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Gemini Strike Space Shooter

Gemini Strike Space Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Armor Games located at 16808 Armstrong Ave Irvine CA 92606. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a great game! Armor games never fails to impress me. However, there's a glitch. Instead of waiting several hours for the secret missions to appear, just exiting out and going back in the game resets the mission. Is this supposed to happen?
This is one of the best space shooter games I've played in a while. The amount of work the creators put into it is very obvious. If you are bored and can't find a game to play, this is the one for you.
ok the game is awesome but i been spending my bountys for good crates and i have only goten 2 purples and a legendery and i have already open 8 boxes or more of the good crates and nothing good give me my legendarys pls thx and pls update this game is a really good one
I will give 5 big fat stars if you fix the glitch when skipping an random appearing ad, show a black screen. i had to close and reopen again the game, its so annoying to me, thank you.
Amazing game with awesome graphics and gameplay. Feels like a combination of galaga and space invaders: infinity gene. Gameplay gets repetitive after you get enough upgrades and the way the story is progressed is weird
Only thing that will keep me from giving this game 5 stars is random power ups. I will keep my score at one star until they update this game with a shop where I can buy these power ups.
This game is amazing, great graphics, great story and amazing loot. My type of game. But there are some major flaws like after I complete or fail a mission, I always get a black screen. I also see some major AI balance that needs fixing, enemies are a bit hard to beat. Please fix some of these issues.
This game is very difficult, and most of the items relating to your performance in battle are randomly ganerated. The selling mechanic on acess equipment is also overused and another option is needed. I would suggested combining of equipment to help you improve them easily. This is a great game so far burt still needs a bit more.
Would've been a 5 if the game got a part 2 or was still updated. I played when the game was still updated and alive and it was so fun.
Probably one of the best space ship shooters I've played in a long time. Definitely hits that classic feel with updated graphics. Quick, straight forward customization for your ship. Only thing I can suggest is maybe improve the equip window navigation. Maybe make it not reset to the first page ever time you look at a mod, sell, or equip something. Or make a "sort by" button.
Well.. everything's good and all.. but... there's no save. I keep deleting this game for extra space but realized that it does not save.
This gamr is so cool more waepons new plans and great rendom shoots but i need pro updata please will you armor games updata this game you will get big fams and new downloaders okay see this good luck
This is a rather difficult, fast paced bullet hell game, where bullets are not so many, but they're fast. I like the gameplay and graphics, but controls mess everything. The plane is too slow to follow my finger. Only by a milisecond, but here it really matters. And it's not mapped correctly, it depends where on the screen my plane is, so sometimes its directly under my finger, while other times not so much. Thus i cant advance because of my skills, i only have to rely on equipment, to shoot enemies before they shoot at me. Update: Spoiler alert! So i've beaten all the story, which was quite an interesting one. But the game didn't change much, level 100 was the same as i.e. level 48, or lvl 76. Even the very last boss was no different from other bosses. Very disappointing, but not unexpected, as by the time i reached lvl40, game was already the same and monotonous
Garbage gameplay. How am I supposed to dodge enemy attacks of the entire screen is filled with enemy attacks and lock on missiles some of which follow me for 3 seconds even if I I'm spinning the ship to lose them.
I would give the game a 4 star because of the awesome but repetitive graphics, gameplay and enemies. However, the story is 5 star amazing up to the end, when you get a giant slap in the face and a bug prevents you from ever seeing the final cutscene. This is a bug that's been around for years, and doesn't seem to have been fixed. Don't waste your time with this game, the story is the only great thing but you won't get to see how it ends after 600 levels.
First off, when you play a level, I really think you should be able to keep your coins even when you die. Secondly, I really think that you should increase the amount of coins you recieve. Amongst a few other things. But I do dig the story lines and the little diverse things like weaponry and side missions.
There are some ads between missions. But the game is pretty generous about giving you bonus coins if you watch the first ad after completing a mission when you first load the game each time. I spent a lot of time to saving up my coins so I could buy d-35 coin ship, which has been an amazing piece of equipment. Don't worry about getting any of the other ships. I'm in the mid-70s level right now, have not spent a dime on the game.
