had to Uninstall and reinstall. Game now came up and working but took all my coins which I had over 400 and all my power boosters as well. NOT HAPPY AT ALL.
You people have some serious problems going on with this game like one lady said I too am on level 11 can go no further keeps shutting off very unprofessional on your part from looking at reviews you are aware of problems then want to direct complainers to a website why not fix problem I think google would be wise to take a hard look at how you are deceiving people manipulating
The latest version updates need to be sorted out ASAP!!! I CANNOT EVEN OPEN THE GAME this is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!! Was told as above reply on 5๏ธโƒฃ Oct... ๐Ÿ˜ฑ STILL NOT WORKING SO I SUGGEST YOU BACK OUT THE UPDATE โ€ผ๏ธFix it & re-submit the update...
Love this game and characters. It's different than other match 3 games. I love being able to win lives so I can play longer. Don't have to worry about running out boosters because they are fairly easy to win.
I have played this game for YEARS!! Im on level 2987. I had a glitch, lost 3 hours. So i uninstalled and reinstalled the game yet again. Now the minute i link my fb to the game my screen locks up. Nothing works. However, i played the 1st round on my phone it worked fine until i linked my page.
This used to be one of my favorite games, but since I got a new phone I can't play it. I prefer to use a stylus, but with the stylus or my finger, I can't move the piece I want. The pieces next to it move the way they do when that is an incorrect move.
I am only 23 levels in hard to give an accurate admission on how i feel about the game. But positive note have not found a reason to remove stars, so currently i give you 5 stars. I will ammend this post if i do find a reason to but otherwise good job on building an enjoyable game.
My wife and I were finished with all the levels then we would wait for 20 new games to play again. Now my game is lagging behind her by forty games. How come my new games won't open up to catch up with her.
Once again, twice in the past 24 hours, I had to restart because the game had lost everything. Added 11/7/2020. I love the game but in the last 2 weeks, 4 years of work went down the drain. I turned the game on one morning, after doing a system update on my phone, the game went back to the beginning. Every time I turn the game on, it is reset to level 1.
A great game, challenging and fun to play, but which is let down by a persistent bug. The Free Booster bomus, which is won by watching a 30-second video, and which is often necessary to get past higher levels, fails to work half the time. Either the video fails to load, and the app hangs and you have to quit and relaunch, or loads and fails to play, or plays and then doesn't give a booster. Particularly frustrating when you only have a limited number of lives, and the bug steals one.
The game has many annoying popups between levels that wants you to try other games or buy in game stuff. Also the daily wheel of fortune is rigged, you will never get coins. your stuff is lost if you have to change device. the save is bound to SoMe which is very bad. but does it actually save anything?
Used to be fun. Now with all the ads they force you to watch if you want to play there are frequent crashes and an annoying amount of time spent just waiting.
There is no point in playing when I use a whole free hour trying to pass one level because of the snakes.. they literally prevent you from moving forward in the game. I will most likely stop playing it, but just a heads up for your future players.
Most ridiculious game I have EVER played! When you earn rewards in the game they seem to feel free lives is the ultimate reward. Well, the game is so easy there is really no effort required to win and so far I think I have only won two low level power ups BUT I HAVE WON 21 HOURS OF FREE PLAY! ROTFLMAO! If this game doesn't get a lot better really soon it's the uninstall button for this joke of a game!
Love the game, but free spins are gone. There are no rewards unless you pass a level.or purchase boosters. I've been playing for years, but I'm getting ready to uninstall it. I'm stuck at level 1520. Why did you remove the free spins?
I agree with two of the other comments, one being how it freezes up the further along you get and two the spinner is very predictable. Very rarely do you get a good spin, very obvious it is rigged to stop on less helpful gifts.
