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Game Maker 3D

Game Maker 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by App and Game Maker located at TSS Building, Nkurumah Road Mombasa. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I know this is already obvious but this is just a kind of simulation of creating actual games,now unlike the stupid 10yr olds who give it a one star review just coz it can't create any game I'm giving a one star review just coz I can't get the fill in form it keeps telling me "fill in all fields" when I've filled in everything you might be saying what about the code? That code is automatically their as soon as you get past the forms so yeah no need to brag about something you didn't do at school
Very amazing app!!! i really made game for kids, i seen in comment that all commented my game! Good luck to everyone. But, there is two problems, 1: Is don't ask account. 2: don't ask password. These much only you remove it (i am not bot)
I really wanna try to make a game but all I got is ( please fill in all fields) tho I already fill it! I already tried like almost 20 times! So please fix this.... 😒I dunno why there's a person that didn't have a problem with this and rate it with 5 stars!?
doesn't work.... all it just does is get info and done... no games... but i can't confirm if this app actually gets your account hacked or anything :v
This is excellent. I love how u make 3D games. I'm working on so many games and I hope they all get β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† cos they're 3D so please plsss PLEASE get this app if u want to make a game. Pppllllsss!!! It is not spam, there isn't any ads, u don't have to pay for anything. So please pppllllsssss PPPLLLLEEEAASSEE get this app for making games!!!
Do not get this. when i pressed creator it took me to a website. and that website was not realated at all!
THIS app is very hard to use.fill in all the fields,and what do you get?fill them in again.please fix it
Yes clash force you are true it works 100p.. i love this app when i try its not work but i see your steps i follow your steps it works 100 persent thanks bro for guide us thank you bro😘
I hate it and like it at the same time I just wanted to try to make a game but I dont even have the option to make a 3d game I type in my info/kinda and it does nothing. It might be bc I didnt put in the wright info but surely it would say to since it said that about the name thingy. Personally I dont like it. However you don't have to take my word for it. If you can get it to work than congrats!
Very nice for coding and java beginners //I am beginner it is cool make possible for people who don't know what is coding
Pour enfant Just a little bit of a ro thing to be a good idea for a long time and I think its a bug that is a lot more fun obby than that I think it was a great way to get a job blue and the other one is a little bit more than a g and a little bit more than that I think it was a good idea
Come on guys it's a good idea but you had to mess it up firstly it's super slow and freaze's and two it's super confusing
I am very disappointed about this app.First when I opened it,it was fine but when I filled up the info It says that the app has stopped working.I hate this app very much.I wish I could give it zero stars.Please fix it.I will never download this app again.Very bad πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΉπŸ”ͺπŸ‘Ύ:-(
I try to create a game but it says to fill in all the info and stuff even though I did exactly that. It makes me SO ANGRY.
I wish I could give it 0 stars it wont even let me make a game I do what it wants me to do but it keeps saying please finish filling in and I did then once I open one of the sample games it kicks me out DO NOT INSTALL THIS THING IT DOESN'T WORK
I'm sure this app is a good app, but I personally don't like it because I do not know how to program. REPEAT: YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO PROGRAM.
Don't download this game because you have to sell them these things called feels and I don't know what that means tell me some I don't even know what they are don't download it but if you like 8 you're not going to understand any of it show me the game about pandas because you had a filling this field I try do it download this game if you don't know what it is and I write this in one star because it's horrible
What kind of stupid app is this? Create something and then (error log) this that. I will ban this app form Playstore. What? Never download this app. If I got the opportunity,I would have rated 0 stars. In fact that's the rate. 0 stars.
I really like how other's create games using it,but I filled all the fields. I already did them.... it's showing again and again...
Very awesome!. This app is amazing and it's good to help us people develop our own games. (I'm not an bot)
I found a few days ago that it not wrong with the writing of the app are you want to do the same thing as me okay okay I make the app
Not to leave a negative review but I filled out all the info and it says the app stops working.Its full if bugs
What??? It is so hard to get in!!! See, people don't want to start right away, and people dont always want to share EMAIL, so why put in all fields? Plus if you put in "blah" as email, it does not work, but you put in "balh.blah.blah" it works. And when you get in, you get greeted by a white screen & an unpressable options button. Then, you try to load a "sample game" to get greeted by coding & stuff like that. Nowhere near as simple as your normal Game Maker, which is weird too, but possible.
I like what I see so far but I need some help. Where it says 'Package Name' on your creation settings menu, what does it mean by that? Need to know ASAP as I can't create any games until I know this!
Useless app. I don't know how this works. Thought it would make clone games with simple click but all I could do was create project and after that not sure whats next. Get unity desktop hub for game dev instead
Very work, how to solve the filled error. Step 1 : fill up your game name and author name step 2 : fill up your password and don't use real account step 3 : fill up the package id step 4 : make a real icon of your game make sure of the icon shape is box steo 5 : finish! But one problem, i compile my game into apk but its so slow to loading :( my game is very beautiful design but its so slow to loading i cant play.
It may just be me being stupid but nothing works after I do the fill everything in. All that happens is I click something and nothing happens, not happy.
What kind of codding it's taking JavaScript or HTML. It's really confusing. There are no tutorials. Just why do you need it. I am disappointed of this playstore.
Youtube troller is a rude person. How are you suppose to know that this is just a simulation? Also what is the point of this?
I cant scroll when the phone is rotate and when i rotate the phone every thing restart and i have to fill it out again fix that problem please
I would rate it 5 stars if only I could add texts, images, and objects to the game. It takes ages to load. Can not even add sounds, timer, vibrator and a dialog
Please don't ask accounts really how to fill a password have filled up the password that was right and they did not even said that is right for you just said this app just said that everything everything is on the password is wrong no I filled up the right password they just had to do in my I was making so happy bye downloading this I have but sometimes it just gets on and on him sorry but still I give Four Stars with its nice but just one problem that please don't ask account
I am sorry, but this app is terrible when I first got on it said to fill out all this stuff so I did. then it went to all my photos. I did not understand any of it. If there was a video to tell you how to make a game I would have gave it more stars