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Garage Empire - Idle Tycoon

Garage Empire - Idle Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Fingersoft located at Fingersoft Oy Aleksanterinkatu 4-6 90100 Oulu. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The games pretty clean and a good idea but the racing system is very bad. When you are trying to pass someone you just ram the back of the car infront and stay there and you cant win. Also the developers should add steeringin the racing please
I love this game . it is very interesting making the garage powerful and we can earn money offline. Good game 😊🀩 keep it up.
I purchased the skip ads, but get rewards option earlier today and played. Had a great time. Then I left for a couple of hours, then returned to find my game wiped, back to the beginning, and the ad option gone. I really would like to get the ad option back, as $10.00 is a fairly good investment in a game. Please see about returning the game to me, the way I had it?
Introduce more cars and daily challenges and something to get diamonds without watching ADs. Need urgent care and improvement otherwise it will be worse for the game...
This game gets advertised in hill climb racing 2 before i even get to play it after i start it. So both deserve 1 star.
Tired of these mobile games that are not actually games but programs that try to get people to spend to speed up. Not fun, don't waste your time.
I've been trying for several days and have even tried redownloading the game but after I agree to personalized ads the screen turns black and never changes.
Played while in early access and picked up the permant upgrades Had to reset phone and now i have to repurchase? Not cool!!
The manager upgrade is bs can only carry 100 mill when the first shop is making hella more than that so its impossible for the manager to stay cuaght up the slightest lil bit
Actually please add a play games sign in feature. I play all your fingersoft games but if you add cloud feature then I will recommend this games more and also post on YT. I also unlocked 2 stages. And also please add achievements and leaderboards. Please add ad customising and also add a feature for landscape gaming mode. The game is lovely.
Pretty fun game. It's a bit empty of things to do but as a new game that's forgiveable, I just hope the Devs have more planned. My one MAJOR issue is the steering varies between bad to absolutely terrible (CPU controls steering, not the player) I don't mind the CPU controlling but the AI is pretty bad and doesn't try to move out of the way of opponents, it just pushes them along. (Tip for new players) save your left/right boosters for these type of situations
I love the game it's really fun and I like it I need probably playing it forever thank you for making this game and more stuff soon I don't have to but I really like the game the way it is.
Nice game. Please fix cars that get stuck in the bays. And also the manager does not collect enough for the money that needs to be paid to upgrade. Balance not right. But great game !
Yet another update that has done nothing... this could be a great game if it worked! None of the bonus videos work... ive seen custermers walk in and straight out when there are no queues, i only have 2 different races to do(even though im on 4th stage) and the cars still crash into the side of the garage doors!! 1 star untill these are fixed!! But good luck with that! Edit... explain which game im playing??? Its at the top of the page!!!
GREAT GAME but there should be some tupes of conlrols like race and break steering control etc its a best game when the HCR 3 will come πŸ˜… i am waiting for some more new games keep it up
I don't know why I can't go in it goes black it will do the loading screen then goes black I'm not blaming the game it could be my phone I already tried un installing it but could not get in
Bought ad skip .... after returning to game it says waiting for ads all the time no double rewards anymore.... don't buy from this app
OK, early release so has bugs, cars block garage doors but swapping cities clears it, buying staff shows 10aa and 100ab on some levels /items, if you have cars and money on the track them go to a race, the track is reset, last boss only need 8k per level, others were more, and can be be beaten with a part upgraded stinger so no skill needed. Only played for 2 days and nearly finished. A guide would be good to know what the face icons are for. Otherwise fun little game, not as good as HC2
Pretty Fun overall, I wish that you could have steering controls in the races at some point later in the game though.
Seems like a cool game, but there's no option to turn off vibrations? Every time I finish an upgrade, it's super annoying.
Hey Fingersoft! As soon as I heard you guys were releasing a new game I had to check it out. And I'm really glad I did!!! This game has so many features to unlock. This is way better than any other Tycoon game I have ever played. Great job devsπŸ‘πŸ‘
The game dev. want you to buy power-ups; as well as watching ads,but good luck getting a ad to load. This game in my opinion is a far stretch of being anything then a β˜† game!!!
I rate this game with only 4 stars becuz the garage are no properly functioning and the manager's loading capecity is to low then the selling rate off products....
It's a great game. I have played all games of fingersoft Hill climb racing, Hill climb racing 2(my favorite game) and garage empire if I not played game my 2 hours my men's work hard, means it's not a loss. Some come by happy face and some by sad but the become happy. I am requesting there should be a great team clan update so more person can work together. Thanks.
Somewhat confusing. Perhaps more play time clears this but at least the first few minutes felt confusing.
what would i do better? just about nothing lol.. played twice for hours on end, i have no idea what is all in the game but there is enough to keep you moving around and making choices and growing.. really fun
I love this game but the garage manager is so broken he scales at a level that makes it so your constantly waiting on him and you can't reach the income goal without saving trillions just for him while everything else takes 300 million to upgrade but the manager will cost 10 trillion and only carry 1 billion so your far garage ports just go to waste this game would be amazing if you fixed a couple bugs and fixed this broken ass worthless manager that needs fired...
Game itself is decent. But if the computer is Going to steer in a race. MAY I SUGGEST THEY ACTUALLY STEER!! pushing cars around the track is not racing. Not trying at ALL TO go around. Well thats just dumb.
So many glitches within a couple minutes of playing. Seemed like it could have been good. Just needs alot of work.