This Was a really great game but it's truly not synced. My friend doesn't have new rewards panel. And I need others have probs with ads. I've NEVER seen an Ad, even for extra moves, free boosters. In fact i only tonight found out this was even in game. I'm so stuck on one level ive given up. All o ever seem to spin is extra lives. At 1 stage I had unlimited lives/time yet ive never got any boosters. I cannot believe all the things I never even knew were available. And WHAT are Snakes? Lvl268
Trash. Every time i go in to the game, it freezes on the main screen. Im on level 53, and literally left for like a second and it wont stop freezing. I tried for about 5 minutes now going back and forth. I needed to do this for an offer, but it's blocking me out. Thanks.
Fun game. Just wish there was a game built that actually had a wheel spin that was truly random. I tracked the spin results, and found that the spin lands on the heart-shaped "additional time" (the most useless award, also is the most awarded bonus) about 1 in every 4 spins ( that's probably being generous). Of course, there are 8 spaces for the wheel to stop at, so the frequency should be 1 in 8 spins. There have been a couple of times where I got the "additional time" award 3 spins in a row.
This game is giving me problems. It loads up for me to play, but once it loads it will not let me play. I love this game but too many problems with it. Please get this game fix. It is freezing up all the time.. Don't tell me to go & do this stuff that I have to do. I'm not into all this technical stuff,so will you please have your IT guys fix this game. It is very frustrating. I have uninstall & then reinstall & it still gives me problems. I would appreciate if you guys fix this. Thanks
Absolutely love this game ! Great way to pass time and I love that you don't have to spend cash to get far in the game. I would highly recommend this game to players of all ages. Download it today and give it a try, you will be addicted once you start!
Giving 3 stars because the game itself is great, and even the adds don't bother me. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact that I keep having to re-swipe my moves 3+ times before they register. Play other games like this and never ad this issue. May be a glitche. Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Worth a try!
I played this in (2016)game years ago when I wasn't that good and got fed up and quick. I am playing it now "alot better" now. The game is pretty hard and I'm not happy when my meter goes down, oh well. It is a fun and challenging game !๐Ÿคค๐Ÿ˜“I hope I do alot better this time!๐Ÿค“Try it for yourself and see,Thank you ,Sherri G.Hi again! Year2021 and 2020 wasn't a good year as you know and this year is not that great either! Thank God for the games! Especially this one and I going to win!
I'm giving 3 stars because I've always enjoyed the game play and I've been playing a couple years. I was almost at level 200 and my whole game has reset to level 1. Fun while it lasted but, I will be deleting the game.
Loved this game but ever since the last update it is just frozen. Uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times still frozen. Cant contact support because the settings within the app wont open.
I don't know what has happened to this game but I'm sick of it! It freezes up and I have to shut my phone off and restart it... over and over. I've even uninstalled it three or four times trying to get it to work. Too bad. Was one of my favorites but I'm about to uninstall it for the last time.
It's like all my favorite games into one! Plus the bonuses are easy to obtain so you don't need to buy any "coins" or "lives" to keep playing.
New Issue : 10/2/20 I am Frozen at Level 1567. I have tried everything to update. But I recently updated it. When you sent instructions last time whรจn I had a problem, I didn't understand what the response said to actually do. So, I took the lost and started over. But I really don't want to do that again. I really need your help. But please explain instructions simply to me because i am not VERY technical. I really would like to save my Progress. Thank You so much.
This game is rigged I'm sure everyone knows that by now. If you pay attention the butterflies only help you after so many levels then they purposely go to other things on their that you are not trying to get. Also you barely get any boosters all they give is unlimited lives so you can eventually spend real money as the game gets harder. They are a joke ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚
I've been playing this game for many months and all of a sudden, four days ago, the game will not open. I play on an Android device, an iPhone and a Samsung brand new tablet. I've tried everything in all three devices, but the game still will not open. I love this game and highly recommend it. I've contacted the developer via email and am hopeful they can fix it. Excellent game, have never had an issue until four days ago.
the more you upgrade the worse it gets the less bonus points or rewards you get . I used to love this game and I originally rated it a 5 not now , every day you're supposed to get to spend the whee. Well sometimes I do not get to spend for 3 or 4 days!! Please fix the problem so I can get back to enjoying the game!!!.
