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Game of Khans

Game of Khans for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Clicktouch Co., Ltd. located at Rm.19c,Lockhart Ctr.,301-307 Lockhart Rd.,Wan Chai,Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
can't open the game saying lost contact with mongol empire. My internet is perfectly running smoothly. 18 nov game crashed again and again.
Game is Good but I request you to make some changes in the game like; add this feature that we can choose which consort we want to visit. Presenly, it automatically divert us to any random consort on pressing "visit" And you should add anything in the game which is always ready to play. Currently, we need to wait for gathering army and all. Please fix theses issues
It's a very addicting game... if you're playing everyday theres many advantages and I love the mini games I hope more of those to come! Definitely reccomend playing this game!!
I stick to the point that the game is amazing except for the feast portion. I request the developers to do something regarding the stealing seat potion of feast. That issue is spreading hate among the players. Please change the feast portion or add a feature where the host can kick out the thieves. I will add back the stars if something is done regarding this.
The new graphics for the pet food is too horrifying, there are players of all ages so please consider to reverting back to the old ones.
There is many things in this game that annoying me. This game is pay to win. Battlefield map so small that enemy can reach my warcamp in a short time. The mountain in map is stupid which the powerful horde with the rich players using this as advantage to fool the weakest horde by blocking all the entrance to the middle map & toying with us. The strongest horde, the chinese group in Asia server S48 even buying the strongest players with real money & give some rewards to join them. Useless game.
BE WARNED, this is a disgraceful excuse for a game, Trolls rule and make gaming unbearable for decent people, 100% P2W, no chance if not prepared to spend big. Worse gaming experience I have ever had the misfortune to try. Devs have hit a new low with this pile of garbage. Don't waste your time unless you are just another troll.
Problem.... Can't open the game... Reinstalled it... Cleared the cache.... Mobile storage is sufficient... Even then can't open the app... Even after 86.90% of loading.... Please help.
Loving this game! I never thought I'd enjoy a game of this genre cause almost all of them have a pay to play approach. This game is fun, there's always soo much happening, the graphics aand storyline is awesome and my favourite part is you can definitely enjoy everything with spending a penny, however the paid stuff are also good deals. Overall I really hope they keep it up.
I honestly really enjoy this game. It has great people and a wonderful environment. Edit: In the 2 month since posting this the game has honestly gone to the bin. Players are harassed by others to the point they're being stalked outside the game. The mediators refuse to do anything in regards to it. Honestly when people are threatened with beatings and sexual assault it's no longer a good environment. But instead of banning those making the threats they ban the others. Joke of a game.
I dont know the problem i keep on logging in but it just kepp on crushing dont know why please fix it fast.
Had this game, still very much a beta version, since its first week ( I'm Server 1 VIP 8). The style of game is similar to King's Throne Game of Lust, but falls short to deliver the enjoyable experience that game gives. There've been no developments to enhance experience in the game. I have perservered in hope development would start going in the right direction. I don't believe it will. There are to many bugs to often and is becoming just another poorly made money grab game.
I like this game very much I have play many roleplay game but this one is best .l have great time in the game .but update the advisor the touch sensitive is high I click touch the button one time but sometime the click is have update 3 or 4 level have update so please decease the sensitive guys but sometimes network has disconnect and reconnect the concerts and adivisor story scrolls are not visible so take care on that problem guys.
purchased vip pack plus ink to unveil map. To my surprise ink drop on same part of the map which is already opened. What kind of money making trick is this? Wasted 7 ink drops on same part of the map? Feels like i wasted my money.
I like the game but in the new version they have changed the upgrading system of advisor which is really bad. Now it all depends on luck and very random, previously we could plan the upgrade which made it more interesting. Rest of the changes is welcome, i wish dev will take a survey and change the advisor upgrade system as before. Will change to 5 star if my wish is acknowledged. Overall gameplay is interesting.
