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Gear Jack

Gear Jack for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Crescent Moon Games located at 488 Charlton Road Ballston Spa, New York 12020. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I don't know why people are giving this as low as a one star rating. Have you played really, really challenging games before? Super Meat Boy, Super Hexagon, etc? Lots of repetition, absolute precision timing required. The controls for this game are fine. Don't rate this awesome game one star just because it's too hard.
I love runners. This takes running game to a whole new level. Flawless game in my opinion, with one exception. There's ONLY 30 levels! Why must it have ended so soon?! This is seriously awesome for a dollar, though. So so worth it. I hope that in the future they will consider adding a never-ending level with randomly generated traps, where the score is determined by how far you get. Please developers? :)
I love this game and I find it's difficulty insanely fun and what a good game is all about. But what the heck?? On lvl 10 where do you go with the remote control helicopter thing? It just goes to a dead end?! Please respond dev. Some one please respond. My twitter is @jimbohurt
Playing on xperia L1 the controls are to close together so half the time it doesnt register button hits, the time slow function stops working for a few seconds after use and cant be used again, the tutorial only covers a few basic tips but nothing when more is introduced at later levels. All this combined with the icreasing intensity in levels makes it nearly impossible to play at later levels eg took me 1 week to reach the end of level 16 and because of the issues mentioned above I have yet to complete level 18 after 3 weeks of trying. Edit some levels are impossible to complete 3 stars as on a few I have a perfect score but still cant get 3 stars.Also half of the achievements don't get rewarded even though I have completed the previous requirements. UNINSTALLED
Do we really need another runner? It's not even gorgeous... But it's smooth, fast, has good music, quite addictive and only takes a mere 28MB of storage. Well done.
This game is so broken if it were an animal even PETA would say to kill it. Waste of a perfectly good 99 cents
I bought this just on the strength of Crescent Moon's Slingshot Racing, it's not as good as that but still fun. Good visual style. Downside is that it's very hard and totally unforgiving, one tiny error and you're restarting the level. More checkpoints would be nice.
Exactly what I was expecting :) one oddity though, falling and jumping does not follow a parabolic curve, which has been really throwing me off. I think that's why the game is so hard
Been playing this for a couple months now, it is a blast. Extreme hand eye coordination is a must. The music is just the right tempo and sets a good mood for the game play. Pay close attention to the path you are on because the background is designed to distract you from the obstacles. Great fun, awesome game.
tremendously fun to play and the graphics are outstanding. Gameplay forces you to die a lot in order to find you way through the level, which I normally hate, but it's so much fun that it doesn't bother me here. Problems are that the environmental interactions aren't entirely intuitive, resulting in frustrating deaths. Also, while beautiful, the background can be distracting and the dark colors work against the expectation of response, kind of like finding your way through a strange house with the lights off.
With a perfect execution and every special item found, some levels are only giving 2 stars. Please provide some way of knowing what the point requirements the stars are awarded for. Also, sometimes gear jack gets stuck in a roll and won't jump out of it!!
I almost went for a refund when I realized what type of game this was, but I like C.M. so I gave the game a chance. I am glad I did, because it is very fun. It reminds me of another game, which I also like. It is a dodge-the-obstacles-type game, with responsive button controls. The music reminds me vaguely of megaman, and the graphics are clean. Another quality game...Nice.
The stupid difficulty sucks the fun right out of this game. If you enjoy dying and love frustration this game is a must buy!
I think there is a bug. The first encounter where i have to face 4 air jumps, the fourth one aint working.
I love the game. Yet I hate it at the same time. I'll set up a few pros and cons Pros: looks great, good music, lots of levels. Cons: you have to be so precise with the jumps. I almost threw my phone at the wall, needs more customisation for the character I think. That is all. 4 star.
I usually don't like running games but this one is unique. There are some very frustrating aspects of the controls such that I die more because of an unregistered tap than actually sucking. Nevertheless it's fun, but it could be so much more.
The game is almost unplayable at harder levels for me the way the controls are positioned. Too close to the edge of the screen, I have big hands. I usually wind up missing them just a bit so they don't register or I hit the edges of my phone. Please make them movable.
Very polished and good looking. Good replayablilty because it's not too easy, and the mini skill tree is refreshing for this genre. TWO ANNOYANCES: I do get the cheese-metal soundtrack, but it's repetitive, too loud, and there should be sfx/music volume settings or at least separate disables please! Also, sometimes touch response lags. This makes a hard game much more difficult, as it requires very precise timing. It'd be a five-star with these fixed.
