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Game of Khans for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd. located at RM 19C LOCKHART CTR 301-307 LOCKHART RD WAN CHAI HONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm still hitting the learning curve for this game, but I've played Game of Sultans for nearly a year and came over to check things out. The animation on this game is amazing. The play through and storyline is fun, though parts can be challenging to understand so I encourage you to stick with it. This game implements some things I wish they'd bring into GOS (the animation included). But overall, great game - but bare in mind both GOS and GOK are strategy based games.
There's So Much to Do! No annoying ads, new challenges every week, and a variety of ways to improve your character and their relm. Play at your own pace, or go hard and fulfill daily challenges and level up as fast as possible. In game purchases are reasonably priced and not a necessity to advancing.
Honestly Its a good game, my only complaint is the longer you play the slower it gets. When I first started play it was going really fast but now, and it's only been a week, it's really slow on campaigns and leveling. Everything else though is still the same which I appreciate.
Some of the functions are confusing to understand but other than having to figure out the way to do certain things once in a while it's a great app and the occasional confusion and having to figure certain functions out makes it better in a way because it's more of a challenge that way and I enjoy playing it.
One of the best games I've played this far off this genres, getting lovers/beauties is easy, there's so many, the story is full, there's background stories to everyone, diamonds are slightly hard to get a long with vip it'd be fine if you could earn vip playing daily and collecting vip points or something even if 1 at a time, but like most gotta pay for it to increase, but overall it's amazing, I hope that they even add more beauties/lover and maybe earn vip lvl some how.
Love this game! Soo much to do and maintain. I love the fact that the game doesn't just focus on one aspect, but delivers the same focus for all parts of the game. Highly recommend!
Fun so far - was fun until it became obvious how hard it is to get anywhere without paying loads (ie thousands of dollars) of money.
I like this game, simple light on memory, needs to be a little more exotic with the ladies. There is no two way about it, this is mainly for men, so just go all out fan service. Combat needs to be more involved, all you do is charge and lose soldiers. Why not a block button for when arrows are coming in? Other than that it is very fun and the way they present the story is cool. Might as well has voiced the whole dialogue but the little intro tease is still cool.
Best game of this type that I've ever played realistic options beautiful realistic women characters and awesome backgrounds for all the others too this is a good one best 10/10 hope ya add some more rewards and more options that can impact the story or I would like to say world but no lol but yeah and add more stories to the consorts like after the marriage in all add more
So I really enjoy this game, so many intresting things u can do in the game. It never gets boring, even the storyline is amazing. However, the reason I'm giving this 2 stars is because I tried 5 times to link my game and it wouldn't so when I got a new phone I lost all my progress 😡 even all the packs I paid good money for just gone and I cant get it back thanks to the fact your damn game wont link. Fix this problem! 😡😤
So far it's a good game.. good for passing time and just having some fun. Doesn't take too long to upgrade or wait for tasks to finish.. most games take forever but this one isn't too bad. I have enjoyed it so far. Will update if that changes lol.
I like your game, I really do but like can you please for the love of god fix the Hunting Grounds cooldown like shorten the time because I get no chances of being able to play it since I live in California like the timing is just off and I'm not about to wake up at 6 in the morning for it.
It takes a little time time to understand all the content and the game works, but it keeps me coming back everyday. You can play for free and build your empire or there are low cost options to make your game play move even faster. Really interesting concept for a game.
The game is amazing. I love the character animations, graphics, and game play. I especially love the stories with the characters. It really helps you connect to the story and build your own character. But there is a problem. The dialog options are often misleading. Sometimes you can't tell if it's joking or serious. And you end up choosing a route you meant to avoid. Could add a way to tell the difference? Maybe with colors or just a little marker?
Update on my review. Good game overall but pretty much a pay to grow stronger game. If you don't pay to grow stronger you get stumped all over in anything. Feast are out the question if you are low ranked because anyone stronger will steal your seat no matter how many feast are open. I wish they included female khans and african american characters. Also its hard to get items that you really need to grow if you aren't in a horde or in a not so well performing horde.
