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Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by ONESOFT located at 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD, SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I am so in love with this game, i spend hours without being bored. Pure addiction I have one suggestion, can you please add a new feature which shows winning coins on the corner?? That would be so helpfull for people like me who are more concrnd to winning coins 😁 Thank you
This would be a really fun game if it wasn't for all the lag time, it's especially bad in the endless mode.ads that don't deliver the promise revive or reward but instead freeze up and kick you off the game. What should be a fun and entertaining game is instead a frustrating and aggravating pain that I will be uninstalling as soon as I find a game that works.
Love πŸ’˜ it gets even better once you are able to upgrade your ship but I'll give all you gamers are warning highly addictive And distracting and you Must be very disciplined with your when playing this game so not as to waste Too much of your valuable time doing other things that matter more In life then just playing a game !!!
I really enjoy playing this game. It get me into trouble because when I should be cleaning my house I'm playing this game. Shame on me. I'm behind in my house work. Got to shut my phone off and finish my work!
It's fun but it DEFINITELY cheats and your ships are to F****** weak even after fully upgrading and it takes WAY TO LONG to get enough pieces to unlock ships and even worse to get drones. Another pay to win game and that only if you lucky enough to get what you want out of crates. 2 out of 5 rating. "Fix your game maybe more people would play"
This game got screwed up with the new upgrade from the greedy developer. If you're a free user then you better go somewhere else because it's impossible to progress without buying upgrades. I've been playing this game over a year and is sad to let it go but it causes me more frustration than fun.
Still cant play game keeps crashing.still can not play.are you guys going to fix my problem. Or should I delete the game.
Game starts off fair to middlin, gets progressively worse. Every time you progress they get three times harder. If you play a level with no booster it is hard. Take boosters with you it is 3x harder?? Was decent game a year ago, not so much now.
I wish that I would have never updated ,Love the older version of this game .You guys took to much away from me and your other players. Flashgordon......How do we get our Giftcode if we dont use Facebook, I only use my email. Flashgordon. You do have an Excellent game but it is very tough. πŸ‘
Exciting and so much fun.this game keeps you on the edge of your seat.i wish you could evolve quicker but that doesn't make a difference in how ejoyale this game is..not many adds to watch and the ones you do watch I've found other games to play..good job guys..
This is the worst!! 😑 All the developer's are interested in is money! I spent over $55 dollars on this game, I know.. My stupidity! I can't even upgrade my ship to 3 stars. Even with all that money I can't get past level 56. They make the game EXTREMELY HARD SO YOUR FORCED TO BUY MORE CRYSTALS AND SUPPLY BOXES. Your better off playing HAWK FREEDOM SQUADRON, WAY MORE FUN AND LOTS MORE TO DO. Oh and they charge $2.99 a Month for extras this game $6.99 a month for BS.
Has a retro feel, good number of levels. Extremely grindy- expect to get nowhere fast. About level 30 you can't proceed without upgrading a ship, which is luck o the draw in boxes after you've gotten all the stars. Takes less pieces to get new ship than other games, but considering the grind, no benefit. Annoying that pickups disappear after a few seconds. Like, you want me to smash head first into enemy just to pick up the rocket before it disappears? Little bit cheap.
Its ok to pass time, while waiting for lives to renew in my other games. I downloaded it because the ad made it look and sound like my favorite arcade game, Galaga.
This is the best best best best best Sooting game.It work On-line and Off-line.This GFX Is Awesome Like Real Space Fight.This sound feeling Best.This SpaceShips are Futures and awesome design.So I Rate 5 star If 10 star Option is available I Rate 10 Star I always Play this Game I hope this game is No.1 game very fast🀩🀩🀩
This is a good game but I hate that a player has to spend money to upgrade ships, purchase lives, and gear. So, if you die and don't have lives, you have to purchase (cash) lives for $1.99 and up. So, this game isn't free which is dishonest because it's a free download. The people who developed this game are greedy and dishonest.
First of all you need to write the instructions to the game.tell what each enemy is and what do you get by killing them.secondly , the ailiens with the claws doesn't attack much and the music for that part is terrible.thirdly, one should be able to control when to fire.when the ship comes out it starts firing on its own and charging ahead.also in other parts of the game it takes too long to kill the alien and when you give another ship why does it disappear afterwards it doesn't make sense.
New updates fixed game for a while. Now game starts loading, but will not start. New update fixed problem. Thanks for the prompt attention.
