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Gems of War - Match 3 RPG

Gems of War - Match 3 RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by 505 Games Srl located at 5145 Douglas Fir Rd Calabasas, CA 91302. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Implied Violence, Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I miss the difficulty setting in quests, its now only in explore. The game was fun collecting cards though. Its still fun but wish they didnt take away the difficulty settings in quest
Absolutely amazing. I played a bit before the massive update, things were best described as chaotic. After the update, as much as it's been a more linear track to progress through, I think the game is much better off for it. Started again much further down the track, still loving it.
This one of a few games which can be enjoyed without paying. Altough, I support the developers with small amounts but there is nothing in the cash shop what I would want or need. Game mechanics are similar to Nintendos awesome game Puzzle Quest. The selection of cards (skills) is theoretically huge but many are similar. I feel that the falling gems are actually random. The skill selection matters which is great because it forces to think. The gems combos can be achieved and it is satisfying. :')
It's Puzzle Quest but with gacha. So far no P2W shenanigans that I can see. The game progresses slowly but I enjoy the slow grind, and this game is a grind so be aware of what you're getting into. Join an active guild if just for the anazing rewards. This is a great slow burn match-3 RPG that doesnt make me feel like I need to spend to progress.
Keeps forcing me to the rating screen regardless of where I click, so now you have a 1 star rating from me. Kinda sad cause the game is pretty fun. If it continues to be good and you remove the forced rating I'll up it.
Been playing for 4 or 5 months and love the play and pace of game. Incredibly complex and it's hard to find good manuals; finding the right guild is essential. I'm in a low pressure guild with a great leader who's incredibly helpful as are other top players. I've given up trying to understand everything; you do learn as you go. There's an amazing amount to do. Definitely not PTP, although i do spend a few dollars periodically to support the devs. If you like match 3 games, you'll love this.
Worked great at first. Built a good team, upgraded them, joined a guild, then all of a sudden it kept crashing/ force stopping. I uninstalled then reinstalled it, worked for a day, then right back to the same stop loop. I'll wait for the bugs to get fixed. EDIT: The bugs were on Google's end with a buggy update. Fixed. Game works fine. Back to burning up free time.
Love this game! I've been playing this game daily for over a year and am still finding new things to do that I didn't know about! Love how they change up the quests so you get to use different teams. This game never gets boring! Also if you join a good alliance it's easy to earn rewards and move up.
Comfortably the best gem matching game out there. Lots of new content added regularly, no need to pay to advance, very deep and detailed classes. Joining a guild is the best way to get the most out of if. Only barrier is that it has a steep learning curve, but once you get past that it's worth it.
It has changed since I had it a few years back on a diffrent tablet, I like the game as it was but I do admit the gameplay is a lot smoother then expected.
Great fun enjoyable game to past time during a work break or taking a dump lol ya know it's good if you do that micro transactions are really pricey for a ftp game though you get most all in game content buy playing the game.
I really like the puzzle mechanics of this game. Rather than the opponent having a different AI/rules, both play in the same board. This allows a player to perform matches that hinder the opponent, making the game more adversarial and less dependent on "good" boards. The AI is not stupid nor does it cheat. What I don't like is, 1) no autoplay, 2) you have to claim resources every hour (most don't accumulate), 3) too much to do (it's a part time job). Very grindy. Fun while it lasted. YMMV
Hi, loving the game so far. It is pretty addictive. Though, I have to ask, how can you temper your weapons using the scrolls that you've gathered? Sometimes, menus get too confusing and have little to no information about on how to use certain items you've collected. PS: Nice update additions. Though, I still didn't know what are the use of those scrolls and how to activate them. Please address my question if you ever read ratings.
One of few games, where I really enjoy game... Also there are plenty cards to combine, plenty quests and its definetly not pay to win game. But this game desreves to buy something in game ^^ One of my fav gsmes for mobile
Used to be a solid 5 stars, but lately bugs, balance issues and poor/greedy new content design decisions have started to exact their toll on overall enjoyability. Update (January 2021): by now, Android version is riddled with bugs that do rarely get a fix, since no active testing is being conducted anymore on this platform.
It was an excellent game when I started playing it 2 years ago, but it is gradually being ruined by a greedy company who no longer cares about its customers having fun. Not a good long-term investment. Check the forums to see the numerous issues with this game's Quality and Design direction. Skip! :-) Edit: their automated response to my review (suggesting to visit forums that I have already referenced to) further illustrates how this company functions. Skip! :)
I'd pay to disable any in game purchases, but that's never going to happen I guess, also a lot of performance issues lately.