Faulty level. Got to level 5410. You have to collect 9 keys to get through to 2nd part of the level. Except there are no keys! Nowhere to collect them. None fall from the top. Please fix this.
Don't waste your time & money. Have played over 70 levels to 3 stars, however game only awards 1 star regardless. I don't play to the highest score, but challenge myself to reach 3 stars. Didn't look at the map for quite sometime, so I wasn't aware I was being shortchanged. Have contacted customer service twice with no response. Not going to waste my time & money on a game that cheats the customer. You shouldn't either.
The continuity sucks. Specials you create on a top tier dont appear when you clear space below. The constant pressure to spend money every level with the piggy bank is disgusting. The events are BS I was on tier 24 of the maple when it reset saying a new month has started, on the 4th of the month?. Fix these issues and you might have a fun game.
I love the game but I have been having some issues. The event that's running right now I have problems with. I'm in first place but it's not letting me go any further with my score. Also I get so far with levels and the levels run out. It has at the top of the screen Coming Soon and takes forever for more levels to get here.
love this game. BUT today when I went to play. All my progress was gone! What the heck! I went through all the steps to get it back and it's not coming back. I play this game every day for several hours, and at level three thousand and something. Please someone help me! Update: They helped me immediately! Thank you!
Well here i am again. It really upsets me when, i cant buy anything so i work hard to get the little bit that u give me only to get screwed by winning a level but it doesn't show up and i have to redo it. I am not a happy camper. its frustrating as h___! It happens toooo much. Thanks
Game keeps freezing. Won't keep spending money on levels that won't advance, customer service doesn't reply to emails at all. Save your money.
It was good until a recent update. I'm frozen. I've restarted, cleared the cache, even Uninstaller. Playing on Android tablet. Stopped playing on Android phone weeks ago. HELP. As of about a week ago, the game has "recovered " Thank you
Love the game, but recently the program stops working and closes for no reason. Frustrating because I really enjoy playing. Hoping for new updates soon or I'll be looking for a new game. Please don't give me the same link you've given the previous peeps with the same problem. I've tried all the suggestions and I am still having the same problem. Since it appears several other users are having the same issue, it seems to be a problem on your side that needs to be fixed. Thank you
Half the time I get a blacked out screen or the game freezes, I've been playing this game for 5 yrs now, seems the higher in the levels I get the worse it is. Usually goes away for a bit after an update.
I installed this twice and all I get is a black screen with music. I waited very long for it to appear but nothing.. It's not my device as all my games work but for this. Frustrated and looking for a new game. I have plenty or ram. ??????
Game has become annoying, it's bad enough it is rigged, it's not sofisticated technology wise that it rewards effort, it just does whatever! regardless of that fact it is entertaining, fun, EXCEPT now they've decided to take that away by putting in a load of 30 sec adds, sometimes after every game, what's annoying too, the adds are repetitive, same add over & over, WHY? so I come out of game, go back in, takes less than 30 sec's & I don't see stupid add, hahaha to the stupid makers, KMA 2U
Its a great game but what's not great the game froze at 631 level I'm not liking this at all ......has this happened to anyone else....?? I've uninstalled, restarted my phone nothing works.
Much more satisfying ! When I've played this game previously, I found myself getting very frustrated by the inability to make any real progress, owing to the need to match ,"paws", and being unable to. This iteration is much more user friendly. I'm having a lot of fun!
I can't get it to connect to FB. I've tried everything. I got a credit last year for this problem, that was nice. I still want to connect to get lives from friends. This needs to be fixed. They said we're working on the problem in Spring 2019. So why is it still a problem?
Listen. I want to apologize a million times over for my stupidity. Something that I just noticed today that was there in plain view but I was blind. If I could give you 20 stars I would. Thank you. Awesome game everyone. It's been a few. Another issue now. I will be on my last man, getting a booster and it freezes. Still love the game. But losing the last guy and the booster. Hmmm.. Thank you for responding. Thank you for the confidence boost
Use to be a great game. Now it won't even load. Was my fav game almost to level 5,000. Guess it's time to find a new one being I see I'm not the only one with this issue!
