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Game of War - Fire Age

Game of War - Fire Age for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Machine Zone, Inc. located at 2225 E. Bayshore Rd. Suite 200 Palo Alto, CA 94303. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was good at first when I played it but I got kicked out of my mz account and cant get back in I even payed money I even made different accounts with my email for it it siad that it sent the password and stuff for me to get back in but it never did not even the other accounts work i got into someone else's account using my email does anyone have any idea how i can get mine back im zues02 thats my username
Can't log into my account anymore. I've played for 6 years with no problems, now in the last 3 weeks I've had more issues than I can count trying to log in. I've rebooted my phone, I've cleared my cache, I've turned off my VPN, I've cleared my junk files and my residual files with Norton Clean, and I've deleted the game and reloaded it, NOTHING WORKS.
What was once the greatest downloaded game in 2014 and even had a superbowl half time commercial, they ruined it with updates, MZ should of stuck to t4 standard troops and upgraded buildings instead of taking troops upto tier 50 and realising they messed up too soon and then introducing demi god which would see everybody's $$$$ spent over the years come to disastrous end......the revenue would of been insane if they kept t4 and upgraded buildings .... Reset the game I say
I like the game really i do but it consistently closes itself and when I'm typing the keyboard just vanishes and doesn't come back its becoming far to glitch it really and I mean it REALLY REALLY NEEDS ALOT OF DEBUGGING AND FIXES DONE its insane
Been playing this game since the 1st day when this game released, it fun playing it with friends, big alliances, manage to become a trap stronghold and having fun in KVK or KVE, but now its just sad, you really need to spend a lot of money to keep up with big spenders, become a trap stronghold is just not working anymore, even with trillions of armies. Every updates will ruined your gameplay, big spenders will always have a better gear. It just sad, all my friends stop playing this game now.
Developers made this game impossible to achieve anything without buying overpriced game packs full of useless items. Don't waste your time or money playing this game. Customer support is a waste of time. Developers are just interested in your money, I beg you don't waste you time here. HEED THIS WARNING.!!! Be sure you read all the reviews carefully, I'm not the only one who knows this game is a rip-off!!!
An exact replica of Mobile Strike, no more no less just different names but everything else is exact. Tho they do fail when buying packs you are unable to butly things from packs necessary for research, id give Mobile strike a 1 star and this game a .5 for not putting in the effort. Also there only 1 pack available for purchase instead of having a good variety of packs. If the ran packs of 5-20$ and different things on packs it be much better
For all those that is blaming just the creators it's the rich that spend thousands a week that moaning a lot cant burn and want to keep spending to burn those thats not burnable. They request more releases and mz won't refuse money especially those that spends a hell of a lot of money
Used to be awesome and addictive. They opened up waayy too much stuff and it got to be too much all around. MZ got too greedy and completely destroyed a game, that would still be fun to this day had they kept it steady instead of opening a worm hole. People figured out it was a never ending money pit and quit. Had they(mz) did it gradually over these past 7-8years allot of people would still be playing. Went from 100-200$ a month and super fun to 700-1000$ just to try and stay somewhat in it
Ever since 2018 came, the developers have made ridiculously consistent, rapid updates. I remember before 2018, I always wanted to get maxed out so I could fight on the field and I finally got that chance but then a update came that set me back. After maxing myself out again a few days later another update came and then I got set back again. While the updates make the game fun, the fact they make a new update every single day is really annoying. I lost interesting in the game after this.
New ownership of site has been extremely helpful so far has fixed any problems that anyone ive spoken to has had so lets hope they keep up the good work!
This game was fun at the beginning. I think this game is a psychological experiment. It's full of bots, not real players. Peace! ✌️
Addictive but fun... Yea u need money to get a real chance to experience or advance and its expensive nothing under $15.00. Super buggy on the chats, They show up partially on notification but disappear onece you open or half your conversation glitches on and off or forever gone. Bookmarking location or cords I cant name or title the location its imposible to wright anything. I love this game its so fun i see intresting things goin on and ppl.Fun and addictive BEWARE
hated to have to write this but I play for probably 3 years starting at about 7 at about 10 I just decided to but the 20 dollar pack because I knew this was going to be fun for me. But recently a guy I had been playing with had said he would buy me a pack but he would need my email and as a young kid I let him he stole it and to me to f myself so I learned from expirence this is a money pit and there are oviously scammer adults on there don't get this and please don't allow your kids to have it
have been playing since inception of this game, even before Machine Zone took over. AppLuvn has ownership. rarely get intelligable response from server when having game issues- which is OFTEN and this game is a MONEY PIT. yes, you can download and play free but good luck being little more than a farm if you cannot spend thou$and$ on this game-literally. when having purchase issues adress google play not the game server because you will usually get a runaround response..