Would be a stellar game if not for so many bugs. Levels drop 4/5 times (losing you a life in the process) and video-for-reward feature is constantly broken and useless.
Terrible and very lacking ending. Almost 600 missions leading to nothing.....Gameplay is pretty good, it does get repetative with that many missions lol. Storyline kept me interested until the end.......... Good ship selection, gotta work for the good ones. You do not need to spend a dime to get best of the best. Full complete stand alone game here except for the ending..
Poorly designed on purpose. Such potential totally crippled by intentional uneven difficulty ramping and a HUGE hit box, which means you will be more likely to spend that revive dollar. Designed around milking my money, not player enjoyment. I played nearly the end only to hit a wall of one hit kills, milking dollar after dollar. Seriously, screw this game. I can't rate zero stars, else I would. Soulless money grab.
Would have clocked an easy 4 stars for gameplay, except for the fact that the game seems to crash after I skip ads before they're finished. Seems like a scummy design move, and makes the game a less enjoyable overall experience.
Fun but many things held this game back. While I'm not a fan of ads I can totally feel the scumminess of the game with its ADS. The Ads themselves work super predictable, They don't function when you want at least 1 Free life but the Ads work after beating a stage then Crashes the game with a black screen which I find Totally BS because I have to reboot the game to work again. I can feel the Devs want me to buy Credits when they don't give me a good reasonable way to support their game.
Some of the best visual and sound effects of any shmup I've played. Tons of ships with their own unique stats and weapons plus a myriad of cool items make it an awesome RPG based shmup. This game also has the most detailed story line plus the campaign is so long and challenging which gives it long replay value. I started playing this 2 years ago and it has never grown old. I believe this is definitely one of the most underappreciated mobile shmups.
I like it. Art style is on point, story is awesome, bit of a grinder but I like that aspect so a solid 5 star for me.
I knew it, you morons out there keep trying, but in the end, mobile was never a viable control input for skill games like this genre
It's a fun game when the bugs don't get in the way. I've already spend 20 credit on retries but it seems that every time I do that, the level auto quits. I lose my credits and lives whenever it does that. It'd really annoying and I want my credits back at least.
Game is great it is streller but some of the bugs are infuriating. You cannot revive by watching an ad. And when you do die and try clicking the button it glitches the .. out and doesn't let you push the button. Then when you do choose to retreat it forces you to watch the ad and get nothing for it. Then it continues to glitch out and takes all of your lives so you have to wait for like 10 minutes before you can play again. These are game breaking glitches you need to literally restart the game. Do not push the watch ad button it does not work
There are still more bugs... when I play, it exit automatically to main menu and my ship stock is reduced... The control is unstable... maybe it should be fixed...
Did you ever fix the glitch for endless credits? after completing a special event "!" You can click the home button on your phone, close the app tab. Restart the game and you will have your credits as well as the chance to play the event again. Repeat. Never have to pay for them.
Ridiculous pricing for upgrades, enemies overpowered while you can't get new ship without spending money.
Oh everything was beautiful and so challenging as well. And the bosses ooooooh boy don't get me started. They are intimidating and giving me a tough fight as well. And the music was the bomb I love it. Wonder if I coukd get the soundtracks for this golden game. Thanks guys
This could be a seriously awesome game with a few tweaks, but as it is right now, I'm finding it very difficult to play this game. The idea is good, just not well executed. What I'd like to see the devs do is: 1. Make the freaking ship LARGER!!! You can barely see it on the screen. 2. Change the color of the ship so it doesn't blend in with the background. 3. Keep that darned screen still! It's movement is making me air sick. 4. Make it co-op capable, so friends can team up to play.
This is a game that you think you find something better and uninstall, only to come back a week later.
Ok this is a good game and I play it ALL the time but theres one thing I dont like, its that you have to wait 10 minutes for ONE life instead of refilling all of your life bar. If you change this then Ill rate 5 stars.
