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Game of Sultans for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd. located at RM 19C LOCKHART CTR 301-307 LOCKHART RD WAN CHAI HONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I used to really love this game, and if I wasn't a competitive player in a top American union, I might still. But over 2 yrs in they've ruined the best parts and now it's fully geared towards new players rather than those of us who have already spent thousands on the game. I find every update I'm more disappointed. Please note, most of the 5 star ratings for this game are from bots and players who haven't played yet. If you want a higher rating, start listening to long term players.
Updated review: Unless you can drop cash, don't play. I spent $200 USD and I won NOTHING out of it. Super pissed about how players who can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars gloat around how much better they are. This game can be fun, but unless you can drop cash, forget about winning any of the new stuff! It's super unfair.
I've been playing this game for almost 2 years and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I have spent a little money, but one of the things I love the most is I don't have to in order to be competitive. The fun is in the strategy to see how far I can go WITHOUT spending money. The developers do a great job in diversifying the mini-games and it's always evolving and becoming better and better. The community is real and my union rocks! 241 forever! ๐Ÿค˜
Development team routinely releases updates without thorough testing, leading to unnecessary purchase losses and minimal compensation for their errors. Very "pay to play/win" with poor customer service.
Game is not fun at all, it looks to be the type of game that forces you to spend money, because if you dont, you get kicked from events by other players and not allowed to participate in others. Dont waste your time with this game.
Pay to win mechanics ruin the potential this game had. You won't be able to win any events unless you pay and their prices are ludicrous for in game purchases. Servers are dieing and the only ones left are the ones who spend 100+ a week on this game.
I've reduced my rating to 1 star due to the developers refusal to support long term players. Everything new they add is geared towards new players willing to spend a fortune. Heavy hitters and big spenders on old servers keep quitting due to the lack of respect they're given. My server is almost dead. It's a fun game if you don't want to win, but disappointing for long term competition. 100% a cash grab game, probably the worst I've seen for it too.
i will no longer be playing. appaerently there are rules that are not posted anywhere about not kicking people out of paint rooms if they are on the same team. if this is a really rule they need to make it where you cant kick them out then. this is just a game and is supposed to be fun. when im messaged that i will be blacklisted from paint rooms by kicking people out for a rule that is listed anywhere is stupid. im sorry if my girl is better and kicks your girls butt. im done.
It's alright. If you can spend about 100 bucks a week, you'll have plenty fun. Wanted to edit my review to get active players such as myself to come together and request a server merge. I'm sure yall get tired of seeing the same ole names on here. Its time for a big change, not a bunch of smaller ones.
Wow, thought it was going to be a boring simulation game, but it's totally not! There's so many things to do and the art is incredible. Could honestly play for days. (And you don't really need to invest money to play, only for bonus things).
Fun game, addictive, money pit. It's a lot of clicking. If you spend enough money you unlock access to auto clicks which is ways to not have to click as much. Example when you go to masquerade instead of clicking & waiting each time, once you spend enough money you can just masquerade all and you're done in less than half the time. But each section requires a certain amount spent in order to achieve this. Spending the money does come with other perks as well but definitely not worth the cost.
Play if u love getting purchases lost, horrible lag, bugs, glitches and shady developers who make you pay for their mistakes. Im fine with pay to win games but the game takes your money and doesn't give you anything in return. Disappointed in this 1 star review? Additional review stars can be purchased for $9.99
simple layout. easy to learn. wont be disappointed. great game over all. better than any of the others like it. even its updates work like they are supposed to
From what I can tell, this is a great game. I started playing an hour ago..and I am so far into it. It is really fun. Totally suggest. Some people say it's a pay to win game, but personally.. I don't think so! ๐Ÿ˜
I got this game about a month ago. More out of curiosity than interest. I spent $30 to get to VIP 1 and even then you need to spend more money to actually do something. Its extremely slow pace. Leveling up is a nightmare. Each battle takes 5 million soldiers. They only give you 50K soldiers. It will take days or weeks to level again. You will have to spend money to move forward in this game. Like I said. I already spent $30...Don't waste your money!
I lost everything on this game. My account was bound to my Facebook but it just deleted everything and I cannot get it back. Worst money spent.
Wayy too many new servers. Give the current server at least a month to build people so that the server doesn't die in two weeks time. I wouldn't bother paying for VIP packages if I know most of the server would be inactive by the next quarter.
Love this game. Ive been playing for about 2 years now. Awesome graphics i know some people say its pay to play but not really. If you want to level up faster then yes otherwise they made it so you can level up without buying it just takes a bit longer. Which i have to say is awesome. I dont know any other games where you can level up without buying stuff. Overall this is an awesome game with developers who ask our opinion and actually listen to what we have to say. Love you!
I was utterly disgusted upon watching an ad of this game. It featured a sultan who chose a wife, and found that their child had no talent. He then abandoned his wife and a window popped up, asking if the sultan would choose again. I couldn't believe that such undisguised sexism is being promoted by this game! This is an utter insult to all women on this planet! I've reported to Google cuz I need to find out why they allowed a game with such shameless discrimination against women on the market!
