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Is a Simulation game developed by Bladestorm located at Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Nevskii prospekt 29.. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its only loading. When I go in the app i can log me in and than ist loading by cases. I only can go to get Coins. Please help.
Your servers seem to have issues I can't open any of the "free boxes" other than that here is my code. VBGpmUIF
EDIT: The support is extremely rude and they don't really answer your questions, the good games in the cases are just a 'bait' ( I opened about 20 legendary cases and all I got is the duplicates of the same games nobody even knows ) but yes, its not a scam and thats the only good thing about this. For some offers you don't even get coins after completing..
Very bad app it shows something went wrong . Its a fake app fix this problem or remove the app from playstore 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Tried it out at first, thought it was sketchy, so It gave me a free steam code since I was a new user, I downloaded steam on my computer after resetting it and put in the code it gave me, and to my surprise it worked
I think it's a cool app but when I opened my free crate and got the code, the code didn't work when I put it in steam, and I also went to candy crush and got myself to level 25 but I'm not receiving the 80 coins for doing so.
The app says you guys are still updating your servers, what the heck? It's been hours, atleast give us an estimated time or compensation for waiting.
For some reason when i choose a service to get surveys or games it is stuck on loading i tried two devices pls fix it
Its really good, you can get really good games for just playing some other mobile games, it sometimes takes a bit of time but for the games you can get its worth it. And of someone is reading this you can enter my code ( NAdQXHxV ) and get 10 coins so it helps you out a bit, and it helps me out a bit too, thanks
I honestly thought this wouldn't be legit. Even if I do get the same key, I can always give them out on my server!
Fake app, keys are generated for games that aren't even there. The game I had won is called "hell in paradise". Edit: glitch was fixed
Be warned - Lots of effort for duff value keys. Over 45 Moderate keys I went for and not one decent title received. It NEVER lands on the high value games listed on the menu, ALWAYS the games just added since the last exchange. Multiple copies of the same game usually. Anyone for one of my 5 Gorky 17 keys... Poor. Asked support if it was a fix and why just cheap keys - fobbed off. In summary, great for cheap tat games, rubbish for anything else.
If you want to spend hours getting keys for 99 cent games then do you but if you are thinking of getting this. Dont
Very good way of earning free games through... Well gaming! I've got 2 complaints tho: the moderate cases don't work for some reason, says the "servers are updating right now check back later" and also the fact that all the easy challenges are just signing up for giveaways. Overall, really good, would recommend if you have steam, but couldn't give it the 5 star due to the 2 issues i hope the creators look into. Good job guys, you made gaming affordable!
Never Tried it yet but i thought there was a refferal code whats that? Edit : Just Worked For Me And Keys are NOT FAKE it's just rare to find a good game that is accually popular as a feedback or suggestion i would say just lower the rarity it's like too lower than it can be
It's great to get free games only problem is I keep getting the same games over and over and even the case games never change or theres always one game that's in the case 3times its annoying
This is trash. No matter what you get the worst game every time. I spent weeks getting to level 32 in afk arena which is way more fun than this and used the points to spin legendary twice. Refreshed a hundred times so i wouldnt have as big a chance to get the bad games i finally got one where it was 9 games i wouldve loved and 1 i wouldnt. Guess what got that one. Every spin is like this. Stupid things that arent even games like a program where you put flowers in a vase and nothing else.
Scam: I had no choice in which game to get, it's completely random. Prove me wrong! Most if not all the games are simple and not much thought was put into creating them. That is why you got a 1 star, and all I put was scam since from my experience it is.
The app was great and easy to use, but after the recent update the only options to earn coins are to reach unthinkable levels in stupid slot games to earn thousands of coins. I just want the small "download and complete tutorial" kind of offers for small amounts of coins..
This app is great but when you complete a quest it doesn't give you your coins even if it been 24hrs also I wish there a easier way to get coins like watching an ad or something.
Perfect, but there are not so many apps to download, and to watch videos, and tapjoy is running out of offers. Please fix that
It actually works and is very useful for giveaways. Would appreciate some help if you would use my reference code (kxvrSVqf). tysm
The games are not worth the effort you need to put in it. I did not see one single game worth having. I would not even take them for free.
Once you acquire enough points you can't obtain moderate case or anything higher than that. The cheap case and random cases are the only two options that you can choose from and you always end up getting some cheap ass puzzle game. You'll be better off spending some money on steam rather than wasting your time doing stupid tasks in the hopes of getting some awesome free game
OMG! I expected it to be clickbait. Works well, but doesn't have the option to watch ads for coins. I have already activated my first steam game from here. Thank you very much! My code BTW: LyAUITtr
I was suspicious at first. It comes through, tho. If you complete a challenge, you get coins. You can trade these coins in for crates that give you a steam key. I got Warhammer 40k Space Marines out of a legendary crate. I did a game of thrones game challenge. I hated the game, but it only took a couple of days of logging in. I got a ton of coins that I got a bunch of crates with.
Very good app, if you just spend a few minutes each day working towards the reward, you will get it. I would like to point out though that the app sometimes crashes my phone and restarts it, but other than that it's a good app.
The free game at the beginning was nice, however one of the quests was to download the app 'Party Casino' and to make a deposit of £10, play with that money, and I would receive 4781 coins apparently for cases. This has never come through onto my account so I have ended up wasting money, nothing bank breaking but it seems to just be a scam in the short term.
I would say this app is not a scam, and is in faxt real! But I would say that the cases probably give a low chance for the AAA games, which I dont mind considering trying out old games. In summary I would say it is a good app. Minus the low chance to get AAA games.
