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Gangster Nation

Gangster Nation for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Gangster Nation Ltd located at Gangster Nation Ltd, Unit 10, 80 Lytham Road, Preston, PR2 3AQ. The game is suitable for Teen (Violent References, Drug Reference, Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is amazing I've not been playing for long but this game is great. I wish there was more co-op things like the heists
The questions about the game are pretty weird, I just wanted to rate it but it asked if it was a dentist game
It's a bit grindy, and I wish there were more to do. At the very least I'd like to see an update where the person I busted out of prison gets an alert telling them I was the one who busted them out. Would be nice because it might encourage players to give respect. Edit: That was insanely quick. Nice job!
It's a decent game but I wish there was more to do..also most of the time the chances of winning are low why?
So I'm not really sure how to rate it because I'm not exactly sure what the point of it is. It's a decent click based game for those with time on their hands. Just not much to it.
At first i was like urgh another timer, but then i explored the rest of the game and realised how little timers matter because there is so much to do. This has got to be the best app game hands down it's rating should be way higher. The prices for in app purchases are very fair and I'm glad to see I'm paying in my countries currency and not forced into spending more because its US dollars. I will definitely be making purchases as of tomorrow. Everything in game can be acquired thru hard work
I like this game i played this before in 2014 or 2015 but its alot different. And i like it the only thing i have an issue is the timer for the hiest. If the time goes down then the credits should too.there is no point in waiting for it to be 1hr left and still cost 8 credit. But everything else is fine for now.thx
Great game with a good community. I struggled at first but the admin on help desk was extremely helpful and guided me through the game. It does require a lot of time but once you're hooked, you won't want to leave.
If your new, don't bother here. People don't like new players in this game. They will do anything in their power to push you away from the game. They will scam you, treat you like dirt and laugh in your face after they kill you and take all you have accumulated.
They claim its a gangster game, but thats totally bs you can't swear or anything, the moderator trolls chat and bans you for nothing, game also allows cyber bullying, once I was told to kms and stuff, so toxic. They also send unlimited stuff to some players so they can dominate the game and always win. Once a youtuber reviewed this game and most of them disliked this game for false advertising. Don't waste your time on this so called 'gangster' game Update:they always milk the situation
Great game been back and forth over the years, nice to see new developments and that it's not stagment. Good work will continue to play.
nothing's been changed in the rounds ive played except for black market being added, i never get any good perks from it tho spams ghost mode. car theiving inconsistent, tuning inconsistent, rps cheaters, autoclickers, people literally dumping 100s on credits to controll flow of the game is stupid. $2 for 6 credits is ridiculous.
Amazing, as soon as I start someone messages me and helps me out. We friends on it now and we're planning to rob a bank. The game is amazing not a single thing wrong with it.
Great time killer....really makes you want to go back right to it.... It's crazy how they made such a nice game from jus clicks... kudos
-CheeriosSuck my experience is well a very good experience with this game. the community is very welcoming to new players as well as the administrative support is extremely helpful to clear up and solve and issues and or concerns one may have. gameplay is quite fun- it may take a little bit to learn the ropes but once you do; it draws you in fully. :)
Very good game, always evolving, admin is very interactive on the discord and that adds to a nice touch when playing the game 💚
Goofy game they banned me because my brother was playing on his phone on same wifi. Lost my character... Wasted hours on this stupid game. Grrrr
Great game on of the best online text games out there Developers act on feedback and games improving rapidly Perfect for people up for a little competition. All kinds of players on here which makes it even better If you have the time be sure to check it out
I do really love this game but I think there should be drug making it will act like a perk but not as good and will have a chance to kill you especially if you buy off a player as the player could poison the drugs yes this would increase the kill rate but you don't have to buy the drugs so you choose if you want to take the risk
Great game 👍, enjoyed the experience of robbing and selling you can find friends On this games I would download if I was you The one proplem is that there is not enough words to describe how good it is it is brilliant
