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Galaxy Invader: Infinity Shooting 2020

Galaxy Invader: Infinity Shooting 2020 for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Supga located at Vietnam. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the game it's easy to get points if I had any complaints it would be that the spaceship doesn't glide easily across the screen
Game is too difficult. If you're not purchasing boosters, your totally dependent on what the cpu gives you.. good luck
I like this game but after 30 it get so difficult that I can not play with ship i need different and big powerful ship than i can defeet the boss
Awesome game. I've Lways loved playing these types of games as a child and this brings back some wonderful memories. Great job by the creators.
Disappointing. Host of bugs and lack of instructions is a combination that sinks what would otherwise be a passable top-down aircraft shooter. The ads are also quite intrusive. Some in-game things just don't need them.
Love the game but it took my money and did not give me the Crystals I bought twice. I thought it would upload the first lot of 10 when I grey the next 10 but the app just closed when I bought it. give me my 20 Crystals (money was withdrawn) and will definitely give 5 star rating.
The game is awesome. The Thing is when you come back next day all points..planes...etc that i have bought are gone plus i habe to start from number 1 again when ive passed all the way to level 20...can u get it fixed plz..thanks
I really love this game it's really making me not only happy it's teaching me not to give up. THANK YOU.
It's an amazing game. I love when we are playing the game and we collect points during the game we have one shoot extra it is an amazing game. But there are alot of ads but well we can easily skip them. Well there are some ads which we can't remove but there are only for 5 seconds. So I don't really think that is a bad sign.
Enjoy the game all the time thanks, it is shame all the ads trying get exposure from a good game. To many ads cause intrusion.
i honestly loved the game, but everytime i close the game it starts at the beginning all over again!!!! Sorry, uninstall!!!!!!!!!
Very rigid control. Can't move the fighter properly and it dies. Also the gift system is not that much good.
OMG the ads! I had to watch 3 ads before I could play. Then, an ad after every screen. No thank you very deep.
There is the fact that the test ship feature isnt installed however, this is a vast improvement in relation to the older version, what I cant wrap my intelligence around, is the quandry of how the developers made such an enormous improvement and never chaned an integral piece of the game. PLEASE keep improving without improving , and I'll keep reviewing and playing. Sincerely, your fav☺happy Worldwide fan...
The glitches are driving me crazy. I really lile to play but the glitches are crazy. The vehicle keeps self selfstructing making impossible to play. Waiting on the update to fix this.
Honestly id give them more stars if there facebook support would respond to my request. Cant seem to get ahold of support any other way. Right now all the gold i win doesnt go towards my total so basically i cant play the game anymore because i cant earn gold to buy boosters. Will unfortunately be moving on to a new game. The game is fun WHEN it works. Deffinitly not worth spending money on this game. I learned the hard way....
I've changed 4 to a 2 because not realizing later that I payed money. each level you passed with highest coins is locked. when you play same level all the way thru a ghost explodes your ship. also on endless cant defeat 3rd boss now. dont go above hard for coins each level if you want to play the campaign again. plz fix to open all levels without ghost explosions. you take people's money and make the game unenjoyable. this another greed game. uninstall game and google play not fixed.
they're stupid ads kept getting in the way of my being able to properly move my ships. forget this. There are better games and better vertical Shooters than this one.
The boss drop percentages are not working correctly, please fix it. Yes, I know how it works, I figured it out, now I came here to tell you that the percentages can be way off.
Your fighter freezes and glitches making it pointless to play. The level of difficulty also increases in a matter of a few levels, so unless you have cash to burn, you won't get too far. Save yourself some time and download something else.
Very nice sort of retro shmup with decent graphics an sound. Not as easy as it looks so remember points don't matter just don't die. Worth having in a shmups collection.
Its too painful to play as upgrades require a lot of coins which we should either buy or wait for a decade to get right upgrade... lost interest
this is not the best type of this game not very fun. slow to upgrade ships and weapons. money hard to come by 1942 much better.
Ridiculously glitchy game. Sometimes its fine, other times the dive-bombing aliens teleport to kill you with no way of seeing them, let alone avoiding them. I've had that happen on level 1, round 3! A 10% drop rate appears to mean 'never'.
This is the most stable version of this game I've came across. A little aggressive with the ads but still worth it.
Its too early to be that hard. Its nearly impossible to pass on just level 4. I think the maker of this game is either insane or stupid. Thats my observation thou.
Awesome graphics! For me it's addicting! Once I start I'm gonna play until my battery dies!!! Love this game!
Don't need to change anything. I loved it from the start. This by far is the best space shooting game I ever played. I'm hooked from the start.
2nd time I've downloaded this game.....the ads after every single level is too much.....surprised anyone is playing this game.....and no...I won't pay to have the ads removed..
Only thing I think the developers should add is a wave indicator for each level. That way you know how much longer you have for each level. Just a thought guys... seriously consider this please 😁
This is a very good game I liked it Made very tremendous, has been made very tremendous This is a great app, it is very beautiful, very beautiful, very nice app. Other such apps should be made but I think that if you are such a game that is offline, then it can be absorbed as much as possible, because in many cases it happens that if the internet does not exist then offline So if you are someone who can run offline like this, then you should make it so that more people will benefit from it, more
This game is TERRIBLE. Many times, it does not give you coins you win; options for gaining more coins are very limited; all ad videos for various purposes do not play. The list goes on and on. Complete waste of my time
The game does not provide any shields popping up during gameplay.....I am stuck at level 88, and even my laser jet isn't sufficient to take down the main boss....had their been additional shields, then the same would have been interesting
I play the game for hours, rack up the point and items and stop playing for a hour. i come back to the game all my coins are gone along with items I have won. You really need to fix this issue.
Awesome game!I like the controls. Lots of adventure! I rate you 100 stars and two thumbs up thank you for such a awesome game
This game plays good without the ads in it please find a way not to too many in games please love this game Thank you very much
Fantastic &goose bumps while playing this game In olden days this game is tooo similar to chicken invaders game😍😍🙃🙃
I've been playing this game for a good while .. racked up some points and leveled over 35. Then my vip pops up puts me back to vip1... I've been passed that ... this was a fun game til then. The ships arent powerful enough to kill the main ships 75%of the times but I kept playing but this vip issue ...I would negative star this game but no option
Your controls are ridiculous and not working properly, nice game but plenty of work still needs to be done to it.💯🇧🇸
Enjoyable play. I play the daily challenge as I find the campaign mode is too difficult for me. That said i still get hours of pleasure playing the game.
Love this game. Very good graphics.. Responce time is good on game.. Plenty of option to rewards. All around fun and changeling. 5 stars in my book. My only thing is I had this game before and was on level 142 and my game disappeared. I'm starting over now but hey. I found my game
great time killer an only complaint after I did the update I lost all the coins an all the ship's all the other stuff I had collected while playing the game not cool ..
Fun game and all but the glitches are absolutely TERRIBLE!!! Coins earned didn't go towards your total. But the kicker that gave this a 1 Star is the gems are already hard enough to earn and now even THOSE are being earned and not counting towards the total. Only gems that count are either from achievements or dailies or boss mode. And half the time even those don't count. Definitely not a game I'd recommend and for the love of gaming DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME!!! It's a waste!!!
Love this new game it give you room to be more visible with the game layout, design, colors are awesome good work TEAM!
Look, the game is great, but you don't know which level are you, the only thing you see is that you cannot upgrade your fighters due to level ** required. I like the game because it's challenging, and because of that it's an old idea with some developed ideas.