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Gangster Squad - Origins

Gangster Squad - Origins for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by LinKing located at 中環皇后大道中70號﹐卡佛大廈1104室. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The upgrade on the gade has actually down graded the character-fighter's movement and now this game is a shadow of its former version! From a great game to an average game.
First of all, thank you for this beautiful game. But I have some suggestions. The beginning of why Hiro lost all his strength after bringing him back from death. Second, I hope there will be more free characters than the two main characters. Keep playing the same characters bored. Other than that the game is very beautiful and spend a lot of time on it Thank you
Good graphics 5* ...gameplay is awesome 5*,,,controls are good but not the best so 4*... And what's with the pet he's useless even an epic pet ,,they are very slow and don't cause any damage...seems to me it just floats around..
Good game but... Add option for double rewards stopped working. Everytime I clicked it . The music would stop play and sometimes even crash my game. Then when I go back in I can't continue where I left off and my stamina and all items gained don't even show for that run
you can add on boosters to the player as you progress. Stacking money to upgrade equipment is pretty easy. And they have many in game ads you can watch to get even more rewards. Graphics are amazing. Love the style only regret is I didn't get to make my face on this badass dude. Pretty sure you can collect the fighters too. So far I got main Afro boxer, then I got a cool dread head swordman. Haven't beaten first scenario yet. But I'm getting there! 5 🌟 s
Nice game, but I have a problem with the arena, I have 2 level 60 characters in my team, and 1 level 40, it takes an insane amount of time to take a strong enemy down after arena stage 50, and most of their attacks will just knock you out in a single hit, how does that seem fair? You need stimulant, shield, and bloodlust to even have a chance to get to a high stage, and after that, you still need the luck to actually dodge, no skill involved at all, I hope you change that (ps: 0 defense?)
The main problem I have with this game is that you can't unlock more than 2 characters (I've only completed up to chapter 7 though). There should be a way to unlock more. I enjoy greatly the new features that came out and look forward to the features currently under development.
Needs more free characters. Game is good but I'm not paying $20 for each new character that's insane. Also the game could really use some new power ups or weapon drops. Game needs cost to much and the training points are now useless. They should make it to wear you can trade the training points for Pets and upgrade materials.
So far enjoying it greatly. The only reason for the 4* is there is always room for improvements. So far the game is progressing along without teal cash but i bought a few small packs to show appreciation.
Edited review, good game, easy controls but really disappointing. only way to get new characters is to spend 20 to 30$ on them. Getting legendary items is a slow process unless you want to spend more money. The only way to advance farthur into the game is to spend money which is really annoying
This is the only one the chosen gangster game of all i love it and also make a charcter cyborg half human half robot and have cool skills and pls the need to purchase characters be in campaign pls my dream is wanna have Grave and also i love genji evolve 2 it looks like anubis and also i so much love your game im a boy and pls read this Developer im your biggest fan of gangs just pls
It a fun game definitely, but you have to send money to enjoy it to the fullest and once you beat all 20 stages there's nothing to do... the other aspects of the game are still in development and have been for about a year now.... also they removed the pet upgrade feature so you'll be stuck with a bunch of pets in your inventory that you can't do anything with
I got my phone reset then download this game. But then realize that this game doesnt keep progress of the player. This is so bad, especially for people that returners who wants to play this game. Please fix and do something
Bought the ad blocker and when i got a new phone it didn't restore my purchase. Was a great expirence until then.
Too bad it doesn't allow me to give it 0 stars. Everything was great until the recent major update. 20k honor points for legendary items (when it was only less than 2k previously). Wow. Just wow. To think i even spent $50+ on this game which i thought had potential. Now it's just trash.
I never leave reviews , beautiful art style , game play actually fun despite there being 2 buttons in the game haha ! I just love the way this is set out , only been playing for a hour and already I dont feel like it's a cash cow , can fully progress with out spending money My hat goes off too you , I'm level 25 on Google play and have played every game under the sun KUDOS TO YOU
Honestly this game is amazing . It's not like other games where there are excessive adds popping off like flies . It has the right use of adds the game is great entertaining and let's you play , a minor fix I would give this is that you can be able to exit the game after the death not wait the whole 10 seconds if you really want out and a different setting button than the character icon you can leave that to check stats
Nice game, i recomend.. Only problem when it's on "auto attack" the character doesn't doge the air attacks by it self. Also the air support and laser cannon only appear after i kill all the enemy, I think the u should put some commands for us activate then, not by itself. The game is great, u deserve my 4 stars.
