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Gemstone Legends: empire RPG

Gemstone Legends: empire RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by OneMoreGame.STUDIO located at OneMoreGame.STUDIO Sp. z o.o. ul. Promienistych 1 31-481 Kraków Poland. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game! Awesome art design, good gameplay - especially for such a simple concept. No external ads, no pay to win. One of the few games I paid for to support the developer. Requires a connection though.
I experienced an unexpected glitch and could not return to the game. The devs responded to my complaint,fixed the problem, and compensated everyone nicely who was affected with the same problem and experienced downtime. The game is very enjoyable and you can level up without having to spend a bunch of real cash to play. I give five stars because they actually have customer service skills
Could not make it past first fight after intro dragon, as game freezes and disconnects far to often. Pass.
This is excellent game when I can play it. The game freezes and shuts me out alot. Other games I play don't do this. If you want a higher rating, please resolve the problem.
I had some issues with glitches during raid battles, so I contacted support and they took care of it right away and sent compensation to my inbox. Guys, please be patient with them, this is a new game and the devs are working hard to make it grow. Its a fun game and the customer support is very responsive.
Fun game where you can easily advance as ftp player, but can also purchase package deals at reasonable cost. Attainable, worthwhile rewards for time and regular events. Devs adding new features regularly. Support is super responsive. LGOH alternative.
A great fun game that allows you to tame dragons which are a game changer in battles! The tutorial ain't that bad either
Kiepski klon innych popularnych gier. Więcej czasu spędziłem na zamykaniu okienek z ofertami niż na grze.
I played it extensively for one day, now it locked up at 70%. Well, it was fun while it lasted. I highly recommend not giving them any actual cash, since you never know when you'll get locked out too.
Great game. I'd give 5 stars but there is a bug some players are exploiting or cheating with. People coming into our guild and one shotting raid bosses with 1.7mill hits care to comment on how they are doing this?
Nice game.lots of variety of weapons and armour.hero designs are pretty awful .a lot are the same just different colour set...main reason for the low rating is the constant game crashing.usually midbattle so all progress and energy is lost when i restart the game...standard dev reply..contact us..sorry uninstalling as losing too much energy exp and rewards with constant crashes
The game is great for now. Puzzle idle RPG I would say. The artstyle is great, gameplay - solid and progress system is fun. What I didn't like is the autoplay button.The player should think for himself and not rely on autoplay feature. But it's more like a suggestion than a problem.
Awesome game! How about Merging Dragons to Evolved Form...Or Switch Heroes During Battles when One Falls?or let us set up custom groups? just some thoughts. ty
I started this game as a chance to win gift cards as a contest for players in a similar type matching game and found a far superior gaming experience. It isnt perfect (screen wont lock after inactivity, a little alow between menus) but it is far better in QOL enchancements than i am used to in a similar RPG. Started for contest, staying for a better designed game.
Fed up with the so many updates. Why can't you guys do a weekly one instead of a daily updates? Is that so difficult.
This game have a huge problem it runs really hot. other games with higher graphics runs much cooler like COD or PUBG or Asfalt .I'm sure it has a coding issue like some VPNs. I can't continue playing this game because it will damage my battery.
😆Does not work well keeps stopping. Loses rewards.tired of the way this game almost plays - reinstalled game, can not play it, keeps stopping during fights and character upgrades. Again uninstalled it switching to a different game.
Great combo of role play, story line, and puzzle attacks.... liking a lot so far but too many pay ads that you can accidently click
An unstable mess. Rarely worked. I play TellTale games and San Andreas on my device all the time but this one basic puzzle game barely loaded half the time, and would crash every other time.
Really fun honestly, very similar to RAID. Update to rating dropped to 3 stars. Purchased a boatload of gold scrolls and got 1 epic, 0 legendary, the rest are rare or uncommon. Absolute waste of money
Grate game, easy to play hard to master match 3 type of game, that as a very unusual strategy to it. I really enjoy the gameplay. It already as a grate community.
Great combination of Match-3 and RAID copy ( but in a good way). The offers you can buy with real $$$ seem pretty bad but so far I have dropped $5 on an intro pack and still competing and leveling fine, does not seem to be pay to win. Nice events every few days to keep you interesting. Drop rates for new champions seems low (similar to RAID) but still fun chasing the epics and Legendary. Needs more English speaking players to increase those language guilds.
Naprawdę solidna produkcja. Warto pobrać i dać szansę, bo ten polski produkt może zrobić furore :)
Worked ok for a bit, and the gameplay is a little better than its rivals, but it suddenly wouldn't connect to the server even though I'm connected to wifi.