It's a game where you can gain wide experience and most probably you'll get to know about the Mongolian culture, food habits, about the consorts and batting patterns. Overall it's an interesting game to play.
It is an easy tap tap with lots of bonus game. I like it a lot. Could you consider increasing the feast shield duration to 3hours? Restrict same player from robbing same person of the seat successfully to once a day? This rule will help reduce attrition of players who are disgusted that same player target them daily up to 3 or more times a day.
can you replay this...????? After update,connection like a little bit heavy and lagging. dont ask my phone or connection are problem coz my connection are good and my phone are fast then my cpu... so tell me why this problem appears when you update this game...? and please,dont make this weakness cause i quit to play... tq, waiting your replay...
The game is stuck at loading/start screen I am unable to access my game..is something wrong on Server 3?
Good game..i really love this game..good graphic and fun story..i do wish its a bit cheaper to upgrade people..and i like the new update
I guess this is the best game there is of this genre. Completely awesome. They give u prior information n compensation such as gems and many such in-game rewards if the server fails to respond or such. They care for the players' opinion. Nice game. U can pay to advance ahead of others but it isn't a pay-to-win game. Lovely game. Keep it up.
1) Need more cities to conquer. Atleast each city for an advisor to be posted. 2) Need more resources than Meat, Silver and Warriors. Like Gems increase Trader Advisors 3) Different types of troops. Like Archers, Cavalry, Siege, Infantry. Based on the combination, victory should be decided. 4) Wrangled horses should go to the pet/increase warriors 5) Need orange card Trader class advisors
I dont know what's wrong but I can't install or update#edit#how can I log in when I cant even reinstall this app after uninstall it? it keep loading and waiting to download since lastnite#edit#ok just finish install it
This game is the best of its genre. The graphic is great, the harem is nice. You have quite some mini games to play and don't have to spend a lot to compete with others. Keeping up the good work, guys!
Liked this game and it's graphics and idea but treasure hunting mini game is not worth the time and the diamonds. Thanks for a good time and bye. That treasure event definitely must come cheaper in diamonds, or other sources of ink would be good, just like for rings etc.
This game has alot of potential.horde battle could be great fun if the game didn't seriously lag in final battle. Servers just can't handle the traffic. The mini games break things up and keep things interesting but some regenerate play points. (Archery) while others don't. (Pilgrimage). So sometimes there's alot to do and other days not much. Also there needs to be a server transfer system in place to avoid leaving customers stuck with not much competition.
My experience in this game was very good and was also excellent....but today I faced several time login issue...I didn't login today.....please help me to login into the game.
It is fun but they open new server so fast like 1-2 month ago asia-S24 is the newest but now there is asia-40 Our asia-S24 is looks like died like hello!!!
Just as they show in the ads you can choose your denstiny.Plus it also has some Stratigic game elements too. Overall a well entertaining game. Good Job.
Game is good but could be better. Server keeps reconnecting sometimes. Gameplay is fine and can introduce some tactical play. Now it's very plain game but if they alter little bit game play, it shall be the good game. Graphics are cool
I am writing this review after 3 months of playing. Initially I was very happy but the more the developers update the game, the worse the experience is becoming. 1st the logging issue and the bug and game lagging they can't seem to fix even after umpteenth update. Then the player's harassment they don't take seriously even after repeated reporting such incidents. These issues have taken all the fun out of this otherwise decent game.
I loved the game in beginning but not it is always hanging and I need to restart my game again and again
Game is simply amazing But one suggestion change the game's logo. And it should look more attractive So more people may download it and get a good experience And another request make a small update That in the time of visiting the queens I think it should be like a video That they both are together and little bit porn type, plz do it So it should be more attractive . It's a request.🙏🤗
I really liked the game and have given 5stars for it but now there is a problem if I can't open the game it shows error ll2CPP l can't login in it now If it continues like this l will really delete the game ,l still give it 3star but fix it
Been playing the game for 200 days non-stop (half way to be VIP7) and experiences lots of login problems, dying server, seeing people migrated to new servers, people who left the game with so much disappointment, etc. Added with how bad the customer service responded to our complaints regarding the game experience. However, I keep playing the game for no reason of waiting if one day they could bring back the excitement.