Meh. Finding server rules in my language has been a fail. Getting put in a North American server that is English speaking has been a fail. Guild behavior is somewhere between a high school clique and a high school cat fight and guilds should be removed instead of encouraged. Getting a response from the developer on the English rules and English speaking server have been fails. Oh, and pay to "win"
Brilliant game , absolutely pay to win, however its not pay to enjoy the game , I have played for a while on Europe servers but I struggled to find friendly players and the language barrier was a issue even with the translater. I recently decided to give the America server a try and oh my gosh what a difference I have met some of the nicest people and I may be miles away from the top of the leaderboard but by far the most enjoyable game I have played in ages.
Fun game, but some aspects of it are really frustrating. Definitely a pay to win atmosphere, and there are some weird mechanics, like union leaders randomly making you the leader without your permission, then jumping ship and leaving you with an inactive union you can't leave or delete because you don't know the union password. The in-app support feature is also buggy and inconvenient. Some functions don't work, and everything requires you to know your player ID off the top of your head.
Great Game if you can afford it. Used to be awesome but now they change the fun games and leave the crappy ones alone. Puppets and Fortification are the worst. And if you happen to finally get strong enough to win a game, the change it and make it cross server, so there goes your chance to win speciality characters. If you to lose, this is a great game for that, just dont expect to win without spending your entire years salaray
Its a fun game. It was a fun game i have been playing over a year and it has gotten ridiculous. Do not install unless you have lots of cash you want to get rid of.
Look, the game has a great story line, amazing graphics, and plenty of mini games in it to keep it interesting. You can play for free, or you can choose to spend. There are plenty of non spenders who have reached higher power levels than those that spend. It's all about strategy and consistent playing. I love this game!
Been playing for almost 2 years. Each new update makes it worse. Every single aspect is slowly becoming pay to win. Do not get this game if you are expecting to do well without spending 100's of dollars each month. This game is NOT worth it.On top of all that, there is an issue with the menu bar popping up in the middle of the game, bc of their app formating and they refuse to fix it.
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. Not only is this game a money grab at every corner, the "customer service" team doesn't do anything to fix issues with game play, purchases, rewards, I've had at least 5 issues recently, all of them EASY to fix, and all of them received the same nonsense response "we're sorry but this is the result, what else do you need" and that's it. Simply pathetic. I mean look at their responses to negative reviews!!! The EXACT same response and nothing is EVER followed up on
I love this game because as a female gamer, I can also have an experience with female characters and pronouns. Some things still say "thank you, father" when it should say "mother", but 1 slip is fine. Most games barely have a choice for females. I do wish they had different choices for people of color to be represented but - maybe with time. I would have to say, it would be cool to change outfits easier but, thats my only suggestion. I love that females are represented! +I have all male harem!
This is NOT a free to play game. Everyone, a game that says "free to play" that sneakily also says "in app purchases", just know you are always meant to pay money to "win". Remember, you never win. It's just an app with everyone competing in who spends the most. Apps like these are known for getting people addicted to spending large amounts of cash. The first purchase you make, the more pressure you'll feel to spend, I've spent hundreds on games like this, and I always regret it.
Update review: I had trouble getting this game on my new phone from my old phone. However the developers reached out and I was able to get back on with all my data! Fun game!
it was a good game but last time when i was doing the war ,during the conversation between the pasha and the sultan before war ,they were using those sentences which were against Islam ,and they r showing Muslims in this game (means Osmania Sultanat means Muslims) and there r also games which shows festivals like Christmas and Hollowen etc and these types of games which contain those festivals which we Muslims never celebrate ,these all things r against Islam This game is against Islam
A lot of waiting in this game and you are required to purchase VIP points to accelerate your rise in this game. Game is upgraded regularly and other players on your server can become the best part of a great game.
Really fun game! I downloaded this a few weeks ago and now I play it constantly in my spare time. My only complaint is that despite the gender you choose, your heirs call you father. Other than that, it is amazing! Cheap prices, fun challenges, and SO many different things to do.
Been playing for a year or so and I still love it. Also I'm not a bot not a new player whom hasn't played the game yet...
The new coalition war was a complete mess up on devs part. Too many bugs on many servers. They took back the red packets from everyone and redistributed evenly. That part I do not mind. What I do mind is that they took some of my own personal diamonds as well. Wrote a complaint in dm to devs and they continued to say they only took back the red packet diamonds which is false. Also another player on my server didn't participate or receive red packet and the devs took 4000 of his own diamonds.
False advertising, pay 2 play vip system where the whales are in top and control everything and the free 2 play players are at the bottom getting wrecked. This game isn't the worse of it's kind out there but, it is far from the best or even average level decent. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone. This game honestly should be removed from the store itself because it takes your money and doesn't give you what you paid for and the customer service is terrible.
I have been playing this game for over a year. I invested a ridiculous amount of money because I enjoy playing. Now this game is off the hook asking for more and more money. They said a new legend was coming out. I invested n2 cuisine to be able to get it like the other 4 legends. Then they made a new rule after I went after enough shards to get him. That for this legend you have to play yet ANOTHER game and spends hundreds and hundreds just to get him. That's not ok. We earned him already ๐Ÿคฌ
This game is free to play doesn't mean everything IS FREE, of course if you want to upgrade your character status faster, you would pay. It's a dumb statement arguing about that in your comment for every app. That's how they earn money, stop questioning that.
