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Game of Gods

Game of Gods for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Foursaken Media located at 230 Fayetteville St. #203 Raleigh, NC 27601. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Amazing game, although it gets laggy at times on high graphics even on my brand new galaxy note 9. Also after loading an invasion team-up the game just force quits when loading. To show my support to the developers I've already done a few in-app purchases to remove advertisements & increase the God points. I would really want to have an endless/survival mode in the game and more importantly longer lasting levels of atleast 2 to 3 minutes in some cases. Developers please do reply.
I really, REALLY wanted to like this game. But for some reason it's stuck on the screen that asks you to upgrade a skill using God points. No matter what skill I click and then click done, the screen never proceeds and the God points aren't deducted. Don't know if this is a glitch or what but, I can't progress pass the initial tutorial. Really disappointing :(
The game needs some major rework in the graphics department, my phone can run anything and never overheats, but this game makes it blistering hot after 5 minutes on the "Medium" settings, also, it keeps changing our settings to random options for no apparent reason. Another thing is, the stronger you get, and the more skills you get, the harder it is to choose a decent build, because the selection is random. At least and option for Good or Evil or choosing one Elemental force would be welcome.
this game is wonderful ...however if you were allowed to choose your own spells in the games instead of given a chance to do spells base on spin select it would make it better to have more control and gameplay it is not easy to get spells needed when majority of the time if gives you spells that are not effective enough for example: give light or fire spells when enimeies are imune to thoes spells is just pointless when it come to fighting
cant connect to others, says connecting for ages then bugs out and exits the game. fix this and i will be happier
Guys seriously... Why this game's underrated? This is that kind of game which you can play as your wish. Upgrades, events..normal mission doesn't need internet. I think people complain because of the lag in high graphics. You just set it to medium and enjoy
I have played other games from this company but I am really disappointed in this game..... I would give one extra star only for character design others are just not worth time.....
" whoh....not sure what happened after last update, but the game is almost in possible to play now, because of the automatic screen positioning, zooming in and out, etc. I pan to an area, the game decides to pan to another. Then when unleashing spells, a stupid poop up shows about information on that enemy, totally miss aiming your attack resulting in the loss of a spell. Just too much going on, the battle, to try to pin point tiny humans, aim the camera, do spells in-between pop ups, just no...
incredibly cool at first, then it soon becomes boring, repetitive, and basically an ad dispenser in exchange for some small bonuses. which would be a fair deal, but at that point the game really lacks a soul.
I been on this game for a few months, I spent 30$ well worth it. if you guys worked on this game more I think you guys would make bank if it takes off. still bad lag issues with the tree spell and how they fall ps pvp so I can 1 time these noobs
i'm surprised that this game can be played on landscape orientation,the only problem is some icons cannot be touched.graphics is pretty but not crisp.please add autoplay feature like noblemen 1896.thx.
you can't avoid ads. Eventually they Force them on you. Want to learn new skills click skip or learn (watch ad) =_=. complete mission skip ads, but eventually you get hit with ads you can't skip. It eventually mission ad mission ads. look at this shiny thing you can buy to supplement your mission's. ugh. uninstalling.
At first it didn't seem like a game i wanted but i give it a try anyway and it's been much better then my first impression My problem now is that for some reason the game says i have an update which I clearly don't
New bugs again! where it keeps showing the details of the boss endlessly, player can do nothing on it
Another great game from this company. The grind is heavy anf upgrade is going to take a while but overall like the Noblemen game this is solid pick and good time occupier. 10/10
Tbh with you guys, as a game developer myself, this game has a lot of potential, but making the user pay for everything is just useless and dumb, this explains why ur games aren't that successful with such potential. You need to create a fan base, you need to make people play more to get richer rewards, not just pay 3 bucks and play with that character, if you'll keep using that strategy, you won't be able to be successful in the long term game.
the concept is very interested but the game play is something that definitely requires a certain taste. the way the battles work is definitely something new but it's nothing to die for. this is not a bad game but it's definitely not meant for everyone.
Unleash the power of the gods! I love god based games and this is really quite good. It's a bit slow to begin with but once you build a good array of spells and unlock a few extra slots so you rock four or more you can really unleash some chaos!
All in all, pretty damn cool. But pop-up ads. Really? Couldn't settle for video ads for premium content? Sorry devs. You lost me.
It's really entertaining, there are some problems tho. The animation need to be more fluid, that you can store your god points
Make it so that you can choose which spells you take into battle and if you could show how to unlock certain spells to defend temples.
The premium currency isnt hard to accumulate. This game has a new concept you probably never experienced. The interaction between spells and your "pet" is pretty neat. Give it a go you like something new. (there are still improvement that can be made especially on the social aspect).
Buggy. Fun when it works and i like that you get new powers and your gods stand tall above the little people and hurls magic. But buggy as hell. Game stops sometimes for no reason, forcing me to exit. Now the language changed all on its own and im stuck with some runic language i have no comprehension of and i cant change it back myself. The game needs work and i need support.
for those who love being a god and like obliterating your enemies then this is the game for you also this game will keep sayimg connecting and itll force close and it lags alot
So far so good i like this game i love how all the titans look the upgrades and i made pretty far in this game is there any updates.in the future why is this game so low on ratings this deserves a five star best game ive played by far :)
choppy. interesting tho. settings have to be fixed once you are inside game... took a while to download. but liking it so far
Cant even choose own spells. It randomly selects them. Really dumb when you have to pay to upgrade about 50 spells and then have 6 randomly selected to use. Pointlessly stupid other than to make you pay to upgrade all spells rather than just the strategy you want to choose. Uninstalled.
I think the game is quite complicated... I mean, you can't go back and make yourself stronger and defeat enemies, on level 1 is already difficult at stage and 5... The power is not strong for your foes... Please, make some changes
the game is really fun and I enjoy it a lot there are some small things they could improve on but in all it's really good