Non-sense tap-tap game with no control or whatsoever on gameplay. Really disappointed to see such stupid offering from makers of Hill Climb Racing. What were you thinking guys?!!
The game is way too automated and you have no control for example the races are not about skill they are about luck and how the opponents drive in the races you can't turn only brake and accelerate so you can't turn and you end up getting 2nd place due to not being able to turn and having an opponents in front of you not letting you pass also the manager is used to slow progress down to a crawl 1/10 don't Recommend
Great game overall. But I pre-registered and didn't get the galactic dream skin even after the update.
Purchased the bypass ads toon and unable to use it. Game is always waiting to connect to ad server and I am unable to collect my bonus or rewards.
Good game not bad.A few update needed like Sending friend requests, visiting other people garages, TEAMS etc.The game could be great with these good game i recommend it.Also sad not to see my pre registration reward even i did pre registered.Edit :Also just found a bug to assist developers no one will evr tell you .when you buy the pump the money does not decreasr.
Progression is a bit akwars and stilted. I am not sure the mix of two genres (tap/idle and racing) works. Sorry.
When i first download this game i found 2 glitches 1 if you go to boost move your finger Left and right the bar moves 2. the customers had a problem walking the might just walk on the there body and head the limbs are inside the ground Please fix it
The garages are not setup properly, i hope you like the tutorial cause after that your not unlocking any more garages this year, the incrimental upgrades get to a point of 10T and then 100T and when yoyre earning 13B a minute you basically log on once every 12 hours, upgrade a building 1 level then close the app, its a very agressive upgrading model which is too bad cause with some balancing the game would actually be really fun. Im stuck at the madlands 2nd garage with 4 stars
Fun and addictive. The racing side is a bit bland. Sometimes cars get stuck going into a garage and block it. The biggest issue I've had is, I can't get enough points to unlock the third city. Not knowing the game, I spent my points on upgrades and as I've done the boss races, I have no way to progress forward. Sadly, it looks like I'll be uninstalling. EDIT thanks for the reply. The problem is the league points, you only get them in boss races, which I've completed, but spent the points on upg
Half the service bays for cars to drive into dont work the car will just park outside I've tried restarting didn't fix
Looks pretty good, no auto ads. Super easy to start because it tells you what to do. Im just playing catch up on the money hauling, it just piles up so quick. Maybe to fast but i probably caused that. Its fun, ill keep at it
I lost my purchases and my progress! I've emailed the devs 3 times. It's been almost 2 weeks...no response
The game is showing black on my screen is kicking me out when I joinI don't know what it is I think is a bug or a something I don't know what please fix it please
If you like watching adds this 8s a perfect game for you. You can't do anything with watching adds. πŸ™„ Thought it was a racing game. Lamest racing ever. I love there hill climbing game. This is lame.
A big thumbs up for me! I'm so glad you made this game! I've been looking for a game like this! I thought "This is going to be another stupid game" but I was wrong. So fun,that I've play for hours
Umm..it's a simple and normal game there should be more options like parts and more paints to fit in the car. Also there should also be a option to change the driver. More new updates, more fun in the game. If this game will be more fun I will rate it five star
So far so good I'm addicted right off the bat. I wish I would of been notified when It got released though. There is so much to do right off the bat that you will be playing for hours when starting. The only other thing I'm waiting on is the purple car skin. That was supposed to be given to me when I was put on the pre order list. Or whatever it was called. You will love this game!
For this type of games (idle-clicker) it's not a bad one at all, like all of the others it gets old but this one just has almost something for you to do. (note that I don't see any ads)
You have to watch an add every 30 -45 seconds to get anything done. Manager will not keep up with cash unless you spend the cash to level up. Almost everything on this game that matters you have to buy only 9.99 or spend 30 seconds add viewing every minute. This game sucks .... UNINSTALLED .
Good game, not bad just one q. When we completed the full world map what do we do next (like after completing glacier map there are no other maps pls tell because i am in neon city now pls tell what will happen after we have completed glacier map
Fun game purchase no adds and can play for hrs with all perks... cons had to lower vid quality its draining my battery very very fast. Cars get stuck in pit, unless you race then it clears up, then after a race the people buying parts get stuck haha could run a bit smoother.
In this game when I played for7minutes this game screen becomes darks and through out of the game please solve this then I will give you 5stars.
I am addicted to this game. Everything is running smoothly now. Just saying y'all did great on this game.
Nothing but a black screen, just installed update and still black screen........update,, yep still a blank screen...... ok that's 3 updates installed and still get a black screen, I guess you're not going to fix this problem
Decent game, would give 5 stars but the AI needs to be fixed on the cars. They keep getting stuck in the 6th garage bay and run into each other, decreasing income and slowing down the game.
This is not what I expect from Fingersoft. Been playing HCR2 for years and still enjoy it. Couldn't manage 10 minutes of this mindless game.
Game seems really nice but the video ads won't load. Without being able to watch the ads for rewards it kind of makes it difficult to advance quickly
Warning!Do not acceot The Game Policy! Also,This game is not fun at all and the sound will drive your ears insane.
I like this game alot but I get to 4k and then when I upgrade the manager capacity it won't go up thats my only problem but other than that this game is noiceπŸ‘Œ
It's an ad simulator basically. You're constantly reminded to "watch a short ad" for a short term boost. The "racing" leaves much to be desired. As others have mentioned its mostly luck of not being stuck behind the other cars as you can't control turning. Such a shame since I love HCR2 so much.
Fun game! Would be nice if all the icons on the sides were in some kind of menu system......PLEASE!!!!