Love the game, very graphic. The characters are gorgeous, good looking models. My favorite characters are Eris, Seyit, Athan, Orlan, and Dennis so innocent him and his puppy to cute! very creative with beautiful computer animation. The game keeps me interested. Excellent job producers, Merry Christmas with a blessed new year of 2021!
The arena is really stupid. 1st you get your battled vizier randomly, 2nd your prize after winning a round is not really random :) Why put on 3 kinds of prizes then give the player the same thing every single time? It is 3 stars because I can see some improvement from the development team of the game, but they just can't fix quick enough since so many bugs exist.
Have been playing for a while, originally this game is mostly been Pay to Win, but been forgiving for those who are F2P. Nowadays it has been devolving into a paywall, heavy P2W game; including tedious events that require money to win or get.
Like the game, but... I used google play points for 2 in game purchases, and was charged both times. Coupon was not applied. Very unhappy. I just did Express my dissatisfaction! Reading comprehension? And no response from that email address.
Decent game, has itโ€™s perks. I agree with what another comment said, this game is a whole lot of clicking. You wish to click less and save time? Money is the only answer, which sucks if you have none. It gets very tedious at some pointsโ€ฆ.who am I kidding itโ€™s extremely tedious. Why do I still play this? Thatโ€™s a very good question, I might have re-evaluate my life choices. Thanks for taking the time to read my review, I would appreciate a general decrease in clicking.
I've been playing for a few years now, and i love the game. I've even tried other games similar to it, but none compare. I dont see myself quiting anytime soon. I truly love the game.
Lush and detailed the game has a luxurious feel and I enjoy immersing myself into managing a kingdom with the top hundred on my server. I play a male character even into chat as there is no benefit to the truth. Please, for 5 stars produce a male consort option for us women. In Call Me Emperor, which I love for this, u simply 'reincarnate' the consort. Maybe an anachronism but only fair. Can't we females get all the same benefits the men have? Please consider and our devotion will be yours.
I'm honestly laughing at all the negative reviews for this game. Simply put, they're petty. The in-app purchases arent bad at all as long as you READ what you're doing. The campaign only gets "to hard" if YOU arent playing the game right. Meaning this is a strategy game, you have to have a strategy to play effectively. Most people dump every book and talent badge into one vizer then move onto the next. If you're spreading everything among vizers, yes you will have a terrible gaming experience.
A very good game. One that got me.hooked for years and that's a first for me. But lately it's been too much, like you have to pay too much,.you have to invest too much. When I started, a one dollar pack gives a lot of advantage already, such that 2 dollars worth of purchase is totally worth it. Now, you spend hundreds of dollars before you see your advantage. So play at your own peril. And remember this is a PAY TO WIN GAME. YOU CAN'T WIN WITHOUT PAYING
I really like this game! Easy controls, awesome graphics, good sense of community, easy to earn diamonds and more! I like all the events to it's a well put together game c:
Its an okay game to kill a few mins but progress in fast you need to spend money. I've tried to contact customer support about a Google coupon thats supposed to be for the game but instead of using coupon it charges my card.
Reminds me of a series in youtube i watched when i saw this game. Loving the game so far. Nice to have vip points given in daily quests, but it will take awhile before f2p get to vip1, since it takes 500points ($5 to buy). Great graphics and bgm. My men companions looked a bit feminine tho, lol. And please adjust the avatar for men sultans. I tried creating one, but their heads looked awkward, like it was just plunked on top of their bodies carelessly without a neck for support. ๐Ÿค”
I really enjoy this game. Especially when paired with Discord for union communication. Needs a few tweaks here and there but they are always making improvements. New union wars are really fun.
Started playing August 2018. A lot of pros and cons. Initial game play feels monotonous and progress feels slow. Spending money definitely is a huge advantage, but it is in most games like this. Customer Support definitely needs an overhaul and more mods are needed to police bullying behaviors on the servers, which is why 3*. Like anything else though, this game is what you make it. Finding a union with the right people is the only reason I've stayed so long. Would not advise for -18 players.
This is definitely the best 'Sultan' app ever! It has the right amount of war, wives, fights, etc to keep the player interested. Thank you.
This game is really nice, I have been playing it since night! I just hope that there will be more characters for the girls! Other than that this game is really nice, I will try recommending this game to my friends
This game is so addictive. It gives you several things to keep you busy. I enjoy this game very much and would give it 5 stars except for the fact that the section where you can combine items, ride your horse, roll the dice and other things doesn't allow you to click on anything below 'The Five' which is frustrating to say the least and you end up missing the prizes associated with them. Hence only 3 stars for this game.
The game itself is fun. They've been adding new things that keep the game interesting and have timed events that are fun to participate in. Where the game falls apart for me is in the chats, servers, and unions. Pay to play players who think they run the game are everywhere. They will kick you out of feasts and consort teaching rooms and they frequently bully smaller players by messaging them publicly and privately trying to intimidate them into subordination and it ruins the game.
First it takes so long long long time to be a VIP member, which is frustrating seriously, I having been played this game ABT Two months and upgrading yourself on VIP feels like Turtle... And Please put arena challenge edict on festival token so normal player can get hand on and help their union in Arena, when arena challenge comes.. it will be helpful guys if u implement that... Thank u. Regards: Aeiman Have a great day ahead... Please do pay attention on my complain..
