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Gem Miner 2

Gem Miner 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Psym Mobile located at 13 Cooper Close Beacon Hill NSW 2100. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Lost purchased mission packs in freeplay but still have Tech mine and Rainforest in expeditions, using Galaxy 7. Hope it's fixed soon, would LOVE any new $ packs??? Still love this game, I've had it for 6+ years!!!!!!
This game is great. I have gotten the add-on packs too. Crashes when selecting Tech Mine free-play every time! The rainforest one still had its glitches too, but they were minor. harold gives the plans for the exit to "Sally" still instead of tiki guy too.
I've tried simular versions of this and thought they were good - till I tried this one! The discoveries and missions are fantastic and at last - a long overdue update! (Not overly keen on the million level though). I love the freeplay and especially the Extream level! It looks like a lot of research has also gone into the gems asto their value, type etc. Very addictive and I cannot stop playing it since I downloaded it months ago. I hope it won't be too long before more levels are released!
Why don't you add new levels? Now people even make 1:1 copies of your game (tiny miner) because you don't manage to make an update in years.
The movement is trash... placing a ladder pushing directly up and the miner for some reason removes a block in front and then I have to place a new ladder...
I've really enjoyed this game. It has a lot to do and different degrees of difficulty. The humor is really good as well. I've probably played 12-14 hours so far and I am still looking forward to more. Probably wouldn't have seen or tried this one if I hadn't joined PlayPass. Kudos to the developers. Great job!
This is a great game. I just wish it had Google Game login so I didn't have to start over again on each new phone.
Either 1 minute per sentenc of dialogue is intentional, 2 stars, or it keeps freezing in the tutorial, which would still be 2 stars. I loved Gem Miner sad to see the 2nd one isn't so good.
I. Was enjoying the game but then tells me about corrupt save files and lost hours of digging for nothing. This is so annoying i hate this game real bad
I like the controls in this game MUCH better than the original. It is definitely easier to play using the joystick control than tapping on the left/right side of the screen. The only thing I don't like is the screen doesn't rotate. So when my phone is plugged in, the power cord kinks because the game can only be played with my phone oriented one way. But that's not a huge issue. Tech mine lvl 4 needs to go. Can't do it even though I've finished all hard levels. Help menu not helpful
After Update sadly still not supporting the fullscreen with Redmi 9T Pro. The Game has a black space on the right side of the screen. Still great game
Hi sorry for the refund I just want the original dig deeper aha didn't feel the same for me still great game. - If you could tap outside the text boxes to skip dialogue that would be nice - original controls are the way forward - Museum wasn't showing the item I collected and donated - Couldn't buy ladders in free mode even with right cash That was after 10 minutes of play time. I'd love a gem miner 3 I think og graphics og controls very deep and a lvl system everything else the same ❤️
Love this game, I'm unable to buy anything in the shop! I press the item buttons and nothing happens. :( This has been happening for MONTHS now. I tried emailing, and the company never responded. The game is currently unplayable because of this. PLEASE FIX! I PAID for this game!
I like this game. It's not a white knuckle, fast paced game. It's a simple yet fun game to pass the time.
Used to be one of my favourite games, but got a new phone and the game doesn't support wider aspect ratios and the bottom of the game screen is cut off, it's now unplayable
I LOVED the first one, and this is better. It's more of the same things I loved, but with everything enhanced and a few new gameplay surprises. It's annoying that you level up for the first time without any information on what to do or why it's happening, but you get used to things like that in this game quickly enough.
5 minutes of play and I'm bored. Back and forth all the time. No music, just a couple of sounds. Even at 10p, not worth it.
Finally an update! I haven't found the new missions yet, but this is one of the best games ever and hopefully we might see more updates to come.