Well, the game starts off really fun and I feel like you can get a few things done without having to pay. I decided to pay the 6.99 for the daily boost package but didn't feel like spending anything more. I find it an excellent game with terrible scaling; after a while you'll waste days for little. Plus it's happened to me several times that I've watched ads to double my score and nothing's happened. It's painfully slow to grind through and I just wish I could get my coins that I watched ads for
A brilliant game! Coming from someone who played Galaga in it's heyday, that is no small compliment! This is an upgrade to the older games, coupling old-school gameplay with modern upgrades & graphics! Well done!
Very very bad game I play this game last 2 years I format my mobile and I login with my Facebook I'd but I lost all progress I have 1.2 cr coins 1500 diamond all ship and drone evolve ..150+staz clear campaign and hard mood and I have all power developer plz fix this problem 2 years waste 😭
What's happened to all my data, I've now lost everything, this isn't acceptable. I had all the ships except for the 4 new ones. I've tried loading my data 5 times and there's nothing. Why do people keep loosing data after installing updates. I want everything I unlocked back.
I feel like for the graphics part there are too many colors but everything else 10 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐not many ads if you get one it's for you to get your health back if you die it's fun for hours I honestly love this game
I actually like the game. Bit it's way to hard and your space ship should be able to move faster across the screen. I only made ot to lvl 16. Got a new space ship and it was even harder. New ships should not start at the level of the first ship you get in the game. I think the first 25 to 50 levels should be easier and give better rewards.
The supply box items are never available to use . i cant figure out how to add them to get more ship parts.. the game started out great.. but after few levels the ship seems so week against the enemy ships. and i dont want to spend my money on upgrading my ship. uninstalled this game after trying so hard against the enemeys..bless my thumbs..
This game is cool! You did a great job with this. Its addicting withall the power ups and upgrades. The levels change from time to time to prevent getting bored. Great job!!!
Was good at first, but when I got to top 50 canada list it started to freeze up, then I got to #7 and now freeze freeze freeze freeze all the time, and when I complained got no help, now my game won't work at all, wont even load up, this GAME is the WORST, Do not spend $ on this game, total top off of time and$.
Fun game. Adds are not overwhelming and you get in game currency after you watch them. Good job development team. This one is a keeper.
been playing this game since February. I'm still enjoying the experience very much. It is challenging, but quite fun. lots of free items to be won, mostly by watching 30 sec ads. You also receive a bonus each day for simply signing in. Best Alien Shooters game out there, In my opinion. I am ranked fairly high in the entire world. That's not too bad, considering I'm not very competitive. And the best part,......I haven't spent any money on this game. Thank you sooo much. A++ πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
I truly enjoy this game, however, since the new update it is really hard to gain coins to update your Blaster. Before you could double your coins by watching an ad but now it just takes way to much play time to evolve. I wish It would go back with the option to double it. But really fun game
This game is similar to other space fight games, nothing is new. I'm enjoying this game because I know how the enemies will react on each level. It's completely copied from other space fighters.
You didnt rebalance anything, same impossible pattern on bosses attacks, same health, disgusting enemy spam on campaign waves. The only thing you rebalanced was the gold, you reduced the gold you win on endless... After 15 impossible waves in endless I got like 4k gold, before this disgusting update I wouldve won 10k+.
great but still a bit buggy - counts for bonuses from enemy kills, ship upgrades, drone upgrades are inaccurate, seem to change when app is closed. One example - I have 4 drones all at level 15, but it says I only have 57 upgrade levels on drones (obviously should be 60)
I initially gave this game a glowing 5 star review but am now changing that in response to recent updates. All of the updates in the last 6 months have made the game worse and more annoying to play in some way. The grinding to get upgrades is awful now and paying real money doesn't help much as the ship parts you need are only available randomly and in small amounts. I've spent over $600 in the last year when the game was worth it but not any more.
Was an amazing game at first with very satisfying progression rates. But with each new update the devs make it more and more difficult to play and level up. Ive been playing consistently nearly every day over the last two years and I only have 2 ships maxed out. And thats with spending money on the game. Now, with the latest update, i would never come in as a new player.
Great game had to change the score I put down previously; they have been fixing and resolving game issues, great staff, and just overall an addicting game.
1. dnt like the recent updates, for instance you now have an alien craft that fires tracking missiles which I, and other users find nigh on impossible to defeat. 2, then there's the gold coloured, small aliens that are so close to the bottom of the screen it beggers belief how you're supposed to deal with them as well. 3, Then there's the fact that I'm currently locked out of daily quest. for well over 2 day's now. what on earth's going on? I suggest that you make this game less kripton factor
Good graphics alright Campaihm mode but it goes from easy to insanely hard in a few levels you'll know when you get there.
