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Gem Miner: Dig Deeper

Gem Miner: Dig Deeper for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Psym Mobile located at 13 Cooper Close Beacon Hill NSW 2100. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
U should definitely add more options to the store..."limit reached" is too soon....and absolutely add a beacon that takes u down to the spot that u came up from.....hope its taken into consideration...awesome game!!!!!
main issue with this game is the controls, and interface "helpfull tips" pop up too much ,always at worst time, they pop up when a stone is about to fall then wont close which results in multiple taps then disapear and stone chrushes the lil guy. Controls are too sensetive sometimes attempting to open map or inventory moves the character instead and then i fall and die and can only place walkways when facing to the right, should give option to use an actual dpad instead of these absurd controls
It won't let me edit my previous review(1/27/21). The game didn't automatically sell my stuff - it just disappeared from my inventory. No cash, but no more gems either. This happened after multiple trips into the mine. I'm guessing this is a glitch - but it isn't a big deal, because I've downloaded GemMiner2 and like that game a whole lot better.
I love this game!!! Can't get enough!!! I'm addicted. Didn't stop playing it until Gem Miner 2 came out (although I'll still play this because they're so different). This is the first game I actually paid for and jumped on GM2 as soon as I saw it. MORE MORE MORE!!!
Awesome dev - still updating it years later! Took out one star for not integrating Google Play Cloud save game.
Fun game... but latest update for dug deeper part of the game is not user friendly. The controls are horrible and hate having to shuffle through all items to find the one I want. The new part of the game needs to have GU reworked. Would be nice to have a D pad and more control over the miner instead of only being able to moving one space at a time.
Lazy developer does not update graphics and even worse does not integrate Google Play Cloud save game.
Game used to be a fun time waster, now its it's really jerky and freezes for a second every so often. Whenever you remove anything like ladders or support rods the miner turns left and right.
I am giving this app 5 stars now that I can revert back to the old graphics. I replay this game write a bit. It does not hog resources or memory and is very addictive. A great game for all ages.
i just wanna know why you cant save data to your device on the dig deeper version? but you can on the "demo version". edit: still doesnt save to mobile device say "could bot create save folder" im on a goigle pixel
New look is horrible and i dont like it! Put it back people shouted and they listened. Thanks so much for the option to choose. Sorry for the harsh comments but if it wasn't broke don't fix it. To be honest i didn't think the dev team worked on this anymore. I know support glitches, ladder tricks, how to create a block glitch. ive took advantage of this now to manipulate the game to make it interesting.
Great game. Just installed on a new tablet, keep getting " Save failed. Could not create save file. Uninstalled and reinstalled. PLEASE HELP!
Why would you downgrade the graphics !!!!!!!!! It used to be great , now it looks like a cheap kids game !! EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED !!!!!!!!!
OK game but gets boring pretty quick. Upgraded light several times and there was barely any difference, if any at all. Biggest problem is that if the screen turns off, even for a second, all progress since the last save is lost. That's a major issue and makes the game unplayable for me.
A very badly made game. The controls suck, it's boring, and it looks terrible. This is definitely not worth 2.50.
Have contacted them serveral times and no response. Since update can't save the game. Have had this game forever and even purchased it. They need to have customer service that responds.
Great work based return reward game. I'd like deeper mining, more items, and risks block types, more advancements as you play instead of just being done in a few hours.. Good for that though good job
Good adventure game with good controls, gameplay, and graphics, but no Google Play Game Features, no Google Cloud Sync, and no immersive full screen.
Totally worth the money. Played the free version for a few months..and i've now had the paid version for about a 3 years now. This is one of the most played games on any phone I have! Totally addicting, will lose hours in the blink of an eye. Not pushy about in-app purchases AT ALL, either... which is AH-MAZ-ING!!! Would give it 6 stars if I could!
I have given storage permission to the app but I still can't save the game. S9. Otherwise I would have given five stars to the app. without saving option the app is useless.
