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Gas Station 2: Highway Service

Gas Station 2: Highway Service for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Play With Games located at 15 Spinnaker Quay Mount Batten Plymouth Devon PL9 9SA United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Cute little game, but its unfinished. Theres no speed or rpm gauge and no traffic and no mini map in free roam mode, no horn and no headlight/taillight button, no day/night cycle, and the mission in Cadillac Escalade is impossible (automatically crash after going through the checkpoints)...
I love this game and it is cool. You must have this game. This is one of the best games ever! The controls are extremely good. The cars are awesome and amazing. You know what I saying? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!馃弾馃弸 馃弲馃弳馃弲馃弳馃弲馃弳馃弲馃弳馃弲馃弳馃弲馃弳馃弲馃弳馃弲馃弳馃弲馃弳馃弲馃弳馃弲馃弳馃弲馃弳 鈿解毥鈿解毥鈿解毥鈿解毥鈿解毥鈿解毥鈿解毥鈿解毥鈿解毥鈿金焽拆焽桂焽拆焽桂焽拆焽桂焽拆焽
Really was looking forward to trying this but the game will not load. Just sits at the beginning screen
This app is absolutely spot on I love it when I travelled to London it was a good offline game but it does run your battery completely flat sometimes. 馃槅
Nice game I can also play gas station 1 part which was very good and this 2nd part comes with many improvements
10 seconds in I could tell that the game was very buggy. About a minute in, the game lacked quality and actual driving experience. 10 seconds later, a car failed to stop at a stop sign and hit me, saying I was the cause. This game is just to make off money out of little kids.
the game is very good but when you unlock FERRARI ($25000) its sensitivity frustates you and forces you to delete the game
It's a good game and lots of people should download this wonderful game. Keep up the good work Play With Games!
preety cool game many missions heaps of cars and earning coin is moderate but the ads are annoying other than that awsome game 馃憤
THIS GAME IS SO FUN!!! Me and my brothers play and it is an amazing experience. The graphics are amazing and it's just a very fun game in general. But one thing I would add would have to be that if you did free roam you would have cars driving around just like In the normal levels. BUT OVER ALL AMAZING GAME I LOVE IT KEEP IT UP!!!!!!馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤
When I played every single game that you made , guess what happened to it. there was a problem with the steering wheel. whenever I would move the steering wheel it would be stupid and the ,gas, the, brakes, and the, buttons to, so please fix it for me !!!!!!!!!!!!??!!???!!??!!!?????!?!!??!?!?!!??!?!???????!?!????!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?????!?!!?!!?!!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!??!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?????!!?!?!??!!?!?!!?!?!!?!!?!!?!?!!!??!?馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槨馃槧馃槧馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槧馃槧馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槨馃槧馃槨馃槧
I wouldn't even rate this game 1 star because the graphics are really bad especially after I just played a high graphics game this game is bad you should play roundabout 2 instead
it was good in the beginning but out of nowhere my progress started glitching and it would bring me back like 5 stages. i got annoyed redoing the whole thing again and again so i just uninstalled the game.
The developers finally got it RIGHT! the controls actually let you control the car like it should be. Thank you! This is the driving game you need it is a Must have of 2019.
Love the game, very enjoyable but it doesn't save very well. I have passed through so many levels and I have left the game, come back and it has put me a vehicle or 2 back so you have to redo the missions.
Giving this game 2 stars because game has too many ads when i complete everylevel on gold i still dont have enough money to buy new car and you are making me watch ads also at the end of the level it shows 2x coins i press it and it does not work also its glitchy so yall better fix everything
I like the game, but atleast add some A.I. in free roam, just to put a bit more realism without worrying about time.
Issue: I cannot drive any car other than the first. I'd gotten pretty far, and when I first loaded up the game, it looked fine. But I couldn't access any other car. I even tried doing all of the missions with the first car, but it won't let me use the second. it shoes up as purchased, but the mission select dots are all locked. Edit: Yes, this happened after the Friday update.
good people this game is very nice and enjoyable even to udult as im 35yrs .i love it, in fact (Play with games company) all your games are nice , controls,graphics and everything. i dont regret joining you guys, Cheers.
won't let me move onto the next level and collect the tow truck. seems to be stuck on the same level and not saving my progress.
It's ok I guess it's good you can go free drive and you don't have to do levels to drive free there is caravans pickup rucks and everything not that many adds,not many cars around while driving you can pick low,high and medium and you can go car wash as well as hope this helped
my game broke i need 15000 credits and i have finished all the cars chalenges and i jqve 14600 credits and the ads dont work what is wrong with the game. i like the concept of the game but you may need some ads to make the game run better without breaking
Game is quite good but control are not so up to mark, secondly progress data isn't update by the game server which effect you to lose you cleared level overall mean you will play the same level again and again.
Good game but too easy. Completed it in a few hours. (Wasn't playing it non stop either) as I said before, too easy.
Just like their other games, doesn't even work. Gets to the loading screen and stays there. Going to uninstall all of them. Google Pixel 3a XL Android 11
this game is getting annoying i cant move on too the next level its not saving anything i do i even bought the deluxe package so fix it or give me my money back
good game one problem was that i did a lot of missions and i played today and some of the missions were erased
Love this game but the only problem is that when I got to the stage that I needed to buy the bus I didn't have enough coins even though I have gold medals all the way through and it says I have maximum cash
This game is good but after I got some cars the other cars are so much money that I can't make enough so please fix this 馃憤.
One of the best games of Play With Games.In this game,handling is awesome.Please make games like this, specially the handling
I went on and went to my car and it put me in the first level and then once I finished that and the next 4 I would not let me go on to the car after that or any others