love this game! I've played another games with this genre and I love about this one. But maybe you should add more of the heirs visual, I got easily bored when I have new birth heir but it's visual as same as the other 😂
Recommended for everyone above 16+ age to experience this game, really good in its genre. It's my new review and suggestions regarding game to developer, firstly, if they can bring any kind of *battleground missions* (may have battleground level) for each advisors to develop them or their talent or skill, and it will be much more interesting I think. Secondly, developer must do something bigger regarding hunting ground and pet(they can add hunting missions). Thirdly, need house of gambling.Thanx
If the horde leader stops playing the game, then the entire horde gets effected. You have made a 15day waiting period to change the horde leader if the current one is offline. So, in these 15 days the others can't launch any raids. Either reduce this waiting period to 2-3 days else the other members of the horde will loose interest to play as they will be loosing the crucial points.
Game is good, but noticed a sudden changes specially when im tryin to login and now i cant get through because all of this errors. I already clear cache, reinstall etc. but still nothing is happening, im tryin to reach in fb got nothing too, we will take this complain to google if you dont pay attention about this.
The game is becoming more boring day by day... Same old rush every week that it has become so easy to predict the rush.. no new events/rush. It will be really good if you add some new features to make the game more interesting,
It's interesting game and would be very enjoyable to play, but what kills it is players that spend thousands of dollars and over power their accounts plus there's no tips and many aspects are unclear. Plus good luck with support im waiting now few days for horde password reset!
This game is very good compare to other game. But I think some of the wives are a little bit ugly. I know they are more like daughters of different tribes. But some of them are not even beautiful like Uleile(The Pipa Girl).
It's very fun and nice playing this game. It does not necessarily need to pay to win. You can progress quite fast as long as you invest your resources in the right place. The community is also friendly which is rare nowadays. Overall, I give this a five star.
All in-game things are nice it is a very good time passing game I would give it 5 stars if you could add chat like currently in the game the normal chat is of server but you should make a chat of the region like a particular chat section for Indian server and a particular chat section server for Chinese server then it would have been good for us to talk in our mother tongue with people of our own region That's all and it's a very nice game to play for time-pass
I am very dissapointed of the new update in fighting the bosses, we have no ability to choose which advisor should we use and we end up accidentalty consuming all of our soldiers and not completing the 1,100 weekly "Summon Khan's Chosen" points goal (you need at least 160 daily quest points daily to complete it), given that there is not as much feasts in GoK unlike in GoS, we resort on fighting bosses to complete the "Summon Khan's Chosen" to complete the 1,100 daly point goals per week
I am asking for refund because my money got deducted but I didn't get reward so what else I am supposed to day I bought welcome pack and now I want my money back.
Thanks 😊 I just want to say that girls also play this game so would you please give us girly stickers for chat . If you'll add girly stickers then many girls will compete for that . And I would love that 🥰
This game is beautiful. This is the first time I encountered a well-researched game portraying different cultures especially the Mongol and the Turkic. There are few misplaced cultures (such as Jin dynasty which actually wasn't Chinese but Jurchen, the Chinese dynasty was the Song dynasty as they're geographically next to Jin) but otherwise everything is quite detailed and spot on. Really like how various the in-game events as well. Definitely a better game than Game of Sultans.
Now those who linked their FB to this game cant even login. Very disappointing. Im considering to uninstall this non-functioning game.
It's a good game but sometimes there will be errors when I try to access the game and sometimes your items in the treasury can disappear just like my meat coupon. Why did you guys change the advisors' power? My power dropped a lot. So unfair. Still, I'm not happy coz there's no need for the change of advisors in my opinion. What did you based your decision on? Your response infuriates me instead of making me accepting it coz other players are not affected. How is this fair?