It's a entertaining game but has a frustrating flaw! When you are playing a level where you have to collect paws in order to move the fox it does not always move the number of spaces equal to the number of paws you collected. For example you collect 5 paws but the fox only moves 2 spaces! Needless to say that's very frustrating and takes away from the game! Other than that it's a fun game!
This game has some serious freezing up issues. On level 11 and won't go any farther. Don"t have any problems with other games. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this game so many times that I'm becoming a pro. Might be a sign to uninstall and forget it. The reviews show several complaints about freezing up and they still haven't fixed the issue. So what's the purpose of sending in a ticket. Nothing's going to be done. So with that being said, don't install
I was majorly disappointed when I reached level 4000 & the game started malfunctioning. It would freeze up & go off on it's on. The higher the level, the harder it is to keep the game going. I reported the problem several times to no avail. VERY DISAPPOINTING. I have uninstalled & reinstalled the game 4 times.
Game freezes point system suck and no rewards that amout to anything ive download this game twice thinking it would get better but no losing a plater again. Bye.
When I started playing the game it was great. I now have spent $20 because of the hidden treasure portion of the game. No matter what you cannot get the treasures and even boosters have effect. I would uninstall it now but I cannot. I also would like to say, I have paid and did not get anything. This is very dissapointing. I gave it three stars for the game being good at first. Oh yeah and the man is right about the paws.
I just went to play this game where I am at around level 1890 with plenty of bonus helpers and I am suddenly back at level one and all bonuses are gone!!!! Has this happened to anyone else? Can the game developers help me please???
Alright. My issue is that my coins and reward points did not move from old phone to new one. Why not? If everything else is the same why can't I have them. This is highly upsetting!!! I really need an answer. Even the update did not bring back my coins or reward points. Guess I won't play this on my new phone anymore.
Used to enjoy playing each level until I hit the 3 star score. Now stars are based on how many attempts it takes to beat the level (-1 per attempt after the first) which has sapped the enjoyment out of the game for me.
I enjoy the game I'm on level 3728 and the daily card scratcher not sure what it is called will not show up on my galaxy A20. I can't use my points for the free hour or buy specials. Also this link you sent I can not select it to submit a ticket
This is one of the best match 3 games I've played. Unlike a lot of games this one isn't money hungry (aka. throws ads and in app purchases at you). They also give you powerups, if you have played others like this you'll understand. You earn them, Instead of buying them in this game, which is really nice. There are more than 2000 levels, so dont expect boredom. This game sucks you in as you go. Yes, there is a life system, but wait... They give you unlimited lives!
I am really enjoying this game! I wish you could save some of the Infinity lives for an hour or two could be saved and redeemed later. In a half hour span I was given 8 hrs worth. Much of it will be wasted since I can't play for that long. Please make it available to redeem later. Other than that I am enjoying this game so far.
I am using fire hd tablet (latest version) and the ui response is atrocious, slow or non-existent, and there's no option to stop those annoying next move suggestions, uninstalling it immediately
Liked this game a lot but it suddenly started crashing, restart game or send report. Restart just crashes. Sent multiple reports, no response. Ok after the 3rd reinstall the game seems to work ok, it just lost all my reward gems lol
This game has froze on 2 seperate devices with different logins. Last time I attached it to my facebook it didnt save progress. I deleted the app and it started me at lvl 1... Help
Edit: The glitch was resolved! I very much enjoy the game. There are occationally levels I have to repeatedly play in order to progress, which kinda sucks, but over all it's pretty fantastic.
Fun little game. The only issue I have with it after a LOT of play time is that they try to rip you off to continue a game with no moves left. For several dozen games I had 10 coins and it would ask for 16. Which I assumed was the continue cost. As soon as I had more coins (19) the cost went up to 25. Not impressed.