Nice shooter, gameplay get repetitive once u finish abt 30 chapters, but the storyline was what caught my attention
I would really love that their more stuff the buy with cores. And there.weee not a lot of update and it is a great game
Was fun at first but quickly got 200% frustrating. * Around 10th level difficulty rises so high that you are killed instantly with one hit and then the game tells you to buy coins for respawn.. Ehhh NO... Poor greedy design :( * You loose all money gathered in the level if you get killed... Again BUY MORE RESPAWNS...... * and finally when enmies explode they leave lot of visual junk flying that is easily confused with actual bullets. A shame as overall gameplay is good...
Don't waste your time. This game seems great until it becomes unfairly difficult. It forces you to spend money on upgrades otherwise you can't progress
Good fun but it keeps crashing...i can't revive by watching an ad and if it does reload all lives are lost and u can't continue... then I have to shut it down and wait for the lives to refresh... fix the bugs please cos it's a lot of fun to play
This game feels great to play, but it is infuriatingly hard to progress. It's is hard to find loot from levels, let alone good loot, and it is beyond hard to get credits for ships or gear. So either lower prices or increase drop. Plus the prices in the store are beyond crazy.
When I was a kid, I played a game like this in the "game shooter" category. This game depleted my excitement in the past. I gave it 4 stars because the online platform version of the game would be great if it could be done ... Also, I expect more various enemy types and secret missions to come.
It is fun. It was fun. I remember now why I uninstalled it back then. The boss and elites can be extremely imbalanced if you are unlucky. No matter how high your armor, they will just goes right through it and can kill you in one or two hit. Now I do not mind tough bosses, but as I said previously, some of the elites and bosses weapons combo can and will mercilessly kill you in one or two hit. So yeah, find gears that improves your Hp first if you are lucky to get them.
Really fun game with great graphics and music. However, some of the early stages are WAAAAAY to difficult (2.4, for example). If you could lower the difficulty a teensy tiny bit, that'll be swell.
1st of all, the game doesn't have a Google Link account. Which means, you will lose all progress & purchase when you accidentally delete the game. You can't play it on a different device because of it too. Secondly, the plane isn't exactly at when you touch the screen. It's about 1cm above. So, it's practically impossible to dodge incoming fire. Lastly, it's very limited gameplay. No Endless mode, no side missions, no Achievements rewards, no daily log in bonus.
Great game, amazing visuals, great soundtrack, and captivating storyline. The only thing I have to complain is that resetting the story requires you to play through all levels again rather than simply giving all of the sector's dialogues in one go.
Great game, really enjoying it. I haven't experienced any bugs or crashes or problems reviving. The only downfall is the prices are WAY too high for a game with no social features, no leaderboards, no way to compete with others via score sharing. I would love to buy the awesome selection of ships, but 34.99 for a ship I can't even show off is beyond greedy.
This game was souly designed to frustrate people and try to grab their money, well they were surely successful in first department, but not too much in the second. Things get out of hand soooo fast that sane people don't even consider spending money, and uninstall right away. And, I've played for quite a while though, but was never able to complete any of the secret missions, if you think I'm a noob, then try it yourself. I play games to relieve stress, not to accumulate. Go to hell Gemini!!
This is an amazing and the best shoot em up game. I would recommend all gamers who love shoot em up game.
The Boss ship of 1st Chapter has 2720 HP,while the player's ship starts w/50 HP,and after several waves of enemy swarms has less!Also the enemy Boss Arsenal is incomparable;the player is Totally underpowered!This is NOT entertainment,but rather a take-down/beat-down,and the player is the lucky pinata!!No thanks!
Even though the gameplay became stale quickly the story kept me going, I have just completed sector 100... The last lines of the story were good, but then it just ended, there really should have been an epilogue.
This could be a great game if the bugs weren't there, such as the force quit. Also, please allow to upgrade the ships instead of upgrading the items only.
I hate the games that push you to take breaks between game sessions. Otherwise, I'd be 5-star, if not the overall hearts system.