A nice suprise When I saw an ad for this game I was a bit skeptical of it and was thinking it would be one if those clickbait games but little did I know that this game is surprisingly fun. You can tell the developers really spent their time with this game.
So far, I'm really enjoying it. Gorgeous graphics&I'm progressing nicely playing for free. I like that the advisors&consorts all have their own story&personality. I'm still on the learning curve for this game, as there is so much to do. I installed it through Mistplay for points. I'm glad I did!
Still feeling this game out, it's not bad so far. Game play is a little slow. I will adjust rating when I learn more about the game. Update so been playing the game awhile so I + 1 🌟 it helps pass the time. Takes some time to understand what to do and best practices. Lots of power players but it doesn't really affect my game play.
Highly addictive and fun game play. While pay to win certainly exists, it doesn't impede on my enjoyment of the came who's spent less than $10. Fair value for the amount of entertainment I received.
I've been playing Game of Sultans for a few years now, so when I saw Game of Khans was being made I thought it would be the same thing. I was so wrong in that assumption! Game of Khans has amazing graphics, beautifully designed scenes, top notch storylines, and is packed full of things to do. I already love the game and I haven't even been playing for a week yet. I think the only thing I really have a problem with is the pay to win atmosphere. You have to be VIP5 to get all the auto buttons.
I have been playing a week straight with little sleep! Lmao. Love this game. Lots to do and easy to get rewards. However, it would be more convieniant to lower some of the longer times. Like hunting I can never do because it happens when I sleep.
My original review was supposed to be 5 stars, but I guess I tapped the 4. This is a pretty great game. You don't really run out of things to do like with most free games. Developer is polite and responsive. This is what a game should be. If this had been released in the 90s I would have purchased it for PC.
Fun game to pass the time not requiring you to play all day. Plenty of rewards given regularly so there is no need to buy packs. I've only been playing for a few weeks so we'll see if it stays fresh.
Storyline is better than I was expecting but after a certain lvl everything slows down and rewards are few. To progress further you either play a few minutes though out the day over several days to collect enough to raise your advisers, consorts, children and personal lvl or be forced to buy the small packages they offer. After 3 days most players will stop playing do to slow progression and small rewards.
I was just kinda roaming the app store per usual and saw this game, was like eh let's try it out, I wasn't expecting it to actually be really good :') of course these kinds of games are ones I happen to really like. The art style is actually pretty impressive, the mechanics are easy and they introduce things in a way that's understandable(which can't be said for a lot of games). The only problem I have is the consorts when world traveling, they have a 3d model, when most of the art style is 2d:)
Very immersive story. A lot of work and thought has gone into the planning and layout of this game. I have only started and find so many things to do that before I know it more time than I planned to spend has flitted away!
I love this game!! Great graphics and a really large amount of quests that don't end in a few minutes. Highly addictive. I don't normally play these types of games...or many at all, but Gane of Khans is the exception.
I do not play a lot of role play games but this one is interesting enough to keep me playing and if I can keep going without purchases, an issue I have had before with a similiar game, I will keeplaying. I also like the choices given in story chapter sections. Looking for a good role play game, give this one a try.
Not a bad game. Have been enjoy it but like any mobile fame there are timers and when you have to eait for them that can ve a let down later on. Don't really have to worry about the timers when you are starting out. There is also a VIP syatem that i do not really understand hiw to level up without paying for anything. But can recommend downloading the game to play for a few minutes a day.
I've genuinely been enjoying this game thus far. Many games of this kind have lost their appeal after a short time, but I might try to remain long term with this one. Some of the back stories and interactions are actually amusing and interesting, even developing a modicum of emotional attachment to some concubines beyond the cliche lust for buxom, bodacious bimbos in similar games. The only issue I have that prevents a 5 star rating is the glitching and crashing every 15-20 minutes.
This game is great, you have so many characters to interact with and your choice effect outcome of warriors and maidens. Lots of different options in the game to keep you busy. Even has the clan aspect to it with the horde option.