Hi I love the app/game but the mini game provided on the facebook page does not work. I have tried on my firefox browser via my pc and it just goes right back to the f/b page.. nothing happens
Pay to win... or play for the rest of your life. Developer changes the rules every update. Latest update increased amount of revives by 3X. ( You need to use SIX revives to revive TWICE after using free revive for watching ads.) This is a galaxy where mathematics are not universal. 2+2=0.5!
I really enjoy the game. Best part about it, are the huge improvements like a temporary shild, a helper, and the best one is the big lazer beam you can use. Love this game i recommend it 100%
There are SO many Games of this Type available on GOOGLE Play, However this One is by far, the BEST Overall. GREAT Graphics, Sound & GameDay, VERY Fun to Play, it may take awhile to accumulate the Coins needed to UPGRADE, But, the Goal is to Earn as you Play, that is what makes a GREAT Game!! I have Tried over 2 Dozen of these Games, once you Try Galaxy Invaders you will NEVER Regret it. AWESOME Job, Developers & Thank-you!!
After 79 level , 80 level is very hard no one can do with the limited options and hard levels r so difficult no one can do so what the point of making it of 100 levels . Make it simple or give option otherwise people will not play this game longer. In endless i have completed till 31stage but everytime it will start from stage 16 what the point of starting the game everytime from 16 when i have completed wave 31 ????? Rather it starts from were we end up. do it or we leave this game from playin.
Con - Very Buggy Game! It will anoy you! Progress in the Game is slow if you don't spend real money and you will watch ads and ads and ads and some of them will freeze and crash your game. And then you will watch some more ads.
Great game. Yes they have glitches like everything else but the devs respond to the issues as soon as they can. I have played this game longer than any other game I have tried. Update: Was a great game until you made it almost impossible to get the ship parts you need, cut the number of boxes, removed the choice of boxes and now cut the ad crystals. I had to take back 2 stars. Update..your last update earned you your two stars back. Thanks.
What a bunch of crybabies, it's supposed to get harder to make you a better combat fighter. I'm much better at this than I was in the beginning, thanks for challenging me. Keep it up , great game.
Reducing overall rating from 4 to 3 because of issues... 1 the Ads for crystals and coins in the supply section does not load fast. 2 the endless wave recommends starting wave 26. But with no ship I can start with 26. Then, why to recommend? 3 evolution of hobby failed from 1 to 2 after receiving drone universal parts as part of daily awards. I lost the awards also in the process. 4 there is a task in daily quest to kill 500 with ifrit, phoenix. Why this task doesn't check what all ships I have?
This game would be exactly what I want to play if it would stop kicking me out. It used to only do it if I had my data on but now I can't play at all. Please fix this problem
I used to love this game...not anymore. I spent 2 weeks upgrading 1 ship because it was obvious that ship was needed to pass level 80. Then after I finally felt it was good enough I played level 80 only to find out it was completely different. 2 weeks down the drain. All they want is to spend $ AND have you watch ads. Graphics are great and it's fun when you start but the constant push to spend real $ for upgrades and watch ads is too much. Greed kills...bye bye
I love this game. Very detailed but very expensive to move forward. Don't care for some of the levels being so difficult. How the heck do you move up to the next level ?
This is a really good game. If you whant to play something for hours this game is recommended. And if you don't like this I will not see why you would not like it. This game (was the only one that would let me download) is really good for people who like shooting games.
Lovely & interesting game, certainly come on since I last played a shoot up. Graphics are FAB & game has a great variety of ongoing actions that certainly keeps you occupied.
Was the best shooter but new version has reset my level, magnet doesn't work (why?). Dev also took away rewards reset so you have to wait 8 hours (BRING THAT BACK!). Not worth playing anymore. Sad.
Endless wave reward problems. Rewards say one level but you have to get 5 levels further to actually get it. Please fix. Also why jump from level 76 reward to 86 to get a key. Just a question.
Pretty fun game. Not exactly pay to win but unless you're using a Bluetooth controller it becomes very difficult around wave 35. At this point unless you're very lucky and/or skilled youll hit a brick wall. I've spent money and im mostly satisfied with the results. Time will tell if it was a worthwhile investment. planning on buying. Bluetooth controller specifically for this game, will update in future.
I would give a higher rating because I do enjoy playing. However, upgrading takes forever. I've been playing for for a while now and have made purchases to help me along and still not even close to a legendary. It seems impossible to get a legendary ship. Sometimes my daily tasks ask for a legendary ship that I'm nowhere close to getting. Considering you have to max out certain ships then get so many ship parts just to acquire a legendary is a bit extreme. I play to relax, not pay.
Old school vertical shooter combined with modern day graphics and animations. Together ..... they translate into absolute visual goodness!
