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Galaxy Attack (Premium)

Galaxy Attack (Premium) for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by ONESOFT located at 470 NORTH BRIDGE ROAD, SINGAPORE. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is pretty fun. It goes smoothly, doesn't become stuck, there are no intrusive ads, you can decide for yourself whether you want to watch an advertisement in exchange for currency. However, the game seems to be too monotonous for me, I would suggest changing the music tracks to a more energetic one, adding some interesting texture, generally more variety. In my opinion, the game is quite enjoyable.
This app is too too cool ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘Œ except the pvp thingy the thing that always happens when you don't come back in 2 days and I don't think it is fair that if your disconnected it says that the other team won ๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ™…
Don't buy this game! It's worthless! Deserves less than 1 star. It has turned into a money waster. You can't accomplish anything worthwhile without spending money. Real money not gane money. The energy requirements make this game impossible I've uninstalled it. Don't waste your time!
Yet another pay-to-win game. It was supposed to be in "premium" category, so selling in-app upgrades, ships, lives for cash is a big NO... Yes yes.. I know "you can enjoy full game content without buying anything... Blah blah blah". We all know how it works.
This version is better than the first one, but wait until an offer especially if you have purchases in the first version
The difficulty spike is kind of unfair compared to how the game allows you to upgrade and get stronger. It really doesn't have that something to hold your attention and gets boring real quick.
I like the game alot but i went away for a while and then energy was added i do not like this because i used to let my brother play but now i don't wan't to because he will waste my energy.
I am obsessed with the gameplay. It's very entertaining. However, ever since I started playing almost 2 years ago the devs have been changing the things a player is forced to do just so the company can attempt to make more and more money off of players. It has gotten to a point now that a person has a limited number of playable points just to do anything in the game (even playing the main campaign levels) without paying real money for more just to keep playing. It's not worth it anymore deleted!
Classical freemium money sucking, that leaves a bad taste, game... Return the old prices snd glitches that made the game interesting and fun for all players!!
so I love the game, but it always seems to not come thru for me at the toughest possible times, which seems personal to me. maybe I need to be a better player I get that, but if I cant learn or have a fair shot, what's the point?
After downloading your busted up broken down worthless rundown no good app it will not install. What's up with that? Can you or will you fix this? I have tried & tried now I can't watch this ad in til y'all fix your sorry stuff!
This is a fun game i really enjoy it but my only issue is that it won't let me connect my Facebook account to it
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!! If you purchase anything in this game to obtain VIP status, you can still be banned from playing if a sore loser reports you from playing and winning in PVP. They have not only banned my account, they ban each one I try to get, and banned both of my devices. Do not give these THEIF'S any of your money. They will not respond to emails and it takes them days to respond to FB. I even sent screenshots of my purchases and they won't reinstate my account.
It's a fun game. My only complaint is the fact that this game has an energy system. So once you run out of energy the game is boring because you can't progress the campaign.
After sometime becomes boring and if you want to progress you have to pay. And it's not even free to install!? If it was free, with these graphics and gameplay I could give maybe 3 stars for the effort.
Premium version always gets updated late, 1 star for that. Normal version already updated for pvp point bug fix, this one late as always, shouldn't this be #1 priority to update ๐Ÿค” can't play pvp
Pvp only works when spend Crystal's 1vs 30 or 100 which cost money. 1vs1 2vs2 1vs 3 always say need to update latest version. This should be addressed
The most boring shooter game out there. ๐Ÿฅฑ๐Ÿฅฑ there's really nothing to it. Noone is really trying to kill you. I think the enemy is asleep or drunk
Fun shooter. Got it for $0.00 during a Play Store sale. It is worth every penny. Has rewards ads and an energy system. Has another tier of premium for unlimited play and some power ups.
Really good but when playing if i pause the main menu is right next to continue. And if you accidentally press main menu it wont give you an warning that you are quiting it just ends the game.
There are too many long ads (30sec) making this game worthless. Ads like getting paid to play are really really annoying. Except the long ads, its a great game. Please decrease the ads to 5secs or less else its just waste of time for everyone.
I've always liked these shooter type of games. Fun little timewasters that quickly get addicting - and this is no different.
