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Game Maker for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by App and Game Maker located at TSS Building, Nkurumah Road Mombasa. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is...... fine for newbies. I hate how you have to pay to make your own code. And... you can find completely free apps to let you do the same thing so... its a bust. Sorry.
It's just bad, you can not create games only changing like 3 textures in like three bad simple pre made games. I don't know what the paid version or whatever adds but I'm not willing to pay for something like this...
It's the worst 1. Your pic won't transport or it won't find the ones you downloaded 2. It bugs glitches and crashes all the time 3. It doesn't even give you good game choices 4. It glitches your whole thing Very bad game don't download
You can only generate games and change textures, honestly the fact that you have to PAY to make something is so ridiculous
Its cool but the only peoblem is that if i want share my game but it cant it say sign in then i sign in and now its dos not work again so i give four stars but its ok i like the game bye
This game sucks, there are not a lot of options for making games and everytime I want to make a game, IT MAKES ME WATCH A ADS
Awesome application for creating games like space shooter and vector canabelt type of games....... But pls increase the size of the player of the platform game and whenever I tap on share it option and try to share it to my file manager, it does not share so pls fix that.... Thank you
This game is very nice we can make any game from this game there is no adds also and it is very helpful we can share our games to our friend and everywhere we can rate also our game and build our faiourate character , place ,backround , colour , and blocks thankyou for sending this application in form of game this application is very helpful for all it is very very nice app if making games from this app we can real our imaginary in game this game is very very enjoyble playful iam so happy thank
It's very bad app.after you makes app it will show 3 option.1=rate it, 2=share,3=publish game.if you click 3rd option.than it shows install option.if you click install option. It can install in your phone and can not publish to play store and others.if you share,it can only send link.when you open link,it shows only ad of game maker.and say to create your app.
I'm indulging a fantasy to build video games. My only experience is reading half a Flash book and building an extremely popular game for e! online in 2005. I've dled eight related apps and so far every one of those creators thinks you just know how to use their app off the top of your head. No directions, no manuals, I guess I could google for tutorials, but this app offers tutorials from a defunct website. Are all of you lying about your reviews or do you all share a secret 'in'?
I haven't tried it yet but it looks really good I can't wait to try it it looks really fun and I'm pretty sure game making is not supposed to be fun but I'm going to try it
I like it but you can't save it it makes my phone crash because mobile can't realy save code because it has limeted space but would you please make a pc version so that i can download this on my mom's pc and make games easily either than that i like this app
I love this application allows you to create and publish games by installing but that pay was ridiclous af
All those bad ratings were just because of the jump game. I don't know what you mean by tilt to play.
Worst app Ever!!! When I try to publish my game it says that people can access my privacy and all that, I just seem so confused why WE can't access your privacy. So I recommend this to the people who rate this five stars, | give them one star!|
well it's not bad but all the game are limited you can't create your own you can just change the name and the backround and no add it doesent matter when i don't buy the remove add
There are so much bad things to be said here. You barely get any customization and you just change the sprites which don't even have animations. The games themselves aren't even good. 0/10
Great app but I don't know how to post my gake on like, the play store, if you cannot do it, please add that as a feature.
Its in nice conditoin it allows you to?? create your own pictere=game and it is a little glitchy but i still like it!πŸ˜€πŸ“±πŸ’» but tilting game is hard i wish we had a stick so we can walk space shooter is good its just not big explanation around
the app is really bad, it doesnot let you make a game, it just lets you choose level & character design and makes you play it please take this down or make it better
Cool yet so simple and basic at the same time...I have not done all the options yet so maybe I'll change my mind......(edit) I really do like this game but how do U publish it?good work game dev
It's fine just I don't know how to make apps it's also awesome! ^_^ it's made with loveπŸ’– I make wired games sometimes it's still Good. BUT nothing can stop me from marketing good games 1 awesome. 2 nothing can stop me. 3 I don't know how to make a app haaaappy birthday to no one in the familyyyyy aaaawww sad.