Money pit. If you aren't rich, it's impossible to get ahead. Too many people play this game that have thousands of dollars to spend weekly on it. Makes it impossible to play.
Use to play this years ago before it all went downhill. It used to be a chill game I could play for fun. Now it's a pay to win game that is a money hole. I don't know why this game is still up.
This game is a pay to win. There is no way to ever get ahead without buying in. The developers cleverly add timer buttons so you waste speed ups or loyalty trying to complete daily objectives. Pack prices are what you pay for. Average buy in is 100$ USD. If there is a special sale for say 20$, you get 20 dollars worth an it dosent have much to offer. The game developers are constantly adding new content and items and you have to have key items in order to keep up. Its not exciting. Not worth it.
It's now a game for spenders and they attack those that don't. had enough and deleted and won't be back
At first it was okay, $4.99 packs then $19.99 packs to help you advance, now mostly everything is $100 packs. I also notice that they were giving more hero energy and loyalty points to help you out in the game now you barly get loyalty points and you hardly ever get hero energy. They don't sell shields so you have to buy them with loyalty points but how can you buy them with loyalty points if you hardly win enough to buy the shield so you constantly get attacked and have your hero taken. πŸ‘Ž
Click buttons for a day or two and you get the mail, which confirms which high level neighbours lost a hero to beheading. Moving up is frustrating, each building each level of 90, or 120 or more may needs levels...needs upgrading for at least 17 buildings and they begin to take months i.e. you depend on bonuses. Cowering behind shields or the higher levels do you in. The forge is cool but the atmosphere gross. You too after 3 days will have your own ideas for making the game better...
The game was fine the way it was back in March, 2013. The only issue was people needed there old accounts to start a new kingdom.
Absolutely don't download this game! You'll only be competing with people with deep wallets who will outspend you to death.
Use to be a good game 3-4 years ago. I think it's time to pull the plug on player progression and wipe the servers and possibly take into account of the value that your player base community is speaking out and they has been no statements of any type of reset or your thoughts as Devs... I believe its time guys come on
My account got reset. I had an account that i played on for years and it is just not there... Im hoping that it can get fixed but if not ill no longer be playing and will leave this review for anyone who has had the same thing happen to find.
Spent easily over $20,000 on my account years ago and still couldn't hang with the big spenders and the never ending updates. Today I downloaded again just to see if it's fixed. It's not. $5 now gets 100x what 20k got me back then. There is so much new stuff and no explanation to what any of it is, even an old vet like me had absolutely no clue what was going on. So Gow goes back in the gulag where it belongs.
Would be great if players wouldn't teleport somewhere after attacking. I get attacked 3 times within a week. Troops don't do anything. This is why I stopped playing. In the last week I had lost 25.5B troops, which I can't get back. All that gold spent, wasted.
Played this game when it first came out. Was super fun and I would play for hours on end. Spent a bit to be at the top of K1, but then they opened up the kingdoms and introduced all the other event stuff and I ended up spending thousands. The game became less fun and social and more about who had the deeper pockets. So much potential for this game but MZ got money hungry. Its sad to see an amazing game go down the drain.
This was once a great game, a game where you could easily dominate even when you were f2p, it later got to a stage where you couldnt really compete with people who bought stuff ingame. Now its a dead game which really saddens me. I have very nice memories of me and a couple of random strangers starting a big alliance. This is the end of this game.
Unless you are willing to spend thousands of dollars to be one of the big players, don't play this game. It use to be a great game. You could spend a small amount of money and have fun. But now, it is nothing but a money pit.
Kicked out and cant access account. MZ take forever to respond, still no solution despite having registered account & spent money
I have multiple accounts and my niece was playing with my phone and accidentally bought a pack. Now I am awaiting MZ response.. very frustrating
you can only level so far then you have to pay $100 to keep going no quest given allows you to level up. Its people who attack to see if you will pay money to the game for supplies then after getting them theyll attack you again so you buy another pack. I liked the game at first until I spent money on it. thats when things changed. The owners of the game attack and take everything so you buy more packs. Nice scam the owners are the strongest players. They go around at night attacking.πŸ‘Žmoney pit
I used to love this game. But I have to spend thousands to compete. I am not so mad about that but with all the lag issues, crashing and now I cannot even log in the game. I have told them I want my money back from my packs from my recent purchases since I haven't been able to log on in nearly 12 hours already from something that mz did. But the outcome doesn't seem so good. I suggest doing yourself a favor and not even download it. Still with issues logging on and can't port to home kingdom.
Was good back in the day . The game turned to garbage when they got stupid greedy . $100 a week just to keep up and double or more to be competitive. Avoid at all costs . Just getting worse.