Plenty to do, easy to make earnings and the chat rooms are nice to have when it comes to in game warfare or just a quick chat. Unfortunately my first server I had to leave, as it is dominated by a toxic crew that has taken over most of S19. They made the game hard to enjoy and did all they could to keep you from growing, but good thing the game adds in new servers every once and a while, it just sucked starting from scratch again.
It's amazing. I LOVE how it's based loosely on real history. The consorts look amazing, are all uniquely voiced, and have interesting backstories to unlock. And it's such a pleasure to find out that the advisors under you are all interesting and distinguishable. The game is very basic but it's done extremely well. It's a huge plus that the game is active with people and the player base is friendly. Not to mention that there are frequent activities and updates. No need to drop $ but you can.
Better than i expected, i expected this to be a download and play for a little then uninstall but I've been constantly playing it for the last 4 days. My friends have seen more pictures of my heirs and their silly names than they've ever seen of my actual children. If you can get past some of the typos, the vast amount of items you'll have to learn, and waiting to complete objectives you'll have a pretty good time and meet a bunch of silly people
As someone else said, they got the game but didn't expect it to be good, I to feel that way, it is very simple in terms of game play and the tutorial shows you everthing you need to know, the different kinds of voices in the game are amazing as well and everyone is chat is friendly and gives advice if you need it. Only thing for me is with the advisors and places on map that give rss, it takes way to long to get them to lvl 100, once they all reach that level though it's easy to get whatyouneed
The game is dope, I wish it was easier to save consorts and my warriors wouldn't die so easily but I guess thats all part of the challenge. Overall, Amazing game. Keep it up!
Great game! Honestly there is nothing that disappoints me so far. The resources are not that hard to get, you can team up with different players, the graphics of the game look really good too.
I realize that maybe this review will change as I get to know the game but so far I wish game of sultans was more like this game. I love the graphics I love that it's intuitive I love that it's seamless it feels like you are truly inside the game. And I also like that it is far more rewarding than the original game of sultans. You actually get everything you need without having to spend money. One of my favorite aspects of this game is the story of advisors and just stories and interactions.
For a new game, it has surprisingly few bugs. The artwork is fantastic, storyline is good, and it is possible to progress without spending money. My only complaint right now would be that you dont really get much for your dollar when you buy in-app purchases. Their other game, Game of Sultans, offers more rewards for purchases than Game of Khans does.
Balanced blend of story and role-playing game elements. I prefer to play mostly solo, but this game somewhat forces you to do many MMO quests; learning Horde activities has been particularly difficult and tedious. Artwork is superb and it's refreshing to see so many Asian characters from a wide assortment of cultures/fashions. (It would be nice to replace the very Anglo voice for the Great Khan with a more authentic accent or no voice at all, however.) Not historically accurate but good fantasy.
This reminds me of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. If you enjoyed those games, then I think you'll like this. It's fairly simple, but there is SO much to do. It actually feels like a real game and less like a money grab... Which is strange in 2021.
I love a game I don't have to spend money on just to enjoy it. Just working on my strategy was enough to suck me in. There is always opportunities to receive gems so I never felt like I HAD to spend money just to keep playing. The mini games are cute and I just love feeling like a villain when I steal a seat at a feast.
Game is alright but you will not really get anywhere if you don't spend money. That said it's decent if you just wanna play something casual.
I'm having fun its has an interesting take. And if you choose to buy things they are a good value and fairly cheap compared to most games.
Great graphics. Fun. I wish you would give an update where we can actually USE the animal shards. You have said since day 1 update coming. We get updates, yet still can't use them. Please let us trade them for something
I love the graphics. The big down side is that it won't let me load the game of I'm not in strong wifi or an superior 5g data network. I'm pulling 23.5 Mbps down and up on my mobile data currently and the game will only load to 47% and freeze. Tried multiple times and days. Fix your connection issue. Even 6Mbps should be more than enough to load and play a mobile game
Love the music, the costumes, the atmosphere, I haven't been playing long but it doesn't seem pay to win, but you can definitely pay to get ahead. It slows down a lot after about an hour or two of gameplay, it just feels like it's missing something.