Awesome mix of empires and puzzles and raid shadow legends, its not a rip off of either but rather a wonderful mix, enjoying it alot
It fine till the update now it wont let me go past the update page iv even reinstall it and it does the same thing grrrr was really enjoying till now
Pretty standard Match 3 hero battler. Not bad, just nothing super special about it. Feels pretty generic. Moves can be made in all directions and you can plan out all three so you can get good matches pretty easy. Just wasn't compell enough to keep playing.
After quitting a game I played 4 years (legendary hero,s) it was all about money. This game has filled my game satisfaction so far. Like the set up and intro. Wish there was a manual to refer to. 2nd review after playing a few weeks. You DON,T have to PAY TO PLAY ! !, It may be slower to play but, throughout the game you can get coins, gems, heroes, artifacts, etc as you play. The game has help to know where to go and what to do. It helps this old lady!
Your ordinary Match 3-game with RPG elements and collectable heroes. Team building has depth and the equipment upgrade stuff is where the real micromanaging magic happens. You can create a lot of different kinds of team compositions with these things and make the game adapt to your playstyle. To top it all off you can autoplay the stages if you feel strong enough, because there's a lot of grinding to be done. With a little clever and wits you will do very well even as a free player.
It was playing just fine, then said no internet connection. Reset game. Now has refused to load in over the last several hours. My internet is fine. Really liked the game, but this make it worthless. Wish I didn't have to Uninstall, but its dead weight I do not need.
Some players found ways to hack and cheat. Fun game though, PG 13 version of raid shadow legends. customer support is good, shows respect for the community and player.
Awesome game! I've been playing Empires and Puzzles for almost 4 years but it has become such a money grab that it's isn't fun anymore. This game is MUCH more interesting AND you don't have to "pay to win". LOTS of fun events and activities!! You DO need a really good internet connection though. Freezes unless you are on wi-fi, but still worth it!
Awesome game! How about Merging Dragons to Evolved Form...Or Switch Heroes During Battles when One Falls?just some thoughts. ty
The worst freaking unskippable tutorial. After 10 minutes of play I am still clickbot for the game. Ridiculous! Add option to skip that abomination.
Fun but Some players found ways to hack and cheat. "PG 13 version of raid shadow legends." Downside, in game chat ok not enough global players to get help. Gemstone's Discord is a bit more helpful, developers are on answering questions but they're in Europe so expect 24-hour delay in response. customer support is good, shows respect for the community and player.
So far, smooth, addictive gameplay, nice graphics and plenty of tasks to complete for rewards. More stable connection for some reason than other tile match rpgs recently, too! Thanks, developers!
I just downloaded the game but when I try to enter it keeps saying connection to server lost. I have internet connection so I am not sure whats going on. I also do not have a player ID since this is the first time Im accessing the game. Also I dis remove and reinstall to see if that worked and it did not.
Bad experience Freezing And now im stuck at downloading 98% forever I dont recommend this game untill devs fix it.
I like the fast pace. I had google how upgrading equipment works but other tgsn that it is self explanatory.
Won't connect to the server. So far, not a good game. Will give it another chance when it's finished.
On the 2nd day playing this game, I've started to spend on welcome offer + 1000% offer. It's my hard earn money. I try to summon 4* hero, but the gacha (rigged random probability) give me a duplicate 3*. Lots of useless 3*. No 4* at all. Their random drop probability, worse than "empire and puzzles". Feel really2 frustrated. With 3* stupid hero, a player cannot make much progress, unless the player keep on buying the crazy offer
Good graphics. Simple mechanics. Engaging. If you think about it, the chances to summon heroes look kinda fair. But the weekly mission to upgrade heroes in the training seems useless to me. Because I don't use training. Maybe just yet.
I want to like this game but it keeps freezing me out. I updated it was able to play for about 30 min then it kicked me out and says downloading to 70%. I have had this game installed for 3 days and 2 of them I haven't been able to play. Pretty disappointing experience
Enjoyable game of tile - matching. For those who love strategy games, try this to enhance your critical thinking skills. Also, this game has a very dynamic Support Team that responds to queries and concerns.
I thoroughly enjoy this game; challenging, etc.; BUT it disconnects a LOT! i am planning to upgrade my phone; we'll see then; MAYBE 5*s then... the storyline is cool, graphics are cool; the game IS good!have to give this game 5*s; it IS a lot of fun!
Same same but different different match 3 puzzle. Good storyline. A bit unclear on how to get platinum shards. Otherwise all good. Keep up the good work
This game crashes so much its almost unplayable. EVERY time i click the event icon it crashes, 6 times in a row so i gave up. I can only play 3 or 4 games before it crashes. Sometimes its in the middle of a game but mostly it crashes on loading screens.