Great app. I enjoy it immersionly. Edit: Game become more of grinding after one play-day. It is too difficult to upgrade ship, you have to pay for loot box with a low probability ship upgrade fragment, and without upgrade ship, it is hard to process in campaign. Still a great game, but not really balance for free play.
I hate when they change things in the game. I can't buy ammunition with my money anymore. It just got boring. I love the game when I first started 6to5 months ago.
I've enjoyed this game for months. I spent real money to keep playing as I don't mind paying for products I enjoy. But it becomes so slow to progress and requires so much money after a point, it's ridiculous! Uninstalled. Recently uninstalled 1945 as well by same developer. Same problem. Will not spend any money or time with this company again.
Well I was on level 36 and my phone got broke, I bought new phone same number but lost all contacts all levels of game etc ,considering doing away with all games on phone,then sometimes my ship freezes in middle of screen went move get killed,brand new phone so it's not phone old one had same thing,bull rap that's what.
Intentionally spent $400 in a month to upgrade 2 ships to level 75 and I'm a $9.99 subscriber, no ads. The way you upgrade is continuously playing the same levels on endless mode over and over with little progression. The idea you buy into if I spend more money, I will get further in the game. At the end of the day over time, ask your self how much money will you spend $2000 or $10000 on a game? Your better off buying a game console, cheaper, more selection, perhaps more rewarding, less costly.
This game is freaking awesome! Great graphics, music, and playability.. I love it! Kudos to the makers of this one. Definitely a go to for sure.
Alot of ads if you want to make any money or crystals. I watch more ads then I do playing the game I know ads are needed but my goodness.
so much fun, can not believe how involved i get into it. Been playing for over 2 years, keeps me coming back. Play almost everyday.
I saved my activity to my account to the game but when I changed phones at 1st where I left out was there then when I went back to play it started me all over again and I spent money on up grading in the past on the game and made it pretty far so I emailed the company no respond on fixing this so a waist of money if u have to change devices, they need to fix this smh to many levels to go for u to have to start all over smh
Amazing game,graphics and gobackability. I find the update isn't what I was hoping for, less coins and endless mode keeps saying complete 10 waves and I completed 25 but not showing I've done to receive that bonus, plc fix for I'm loving this game especially on a tablrt
After playing this game for a bit over a year, I was satisfied with the progress I made and didn't mind the grinding for gold and gems, since upgrading could be done based on player preference. After a few weeks of not playing, I came back and saw that you turned this into another trash gacha cash grab game, which are a dime a dozen. I'm sure I'll get a copy and pasted reply that I can beat all stages without paying, but that doesn't change that you made the game a chore to play.
It is nice game, needs work 1. Introduce new way of earning gems 2. Make new mode next to campaign and endless 3. Make inteface more interactive and interesting> instead having all in cards you could make a 3d world (like many games) where we can place our ships in their own airports; Research lab for powers upgrade; Black portal or black hole (like wishing well) where you could watch few ads to spin a wheel to win card, power up etc. Play your game and see what bothers you!!!
In recent updates there are some breaking changes. Application getting crashed very frequently. Most of the time during watching ads.
Fun take on a classic game, though I wish someone would make a take on this game where your ship can take more than one shot to be destroyed, similar to mini bosses! It feels unfair that other ships take several shots to destroy but yours is one shot. The old one was fair because you one shorted everything as well.
I used to enjoy this game, but now I can't play it. Whenever you click on an ad to get coins or a key, it gives you a one-page advertisement with no time limit or anything and you can't get any of the items that you want. Nor can I watch an ad to continue on a mission when my ship gets blown up. Ruins the game.
If u keep decreasing my crystals and coins and gldowngrade my campaign level by choosing use lical data or server data, i'm going to stop playing this lovely game and uninstall it. Please fix this conflict between server and lical data. I can't either upgrade my ships. The most powerful ship i have is suitable for level 30 .. and i barely finished level 79 with it befor you downgrade my levels to 78.. Can't go on with such weak ships without upgrading
I liked the game, but since the 1.9.0 update was released, the 'update' button doesn't appear at the game.
Update: clearly you guys noticed my history from ten years ago. Unplayable. Maybe get a side gig to drop all the ads. In 5 minutes there are 2 minutes game play. Insert vomitus emoji .Thank you for quick reply! Right. When your organization cannot comprehend why I did not like your product through my discerning review, READ! I had to watch THREE minutes of ads for TWO minutes of play. Quite no-brain descrip, ok? Apologies you could not obtain the home/pool/yacht combo from all these commercials.
Grind (and watch ads) forever or spend moronic amounts of money to progress. And the latest updates broke even more of the (very) few f2p features. Kiss my ad revenue goodbye.
