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Galaga Wars

Galaga Wars for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe located at 49-51, rue des Docks, CS 90618, 69258 LYON CEDEX 09, France. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I haven't beaten this game since 2016 just like that 2011 anniversary edition on IOS. And because of the pain in the ass enemy waves and a centric giant bug boss with their one shots and game over. I discovered that at the very end of the final sector is just infinite enemy waves for you to earn millions of more points. Love the aesthetic visuals and polished arcade and I wish I could buy the full version in the future. Thank you so much Paladin.
Brilliant and the only thing that I have been struggling with is that the 1981 game was awesome and this 2020 model equivalent , BUT!! GALAGA IS A VERY SIMPLE AND RECONIZABLE ORIGINAL 80s Arcade game that is no less than 40years old. So what I am trying to say is that, the 2 games are very different types in their own right. GRAPHICS+SPEEDS,COSTS(nil),various player platforms(100,s) Rules & options. "" GALAGA 2.0"relating to the old/new alike is the perfect opportunity for rediscovery.
this game used to be fun and then it became incredibly repetitive and boring. It seems as if the only weapons that can be activated are either the turret or the missile barrage. I made it through 4 levels without having to move my finger. please make the weapons more random, or better yet, get rid of the weapons that turn the game into a screensaver.
I love Galaga! It brings back memories from the 90's! However, it has only 1-Life, if got killed I have to pay using the coins that I earned. Upgrades are fine, but It isn't the same Galaga that has 3-Lives without paying a single coin. Secondly, I hate, I have been earning those 3,000-coins to buy me a SkyBlade, but instead the app wanted to pay in our currency which is so very expensive! A rip-off! I am uninstalling this game. I wish you receive the Karma you deserve.
I made it to level 5 and died had to start over at level 2 because I didn't have enough coins. Then make it to level 4 where the game continually sticks / freeze.
It's worth checking out the mobile Recreation of Galaga. It's too bad this game it's not part of abandoned software Club. Where I cannot buy anything on the store and letting the advertisers get away with it. I played one level all to way to the second sector. And after that they show the advertisement immediately. As I uninstalled the game this instant.
This game beautifully modernizes the arcade experience, but... but the ads. All the ads. More ads. You die, ads. I spent my day watching ads. Too many ads. If I'm not being plain, I'll say it clearly. Too Many Damn Ads.
10/10 casual bullet hell!! Idk about any of the other purchases, but the coin doubler disables intrusive ads. If it ever gets a collab someday, eschatos would be perfect!!
Something changed with this game... experiencing nothing but random pauses during game play. UNPLAYABLE this way! No other galaga shooter type game I play does this. Fix this!
Too many ads This game is designed to trick you into spending money and to watch ads in a very malicious way. It has your classic problems: You died, watch an ad to continue! Upgrade your thing, watch and ad to go faster! Skip a level, watch and ad to do so! Then it begs you to purchase stuff in game. 3 dollars at a time for ship packs. Every time you buy a ship pack it gives you an extra life, but to use lives you must watch ads. Absolutely disgusting.
Complete trash compared to the real game. No, I wasn't born in the 80s, vue this is a ripoff of the true coin-op we all know and love. Sure the graphics are good, but the ads are just killing it, and in the worst way possible. For me, at least, there are no redeeming qualities in this game. The graphics alone can't save it. If I could rate 0 or preferably negative stars, you can bet id rate a negative 5.
This game is AMAZING! I know that some might compare it to the classic arcade game but for me it was great for what it is, a free to play, multistage, great looking and fantastically controled mobile version of Galaga and that's all it needed to be
Love that you dont need to spend money at all you lvl bery fast in this game. Good game. Hard at first but now i wish there was more lvls or more ships.
Nothing will ever beat the feeling of sitting down and playing the coin operated galaga. As a smart phone game Its definitely a time waster and for the people who constantly want to beat their P.B's this is a killer.
Apart from the fact that you need to have eyes in the back of your head and have the reflexes to match a speeding bullet this game will give you nightmares. Everything comes at you so fast it's not funny and you go through all that and your rewards are not great and you pay coins to enter each stage and they can be high and also you pay for upgrades which again are high but the kicker is once you pay you have to wait before you get upgrades or you can pay more coins to get it straight away
May my few dollars help with the horror of this game Maybe make it easier to play? Make it better all around? I want to love this game. But I hate it. It should be the ultimate phone game. But it's on the low end of that scale.
