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Galaxy Trucker

Galaxy Trucker for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by CGE digital located at Hostavick√° 267/23 Praha 19800. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is my favorite board game and the mobile game does it justice! Thank you so much to all the devs who worked on the game and the mobile adaptation
Addictive and challenging, even when having completed the game. Once all missions are finished you can work on earning more achievements and on the expansion. If you choose to restart you can make it through the early stages quickly. The goals are the same but missions are different each time.
It's great so far: a good rendering of a great board game, fun (if goofy) campaign giving some meaning to the mechanics and investment in the outcome, and none of the nonsense lots of games pull these days. The only large complaint is that it doesn't use your google play login to sync between devices, so I have a different save state on my phone and tablet.
Probably the best digital board game adaptation out there. The campaign is quite good, but the online multiplayer is sublime. Highly recommend!
The app is fine given the low cost of it, the only problem I have is the game screen around the perimeter is impacted by the camera and round corners of my phone so I can't read the top line of text. The game itself is a love-hate relationship; it's fun but irritating at the same time.
Stellar game. My favourite boardgame turned into a fantastic mobile game. The aesthetic has transferred wonderfully. Music matches brilliantly. It's not just a lazy port, the devs put real time and love into making this a fully fleshed out game in its own right. Complete with a great single player campaign and online which can be done in live real time or pass and play. 5/5.
Good game but slow animations. The animations are interesting. Once. From there though a game takes literally twice as long to complete just because of the animations. I would give it a five star rating if the animations could be skipped.
I don't often give five star review, but Galaxy Trucker earns it. Most digital boardgames I've played seem half-hearted and an afterthought to the physical game, but the app adds a single player campaign mode that is awesome, the UI is well implemented, and it's clear that the developers care about quality. Highly recommend this app
Great game, I'd like to see more expansion stuff on the game. Also customizing text size and using a swipe keyboard would be better. Gameplay is fun, very close to the board game.
Just bought it and the game detects my touch 1-2 cm down from where I tap, so I can't really play it or navigate the menus easily. Shame, I also have it on steam and in a physical board game and it is very fun...
Very fun and engaging game. If you've played the board game you will love it. If you haven't, it is still really fun and has good explanations and a tutorial. As a dev to devs: There is a bug with catapults and not being able to use them to increase your firepower (canon strength) rating when in a Combat Zone, even though it shows you have the potential to. Also, sometimes it won't let me do online multiplayer because it says I am offline, and it is difficult to get around. Sometimes it is hard to get the little screen-exit x's to function;in one case it doesn't work right.
It's a good adaptation of the board game (with all expansions, i think?). The adventure card animations are a bit slow. The app is great when no one else wants to play. The campaign mode mixes things up a bit - you have to be cautious because your money (or lack thereof) carries through to the next round.
So I was hesitant to purchase it at first because I had no experience with this game. But even though the cost is a little leery at $5 I'm glad I did so because it is actually a fun game.I'm not really sure what's good parrot to but you can see the effects of a board game being played here.I think I would have gotten bored pretty quickly if the campaign was it a part of this game but thankfully it's well-crafted and actually pretty funny at times. Highly recommend this game
Generally a very good, faithful recreation of the original. A few annoying bugs, however. Notably that my profile keeps getting reset to red so I have to go back and change it back to green regularly :( Overall though, very much worth the money. Some interesting new mechanics and a great adaptation of the board game. PS. The expansion is great, though difficult :D
Overall a fun and fairly light experience. Nice change of pace with an original and enjoyable game mechanic set up. I don't know if I would buy it for $4.99 though. I got it just because it was on sale for $1.99 and I had Google Rewards survey credits.
after buying the expansion, pass and play multiplayer games keep crashing when we get to a combat zone (says tap to continue, but it wont let you). you can still access the menu in the top right though to quit, which is what we've had to do. app is great when it works, but when you have to keep quitting your games, it sucks
Only played first few missions of the campaign, and, the tutorial, but for the price it's very attractive!
Love this game! Challenging opportunities for mass destruction with an added option of slower, more laid back mides when needed. Very much like the board game version.
The UI doesn't fit my phone screen so I have to press above the button I want to select. Furthermore I don't see everything in the menus so I can't try to adjust the screen size at all.
Great game, hundreds of hours spent playing. Campaign is awesome but my favourite mode is custom turned-based against bots with the alien expansion and lots of hard cards. Feature request - last update meant that dialogue confirming you want to finish building is no longer there, so many times I absent mindedly grap that "1" tile at the top instead of end turn, my fault but completely ruins the build and have to start over. There used to be a confirmation dialogue if you still had unused spaces
I never played the board game but the mobile version has been great. It's fun and easy to play without setup time. It's definitely worth the price. I would recommend to any board game fan.