Lots of things to do. Im addicted! Im glad i didn't listen to the pay to play complaints. You get plenty of rewards even if you didn't spend anything to compete. Ive taken it down from 5 stars to 3 because im not allowed to get the event beasts. Every time i press the capture button it dissappears. Started a second game on my boyfriend's phone and that account allowed the capture the snowleopard at level 300 something. Here i am at level 1600 and this game has not once let me catch a special ani
A fabulous game that is a wonderful window into life on the steps. The game has a better system than most for being able to earn things that you get buy spending money. My one complaint is that some of the wives are really young looking, and act like teenagers. Feels a touch pedo.
Had to edit this because I switched phones logged in after having to go through the tutorial all for my saved account to be gone and having to start over and when you go to contact help there is nothing to help I want my account back
UPDATED REVIEW: Had to drop my rating to 1 star because of the absolutely horrible, rude tech support. Had reward items disappear in the game. When I reported to support, the 1st person closed the ticket randomly. The 2nd person was extremely rude, lied, and kept trying to play mind games...insisting there was no issue. Wow, just wow! HORRIBLE.
I just started playing about a week ago, its got alot of different things that are hard for me to keep track of but still the game is alot of fun. I do wish there was a female version though......
Loving it so far. Very new and they are still making improvements. Only critique is I wish the tutorials were more in depth as to how things worked. If you have never played a game like this, you could really be lost.
I enjoy all the different mini games. There is always something to do one here. Not a buy to play game, but spending money always helps.
The graphics are beautiful and the game mechanics are simple without being boring. The story is engaging as well and your choices seem to have an actual affect which is an improvment over other games of this type. Over all a very enjoyable game.
Very good game. I think it would be nice, if hay was earned faster. Also, if people in a horde could share recourse. But overall you don't have to spend money it seems.
Simply love it... Diversified, I like the characters, simply to navigate, ... The only downer is obviously the money side, as if you want to evolve and go up you'll need to spend some cash....or will take you lot of time to progress....
Both timelocked and pay2progress. Stunning graphics is the only thing good in it. The tiny different bits of gameplay that is in it is boring and a chore of come back and tap here once an hour or once per day. Big waste of development and graphic design skills. Horrible flaw in game design to timelock a Visual Novel. There is "!" in it on things that aren't time yet which is aggrovating when trying to find something to do only there isn't anything to do. Came 2 see snowleopards, they were a lie.
Game is like every game of rpg with babes n warriors. If u played be the king or game of sultan it's the same but better n more features than those. Giving it a 5 stars because they bring something to the table not like building base etc which takes too much time but like story of ur warriors, animal catching, n other stuff. So far I stick with this one. It depends on ur rng to summon warriors instead of leveling up and gaining certain ones.
Absolutely amazing game!! There's just so much content. With the amount of rewards you get, it's really easy to advance fairly quickly without having to pay for anything. I was surprised by the quality of the story and gameplay and although it takes up quite a bit of storage space it's definitely worth it if you like this type of RPG game. It's insanely addictive! Oh yeah, and the graphics are really really good.
It's pretty good - there are pay to win aspects but they can basically be avoided if you want to play for free - you might never be the very top but you can get not insanely far from it
Seems like a lot to learn and keep up with at first game play, but there are many tutorials and it gets much easier. Very fun game. Offers storyline and many choices. Possibilities to succeed without pay to play.
Very fun at first, and not too time-consuming (unless you want it to be). The Horde (alliance, team, party, etc) mechanics are not very immersive or clear, and it will get boring pretty quick if you don't spend at least a little bit of actual money, but overall a good design with fun storylines.
Lots of mini-games to keep you interested. It's complex, and a bit hard to sort out what to do. The developers have included NPCs to help navigate the game. We'll see how this plays out. It's set in an interesting time and people, that's for sure.