I love this game! It's difficult enough to make you wanna keep playing and not just rage quit. The music though, is phenomenal. I love it all. Highly recommended.
No way around ads. Very annoying. Would have paid for no ads version. Contacted support and never heard back from you.
I really like this game! It's like one of those shooter games!πŸ˜€ It is really fun,and intense!🀀 And it is really difficult to,the,MAX!!!😑😠😲But I have made it to sector 8. I didn't upgrade the ship that much. But I still made it!πŸ˜€ I also have the xevious ship! If anyone does not like tutorials, this game doesn't. Oh yeah and I got the Pac Man ship! I like how Namco changed some of the sectors design, and replacing the enemies with ghosts! Good job Namco.πŸ‘
Game is great... but the ads.... waaaaay too much, its absurd!! I'd rather pay a couple of dollars for an ad free version.
Game has serious issues that comes down to the design of the game being based around a paywall. Boss fights are designed to be impossible to pass unless you have upgraded your ships a certain amount (then pay 2x to not wait). Game also stutters A LOT during busy scenes causing unfair losses w/ Galaxy A715F, very few background apps running. Not battery optimized. Will update if fixed. Even if you pour $20 into this game you're likely not to get past level 4. Who is this game for? It's just bad.
I'd give 0 star if I could. The graphics, sound, design all fantastic. BUT, the ridiculous amount of ads, ads over ads over ads just destroys all the nice things about it. Why don't you provide a paid and no-ads version?? I wish, Google could, at least, limit the amount and duration of the ads in their Play Store policies for all the apps.
Great game nice update to the original. I'd give it 5 stars but it's kind of a pay to.play. I get they have to make money. But can we unlock new ships a little faster without paying so much.
Im a 80's kid..i grow up play Galaga..it was one and still is my favorite arcade game to play.l was a little worried about this app because hoping that this app was the same because i seen ad on facebook for it..but once i downloaded it started play it..after a week of playing it and seeing how it plays..it is the same arcade but with a upgrade....for the better i may add.... I'm really enjoying play Galaga Wars....being it is my favorite Arcade game with a twist is the reason I give it a 5 ⭐
The dog fights are much improved from the old game. However, the fact that coins only last about 5 seconds before they start vanishing is atrocious. There are micro transactions for everything. I would rather pay a price for the game and be done with it. Enemies hide bullets, the double fighter only lasts about 30 seconds, which I passionately hate. You display ads everywhere, and an unskippable fullscreen ad in the settings menu. This game is a joke compared to the original. You hate to see it.
Amazing game, ruined by overkilling ads. Controls could be revisited too, as it currently feels uncomfortable after a while playing - especially since you need precision. Perhaps implement an energy bar instead of a 1 hit kill? Not to make it easy, only to be fair to players.
Awesome shoot em up, retains that 80's flair. Different spaceships is a so so affair, I wish you'd have the choice of choosing A ship and get three lives.
Meh, never play more than one ship/life before quitting the game. As soon as I'm dead I quit the game so many ads.
Went to restore my purchase and says failed.lost all my data,purchases etc. Be warned ,it does not save correctly!!!
Way too fast, I get killed within the first 10 seconds of every game no matter how I play. Too hard. Uninstall.
From the outset a nice remake..until you understand that the game is set up for you to Pay..Pay..Pay once you get past the first easier levels. It goes from fun to greedy pretty quick.... Not worth start playing to experience that
Way too many ads. I'd rather pay for an ad free version with in app purchases. The controls could be better.
Good shooter game, love the Pac Man skin. Just need new content, as I have all the ships fully upgraded and I'm at the last level (level 11 which is an infinite run). 1 star off because it looks like new content was planned but has been not been released as of yet...
Nice game, it's very pretty. But to play a level you need to watch a 30 ad or pay.....if you die, then another 30 ad. If you want to continue, another 30 ad comes up. When you want to go to a level you need to play an ad again or use rockets (which cost real money). It's VERY VERY irritating.
Waaay to many adds. Makes it hard to get into the game. If you want ppl to spend money in ur game let them play it not watch adds for other cell phone games....
Update: after contacting support, they answered the game is now abandonware so in-app purchases are definitely deactivated. if you're new to the game like me you'll have to do with ads with no way to remove them or buy new ships :( - A nice remake with cool graphics but the store doesn't seem to work for me, it doesn't let me purchase anything.
Too many ads. And I lost all my gold and extra ships when I had to reinstall the game. Restore purchases option does not work.