I wish you could get more scrolls to do the coin mini game. That is the only reason I play this game. That mini game is more fun than the actual full game
I normally don't go into such detail in ratings ...but, I have to say ...Fantastic job devs!!! So much to do and still get rewards! Graphics are excellent; gameplay is logical and I would recommend to anyone looking for a a fun, interactive, rpg, enhanced adventure from the start of the game that definitely sparks that "addictive" nerve! Thanks GOW!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Hey, pretty good game! And match 3s are not usually my thing. I have one small complaint and one suggestion. The file size is a bit deceptive, its turned out being over 400mb, which is forgivable for the graphics. And my suggestion goes back to graphics. Ive seen some really cool art with these characters, so Id like to see a gallery of obtainable characters since you guys went to the trouble of the design and it gives players something to strive for. Good job though.
Great game, i like match 3 games but they become boring very soon... But this one, with the RPG side (with all the cardes, evolutions, chests, etc) brings a very interesting part that makes it very good and doesn't get boring (at least not yet).
Good game, not easy but good. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that you need a lot of copies of the same card to improve the rarity of that card. But besides that good game with a nice combination of strategy and luck.
I loved the game at first but over the years the company has shifted their business model becoming more and more greedy. Scams are advertised as "new features" but it's all designed to take advantage of the players. I was a hardcore fan but not in the state of the game that is now. You can pass on this one. It's a shame it really is.
So I must edit my review even though it won't let me edit my original review where I gave it a five-star before and it's still a very fun game and I love that it's not a pay to win game like most games now days but for some reason mine has a bug sometimes when I open the game it crashes my phone and shuts it completely off it's really frustrating please fix ASAP
not bad at all. very well done on graphics, gameplay is challenging yet fun. its very very cool. i love match 3 games and this is the best one iv played so far
Enjoy it a lot. Got lots of build verierty and easy to get in to. No greed or pay to win systems. As you can very easily farm for the resources and gems. If you make or join a guild it only gets better. Spending money only really gets you what you would normally get just faster with little perks that stack. Pvp is well thought up. As the match making is very good and easy to pick normal to stronger opinions for higher reward if you wish to do so. Overall I enjoy it and well made match 3 game
Luck factor for game ai are too high, the problem is not ai cheat or not. But the experience trough playing.. Yes at lower level is easier, but at higher level, luck factor for game ai gets skull gems are high, the ods oddly favor the AI. Player wont believe your article, player believe what they experienced.
This was a fun game until the new update. Now all rhe enemies are mich harder than before and im finding it impossible to progress without having to spend money which I absolutely won't do. Way to ruin the game!!
Only a few hours in, (level 15), but my first impression is extremely favorable. Few ads intrude on you, your allowed into a guild quickly, the graphics are pleasant looking and the creature/troop powers are varied, interesting and meaningful. It may be a match game but the way your cards store power for attacks allows an attentive player to rely less on luck than is typical for these types of games. Honestly, nothing really negative to report at this point
Fun game, and the currencies aren't too tough. Updates and seasonal events are frequent. I would definitely recommend it
I've played the game for 6 1/2 months, and haven't drawn a single Mythic troop! I've paid money, levelled up to 1068, and no Mythics . I'm beginning to think because I've paid money, they won't give me a Mythic so I'll spend more money. Extremely frustrating, because otherwise I love the game. I'm getting ready to give it up though. Also, the game locks up if you run it on a TV box, and it's a memory hog. You have no option to partially install the game on your SD card to run better in memory.
Getting money out of the player is the primary goal over adding engaging gameplay, revamping weaker troops/classes or QoL changes. Don't play unless you desire to pay to advance.
I was sceptical from reading reviews. However, it's unique game with a solid all around design (music, art, story, gameplay). Play is challenging but not impossible nor totally random. Decent starting content and immediate guild access. Just started so I'm not sure about F2P strats but daily challenges were a good balance. Worth a download. Dev has my support. No ads and monetization isnt obtrusive.
Good game, gets better the more you play and understand it, (wish it would stop giving me a pop up to rate game when I already have.. And when you press the X to discard the message it still brings you to playstore to rate it!)
I have a love hate relationship with this game. I've played this game for years. The devs are greedy aholes sometimes paywalling parts of the game so not everyone gets to have fun but the pay walled parts are really not a bad deal for the money. Idk. I do know I've spent way too much money on this game. Don't start unless you are looking for a game to suck you in and hold you there for a while.
This game is great. It uses strategy and is relaxing. Finally a game you can play as long as you want without worrying about running it of life. The graphics are awesome. Great character designs. So many different team options. Very impressive. Thank you for a great game.
Best game out there, can truly be played free if you do a little research, worth spending a buck or two in. Great gameplay and lots of content.
Great mix of many genres. I love that even as a new player I feel like I can contribute and be successful. I also love that they are always adding new content and so far I feel like they have ways to make the content not stagnate.