Developers, you can just point out that you have a guide as soon as you start the game just by making the user to read the guide as his first mission. There are so many people who don't understand how the game works, and we have to explain them in-game how it works. Also, the guide is not clear. It doesn't give complete information about backfire, challenges, how your chances increase everytime you steal a specific car, and so on. The game by itself is fun because of the great community. 👍 ❤
Overall it's a really great game but it gets a bit repetitive and boring at times. I personally think you should add supermarket option and some thirst and hunger bars and a gun shop instead of upgradeing 1 gun and only being able to use that gun. Keep up the good work
I cannot even play the game. When I try and make an account it say You cannot register from an open proxy/VPN, please connect normally and then try again. I have no VPN and I'm just on my normal wifi
Fun to play with , got alot of data on my phone and it runs great while I got other apps running like pandora 👍👍
Won't lie, it's the 2nd best text-based game in my opinion similar to such games alike to Torn &/or Mafia Wars. I'd give this a 4 star only because it doesn't has a tutorial. Without a tutorial, it took me close to half an hour to learn how to play the game. Because I had knowledge from Torn I tried to understand what the "Heat" is for. Also was on he verge to uninstalling the game as I didn't know how to go about playing the game. Hope they add a mini tutorial soon. Thanks for the reply.
Great game,players are friendly and it's easy to get familiar with! I recommend it to the text based gamers out there.
Great game, just a bit too addictive 🥴😂 Also unfortunately it is quite pay to win but it is still very fun despite this
Love the game,but there is only one thing and I feel like its only me but I wish that every time I want to buy something I have to go to the bank I wish it would just take it out of my bank,and please add more vehicles maybe like motercyle or something I really like this game.
I have played this game many times before four years ago. I had left due to some difference in opinion but now that I am back, things have changed alot, and Ilike it.
I like this game but it would be great if there were a car insurance like players could insure some of their cars
Why can't you add a update fast i waiting for months please fastly update game and add drug dealing with players but it is a great game to play
Gangster Nation is 1 of the best RPG/Gang related games. Ive been playing since round 2. I have to give this a 5 star rating. Their is a great of things to do when playing this game. Join Families, Start Businesses, Play lotto, etc. GN has never got boring to me. More like I'll start playing just to kill time or when i am bored. Their is 1 think i dislike about the game tho. When you go to silently kill a rival, butchie reveals the slains killer. Please remove this feature.
The experience was quite vague and slow, it would be alot better if it was more interactive maybe added a character that actually did something, but we'll see what happens
Im editing my review cause i reviewed the wrong game at first :) This game is alot of fun, but kind of minimal. 4 stars only because it could use a few more things to do *a few examples could be to be able to buy weapons and armor to make you stronger (not just in armed robbery), buy property to bring in money (not just thru your family). I like the mini games, esp the car theft and how much $ you can make doing that.
App keeps crashing when I try to open it. No updates available. When it WAS working, it was a pretty fun game.
You know, i saw so many mixed reviews about this game for a week before i finaly downloaded it and realy wasnt sure what to expect. So far the online community ive meet are a good group. The game is so simple to understand and gameplay is so easy yet so entertaining at the same. Ive only been here for a few hours so take it how you want but the only problem ive had is playing slots i bet once and the game crashes.. But all the same with so much to do i can live without useing it.. Out of words..
Simple and straight forward controls, with some areas of confusion for younger players including finances and banking. A bit repetitive and boring at times but a great time killer. Very interesting how they made a multiplayer game out of a clicker style layout.
This is one of the best mafia games ever but there is some problems i saw,1. the bomb defuse clues doesn't help a lot 2. There should be a place for new people where no one can kill because when I started i was just getting learn how to make money and then i get killed two times back to back 3.when you get killed you should be able to keep the people you been talking and the people you friend because I had found so much good people but i lose them because I get killed. Pls keep this I'm mind.
Decent little time killer, very pay to win though and the admins seem to be more favourable towards certain members of the community than others though which is a shame. Edit: Still an active member of the community and have never received a an in game ban.