Pog this is pretty helpful surprised it actually works also newbies use this code to get 10 coins and help me abit in return :) JSFNrWlU
This app is amazing! I already got 3 games from 3 cases. Now I'm playing a game and if I do what the task asks me to do in 30 days I will win 1.8k coins! I think I'm winning it, I just need like 2 more days. Just one question, so I downloaded the game called War and Magic. And the task was to make it to 1 million power in 30 days, but will it work when I get to 1 million power and get the coins without enabling the task again (also that task disappeared).
Bad first impression. The app said I got a free key when I started, and steam said it was invalid. If you think I'm gonna waste my life after that on this app, you must be mistaken.
At first I was so happy about this app. But then I realized... TAPJOY BARELY REFRESHES! Please make it so the offerwall refreshes more often.
This is amazing, i love this app, all youll have to do is to download a game, and do wharlt the task asks you to do, but the best part is i get to see games that i have never knew about and i get to learn them.
It does give real codes but it's hard to get more coins and I'm still mad that I landed in between hotline miami and the killing floor, only to get a very badly rated game. This will happen a lot, so if you're okay with doing a ton of work for bad games then this is the perfect app.
Really bad app, wasted 2 hours for a 3000c but didnt get it, when i try to open a case it says bad network but i have full and i can go to other apps, please fix app.
yes it's cool and all... I got three games... I'm only give it 3 stars because I did a lot of the hard challenges for coins and got nothing... and I made sure that I completed them.
I don't even know if I can rate this, I just installed it and it keeps saying check back later some stuff about their server being down, yeah...I would like a free steam game like maybe Fallout 4 or Maybe Castlevania LoS2 or something. I will rate if there is a server update. Or until I get my first free stem key. Which I can't do because of the server thing. Sorry Devs.
This app is great, every key I have tried has worked, but now for some reason the app won't launch on my android emulator (Nox). On my chromebook, it launches, but I cant see any of the screens except for the menu.
I've got 3 cases opened, then I thought let's go for something bigger, so I completed big reward offers, twice, and I didn't get no reward for them. Also I didn't get rewarded for 777 casino quests. The game isnt worth to spend your time with at all, all you get is a few 40cent games on your profile, I've got 4 if them, one of the games doesn't even run, it can't be downloaded, it's just in my library but it doesn't work.
It does do what it says an gets you games but don't expect too get the newest games free I got a few of the good cases an haven't seen a game past 2016 even got ones from 1999
It's sooo easy to get keys and its very fair. I got a FREE steam key as soon as I opened the app, everyone gets a free one.
Got a key that was already used. I told support and they did absolutely nothing. TOTAL BS. Scam game.
Really good app, just spen around 20 minutes a day towards getting coins ans you will be rewarded witg free games Personally this is really good for broke people, (AKA me) who love free stuff I woyld recommend giving this a try, its free games for just opening an advertiser's app Why not try it Also im not a bot, or am i
Very good app. The first case i opened i got Coldfall for Steam. At first i thought it was a scam. But when i copied the code it actually worked. But it needs more games to be added to the app like PUBG or Call Of Duty etc. Keep up the good work.
I signed up and got my first free crate and surr enough the key worked perfectly. The only problem ive had was not getting free coins but it was easy to fix.
At first i really liked the app. But now there being scummy giving people keys that you can already get for free from the game devs them selves. Instead of giving us keys that arent free and making us do work for nothing. App is dead as well since you can no longer make purchases. I did get fallout4 but it was pure luck. Got like 15 game keys that r worth like 10 cent and some keys i get twice.
Don't waste your time with this app. You will only get the bad games. A legendary case gave me curse of the raven's cry, a game where over half of the reviews are negative. In the other crates you just get games no one has heard about or played. If you do get the app, don't go for the big rewards, it is not worth the time.
Gives you free games only once or twice, then you have to pay for credits to get the crates. It says that it offers you free credits but i know that it wont because its the whole process of going through installing apps that it says that has high credit value if you run it and play it for a while. I did try knowing that it wont work, but didnt get anything.
I have done many I got a few good value games and I have completed many quests yet I have not received the coins for them.
It's okay but when it comes to the more better games it needs more variety. Just keeping the same Tomb Raider and Resident Evil gets old. GOOD APP THOUGH
The app is legit BUT you only get the need for SPIRIT (XDDDD) off road edition for free all other app keys is 0,0% of winning it.So its cool. PS Nees for spirit is 0,40 cents on steam.
It's fine. The best it did for me was give me a free game. That's a insta 3 stars. And the fact that it's not a scam is also very nice. If you try hard enough you can get a couple of good games but it's way to hard.it forces you to download games and tells you to reach an impossible level. It's a shame really. I would give it a go if I were you.
You cant expect very good games here but if you are bored and want to play some game then this app is ok
Very good app got the code on my mobile to steam now I have 10+games on my account enter my code to get 10free coins: LfmnDjOY
What the hell? I tried it once and it asked me to complete some adwall that I knew was going to lead me to surveys. It was super annoying and Im dissapointed in myself for even trying this dumpster fire. You cant even make purchases.
Amazing app! Thought it was fake but it's really not!! Got my first code for free :)..My referral code: OrClLGCZ
The key I got was used already and they even deleted my comment! Hilarious what they do just to keep the app rating normal
Did not give me the free key for logging in, and the only way to get coins is to use your phone 24/7. Do not download this.
Don't ever download this app if you want to be satisfied in any way. I opened above 100 boxes with real money, never got a game above 1$ it is very frustrating and you never get the cool ones, you just get classic or old school game and thats all... Scam app should not be on the store at all!
The way to get free coins is just the usual rubbish of downloading apps and get to a certain level which will then NOT give you any reward. Also there are not that many good games in the cases, just dont waste your time.