Pvp mode recently got screwed. It used to pair you with similar level players to give you a realistic chance of winning, now it pairs you with people who have 2 to 3 times the levels as you. Makes it nearly impossible to play and ruins the whole experience. If give it zero stars of I could. It effing blows now.
It's quite a slick shooter, I have to admit. However it gets very difficult very quickly, so difficult in fact that you can't really progress without upgrades to your ship. This process takes ages, because on one hand the goodies you receive from gameplay to spend on upgrades - crystals, evolve stones and money - really come at a very slow trickle. On the other hand the amount of gameplay is throttled by the energy system. One's really driven to spend money on upgrades - or give up, like I have!
This is my favorite game period and I spend most of my freetime playing this Awesome game, its more than a game, to me that is. I meet people from all over the world compete against them and I've been in several clans (Its 1 person or a group of people who can create clans). Joining Clans are a great way to learn about the game very quickly. Clans can compete to be number 1 in the world, so this game can be very very competitive! I've been playing for several years now suddenly I was told that I was zapped. They (My Clan Members) said 1 of the reasons I was zapped is because at that time we were ranked #1 in the world and at high level of play people will literally hack your profile to prevent you and your clan from your full potential, half our clan was somehow affected by someone that we let into our clan that was worldly ranked like us, possibly in the top 5 where it gets super competitive and its put me in this horrible position i've been in! They literally hacked half of the people in our Clan. Someone said if a profile looks like it's been updated too quickly or fast then your profile could get zapped and I have been trying to get this fixed for a couple years now but nothing happens and nobody gets back to me on this issue, its very big issue to me because I've spent soo much money and time on this game! Competitive people can spend money to really help your game play. I've been waiting to hear back from ABI for a long time now and I've tried several diff ways to get ahold of ya'll and not once a reply. Please help me out.
Unlike like many games that get boring after a while. This game is what all games want to be. Addictive, fun, entertaining and ..... JUST DOWNLOAD IT. This could be the best game on Google Play.
The game is after your money Read all the other late posts. I instalez the game when it was at 4.8, 1 month later is 4.5 because you cannot achieve much unless YOU PAY!
Your game is excellent so I want other people to play it and it impress people if you keep it for free
Great game. Would reccomend. Its so good to kill time with. I have no problem other than ads. Gameplay is smooth and the 2d graphics are nice!
Game has some major issues when it comes to giving you something to do as you have collected all your gear. i think you ought to allow us to play the 200 gear collect after we have done all the collectiong up to two hundred, untill the next reset. but i love the game hence all the hours i log on lol. some times the frequent disconects in pvp pee me of. but nothing is perfect. great game though. arnold
Since the new update everything is even more pay to play. Im consistently in the top 5 in survival but can't win a pvp match without paying for several upgrades. Gotten ridiculous.
Says I need to update when I try to enter pvp but send me to another version of the game on the store and progress doesn't get kept. Deleting both.
there is literally no difference between the premium version of this game or the free version. they are both adridden, every part if this game you watch an ad for extra gold, wheel spins, gems and the only time you dont get ads is sometimes between games.
My app is already update still I'm unable to play pvp matches, when ever I click on the match the app asks to be updated but shows no updated and I'm not able to play matches . What kind of problem is this. I hope that the team will look after this. Only then I will change my review.
Game is okay, but pvp is horrible. Never get decent ship drops. Enemy projectiles just appear out of nowhere and explode your ship. This game is made to just suck up your resiurces so you will buy more.
Its a cool game. I wish they gave you ways to earn free coins so i can buy the higher ships faster. But this is a solid game.
Horrible the bew system is pointless its harder to get more tickets from getting items during the quests or missions the pvp is very glitchy one second i have 3400 points the next i have 51 points. The video wont even show they pop up the pop back out and you cant watch any videos after that. Please revert back to the original layout/gameplay
Nope generates a ridiculous automated response, a money hungry impossible game that depletes battery and provides the same 4 ads over and over again for 2 seconds of play. It's a money generating virus of a game plain and sime, run by a cheap dirty company in Vietnam.