Hello, i have enjoyed this game very much so far. The difficulty levels are nice, and it runs pretty smoothly however as of today i am unable to open the game. Are the servers down today or something?
Been enjoying playing this game for about 2 weeks now. But recently facing constant connection error to the server where I will lose the win battle once it face connection error. Now I unable to connect to the game but other games are fine.
I tell friends I cured my addiction to Candy lands by moving up to the crack kingdoms Gems has! It's the definition of addiction if you're jonesing for a way to pass time on devices but don't have more than passing interests in complicated video games. Appreciation of cards/RPG isn't required, but it matches the puzzle fun! Free mode is fine, but $4.99 and $1.99 offers are temptingly placed. You at least get bang for small bucks, w/ pricy items wasted. Forget corona; I had summer of lovin' Gems!
Game is great, ngl. I would love to buy things and support it... But the prices are F'in comical! Especially the 'Value' of prices, they make me giggle everytime, but also puts me off ever buying anything if you think a few little bits are 'worth' as much as 2 AAA games =( Surely it'd be better to price things realistically and have lots of people buying Β£1-2 purchases regularly than a couple of whales willing and able to drop 50+ every now and then? 100% recommended though, no energy system.
Minimal ads, free game play, easy leveling, optional but very beneficial guilds. Game is simple but putting together combos makes good on strategy. Solid game so far.
Began playing this APR 2020. Came from Sega Heroes. 😑 I'm level 730 now. Game is STILL THE BEST MATCH-3 I've ever played. Hand over fist! I'm doing my thing and been knocking off whales left and right. Game is fair and requires thoughtful, calculated actions to excel but anyone can find success just playing. My only issues are with a certain meta I will not mention, as legacy players are well aware. In a guild have been since I've been able to. May create my own someday... Lol.
While enjoyable, the one downside is there are WAY too many characters/creatures you can collect which means it is extremely painful to ascend the characters you want on your team and no real way to grind for them, just the luck of the draw.
Changing to 5 stars. Can't complain about one thing about it. Normally I can nit pick a game apart. Or get turned of by p2w or unfair mechanics. But here I find none of these issues. You just play and get rewards. Easy farm towards what you need. Card progression and verity is plentiful. Get in a guild and you will be rich in no time with a good team. I'm really enjoying it for a F2P game that I can play at my Owen pace without punishments.
Beat match 3 / RPG on the market by far. You can tell that the developers put a lot of effort into this game. Also its not P2W you can earn chest keys by doing events and joining a guild.
Its the best rpg game ive played for a long time, very addictive, part of a giuld and it's a great way to make new friends, the graphics are really good and easy to understand.
I actually enjoyed I can sit back for hours until chill out and cool out and enjoy myself just kicking around a couple hours is actually a pretty decent game for me I don't have no problems with it I'll give it a five star but it's a little slow at times
So I have one major fault with this game. Because there is no limit to campaign mode (energy or stars or whatever) I can't seem to put it down. Been late for work, weddings, funerals, everthing. "Just one more game" has become the catch phrase of the day. And that doesn't even touch on pvp or challenges or exploration missions or or etc... This game has massive content and playability without paying. Paying supports the developers and I aim to do so in future (soon as the VID goes away).
I really like this game but there are some flaws.when you get your character at there top levels you can not take them any higher because the game want let.i play on the pop and there levels are like 35 and higher.well that to is not fair.so can someone tell me how I can get though higher levels please or I am going to drop this game
I've been playing this game for about a year and love it. The reviews that mention Pay-to-win are incorrect. Yes, there are in-app purchases, but there are many in-game ways to get resources you need. Also, I haven't seen anything to suggest that the AI is cheating. Yes, it gets lucky sometimes, but so do I. The game is very strategic with the team-building aspect. This isn't your normal gems game. It requires some thought about which matches give you an advantage without giving the AI an advantage. The game is slow in the beginning since you won't have many troops, but in time you get better troops and can increase their power and effectiveness. The best way to get ahead in the game is to join an active guild. You'll quickly acquire resources and build a stronger base of troops. All in all, an amazing game.
Awesome. I can play for more than 5 min at a time... and its challenging, fun, and dare I say, addicting? Good stuff. Cheers.
Absolutely great game with a ton of content. I've played every one of the puzzle quest games and this one is a lot of fun. You can spend some money if you want to accelerate some progress, but it isn't necessary.
The goal of all games in this space should be consistent improvement. With only a couple minor exceptions every change made to this game in my time playing has actively made it worse. You're screwing up endless Puzzle Quest, with the smallest amount of effort and care on your part that shouldn't be possible.