Mechanist does a great job of stealing my money again. 💰 Not really their fault they made a shiny pretty game and I want all the wives. Addictive, fun, and making new friends. Will probably play this game for too long and pay too much money.
Fun to play, easy to understand and worth the time it takes to play it. Only fault is the pay to play scenarios that seem to come up rather increasingly, but that is an understandable reason for a game this clean.
So far i havent found any problems or pay walls, still new to it though. Hopefully it will stay this smooth. Graphics r great, no lag, no pushy in ur face ads. Free to play though of course u can spend
A lot of fun and relatively easy to get gems without spending money. Only issue I have is that sometimes it is unclear what somethings are for or why the notification won't clear on a section, otherwise it is great
Other than the lack of tutorials and the need to pay in order to advance quickly the graphics are quite awesome and so far the storyline has been pretty good.
The game is well executed. I love the graphics, design, storyline, and how interactive it is. This game is all about strategy. Today was the first time we battled and it was way too confusing and complex. Everyone was trying to figure out how to do battle, being that the game is new in America server. I wish the developers would simplyfy the battle and provide a better and easy-to-follow tutorial. It makes me appreciate GoS War and how easy it is to do. Great game overall.
It's a lovely game, with terrific graphics and an amazing setting. Excellent work! Unfortunately, I can't recommend this game as its restore mechanism doesn't seem to work. I had to reinstall this game following a factory reset, and when I tried to switch from the tutorial to my saved game (on Google Play), I was sent back to the tutorial, as if my saved game was destroyed.
Amazing, makes women not objects but instead real people with real personal reactions to your own actions. I hope more games show the value of women as people and person's as this one does. That aside it still is a harem game so keep that in mind. Conquer the land and the hearts of some ladies. Be kind and just. Have fun.
A lot of bugs with pausing, errors and the biggest problem is I can't play or download on wi-fi. I have a group I am with but sometimes it doesn't seem worth it. Perhaps if sometime in the future, I can play on wi-fi vs my phone data, I would be much happier. I can play GOS on wi-fi so no idea what the issue is.
I think its a good game but I don't like you are constantly have to buy candy to raise the heirs, and the leveling up of advisers take way to much silver for as many times as the quest and stuff require to earn rewards. But again the game is fun just a mo ey trap
Lots of "VIP" content but most of it is reasonably priced and you can still enjoy the game without purchases. Good storylines and character development. Obviously misogynistic buuut I'll write it off as being "historically accurate". (In a sense) Overall, a good game and I intend to keep playing.
Play to win for sure. It's fun in a way but if you don't spend money it's really not a fun game. They make it just playable to start you off then this it. You can play though it's just takes much longer to play. And you will miss out on many activities.
The game has nice live2D art. A decent selection of heroes and activities. For me the only thing that draws it back are the paywalls which limit your gameplay and progress.
So far the story lines are amusing and easy to play. You can spend if you wish and there are plenty of cheap packages to choose from. Or free play it.
So far I'm really liking this game. It's similar to game of sultans but they have added some unique features. I like the individual back stories of the characters. You have meeting with advisors and women at points where you get to pick your responses. Obviously, like most games if you spend real money you'll get ahead much faster, but even not I find im able to enjoy the features and have fun.
I'm seriously too old to be playing games like this but I just love it. Sometimes it's hard to turn it off! I've never seen a free game with such amazing graphics and storytelling. And it's awesome that some pay items aren't super expensive - as low as $0.99.
its pretty fun. i hate games that give you gems for giving them a good review buy i will adjust my score once i play the game long enough to give an honest review. so far ive noticed that if you arent paying to play there is a lot of waiting around for resources.
Absolute fun. You can have a lot of fun with paying virtually nothing. Be sure to master your rewards. You are certainly getting more than you realize. Look through all the different menus. Im always being surprised about rewards I never saw, and they definitely accelerate game play. Game can be die hard or just relaxing. Well made.
I have both Game of Sultans and Game of Khans, this games graphics and design is unbelievable. It just came out so I know new and better things will be added eventually but I do recommend this game. Yes, you can spend money and on almost every competitive game it is "pay to win" it may take you longer to win things you desire if you do not spend so if you don't like that then do not download this game. Otherwise DOWNLOAD IT!