This has a horrible dev team that will not do anything about online bullying. S199 has a whole union that is bullying people of all types and is very toxic toward other players. I would like to see the devs do something about this ASAP. I know many emails with screenshots have been sent as well as in game reports.
I really enjoy this game, but I can't give it a higher rating because EVERY single ad I've seen is completely misleading and does NOT tell you AT ALL what the gameplay is like, nor does it even tell you the correct plot. That is shady AF.
This game is super repetitive and way more complex than you'd think, so if you want to rank high enough for some events you will need a good guild and a little studying. Then its grind, grind, grind. That said, it's also well balanced enough that you don't need to pay to do well (though I wish I could get at least one of the paid consorts for free somehow). For me, it's the other players that really make the game. Love my guild and most everyone on the server shares a good-natured rivalry.
Customer service is a joke! I have needed help locating my account and have been asked no less than three times if I had bound the account to my Facebook. Each time I say NO, yet they still ask. I spent $$ to get to VIP 2 status and now can't get back to my old game progress. Like another reviewer said, don't expect any actual help if you have an issue. I'm seriously disappointed in this game developer.
5 Star to 0 stars in 1 week. Customer service has ignored my request for a physical business address to contact someone professional regarding screenshotted glitches in the game. I have had an open ticket with them for over a week, denying the issue. I have not asked for anything extra in game, I just wanted reimbursement for what was lost due to the bug. I have read that this among other things violate Section 5 of the FTC and are reportable to the Attorney General.
Super, super pay to win game. Almost everything is behind a paywall and free to play people are cannon fodder for the whales. They desperately need to merge old servers to keep them competitive. The official Discord server is cliquey and you're liable to get a snarky response from the volunteer mods as you are to get help. I only keep playing because of the cool people I've met in game.
Love this game. Edited 10/28/20 This game has come a very long way since I started playing. There is SO much to do and my server is just awesome. The ppl are so friendly and helpful. i enjoy this game very much. I just wish there were more ways to fairly accrue diamonds ๐Ÿ’Ž not have to purchase. Like more in the mini games.
its very addictive but in the masquerade only meet men so cant really seem to have women on their also some consorts dont give you children to feed of your heirs have to wait 3hrs thats a long time and we dont earn enough gems and everything you need you have to use gems also in the barbarians part is not enough energy so we never get to defeat them.
EVERY time there is an update, the game crashes! I can't get into it and do nothing! If I didn't like playing this game so much...., I would have already deleted it!
I have to be honest at first I thoguht it was gonna be one of those cheaply made gsmtes that charges you money as soon as you log in or when u run out of gems. But its quite the opposite! The game offers so many resources that you gather from playing that you dont ever need to spend a penny! It does not limit you in terms of gameplay. You gain rewards as you play and you use them towards forging your in game goals. I became quite addicted to it! Please add Chat system for Union members.
Cool but might be boring for some... It's really great and If u delete the app I don't have to be signed in to get back in...I play everyday and I am hoping to level up again soon.....the game keeps u guessing all the time u never know the surprise and u don't have to pay to level up only if u want to level up faster.....in all love this game and the opportunities it allows โ™ฅ๏ธbtw some ppl say when we get further in it becomes more boring...it really is still interestingly.
The game itself is free to play, but for many events the ones who win are the ones who spend big bucks. A friend of mine spent $60 just to place in the top 50 on our server during the Ruins event. On the plus side, there are different events every week so there's always something newish.
It's fun. You can create your own union. A union is like a faction. There's so much you can do in this game. I've gotten to Master Sultan 2 just in campaigning so much. So far I haven't had to put real money into it.
WARNING TO PARENTS!!!!!!!! I love this game and have spent a lot of money and plan on playing for along time. I have come across a serious problem that the developers are ignoring no matter how many times I contact them. There is a player in the local chat on the game that is sexually soliciting minor players almost every day. The give out personal information about themselves and ask minors for personal information. It is ruining a game I have spent a lot of money on.The game has done nothing to remove this player. So a warning to parents do not let your kids play this game!!!!!!!
This game is completely pay to win. Might as well charge to even download it. Don't play unless you've got more money than you can spend in a lifetime. Prices on things keep increasing and nothing changes when players complain. Old servers die when players quit but nothing is done to help the people still trying to keep that server going.
I honestly love this game, I have been playing for a year and a half now on multiple servers. The mini games are fun, war is great, they are always adding and switching things around to keep it interesting. Downside is that the servers can die down quick but you do make so many amazing friends along the way.
I've moved from 293 to 306 and I've fallen more and more in love with this game. Although it promotes using money to be the biggest and strongest sultan or sultana. I've changed my review to 5 stars because of how much new content this game receives. My only gripes with this game are the dying servers and Arena. Arena is what causes a bunch of the fights on my current server and I find it harder to enjoy this game because of it.
Fun and competitive but servers die out fairly fast and need mergers. Also arena events are boring because everyone always hits inactive accounts instead of fighting each other. I have a few accounts across a few servers and the videos always stop working after I do the first couple servers. It sucks I'm missing diamonds because they quit working.
