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Gardenscapes for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Playrix located at 4th floor, Red Oak North, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18 D18 X5K7, Ireland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love it. It's a challenge as well as a time passer. Great job to the people who made this game. Now,I agree with others. The higher u get,the coins u win have to be used,as well as moves,or a purchase. Itz still fun,but not when u have to purchase your way out of levels. And why so many updates on all playrix games????πŸ€¨πŸ€¨πŸ’œπŸ’œ
Exciting and quite challenging. Needs a lot of thinking where cognitive is concern. Some are quite easy but that's the reward or else it won't be good to play when it's too difficult. Keeps you on your toes, especially with the ice and honey and butterflies. Creates beautiful gardens too. Make you want to improve my own garden at home too.
This game is becoming more n more unfair. Twice now ive had to pay the 900 then 1200 then 2000 then the 2800 in coins on extra moves because the butterflies are not coming up like they should. 15 moves extra just for the last butterfly to come up. Thats not fair at all. Yall need to fix that. N gove back my coins. Its cheating n wrong to take advantage of players. Im in the 8400 levels. Playing golden cup waiting on more levels. So ive been playing this game a few years now.
Well.. I actually quite like this game but it has stop working since the last update so it has been nearly two weeks since I played. I agree with some of the reviews, that some of the games are too hard, unless you have items to spend or are willing to spend money, you can easily spend a couple of days on the same level. I am past the 2500 level and the tasks now always ask for 4 stars with the majority being 2 or 3 part tasks, so it seems that you can take forever to complete an area.
Good and addictive game so far. I will come after more than a week of playing for a full review. 8/23/20 Great game. Exciting level's as well as rewards. No excessive ads that break your concentration. I was even able to get my husband to add it to his games. I took a break for him to catch up and now we are able to compete against one another without linking in to a social media platform (my favorite). Try this game for yourself. 2/28/21 We're still going strong enjoying the game together.
I've been playing this for quite a while and have the same observations as most reviewers. The two most frustrating aspects are the painfully long time it takes for lives to regenerate. At the more advanced levels, it is an expensive game to win. How much you can win w/o powerups?...It depends what you are willing to spend. There's no randomness in how the pieces arrange themselves, it's all in the algorithms.
I had a lot of fun until around level 1,000. Now it is difficult to complete challenges and get special rewards. I am also disappointed that it was impossible to get the cat without spending money. I will be uninstalling now as a result. Update: removing all stars due to the advertisements for the game having nothing to do with actual gameplay.
This is a fairly good game but it feels like the levels are randomly generated making it hard to win/pass the further in you get. I've seen the responses from the devs saying the levels are beatable without having to spend irl money but after playing the same level over and over for the past 2 weeks I don't believe the levels are beatable from the start. They have ways to get free power ups but you have to beat the levels to receive them.
I like the game a lot. I am only giving it three stars because I think the game is intentional with not allowing you to get far without spending and I refuse to spend money. The game also appears intentional with keeping you from advancing without using everything you have stored. Lastly, what happened to all the challenges and puzzles. I haven't had one of those in months.
Great but I would have liked more of the challenges don't know how you get the rescue parts of the game still can't find out how to resume Austin but it's a good game . Really like the new features and rewards still enjoying it and love my dog . The new areas are brilliant love the freebies . Some of the levels are impossible without the boosters .
The game can really be frustrating sometimes and you'll be seriously tempted to spend real money. However it's not excessively so and you can go far with patience and perseverance. However the wheel of fortune aspect is a clear cheat as I've played it over 200 times and only won the jackpot 3 times. On the overall though it's quite a good game
Really enjoy playing this game. Some of the levels can take me days to complete but always get there in the end. It would be good if we could do a chat room on the game to speak to other players. Also doing mini games to earn rewards such as lives and coins more frequently to keep us players coming back to the game more regularly instead of just waiting for our lives to refill. All in all 5 stars
Love this game, wish it was easier to get bonus help sometimes I get stuck for days on the same level it gets discouraging but I still love to play. It has been easier lately to get bonuses and has helped me tremendously. Love this game play all the time every day.πŸ˜„πŸ˜love it has been better and better! Very pleased with all the way to get bonus help much more fun to play. My new review is I'm enjoying this game everyday.... LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!
If I could give this game zero stars, I would. Takes too long for lives to refill, very expensive packages, boost required at very low levels to pass them. Do not buy packages! The game is made that way.... you will loose your investment in very short time, and than you will need to spend more money. When I started playing, this game was rated 4,8 stars. Look at it now...To developer- don't insult my intelligence. I didn't start playing yesterday...