This game is a total money pot for those who have deep pockets. When it works and able to log in game play is good. As long as you stay sheilded. They drop new stuff all the time and make it so you have to buy an over price pack to do anything. I have not been able to log in at all today, and it will be 48 hoirs before they get back to me on a fix, even then they blame it on your device and network.
This game is a money pit, you'll practically get no where without spending money . if you do spend money on chests you'll probably just get raided by higher levels and there is nothing you can do to stop them.unless you spend more money that is
Started a account but can't get anywhere because all events are set up for the higher level accounts.cant get the stuff I need to grow.complained to MZ but was ignored.game is pathetic.
Not liking the game at the moment. I came back after a while and find that gold is basically usless. How can newer players keep up with the game when everythings been thrown to loyalty. Its days of playing just to get enough loyalty for a singular 24 hour sheild. There is no way to get loyalty from things like packs for purchasing in game sheilds. Yous will loose alot of newer players cause of this. I'm getting ready to quit myself cause the games become ridiculous
I am shocked to see this game is still taking peoples money. I played this game for many years and felt it in my bank account lol. I started in Kingdom24 Terra before they did any type mergers. It was fun and took time to grow and shields were hard to come by. My name was Trixter79 and started with a group called MOO. I was thinking about downloading it again but it seems like its still the same . It was fun in the beginning and I made a lot of good friends ,just sucks MZ ruined this game
You get to a point where you cannot update without spending loads of money. There is nothing to protect you from being attacked by a far more established player. It's a Ponzi scheme! Combat is so complicated with far too many collectables. AVOID
Just played it for premium currency in a diff game. All games of this format are usually just timer simulators that do everything they can to milk the player of money and time lol
Have played this game for a number of years getting very discouraged game will load for a day then close spontaneously during the loading process. They tell me its my phone but when others have the same issue. I'm seeing they only want money not fix the issues I'm down grading my stars to a 2 because of technical issues without fixes and it has evolved to a pay to play, pay to win game.
The game could be great, potential is there but changes happen too fast and cost too much. It caters to the wealthy, and all other players are simply considered cannon fodder, left helpless to the big players who can afford all the new upgrades. A pathetic money making mockery of a game. Developers are nothing but cruel.
AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! MZ, you are the SCUM of the earth trying to take advantage of people in a pandemic. What happened to $5, $10, and $20 packs? You only offer $100 packs? Are you absolutely insane? 100% GREED!! You morons killed your own game, and now the reviews are starting to reflect that heavily. I hope all of you burn. I will NEVER play another game by you scumbags again.
Pay to play scam...DO NOT PLAY!! They give you all items need to advance to a certain level then you have to start paying more money until you get to 99.99 dollar packs of you want to play the actual game. Most days you sit with a force field growing your stats and spending money. So you don't actually get to play the war part of the game because the bigger players target you and zero your entire progress and wallet... HORRIBLE GAME
Horrible game .bunch of money grabbing bastards with poor customer service the game died 5 years ago youll be sorry if you down load this .the creators have killed the game with loads of dead kingdoms and citys everywhere the is the worst game on a mobile platform
Hi there i download the up date on my phone but everything is black? What should i do? I still have the same problem with the new update you told us in the game?yesterday and still today? What now????????
Today I found that my building levels and stronghold is blanked out.Extremely annoying ,since I spent some money on this game
The game has become so confusing. It used to be great but now it's just ridiculous. You NEED to pay a disgusting amount of money in order to do 96% of the things. That doesn't even include what you'd have to pay to be competitive. It just doesn't make sense anymore. Sad to see such a great game fall so far.
I played this game all the time on my samsung phones. Very fun game to keep up with. Now I'm on my oneplus 7 pro and nothing loads other than the all text boxes and buildings. I can't transfer my account because I don't know what I'm pressing. This is one of few games I have spent money on, I'd like to not lose that account.
Avoid like the plague unless you have very deep pockets this game is all about profit for the makers its impossible to get very far unless you buy there Β£100 pack which are mainly full of rubbish. And as for a support department its totaly none exsistent the game is also full of glitches which never get sorted. Play at your peril you have been warned.
Money needed to reach a decent level makes the game not worth playing but the graphics and game play are really good shame because i really like the game
Yes it is free but prepare to constant spending money if you want to play this game; otherwise you just be a target for others to attack you. There are other games out there that you can enjoy without spending money and both groups lives in harmony. Not this one beware.