Great game. But my only concern is that why do you have to start over the entire chapter after you die? Why can't I just return to the last stage I was on? Also is there any other way you guys can come up with to collect the gem stones? Evolving the character is very difficult.
Was decent and tolerable until last update, i dont mind that u put 20$ for a character , but making equipment cost 20K honor points when u can only get max 500 Hono pooints is ridicilous , im really disappointed with the new update as im stuck in lvl 9 without new equipement Edit: gotta admit game is once again enjoyable woth a bit of difficulty in levels. I thin you should add ways to earn diamonds and green stones for char development
When I switch between characters during a fight my buffs get divided in half which makes it damn near impossible to pass a chapter when a character dies in the upper stages.
I don't know why but i really like. It reminds me of the old games. Simple but fun. Only down side are prices man. To expensive.
I actually love the game but I'm tired of only having only two heroes, there should be events that would enable the player to earn heroes... It shouldn't be to always buy heroes everytime. Events to earn heroes should be placed in the next update, I'm sure more gamers would like that.
Played this when it's early access Was a good game with potential then u guys just had to take the "greed" yang route.. No way to unlock new character and u need to pay 20$ for new one? And 20$ for no ads? Greedy just way too greedy
Good game but there's some bugs .. when u enter the black market u can't go back to main screen , u have to close the game and re open it again ,, And honor is a reward of gang war and weekly ranking which is not exist !! Please fix it
can not save game I change my phone and lose all time played! both share on Facebook but no loading my save
After a certain point the game becomes boring and impossible to pass, even if you pay... after the last update (may 22) it seems that the developers just want to get money, because now everything is either pay to get or watch an add to get... even the free trunk you used to get for free every 4 hours. The honor point system is ridiculous... to get 2k honor points you would need to spend 5 days or so, just to get a couple of pieces of equipment.. and lastly training points become useless..10k...
Game total joke now! Horrible!!! Dont waste your time. They just want your money and not giving you anything for it. $20 for a character get real. Then legendary equipment went from 100s of honor points for 2 pieces all the way to 20k points which you only earn 150 unless you willing to spend
Would be 5 however the last 2 events i have made the point requirements and not recieved my new player... I have screenshots to prove it.
Good game, but getting items feel like gambling, were its more a game of chance, than a game of skill. You are going to need those items to move foward, so you need to gamble..a LOT!
I bought Genji from the character list but it doesn't show on my characters that I already have? Help?
Played for 5 mins then uninstalled. It's a money grab game. Not interested in those. It's 20 bucks just to get rid of the ads. Get real. Also they are acting like the new character is $80 off right now. Get it for the low price of 20 dollars for a phone game. Who is paying this kind of money for silly games on their phones?
It would've been a 5, but I cannot restore my previous progress or my previous purchases as I have a new phone and would like to get back to where I was.
Was a decent game until the last couple updates. Now it's an ad simulator that you have to dump a substantial amount of time and money into to get anywhere. $20 for a character?! $20 for no ads?! Seriously dont waste your time anymore this game was fun and then they destroyed it to the point its unplayable at best.
I get free rewards lucio, but since I already have it I get 50 crystals. However my crystals is still the same??? Also, I cannot decompose at all.
My data and experience was not linked on Google Play and my progress was lost. A pretty fun, side scrolling fighting game, but definitely a waste of time to try to build over from the beginning. Screw that noise! Basically it is the horizontal hand-to-hand combat version of Archero.
I've been playing the game for months , good game and the skill tree improved alot , but it takes alot time to upgrade and i have to watch every ad just to finish the required level, the game still needs improvement and character attack and def.
The gameplay is simple, left or right controls only. However, same with other reviews. Powerups are removed when you accidentally press on home button, thus will lose your upgrades, progress too. Also, there are times that attack becomes negative after watching an ad. Weird. This game still needs improvement. There are still bugs. Overall, this is a great game.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD.This app will give you a virus or malware. Ever since i downloaded this app, i get advertising all the time now. When i turn my phone on, it shuts down other apps, and now it is playing ads back to back. I have never gotten such an invasive app in my life. I now have to back up and reset my phone, cause the ads will not stop ever. Totally feel like my phone is being invaded, and i swear on my family, that as i was writing this review, an ad came up. Do not download this.