Endless game mode should NOT be like hard mode War ship should be same on revive.. This makes the game boring . Please rectify this
very addicting, the only way to progress is to continuosly upgrade the first ship you get (in my opinion). I'm pretty sure I passed a level/upgraded and the next time I opened the App I was back where I previously started. Not cool. Everything else is pretty cool except for the levels with falling meteors. In my opinion they are boring, waste your booster and I can't wait to be done with it. They feel like ads.
Pretty grindy game. Earn little money and doesn't go far. Takes a long time to feel like your getting anywhere with any of the upgrades. Pilot drop upgrades are few and far between. Just on a month of playing everyday and have acquired only 3 drops to upgrade pilot. Other than that could be a really cool game. πŸ‘
Really enjoy this kind of throw back to 80's & 90's Arcade Galica type of game. I'd give it 5 Stars if you didn't need to buy items to get you further much MUCH faster. I don't $ anything & just play for fun. You can still advance w/o buying items, but it takes a lot longer to progress!
enjoyable game. I had made it very far on the game, then I got a new phone. I switched this game over to storage on SD card. After getting the game installed through my account on play store, I had the game, but as if it was brand new. which would be my reason for not 5 stars. thank you for the feedback.
Awesome, but it crashes often, and the gold, jewels, an ship pieces were used without doing what it was supposed to so on that note I'm only giving 2.5
This is was a fun game. It's annoying to have to watch the same adds all the time. Now they have adds that you have to download and you can't do anything such as revive or collet more coins. Thise is just a waste og time now and will be uninstalling this game
I just recently updated my game app and much to my surprise a lot have changed. Before i can choose a supply box that focus on a particlar ship i wish to evolve. Now it is limited only to 3 supply boxes, classic box, phoenix box (focuses only to redtail & tempest) and pinaca box (focus on some drones), i really prefer the old version of the game to which i am willing to spend more money to it rather than this new version which i could no longer choose a box that focus on my preferred ship.
Seems good at the moment Seems to not like playing spin though Resets it's self or screen goes blank?
Takeaways: Still no more discount in the "game currency" market (I never pay so unsure of the paid options). Also "revive at no cost" was not reverted back to the old way as both were promised by developer... Used to be rated at 5 stars... but now it's still a 2 until FINALLY fixed.
I couldn't access ads with the app for revive, rewards or gems. The problem apparently was COUNTRY SPECIFIC. When I returned to my country Ghana, the ads reappeared without app update. I'm back again in this other country and problem reappears. My solution? I'm using the app via a VPN! Then a few minutes ago, I updated the app to this latest version and I lost all my ship and drone upgrades!!! That sucks biiiiiiiig time and deserves 1/5 🌟
Love the graphics. Much better than similiar games. Wish the hints at the begining of levels stayed longer...hard to read in time
Great game. Very long time to get all upgrades. There should be a way to play and earn crystals. You have to play months to slowly get what you need. You could play this game over a year and still not have all upgrades. Strap in for a long ride.
I don't normally post reviews but wanted to flag my disappointment at the recent updates. In line with most of the comments here, the replies from the devs that they are 'adjusting the learning curve' seem to miss the point. I'm at a point where I can't progress whereas previously I felt a daily sense of progression. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
Top shelve for sure... graphics top to bottom bar none!! controls are spot on easy like taking candy from a baby..
In my opinion the best FPS games (1st.Person.Shooter) available! Not complicated to understand the "ins'n'outs" of the game....but my god is it addictive!!
Problems Version a. * Gold coins are less than the half of the previous version in endless. * And still no double coins in endless. * Career mission takes a very long time for only 3 keys, such as 4th legendry ship evolution
Ey this game stole a Pewdiepie video for advertisement. Pewdiepie has already reached out to fix it but guess what, they haven't done anything and it's been 1 week. the original video was titled "Can she do this" that is actually sponsored by a game also available here in Playstore. This game is getting revenue and players by an ad with stolen video. Very cool. and I oop-
So much fun without having to spend anything. Watching adds actually gives me a break from the full on action.
Honestly not good. The powerups for some reason despawn after a few seconds and if you use the special attack when a boss spawns then almost none of it is used because of how unnecessarily long it takes to load the boss which is abt 10 seconds. I thought it would be a lot better than it actually is. I'm overall disappointed of this game.
1st game I've played like this but it is great. All kinds of bonuses. Not too hard to get to the next level. Watch some ads for extra stuff. It's Good Times! Had had to come back and add a PostScript because it does get too hard to keep playing and I didn't even make it to level 30. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
awesome....i have played most shooters..this game is proving to be the best shooter..easy play,..upgrades reasonably attainable..option to save game ..and if you clean and maintain your phone it still opens...and its just fun..thanks..