I've been playing this game since July 2018. its addicting and i enjoy lots about the game especially new content. that being said there are a ton of issues. old servers are dying population is super low with actual players there are only 4 top unions on my server which are so strong none of the other unions can make it to the finals. my advice server merge down to 30 servers and bump everyone thats been inactive for more than a month to a holding server
This is by possibly the worst game I have ever played. There is no strategy involved; it's completely pay to play. The more money you spend the higher you get in the hierarchy of the game. Each server has someone willing to drop over 40k easily and you should understand that before you sign up. These high money rollers make the game absolutely intolerable. They ruin the dynamic and create their own little totalitarian government in game. This is ripe for bullying on unprecedented levels. Avoid!!
This game is awesome, I've been playing for two years now and I still love it along with my Union. But for new players the game can be slow for them to level up or get prizes, most people will have to spend money to get their game going faster which most people won't spend or are not able to. Also I wish that you are able to keep the clothing for your player, because no matter how high or low you are, everyone just looks the same. But overall its a great game.
Update. I have contacted them several times, they still will not help. They say the game is programmed to automatically suspend anyone who gets a refund for over an amount. So again i state they willing let fraud happen and punish you. Beware. Please do not believe they will help you. They will let fraud go through, then tell you they will suspend your account if you want yout money back.
It's excellent! But, it would be great to have more avatars/characters for our heirs since we have a lot of them and there's only like 6 options for male and female and only 1 for babies. So having more variations would be wonderful!!!!!!!
DONT PLAY UNLESS YOU CAN PAY !! This is a pay to play game, its EXPENSIVE, and most of the packs are useless. Support is only an AI Bot & no help. Game crashed and I couldnt get back in. This happened at a crital momment in a mini game, I put $200 USD into it, but due to game crash I lost. AI Bot said I should have left more time. That is the type of response you get to everything. If you think my $200 is alot for 1 mini game people pay alot more. VIP 9 cost $20,000 USD and thats for only VIP 9
alert : this game is made for rich people , only if you spend alot you can compete, suppor team is ignorant so they will not help , so even if you win events you won't get your rewards most of the time, and support does nothing to give you your rewards that you paid to win for .. all store items are overprized , and they want you to spend 1.4 million diamonds to win the new viziers , wich is impossible to get without cheating so i rate this 0.1 star because the game gives no support!
I absolutely loved this game. Unfortunately, the developers do not take bullying seriously nor do they do anything about alt accounts. It is a pay to play game but if you don't mind that, then this is a fantastic game to play.
The core objective of game is fun and addictive. However, servers become unhealthy easily and quickly. Also, the most in game drama and bullying I have ever witnessed in a game. So many better options soafter playing for 6 months I confidently recommend avoiding this game.
can't get a human being to reply to my messages asking for help from support. "thanks for your patience " and no one ever answers! dear automated response, I DID email that address to no response!
Love this game. It's fun and you can interact as much as you want. I love chatting with my union members plus the other players. It's definitely been a highlight since this year has completely sucked. I don't think it's a pay to play game either. Yes, you can if you want to level up faster but you don't have to. I haven't paid any money and I'm having just as much fun. Thank you it's made this year more bearable! ๐Ÿ˜
This game is one of my absolute favorite games! It's not a game that one gets bored with easily, as there is always something to do, and so many little games within the game. About the only thing I would change, is that even though they have a fair amount of diamonds you can get each day, they really need to add perhaps another hundred more per day to make the game that much more exciting for those who have advanced further along in the game. It's definitely worth the download.
This game isn't that bad honestly, it's not a pay to win despite what the reviews are saying, you can progress in this game with spend thousands of dollars, of course some things cost money it's not an unfair game if you want to be a VIP your gonna have to pay, the devs need money to support themselves and also to continue to make this game, so people should stop complaining, as long as you know how to get things without money you'll be fine, once again not a pay to win. Amazing graphics too ๐Ÿ˜Š
Game is getting better, but the only problem is your Customer Service support. The way she replies is too casual and rude. You need to train your CS.
Waste of time. You get nowhere unless you pay to play. The amount of money and time you put into this game does not equal the rewards that are given in game. It's astronomical.
The game developers do not help at all. Incidents of bullying, harrassment etc are reported, daily. AND NOTHING IS DONE. Waste of money and time. save your money, get a different game, one whose developers care.
I like the game but I feel like the events are for people who have a lot of money to spend everyday and it becomes harder and harder to rank well enough to get decent rewards. I don't even bother participating in cross over server events because I already know I don't have any chance at all. Even with the amount of money I've spent know I can't compete with daily spenders. If my union ever disband I'm deleting the game.
I love the game play, but its tooo expensive to create a union it shouldnt cost that much. Also and I know others have mentioned this, why cant there be Queens with male consorts? women pay to play too..or we would if the game was made for us too..
I like how the game has very good graphics. However, the customer service gives up on helping you. Two of my envoys should have opened up and I have lost about a week of rewards. Customer service sent me a patch that didn't work and then, afterwards, kept sending me a "see FAQs" reply over and over. If you're going to play the game, just don't expect help when something messes up. I was considering becoming a VIP but decided that I won't give my money to a company that doesn't care.
I first saw this game through ads and it seemed fun but once you start to play it its very more tactical and stratigic of a game then the ads show. I thought this would a roleplay/romance game yet its like any other clan that fights game. I feel catfished.