My daughters would *love* to play this game... but it's so full of adverts at every turn that they'd end up accidentally buying things, rather than enjoying it. I wish they'd do a version which you DO have to pay for, but without the Ads all over the place. As it is... I played it... it looks amazing, great fun, and uninstalled it. Lesson learned.
This game is so cool. It is an awesome remake to the original game, galaga. It is really hard though, but still! I like it! Good job Bandai NamcoπŸ‘. Your the best. From, Maks Morsey.
Not like the original. Galaga was my "go to" game when I was a teenager. I give this app 3 stars because it is entertaining. But to say it's like the original is not a true statement. There are some similarities, but that's about it. One thing in particular, the game should start with 3 ships. I understand the marketing strategy behind starting with only 1, but still, at least give 2 ships to start with. Again, is it like the original? I'd have to so, no way!
Fun for 10 - 20 minutes then it becomes repetitive. Advertisement based game that I couldn't bring myself to play anymore.
Great game. I'd also like to help out other players by saying a few tips. I heard a lot of reviews about too many ads and no remove ads, but now if you buy any pack (coins or ships), you will also get no ads which is great! Also I own all 8 ships, but if I'd say which ship is the strongest, I'd have to go with Pac-man. His moveset is Giant form (destroy enemies on contact), Pellet shot (shoots bullets that ricochet off the screen), Glitch mine (deploys mines), and Shockwave (makes Shockwaves).
super cool game! the only downside is that there are so many ads that it makes it so frustrating to play. to open a level, even if it's one you've beaten, you have to watch an ad. to get your other life (you only get two, which sucks), you have to watch an ad. yes, they are only max 30 seconds, but still super frustrating that the only way to skip the ads is to buy coins or have enough from playing the levels, which again, require you to watch ads. otherwise a pretty cool game!
I luv this game i just h8 that it skips now n i have 2 start from the begging,, awsome i will enjoy testing my skills again but i bought my kalamari ship n it was awsome ,, buy a new 1 ..goodxxx n worth it thanx galaga
Good game if you're into these types of games. Not quite the original but nothing usually is. The biggest complaint I see in these reviews are: too many adds. Really? Honestly can't believe they're this many people who are not smart enough to PLAY OFF-LINE! Shut your data/WiFi off, people. You're criticizing and giving bad reviews to people who are working incredibly hard developing computer programs for you . When, you're not even smart enough to play off-line.
Not only is it not Galaga, it's a massive cash grab for nostalgia related nothing "upgrades". I'm going back to my retropie
Pretty Good, Too Many Ads. Too many ads break up the gameplay, so you really can't get immersed. I'm not entirely certain if there's a way to buy an ad free version, but if not I wouldn't play it.
If I could buy this game out right and not have to watch ads or have it cost me coins to go to the next level I would use it all the time. Don't make us watch ads if we can buy it. We should be Able buy it.
It's amazing! I was playing this all day, I Absolutely love the polished arcade feel to the game. I mean, you can just stop for a second mid game and just take a break without pressing a pause button, Anyways I'm getting of track, so the gameplay is great, the visuals are frigging amazing, and the music... eh it was pretty great but could of been better, also I played a ton of the original Galaga so this awesome to see! Also it's really fun and addicting by the way forgot to mention that...
Game is great... but the ads.... waaaaay too much!! I'd rather pay a couple of dollars for an ad free version.
Please add an option to pay to remove adds, the game is fun but you have to spend so much time not getting to play it
I'm giving it 2 stars i recently downloaded this game again but now everrytime I shoot something it lags really bad. Also I tried Uninstalling and installed it again and as soon I restored my purchases started lagging again. Please fix this!!
This an awesome reincarnation of my absolute favorite arcade game, I love the touch controls and the ability to buy new ships and use them as extra lives, the new abilities like jumbo shot and missile barrage increase the replay value by almost 10x! However, since you can only get 1 Credit per level per day, getting new ships require lots of dedication, but new ships include the Salvolou from Xevious, Pac-Man, The Prince of the Cosmos from Katamari Damacy, and the Plane from Sky Kid!
Really love the nostalgia to the old one, the sound effects are amazing and the music is wonderful! but sometimes, there's too many ads and it's gets to the point that you'd wish that you can buy a "no ad" version..