This game is very well built, the framerate is silky, the style is unique and entertaining, the controls are super responsive and intuitive. The gameplay is WICKED HARD. There is no room for even tenth of a second errors in jumping. You must be spot-on or you will DIE. The game is addicting, but not for someone looking for a casual, easy-going platformer.
Controls are poor, and there is sometimes a slight delay. Jumping in this game is terrible. The instructions don't show you very much. Music is cool but constantly restarting if you die, just keep it playing the whole time.
So who's idea was it to have no pause menu? Can't pause, can't exit to main menu,, have to force quit. Well, I did. Then I uninstalled.
2D running game that gets old fast. Has No personality or desirable features. If it had a demo version I would have avoided spending 99 cents.
Probably the best mobile game I've ever played. Graphics are great, and the frame rate is solid. It's not everyday that I play a game this challenging (let alone mobile games). This game would be a 5-star game if it didn't require so much timing.
I usually leave quite lengthy in-depth reviews but this time I can't, after literally 5 minutes of playing I was hooked, now this is how a proper game rolls, put quite simply in 3 words, "The Dogs Bollocks", thank you for putting a smile on my face. Not for the slow to react types or anyone that finds a true challenge to be a scary concept, unless you can be constantly & consistently on your game, have lighting reflexes & sniper level timing & accuracy, you will only strain your grey matter. To those complaining about button positioning, you are clearly blind to the effort that has gone into this, it is cool where it is, I would even say just right although a position adjust setting would be a good idea as there are 3 variables I can think of straight away that will & is directly affecting it, screen size/resolution, the way the phone/tablet is being held & hand/finger size, I would give this 10 stars if I could, peace out...☮️...
Gear Jack provides an impressive 'art' game, with splendid 3D animations and game design. But in the levels it requires crucial movements many times throughout each level and the checkpoints are too spread from each other. Apart from that, Gear Jack is a wonderful game.
The game is great, but I think everything should be in the tutorial, including the traps! Level 5 was such a pain cuz of that.
Twitch reactions are absolutely not meant for touch controls. What's weird is that is does kind of use the Xperia Play controls but it's incomplete.
I understand that this game is not going to be super easy but you can't click that jump button one second early or late. Also when you release a rolling button you can release it one second too early or you will die. Also, I feel that the checkpoints are too far apart. If I die its before checkpoint and I have to go all the way to the beginning when I'm already near the middle. But besides throwing my phone at the wall every 2 minutes its a ok game. Worth the dollar. Not to shure about that
I am using a Nook HD running CyanogenMod 4.2. This game is great, but you can't slow time after a few seconds. You can only do it once, then it stops. It would be nice if this could be fixed. Then 5 stars.
Excellent graphics and storyline where it falls means Physics. Just decrease ur resources in graphics or art and focus more on physics and gameplay. Engine is good no need of a.i. but all it wants is physics that needs to be acquired while tweaking ur engine with gameplay mechanics. How the robot falls and the proportion of timing and of course using good lengths and distance. All the best for ur next game. I enjoyed playing crescent games and the story board and art are awesome ☺️👍
Yes this game is AWESOME to me!!! I could not stop playing this action packed platform run and jump game to put this review up. Graphics, music, level design, character development, controls, THE FREAKING CONTROL'S!!! Are perfect. This is my 5th game I Have bought from this developer, and love all my games. This is my new favorite. Taking the title from Time Surfer and a Close 2nd place to DUET. But this CMG has made the GAME! So #1 Gear Jack #2 Time Surfer. Good job CMG for the stellar action. Give it a go
The controls of this game are exacting and unforgiving, to the point that the game play suffers. A great deal of precision is required for almost everything - from jumping to registering jump actions and even knowing when to stand up - and the checkpoints are too far apart. But it sure does look great.
It's not bad. There's some "customization" but it's unclear how to earn more points for such. There are some minor irritations, but it's still mildly fun. Probably wouldn't pay for it again. For the most part, the game doesn't really use skill, so much as memorization of the level's layout. Additionally, it's got a slow intro due to its admittedly impressive graphics needing to load, so you can't really jump into it and out of it when you have a minute break here and there.
There is absolutely no margin of error. The controls can be unresponsive. And I can see that others agree with me. Please cosider making the game more playable.
Absolutely amazing game , very sweet , very addictive and for every skill level , cool graphic ( unity engine dsnt feels at all , its more like little indie game , but still , looks sooooo sweet ) , I'm so impressed and this music , ouuu its another special team , sometimes I'm losing just because dancing ( a little , but still ) , good action music for good fast game , with a lot of humors in it ...