Played this a couple of years ago, replayed 6 couple ago. When it first came out it was challenging, fair, and fun. But it slowly, then quickly morphed to "Pay To Win" gameplay. Everybody spent hundreds to thousands on this game and now all those players have quit. This game is a good example of how to turn a great idea into the toilet for pay to win. -Former Top Player
Average price of a pack with a ton of useless stuff is the same as a price of a FULL A-class game for PC or console. And you need a lot of packs to stay competitive
Game is really fun but the game constantly going even when turned off, ends up sucking. Once you reach an early level you can get attacked by other players and you will. You will be bullied and never be able to make progress unless you spend alot of money or join an alliance and play every day often. So many hrs, days, weeks and money into playing only to barely get anywhere cus I have a life. Just trying to find something simple like Age Of Empires cus all these games say they are like it.
Where to start. Around 6 years ago this was a newer game. Had a lot of incoming players. It had a good mix of big spenders, medium spenders and regular players woth no money. Thing is it was fun for everyone to play. Once they started attracting a lot of players. MZ quickly turned it into a money pit. It went from afforable and fun for everyone to having big spenders to regular players. It wasn't fun anymore. Hence everyone quitting the game. Log on now and see for yourself, its like a ghosttown
Use to be a Good game but you can't advance without buying a pack now. The developer has to lower those prices not everyone can afford $99.00 a pop for a Pack especially nowadays Put up some $5 or $10 deals like other game do so the rest of us can advance too... Its a google play game guys Stop being greedy for money listen to the reviews players not happy with the game anymore.
Don't waste your money. This is a reset game. Refurbished if you will. It's still the same, money grabbing company. Don't be fooled. They had an amazing thing going. They ruined it purely out of greed.
I love the game but there needs to be a way to report players for inappropriate behavior. I have seen messages describing sexual actions on children and selling of inappropriate items and child pornography. There needs to be a way to report someone to keep this game clean from people like this.
Social media app with a horrible 8 bit game attached. Poor graphics and nothing to do. Complete Waste of your time and money
lol! Terrible! Suck you in and then massively inflate requirements as you slowly progress. Completely unrealistic gameplay, but an effective scam! Don't bother; even Simcity is less of a waste of time.
Great app when you first start on a new kingdom. BUT when the packs come out and people are spending Β£70 each one you get attacked if you not shielded all money. I was leader of the top clan in the kingdom. Clan friends spent Β£1000+ a week branching of to bigger clans. We was allies with the 1,3,4 and we was 8-10 of the top clans with there protection we still got smashed. Go buy war craft and a pc for the price of this game!
Fun long, long ago, but very, very expensive to compete and win. Don't let the cheap pack up front fool you...it doesn't catch you up or make you able to fight and win...more like fight and lose hero. With pace of updates and changes expect to spend at least a couple hundred a month just to help fill rallies...rally leaders will spend that amount almost every week to remain somewhat current...to actually be king of a kingdom is likely a few hundred every week at a minimum to have a chance.
I loved this game in the early stages, such as empire levels 14-21 which were a good few years ago, now not so much because research timers literally take over 30,000 days (82 years) to complete without spending money on speed ups. Summing up this game with a single sentence, it would have to be, "A wallet warriors haven."
Put this on your list of never download. This power creeping nonsensical mess isnt even close to a game. The only way id download this again is if my life was in danger.
I liked this game when I started playing years ago. You needed strategy, planning, calculation of troops for every attack etc. But, all you need now is money. With about $300 in game, plus a $200 dedicated tablet invested in the game, I was barely surviving. Because there were people who spent that much every couple of weeks, and some really rich people who'd spent thousands. All that meant was I could never survive against them. Unless you can spent a few thousand dollars on a game, don't play.
The game won't load, I'm constantly having to switch between devices. No peace shield so I'm constantly getting attacked and killed. This is ridiculous, l still have coins to use but I'd rather get a refund and give up at this point. Emailing them doesn't work.
Use to be fun. Tried it again after several years and it's still not fun. Use to be stronghold level 21 and now its 1220+. Still constantly asks you to pay $100 for insane number of items that make it seem like a great deal. Never is a great deal as the next week another huge amount of new items will show up. Definitely a pay to win game.
I logged in after not playing for awhile and now my account is gone and I have nothing. I've even spent quite a bit of money on this game. If someone can help me recover my account, I'd gladly give 5 stars again, I loved this game, but life took me away for a bit
Me screen gone all black can't see nothing in the kingdom map at all. Don't know what LVL me building are or monsters other alliance's since last update please fix or I'm going to delete game for good πŸ€”
I like this game a lot! The only thing bugging me about this game at the minute is the chats and messages. When I send a message to someone most of it disappears after a while and the same goes for some of the people in my alliance, when they send messages in the AC it doesn't show up or I can't see it, sometimes it will only show if I click on the "translation" button or if I restart the game like 10 times. Other than that the game is great and fun but please sort out the buggy chats. πŸ‘ŠπŸ™