It was all good until it lags and I ended up dying because of it. I do have my Google game play updated but this game itself is laggy. I play without any interruption with the wifi off and the internet off. But it keeps lagging up and it is not a good game play if it keeps lagging up. I have all the ships and almost all the upgrade on the ships. I won't give this a higher rating until it is fixed on the newest update. πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
Pretty great interpretation of Galaga, being level-based with a clear ending. Not much in the way of pay-to-win either, simply upgrading your power-ups or getting more ships which act as lives. Great if you wanna test your skills.
its decent but nothing to write home about. seems like it was made to get ad money. you have the option to grind premium currency for new ships but you'll beat the game before you get close. levels are short and supplemented with difficulty and you have one life unless you want to watch an ad. if you don't want to watch that ad, you have to watch an ad to end your game. sad to say but theres a lot better out there.
Probably a good game, but this one hit death BS is too frustrating to continue trying to give it a chance.
Great remake of the original. There are static ads, but I got the $3.99 welcome pack that gives me an extra life, 3,000 coins, and removes static ads, and all I do now is upgrade my ships, and learn the places and attack patterns. Fun and enjoyable game with challenges to complete as well.
I love galaga, but man so many ads. Cant really enjoy the game. When you lose a game, a video plays and you cant even continue until it's done. Waste of time. Uninstalling
This game couldnt be better except for the fact of i personally love the original galaga as well and i think this is a great remake and the patterns of the bugs habe great nestalgic feel to them as well greatley done amd well done namco is proud!!!
Will not let me play will not download After a software update. I've been playing this game for years now locked out?? Really Sucks why would you send damaging Upgrades??????????
It was a GREAT ARCADE APP and I still enjoy this game, it is competitive and a great remake of Galaga!
Awesome game...it would be nice if we could get to use the advanced features of each ship whenever we choose too! Super fun game...BiG FaCtS
The game is fun but you can never get on a roll because every single freaking time you die you have to sit through 30 seconds of commercials or burn 100 gold coins (which go very fast) to play the next round. I tried this game out for over 24 hours and I'm uninstalling it now.
I'm old enough to remember the original version of this game in the arcade. So I was pumped to see this game available on android. After about 10 minutes of game play the disappointment settled in. First off the controls are screwed up and your thumb interferes with your line of sight. So you get blind sided and killed quite a bit. Having a joy stick and fire button option would alleviate that. Watching ads to continue a single game is highly annoying as well. I have it 2 stars for nostalgia.
A good game ruined by advertising. Such a shame developers are becoming so greedy when it comes to money. I just want to buy game without advertising. Game does entice you to keep spending money for upgrades etc. As another reviewer put it, disgusting.
A decent version of Galaga... Not as good as the original but it works. It gets hard and sometimes the game plays unfairly. If you want to even retry a stage from the beginning, pay up a impossible amount of coins. And don't get me started on unlocking "ships". You can either unlock them by spending a outrageous amount of tokens, or pay using REAL MONEY. HECK. SOME COST ONLY REAL MONEY. I only play because I want to.
Cool game but they ruined it with the constant interruptions and earning more plays by stupid videos. I would rather just buy the game and actually be able to play uninterrupted. Nothing like the original, but the game itself is fun and has elements of the original to make an old Galaga lover happy.
It used to be my favorite game of all times, a little bit too difficult to enjoy on this platform, the game Galaxy Invaders it's a little more like the old school galaga and gives you a better chance of completing a mission. But it was nice hearing the music of the old game
I've been had this game on my mobile phone for a while and at first I felt it was astounding. Lately though, there have been a lot of freezing of the game during play. Can you some how fix the glitch.
There's a lot behind a paywall, as is with most freemium games. If this was a game you could purchase in the playstore instead of using ads even after buying every ship... I'd absolutely buy it, just so I wouldn't have to watch ads and buy individual ships.
This game is honestly fun HOWEVER, this game is now abandonware, which means the game no longer receives updates & in-app purchases are disabled. If you want to make in app purchases, then use lucky patcher to emulate the purchases, which will also block ads. If all you want to do is block ads though, then turning off your wifi and mobile data works as well.
Fun shooter. The best experience is offline to avoid all the ads, but at a cost. You start with two lives, but only get access to the last one by paqying freemium (not cool) or watching an ad. Key to the game is unlocking ships, each giving additional lives and cheaper upgrades. Get as far as you can so you can warp around amd get the daily pickups for each level. Only complaint here is the very swingy difficulty - some days the enemies seem way more aggressive and powerups untimely.
UPDATE: Galaga Wars now uses Google Play Games to back up your save state, which is a welcome addition. It's great, since I've switched devices, and I can restore all my additions. Thank you!