An awesome game really cool but not sure how to attadk people or buy items for a higher chance to win
Very fun and entertaining. The cool down on the missions or traveling could be lowered but it's extremely fun to play. Would definitely give it a try.
Changed my review from 5 stars to 3. Its need some work, I feel car thefts are way to hard I've been playing for a few days and only stole 2 cars. Cracking the safe feels like you need to spend real money to crack. The bank jobs are a con, everyone buys and brings the best stuff and we get 21% to succeed... ok The casinos feel very one sided dont waste your time playing them. Keep it in mind if you do play it feels like you need to spend real money to get any where in the game, it's worth a go
Hello dev 4 stars because this game needs a tutorial... I love the concept of the game... I'm quite curious about the upcoming updates. Need a lot new things and more development to make the gameplay more fun.... This game will 🤘 Rock....
I love the game but 1 thing you guys should add is car dealerships. I think it would be a great thing to add to this already almost perfect game.
great game you should definitely get it if you need to like waste time but I think it's like way better if you're just planning on playing a game because you can do heists and stuff epic game you should totally get it.
Some people might think this game's just about clicking but once you get the hang of it, It's addictive af, the community is awesome tbf, main chat being the best part 😂. Developers are chill af (like legit they'll joke around with ya). And ignore the reviews of people who say this game is p2w, you can actually get every single thing in this game for free, infact i've been playing this for over 5 years. Great game.
Warning essay ahead! Anyway there are things that need to be changed like why their is no choice in extortion if your online I've robbed a bank then got extorted every penny like seriously this needs changed and the chances for car theft increased slightly like did you guys abandon the game honestly updates are small and spaced out by many a months this game is amazing allows you too do things you could never do in real life but man oh man are there things that need changed.
The simplicity and layout, make this game so easy to lose yourself in, weather you have hours on your hands , or a quick 5 minutes, theres something to keep returning for
It's a good game just lack of some sounds. It would be great if there were sounds and some animations in crack the safe, busting, small crimes, etc.
I love it but I along with other gangsters would like you to not have a timer on the suicide option because a lot of people have messed up there gangsters and then have to wait I for example have been waiting for 2 days and I still have like 5 days left before I can make a new gangster and I can't play the game because what's the point if your gonna kill your gangster so please get rid of the timer on suicide
Hello I'd just like to tell you your game is awesome. I'd like to give u a game ideas to add..... 1.Add a ability to start a drug company and you make cash off of it every hour...it cost 5 million to make it. You can choose which drug you want to make...(Cocaine,Weed,Speed, Heroin, and etc) the drugs cost different amounts of cash to make...You should either replace this for families or make it a option to add to families...
I dont know what the hell happened but I'm pissed off now. I literally grinded for 3 hours straight to get to lvl 10 only to come back later to find out I'm at lvl 1 again....all my cars, all my money...gone and I dont even know what happened. 3 hours of my life wasted
This is one of the best games I've played in a long time. There some things that need to be added but over all the gameplay is perfect. And the online touch is amazing. To have a "life" type game online is a very smart move. I wish there where more family spots but that's about it. Game is on point
was enjoying the game till i did an auction. nobody bought my item. i was charged in game currency and also never got my items back. Wont be playing anymore. It takes to long to get items and to make money!!!!!
Round base gaming just makes all your time pointless. Nobody cares about some ranking board. I'm not trying to compete with those players just wanna build. Make a unlimited version and ill play that and you may even get more money just saying!!!
Download & play this game only if you like a game where it will reset everything ( even Money purchases) every 4 months calling it "round" as the game wants to create "competitiveness", Got bored quickly because some "crime" activities are either random, can only unlock the next crimeby repeating the same crimes until it's 100% or You need to make in-game-purchases to help you & ty devs for fast replying for that I will add up a star because that's quality Support Management
The game is quite hard to understand but it's also fun as hell I like this game man I just can't wait till I get shoot peopleI'm slowly building up levels that stealing cars and breaking out people from prison at ain't no no I'm done anything to repay me for this so I don't know if it's them or if it's the game but I'm learning I like this I think it's going to be something awesome it's easy to climb two levelsbut you got to keep going back to home .
