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GBA Emulator for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Deimos Applications. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's horrible. The sound sounds like it's a blown speaker, and the d-pad and buttons are really hard to see on some parts!
I've used this app for awhile and have generally enjoyed it, but recently found out that I can no longer open the settings on my Pixel 3XL. The "more options" button in the bottom right of my phone has disappeared and since there's no way to access it from the app itself, I'm stuck with where I last left the settings. This is not a problem I have experienced in the years I have used this app. This also means no save states can be used. Really guts the experience.
Needs more touches on the controls ,make it visible just a little bit and coloured.And again it crashes when i play metroid:zero mission
its great i love playing harvest moon here but i have problems with saving the data, usually if u want to save in harvest moon we have to touch the A button but when i touch the A button i just go back to the game and when i want to search my rucksack and go back to the game from my rucksack i cant go back
it looks like the best controls no ads etc except it wont loaf my rom. just gives me a black screen (pokemon ruby) where others do work.
It runs most games pretty good. The only problem I found was when i tried to play the sims 2 pets it was really glitchey but it was running the game. I just wish that the buttons wouldn't blend in with the background.
Fantastic emulator, but I do wish we had the ability to enter cheat codes. I'd like to be able to get some of the Mythical Pokémon that are exclusive to Nintendo Events, but I can't enter the codes to do so.
started working, but then the screen never loaded. I also could barely see the buttons meaning I didn't see a way to get to the configurations menu. Sorry guys, but emulation seems to work well at least.
I can NOT even get past the title screen because of the ads and every time I click on the play button it just sends me back to the play store I recomend not downloading this app
really like the ap but it seems like basically everyday i have to uninstall and reinstall or itll just load a black screen and nothing else please fix this and ill b more then happy to give 5 stars
This is the most EPIC emulator ever!!! It runs so smooth too. I love it. I play many games on it rn!!! Thank you for inventing such an app!!!!! The control buttons should be a bit bigger but anyways. 5 stars. The tell us more thingy.. "Rate the controls" 4 Stars until the controls are bigger. There should be an option to make it bigger or smaller as we like!
I recommend this one. I tried almost all emulators here in google play and this is the one that you should use. i can play mario. you can press the buttons simultanously so you can run and jump. theres just a few ads but that is acceptable. and theres an in-app button link to all games available. this is the one you might be looking for. May I suggest that you allow us to rename the save slot and add the date and time of when it was last saved? theres a chance that we may overwrite it. thank you
This app is trash. Absolutely trash. It does not do anything but show ads do not download ever come kete trash wish I could give zero stars
Would really like to use this again but ever since I upgraded from Android 4.4 to 8.1 it only black screens when I load a game which is really unfortunate because when it worked nothing worked liked this app did. So I guess it's o'well for now..
filled my phone with all sorts of ads (many of which nsfw) and didn't even work! Edit: had to factory reset my phone to get it working again, avoid this like the plague!
Runs fine, but its targeting a very old version of android, and doesnt let me bind buttons to my physical controller (Flydigi Wee 2). I'll ve looking elsewhere.
Would give more stars but there's no way to change the button scale Oriente layout like it prompts Yousef to at the beginning of the app. Also would be nice to change to Color of the buttons as some games you can't even see the DPad and makes it difficult to play in touch screen devices
This used to be one of the best gba emulators on the play store, however, a recent update not only quadrupled the number of ads, but completely broke the app causing it to crash after loading 2 ads. Tl;dr - update broke the app, do not download
Works great! There's only one ad shortly before bootup. I loved the ability to remap the keyboard controls. I've only played Pokemon Emerald on it, but it's been working great for me!
my experience with the emulator is bad. i cant move the controls to my big fingers and the buttons are too small. i want to be able to customizey controls to fit me. last but not least the emulator cannot play most of my games it just crashes.
damn thing wouldnt work! i hate apps that wont work for me. i heard the theme music, but the display wouldnt work.
Pretty okay GBA emulator. The literally non-existent d-pad and a+b buttons and the lack of cheat codes make the emulator somewhat inferior to the MyBoy! GBA emulator and others, but this GBA emulator has the best bang for your buck, cause it's free with little lag. I reccomend mostly playing RPGs like Pokemon and Golden Sun on this, cause the transparency of the d-pad and a+b buttons makes most other games extremely frustrating. If you don't like that, get some other GBA emulator(or a PC lmao).
It's the best free one as far as I'm concerned, but a glitch makes it impossible for me to play. I used the "quick save" function on a game and since then the game will randomly quick load. in settings, there's no binding for quick load and no option to delete save state data. FIX AND RESPOND AND YOU'LL GET (and deserve) FIVE STARS
Works very well it does it's job with little to no problems. If possible could the option to speed up the game be added? Or maybe the ability to entrr cheat codes for rom hacks? This app is a gem thank you guys for making it ^^
Today's update broke the app, loads ads until it crashes itself and you can't even get to the menu to start any games.