After playing this for a week, I finally stop playing. Why? Upgrades to weapons are only for how long you can use your weapons. Normally, you attack using the peashooter which you cannot upgrade. Yes this is Galaga, but not same like the original though.
Great game and graphics. Way too many ads which is why I am giving it one star. I'd rather pay to have a full game without those ads after every single time a ship is killed. Or maybe make us watch an add after our 3 ships are killed to earn another ship or something. I love this game and how challenging it is, but I will be deleting the app due to the overkill of ads. Waste of a great game. Give users the offer to buy the game out right or stop with the ads every single time you get killed.
I love this game its 10x better than Old school Galaga theres not that many ads and this game has really good deals like 40,000 Coins for $7.99 or $6.99 its fun and I recommend playing this game.
Besides the fact the creators are working on a really good horror game on PC, the game is just like a classic shooter game from an arcade. I dont mind the ads too (nor will i ever)
Many intense moments spent trying to get "perfect" runs. Enjoyed it, often made me crazy how intense it got.
The gameplay is good, the music is great, and the graphics are all stellar, but the biggest killing blow to what would be an enjoyable experience is the crippling amount of ads the game has. Unless you've accumulated 100 coins to use your existing extra life, you have to watch an ad. Game Over, and want to return to upgrade your ship? You get an ad every time you Game Over. It's jarring enough to fully interrupt an otherwise rather fast-paced and enjoyable time.
Absolutely love it. THIS is how you redesign a classic game for mobile. 100% Free-to-Play, intuitive controls, good graphics, and don't get me started on how much I love the auto-pause function. There are in game ads but they are minimal and can be removed by a single IAP. There's no energy system so you can play as much as you want and revives/continue can quickly and easily be earned in game. Keep up the good work!
The boss fight in the 8th level and onward are pretty dumb. You are almost guaranteed to die unless you have a rocket pickup when the boss comes so you can immediately shoot its eyes out. Rapid fire can get the job done too, but its rough. Once you die on the boss, even if you already did the eyes and are at the waves of small enemies, you have to start over at the eyes, and once you don't have an upgrades you might as well just stop the game. You won't kill the boss and you will just keep dying
Really fun and entertaining!! Very addictive! BUT SO MANY ADs. Also willing to buy the game to never see ADS again
This game is awsome!!!! I love it. Even though it's hard, I still like it! You can move any direction now but not in the old one. Namco, your creation is a masterpiece! πŸ˜€πŸ‘You know what sucks, you need to buy the ships using credits instead of coins! But still, I like it.
Gross with ads, they pop up all over. You even get to watch an ad or pay coins to use an extra life you already have. Also tries selling you what seems to be ship skins for real money. Its a pretty game with flaws. Some of the upgrades are too powerful and others are useless.
All these games suck i liked them better when they were in pizza shops . We never spent that much money . And didnt have to watch ads . Thats ridiculous! There's a game room not to far away from me . So thats my hangout . C - ya wouldn't wanna be ya .
Can only use one ship freely, the rest you have to buy, can't even earn anything but was capsules and a little bit of coins at a time which makes the entire game wack... Atari please, I rather play that instead..
Awesome classic Arcade! (Learn the patterns) Only Annoying thing is Too Many Videos! When you want to return to the home screen! (IT IS FASTER TO CLOSE THE APP AND RELOAD!) why wait up to 30 seconds watching some USELESS Ad?
THIS SUCKS! Looks great, appears as if it SHOULD be a great game, but it SUCKS. Tap the wrong button & you're forced to watch a commercial to buy more games. Minimize the screen during commercial, then enlarge again, commercial starts over. Every few minutes more commercials. Advance to another stage, more commercials. I don't want to buy different games I want to play this game w/out interruptions. I'd pay just to play without interruptions. Plus I prefer the 'old-school' version. THIS SUCKS!
It was a great experience it felt just like the original and classic sci-fi game from the 80s but EVEN BETTER GRAPHICS. The controls are simple the game is hard really hard which is something I love because then it makes the game a lot challenging, another thing that made really happy about this game is IT STILL HAS THE CLASSIC GENRE, sci-fi and action. no bugs or glitches, graphics and gameplay are smooth. Everything just great 100% recommended for everyone at all age 6 10 25 35 everyone πŸ˜€
i love the game very much..I remember my childhood in these game..But there's one thing that really annoys me ,when i started to connect it to google games it started to lag every minute i played the game..I hope you resolved it coz it irritating sometime..