Imagine A Generator." Like this has no pro. Also there are only little choices.!?) (No animations?). But i like games with animations
It was simple and easy to use, but the more advanced stuff is locked behind purchases and subscriptions. It also was more of a reskiner than a game maker. This has a lot of promise to help people who can't code make games if you could make one full game free and if you could actually make a unique game.
I don't know what the paid version looks like but the free version is only you putting 2-3 file pictures in and it makes it for you. You have no control and would no recommend the free version. But as I said I have no access to the paid version.
disappointing. Anything other then having it generate a game for you, it requires a pro license. So you don't have a way to test how to code with it to see if it's worth it. Waste of time to download.
The games you can make are fun, however when you press PUBLISH GAME you should be able to actually publish it instead of being kicked out of the app.
I love the game maker and i have a few more game makers and they are a bit better than this one but that is because three or four of them are platformer game creators and one has a large selection of game types. If this game maker had platformer game making style, i would like it better. And the pro features should not have to be payed for. The Icon For the app says Game Maker Pro, so why do you have pay for the pro features? And GIFs need to be animated. Besides That I like the game. 3 Stars.
You can make like a few games. Its the same thing each time. You can barely see your character in the runner!!!
This game is really cool and when u look at the pictures you can see that it has his or her battery on 28% LOL
I very much like this app because it not coding and not being laptop the app is only work in mobiles and free to make own apps
I was so excited when i heard this app qualities and after reading the good reviews on this app but after downloading this app it always shows my email-id's password wrong. I request the publisher or developer to answer me to this mistake if you don't reply then i will be make sured that you steals my email-id and password, So please make sure to reply~
I tried out the game and started with a jumping game. IT doesn't let me change the character, or the blocks, and when I started it didn't do anything! In my opinion this game is horrible and I would not recommend it at all. >M<
This "game maker" is worse than any I've tried prior, it only lets you see how bad your games will look and play unless you pay them a monthly fee with a few bad demos that looks worse than old flash games on newgrounds. The app only lets you edit minor sprites for pre-made games, nothing even fundamental for game design included. I'm ASSUMING they'll let you make more robust games if you give them money, but that's not a gamble I'm willing to take considering the demo games
This is da best game...EVER 100/10πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸŽŠ I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT IT'S GREAT it's inspiring most importantly it's like coding and coding is really good to :-)
Well its good,its just that it does not move for the platform game.Like I mean,thats what makes it not fun.This game does not suck,but it does kinda suck.
When You Try To Build A Runner Game, The Backround stays in one parallel spot and then when you pass like 2 Metres of it, It Copies The Image And Pastes It Next To It... The Player Has Also Shrunk A Little Bit Too Much When I Replace It With My OC. I Only Give A 3 Star...
hey do you want a very bad game to make games then you just found gold. that's why I rate this one star. because it seems you have to pay money to get the advanced mode witch I don't even know if it's good so "YAY". so if you want to make games I highly incurage you to learn to code..
the simple game is very easy to create, just import a character to get what you want. but in the more advanced games, you have to get a subscription which i think is not good
I tried making a platform game and could not find out how to do anything other than change what it looks like, and when I played it the map was different every time.
Pretty nice app. Easy too. But quality is not that good. I mean, the jumper game. It was written 'tilt to play', but when I tilt it a little, nothing happened, when I tilted it more, I lost. And there should be the option to crop and edit the pics when we select it.
It is Trash! You need to buy the "pro" for 12,99€the month! Hate it! Fix that pleas the ill think about installing it again !
Fail fail fail. Wouldn't even generate a 2d platform game with the default settings. Uninstalling in 5...4...3...2...1... bye!
Awesome game I have make lots of games I wanted to give 5 star but... I need to give 4 stars because I didn't like the jumping game
This is absolutely the WORST game ever! This is definitely not worth $10.95 a month! I had so many problems with this app. First, I cant even publish it. Second, the options are so limited. Third, you have to pay to code your own game, and it isn't worth the money anyway! Fourth, everybody give it one star reviews because this app doesn't deserve to be on the app store. Developers did a very, very bad job.