I really like the game but sometimes it doesn't seem to be enough moves to complete levels. Some levels are too difficult and force you to spend cash. Also I dont like my coins being forced into a safe and I cant spend it unless I spend real cash, to buy the safe full of the coins I already earned.
This game is ridiculous. At first it seems like it would be a relaxing game but there are levels that can NOT be beat without purchasing power ups or gold in order to add moves. The developers need to figure out ways to allow people to play but added incentives (like the golden tickets for events) to entice people to spend. I have been on the same level for nearly 48 hours trying to pass it and at this point I am about out.
It's a shame that such a quality and fun game has to feel like gambling. How many billions of dollars do you guys have to make before you decide to tone down the obvious pay-to-win mechanics? "Every level can be beaten without paying". Sure, but how can being stuck on one level for weeks at a time be expected to stay fun? It can't. But the brilliant psychology inherent in the design of the game keeps people coming back, because they just want that sweet release of winning (just like gambling).
Advertising suggests the game is an "ADVENTURE LIFE CHOICE" gameplay style. THIS IS FALSE. The game is simply a puzzle game not too dissimilar to candy crush where you move gems to solve levels. Yes the storyline is a nice additon and the graphics are good. But its NOT what is advertised! Why is this so?? It means the developers are lying to consumers. How are they able to get away with tthis??
The graphic and story line good enough to kill the time. But the main games ridiculously impossible to win. The worst is, the algorithm of the main game do not random. You guys intentionally make me fail at the same stage because of bloody nuts.Please check your algorithm in level 94. It is ridiculous. I always get no moves available situation. I use 3 bloody expensive booster yet nothing change. If I don't pass this stage in 24 hours. Then that's it. I will uninstall it.
The game is fun, and the stories are cute, but once you get to a certain point some of the levels are literally impossible. Not difficult to strategize withβ€” they literally don't give you productive moves. It's a lazy coding technique to attempt to get you to spend $$$ on the game. It especially frustrates me because I DO already spend money on the game. Too much! I buy every golden ticket and will often buy packages or coins. And it's never enough to Playrix that I'm a repeat customer.
I am officially done with this game. It is a "pay to play" game and is not based on skill or even luck. Searching YouTube for hints, I can see they have slowly reduced the amount of turns on certain levels to make it necessary to purchase power ups and more lives. I made it to level 219 and they have reduced the turns by 6 since they released the game. Not worth your time. I wasted mine don't waste yours. It is hilarious that you openly admit to changing your game to maximize your profits.
I do enjoy the game but, It's getting boring when you need to update it frequently but nothing really change in the game after the update πŸ™„...sometimes when I open and need to update I just ignore and decide not to play it, it make me lost interest...And the games sometimes pull the trick for example, in butterfly games when you only need one more butterfly to win the game even you still have 5move, the last butterfly won't came out until only 1 or 0 move left!!! it's so irritating!!!
Used to play homescapes till it got impossibly hard. Hope this doesn't get too hard as enjoying it so far. Realise that what you need to succeed is patience, watching tips on youtube, and realizing that you'll get there if you keep trying! Really good game. Never, I repeat, never, play magic boxes unless you want to lose all your money and end up feeling a bit sick! Also why is it that when I watch youtube they get 23 goes and I get 15 or 18? Bit mean! New edit, now it's more annoying than fun.
This game does help pass the time, but it really seems as though during events the levels are purposely made extremely difficult/impossible to beat without boosters. Also, an issue I've encountered is when trying to move an explosive in a direction I need it to go, the game moves the explosive in the opposite direction. I first thought it was my screen protector or my phone but it happened on my other phone too which had no screen protector. This has happened several times.
Loved the game until it locked up after the yoga upgrade. Now I can play but can not move around on the screen and am unable to complete tasks even with enough credits(stars). It has also forced me to reopen the app when I try to continue after I spend my stars to win the level. Wish they had a new upgrade to see if it would unlock my app when installed.
Interesting game without any irrelevant ads and all. Loved it! Although it is sometimes frustrating when you are stuck on one level. However, coins earned by one level are not enough as well. Sometimes, I don't play this game for weeks as there are not enough coins or boosters to clear a specific level.
Fun to play but it gets difficult to play without spending money. It sure feels like they set you up to fail to frustrate you into spending a few (or more) bucks here and there (and everywhere). My advice is to not play for 15 days when you get stuck. When you log in after that, they give you a welcome back bonus of unlimited boosters for 15 minutes.