I love the game, building my team, but ive had to start over. And now its not letting me log in and play
Fun game that I can link with my Steam version so I can play anywhere. Doesn't require money to progress, just takes a little grind
I am no fan of these match gem games, BUT this game is very entertaining. Good graphics and a gem match/RPG fusion that just works. Bravo devs! You got it right! No negatives..
The game is great. I've been around for a long while. But sometimes the Support Team doesn't respond to your tickets. This has forced me to make multiple accounts and delete others. Hopefully the Support Team will be more active in the future.
This game has many characters to choose from, maybe too many. Most of scenarios is playable from the beginning and most difficulty is definitely at your setting, from super easy to insane. The grow of your cards is very slow but that is build in on purpose so you don't get bored easily and keeps your brain occupied. The number of adds is at absolute minimum and purchases are in my opinion not necessary. So you can truly play for free.
Feels like a flash based online game from 2012. Graphics, effects, gameplay, UI, sound effects, even music is like it's a game from the era of shakes and fidget, darkorbit, and deepolis. As such, the UI looks very basic, clunky, hard to make sense of, it lacks fluidity, animations or any serious design. Gameplay is very basic matching game. Needs more features and depth.
I'm glad I came across this game. Very versatile. There is always something to do. Plenty of events, huge amount of troops combinations. I feel like playing it for a loooong period of time)
Simply the best match three concept ever, no joke, not even slightly exagerating, I know the tutorial is very annoying and at first glance it may seem like a waste of time but stick it out join a clan participate in events and just wait until you get to play the treasure map, omg the treasure map is so fun, its literally like no match three you have ever played, imagine every match ugrades your prize at the end match four or more and get an extra turn five or more gives you two extras, good luck
My favorite thing about this game was that almost all (99%) of the content was accessable (see: grind) without being forced into a pay to play model. However that has changed with the recent addition of campaigns, which has divided rewards into two tiers, paid and free. Very disappointed in the new direction.
In-game downloader froze at quest 8. Download remainder option freezes too. Says not connected...yet I can read world chat and have full bars. Played on PC and enjoyed. This version not so much
You will get caught up in this game if like mythical creatures and having to build a team to survive the onslaught of many creatures. It has a storyline also. You have to do some thinking and planning if you want to be successful.
The game is fun itself but threshold for new player is high. You need to grind for cards (there 1000 of them) so till you find suitable combo you need already a new team and resources to upgrade them. This game is lifetime marathon which is good for those who ready spend their time or money to reach something without bitting dust.
They game is great for passing the time and is super fun to play even though it can be monotonous. I am not recommending this game for the simple fact of their support. In the beginning they seem pretty helpful albeit they take awhile to respond. I had to get a new computer and am unable to login to my account. I contacted support and they found that my account I was looking for was linked to my correct email address. I cannot login to this account and when I try to reset the password I get a message saying "there is no account linked to this email address provided". I have been trying to get this issue fixed for over a month now, and support just completely ignores me. No response to my support tickets or follow up emails... Do NOT spend money on this game.
All day cannot play after this update. Cannot contact server. Now I lost everything because I uninstalled and installed again. Still cannot connect to game. Not sure I like the updated version as things are missing that I used to help me along. i lost out on souls on many of my cities. What gives? I want to play and see if I can get used to the update.
Great gem and card game though ive noticed once you have your group probably blues and up....you are level capped and finding enough cards to upgrade doesn't seem doable....though I've been playing many hours and it's a great game .....I don't think you would be upset in playing...also no card packs etc for money...it's not that sort of game...you can buy things yeah but they dont hang you in needing cards and offering paid packs..I like that
Great game... Until it starts to HEAVILY favor the AI. Please don't tell me the same thing I have seen you tell everyone else who has left a similar review. If several people have the same opinion, it's probably true. You would listen if we were paid players, in fact I would pay to play if I didn't feel cheated on a daily basis. Please don't make me uninstall my favorite game.
Ok, so... let me start by saying that I really like this game. Fun and engaging gameplay, and I've never felt hugely pressured to spend money, which is the only reason I have decided that it's ok for me to do so. That all said, I gave it 1 star, because that screen that asks me to rate the game, forces me to this page every single time it appears, no matter what I press. Very obnoxious.
i am good at match 3 games...but fighting matching gems is harder..a good challenge for my brain..nice to learn something new.
Love this game. It's easy to pick up the basics. Graphics & sound are banging. A whole lot of thought and effort has obviously gone into it. Great concept. It's fab and ludicrously addictive - I can't put it down.
Great game play and good balance, you have semi slow progress so it let you enjoy the way without the frustration of getting nowhere. I played this a whole while ago, they have been making upgrades without loosing the touch, great job Devs!!
Updating my old review, still 5 stars. The game is more than perfect, not because it has no imperfections, but because the community is clean and the Devs are doing their best to listen to the community whilst coming up with great updates.