It's a very bad game when you try to disarm the bomb the info isn't helpful at all and your pretty much guessing all the time and not only that you get admin killed for no reason if your too rich so I'd recommend a different game cause this is just a place to get banned for no particular reason.
-----------------IDEAS FOR THE GAME------------------- 1. We need servers without pvp(or a way to turn on/off pvp). It's so frustrating when you get better at the game and start making serious money and a lvl 50 guy kills you over and over again for your money. 2. Weed plantation, drug dealing between players. 3. You keep perks after you die. As i said at the first idea for the game, high lvls usually kill a lot of people without really a reason so keeping atleast the perks could be nice Ty.
I had to change my review to this game its good i love it....but the staff is crazy they have very unfair things going on....first and formost if you buy PERKS WITH CREDITS YOU DONT GET IT BACK WHEN THE NEXT ROUND STARTS???? so if you spend your HARD EARNED CASH MONEY ON CREDITS TO BUY PERKS YOU WONT GET NO PERKS BACK.....SO DONT PREP FOR NEXT ROUND DONT BUY OR SPEND ANY OF YOUR MONEY ON PERKS JUST A LITTLE ADVICE THE STAFF THEMSELFS DIDDNT MENTION....LOVED IT BUT NOW I DONT CAUSE I LOST....
1-No music in the game. 2-Life assurance too expensive. 3-Players are so rude to each other. 4-The game it's all about tap and wait boring. 5-No good investment opportunities & options . 6-Gangsters are all about action & adventures, this got 0% of them. 7-THE idea about reset all the mission over & over each new round it's really sucks and frustrate player, NO one love Hamster wheel. * I hope that the game will get better. *We demand improvements & creativity in the game.
It's confusing at first but anybody can easily figure it out and there's alot of cool players to ask too
I HATE games that do the round thing it takes away your sense of progress for almost no reason whether your experienced or not
I like the concept and it is really fun to play i dont normally like mobile games but this is really fun
To improve, just add additional features like map base territories, income jobs, etc etc more things To do in general... And maybe ban kids under 25 years old. It's so cringy to come across them talking weed and lsd so frequently on chat. couldn't handle it more
Really bad game. The admin (Mike) is ban happy and bans you for no reason if he decides he doesn't like you. And doesn't give you a reason. Class act. Avoid at all costs. There's many better games like this. Also the community is really, REALLY toxic/bad. You'll want to kill yourself after playing this game. No joke. Edit: he is also a liar as you can see. Try the game out for yourself. You'll see how bad the game truly is and how toxic he likes to keep the community on his bad game.
I chose 5 stars even tho I've only spent about 5 minutes in the game bc its just amazing. Ps I haven't played all of the things/missions
The game was good at first, but now can't even do anything, I try to Rob store and it fails, I try to Rob the cars it fails, I even try to do the extortion, crime mission things and black jack, but they mostly fail. Only ever worked when I first started. Hope they improve it so a higher success rate.
I am having trouble trying to get into the app.. It just sits on a black screen saying loading.. So i cleared data and tried to re log back in and it just sits on log in screen saying loading. When fixed ill rate 5 stars... Its working now
Well I just downloaded and started playing about a hour ago and love it. But let me tell you im more then excited that this game is finally in a app version, i played this game 11-12 years ago and it was amazing. Although alot seems to be the same alot also seems to be different and im beyond excited to keep playing and see whats new. Thank you so much gor making it into a app this games 100 percent worth the download!!!
Really what's the point of savings this game has a lot of money already so why can't we get loans like just add a new tab called loans the high part where it says the money of everyone really dosen't Matter if you can look at the money from other people.You know how the thing works they get a loan they pay it of the people that invested that money get paid how long there savings is. And to be honest level 50s basically hack other accounts so you should add a thing called protected bank I dhsp