Good, but some levels are too hard to beat because there are too few moves available to use. Also, there have been multiple times where I have not been able to play the mini games because it has failed to load after multiple tries or has disconnected mid game multiple times. I thought it was a fault with my internet connection but I've checked it out and that's not the issue, very frustrating.
I like the game, but the levels are getting too difficult (I am at level 2100 or so.) The side challenges are way too difficult to complete as well, making the game not so fun anymore. Edit: Suddenly (lv. 3800 or so now) you can't even check on team progress during the tournament if you don't get at least one level. I have been stuck on a level for days!! That is wrong, after the money I have spent on this game. The only reason I haven't uninstalled is because I don't want to abandon my team.
Agree with other players. Hard to advance or play without being stuck on a level for weeks unless you buy more coins and boosters. Then that is not always a guarantee. Not as fun as it used to be. I dropped another star on this. Anytime there is a contest of some kind it is difficult levels one after another and nearly impossible. Then I invited a friend and did not received the rewards that were promised. Contacted support 2 days ago and still no word. Support msg gone
It is a very enjoyable game, but... some levels are very hard to beat, and the safe i hate that thing, u work so hard in earning ur own coins in the game and they just go to the safe in which u have to buy with realy money. I don't understand y I get my own coins, and then having to buy them makes no sense. If I get more frustrated I am definitely deleting the game. But I do think the designing and everything is fun, it is a very good game concept.
The game is challenging which I did like. Now I'm having a very difficult time trying to reinstall it because user support told me to uninstall and reinstall after restarting my device to fix an issue I was having. Well NOW THAT IS MY ISSUE. IT SAY NOT INTERNET CONNECTION TO DOWNLOAD IT.. THATS BS. I HAVE CONNECTION. ITS BEEN 2 DAYS CAN'T REINSTALL IT. NOT HAPPY WITH IT AT ALL.
I really enjoy the game. I wish there was more opportunity to get free coins, like from watching ads. You guys should consider replacing the second color ball booster from the daily spin with 100 coins. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing what you create.
Was a good game, chews through your coins when you buy packages. Levels are hard sometimes and I keep buying packages to no avail. Wasting time and money in a game that won't let you proceed. Time to delete this game I think and find another or go back to Candy Crush the original.
There is something wrong with the game. Been playing it a lot. Went to play it today and it will not load. It starts but then kicks off back to my main apps page. No problem with internet! Everything else comes right on that uses internet. Problem is on your site. I would like to play it, mostly after I bought some packages just recently. Thank you.
The game is fun at first. However at certain point it isn't possible to beat levels without powerups. You can get free powerups by waiting, but if you want to play this game every day, instead of waiting, this is not for you. Also, the minigames are a scam for advertising purposes. They have no relation to the plot or game mechanics. I don't mind because I downloaded the game before the minigames were added. But if you came for minigames, this is a waste of your time.
Finally putting this game to an end. Got to lever 1996. Had to clear 4 glasses and dynamites. When playing the game will only drop 3 dynamites. After that you will never get the 4th one until forced to make a purchase. I had over 6000 coins, alot of boosters and used over 30 moves and nothing. I played level many times; didn't work. I refused to purchase so I quit. It's rigged to cheat and I always purchase. I will go back if I get back some coins and boosters that I lost. I think that's fair
Very nice game however some of the levels are hard to beat and u stuck for a couple of days unless u use cash to buy coins or powerups. So if u want to move forward quickly be prepared to pay if not keeps trying to beat the levels day in and out with only the five free lives they give you and a lucky spin a day which will get you one powerupπŸ™„πŸ‘Ž that's the only thing I don't like otherwise it's fine.
I love playing this game. I enjoyed the haunted mansion event and loved the little bats, very clever and helpful. Edit, been playing for years, loved this game. I'm playing in the newest set of released puzzles. Tripling the frequency of purple rated difficulty puzzles doesn't make the game better. Ready to quit for good
I hate that they are taking away the decor catalog. if they didnt want to make more ok but we should still beable to collect all the decor for what they had. it is hard and cost to much for us to get all the decor in a short time. love the game except it is hard to get cash. You cant get event items if you missed it in the event time. I wish there was a way to get them later. I HATE THAT IF THE GAME KICKS U OUT DURING A LEVEL U LOOSE UR POWER UPS.