I really like this game but today it stopped working. Getting error code 0101-0006 over and over again. I uninstalled and reinstalled, force stopped...can't find customer service information either.
Surprisingly in depth RPG puzzler. Has had me hooked for months, good game, free to play though admittedly spend a penny or 2 if the offer is good. Very nice community in a nice active Guild with players I consider friends. Very satisfying making hard-core teams. Don't hesitate play now!
Can't log in There are no updates today, got the most recent less than a week ago. Logged on just fine last night. Tried restarting my phone, no change. There's no issue with my internet, every other app on my phone and every other device gets internet just fine. Before I uninstall this game just tell me yes or no: is anyone else on the planet having trouble logging in?
Please fix. I play daily, i love the game but now it says server error (8/31). I cannot play. My wife says its the same for her on our devices. Please fix and send me Magnus card for my unhappiness. 😁
a game with great depth! i never knew a match 3 game can be so enjoyable. multiple events during the week, and guild events on every week. it supports multiple platform, pc, ps4, android, and the community is fun, i really recommend you to try this game. im writing this as of sept 2019, i hope the game stays as fun forever
Gems of War is not a pay to play game. Its a great free game and requires NO purchases. Plus its super fun to play. Its my favorite game and its very unique meaning its totally free and fun.
Super fun time consuming game. No ads . Well not really. You can watch one if you want to. Many challenges many different builds for your heroes. Many Mon games and the campaign is pretty big as far as I can see. Waited till lvl 100 to post a rating. If you do download the game go into an active guild. It is well worth it. Happy gaming God Bless all
Great game with beautiful graphics. Very in-depth. Many, many things to do daily. Also there is are many strategies one can use to advance and become a better player.
We'll made, no road blocks or progression stops. Can play at your Owen pace. Iv not experienced one bad thing. Easy to farm, lots of combinations and characters. Easy to get resources to level up. Far and balance PvP. No p2w. All shop items are not needed at all not one bit. But as makes progression faster and little bit more variety in weapons. I love just chilling to music and play a bit to pass the time. P.s if your new and struggling join a guild or make one it makes a big difference.
Update 1/11/21: They have a few bugs to work out. Good time killer. Troops sometimes are changed. Keep checking the game site for updates. Pet rescue times have become so short, you often are told the event ended when you are in the last battle. What a waste of time! I have disappointments in the game but changed my rating to reflect it overall. It could be so much better. The in game help menu gives very little info. You always have to search for more info on the web.
Gems of war is a great game, the cards need a little script on them, couple of short sentences; history, quirks, preferences, boasts, combo hints, it doesnt have to be story line related, the characters are so awesome that you just want to know more about them. It would be awesome if certain character combinations caused script effects during battle, rivals , friends, legends lore, ect. AWESOME GAME OVERALL!
Love this game. Wish you had some sort of trading system where you could trade cards with your guild or sell them in the kingdoms they come from or something for certain things like ingots or something so you can go to the kingdom the characters on the card are from only. If you want to get rid of cards you know you'll probably never use.
Awesome game. Concept, graphics, UI, characters, dialogue, and gameplay are all 5+ stars. Amazing sound effects. Most fun mobile game I've played. Love that the rewards make you feel like you're progressing in the game, so I don't mind spending to help keep it going. Not an overwhelming amount of leveling up that feels like going in circles, just enjoying the ride as you build your teams. So fun! Thanks to the dev's for this app! LOVE it!
Very simple game mechanic but with LOADS of upgrades and missions, endless team combinations and PVP for a real challenge
If you don't mind paying for things you will like this game. It has graphics and game play is great easy to understand and activate. I just don't wanna put 25-50$ weekly for stuff. Ik you gonna say it's free but nothing in life is free everything has a price πŸ’―.
Fun game, great gameplay. Doesn't feel like you have to spend any money if you don't want to but still feel rewarded when you do.
It's a mixture of candy crush, hearthstone and RPGs. Really fun and addicting. Only thing I don't like is it's kind of hard to get new cards/minions
Had to uninstall the game, hadn't worked for me since the update. I left it a couple of weeks for the devs to sort it or respond but didn't.
Edit Version : Oh boy ....i just realised the teams for guild wars i did set right (!) are wrong again. Must have been the connection....saying that with the small update and an hour or so playtime yesterday it took over 250mb. Usual it is around 100mb already, horrible high for a game like that even more because i HAVE to use mobile data. My w-lan hotspot is working for my MMO online games but not GoW. No. For this the connection is not good enough. Really? Now "Shrinegold" etc.... no thanx!