I'm enjoying this game a lot. Is not that kind of game you play when you are bored. Is the one you always open at certain times over the day and you can progress over the time. I like it a lot. I don't het bored and is very simple but beautiful. Also the vizier named Davut is sooo handsome I've got crash on him lol. No idea who created him but good job. I'm in love. Hahaha.
So a friend got his FB account hacked and the game developers may or may not give him back his account. They say if they do it could take up to 3 weeks. So you can spend thousands of dollars on this game, prove all the purchases you've made and prove all your account info but they still won't give you your account back. They can easily link your account to a new FB or email but instead they give you a BS story.
It's all pay to play. If you have a spare $5000 laying around and nothing else to blow it on, go for it. They ignore player complaints and are bleeding active players because of it. Those that left after year 1 were the smart ones. Also they will reply that they are going to improve the game, but let me assure anyone reading these reviews I update my star rating if it actually improves. Players decide if it's improved, not a bunch of generic responses on here.
Updated: guys, really. Oh. This puzzles-ask-everybody-around-like-crazy makes me extremely angry. When I see that the next event is Jigsaw Puzzle, I want to cry and cringe. It's boring, takes too much time to ask folks around, and when you buy packs and stuff, same puzzles double themselves. All. The. Time. Aargh. Please, do something about this Puzzles Event. ๐Ÿ˜“
The game has a lot of bugs. I was playing in the last battle of a campaign and I killed the man on the horse. The game state a error after i won the last battle in campaign. Then the game closed. I had to reopen the app. I had to redo the last battle of the campaign!!! I will not be spending any more of my money on the game on the VIPs. Unfortunately, I am Vips member but i won't be going up the Vips levels.
Unbelievable expensive game to play. Prices getting ridiculous, 300 dollars for game outfit is just something unrealistic. I have spent some money over last year and a half, but have completely stopped to spend on both my servers because this greediness is just unbelievable. And those who say you can play free, don't have to buy-I agree - but you can't really get anywhere in this game without spending. So why to waste a time then to play it at all, just find something free to play
Been playing for over 2 years and have invested over $20,000 into this game and im still not even the top player on my server. I understand that this is a pay2play game but in the past few months devs have become greedier and greedier, charging us over $300 for a skin or making us spend hundreds, even thousands to compete in their latest events. It has killed the game for me. They may claim it is free to play but to compete? Expect to spend alot of money to make that happen.
It's a pretty fun game. It gets a bit grindy, but the music and atmosphere keep me coming back. Overall I quite like it and would recommend it as a casual game.
This game sucks. I lost my account twice due to changing devices. My account was saved to Google play the 2nd time. You can't get anything good without spending a ton of money. I used the maximum amount of diamonds and could not get the extra consort in the romance the sultans game. If your union goes to war of supremacy you will spend an arm and leg in diamonds to win. The mini games get old after awhile especially fortification.
If you want to spend lots and lots of money to get anywhere, this is the game for you. Total money pit. Ads for game are nothing like actual game. Rewards for accomplishments are not worth it. Nothing done about cyberbullying or player harrassment. Would not recommend this game to anyone in it's current state. Players of all levels get screwed over. Play at your own risk.
GoS is an empire power building game. I wasnt really into it when i first started, but after leveling my empire up and getting to know some of the locals, i decided to put some money towards it. now ut is one of my favorites. it is definitely a pay to win game as you will level faster, but you can have just as much fun playing it and not spending money.
Pay to play game. Every Ad is a false advertisement. The actual game is completely different. The developers are pretty greedy and the rewards are pretty horrible anymore. Do mot recommend.
It's very fun and good time killer. I am a casual player and it is pretty easy to griw without spending money. I also love all the consorts- the art is good ! I recommend because it is easy and fun, and notntoo demanding like other games in this genre.
While Technically It Is Free To Play. Do Not Expect To Accomplish Or Rise In Rankings; Unless You Are Willing To Pay. One Week Of Non Paying Grinding, Will Be Obsolete Once Anyone Buys One Pack. If Expecting A Free Fun Game; Look Elsewhere!
Look to be perfectly honest this game isnt half bad. Yes there is in app purchases the devs need to support themselves, its understandable. Its a nice little time waster but a word of warning. If you don't want to spend money DO NOT BOTHER WITH THE EVENTS. Seriously dont even look at them. You could grind for hours and some VIP 12 person will always win. Other than that (and the arena which has its own problems) give it a try.
I actually really recommend this game because it's fun and the creators have really done their but to improve the game and make it better. Now with the vip purchase u can just finish task to earn vips. And it doesn't take 4 days kill the boss or anything like that it only depends on your army's strength . Once again this game is amazing. I still believe there is room for improvement in some aspects but overall please download the game it really gives u a sense of accomplishments.
I really enjoy the game, but to make progress you must make in-game purchases. The cost of these purchases are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE, so it can take MONTHS of daily play (several hours a day!) to make any progress at all.
Love it!Love it!Love it! One of the best games for phones ever and you don't even have to pay for it(if you're patient enough)! Very adicctive and fun!I don't usually write a review on the apps, but this one is amazing! I've been playing it for a month now and it's still as much interesting as on the first place! Maybe you should add more different looks for the heirs ,but everything else is great!
