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Gangsta Gangsta!

Gangsta Gangsta! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Webworks located at Frederiksborggade 26-4th 1360 Copenhagen. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Could be a lot better still very buggy and the accuracy is pretty wack Especially if your moving wish there was a menu to collect cash of sellers rather then see them individually and should let soldiers post up on the block rather then constantly following the player could help to protect territory or other sellers on the block Game with potential if they fix it
Biggest issue with this game is the aiming system. I cant even hit a enemy point blank range and it seems like my soldiers are there for nothing! Please fix the aiming it would make the game so much more enjoyable I cant make progress if i cant claim territory so what's the point of playing?
love the game concept itself but when I open the game it says I need to update, but I can't see an update on here. Can you help me out? will give 5 stars when it is fixed because I actually love the game
Nothing wrong with my signal at all so why it won't connect when I'm tryna attack someone is beyond me... Fix the game peeps that's nonsense and unfair to players who have an agenda to follow
It's good just keep doing good you should be able to get workers sooner in the game and you need more health and more cover
Pretty cool game, hope maybe one day they give us the option to make our character distinctive. being able to change clothes would be nice, and also being able to send soldiers on jackings for xp or something, so they themselves get better in gunfights. Idk this game is pretty ambitious, be cool to see it go that extra mile. Also the distributors take far to long to come. Hence the reason for 4 stars. Otherwise good game
Dec.31.2020 .....Soiders are still useless against NPC and gun accuracy still fails 96% percent of time I've played on multiple tablets and phones ...but everything else great
AI's are freaking overpowered. They have unlimited range, faster health regeneration, their bullets can pass through walls and they're too fast in order for you to shoot them, all that is a burden to new players. Hope you tweak the AI.
I dont like the fact that the message pop up at the bottom of my screen or the fact my screen gotta load wen someone else is still shooting at me
I cant put my phone down to all players that enjoy such games this is the best yet ive played so many like it -Cartel kings ,narcos ,gokudo ,godfather, mafia city, etc just about every mafia and cartel game you can possibly think of and none offer such an experience such as this one thee idea of doing things mannually- drugs trades, differences in prices how it can affect how u earn. Not to mension recruiting straight off the street and not just scrolling through some catergory of Recruites
The game is good plz can you add police in the hood and add stores and change clothes drive cars buy properties get hoes buy cars sell dope sum like gta and go to your girl house different weapons different gangs you can join have gang wars take over turf smoke weed drink beer eat food go places go flighting outta states do robberies with the gang and add warning signs when your hood is in danger and take cover when you shoot this would be rawπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
good game but my house turned black and i cant upgrade it now. ive seen in the comments people complaining about black outs around the city. please fix this i want to upgrade my house will give 5 star review if this is fixed you fixed it then it went bad again.....
This has the potential to be the best gangster game period. But it definitely needs more features. It has live multiplayer battles and co-op missions and some interaction. But it's only sell drugs shoot people recruit workers and gain respect by buying things. It needs police adversary so you don't have long shootouts. And even snitches that tell on you. Also Little things to do on the side so it's not repetitive and multiplayer friends. Would rather have dumb down graphics and more features.
This game sucks in the end it's hard to make money every thing is high to buy you make a amount of money then another player come along and take it with ease then you can't strike back talk bout unavailable the aim is off most of the time that tell you you can't have more than 4 soulger but when fighting another player on line they got 5 or better with machine guns I mean when do you really win this game need a hole lot of upgrading to do and 2 take it easy on the average player
This game's getting annoying now after the update. Had issues Logging in with my Facebook, once I was able to log in with my email instead. When i pull my gun out i can't put it away or even swap weapons unless i log out and close the app and re open it. Now this app closes itself in 7 minutes or so which makes me lose any little progress I've made smh
It freezes when I run and can't buy any staff from other players, it says there is a problem with the signal all the time
love it its alot diffrent them most games and i like the feel and grind for it situation put in front of you kinda glitchy but works and doesnt crash love this game few tips maybe put in some more features like maybe show the care u own amd be able to enter house or store to buy bullets or produtcs stuff like that maybe body armor also the ai is to op to take over blocks
Fix the shooting accuracy & weapon selection ( crash w/ map which limit weapon option) overall it okay game .