This game like puzzle quests 2 and it my favorite game. The music, the action and the graphics are... ok but online pvp are challenging! But there's one little problem the Internet connection when I won victory I got (unknown error) but it ok I can still play it?
Easy to level up. Fun to get new cards, of course there are in game purchase's but you don't have to buy anything if you don't want to. I'm part of a guild and play with friends so it's lots of fun for us. The only thing that bothers me is when I'm choosing a new troop the game just freezes and I have to try again. Or the server is down in the middle of a game. That's pretty frustrating.
PvE is mostly fine, though somewhat grindy. There are many different challenges, calling you to use different cards from your collection. PvP on the other hand is pathetic mind-numbing exercise in pure masochism: 1st) everyone runs a limited set of identical cookie-cuter "don't let enemy make even single move" - if you're unlucky you DON'T MOVE at all in what supposed to be - you know, game. If you don't have such a team - you can forget PvP. 2nd) if you do have it, then actual mind-numbing charade begins: you go into match and make a move. If RNG is in your favor, you cascade and easily wipe all or most of enemy team. If it is not, enemy moves, cascades and wipes all or most of your team. Entire game is always decided on this figurative coin-flip and skill doesn't matter at all. The only skill you ever need to reach high PvP ranking is ability to quickly reach "retreat" button as fast as possible if first move is not in your favor so you can make next spin of RNG roulette faster.
Slowly becoming another pay to play game. Granted you can still play without actual money being spent. Grinding anything is near impossible. I dont mind spending money on a great game but its starting to get ridiculous. But on a side note I do still enjoy this game on a daily basis ans will continue to do so. Also have the drop tables for chest troops been buffed because i dont get anything new or good anymore. And have less than half the troops.
Great for passing time, addictive, and you can play free but not pressed to pay-to- play. For those of us who cannot afford pay-to-play just get to a stage you can easily beat, and play over and over to gain stuff.
In the beginning a good game but whn u get level 40 u can't win unless u SPEND MONEY. The computer teams are super stacked the people who make this game are to ashamed 😑. Say it's pay to win a match before u download it. If u want to progress in this game have your bank card ready πŸ‘
I love this game so much & I do rate this 5 stars. The only drawback is that you can't sell troops you no longer want for gold, souls, gems, etc., I think that would be a nice proposal for this game.
I am having a lot of fun with this game, and most importantly the developer is not greedy:no energy system and I am able to get a nice hand of hero cards without spending a dim. Hopefully the developer won't get greedy in the future
Great game one of my all time favorites... I enjoy the original puzzle quest and glad they made this one which has improved heaps with unique troops and style of play and love the choices you can do! Well done guys.
Love the game, but I have just changed my phone for a new one - logged in to the same google account but can't continue my game:( edit: actually it was my fault, everything works :) Update: (Initial review 5*) After new update I find impossible to progress due to how they tweak the difficulty - to force you in to suprise mechanics.
This game is far less aggressive with microtransactions than most, which I appreciate. Gameplay is pretty solid as far as these kinds of games go. There's a ton of interesting builds, and it's never felt unfairly weighted against me. That said, because of the absurdly low level cap, progression comes to a screeching halt pretty early on. It's gotten stale. Also I get that a mobile game can't have branching story paths, but I'd like my MC to not HAVE to be an idiot or fantasy war criminal.
I play on xbox a bit and have had on phoje in the past, enjoyable on both platforms. It does feel like you get 'stitched' when buying gold with gems though.
No ads!!! This is the best version of Puzzle Quest out there. Lots of creature and weapon variety. Nice graphics and sound. The Magic the Gathering version should be this good. It's like MTG but much better. Only complaint is that I should've registered my game before the update which lost my progress. Good thing I don't buy stuff in free games anymore. I'd have lost that content in the update.
This game has kept me completely absorbed for about a year. I am still a novice at some things, because it's insanely complicated. Don't be fooled by the match-three mechanics. This game will challenge you.
Bad time to get into the game. Devs moved on to their next project and left a skeleton crew to work on this one when it was revealed they are creatively bankrupt. Sparse updates that are exclusively monetary. Best update not focused on spending real money in the last year and a half was a slight balance tweak that didn't even cover the biggest player complaints. Then silence and nothing. If they prove me wrong I'll delete this review. -VIP 11 Lol @ reply, devs don't go on forums either wym
I love this game, played it years ago and when I saw it was still around(and much improved) I grabbed it immediately and was not disappointed. Theres a very large amount of strategy, both in setting up your teams and in playing. This is how match 3/rpg hybrids should be. No need to spend at all either(though its very tempting lol).