Good campaign mode, definitely a learning curve to this game but experience improves substantially once you get the hang of it. No complaints.
The GAME itself is excellent enough to deserve four stars. Heck I'd be ready to dive in and get the expansion too (I play the tabletop version regularly). BUT... guess what guys? Not all Android devices are PHONES. Having to play this in VERTICAL mode on a TABLET is mega-annoying, especially when I see from the screenshots that you apparently DO have a horizontal/landscape version for iWhatever? But not for Android? What gives? Add this and my rating goes up. Until then it remains uninstalled.
Game is really fun and a good port from the physical board game. Campaign is a great addition. One thing which should be fixed though is support to not run in full screen on Android devices. The notch on my phone cuts off some of the top of the screen, so it would be nice to play in non-full screen mode.
I like it a lot. Worthy of being a vlaada title. One thing though is that the game doesn't pause for my phone notifications so I find myself severely hampered in ship building when I take a text. I mean. I could always turn off notifications but I do need my phone
Great game! The board game is solid as a standalone multiplayer game, and the campaign mode adds a whole other fun layer. Easy to learn due to helpful in-game tutorials and help screens.
The campaign is awesome. The difficulty of the AI progresses throughout the campaign, and the AI ships are a fun and challenging opponents. More importantly the GUI is well designed and easy to use on a small-screen'd phone.
Fun, but my campaign reset automatically once, and the second playthrough it partially reset some quests so I got stuck at the pirate haven with no route out. Speed up button doesn't work consistently, so it gets boring waiting for the animations.
I own the table top version of this game, and it is a staple of my weekly game night. This is a wonderful adaptation that plays more smoothly than any other cardboard-to-mobile port I have ever played. I have even used the tutorial in the app to teach new players before bringing out the physical game. I recommend this app to anyone who has played table top Galaxy Trucker, or even to those who haven't. It's great, just great.
Fantastic adaptation of the board game that leaves me saying "This perfectly invokes the feeling of the cardboard version without feeling samey!" On a side note, I set my favorite color to blue, but it always defaults to green instead. I've tried logging in, updating and saving my profile but it still selects green.
I love the board game. This is a cool version to kill time at work or when at home and don't want to pull all the pieces out. Haven't noticed any glitches and they do a good job with explaining the rules and being able to have access to them mid game. Very cute graphics and sound effects.
Never played the boardgame. Tried it from reviews while looking for a multiplayer game to connect with during quarantine. It is a tob of fun! Multiplayer works great and single player has been a lot of fun. Great all around. Well worth the $5. Highly recommend!
Not content being a fantastic bug free digital adaptation of the boardgame, this adds a marvelous single player campaign in addition to multiplayer.
Brilliant. It's well implemented and well polished. I am very surprised at how well it translated from cardboard to digital! If you haven't played the cardboard version, you need to get this app and see what the fuss is about.
The gameplay is great, but the the writing is just horrible and the games long dialogue trees require you to select the developers preferred response in order to proceed with a mission. If you answer wrong, you are booted out of the dilogue and have to reinitiate it. You're forced to read the developers unfunny text to answer correctly or get lucky with a random guess. I can't overstate how bad the writing is
Crashes my Chromebook immediately. Tried getting a refund from Google for a game I haven't played for a minute and purchased an hour ago. Not possible. Horrible experience. Can't recommend.
Looks kinda simplistic, but has an underlying engine that is outstanding! The AI isn't bad, and the cartoon graphics grow on you. Humorous with strategy. Very very good.
Good game interface, it gives the same vibe than the boardgame! I loved the story behind the campaign, even if I would like it to be more to discover and more to do :)
As a fussy mobile gamer, I must say that this is a truly fantastic mobile version of a classic board game. The design & implementation is superb. On top of that, the single player campaign is interesting and very humorous, and the pass-and-play mode works well for a family on the road who cannot take the original game with them. The addition of the turn-based build mode is a nice touch, especially for those who find the real-time mode too stressful. Highly recommended. A worthwhile purchase!
Nearly half of all the multiplayer games can't be finished due to a bug that prevents a player from taking their turn. Please fix! Other than this game-breaking bug, it is a 5 star game.
Jeez, just realized that I've had this game (including the expansion) for about 6 years and still haven't rated it. Long overdue. Amazing game. I am super happy that I found it. I can sit here all day praising the gameplay, real-time vs turn-based, the humourous campaign, the challenges, etc. But what I really like is pass-and-play. It makes it easy to play a relaxing game with friends without them buying it. Amazing game. Please fix catapult interaction with hybrid cargo/batteries. Love you
Dunno about the boardgame but this version on android is totally sweet. Single player campaign is fun as its not too difficult once you've sussed out the way to play. Have to say that the pc version on steam is identical but cheaper than the android version as it includes the expansion. Still I'm loving this version as it's easier to carry around with me