good game potentialy but it has way to many glitches you guys i would invest in this game but why when it takes too long to get money just to get it stolen and a worker killed when your offline and when you come back to police taking money from you aswell plz fix these bugs its rediculous
too many glitches and some times crashes without these problems it is potentially a good game i hope to see new updates soon good luck πŸ™‚
Good addictive to play but glitchy as hell. The aiming system needs to be fixed. Also certain mechanics have to be made more clear as to how they work. Like the whole selling to other players thing for example. Other than that stuff its good. If that stuff was fixed i would give a 4 at least probably more.
It's cool but it were be cool a if it was in tow mode one free which work with out data a then the next work with then internet
Great game one problem it's super laggy when I'm in a shootout plz fix it also how do i go to different places?
Movement and shooting can be frustratingly glitchy but it is a beta after all. However, overall it is a wicked fun game with a pretty cool objective. So much potential; I look forward to watching the growth. Great job folks πŸ‘ Edit: You should add a variety of different "products" to sell.
For a game that requires you to shoot people maybe make it possible to shoot straight. Move and shoot. And not have all the enemy deal more damage than you and shoot through walls makes completely unplayable fix that and i might give a higher rating all depends how good the rest of the game is
There a bit disappointing how buggy it is when trying to shoot while moving and the aiming shooting gun also alittle bit too much hard to point already tap at the npc but sometime it miss even tho still near close to the npc... Hope Devoloper can fix this. P. S. This game are really gud on pc but the android quite buggy so i hope Dev can fix this in the next update #LuvUDev
Make this game more realer push it to limited like y'all is maybe story line power. 50 cent show or the wire. snowfall add the bike life . drive by shooting . Realistic fiction real life stuff you could cook up work. Gangs group upgrade everything is on this game take ideas from other games and as could add music artist traper to raper or street to dispensary type show good can come from bad in game as black Nipsey Hussle.person in hood got record deal buy all the work put people on ralo
I really love this game but since the last update 9 March. It's stuck on the loading screen even though i uninstall it couple times still got same issue please help ! Edit : fixed
How this ppl only reply to positive comments that are not helpful at all but wen ppl points out the issue they don't even reply or comments
When I ambush the tugz enemy I always stop. And my gun not hit my target. I love this game but now I hate😀
I have an issue why is it that the system says that I have unlocked a new equipment but the shop won't let me and also how do I get a shot gun cuz I'm already at 30% territory open but can't get new weapons
This game is good,but make me feel uncomfortable,how i can kill npc,if my fame or respect under 1,5k,and 1 vs 2 is hard enough to kill with low accuracy,how about 1 vs 3 or 4????,please make better this game...
Game idea is awesome. Love everything about it EXCEPT the combat. Absolute trash. The friendly ai is worse than a toddler. Weapon upgrades for them are way too expensive. Also I can't hit the enemy at all. Maybe out of 10 shots, I hit them twice. With any weapon. Fix the combat asap and the game would be much better.
Very time consuming I can't put it down. It takes awhile to be able to raise your rank but it's just so addicting to make money that fast. And taking over new territories is fun for the simple fact that each territory provides a new challenge. Whether it be the rival gangs having better guns or it's a bigger gang, it just pushes you to want to be the biggest baddest 'Gangsta' in the game possible.
This game need improvement. Plz fix the chat bug and make it easy to recruit like on face book .... when u open the keyboard by sequence it crashes.. and my respect is 10000 and now I can't sign in my face book account.. plz help me
Its good game but there is one problem that you cant not drive your car a probably you could put more products like weed heroin and the house better looking please
Loved this game. LOVED. Gameplay is clunkier than before. Players hit you then become "unavailable" even though they're listed as available. Refreshing still lists them as available but you can't hit them back. Aiming is ALWAYS OFF CENTER, more so for your soldiers, who can't seem to hit an enemy a couple of feet in front of them. The game crashes when it didn't before. I even uninstalled some apps to make sure this game runs smoother. I'm uninstalling this game for good. Im at 19k respect BTW.