Beginnings are fun, but later it's unplayable for free users. Too many ads, repetitive, unjust, unfair. At some point, progressing is limited to paying customers, upgrading your ships above certain levels is available only after buying crystals or cards. You don't receive enough of them during normal game. Ads can break the sound in the game, and pause your music. Free users are limited to 20 games at a time. Then you need to wait for energy to replenish.
The game is fun to play BUT having to watch a video to revive each time is very annoying because one hit from the enemy kills your ship but 5 hits from my ship to the enemy finally kills them, sorry, makes no sense to me. I feel like over half my play time is watching videos. The puzzle pieces to upgrade your ships take too long to get and the tickets to upgrade your pilot, sheesh! 20 diamonds for just one ticket? Unless, of course, you're willing to spend real money for them.
A good game ruined by pay to win and excessive amounts of in game advertising. Why don't developers just sell games at a reasonable cost so that people can enjoy playing them, rather than trying to drain their wallets with in game purchases and show them adverts every minute? Android is the worst platform for this and the Google Play store is a wild west lottery.
Timing sucks. How the hell are you going to time someone to complete a stage for 22 seconds, when they enemy takes 10secs to pass back on the screen. Plus you never get enough coins to level up. Complete waste of time.
This last upgrade is really good, fair for the players. The PvP is nice but needs some improvement to match players that are compatible in power. The events are also great. If the developers wouldn't get greedy from time to time and make people frustrated and quit the game, it could be one of the most popular games ever
you guys need to give more coins,also when playing campaign mode and you die,you don't get any coins, that sucks. your prices are to high and the game lags when you just start a level.
It's a fun game and it does seem like one could finish everything without spending any money. However it gets to a point where if you don't spend money you need a lot of time on your hands. I wouldn't say it's p2w, more pay not to grind. Understandable though.
Nice gameplay and graphics, lags on older hardware. BUT ! This game is not created for your enjoyment, but for profit. You'll never reach top level of 1 or 2 ships + 2 drones, unless you spent many thousands (not hundreds) of dollars. Completely impossible to do it with just playing and no paying. So either prepare the bucks or dont install it-watching ads will lead you nowhere.
This game started of fantastic I couldn't stop playing,unfortunately it is also the most expensive game out there. They have made it impossible to progress,I've spent Β£45 this week on gems and still didn't gain a thing, The game is a complete rip off and they have little value for the people that play it.I am uninstalling the game today as I'm fed up of been conned.
Long Term Edit: The home screen is a little cluttered but nothing unmanageable and gets in depth. The advertisements aren't bad either compared to most games these days. The gameplay for my phone sometimes gets glitchy and after ads sometimes freezes. There are a couple parts where I feel the difficulty gets cranked in campaign (maybe you'll spend real money). The daily "Endless" rewards never get easier, they just get harder as you level up.
Played it hated it and redownloaded it to leave a bad review its overall tearable and it has the idea to force the kids who play this game for "fun" and make them drain there parents wallets for a quick buck and putting no effort into making a good game and focusing on money and don't send those messages that make people think you improved but you didnt
Take too long to kill and no really bonus. Its a good backup too galaxica and 1945 air force. All the games have issues with upgrades, bonus, free spin wheels and navigating through the perks. Yet this one just takes forever to kill invaders.
While the game is good, the process or journey to upgrade ships or get new one is way too slow. Lost my interest in it! No option to even buy or upgrade ships quickly.
Good game, refreshing and challenging, difficult though and sometimes takes days to pass a certain level, however upgrading directives are not easy to follow and one can waste coins not knowing what they are doing.
Please make a good upgrade and make it easy to earn ships, parts and all graphics are good but game it sekf become mess you wont get much likes are votes on this game... I even dont want to give 1 star... I love the graphics but the normal level is even to hard to win... Needs lots of improvements
Your game is gd but it takes a lot of work to get any kind of ship upgrades by that I meen new ships and after a bit you realise that it's the same ships and the same pattern they come at you get so bored after a bit. Will not bash you up too much because I know how hard you people work on the game just to give us a gd time
5 star game but the microtransaction economy will never allow me to give it 5 stars. Fun game though.
I thank you for the new update, it's even better now except for the fact that when playing hard mode you don't get the option to use the special power again after riviving. It is extremly hard when battling them bosses, please consider this and bring it back like it was... The rest is fine
Hi gotta say I dont understand A LOT of the negative reviews. Graphics are good I like how the female characters aren't overly sexualized. Very important to me as a femenist and a gamer.