Very lousy keep cannot log in, dont waste your time playing this game. The game only want you to spend money
what are u guys trying to do by adding servers every 3 days? lose your VIP customers? with so many servers popping up, non-paying players can flock to a new server whenever they like, whereas VIP players are stuck in that server with less and less active players because we've spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on that server already. "new" servers like s27 and 28 are already going quiet despite being released only 2 weeks ago. good luck in retaining your paying customers in this way lol.
This game is the very best compared to other same type of games. I say from experience. This game is still under delevopment I think. I'm sure they will definitely make this game way more better in future. And also the game reply is real quick. Any problems then just go and find the web page in FB and chat up with the gaming personal
Thoroughly enjoyed playing the game. Am still on it! Thought it would be similar to those of its kind, but for some unique reason, I am hooked. In the meantime, I hope there will be more ways for ordinary players like us to gain the exclusive consorts as I've collected most of them except the ones you need to pay money for! Also guys, this game warrants a 4+ star rating, don't understand why it's only at 3+ rating.
Game is quite good and interesting But I still have a problem I bought something but didnt get it and my money is already deducted from my account... I hope you will help me...
The gameplay and graphics are great. I never thought of playing these kinds of game but you are the first to have made me play this genre of games. I like all the events and regular monitoring. One issue is that, I would like to spend money on some packs and gems too but they are fricking expensive. Almost everything is out of my budget and I don't want to spend too much. Although the game is not a pay-to-win (which is a great thing, keep it up.), I would like to speed up a bit but the price...
Sir I am loving this game. It is honour to be a Khan. The concept of this game is very unique. Sir, there is a suggestion for you can you please launch a game with Indian mythology. Because I am from India, and there are very few games based on india. Thank you so much:) 😀😀😀😀. If I was the chairman of Play Store association, I would decleare this the best game in word rather than free fire.
Im loving this game. These guys make A LOT of these games, but this one is the best so far. My only gripe is that you can make and join hordes before you hit the pay wall so heaps of people join, the game slows down, they all leave and your left with a dead horde. Sadly it's the same with all these games. People are after an easy win and don't want to wait or dont want to pay for extras
It's a silly game. There are so many great games out there. My time was wasted. Scoundrel... Sorry about my comment but your game is just like reading a story .. click and click. The graphics are great. I installed this game after seeing the graphics but I was disappointed.
It's a superb kind of game. It gives you real issues to solve with other intriguing features. Well done.
I am okay with the game even it is hard like the farther the story progress the troops rises even way more our expectation and production even I wait for how many hours it still not recover the loss of my troops in a single campaign. My problem is the handling of the decree I understand the balance but forcing our decision to do evil things isn't what a great leader should do, Arrogant high officials to my people worst by killing them off but I sided with them because I need to balance :/
Too boring and they will merge 5 sever in Rush event, no chance for new sever to defense old sever in Sovereignty Rush, all you need is spend as much as you can at the starting time or you only a chill player and never can win any event.
Overall it was a good game...but I am experiencing an error in logging in via facebook. It says app isnt setup and I dont have permissions. Plz fix it soon
This game is really well made compared to other similar games! I have no problems so far but i think it would be nice to more inclusions for girls playing the game as well (ex. being able to play as a female khan and having male consorts.) Considering other similar games are able to have some female inclusion, i think it would be a nice feature so the game appeals to a greater playerbase.
Hi guys the game is getting better u added the voice that's nice to hear but u are giving me again and again that's not nice to hear 😫
Every buddy know about thus game if they play this. I wanna say that this game is bored when you dont have a vip pass so, play on own risk 😂
I was wondering why I cannot enter the game after the latest update. It just keep saying downloading the update while it already did the other day and I cannot play. But the game before that was great. I find it easier to get consorts but stamina is hard to get and too expensive.
too many weakness. horde are hard to get in. i apply many horde but none are available. raid are predictable. player who using money get way to stronger.