Great game but enemies cheat and will get a second turn just for get a 3 match and the game crashes way too much. The team suggest is really bad. Like it doesnt even remotely make a viable team. And the suggest match also set you up for failure a lot. Souls are ridiculous to get. You get very little and it requires 1000s just to get your team up to par. The cheating is still a thing. Enemy gets two 4 matches and somehow gets 7 turns. No. Yall slacking on your development. How many years now? Smh
I just started this game and am really enjoying it. I would probably give it a 4 or 5 but it keeps telling me to rate the game, redirecting me here, and forcing me to reload the game.
This new update has made it incredibly hard for new players like me to advance without spending. I dont mind spending some because its alot of fun.
Incredibly deep game with so many different systems. It can honestly be overwhelming at times. This is the best next step on from puzzle quest. Its got a sense of humor and a story and characters that you can get behind. Overall I've been loving my experience!
This game is really different it's fun just playing it on your own. Less 1 star for the chat design it would be nice if you could see chat without having to go in to it. Especially with your Alliance, the chat is not setup to be constant. I don't see notifications for Alliance chat .
Best match game I ever played I gotta give it up to the makers of this game it is challenging and fun and you can play at your own pace I have quite a few friends that play this now keep bringing more games like this
The constant errors such as "cannot resolve destination host" that persist for quite a while make the game a bit less enjoyable.
Must say scepticle at first, turns out its a great game. Comes on a little heavy with the special offers not that their not tempting but not even close to pay to play. Plenty of chances to fight, earn and advance without using everyday $Massive multiplayer platform NOTE ---Look after your guilds & be rewarded.My son enjoys playing this too but says "they need to make it easier to get more of the orbs". So c'mon devs help us out here hey! Good work from all involved inthe making & Thankyou.
Great game or at it least it was at first. Now its ether grind boy grind or drop money. Why so many resources? Why does the watch ad for rewards give shards that are not on the rewards list? Sometimes the reward never get added. Has the amazing potential to be more then this. I hope for it one day.
A matching game done right. It's not just matching in this game but its about how you build your team and who does what to attack your enemy. Trust me if you're looking for a great game that WONT get stale in 2 weeks this is totally for you
It's a really good game to play. However, I have noticed inconsistencies between characters stats and the damage they do when on Android and PS4. Would like to know why this is!! Also, I can get really good characters on PS4, but not Android, WHICH DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!!
I've played this game consistently for about a year. It is mostly free if you plan out each character. The most recent update including the shrine is bogus. Work hard to get 100k in gold, but then get slapped with a $10 fee. I'd be cool with still earning my 100k and then doubling it through the shrine fee, but not this hot garbage
I think this is a bit like chess as both games you have to think of your strategy. Saying that I think this is a good game that gets you thinkingπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
I am really impressed with how good of a job the devs have done on keeping this from being a pay to win game. I've put way too much time in this game and have even spent some money precisely because it isn't required to advance. Keep up the good work.
This game is awesome, except for the last two days i have not been able to find to the servers. And it's actually starting to frustrate me to the point of uninstalling.
Addictive gameplay, plenty to do. Guild based events, weekly events, match 3 rpg where every card can be upgraded to mythic
This game is huge! So far there are no ads you HAVE to watch to progress. The depth of the game is just insane. You can customize and level up a seemingly endless number of things (class, troops, guild etc).
The rng sucks and it's clear the game is also generating if you're even going to win some matches. It's a good game to pass the time. Lots of grinding needed. Many players dump a lot of money into the game and you have no chance unless you've been playing for a while.
This game is awesome. It us very ftp friendly and doesn't arbitrarily limit how much you can play with energy. Plus the game play is more complicated and interesting tham other matching games (Looking at you e and p and clones). I strongly recommend this game. If you do play it, find an active guild. You will advance much faster that way.
Very good match 3, deck building RPG. Nearly 1000 characters to choose from and lots of synergies to play around with. In game currency is abundant(once you are in a good guild) Very happy with this game.
Generic but fun puzzle game with great deck-building elements, top-notch card artwork and smooth performance even on low to mid-range devices. Very generous to non-spending players, though Soul acquisition could be improved to make creating new teams less of a grind. The generic stories and constant need for an internet connection are minor quibbles. Overall, a worthy successor to the old Puzzle Quest games.
This game is great time killer. I play it for hours upon hours each day. Have spent little money on it yet if u play everyday u can get great rewards. I think in my opinion that it's a really good game to take the stress off, especially with everything going on in the world. Try it out. Thanks
I have it on Nintendo and it's... extraordinary!! u have over like 3k troop too find and if u are looking for a game thats better than Candy Crush, this is the game, u get different types of weapons like axes and what it does like heal u and u can upgrage both troops an weapons the raritys are like Fortnite if u want to play good luck!!