Awesome game but it would be cool if you could customize your player and gang with different outfits and colors oh an AK would be pretty dope too
It's an ok game, annoying thing is somehow people are able to attack you and take your stuff while your offline, what's up with that?
The game goes black after 5 minutes of playing, every time I have to keep reenter the games, it's annoying. The progression is too slow, I understand the perplexities to have to make a game, but come on have some more activities to do, instead of just ruthless killing, where's the missions? Can we actually drive?You should definitely add gangs, and iconic characters. Hopefully character customization too. Overall good game with potential of being successful.
I love this game I just don't like those big black spots to cover the whole game you get that fix and we buddies for
It's a great game I like how u can connect to fb and play on other phone or tablet but the map be going black every 10 to 15 minutes u should add like a save slot or something bc if someone calls my phone or if I trun off my phone for any reason I need to start all over again so like every 5 to 10 minutes I have to save and exit so I don't lose my progress if my phone truns off or someone call me one more thing it sucks that I try to play my own music and for some reason it doesn't let me for example I go to my music and I press a song then the song is playing but once I click on the game the song stops but other than that it's a great game ain't much games like this
Awesome game but even after update it got worse. Forces the game to completely force stop and close out. And the shooting is worse now. Not even close to being accurate. Would to see these issues fixed it is a very enjoyable game to get sucked into
Fun game. Only problem is that you cant stop people from coming to your base. So it's hard for me it keep my men alive
Fun but could be way better in a a 80s drug dealer life stlye type of sense some what relatible to that just more drug dealers les killing a wider spand of addicts and drug dealers more cars and more interactions would make its super cool i took over the whole left side of tha map but without a crew of actual friends and mics the rest of the map is prety much unbeatable and its not like you actualy even playing for any reason theres no woman or peirs to impress it gets boring pretty quicc
Its okay for a beta but it needs more fixes like the npc can shot you from far away but when you try to shoot them from close range you bearly shoot them.
I have been playing this game for the past fer years and its just getting better and better it can become a little challenging but its pretty fun sometimes i need help from a friend to take over a block because sometimes the npc can become pretty overwhelming but so far its becoming a solid game.
The accuracy of weapons is BS. And your soldiers aim like a potato. Uzi is not worth it I'd rather have a shotgun.
great game but can u add more to the game like stores that u enter and more drug variety also add prostution like if your respect was high enough u could hire a ho then if there was a rival pimping on the same strip she will tell u so you can kill them a take over the turf
Its a dope lil game just to waste time on. Its pretty easy. But you do have to grind a lot if you wanna get anywhere
Could be a lot better still very buggy and the accuracy is pretty wack Especially if your moving which there was a menu to collect cash of sellers rather then see them individually and should let soldiers post up on the block rather then constantly following the player could help to protect territory or other sellers on the block Game with potential if they fix it
well overall concept is great i love the hustle part i think u should be able to get diffrent drugs and diffrent range of customers also add undercover cops fa bust no sense of purpose or urgency no laws r nth game keeps blacking out and reseting save features idk but besides few bugs pretty cool handheld games should be more ways to get respect i mean dont take away simplicicty just a few minor tweaks n this game wud b 4 star worthy/Might i add i play everyday since this game has a very nice
Played it since the mobile release on it. Had some issues with a my drugs constantly decreasing when I played previously, but haven't tried it since. I may end up downloading it again. Keep up the good work dev. Peace
Thank you for fixing that other problem . Thiers a couple more flaws like if i join sombody an txt them more than once itll kick me out completley or when you attack someone its like thisr ghost or something because they come an go an i get shot out of nowhere . But i love this game no game like GANGSTA GANGSTA so please dont forget bout this game i play it flawas an all so please fix what yall can no rush neither perfection takes time 😏
I really love this game. I played this for how many years. But I already finished all my task like killing all the distributor of drugs and also the map. Please add more maps, shops, events, for more Fun. I will really Ads or help your game to have more Players. Thank you!
AMAZING... I don't own the full map but I'm almost there, this game feels so realistic if you think this game is bad try it , there's more to it than just a top down dealing game you can own your territory and recruit members to take over the word this game is really not what I was expecting. I'm trying to get 20,000 money to own a car try this game now you will love it. Earn respect to recruit members.