Absolutely gutted, as have had the game for few years, and was up in mid 4000 in levels, but then it started freezing and causing all sort of problems, not just on this game but on my tablet too, in the end I've had to do a factory reset on my tablet, and have now lost all my years of progress, and in addition I was at level 457 on bejeweled blitz, I thought I'd be OK as I backed both up on Google play, but having gone back, I've lost it all, like I say GUTTED
I play for a while then I get a coming soon pop up and I cannot move forward or continue to play when this comes up and it's very frustrating because I've got several hours to play, but its stuck on the game and it wont budge. But it's not frozen as all the music playing, and lights flashing, I have emailed but 5hey have not responded
I have LOVED playing this game ad free for YEARS, but now all of a sudden I am being hit with SO MANY ADS! Ugh! I am deleting it now. What a shame.
Love playing this game it is very relaxing when I can play it with out it freezing up at time like now
Hi, the same is happening to me after 5 years of playing this game. All of a sudden in crashed on me. I deleted and felt installed, played for a week from the beginning again, loosing all my levels, etc., n now crashed again. Kathy
I like it but.... I've uninstalled and reinstalled this game multiple times due to freezing. Kinda frustrating. Unfortunately I am having no luck with this link. I'm going to uninstall again which means losing the gems I just purchased. I won't be purchasing any more as I have lost quite a few.
So far the game is fun full of adventures and lots of ways to earn points and go up levels. No glitches so far. I enjoy this colorful and delightful game.
I like playing this game because it's fun. But the scoring never works correctly. I'm on level 73, tier 20 of Havest Festival and my rating level on Race to Riches is only 23 with a score of 5200. (Impossible with all the wind) It never goes up from that level. I would not buy any of the offering you try to sell, because this game doesn't score you correctly. Very frustrating.
It was good until a recent update. I'm frozen. I've restarted, cleared the cache, even Uninstaller. Playing on Android tablet. Stopped playing on Android phone weeks ago. HELP
The game is great. The only thing I don't like is the when you get a couple of hours of free playing time you get stuck on 1 level and use all your free time trying to beat that 1 level ๐Ÿ˜’
Had a few hours of free play left. Cruising right along click on level 2896 and BAM black screen. I've tried for a few days now. Says LOADING and goes black then goes back to my home screen. Did everything on my end. Thinking maybe a glitch on y'alls end. Love playing this game and really would like to continue on. Thanks Jenn
There is too many free one hours when spinning for the icons I am at lv. 1042 I would like to see more butterflys ๐Ÿฆ‹ etc. Than all the free 1hr play. At this lv you need them more than the free infinity โ™พ it gets boring and frustrating when you have to spend weeks to win the lv. More ๐Ÿฆ‹ ect. Less โ™พ in the chests
Hi I'm on 3618 or so, ever couple of days my game disappears of my home page. It is still in my installed app's but I have to unload and reload to get it back on my home page. So what's going to happen when I get higher in the game? Connie 1
Like the game but 2 hrs or more just to pass one level sucks...can't get the rewards if it is that much trouble passing a level, I used to play this game for years but I had to uninstall it as it made my tablet sick...now I remember how much I hated this game! so frustrating to play even though I like it I hate repeating the same level over and over for 2 hrs or more so stagnant and annoying! so many things wrong with it and not enough room to post it all, stupid game! a waste total of time!!!
Am enjoying the game but would like to have better explanations. Like, where is the true count for gems and when you can use your bonuses.
Fun game. Very addictive. No problems until recently... im on level 772 and it will not let me play. It will load to the level page and stops. I cant access events or daily spin. Am i at the end of the game?
Love the game a lot. This was my first review but I've noticed a lot of glitches. A few moments ago, I had a sweet set up to win the game and all of a sudden the game just froze and then just shuts down with me losing the advances I made in the round and ultimately me losing my first try 3 star. It happened to me I believe the day before (April 5, 2021) where I was in a round it just shutdown and Jam City after reporting I received a gift of 3 crosses. Now this is getting upsetting.