Did the update and downloads. Got to see my team. Closed it and now its stuck on loading screen. Every. Time. I wait 10 minutes and still nothing
I enjoy this game a lot, but it has some of the most expensive in game purchases. $60 for armor is crazy. Update:. While the game was fun at first it comes to a point of just repetitive and boring play.
I'm absolutely hooked on this game i have it on my PS4 and now on my phone I love it, only complaint I have is explaining of the matching of the colors a little better other than that 5 stars if I could give 10 I would
Great game, the devs are fantastic at keeping the game updated and balanced as well as consistently adding new content. My only complaint is that grinding traitstones and souls should be a bit eaaier. Overall .. this is the only game I play on mobile anymore.
Gem wars started out good, but started having problems with bugs. Later The bugs got fixed, but my account was gone for some reason. I sent an e-mail, and recieved a fairly fast response in which they had recovered 90% of my profile. Once my profile was returned, I had lots of fun. The game had become cluttered, but most of the content were good.
Please check out the other reviews about how the devs steal money and give no support. AI cheats in game and game is programmed to force you to spend money to progress, which is hit or miss as you don't often receive in game purchases. This game is an insult to the fantastic puzzle quest games.
It was fun, right up to the point that the computer's turn kept going so long that my phone went to sleep. But hey, I'm sure I can skip that fight for $1.99, or something.
Huge fan of this game. Super fun. You can play competitively and grow your deck without having to spend a dollar. But the various, fairly priced offers, definitely do not hurt haha. Well worth playing if you like match 3 and competitive card battle games
Very fun game, lots of different side quests. I like that you can play solo, or join a guild. I have been playing over a year, no need to purchase for additional resources if you don't want to.
I'm at level 157 now. The game is humorous and fun. No stamina to wait for when playing the majority of the game, so you can play CONSTANTLY. Gems are easy to earn. Lots of grinding to earn gold, xp, etc... Constant updates.// Tips to earn stuff faster: invest in your kingdoms asap, join an active guild, do pvp constantly...read the wiki, forums and reddit.// NOTE: PC and Mobile are crossplay. Can't crossplay on Nintendo Switch, unfortunately. Found that out the hard way. :(
this game obviously cheats. drops gems in its favor constantly leaving you with a 3 connect while AI gets multiple 4 and 5 matches, messed up really. $49 purchases are most common, occasionally $15 pack offered but to get anywhere you'll need to drop $150 to $200 to get stronger.
(updated 9/19/20) - keep getting "unknown error occurred" (1st Review) YES!!! if you're into gem games like me, you'll love this because you simply get to play the GEM game AND it has longevity AND you do not have to pay for anything! (...at least, I haven't yet...) You build teams and the AI can create different versions of your teams, based on what you have in your collection! Great Game, thank you!
this is a great game perfect mix of MTG and bejeweled. BUT since the update all my previous levels are no longer beat. everything I had done was a waste of time which is why I'm giving it 3 starts. literally 8 hours ago would have been 5. anyone starting will love it. but the fact that I lost everything. I may not keep playing
Great match 3. No money needed, 100% of everything can be earned in game with a little work. Make sure to join a guild, as an active one will improve your game by leaps and bounds. Weekly and daily events will keep you engaged.
Not even worth a star! Started off good but then the constant playing of the same level over and over just so you can accumulate enough resources just to upgrade 1 or 2 troops bcos trying to move on to next level is hard if you don't have strong enough troops. Join a guild? Only helps if your guild members are active players that contribute... player BEWARE the game CHEATS. Got ripped off ALOT, all the times I should've won but didn't bcos I was robbed lol...don't spend money!!
Gacha-esque with enough given to you that you never feel like you have to spend money to keep progressing. Maybe a little grindy but the main gameplay loop is pretty fun. Guilds take you far above and beyond in progressing in this game!
Really fun game with a nice progression! Doesn't feel like a lot of the pay to win games out there. You can easily stay competitive without feeling like you need to open the wallet!
Wanna play a game where the developers will screw you? If so, Gems of War is YOUR game! Not only will you feel frustrated by having to grind endlessly for worthless loot, you will also have to potentially replay the same levels over and over untill you can finally beat the system who would conveniently get massive combos killing several heroes in one turn - fun! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Don't forget the pay walls! You'll part with real money to buy fictional items, just so you can hit another pay wall! Fun! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
This game can easily become your life lol. Love it! Started on xbox, then tried mobile. The controls and navigation are so much easier than on console, mobile very quickly became my favorite. Ill play till i die. Dont mind spending cash either, there wouldnt be "free" games if no one ever spent any money on them. Ive done the free to play with Hempire for over 2 years. Theres 10x the content here!! They still update, still add content, still keep up with the holiday themes. Definitely worth it!!
Great game, been playing for years. They have had many updates that have improved the endgame as well as the newbie experience.