Frustration with the higher levels makes you not want to play anymore. Seems like every other oevel becomes hard or super hard and its more frustrating then fun. Challenges can be entertaining but when you feel no matter what you can't move on. Its time to find another game to entertain my time.
My review dissappeared. Why do I have to wait 5 or 10 minutes when I use stars? I earned the stars and I don't want to spend coins I already bought to make it quicker. I will uninstall the game if I have to wait. This completely removes any enjoyment I got from the game. I played this for HOURS on end to complete the last event and this intrusion ruins the game for me. And uninstalled.
I am on level 1279 and my play button wont work. I have uninstalled and redownloaded the game. But it still wont work. Ive looked at all your troubleshooting options. None of those helped!!! Ive been playing this game for a long time. This needs to be fixed!!!
I agree with the other reviews. I had to reduce the stars I originally gave it. Some levels are really hard even using the tools you can purchase. I've also noticed when completing areas, you have to earn a certain amount of stars and that only allows you to fix a certain amount of that particular area. For instance, you would complete an area in three sections so you have to earn 3 to 4 stars for each section.
It's a fun game, alot like the others. I was quite disappointed that the mini games are what prompted me to get the game and there's hardly any puzzles. Also I feel there's too much, crowding, on each area of lawn. It gets way too cluttered. I only play this game when I'm out of lives on other ones. This game could definitely use some improvements.
I really loved this game. It's really interactive and there is always so much for you to do. It is a bit annoying sometimes as you need stars to complete an activity. But to get stars you need to do a game (It's like Candy Crush), which can sometimes be really hard. If you fail to do the game in one round, then they will take away one live - but it's still good because the lives come back really quickly.
A great game. I`m still enjoying but some of the higher levels you can spend Up to four days before you beat that level and you have missed out on competitions or helping your team win a competition. Also you can spend a day or two on an easy level if you don't have boosters. Another thing I noticed the more levels you complete the more super hard levels occur, every three or four times as you progress. Just recently I spent six days trying to beat a super hard level with boosters. I missed out
At first it was very fun to play, because it's easy to finish each level, especially and there are many boosters that are faithful to each difficult level. And many claim unlimited life. But now I'm in level 5,231 so it's hard to finish each level. The difficult levels are almost consecutive. I can still move but it will be a few days. And I realized that at first it was just fun. Sorry because I only gave one star. Thanks
Review #3: I downloaded on another device; couldn't give up on a game I like playing. Could not find a selection for support. Review #2: What happened to my game. After installing the current required update, it opened as a new app at square one; since I was almost to level 700, I wasn't going to start over--I deleted the game. Very disappointing. Review #1: Great graphics and dialog. Like Homescapes, it's addictive, and I'm sure, more and more challenging as levels advance. Love the game!
Very addictive game, every level is different so many thanks for effort. My objection is related to how sometimes is hard to beat even the easy level. Although I can understand that there won't be a point to play without any obstacle, it can be really really frustrating to play the whole day or couple of days the same level. Down for one star because the support is awful, you are forced to communicate to the robot and you never get the answer or the solution problem from them.
I used to love this game! But after having bad experiences with two different phones now with this game I'm ready to uninstall it!! It keeps eating my credits and my power-ups closing down on me in the middle of the game and closing down on me when I'm trying to purchase something so I don't have to lose my game and then it takes everything I've earned!! I wrote to customer support until then I felt they owed me and never got a response I am so completely over this!
Hi.. Game is good, and there are some I'll logical function or keys in the game.such as 1-You get 5 New life in 900 game coin which is ok.πŸ‘ 2- Worst part it whichever level you play they give us less moves compared to the level moves required. ( And once your finished moves & you want to complete particular level you have to buy MOVES which is again 5 moves = 900 game coin.)πŸ‘Ž 3- Wherein you have to purchase those 5 Moves using game coins. I'm playing this game since 1yr. I'll email you rest.
Just went to play the game. When i pressed the play button, nothing, i flipped my phone because i thought it was the phone but nope, still wont play after preesing the play button. Every single day, there is always something wrong with this stupid game. It needs to be fixed!
This is so annoying. I played this game 3-4 years now and i found out a pattern. I get stuck like 1 or 2 weeks on a level, spent hundreds of lifes, and after i passed it i manage to play 2-3 levels and get back stuck. This is so frustrating, like all you want is us to put the money in. I played other games harder than this and more complex, but never see a game like this! I am at level 2450 in 4 years!!! If this week continues like this, i will uninstall and not recomend till then. πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
I enjoyed the graphics, the characters and making my own garden. However, it's a match 3 game which you can't win in the harder stages without boosters. The free boosters are not enough, because ofcourse they want you to purchase them. You don't earn enough coins per game either. You can get lives from your friends but not booster. After being stuck on a stage for almost 2 weeks, I decided to move on to something better. Disappointed and frustrated.