At first, it's pretty interesting. But the whole game basically focuses on earning stuff and leveling up. What I found immensely disappointing is that I downloaded due to an ad I saw on Facebook. Definitely false ad. It showed there that this game was like a "Choose your own adventure" kind of game where I can get to decide how characters respond to a given situation. However, this game is NOTHING AT ALL LIKE THAT! NO CHOICES AT ALL. I couldn't even choose which consorts to court. The game just randomly gives you viziers and consorts that you didn't choose. I also wouldn't say that it's a strategy game because you can win a battle just by developing your viziers to higher levels or just by having a higher number of troops. You just press attack and it shows either you won or lost. I would think a strategy game should be where a player actually chooses where to place the troops in order to win a battle. Definitely FALSE ADVERTISING! I gave it two stars because I somehow had fun marrying off the children in the game. That was it.
Not a bad game.. but I won't recommend it to even pass time. the tasks are predictable and with time they become a routine.. The level of excitement decreases with time..and unless you spend real cash.. the progress in this game remains slow and frustrating. I also find the prices are high for what I get in return. Finally, I always mute the sound because the females in this game sound... well inappropriate.. It could be a really good game if some effort is spent on the user experience!
This game is quite fun, with a range of colourful characters, gorgeous art and spectacular graphics. There's not much to the storyline past the beginning, but that's ok there's plenty of other things to do and I like the difference between the male and female start. I also like the special touch of having the ingame help AI as a companion. Ingame purchases are helpful, but not required. I am still a little confused as to how you can have a child with a companion of the same gender lol.
I'm giving this game the lowest rating possible how much dude in the game and I chose a wife but it switched me for being with a wife to husband and I wasn't able to switch it back game there's no way that restart anything first I thought it would be good and I was interested in it because of the voice acting but not for me I'm into girls not guys
i reported bullying and sexual harassment in my server but the devs only said the fast thing is block the person or report the ID with some option on the player...already reported the bully but the bully still there. why put terms of services about bullying, harassment,.etc if you guys dont take any action regarding bullying in this game??
This game is absolutely amazing! Amazing graphics, excellent gameplay, and the people on here are fun!
1. Consort Learning = have to fix the consort learning system so that new player could get at least chance to learn at the consort learning. it's to easy for the supreme player to claim all of the slot available, and left nothing for the new player. or at least made an active notification icon for every new-opened consort learning slot. 2. Frontier Duration = it will be very nice to have longer duration at the Frontier, especially the Fortress Siege. Additional Fortress is worth to consider too
Another silly pay to win game. However, this game seems a bit friendlier with regards to pvp and doesn't seem to implement player raiding. Still a lot of bullying can still occur by players who spend too much time and/or money in this game by virtue of the game mechanics. EDIT: player Id should not be viewable. Because I got into the top 100 of the event, I am now being targeted by a few players. Downgrading this game to 1star.
Too much empire jargon for one game. Intention that the mission is straightforward but you cannot choose a character avatar plus side missions are time consuming and repetitive. Majority of players are female. And people take this game way too seriously. This isn't a time waster game and you need data to play. Pretty much guess as you play and watch from others as there's no manual.
I like the game. However, I feel like a lot of things are too expensive. Such as campaign bosses, it shouldn't take 4+ days to kill a boss. Also, getting the things for the games like the lamp, the puppet show, and the mine, for me anyway, are difficult to get or sometime even non existent for the events. --- Update: Still nothing being done about these. Wow. Devs, get with it.
I'm one of the older players and I saw a comment about heir looks and totally agree and was wondering if you could give us more looks wise for them. Also if you could make getting certain companions easier for players and maybe add more to the masquerade.
Upsetting!!! I made in game purchases and the first one went fine although I only got the vip points for it and never got the gifts! I bought a different pack and it never rewarded me nothing!!! Not only did it not reward me it chard me 3 TIMES!!!!! THEN WHEN I TRY TO PURCHASE AGAIN BECAUSE I NEVER RECEIVED ANYTHING IT SAYS ERROR!!!!!! I love this game. The game is great but this is theft. I want my money back or I want my packs rewarded to me!!!! I even have proof !!!
I really enjoy the game but I wish I could be able to communicate with fellow players with more than a few sentences. I would like to ask for help and give advice too. There are moments I could really use some clarification on certain things the basic instructions don't cover. Any ideas on how to improve this?
I love this game very much. I feel like a sultan.There are also mini games in it like bubble shooter , candy crush, horse rider pirates, swipe boxes, vizier fight and much more. The only drawback is If you want to get high rankings you have to spend money or you have to wait for much time (increase your power ,VIP level sultan level).
I love the community in this game more than anything. Obviously a lot of time and effort was put into crafting and maintaining the game, but it's the other players who keep me coming back. One UI improvement I'd like to see is an option to select how many of a pack you would like to purchase at once. I think it would be a great improvement to include an option there to select how many you want to buy rather than making individual purchases up to the daily limit.
One of the most pay to win games I've ever played. They even wished is a Merry Christmas with a huge cross server event where you have to spend $1000s of dollars to even rank high enough for a $30 reward. This game places there own greed before its players and has gone way downhill since it released initially.