Hella Nope to the update. I don't know if its geared to the upper echelon or the new players, but for a mid level casual player... just no... good luck with your ad revenue
I played the game for over a year and really enjoyed it for the most part but the game has been ruined by the developer's greed. The constantly make changes to game that effects your investment in the game. Your investment being a lot of time or money. You spend hours and hours trying to upgrade your ships so that you try and get further and then behind the scenes they'll do in a update where all power levels and damage is constantly readjusted. Hence, spend more time and money. Repeat.
Good game, not to easy which can be frustrating and am not certain how to use and understand some aspects of the game but hope to remedy this soon!
Terrible experience. When I tried to log in, I had less money that I should and, off course, less everything else, diamonds, etc. After back up, nothing has changed. And yes, why I have to bind the game with Facebook, when we all have Google Play Games app?! At the end, nothing has left, except to delete this shity game!!!
Thoroughly enjoyable game. Ive got quite far in and still am enjoying it. Havent hit a paywall yet. Thankyou
Good and bad. I liked it but the game makes no sense. You have boost that you can add before a match and boost in the match. Then you have a free wave were you just maneuver around but they take everybody away. You can upgrade your ship but the up grades only work if you get a boost in the game. I have gone through stages where you can not upgrade to the point you are at because they don't give you enough boost in a level. So whats the point of upgrading if you can not use it.
incredibly boring around level 20 and up. the level spawns this astroid field but they are on fire and cant be destroyed. over and over. it spawns after each wave it's such a waste. at least make them destructible so we can get items or something. seriously a huge waste. I was hoping this was going to be more fun than the first alien shooter but its only fun up to level 20. dont waste your time or money on this one. sad guys. maybe beta test next time. listen to us to make money.
Generally enjoyable; however, certainly issues. The further one progresses in endless mode the game suggests starting at a higher stage. When the game is suggested stage 31, it only showed stages 1, 6 & 11 as options. A help text said to complete 31 strait stages to unlock a new starting stage. After completing 41 stages without revving or skipping, no further stating points were unlocked. Furthermore, the career goals only showed 14 stages towards a goal of 20 strait stages. Frustrating.
Good game.all the problems I had when I first installed it seems to have been fixed no more lag time and the ads actually give you what they promise.
Greed and incompetence has ruined a good game. Constant updates that result in only more problems and trying to force people to spend money. No longer fun to play this game. Resist getting hooked because it will just end in frustation. Devs no need to respond to this, we all see through your bs.
This was a fun game. It's annoying to have to watch the same ads all the time. Now they have ads that you have to download and you can't do anything such as revive or collect more coins. This is just a waste of time now and will be uninstalling this game.
Starts off very good, but soon becomes yet another boring "pay to win" cash grab. Update: wow, all the fake 5 star reviews suddenly appear over a few day period
This is so high end. I really like my thumbs to play. Im trying hard and my thumbs really see how hard i try. Im still a great person. I like the 3d effects and loud sound its nice to kick back at home . lol
This game started of fantastic I couldn't stop playing,unfortunately due to upgrades and massive costs for gems the game has become impossible,Such a shame really that the Devs have become greedy.So unless you have money to burn I wouldn't bother playing the game,I won't be playing it anymore.
Steepest pay wall out there for this type of game. If you think you can progress by spending forty dollars a month you would still be mistaken. Great game(as great as the galaga model can really be) but the massive artificially introduced barriers to buy your way past get rediculous. They are counting on you to get fifty bucks in and realize you didnt buy anything of any real help to progress.
The game is actually pretty fun. Challenging. Until you get to play pvp and it gets stupid. Sorry but expected a level 15 basic ship.. to beat an epic level 30 ship is plainly.... idiotic. He can kill 10 levels before I kill 1 enemy. Not fun, not Challenging and has caused me to delete Good job. At least I found it before I considered buying anything. Looked really decent until that. If you made it where newbie fights newbie level and pro fighting the pro enemies, but that what you have 😀
One of the things I truly enjoy about this game is the fact that it (is) possible to beat without spending $$$. Granted, it takes a lot longer to advance because if you have the money to pay for all of the bells and whistles and effect upgrades quickly, you can advance much, much faster. Having said that, I appreciate and respect the fact that the developers of this game made it possible to keep playing and advancing for the people with not much money. That may change eventually, but I hope not.
Upgrade craft and can't even beat the easiest level. Wasted time to advance and then be forced stop. Oh let's spend money. NOT!!!
You go through all the ads and stages to get rewards, and then when you want to trade for say, open a box. The rewards are gone!?
Very fun, to a point. but, like with all games, you get to a point where you can no longer advance without paying real money. right around level 62. after that, your ships gun is too weak and the enemies are too fast and strong. i cant say not to try it, just be ready to delete around level 62.