Cometely unplayable and can't get a refund I can't even get past the "gem miner 2 tutorial/help options quit page" can't click on anything half the page is black
Played game a lot. This is the first time I perceive a glitch. Problem w referenced level.  Can't gain access to restricted level with the access card.  It opens door, but passage not allowed.  Please remedy or advise what else is required. 5 stars if this is resolved. Mined almost entire area. Haven't found anything.
I'm in the exact same situation as Dalibor Bobok. We bought it with my girlfriend to play multiplayer expecting a coop game, with option to save game and objective of finding the big ametyste like in gem miner 1! If one saves it saves for the two, and only can be continued with both connected again. And the two sees the sames stairs and opened map. If one has low stamina the other can help breaking stones, and it even can rescue you if you have no more stairs. It would be so great, please dev add this option...
One of the finest games on Google play. Please add a better and more in Depth multiplayer option, perhaps coop, also multiplayer lacks anything other than the basic tools. All in all 5 stars
I enjoyed gold rush and this reminds me of it a lot and in this game I enjoy the the witty banter and all the different levelsthe only thing I think that could improve is going back and forth to the next level when you buy something I wish it could be saved to the next levelespecially when you buy big items (in game) and things that you pushed your fingers looking all over the place for and then you go to the next level running out of stamina so easy and then it's gone. Otherwise it's very fun
I like this game. Simple yet got me hooked. Even though, the plot is questionable (but still understandable). Overall it's good 👌
love the game! all expeditions are done except Loyalty level! how do you pass it? is there sth specific you need to buy to complete it?
I've tried simular versions of this and thought they were good - untill I tried this one! The discoveries and missions are fantastic and at last - a long overdue update! (Not overly keen on the million level though). I love the freeplay and especially the Extream level! It looks like a lot of research has also gone into this with the gems. Very addictive and I cannot stop playing it since I downloaded it months ago. I hope it won't be too long before more levels are released!
This game is worth to play its amazing you can play with your friends and do task or freeplay i recommend this game
Love this game, normally it works great. Lately the UI has been cut off. In the store her head covers my money and her dialing box covers the purchase cost. In the main screen the navigation book is cut off. Fix and I'll change to 5 stars.
cant do free play due to not able to download gem mine dig deeper. item not found In google play. any help?
this game does not give me the option to continue, it keeps repeating over and over back to start what's up with that. I want my money back
I've played this game on all my phones Its got to be the best miner type game with a good storyline too.
Love the game but I to got very excited when I saw update but then was like what the c*** no new levels how **y. Anyways can't wait... I'm tired of waiting for more levels uninstalling ARE YOU EVER GOING TO ADD MORE LEVELS OR CHALLENGES??? THE WAY IT IS NOW THERE REALLY AREN'T ANY LEVELS JUST DIFFERENT DIFFICULTIES
I really enjoy this game. Relaxing to play and great that once you have paid for it you dont have to keep paying for extras. Very happy.
Enjoyable concept but the controls take much of the joy out and replace it with frustration, instead of running into everything to break it causing unnecessary use of stamina as well as unintentional breaking of blocks, maybe have press and hold over a highlighted block you wish to remove? Also a more precise tapping so u dont keep getting repeat dialogue when ur just trying to move past a sign or npc would lower frustration
Awful! I can barely play it as the text bubbles are that big, I can't access some on the controls. This is especially frustrating when trying to make purchases in the shop. It's a shame as I couldn't get far enough into the game to give it a decent try
This is a great game. We bought it with my girlfriend to play Bluetooth multiplayer. I thought there will be an option for coop multiplayer, but there is not. It would be real fun to have this option, to share a mine and help each other.
Good adventure game with good controls, gameplay, and graphics, but IAPs (in a paid app), no Google Play Game Features, no Google Cloud Sync, no immersive full screen, and poor justification for IAPs ("only way I can make content and still feed my family" - false, you can develop more paid games or get a job like most people).