This game doesn't work like the controls are awful please fix the damn game also freezing is annoying asf.
This is one of the BEST, most fun and well balanced spellunker/miner/adventurer with upgradability games on the market STILL. Just want cloud gamesave backup so I can carry my character along everytime I change my device (which is often, cuz I'm super hard to please with phones and tabs. Been through 9 devices in past two years!) Love it! Can't wait to try GM2
I played a game similar to this back in the days of the Xbox 360 arcade and it takes me back. Such a fun, simple digging game. Something easy to relax to.
The game is ok, but I think u should fix a problem: When I am playing and the screen turns off, the game returms to main menu and lost all actual progress so the only option I have is load a saved gamefile; please fix that problem and add an autosave option. Sorry my bad english devs hehe
Great game. Really annoying with out a dpad. Tired of swiping left an it digging down -_- EDIT: I got a reply 3 years later. GG.
I usually like these kind of games but have to say this is far worse than any of the free/mtx games out there. The controls just make it awful to play.
Fun like a lonely minecraft quest for rich deposits... But 2d n much simpler. Still gives u the feeling of being deep in a mine u have crafted in search of... Diamonds? Uranium? Various shades of opal?
Would be great if there was A HELP link; purchased the sleeping bag thinking it would let me exhaust my stamina then replenish, nope! No idea what the Sign is for, why should I buy it? No indication that Rescue Call makes you lose everything you've collected. Developer's site only promotes new apps.
I cleared data, uninstalled it, and reinstalled it and that fixed the shop issues. I like the controls better in gem miner 2, so I used to play that version instead. If the developers ever update it, I'd probably play it more.
Nope not worth the money you spend it's simple to control I'm sarcastic it is NOT the is lazy the controls are lazy the game play quite bad
Used to rate this game a 5. Then you upgraded it for the first time in years, now it moves funny and freezes. Only rates one star. What did you have to mess with it for? Too much time on your hands?
Pressing quit and acknowledging that you want to quit the game just takes you to the main menu? Had to restart my phone to get out of the app... In the game, when I get back to sell the stuff I mined, it's no longer in my possession. So what is the point of the game?
It is very simple. Which I love. It makes you kinda think while simultaneously letting you play without thought. However. There needs to be some info about the things you can buy. I just filled my cart with iron and then hit the "rescue pack" and I lost it all. Which isn't the end of the world but it is a great example of how you have to try something before you figure out what it does. I also wish there was a way of recovering ladders cos I didn't realise that double tapping up made a ladder...
used to play this on one of my old phone, it was great, but now it has trouble on modern phone, especially if you do not have or can not access an SD card.
I have been replaying this game for years. My go to game for relaxation. I play the extreme level exclusively and set my own challenges, such as clearing every single block while buying bare minimum tools on extreme. A wonderful game and well worth the price for full version.
When you fall it automatically takes you to your tent and takes everything. How am i to get down if all i do is keep falling? Why can't i lower ladders or a rope so i can get down. I have yo restart the game bc there is no way to keep mining bc both sides of my lift have a deep hole that don't have no way to get down. Thus game needs improvements. I purchased both this and the second once but i wasn't too play this one because I'm bored with the second one
Mediocre at best. Fell asleep playing. Literally. This game is on par with sitting down amd reading thr "war and peace"(at least war&peace is enteraining spread over 3k small print pages).
Not very fun at all. The fact you have to pay for this piece of MOSTLY ORE mining garbage is beyond me. The graphics aren't the best in mobile game standards either so that can't even save this miner from digging itself its grave. Is it fun to go in a mine LIKE a 2D MINECRAFT and mine stuff you can't use so you can waste more time by selling the stuff and then getting more MINING STUFF! THEIR IS NO POINT BUT TO MINE YOURSELF TO HELL WHERE YOU WILL HAVE A BETTER TIME THEIR! PS: sorry ranting lol.
Please update game to be able to play on newest androids system. I'm reducing stars to 1 because your game only for old phones systems. Very sad. Game itself awesome 😔