The game is super fun; however, you hardly get enough gold and pieces to upgrade anything so you either have to spend a bunch of money, or play the same thing for months just to upgrade your ships and drones enough to progress. We should get much more resources than we do per level. Would give a 5 star if I could progress through the game without having to pay a bunch or spend a ton of time
It was great fun to play earlier, but with each update the developers are making it impossible for players who dont want to spend money and are playing just for entertainment purpose
Game not bad BUT to show preview as being like AND SAME SOUNDS like Galaga and it not even remotely have the sounds is just WRONG and kinda dirty!
The gameplay itself is not novel, but well executed and fun. What really turned me off to the game were autoplay ads that started after a while after every other completed level (that's in addition to optional ads that are common for items and such). The freemium model works for me in some games, but if ads are forced like this, I'd rather buy a game without such annoyances.
Ever since the last update a "no connection to server" error occurs daily. Open the game and the only thing it will let you do is make a purchase. Very frustrating, especially when trying to advance. Update 1/3/21. Bug is yet to be fixed. Is it a money making ploy because if I make a purchase it connects to server?
Just lost 2 and a half years of playing with one stupid update which probably wasn't tested properly. Time, effort and money wasted.
Good game but needs better upgrade choices. You don't really get strong enough without paying for it.
Too stupidly hard, making the game boring#takes forever to get drone, who are then too piss weak to be of any use#takes too long to make main ship strong enough to pass levels#money hungry game# gave up on normal level 42 and Hard level 1. Game overall sucks to play.
I love the game but everytime I try to watch a video to keep playing it freezes up and I have to get out of the game and go back in. Deleting it. Sorry
This app may be a dysfunctional defaulted app. It keeps shutting down on me n won't turn back on. Needs serious updating.
I can't access ads with the app for revive, rewards or gems. Because of that, I can't advance my levels as I have to spend extra lives and gems for "revive" to stay in the game. It really sucks big time!
This game is so fun, i like how all the level are intense and like you dont know what can happening on each level. This game is a yes for me
although the game is fun and i get it you need to have in-app purchases but damn make it easier to attain more items to evolve ships. the more waves cleared the more i wanted to use money to buy items but just kept on losing interest. i think if you people make it a little bit easier to evolve ships. the selected boxes all give you random things. im buying the boxes with crystals for a selected ship and im getting stuff from other ships and not from designated ship
I used to get a lot of crystals not anymore and the game is getting very hard it's like almost impossible
No training Cards for upgrades Watching videos to earn diamonds to buy training cards I get. The developers get paid for the adverts. But now you need to spend 10$ to get one training card times 16 cards just to max out one ability! Thats 160$! Really. Either that or waste all your saved diamonds for a slim chance you get one in a supply box. Cool game turned totally bogus!
110% pay to win , it was evident within the first 10 levels that to succeed in this game is based entirely on your pockets. Greedy developers and a bad game. Plenty of betters ones out there. Atleast I got my offer for a way better game completed πŸ˜‰
Cool, nice learning curve but some tricky little soxx out there. Great graphics an audio but maybe a bit more help upgrading your ship in the early stages wouldn't go amiss. Well worth having. Came back for another crack at it, still enjoyable but still difficult to get a drone. Hot guns.
Adds are too long, and even mostly display no adds, it should be available every time when completed time spam.
They say they are looking into the difficulty level but the game is way too hard. They make no gameplay improvements, they only update to fix bugs. Do you like playing the same level 1000 times to get enough gold to upgrade one ship just so they can turn up the difficulty even more? There is no winning in this game. You might be able to win by spending money, but why would you want to?
Slow lagging game since new update, no upgrade cards for a while now, upgrading impossible for new ships, likes this game when I started playing in march, not so much now, progress slow, lag lag lag
The graphics are better than 10 plus games I played in the last year. Play store have alot of games. I gettin ideas on how to create my own game. I know how to draw, write music, chef and etc.
I've been playing this game for about a year now, and was finally compelled to write a review. This game has gone from fun pastime to an absolute pay to win trap. Everytime an update is pushed (if it doesn't break the game first), the ships get nerfed and the levels become intensely harder. But wait...there are new upgrades you can buy to help. No thanks. Developers should make some real changes to improve gameplay, or players will simply leave.
Its fun, but they know u have to buy overpriced fake crystals to play the later levels... Then they just add a ridiculously strong boss or underboss and poof!! All your crystals are used up again...
Updates have ruined this once fun game. It's sad such a one time awesome game is now ruined by developers with their latest updates. MANY longtime players have opened up in the games Facebook group as well to share issues and the developers typically ignore any feedback.
While I appreciate the new graphics today, this update just wiped out all of my coins - 2 MILLION gold!!!????