This is little more than a slightly amusing "pay to win" game with frequent reminders to spend money, and repetitive levels with increasing difficulty that eventually render your ship pathetic unless you pay for upgrades - and the freebies they do use to entice you to put money in seem to have little or no effect on the ships' power.
As I was saying, you just updated this game . Couldn't you remove an old code and maybe get your description of the game a little closer to what it is actually like? I see that my buck is no longer available for redemption as I uninstall. You got me this time. But I will be looking for the con next time. Don't bother responding. I won't read it.
Loaded with advertisements and pay to win/watch to win. You spend more time watching movies from other games than actually playing the game.
I should've just got a refund because the game downloaded several times and it won't install. If it never gets fixed, i'm never buying anything from the play store again.
Good but 5 stars for coins, that is ridiculous. Earn the 5 stars, don't bribe people. But overall great game
Technical problems caused my game to go back to the beginning I spent a lot of money and time playing and I still can't reset and get my progress back
Premium what? You still have to watch ads to get resources, energy is limited and you can't even choose starting ship? What ????
This new update sucks! Now they have some type of "power bar" that will dictate how many times you can play per day. Especially at a time like this(Covid-19), you'd think they'd make it EASIER and MORE ENTICING/FUN to play. Instead, they're driving people away. More pay to play. I had to change my rating to 1 star.
Excellent game play and responsiveness, great graphics and lots of side aspects to achieve. The updates can be terrible, I've lost progress a time or two. However, a very highly enjoyable game!
I love the game, but i'm wondering, if there was another update, would you make the drone captain galaxy a boss in the game?
Beginnings are fun, but later it's unplayable for free users. Too many ads, repetitive, unjust, unfair. At some point, progressing is limited to paying customers, upgrading your ships above certain levels is available only after buying crystals or cards. You don't receive enough of them during normal game. Ads can break the sound in the game, and pause your music. Free users are limited to 20 games at a time. Then you need to wait for energy to replenish.
Really fun. Reminds me of Galaga; arcade game I used to play a lot as a kid. If you want a no brain space invaders shootem up, you found it.
Won't update.. sent feedback... no response at all. Developers seem to not support there own game. Would like to have multiple google account logins as i play on multiple devices using different accounts... one via facebook and one via google. Would like to have a 2nd google account option on the same device as i play the original Alien Shooter on the same device.
Nowhere near a good play but this game was fun to play in some downtime at work. But after loading it up today and seeing I had a new update for it, I cant even play because it already says I'm out of energy when I havent played it once since update. Greedy dev's trying to get money and forcing you to limit your play time no thanks.
I'm happy they offered premium for very little. Either way, fun game! I used to play Galaga a long time ago and this kind of reminds me of it.
It's a lot of fun! The difficulty curve is gradual, and it doesn't force you to buy powerups using real money, so it's well worth the price of admission. The game is currently discounted to $0 as I'm typing this, so grab it now while it's free! It's a great thing to play while we're all quarantined.
AGAIN ANOTHER STUPID UPDATES.. thought we're being matche by combat power? then why am i being matched to a overpowered player???? is it fair to matched 200k to a 900k CP? huh??? ๐Ÿ˜ก
Great game ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ.. but I have one issue it's the facebook login doesn't work. How can i fix that plz
Please VIP vs VIP in PvP match No VIP card vs 12 VIP card this is not fair Please new update in game Otherwise best game๐ŸŽฎ for entertain thanks๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
I cant even play online,"Multi-Player" !!! .it says you need to update but it is *updated*already.Rude dev.... & Team.they want you to buy if not they will bother you.too greedy
I could not get this to install. I downloaded it fine just instalation. I tried restarting my phone and it still would not work. Asked for a refund, its a shame because I loved playing Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter.
Had a good review, but last two times I saved the game, lost very much hard earned progress. I have been trying to resolve with the company, one issue in the past was resolved, but not these last two.
I love the game.Sent more than 140$ on this game over the months.i would give 5 stars but there is way too many glitches. paid for in-game purchases never received them. Developers know about the issue still have done nothing about it until things change my review will stay the way it is.beware of in game purchases. In clan market
I come back to re-rate this game everything ended up getting fixed I got my old stuff back mostly it is a fun little game. Just make sure you sync to one thing and keep it that way