Even with maxed out stats from hours of game play, you won't be able to advance beyond a certain point even with the help of the in-app purchases. You lose all power ups you've acquired in a stage when you die or when you switch characters. The in app purchases have very little outcome on the battles and do very little to enhance the gaming experience. Waste of time. Waste of money. Waste of potential.
I really like the game it's so good it's like a big world but just one thing i really hate that every time like i was half way through the level and i died and then every time i have to start again from the beginning it's really bad i hope they fix it. You upgrade the game and it amazing btw but you still didn't fix the biggest problem like how i reach in the chapter until 34 and i died and then i have to do it all over again.Whyyyy? Please you have to fix ittt. Why really why its so unfair
After a certain point game comes to a dead-end. Last update all about buying things from the developer and watching adverting videos. Buffs acquired while in play fall away when changing between characters. Basically fun for 1 maybe 2 days then you might as well delete the game.
Best Game so far for me but needs some improvements and have a lot of characters so that it gets more interesting to play. I don't know if your data will back up if you uninstall it or not but I think that it needs to have that kind of feature for future progress of players when there is better improvements than it is now. Thank you.
I love the game. Would love to see more levels added. I currently unlocked all skill tree and beat 20 stages and passed 250 in arena.
This game has become very slow, anyone else having problems evading since they've installed these non cancelable combos I'm getting sliced and diced by ninja lady because I'm to busy doing combos this is a must fix which hasn't been fixed at all
Was sick now not so good. Like with every game updates are inevitable... This latest one has just completely taken out my character stats. Which has made my character completely useless at the stage I'm on. Once again a good game destroyed but a pointless update.... When you are developing a game actually think about what you are doing before making changes that ruin it. Find another game people this isn't worth it anymore
Developer is on drugs. The "Deals" are $20 for lousy characters. I'd advise any other fighting game that give you more than 2 characters because this one will (hopefully) die shortly (please) since its just a cash grab. Lacking alot and after awhile ur stuck so you leave the game an come back 8 hours later to collect quests and repeat...for some reason. Enemies get stronger as you do so levels are impossible after you max gear, not counting Legend since it will take you a year to get 1 peice.
I've lost my saved game is it cause of the new version? I hadn't play it for a while tho, but if there's a way to get my saved game?
Great game, however when you resurrect you should be able to retain all the items upgraded during battle as well as allow the upgrades to be added to all the characters and not just the 1 that's fighting, it should be added to the entire team during battle. Also, I don't mind paying for things but they are quite expensive, especially to get a new character. These and other items should be more cost effective, that way you will get more people interested and you will actually make more money.
The gameplay is fun and I love that it's a portrait style game, but it looks and feels like a money grab. Every purchasable character is 20 bucks which is crazy because y'know, it's a mobile game. It's 20 bucks just to remove ads which most games it's just any single purchase of any amount removes ads. I've only just started playing but it feels like one of those money hungry developers who make the game easier in the beginning to reel you in, then later on it'll cost a lot to progress
Very fun and addicting game, but how do u unlock characters. Having terrible watching ads past 2 days as well but I can see this game becoming better/ original a 5 start but dropped due this new update and still no available characters to unlock the playing, you shouldn't have to pay $20 just for sometim6e you should be able to unlock by playing, if you can fix i definitely will be back playing again until then good luck on the game was a huge fan at first
Good and fun concept, but all video adds I've had for x10 rewards don't play. A few times the main boss hasn't spawned after watching a video before the fight and you have to start over again. In-game store is seriously over priced for everything.
I don't like the last update. The new combo animations often get you killed. My equipment inventory is filling up with "pets" because you can no longer merge them from what I can tell. The new skill tree is way too expensive.
So, i haven't got a pet from the wheel of fortune which I've tried 10 times daily for the last month so whats the point having them? All i get is cash, burgers and ingots. They do no damage in fight and just float around so pretty much useless. Same for rings, i open the box and have never received better than rare (blue)... is it actually not possible to get gold or red rings as I've seen people with those on Facebook?? Fix the rates a little as they are way too low...
I understand the game is new and all but please make it so we can get more characters through the game and not paying for them . Also there are not a lot of things to do after a bit and you just wait for missions to finish , get training points and money and upgrade , pretty boring . I like the concept tho . I only got 2 questions tho , how you get evolve crystals and is it possible to get characters without paying real money (besides the 2 starting ones)