Universal scrolls are totally screwed up, by mistake I used up the orange ones to red one and I don't have a great advisor so 12 true advisor scrolls are wasted now. Pls help.
Good game but for me it's really one of those p2w game. Ok most game now days also used real life money but in this game,its heavily dependent that you really need to use money coz you really can't do anything else like for example; the resources for going to war finish, in game money for lvling, travelling etc.For those newcomer, u guys just prepare spend big/keep spending. Ps:deleted the game, but honestly this game overall good but not for everyone so not recommended. Ty dev for responding.
Problem with game during last minute rush event make me can't catch up my rank and lost my reward because of that, and compensation is worthless
The players who pay have wayyyy too much advantage over the non payers...like wayyy too many advantage. It just leaves no scope at all to win any of the rushes. This has completely killed my enthusiasm in playing the game....besides, the rushes and events are repeatitive every three weeks...it has also become very monotonous
A worth experience for all. I started playing this game after my cousin recommended it. Loved it ever since. It has a nice community. The reason for the low rating is due to bugs during some updates that made the players angry. I too rated it one star once but they resolved the issue quickly. They have in app customer service where you can ask how the game works or for some issue solving.
A great Mongol experience ... Nice Graphics and Story line ... keep up the work ... Just want some other way to get more Consorts ... and Increase Vip level through Rush and Milestones if possible .. also provide some more Warrior ..like Infantry, Archers Seige and all ....
Downloaded the game in Jul 20. Initially, the experience was good and I invested quite a sum of 💸 in this game. The strongest players have an unfair adv in this game. To win, start early and pay. If you join the game late, I think there is little chance of winning. Knowing this, the dev started a new server often knowing that people will move to the new server and slowly, the old server becomes quiet. After 6 mths, my advice is don't start. Cross server makes worse. Fundamental issue with game.
I am really disappointed by the current update every time I try to start the it stuck on the click touch technology page. And exit the screen every time.
i need young advisor universal scroll in Proving ground Market. Only blue and purple color only or perhaps you can add dissamble feature for Universal scroll for example: You need Young advisor universal scroll, you can dissamble Trusted advisor universal scroll to Young advisor universal scroll.
This game was ok till you made the proving ground pay to play . It would be better if you could just do the basic proving ground as well. Very hard to communicate in game with others if you don't speak in an Asian language . Also some updates such as their new clothes not showing up. Or at least any information as to how you acquire them. I want to keep playing but is hard when you can't communicate with anyone easily.
To be honest this game is really good but i think u should add some more dialogues to escorts and add some locals to make game more realistic .. these locals r shivered with fear whenever great khan appears in front of them or something like this which makes it more interesting Just a suggestion 🙏😇
Admin, in the new update, world travel im collecting consort items, eg(cookies, horse tack) but I can no longer give these items to my consorts, why? I have collected so many, but they now do nothing. I do not like the new update
Having cross event is good but can consider to merge some of the servers which have very little active players. This will increase more competition.
Good game but could be better. If we can also have an option to have an archer in the army. I've noticed that in the army only cavalry is included. It would be better if we can have archers as well.if that would not be possible then I suggest to make the cavalry stronger because I've noticed that against the archers they are too weak . When it comes to the flower market I think it would be better not to include the ladies again if she is already included in your harem.
Downloaded the game in Jul 20. Initially, the experience was good and I invested quite a sum of 💸 in this game. The strongest players have an unfair adv in this game. To win, start early and pay. If you join the game late, I think there is little chance of winning. Knowing this, the dev started new servers often knowing that people will move to the new server and slowly, the old server becomes quiet. Cross server excerbates the problem without solving anything.
I really like this game. But please do fix flower market reward. Before update all used flowers x2 points, unused flower x1 point. Now all unused flower x2 points meanwhile used flower only x1 points. Isn't that weird dev?
If you installed this game currently it gives welcome pack I purchased this package through play store ->Google pay method and payment successful but package can't be uploaded in my account so carefully spent money on this game.