I like this game a lot. I've made some friends along the way, and there's a lot of different and unique-ish games and activities within. My biggest and almost sole complaint: it's wayyy to obvious how the game is pay to pay in order to win and enjoy. If it wasn't for the friends I've made in the hordes (clan groups), then I might have not had nearly as much fun because of how much the game developers beg you to give them money in order to progress. Don't take your fan base for granted plz.
Very fun and challenging and it's unlike any other RPG game and I like the aspect that there are other humans that you could talk to and get other like I guess you could say wives but they say consorts really like it cool feature
By the same ppl that brought you "Game of Sultans ". This one has more amazing graphics. Rich colors, and great stories. Lot to take in. No tutorial on it. So bit hard to understand. Chat screen is non existent or too quiet. Hard to join a "group" in it.
I love it! What makes this game different from the others of the same genre is that you get the storys of the consorts and you interact with them, the same with your advisers. It's a game well made 👍
Enjoyable so far. Doesn't seem P2W, except maybe with PvP, but I avoid that in any game, so doesn't bother me. Visuals are beautiful and seems like a well crafted game. I think I would enjoy it more on a desktop, but at the end of the day, I am having fun and that is all that matters here.
This will seem very familiar to you if you like this type of game. I believe it's by the same people who did Game of Sultans, but this game is leagues better with GoS and other similar games, it's very easy to get bored after a bit. There's a lot more to do here, it's a lot more fun and actually has a not terrible storyline!
It's an addicting game. I would give 5 stars but the game relies to heavily on trying to get people to buy packs. I don't mind spending a few bucks here and there but I feel this game, despite how much I love it game wise, is just another pay to play.
It's fun, lots to do, not stingy at all with loot, you can run out of things to do fairly easy, all the back stories to the characters keeps it interesting, I am enjoying it, spent $0.00 on it so far, and I'm having fun with it
It is an interesting game with a variety of things to do to raise your khan, his family, warriors and kingdom. Some events are not explained well and l don't know what l am doing. Still, having fun as l am learning.
I love game of sultans and this may be even better. My only complaints so far is that new advisors are difficult to get, perhaps because there aren't many. Also some things, such as the advisor's skills, are not explained. What attributes do they effect? Great job overall!
I have given it four stars because been playing for a few days thus far & there is a few things that could be better explained, BUT for a game not even a month from go it is an amazing game. A LOT better then GOS. As for the few things that need to be explained better or done better. The leveling of your advisors and wives would be one. And the fact you only get two growths of the kids before you have to wait an hour. All and all this is a must try game! I love it!!
I like this game. It reads like a live story and also some strategy. It's not really a pay for play since there is still a lot of activities to do without having to spend money.
After downloading this game I was a little skeptical, however, it's a genuinely good game! The graphics are good, and the tutorial is easy and informative. There are a lot of in app purchases, but it's not pay to win, you can farm to each stage just by playing.
Good game, needs work though. If I need an item sold then I should be brought to that item not just to the first items page, you have lost many sales to me cause I can't find where to make purchase.
I really like this game...but the leveling of advisors is so hard! It consumes so much silver to the point your broke after leveling one! Please fix this!
This game is really beautiful and fun. It has a lot going on, but it doesn't get overwhelming. There's soemthing to do for whatever mood you're in... I am really appreciative of a game with nice art that doesn't feel like it's fetishizing any culture but being made with love from and for you know? All the choices in interactions are really fun to feel out too... Idk, always helps me feel less anxious when I play haha
The war glitches are tiresome and haven't been fixed. It's not a me issue but pretty much everyone I talk to. There are forced tutorials and the chests wil pop up and cover the whole screen practically
There are VIP options but most are affordable things. The stories are pretty good as well and the choices you make. I would say give it a chance and see if it is your type of game. The horde I'm in is very friendly and helpful people. (I've been playing it for a few days will update if anything changes)