Unfortunately I got a certain point of the game where the "easy" levels are not easy anymore and I fail, fail, over and over again. This is no fun anymore, it's starting to be very frustrating because you play for some minutes and you get stuck in a level. After 20 times trying and finally pass, you start to be excited again but the next level is the same...you need to try it for more 20 times...I am very close to uninstall this game...no patience anymore!
When loading the game, it stops at the "o" loading. Then it will restart & load normally. Recently I have to multiple tap on the "x" to close the windows. Today it completely stopped loading the next level. Very much annoying! πŸ˜žπŸ˜”πŸ˜€ Otherwise it's a good game.
I like the game. It's good. The hard levels are challenging. But that's the twist. These levels are really so difficult, because they are alloted with very less number of moves. And buying moves and boosters are expensive. So u have to end up purchasing them for high prices.. That's definitely not worth it. Also the ratio of the amount paid and what you get is return is very imbalanced. U can play till 150 levels.. After that, it is better to uninstall..
I really love this game! The only problem is that on most levels they are pretty difficult, and they don't give you NEAR enough time before the level ends and you have to start over again, and then it will give you the option of using a bunch of coins, which is pretty much MOST of your coins a lot of the time! But then, it only gives you like 15 seconds more of time which isn't no time at all! So it's like you used all your coins for no reason! So PLEASE change this! Thanks! Emily Stallings
This is by far my favorite game, but it loses stars because of the new golden cup feature. This stupid thing pops up every few days and lasts like five days during which there is no level progression and no stars collected. The prizes are not worth the the resources I won't spend money or use resources as long as the golden cup is running. Also, I like the creative element of the game, but lately I'm given fewer opportunities to choose my garden's elements. I may have to find a new game.
This game is addicting but ridiculous. Some levels are so hard but you only get a life every 30 minutes. You can blow through your 5 lives in 5 minutes and then you wait for 2 1/2 hours to get a full set again. Ridiculous!!!! Now my account has been charged without receiving the product. And now support wont answer me. I took Gardenscapes advice and uninstalled the app. When i tried to reinstall it, it wont install. so now i have no game. what a screwed up game!
Okay so I've had this game for 2 years now and yes it gets hard towards the 1000th level that you may or may not have to spend money depending on your patience. Currently I am on level 2025 now and trust me it gets easier. It's such a satisfying game. I like how you can be in teams and communicate with eachother and win leagues together. Btw I've spend a total of 5 dollars here for the golden tickets
If you pay close attention you'll see they're cheating or the refuse to fix the bugs. The boosters aren't clearing what they're suppose to clear. The game will kick you out, causing you to lose the boosters you have in your chest, lose any extra boosters you tried to use for that level, and a life. They disabled the customer service feature when I tried to report it. They don't want people realizing they're stealing our money. Then, you buy things you can't use cause it isn't working properly.
I am at around level 2500. At no point have I yet come across any mini-games or help-the-character games. I originally started this game because that's what was advertised. It is strictly a match-3 game. I am also at the level that the games can be very difficult, so I end up completing very few challenges or contests before the time runs out. But I do basically enjoy the game and have fun renovating the garden areas.
The screen is black cant see to play the game, it will go off also while playing, I have restarted it deleted it and downloaded it again, this has been going on for months, and I have spent money on it, in the past, I will not anymore if it keeps this up,it is stalling now , thus is April of 2021, down to a 4 star, i posted problems a long time ago and nothing. I even pay to play sometimes, I cant get through this one
I have had problems since the last update. I cannot see Austin or his dog, and cannot spin the wheel. I cannot use my stars. I lowered my rating until these issues are resolved. I just uninstalled again, and will reinstall for the third time. I really do like this game when it works right. I hope that this new update will fix everything.
I'm only giving it four stars for now only because I just got the game and not sure I'll keep it yet, I mean, yeah it's fun and a good game, but I wish at least some of the lower levels weren't so tricky/hard! (Also, wish there were other ways to earn gold, besides playing the puzzles). Other than that I will recommend it. :)
Ridiculous difficulty levels towards the 1000 mark. Stuck for DAYS... if you like that type of thing, then go ahead and download. Cannot progress at a comfortable pace without spending. Also pretty obvious that you are not in control... the game algorithms decide how, when and if you pass a level. Very few mini games. I'm deleting. Try Lilly's Garden...