Was playing freeplay for around and hr and didn't save my progress... When I finally decided to save the progress, the game got stuck...on pressing the back button I get "sure about quitting?" Message but other than that, nothing else seems to be responding
Love the game loads of fun. When are you going to add more levels it keeps saying coming soon, how soon is your definition of soon :)
Played for a bit, then had to exit out and come back in - screen no longer displays full screen and game is unplayable after reinstallation/restart/force stop.
Downloaded at the advice of my Minecraft- and Tererria- loving son. Cute and distracting, part puzzle solving, part resource managing.
I really like this game. I have played it for a few years now. I just wish you guys would add more levels. You say at the end of all of the expedition levels that more levels are coming soon but the have yet to come. Also during the first group of expeditions it say the are about 10 more stars you can get but there aren't enough levels to get those stars. I will change my rating to a 5 star once these issues are addressed.
So far so good, though this game's pretty hard. Always run out of energy, ladders, and/or food. When you get stuck, you lose all the treasure you've found to that point.
I paid for this on another device under the same username and it wants me buy it again. Can you help me out?
I love this game more than any other game out there. I would be happy as can be if there were a new one, or at least new adventures added. Games nowadays cannot compare with this game. They just can't.
Game is really fun when it works correctly, but there are several bugs that interfere with gameplay here and there.
Gem miner 2 is ok. However gem miner Dig deeper is much cleaner gameplay. The only bonus with this miner 2 is the graphics. In my opinion.
Good, but WHY the hell does it keep restarting while I am on a mission? Every time it does this I have to start the mission over again. Please fix
Still my favorite of all games. Lots to do without ads. A fabulous developer who puts a players fun before greed. TY!!! EDIT: Ive been playing this app for years and honey, i sorely miss the updates! I've been waiting sooo long for new adventures in easy, medium and hard! Im sure u have a million new things in the works but please don't forget your promise to your Gem Minor fans!!! EDIT: ??? Another year without update?
I love this game but i need help...on free play...it used too work fine but a few weeks ago on save file 1 and 2 started getting SD card error when i attemped too play a free play game and i could only play on save file 3.. then yesteday save file 3 deleted and now says SD card read error! I now can't play freeplay at all I've reset the game uninstalled reinstalled bought a new SD card nothing fixes this please help
Pretty cool casual game, but sadly there's no progress backup, so moving to another phone I'm not willing to continue playing it.
I would for the axe from the original to be included so we can pick up our ladders. It's a bit annoying having ladders everywhere. That's how I would track my way out and current mine. Now that ability is gone...
Please reduce the size of the dialogue box for the character speach. It's way too large on my screen and I can't see Buy/Info buttons below store items. I will send your team a screenshot.
I love it. It's an enjoyable game with engaging levels that allows offline play. I would 100% recommend it. It's nice to find a pleasant mobile game that isn't a microtransaction-bloated grindfest.
This was one of my favorite games, however the Developer no longer seems willing to support the game. There is an issue where if you try to buy something from the shop, you buy the item immediately to the left of it instead. Through trial and error, I have found a solution for those of you that still want to play this game. To buy something at the shop, scroll to it and press on the money icon, and then, before taking your finger off the screen, slide your finger ever so slightly to the left.
Game works fine on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Android 9. Does not work at all on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on Android 10... Please fix the UI on Android 10 to handle taller aspect ratios...
This game is fun. It really is. The problem with this game is, like many others now in PlayPass, it has been abandoned by the developers (last update in 2019). Nobody paying anymore? Send it to PlayPass and collect residual 💰 from Google without having to update anything or reply to those annoying players. There are a few bugs, mostly in the freeplay area (not free like cost, free like explore map without quests). I might have actually paid to play this game if it was updated.
"Gem Miner 2" is the best incarnation of "Miner: Dig Deep". It improves upon its predecessor by removing those awful cave-ins and adding a great tutorial, expeditions with many difficulty settings, including one for "Kids, a challenge mode, and a large variety of store items to purchase. An intuitive interface with HD Graphics, and new hazards. There's also a save-game option.