This is the worst emulator out of the rest on the top of the list when you search for GBA emulators. The screen is black but you can hear the game audio. When tinkering with settings outside of the emulator, you get an ad for every three clicks. It's awful.
Its really cool but a complaint, I downloaded a game a few times by accident and it wont delete any of it. And its bogging it down. And Ive even uninstalled it. It dint work. So pretty much theres nothing I can do!😠😡😡
Very easy to use, no limitations on ROMs (what I have seen). I thought the Ads would be annoying and pop up a lot but it the "ads" are a one-time image ad that takes 0.5 seconds to exit before your game loads. Great app!
It was ok. It worked ok, but im new to emulators and i had trouble locating the file within the menues. The sites it gave me looked scetchy and the ads were a bit anoying when i was just starting out, they did go away when i got in the game tho. The A and B buttons were hard to see, i was playing a bit of red rescue team so that wasnt an issue. I can see how it would make playing action games hard tho. Idk hiw to delete the emulators now, and im not keeping the app. Overall, cool for free. Good.
The emulator was recently updated and I've now lost access to all my games and I'm worried I've lost progress in those games too. Lots of hours of Pokémon gone..
My favorite part of this is when it lost my game save file. Like, the entire thing. I was half through Pokémon fire red and now I have to completely start over. Plus, it wouldn't work with any controllers.
Doesn't work correctly. Black screen when rom loads, but there us sound and buttons respond to touch.
Can't find any menu options for the life of me. A way to change the button layout, the button opacity, or a save state button. Nada. Looked for a good five minutes. All I see is PLAY and Search for Games on the Internet. Then I can select a game from a directory. That's it. Game seems to run smoothly though for the brief time I tried it. Just gotta have save states. A deal breaker without them.
It's a great application. Once you open the app there will be an icon on the bottom left that says "download a game from the internet" , then it will take you to your browser and you can find the best websites (the ones at the top) and download games. My only problem is that you should make it more clear when you download a game and it should be easier to find. And can you please make the pad and joystick more visible? Other that that, it's one of the best emulators out there.
This is a really good emulator. The ads aren't obnoxious, and don't display while you play the game. I like that it gives you a link to rom downloads, and most games play perfectly. The d-pad and buttons could be made less see-through, however. I have also noticed a glitch while playing MegaMan Zero. (I tried a bit if Zero 2, and the glitch wasn't there.) You can only attack or jump once while moving. If you could fix these things, that would be amazing.
this emulator sucks can't load game non stop ads. as soon as i load game ad pops up. when i close ad. the game closes too. tired few times can't load game. don't use.
Works very well helped me remember my childhood and with ads that weren't annoying or in the way like some other apps or emulators it is a great time and works very well with the user even giving a link to a site to get the roms you want right in the app.
Great but it needs features like cheats custom button setup screen and custom button size using a scale option and moving buttons to wherever you like but overall it's the new best emulator
Amazing app! Works smoothly,plenty of save slots for quick restarting,and overall,a great emulator. The only problem I encountered was with a few roms where I had to close the app and turn it on again to play,but it didn't bother me a second time. So,5 stars! Good job,guys!
This app is great and all, but some roms like Golden Sun TLA has a bug in this emu that makes it unplayable and works well with other gba emulator. Its such a shame that i cant play all the roms i want on one single gba emu app
Tried multiple ROMs from multiple sources.. each one only showed a black screen once the ROM was loaded. Could hear audio, and got the button overlay, but 0 visuals of the game.
i opened the app and started up the game. first thing i noticed was the D-pad and the A&B buttons were the same color as the background. making it nearly invisible. the 2nd thing is the description says "cheats" i looked for a code supporter or a full on cheat menu and nothing. by far the WORST emulator in the marketplace. save your time.
great app runs perfectly my little brother loves playing sonic advance but can you please make the buttons more visible when it's set to 100 my little brother has a hard time seeing the controls
I love using this app to play some less resouce intensive retro games, and external input support is great, however sometimes the game just "stops responding" after certain events in various games. If the issue was somwhow resolved, instant 5 stars.
Older versions worked 1000x better and actually- yknow- WORKED now it just loads an F ton of ads and I can't even get passed the main menu before it crashes- whatever you guys did- you completely destroyed your own app- now it doesn't work at all!
Really good. This app works really well with close to no lag and works with every gba rom i tried on it from pokemon to final fantasy, any gba game you want to play just download the rom for free and it WILL work. I recomend.