I have played this game for 2 years, but it does provide any mini game as promised during advertisement of this game. As well as levels are pretty tough, not getting sufficient move to complete it, so We have to stuck on a level for more than 96 hours. This makes very frustrated. We play this game for relax, not put stress on us. We mailed you repeatedly, but no response comes yet, even not getting any approval from your side, it's very insulting. So it's better to uninstall the game.
This game is fun and gentle, for the most part. A pleasant, mindless diversion. The developers are very clever at making it so you can get ohh so close to victory that you spend money getting boosters and extra moves. I am extremely close to deleting it, though, because level 1692 is actually mathematically impossible to beat without purchasing extra moves. This is the very definition of play to win. That has become frustrating and disappointing.
The game gets very difficult after a certain level. You get bombarded by very difficult levels nonstop. It would have been fun if just for respite after a difficult level one can have three to four easy levels. I spent so much on this game and now really not going to spend anymore because even after buying coins and powerups for such high prices the game hardly moves a few steps. My advise is not to buy anything, just try it one to two times a day, and move on to other games.
This is a fun game to play, until you hit the paywall level that cannot be done in the moves it asks. Over the course of the past week I have tried multiple times to complete level 160, using all of my coins and boosts to do it. And on two separate occasions I have managed to get it to within one move of completion, requiring me spend money to buy coins in order to do so I really enjoyed this game up until this point but cynical tactics like this put me off completely so, I am done.
I can't get out in my gardens anymore so this game helps me to still work in a garden. I've been playing over 3yrs. It's my favorite game. But I was having problems with it shutting down & slow motion moves. It did update, without improvement. I stopped playing for quite a while. : ( My son gave me his old phone to use for my games. He even fixed it to the levels where I left off! So far, all the games are running smoothly! I don't understand why Gardenscapes was the only game I had trouble with
Like someone said in a review of another of Playrix game, it does not take long for it to devolve into a bare bones, bareface money "grabbing scam" everything becomes geared towards getting you to spend way too much money than is appropriate. Enjoyment of the game? Well I guess they are thinking you should have got a fill of that during the early levels of the game. It's been uninstalled thereof, thank you. Update - 04/29/2021: I see it's still business as usual, it seems to have become worse.
Love the game and decorating my garden just way to many updates. . and some impossible levels. . . Just had to download again wouldn't come on the screen.... would somebody please tell me what's going on with this gameI've played for four years my garden is beautiful and I've spent I don't know how much money but that's neither here nor there soI downloaded it on my new phone hooked it up to Facebook and all I am getting his green grass and white squares what in the hell is going on
My game just stops at least 2 times a day. Just when I am winning a level. This happens every day for several weeks. I like this game but I'm really ready to delete it. It was fixed for awhile but once again it isn't working. It takes about 2 minutes to load and won't even let me play. I have no problems with homescapes or any other game. Just gardenscapes. Please fix or I will delete it. Thank you.
What's the point of bring in new events when the game doesn't work properly: no fireworks, electric or apples for a couple of weeks, & the game demotes you without playing any league. The way I see it, this whole game needs to be made faster for all devices. For some people, the game resets them to lower levels, even if the game is saved on Facebook or Google. The more levels you bring, the slower the game gets.
Pretty addictive. And so cute! Update: keeps stopping after recent update. Will uninstall and reinstall to see if it helps. Update - all of a sudden I cannot spend my stars to complete tasks! When I click on the task, it acts like it's taking a star - but it doesn't. The "help" section in the game does not address this. Nor does it give any option to get actual help.
I like the puzzle part of it. 2 stars because its geared to force you to pay in order to progress to next level. They allow you to beat some levels but then they throw in the unbeatable ones. Even with power ups can't win. You must play the same level until the developers 'allow' you to win by unblocking their scam gameboard. But they hold out hoping you will pay. They know you will uninstall this game if they don't eventually unlock the unwinnable level. Let's see if they delete this review.
I've been playing this game for years, literally. I think I installed it in 2016. So I think I can safely give an accurate review. It's a fun game, or at least it was until recently. It's pretty standard as far as match-three games go, some levels are easy, some are insanely difficult Lately, ever since the developers went to the monthly "seasons" model, the levels are now just designed to be frustrating in order get you to drop $5 every month in order to make any "progress".