Super game and question where's change language I'm from Poland and I have English Language. This game is pro
Game is crushing waaay too much. Same looking heroes only different name, for price for items that should be better. Prices are high in my opinion for this experience. Board with gems is a bit confusing and impenetrable... Maybe ill change review and better rate app when its fixed crushing issue.
I thoroughly enjoy this game; challenging, etc.; BUT it disconnects a LOT! i am planning to upgrade my phone; we'll see then; MAYBE 5*s then... the storyline is cool, graphics are cool; the game IS good!
Holds the player's hand for waaaaay too long. Relatively simple game that thinks it's far more complicated than it is. Maybe end the tutorial after the first level, and extend the level slightly to include the parts covered in the next couple of levels.
A fun take on the match 3 gacha blend. Appealing character designs, decently prized microtransactions and fun gameplay. A recent glitch in a set of events that favoured the players displayed the developpers willingness to treat their playerbase fairly and solidified my willingness to support them over others.
Fun game, but consistently crashes after about 10 minutes of game play. Just downloaded it for the first time and have been playing for about an hour. Has crashed 5 or 6 times already and while doing different things in the game.
Great idea but another gotta have the same hero to ascend a hero nonsense. Enjoy my 30$ I dropped but until that is revamped (like hunt down ascension items not more same heroes) its 2* and a delete. Kinda like a bad date gone sour.
I Give this Game 4.3 Stars. 👍 Gemstone Legends: RPG Match3 Game Pros: 💖Good Game Art Design 💖Nice Game Music 💖Auto Attack 💖Good Game Tutorial 💖Nice Game Control. 👏 Thanks to OneMoreGame.STUDIO ❤️ My Youtube Channel 👉 bettypvp
Stuck at 2nd battle in the intro. After I kill all enemies game freezes restarted way too many times to count.
The game Raid Shadow Legends wishes it was. You dont have to pay to enjoy progression. Good time filler, nice gameplay loop.
I am a new player to your game, I only just started a few days ago I really like the premise the game has all the elements that I like in a game, keep up the good work.
I'm loving this game. A longtime fan of Match-3 "RPGs", and a fan of the "RAID" game of team collection/grinding/building, this is like the perfect combination of the two. There're a lot of "Puzzles & (something)" clones out there, but I hate how those games use the location of matches on the screen to figure out who gets hit. Too often you lose because the board isn't arranged well to make progress. This game uses the matches to power up and strike your choice of targets, regardless where on the screen they are. You can see what target is going to strike next and target them first, and if you're good, you can prevent the enemy from getting a shot it. The character acquisition is a grind, but that's kinda the point. If you're the kind of person to play Bejeweled over and over again _anyway_, why not do it to get the resources to level up your characters? Cash will obviously boost you up, giving you the ability to recruit new characters to grind (or feed into the grinder), and that might be needed to be "competitive" but you can have plenty of match-3 RPG fun without spending any money. That said, the lowest cost pack is $4.99 which is a little pricey, IMHO, for a spur-of-the-moment purchase. I might be more inclined to support the game with a few $0.99 purchases over time (definitely sooner than dropping $5 all at once) to help support the developers (I'm a software developer myself, I understand the costs involved in running the operation). I'm giving this 5 stars because it seems like my personal favorite combination of my two other favorite mobile games, BUT... things that need to be improved: * Chat doesn't appear to have any automatic translation feature, which is a problem because a lot of players appear to be Polish. * The artwork for the characters are limited, each faction has only a few pieces of character art per tier, the only difference being their background color and clothing color (which match their related gem color). It's purely aesthetic, since each character still has a different name and different abilities.
Bad and boring copy of Legendary Game of Heroes. If you want to make game similar to some other game that has been running for years, shouldn't it be better, not other way around? My 3* rating jumped to 1* rating after DEV's deleted my review.
Very enjoyable game, keeps you thinking on how to make matches. So far only complaint is the characters look like each other, but fun game.
As I always says: if you guys penetrate into Empires and Puzzles forums, read the players appeals and make a game based on that, you gonna be rich. Get everything empires does wrong. They are greedy, they made the game a mess. Work on that, study what are E&P players in need and create a game based on that. .... making ripoffs and copies without improvements won't take u far away. /// Jessica, I will. Thank vou. Wish you major success. Just pointing there's a huge market for match 3 RNG games.
I cant get past a bloody stage were it tells u at the beginning how 2 level up a hero. I choose what it bloody tell me 2 do a dummy and a hero and I press to level up were a hand tells u 2 and nothing. 3 stupid times I've reset phone cus it stuck on that bit and wint go back and all 3 times i pick the dummy and hero go to apply and nothing. What kind of stupid bug is that. Cant even get the basics rite. I hear it better then E&P well at least with that game u can play it
Enjoyable! Love this game but the constant crashing is terrible 😭 Took 1 star away from my previous rating.