It definitely requires way more $$ spent , to succeed , and get ahead at all .. and like most Pay To Win games... The farther you get into the Game... The more expensive it is, yet the effect is reduced significantly.
Support is terrible. No response whatsoever. My score keeps dropping for no reason and no one is replying.
I like the game and I love that they have a translator for chatting for different players but I just joined the game about 3 or 4 months ago and recently they had a update so you can chat with people all over the world an I don't really like it different if you are in a union or chatting with someone it hard to tell if that person is texting or not because there's so many people at once .... including everything is high in the game I can't even keep up with my gems to buy what I want .๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”
I first saw the game as an ad on facebook. Looked like a story telling harem game. I was curious but when I downloaded it, that was not the case. At first I was disappointed but now I absolutely love this game! The people on my server are amazing and I haven't lost interest. My only complaint is the prices of items. This is a pay to win or pay to have advantage game. You can definitely play without paying, but it will take time accumulate diamonds and other resources.
I have been been playing this game for just under 2 years. While yes, it is easier to buy some things to boost your empire power, I spend an average of mayyyyybe $10 a month at most because that is all my budget allows me and still notice a difference in ranking rushes, etc. I have also cultivated some wonderful and lasting friendships through this game. love this game and will continue to support it in the future!
It was ok at beginning,but lots of people are leaving. Empty servers. We don't have the option to move without loosing our VIP and inventory - we have to start new and lose our progress Dev don't merge servers,they keep making new ones. You need a team and lots of people playing on the server or else you can't complete tasks (the list is long)
This game is a MASSIVE CASH GRAB!! It's NOTHING like the ads so if that's why you came here go back now!! It's a bait and switch and sure you can play without spending money but you'll get bored with it quick because you can't do many things!! There are better games so don't waste your time or money......
Everything is awesome in the game, the only thing is that it would be great if there were more attainable options for clothing that we can actually keep. There's really only clothing for ranking at #1 in something, and you can't even keep it in the end. Having a high rank but still blending in with other players is a bit disappointing. I would be very excited if there were clothes we could just buy or win, and make the sultans/sultanas more diverse looking.
DO NOT INVEST IN THIS GAME. When you start you automatically join a server. When that server slows down and theres no competition you CANNOT transfer your account to a new server. Maybe if customer service wasn't so bad we would still have active servers. Instead they just keep making new ones and don't care about old servers/players. Even if you're reporting harassment. They won't do anything to ban the aggressor which is a huge reason servers have died. Quit after 2 yrs of investment ๐Ÿ–•
I love how some of the mini games make you interact with the others in your particular server group. Definitely like the changes to free ๐Ÿ’Ž and VIP points for growth since a lot of us aren't able to spend real money to get goodies. Been playing for a year and a half and I love it! Amazing people!
Absolutely shameless cash grab. Gameplay wise, boring button-mashing grindfest. Free-to-play wise, terrible pay-to-win trash. This game is awful. The graphics are the only redeeming quality of this game. They aren't bad but they could be better. The ads aren't accurate at all to the game. Please don't waste your time with this game. EDIT: Your bot replies are stupid and pointless. Make your game actually fun and maybe I'll give it a second try.
I rather enjoy the game while it does have in app purchases you don't have to do them to play the game yeah it may take you longer to build things up but what fun is a game where everything comes easily?
this isn't really my kind of game to be honest. you won't get very far as a f2p player and this is clearly a p2w game. be prepared to spend a lot of money or prepare for many hours of grinding. without VIP you won't get far and you're very limited in what you can do in certain areas. the arena is very unbalanced as well. the events are nice but they don't last very long so again you don't get very far without spending money. on the plus side the gift amount is rather generous.
i love this game. i love that they're making it a little more easy to gain power, specially VIP points, without paying. and supposedly we are getting coalitions wars, so that's really exciting. I love my union and my server people!!!
Game is too much dependent on the money donated. Mini-games dedicated for the Christmas is purely for $ and nothing else. If you wish to keep low- middle-class players (around 95% of all players), consider becoming less greedy.
I've played since Just after the game was released - 2y. While I admit it is largely a pay to WIN game, you do not have to pay to PLAY or ENJOY it. The devs go out of their way to keep new content coming and to gather (and listen to) player feedback. The ability to interact with others in your server is what keeps most of us playing (tho another platform such as Discord or Line is better than in game chat function) This is the only mobile game I have stuck with beyond a few months.
I downloaded this after seeing all the offensive adverts. It is actually a really good game. You can get on ok for F2P but those who spend money will advance a lot faster, but it's still enjoyable playing free. I was automatically put in a server where no one speaks English which means i can't be as sociable as i want to and it resets progress if i want to switch server. I did not realise until it was too late.
It can be pretty competitive, find the right server and you could be getting along with everyone who is willing to help out. Lots of mini game events every week plus it's fun
PURE THEFT. Just made a 19.99 purchase, they gave a receipt but not the items. This caused a failure that took planning of a week or two, and much much more money. How do they pay you back? They dont. They say google pays it and then google says its up to app developers. They wont even give me the purchased items that are still available to everyone else. Like it goes on for another week, yet i would have to pay another 20. RESPONSE TO DEV'S REPLY: I did contact support in game. Thats why im mad